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Game Script by Rexy

Version: 1.0 | Updated: 02/06/09

                      Written for hosting at GameFAQs.com                      

Version: 1.0
Date: 02/06/2009
Platform: PlayStation2/PlayStation3/Wii/XBox360
Adapted by: Beverley Wooff (GameFAQs name "Rexy")
Email: bev.wooff@gmail.com

Contents - 

1 - Version History
2 - Introduction
3 - Script Map
4 - Game Script
5 - Email Policy
6 - Credits and acknowledgements

1 - Version History

Version 1.0 (02/06/2009) - First publication of the script.

2 - Introduction

Well, let's put it this way. Adapting the script for the prior Spyro title to
this one, The Eternal Night, was a heck of a lot of fun; that said, I thought
I'd go ahead and do the same for the follow-up. Much like its predecessors it
managed to carry a strong storyline with plenty of revelations added and most
questions answered, not to mention a chuck-load of rememberable scenes, thus
going ahead to transcribe it was inevitable.

Much like last time I've had to record my own scenes, but thanks to Chapter
mode I felt lucky enough NOT to play through the entire game to get to a
certain scene. Other than that, my methods were pretty much the same.

On that note, enjoy the script :)

3 - Script Map

All you do here is hold CTRL and press F to bring up the Find box. Type in the
code corresponding to the scene you're looking for, and you should get there
in no time. Just like with the script for The Eternal Night, the cutscenes are
branched into two types - standard scenes, and "intermissions" - either
cutscenes without dialogue, areas with unique spoken lines in-game, or action
command sequences done correctly.

PART 1 - The Catacombs

01 - Even in the Darkest of Times...---------------------------------------1DRK
     I01 - They're Awake---------------------------------------------------IAWK
     I02 - We Have to Break This Thing-------------------------------------IBRK
02 - Follow My Lead--------------------------------------------------------1FLW
03 - My Name is Hunter-----------------------------------------------------1HNT
     I03 - You Go First, Cynder--------------------------------------------IFST
     I04 - The Golem and the Pillar----------------------------------------IPLL
04 - Dragons Are Truly Remarkable------------------------------------------1RMK
     I05 - Be Careful!-----------------------------------------------------ICRF
     I06 - Don't Let Them Surround You!------------------------------------ISND
     I07 - These Vines-----------------------------------------------------IVNE
     I08 - These Stones----------------------------------------------------ISTN
     I09 - There's A Light-------------------------------------------------ILGT
     I10 - Keep Going------------------------------------------------------IGNG
     I11 - Hey, Look Out!--------------------------------------------------IHLK
     I12 - The Golem's Last Punch------------------------------------------IPCH
05 - Dark Magic------------------------------------------------------------1MGC
     I13 - It's Best We Remain Unheard-------------------------------------IUNH
     I14 - The Horn--------------------------------------------------------IHRN
     I15 - Open This Door--------------------------------------------------IOPN
     I16 - Hurry Up--------------------------------------------------------IHRY
     I17 - The Golem Strikes Back------------------------------------------ISTK
06 - We're Off to Warfang--------------------------------------------------1WRF

PART 2 - Twilight Falls / Valley of Avalar

     I01 - They've Found Us!-----------------------------------------------IFND
     I02 - Don't Let Them Escape-------------------------------------------IESC
     I03 - The Top of the Cliff--------------------------------------------ICLF
01 - He's Returned, Hasn't He?---------------------------------------------2RTN
     I04 - Form a Defense!-------------------------------------------------IDEF
02 - We Are Saved!---------------------------------------------------------2SVD
03 - Meadow is Missing-----------------------------------------------------2MDW
     I05 - It's a Trap!----------------------------------------------------ITRP
04 - My Leg is Broken------------------------------------------------------2LEG
05 - Doomed to Remain in the Dark------------------------------------------2RMN
06 - The Forbidden Tunnel--------------------------------------------------2TNL
     I06 - Do We Have to Go This Way?--------------------------------------IHVE

PART 3 - Warfang City

01 - The Dragon City-------------------------------------------------------3CTY
     I01 - Save Your Energy------------------------------------------------IENG
     I02 - The Flames are Dying Down---------------------------------------IFLM
     I03 - We Did It!------------------------------------------------------IDDT
02 - Siege Engines---------------------------------------------------------3SGE
03 - We Can't Let Them Destroy the Catapult--------------------------------3CTP
     I04 - We Have to Reload-----------------------------------------------IRLD
04 - It's Going to Shoot!--------------------------------------------------3GST
05 - We're Not Out of It Yet-----------------------------------------------3OUT
     I05 - Get Him Back on That Catapult-----------------------------------IBCK
06 - Follow Me!------------------------------------------------------------3FLL
     I06 - We Got a Bulls-Eye----------------------------------------------IBLS
07 - Close the Gates-------------------------------------------------------3GTS
     I07 - Confronting the Troll-------------------------------------------ITRL
     I08 - We Gotta Keep Those Gates Closed--------------------------------ICLS
08 - Something's Not Right-------------------------------------------------3RGT

PART 4 - Attack of the Golem

01 - Ignore Me At Your Own Peril-------------------------------------------4PRL
     I01 - Didn't You See What Happened to Cyril?--------------------------ICRL
02 - I'll Get You Out of There---------------------------------------------4THR
03 - Volteer!--------------------------------------------------------------4VLT
     I02 - The Upper Part of the City--------------------------------------IUPP
04 - Look Out!-------------------------------------------------------------4LKT
05 - It's Up to Us---------------------------------------------------------4UTU
     I03 - Climbing the Golem, Part 1--------------------------------------ICL1
     I04 - Climbing the Golem, Part 2--------------------------------------ICL2
06 - The Resurrection of the Destroyer-------------------------------------4DST

PART 5 - Ruins of Warfang

     I01 - Is That Supposed to Be You?-------------------------------------ISPP
     I02 - It Might Be Safer Down Here-------------------------------------ISFR
01 - I Know What You Are Thinking------------------------------------------5TNK

PART 6 - The Dam

01 - I Have My Moments-----------------------------------------------------6MNT
     I01 - Spyro, Look Out!------------------------------------------------ISLK
02 - Let's Blow This Dam Thing Up!-----------------------------------------6DAM
     I02 - Your Deaths Will Be Swift---------------------------------------ISWT
03 - Attack the Destroyer!-------------------------------------------------6ATK

PART 7 - The Destroyer

     I01 - I Just Like Complaining-----------------------------------------ICMP
     I02 - Let's Go!-------------------------------------------------------ILGO
     I03 - Let's Move!-----------------------------------------------------ILMV
     I04 - Woah! Look Out!-------------------------------------------------IWLK
     I05 - Through Here!---------------------------------------------------ITHH
     I06 - There It Is-----------------------------------------------------ITII
     I07 - A Few More Passes-----------------------------------------------IFMP
     I08 - That Should Do It-----------------------------------------------ITSD
     I09 - Let's Get Outta Here--------------------------------------------IOTH
     I10 - Go Go Go!-------------------------------------------------------IGGG
01 - Panic and Disorder----------------------------------------------------7PNC

PART 8 - Burned Lands

01 - My Path Ends Here-----------------------------------------------------8PTH
02 - An Updraft Near the Volcano-------------------------------------------8UPD

PART 9 - Floating Islands / Malefor's Lair

     I01 - It's Beautiful Up Here------------------------------------------IBTF
01 - The True Role of the Purple Dragon------------------------------------9TRR
     I02 - I'm With You----------------------------------------------------IIWY
     I03 - Now Is Our Chance-----------------------------------------------ICHN
02 - The End of the World--------------------------------------------------9END
     I04 - Watch Out!------------------------------------------------------IWCH
     I05 - Into the Volcano------------------------------------------------IVCN
     I06 - Malefor's Last Stand--------------------------------------------IMLF
03 - When a Dragon Dies...-------------------------------------------------9DIE


4 - Game Script

PART 1 - The Catacombs

SCENE 1 - Even in the Darkest of Times...                             CODE 1DRK

(The game opens with the shot of a falcon flying through clouds.)

Ignitus:      (voiceover) "Even in the darkest of times, there is always hope."

(The same falcon swept through the clouds towards the mouth of a mountain

Ignitus:      (voiceover) "But sometimes fear clouds our vision. Sometimes our
              strength gives out."

(The mountain was revealed to have an opening in the shape of a dragon's head.
Presumably, this was what was left of the Well of Souls in the previous game.
The falcon then circled around its head and then left the scene.)

Ignitus:      (voiceover) "And yet sometimes, when all seems lost, a light 
              shines through the darkness, and we are reminded that even the 
              smallest amount of courage can turn the tides of war."


(The interior of the mountain was no longer a fortress, but a sequence of
catacombs, covered almost entirely in darkness. In one of the passageways, a
group of monsters - a troll and several grublins - were seen walking in
torchlight, carrying a casket.)


(The leading grublin stopped in front of a room at the end of the hallway. It 
then turned around to face the rest of the group.)

Grublin:      (unintelligible grunts) "We're here."

(The monsters walked inside the room. Unknown to them, however, a cloaked 
cheetah was seen stealthily following them. They then arrived at the room's 
main attraction - a large yellow crystal, shining with a dim light. The crystal
contained Spyro, Cynder and Sparx - two dragons and a dragonfly - trapped 
inside in stasis.)


Troll:        (unintelligible grunts) "Break it."

(One of the grublins walked towards the crystal. It then raised its mace into 
the air and struck the surface, causing a bright flash of light and a 
shattering sound. The crystal then started to shake.)

Cynder:       (voiceover) "Spyro, stop!"
Spyro:        (voiceover) "I... I can't."

(Cracks started to form on the crystal as it glowed even brighter.)

Spyro:        (voiceover) "Get close to me, now!"

(The intense light caused the troll to shield its eyes. After several seconds,
the light finally ceased; the crystal was broken, and all three of its 
prisoners were released, yet still unconscious. The monsters then walked closer
towards the two dragons in particular.)

Troll:        (unintelligible grunts) "Shackle them!"

(The casket was opened, revealing two live snakes, both glowing with a dim 
green light. One of the grublins took one of them, went towards Spyro and 
lifted his head up before wrapping the snake around his neck. It glowed with a 
bright neon green glow before vanishing completely. It wasn't long until the 
monsters started to walk away from the scene with both dragons.  The cheetah 
then re-emerged from hiding and looked down at Sparx, whom remained on the 
floor. The dragonfly raised his head as he saw it pick himself up and raising 
his face towards its own.)

Cynder:       "Spyro. Spyro, open your eyes. Get up!"

(Meanwhile, the dragons recovered at a different part of the catacombs. While 
Cynder was fully aware of her surroundings, Spyro's vision was just returning 
to him.)

Spyro:        "Cynder, what happened? Where are we?"
Cynder:       "I don't know. It's all a blur."
Spyro:        "Yeah, me too. My head's pounding."
Cynder:       "Shhh. Wait! That's not your head. I hear it too."

(True to Cynder's words, the pounding noise was the faint sound of a bass

Spyro:        "What is that?"

(From around them, the red light that enveloped the platform they were on
started to glow brighter. Torches started to ignite themselves, further
brightening the room.)

Spyro:        "Sparx, is that you?"

(The lights then revealed several grublins at opposing sides of the room. The
two dragons were right in the middle, on a pillar in the middle of a pool of

Cynder:       "For once, I wish it was."

(The grublins then cackled maliciously and sadistically.)

Cynder:       "What are they doing?"
Spyro:        "Let's not stick around to find out. Come on!"

(Both dragons try to leave, but they were held back by a green tether beam and 
a large stone staple keeping them from escaping.)

Cynder:       "Argh! What is your problem?"

(Both dragons looked down and saw the snakes around their necks, holding the
other end of their tethers. It was revealed - they had been chained together.)

Spyro/Cynder: (simultaneously) "Oh. This can't be good..."

(Both dragons shake their heads, knowing that they are trapped.)

INTERMISSION - They're Awake                                               IAWK

(The troll that led the party of grublins stood at the other side of the room,
commanding itself to the grublins.)

Troll:        (unintelligible grunts) "They're awake. Don't let them escape!"

(The grublins run towards the platform and fight the dragons at this point.)

INTERMISSION - We Have to Break This Thing                                 IBRK

(After fighting several groups of grublins, a giant golem appears from
underneath the lava, slamming one of its hands onto the pillar's surface and
roaring loudly.)

Cynder:       (referring to the staple) "We have to break this thing. It's
              holding us down!"

SCENE 2 - Follow My Lead                                                   1FLW

(Both dragons freed themselves and fought the monster, but it still didn't
perish after several attacks.)

Spyro:        "This chain is slowing us down! We can't fight it! We'll have to
              move in unison. Follow my lead!"
Cynder:       "Why should YOU lead?"

(Before they could argue any further, the sound of a hiss was heard from the

Spyro:        "Uh-oh... Take cover!"

(The golem smashed its hand onto the pillar, intending to squash them, but they
both escaped just in time. It fiercely raised its hand back up and roared

Cynder:       "Okay... good idea... you lead."

(Both dragons flew away from the golem's grasps, whom then started to grow more
agitated. From nearby, the cheetah re-appeared; it withdrew a bow and used it 
to shoot an arrow straight into its eye, leaving a cloud of purple gas emerging
from inside its head. It tried to punch the cheetah, but missed, causing a 
small stone column to fall and form a bridge between the right hand side of the
room and the pillar. The golem then weakly submerged itself inside the lava. 
With the chaos gone, the dragons returned to the pillar and looked on at the 
cheetah, before being blocked by Sparx making his re-appearance.)

Sparx:        "Hey, Spyro, man, you're alive!"
Spyro:        "Sparx! It's good to see you too! You okay?"
Sparx:        "Huh, you know, little stiff, voice keeps changing, but I'm    
Cynder:       "Hey, this reunion is really touching and everything, but 
              shouldn't we be going? Unless, you WANT to wait for that thing to
              climb back up. I'd hate to think what it might do to Sparx."

(Sparx looked back with an uncomfortable glare. Meanwhile, Spyro glanced back
towards the cheetah again.)

Spyro:        "Who is he?"
Sparx:        "I don't know. All he said was..." (deep voice) "'Shhh, you're 
              making too much noise.'" (chuckles lightly)
Cynder:       "I like him already."

SCENE 3 - My Name is Hunter                                                1HNT

(The trio then went towards the cheetah, whom greeted them with concern.)

Cheetah:      "Spyro, Cynder, how do you feel? Anything broken?"
Spyro:        "Shaken a little, but not too badly... thanks to you."
Cheetah:      (sighs) "I am relieved. I had feared it might be too late. My 
              name is Hunter."
Spyro:        (in awe) "Hunter... you've been tracking me."
Hunter:       "For far too long, friend."

(The group then walked away from the lava and into another corridor.)

Hunter:       "When you didn't return to the temple, the elder dragon, Ignitus,
              sent me to find you. That was nearly three years ago."
Spyro:        "What? Three years? But that's impossible!"
Hunter:       "Yes. I'm sure this news comes as quite a shock. Forgive me for 
              the brevity of my explanation, but this is not the place to 
              account for missing time."

(From behind them, a pile of rubble fell, separating them from the lava room
they were in before.)

Hunter:       "We are not safe here. Follow me!"

(Hunter starts to walk down the corridor in haste, with the others following
him more steadily.)

INTERMISSION - You Go First, Cynder                                        IFST

(They caught up with Hunter at a set of pillars going across a chasm.)

Hunter:       "It's getting closer."

(Hunter then ran and jumped on top of the pillars, making it safely to the
other side. One of the last pillars crumbled away after he jumped off it.)

Sparx:        (sighs hesitantly) "You go first Cynder, it's safer... for me...
              safer for me I mean..."
Cynder:       "Quiet. You'll give us away!"

INTERMISSION - The Golem and the Pillar                                    IPLL

(Before the group could reach Hunter, the golem re-appeared from the bottom of
the chasm. It detached the pillar that Spyro and Cynder were standing on and
shook the dragons towards its mouth. Both dragons reacted by grabbing onto the
ivy, holding on for their lives. In frustration, the golem smashed the surface
of the pillar against an opening above the one that Hunter went through,
sending them rolling inside the next corridor. Angry that the dragons had gone,
the golem punched the wall and caused debris to fall and block the way back
before exhaling fire at it and disappearing.)

SCENE 4 -  Dragons Are Truly Remarkable                                    1RMK

(The trio went towards a green crystal further down the corridor. From nearby,
Hunter made his re-appearance by climbing up from the floor below.)

Spyro:        "Hunter, give us a moment to gather our strength."
Sparx:        "You might want to stand back. This can get weird."

(Obviously, Hunter didn't respond to Sparx's request.)

Hunter:       "It is fascinating... how your kind draws strength from these
              crystals. Dragons are truly remarkable."
Sparx:        "Yeah, you say that now, until one tries to kill you. And by 
              'one', I mean her."

(Sparx pointed to Cynder, whom angrily glared back.)

Hunter:       "I am aware of Cynder's past. But Ignitus trusts her, and that's
              good enough for me."

(Spyro then proceeded to place one of his paws on the crystal's surface.)

Spyro:        (turns to Cynder) "Go on, Cynder."

(Cynder does the same. The crystal then started to glow and a sequence of green
shards started to float all around it. Both dragons looked on at them in awe as
they saw a projection of the Chronicler amongst the light.)

Chronicler:   "Spyro, as a rare purple dragon, you can wield many abilities 
              that others cannot. Now it is time to awaken these powers within 
              you: fire, electricity, ice and earth."

(As the elements are mentioned, their corresponding symbols appear on screen.)

Chronicler:   "Cynder, while most other dragons can master only a single 
              element, your exposure to the darkness has gifted you with 
              abilities most uncommon: poison, fear, wind and shadow."

(Again, the elements' symbols appear on screen as they are mentioned. The
Chronicler's projection then vanishes.)

INTERMISSION - Be Careful!                                                 ICRF

(The dragons proceed to break the crystal, but after several slashes, a group
of grublins break out from a nearby rock.)

Hunter:       "Grublins! Be careful!"

(Hunter then runs to a higher ledge as the dragons are left to fight.)

INTERMISSION - Don't Let Them Surround You!                                ISND

(After clearing one group of grublins, another group breaks out from another

Hunter:       "Grublins! Don't let them surround you!"

INTERMISSION - These Vines                                                 IVNE

(Eventually, all the grublins were defeated. Both dragons went up to the ledge
that Hunter stood on, the passageway beyond being blocked by vines.)

Hunter:       "These vines block our path. We must get through."

INTERMISSION - These Stones                                                ISTN

(After breaking through the vines, the group continued up the passageway. They
were eventually stopped by a door and a stone switch.)

Hunter:       "There must be some way to keep these stones pressed down. Let's
              look around."

INTERMISSION - There's a Light                                             ILGT

(The dragons found a heavy orb and placed it on the switch. The door was
opened, revealing a large room up ahead and a burst of light from a higher

Spyro:        "There's a light up there. We must be getting close."
Hunter:       (runs towards a climbable wall) "Here, this way! This leads to 
              the surface."

INTERMISSION - Keep Going                                                  IGNG

(The trio followed Hunter across to the upper ledges of the room. But before
they could reach the exit, the golem re-appeared from a nearby chasm. It 
punched one of the pillars and shattered it.)

Hunter:       (runs ahead) "Keep going. I'll distract it!"

INTERMISSION - Hey, Look Out!                                              IHLK

(They started to follow Hunter towards another climbable wall, but as they
ascended, the monster prepared to punch its fist towards the group.)

Sparx:        "Hey, look out!"

INTERMISSION - The Golem's Last Punch                                      IPCH

(After climbing to the highest level, the golem brought back its fist for one
last punch towards the dragons. They stepped back just in time, causing the
fist to get stuck in the wall.)

SCENE 5 - Dark Magic                                                       1MGC

(The golem struggled to pull its hand out from the wall, but it ultimately
resulted with severing its arm from it and leaving it in the wall in
frustration. It then fell down the chasm it came from. Once it left, both
dragons inspected the hand, noticing a purple energy source inside it.)

Spyro:        "What is that? I've never seen one like that before."
Cynder:       "Spyro, be careful!"
Hunter:       "It isn't natural. That crystal radiates with dark magic. Destroy
              it quickly!"

INTERMISSION - It's Best We Remain Unheard                                 IUNH

(The crystal was shattered and the group continued through the passage.)

Hunter:       "We are close to the surface. It's best we remain unheard..."
Sparx:        "Alright, big cheetah man! I get the message. Sheesh!"

INTERMISSION - The Horn                                                    IHRN

(Their passage was blocked again, this time by a lever and a horn suspended

Hunter:       "The horn... it must be part of some sort of locking mechanism."
Sparx:        "Honestly... why not just a lock and key like normal folks?"

INTERMISSION - Open This Door                                              IOPN

(In spite of facing a grublin assault, the dragons safely brought the horn down
using the lever.)

Hunter:       "Spyro, hurry up and open this door!"

INTERMISSION - Hurry Up                                                    IHRY

(Cynder proceeded to blow into the horn with wind energy.)

Sparx:        "Hurry up and open the door! Open, open, open..."

INTERMISSION - The Golem Strikes Back                                      ISTK

(The door was opened, but before they could leave, the golem re-appeared again.
It breathed fire towards the two dragons and used its remaining hand to grab
Cynder. This left Spyro to use the tether to pull Cynder free.)

SCENE 6 - We're Off to Warfang                                             1WRF

Hunter:        (points towards the exit) "This way! Quickly!"

(Both dragons flew through the door one by one, dodging the golem's attacks. It
tried to reach for Cynder again, but its hand was too big to fit through the
door, leaving only a small scratch if anything. Frustratingly, it punched the
hallways in frustration, sending down more rubble, once again blocking the
group from going back.)

Spyro:        "What WAS that thing?"
Hunter:       "There'll be time for that. We'll follow the river... it will 
              lead us to shelter where we can rest. And then we're off to 
              Warfang, the Dragon City, where Ignitus will be expecting us."

(Hunter walked down the hallway first, with the others following him out.)

PART 2 - Twilight Falls / Valley of Avalar

INTERMISSION - They've Found Us!                                           IFND

(At the end of the tunnel was a peaceful valley shrouded in moonlight. Hunter
ran ahead of the others just like at the catacombs; when the others caught up,
a group of winged grublins broke out from under the ground, ready to fight.)

Hunter:       "They've found us!"

INTERMISSION - Don't Let Them Escape                                       IESC

(After fighting one group of winged grublins, another group emerged from the

Hunter:       "Don't let them escape or others will come."

INTERMISSION - The Top of the Cliff                                        ICLF

(The dragons defeated the aforementioned group and an orc commander. Once the
area was still, they both pushed a log across the river to form a bridge across
to the other side. Hunter immediately ran ahead.)

Hunter:       "I'll wait for you at the top of the cliff."

SCENE 1 - He's Returned, Hasn't He?                                        2RTN

(After catching up with Hunter, they all went towards a clearing within the
forest. Moments later, Hunter was seen with a falcon perched onto his arm.)

Hunter:       "Go; tell Ignitus I have found them."

(Hunter outstretched his arm and the falcon flew away. Meanwhile, Spyro and
Cynder were trying to remove the tether with little success.)

Cynder:       (agitated) "Ah, it's no use..."
Spyro:        "Well, maybe if we try twisting it..."
Cynder:       (turns to Spyro) "Twist what? It's magic!"

(Both dragons walked towards Hunter. Sparx soon followed them, amused by their
recent actions.)

Sparx:        "Hehe... I can watch this all day."

(Once they reached Hunter, they stopped and looked out into the distance. A
volcano can be seen blazing menacingly.)

Spyro:        "The Dark Master... he's returned, hasn't he?"
Hunter:       "I am afraid so... just shortly after your disappearance. He 
              struck quickly, fueled by hatred and malice, reclaiming the 
              throne at the temple, which through some dark magic he now
              suspends above the land... a symbol of his dominance. We've been
              at war ever since. And every day, his forces grow stronger, and 
              ours lose hope."

(As Hunter spoke, a campfire was set up around the group off-camera.)

Spyro:        (subdued) "I failed... they were all counting on me and I failed.
              How could I let this happen?!"
Cynder:       "Some things are beyond your control. You shouldn't blame
Hunter:       "Spyro, you're lucky to be alive, all of you. That was no 
              ordinary creature back there. It was an ancient earth golem from
              the deep. They are the embodiment of destruction summoned by 
              Malefor himself. These are dark times."
Spyro:        "He needs to be stopped. I have to stop him."
Sparx:        (panicked) "Woah, woah woah woah! Slow down, tough guy. We don't
              need to go around picking fights. I mean, we just woke up after
              being frozen for three years... got stuff to do."

(All of a sudden, a green energy blast was shot from out of nowhere, striking 
Cynder's face and knocking her out.)

Sparx:        "What the? Is she sleepy?"

(Spyro and Hunter noticed another blast coming towards them.)

Sparx:        "Hey!"

(The blast struck Spyro in the face, knocking him out as well. Sparx shuffled
around anxiously, before turning in the direction of one coming towards him
off-screen. The scene then runs in slow motion.)

Sparx:        "Noooooo!"

(The scene transitions to the next day, at a village in the valley. A large
water tower stood in the middle of it, with Spyro and Cynder chained at the
base. Cynder lifted her head weakly and looked towards Spyro, whom steadily re-
awakened and got up onto his feet. In front of him, he saw Hunter tied to
another tower and Sparx trapped in a lantern nearby, along with a trio of armed
cheetahs coming towards them.)

Red Cheetah:  (to Hunter) "Dragons... bah. Do you have such little respect for
              our laws, that you form an alliance with the very ones who caused
              all our misfortunes?"
Hunter:       "Chief Prowlus! Malefor... he alone is the one responsible. This
              dragon is our last hope... you must see that!"
Prowlus:      "Yes, yes... the purple dragon... I know the story! But unlike 
              you, I have not forgotten what they say Malefor was like when he
              was young... and I have not forgotten either, what SHE has done."

(He gestured towards Cynder, whom responded with an uneasy glance back.)

Prowlus:      "I relied on you, Hunter, as I must rely on all of us in this
              village, to protect it. But you chose to abandon us... and bring
              the dangers of the outside world with you when you returned."
Hunter:       "The dangers are already around us! Don't pretend to ignore 
Sparx:        "Hey, can't you guys just stop arguing? It's getting awkward for

(All of a sudden...)

Blue Cheetah: "Grublins! In the valley! Prepare your weapons!"

(From the outskirts of the village, a group of winged grublins flew towards the
entrance. One of which formed a fireball in its hand and threw it towards one
of the houses, setting it on fire.)

Prowlus:      "Now see what you've done?!"
Spyro:        (in desperation) "Let us go! We can help!"
Prowlus:      "Our warriors can handle this."

(At this time, the grublins had arrived inside the village grounds.)

Cynder:       "Now is not the time to be stubborn."
Sparx:        "Hey, a lot of weird stuff happens when they get upset. I'd 
              listen to them if I were you."

(Reluctantly, Prowlus agreed. He withdrew a key and freed Spyro and Cynder from
the water tower base.)

INTERMISSION - Form a Defense!                                        CODE IDEF

(Spyro and Cynder ran towards the grublins, which then started attacking the
houses one by one.)

Blue Cheetah: "They are attacking the village. Form a defense!"

SCENE 2 - We Are Saved                                                CODE 2SVD

(After one group of grublins were defeated, Sparx hovered up to the top of the
village gates and noticed a group of flying creatures approaching the scene.)

Sparx:        (joyfully) "Look, dragons! Yes! We are saved! Wooh!"

(Unfortunately, a closer look at the creatures revealed that they weren't
dragons, but a group of wyverns.)

Sparx:        (taken aback) "Aaaaagh! Those aren't dragons! We're all going to

(The wyverns came closer towards the village, ready to be part of the next

SCENE 3 - Meadow Is Missing                                           CODE 2MDW

(The village was saved. Most of the cheetahs were seen recovering from the
shock of the attack. Prowlus was then seen approaching the two dragons calmly,
with more of the cheetahs coming near him over time.)

Prowlus:      "Is everyone alright?"
Blue Cheetah: "No. Meadow is missing. He had gone upstream to search for herbs
              this morning and has not returned. We have to go find him."
Prowlus:      "No, it is too dangerous to mount a search now."

(The other cheetahs all hung their heads low in shock.)

Spyro:        "I'll go! I'll find your missing friend. Hunter can come with 

(An awkward silence came upon the village. Prowlus looked on at Hunter, and
then the dragons, and came to a conclusion.)

Prowlus:      "You are free to act as you see fit, but Hunter stays here.
              However, if you remain true to your word and come back with 
              Meadow, I may reconsider. And don't bother returning before then,
              as you'll likely succeed only in attracting more grublins to our

INTERMISSION - It's a Trap!                                           CODE ITRP

(Spyro, Cynder and Sparx left the village to find Meadow. They located him at
a cave under a waterfall, pinned onto the surface of a boulder by three smaller
rocks on his wrists and ankles. As soon as they got close to him, a rumble was

Cynder:       "It's a trap!"

(An orc appeared from underneath the ground and started to attack the dragons.)

SCENE 4 - My Leg is Broken                                            CODE 2LEG

(After fighting more orcs, the rocks that pinned Meadow fell to the floor, with
him falling with them. The rocks exploded to reveal a group of winged grublins.
The dragons walked towards them ready to fight them, but they burrowed into the
ground and retreated.)

Meadow:       "Thank you... friends. You saved my life."
Sparx:        (moodily) "Finally, some gratitude. You're welcome."
Meadow:       "You've met Chief Prowlus, no doubt. Not all of us are of the
              same mind."
Cynder:       "Well THAT'S putting it mildly, isn't it?"
Spyro:        "Can you move? We need to get you out of here."
Meadow:       "I'm sorry..."

(Meadow tried to stand up, but failed.)

Meadow:       "I'm afraid my leg is broken. Just go back to the village and 
              tell them where I am..."
Spyro:        "Your leader doesn't trust us. If we return without you, he'll
              likely assume the worst..."
Cynder:       "Yeah, and blame US for it."
Meadow:       (frustrated) "Uh, the fool. I understand. There is a raft at the
              far end of the valley. If you could bring it here, perhaps I
              could pull myself onto it."

(The raft appears on screen, showing it near a small pier downstream.)

Spyro:        "Okay, we'll do it."
Meadow:       "To launch it, you'll need the weights from the supply cave, but
              it's locked."

(The supply cave is shown on screen, revealed to be a small storage room inside
a cliff base.)

Sparx:        "Oh, that figures."
Meadow:       "There is a hermit who lives beneath the waterfall at the other
              end of the valley. He has a key. But the cave is hidden. Look for
              the markings on the wall to open the path."
Sparx:        "Uh, psst, easy... uh, raft, cave..." (mumbles quietly to
              himself) "Got it! Yes!"
Spyro:        "We'll come back for you. I promise."

SCENE 5 - Doomed to Remain in the Dark                                CODE 2RMN

(The group found the cave, but during their search for the Hermit they were
ambushed by ghosts. After defeating them, they walked into the middle of the
empty clearing.)

Hermit:       "Come closer so I can see you in the light."

(The Hermit was seen hidden in the darker areas of the wall. He was shown to be
a gray cheetah wearing a hooded cloak like Hunter did in the beginning of the
game. Responding to his request, they walked closer to him.)

Hermit:       "Tell me, why have you returned here?"
Spyro:        "What do you mean? I've never been here before."
Hermit:       "Not you! The female!"
Cynder:       (rolls her eyes) "You must be mistaken."
Hermit:       "Indeed, your appearance has changed, but not your eyes. Your
              eyes give everything away. You are the black dragon, Cynder, the
              terror of the skies... the Dark Master's puppet."
Cynder:       "I was... but... but I'm not anymore. I... I'm not proud of the
              things I've done."
Hermit:       "Oh, is it THAT simple... to turn your back on Malefor?"
Spyro:        "You don't have to listen to him, Cynder."

(A familiar battle cry was heard. Both dragons looked up to the cliff tops,
where several ghosts were seen moving around aimlessly.)

Hermit:       "Did you not recognize the creatures that moved in the shadows?
              The Apes too had served the Dark Master, but more for their own
              greed and thirst for power than any true loyalty to him. This is
              how Malefor repaid them... doomed to remain in the dark...
              feeding off the power of others, never being fulfilled. You can
              run..." (cackles vilely) "...but you cannot hide, Cynder."

(Cynder hung her head low, upset due to the Hermit's remarks.)

Spyro:        "Cynder! Let's go!"

(Both dragons bitterly walked away from the Hermit.)

Hermit:       "Hahahaha... the Dark Master will find you... hahahahahahaha!"

(The Hermit walked away, back into the shadows. Meanwhile...)

Spyro:        (concerned) "Cynder... are you okay?"
Cynder:       "I'm fine! I'll be fine."
Sparx:        (moodily) "Well, I'm not! Was I the only one who was freaked out
              by that guy?" (mumbles in frustration) "Sheesh, okay... at least
              it wasn't a complete waste of time."

(Backing up his statement, Sparx revealed a key he hid behind his back.)

Sparx:        (happily) "Tadaa!"

(Both dragons' faces lit up as they saw the key. With that, they could reach
the supply cave.)

Sparx:        (anxiously) "Come on, whatcha waiting for?"

SCENE 6 - The Forbidden Tunnel                                        CODE 2TNL

(The group found the supply cave, retried two orbs and used them to free the
raft. They then took the raft over to where Meadow was waiting.)

Meadow:       (sighs with relief) "You've come back. Thank you."
Sparx:        "Oh yeah, it was really no problem at all. I did all the work..."
              (chuckles) "I'm just kidding." (whispers) "I really did."
Spyro:        "Let's get you home."

(They made the return to the village, where most of the villagers were seen
repairing their houses from the previous grublin attack. Meadow's return
attracted attention from some of the residents.)

Blue Cheetah: "Meadow! You are wounded! How did-
Meadow:       (interrupts) "I will be fine... thanks to these two dragons."

(Sparx's facial expression showed a lack of satisfaction due to the remark.)

Prowlus:      "Meadow, please forgive me. These dragons willingly sought to
              help you when I chose not to."

(Hunter then approached the other cheetahs, obviously now being freed.)

Prowlus:      "I do not share your faith in this dragon, Hunter... but by
              putting you in chains, I committed an error."
Hunter:       "We ALL make mistakes."
Prowlus:      "Yes, and I shall try to atone for mine if you permit me."

(Prowlus gave Hunter a hand-written note.)

Prowlus:      "Use the forbidden tunnel. It will lead you directly to the
              Dragon City. If this dragon is indeed our last hope, then I bid
              you safe passage... and good luck."
Hunter:       "We COULD use your help."

(Prowlus didn't answer back.)

Hunter:       "Very well. The invitation shall be left open."

(Hunter departed from the village, as did Spyro, Cynder and Sparx. Moments
later, they appeared at a small clearing near the pier.)

Hunter:       "Meet me here as soon as you are ready to set out for Warfang. I
              shall be waiting for you."

(Hunter then walks towards the stone slab nearby - the entrance to the tunnel.)

INTERMISSION - Do We Have to Go This Way?                             CODE IHVE

(Once both dragons were ready, Hunter placed his hand on the slab, causing it
to slide open automatically. They all then went inside.)

Sparx:        "Uh oh, Hunter... do we HAVE to go this way?"
Hunter:       "If we march quickly, we shall reach the Dragon City by
Sparx:        "Yeah, yeah, thanks for answering."

PART 3 - Warfang City

SCENE 1 - The Dragon City                                             CODE 3CTY

(The group made a brisk march up the tunnel, but it wasn't long until Hunter
decided to stop. The scene opened with him crouched to the floor, resting the
surface of his hand against it.)

Hunter:       "I feel vibrations in the earth. We must be getting close."
Sparx:        "Finally!"

(Meanwhile, Spyro and Cynder were seen looking out from one of the tunnel's
windows, looking out towards the city.)

Spyro:        (amazed) "I've never seen the Dragon City before."

(The screen showed various parchments depicting dragons and moles working

Hunter:       "It was built long ago by the moles in honor of their friendship
              with the dragons. Before Malefor, dragons were quite revered."

(All of a sudden, a faint shuffling noise could be heard.)

Cynder:       "Sshh!"
Hunter:       "I heard it too. Quickly!"

(They all rushed towards the end of the tunnel, out into the open.)

Hunter:       "It has begun."

(From outside the city, a large group of monsters were seen coming from the
volcano, firing large fireballs towards the ramparts. Most of the moles were 
seen retreating in terror at the sight of them.)

Hunter:       (pointing ahead) "This way! Stay close!"

(Again, Hunter ran further ahead from the rest of the group. Unfortunately for
them, another fireball crashed into one of the city's towers, knocking it down
towards the ground and separating Hunter from the rest of the group. He looked
behind, realizing the situation.)

Hunter:       "I'm alright! But you won't be able to get through this way. Go, 
              find Ignitus!"
Spyro:        "Okay! Good luck!"

(The two dragons started to make their walk back, but before they could do

Moles:        (simultaneously) "Help! Please! Help us!"

(They looked up and saw two moles trapped in a house fire.)

Cynder:       "Spyro, look!"
Spyro:        "They need our help!"

INTERMISSION - Save Your Energy                                       CODE IENG

(If either dragon tries to use breath attacks to quench the fire, this response

Cynder:       "Save your energy, Spyro. It's not working!"
Spyro:        "There HAS to be another way!"

INTERMISSION - The Flames are Dying Down                              CODE IFLM

(Another way was found - filling a pool with water and finding buckets to fill
them with. The dragons then started throwing the water onto the fire.)

Cynder:       (first time only) "Look! It's working! The flames are dying 

(The next response is any of the following three at random:-)

Spyro:        "We nearly got it!"


Cynder:       "Let's go! We have to keep moving!"


Sparx:        "Go on, go on, keep it up!"

INTERMISSION - We Did It!                                             CODE IDDT

(After several buckets, the fire was finally put out.)

Cynder:       "We did it!"

SCENE 2 - Siege Engines                                               CODE 3SGE

(The moles then came face-to-face with the dragons. Four of them stood in total
this time around.)

Mole 1:       "Thank you... thank you... you... you saved our lives."
Sparx:        "It's no big deal. Risking lives, saving people... dodging
              danger... taking it to the man." (chuckles) "It's an occupation."

(All of a sudden, another mole appeared on top of the ramparts.)

Mole 2:       (panicked) "Look out! Siege engines! They are sending in their 
              war machines!"

(The siege engines are shown among the crowd of monsters coming from the
volcano. One lone artillery mole was seen trying to fight against the crowd 
with a large golden catapult tipped with a dragon's head,  but the size of the
demonic army had made it apparent that it was losing the battle.)

Spyro:        (to the freed moles) "Listen to me! Everyone who can still fight
              must go to the ramparts!"
Cynder:       "The rest of you, run, get under cover!"

(The moles nodded and left the scene, with the dragons following them.)

Sparx:        "Okay! Wait! Putting out fires is one thing, but..." (pauses)
              "Hey!" (sighs) "Wait for me!"

(Sparx caught up with the rest of the group.)

SCENE 3 - We Can't Let Them Destroy the Catapult                      CODE 3CTP

(The group then reached the ramparts, where the artillery mole at the catapult 
was still struggling with the continued assaults. A battering ram was also seen
among the crowd, similarly having a tough enough defense not to be taken down
in one hit. To make matters worse, a small cluster of wyverns came above the
catapult and dropped some grublins onto the surface, leaving them to attempt to
destroy the city's only means of offense.)

Art. Mole:  "Help! We can't let them destroy the catapult! It's our only chance
            against that battering ram!"

INTERMISSION - We Have to Reload                                      CODE IRLD

(Whilst defending the city, it would be obvious that the catapult would run out
of ammo. The artillery mole would say one of three lines:-)

Art. Mole:    "Quick, we have to reload!"


Art. Mole:    "I can't fire any more!"


Art. Mole:    "I'm out of ammunition!"

(The ammunition lever was raised up, ready for the dragons to use.)

SCENE 4 - It's Going to Shoot!                                        CODE 3GST

(After reloading, the mole launched its catapult fire towards one of the siege
towers, destroying it instantly. Unfortunately, the battering ram came closer,
along with another siege engine.)

Art. Mole:    "It's going to shoot!"

(The engine shot a part of the wall, before settling itself among the right
hand surface of the ramparts. Several grublins jumped down from it, ready to
make their assault.)

SCENE 5 - We're Not Out of It Yet                                     CODE 3OUT

(The siege tower was destroyed, but the monster army continued on.)

Art. Mole:    "We're not out of it yet! Just keep it up!"

(Two more siege towers shot boulders over towards the catapult. One of which
was strong enough to knock the mole out from his seat.)

Art. Mole:    "Aaaaargh...!"

(The mole was pushed over to the far left of the ramparts. He stood up and saw
the chaos continuing to ensue back at the catapult.)

INTERMISSION - Get Him Back on That Catapult                          CODE IBCK

(The mole tried to run back towards his weapon, but was halted by a rock 
falling right in front of him. He then cowers in fear... literally.)

Cynder:       "Look! We need to get him back on that catapult!"
Spyro:        "Alright, let's hurry! The tower is closing in!"

SCENE 6 - Follow Me!                                                  CODE 3FLL

(The mole was helped back to the catapult, a third siege tower was destroyed
and the catapult was reloaded again to blow up a fourth. Yet, the battering ram
came even closer, along with its surrounding army, confident that they have the
edge. Cynder looked to her left and saw another siege tower edging closer. But
she looked to her right, and saw Chief Prowlus observing the scene from behind
a rock, with a group of cheetahs nearby.)

Prowlus:      "Follow me!"

(The cheetahs then charged towards the army.)

Cheetahs:     (in unison) "AVALAAAR!"

(Both dragons smiled at the presence of the cheetahs joining the battle. But 
the joy was short lived when another boulder caused even more damage to the

INTERMISSION - We Got a Bulls-Eye                                     CODE IBLS

(Two more siege towers were destroyed. At this point, the battering ram had
almost reached the wall.)

Art. Mole:    "We got a bulls-eye! Spot on! With a few more shots, mate, I can
              destroy it. Help me reload just one more time."

(The ammunition lever was raised for the dragons to use for the last time.)

SCENE 7 - Close the Gates                                             CODE 3GTS

(Unfortunately, it was too late. The battering ram had reached the city
entrance and rammed itself towards the gates. An opening was created, allowing
many of the monsters to potentially get inside. Still determined, the mole
pointed the catapult at the machine and fired, causing it to malfunction. The
other moles cheered him on from nearby. Once again, their joy was short-lived
when a giant troll was seen coming towards the gates.)

Art. Mole:    (panicked) "Close the gates! Close the gates! Don't let it in!"

(The other moles tried to close the gates, but the troll's intense strength
caused it to push itself inside. Hunter noticed it bringing back its fist for
an attack, before jumping out of its way.)

INTERMISSION - Confronting the Troll                                  CODE ITRL

(The dragons made their way over to the gates for themselves. The moles were
able to close them and seal it with fire energy, but that still meant that the
troll was still inside, ready to cause destruction. Again, it tried to punch
Hunter, but he somersaulted out of the way. Once Spyro and Cynder came into the
troll's view, he retreated to safety. And so, the fight commenced.)

INTERMISSION - We Gotta Keep Those Gates Closed                       CODE ICLS

(After defeating the troll, the ground started to shake again. The torches that
supported the fire seal of the gates had their respective flames vanish,
causing the gates to open slightly and some of the monsters to come through.
The moles then ran towards the gates, trying to close it again.)

Sparx:        "Okay, alright team. We gotta keep those gates closed. So, you
              keep the gates closed. I'm gonna watch you to make sure that
              you're okay."

SCENE 8 - Something's Not Right                                       CODE 3RGT

(The gates were sealed shut and the monsters were defeated. Both Spyro and
Cynder looked at each other, satisfied with Warfang's survival.)

Mole 3:       "They're retreating!"

(The artillery mole had noticed the action from the ramparts. True to his
words, the monsters have stopped attacking the city and walked back towards the
volcano. Spyro, Cynder and Hunter also returned there, seeing a pair of larger 
dragons contributing towards the battle.)

Cynder:       "This is odd. Why are they retreating when they were so close to
              taking the city?"
Sparx:        (poorly imitates Cynder) "'Why are they retreating when they're 
              so cl...'" (sighs) "Who cares?"
Hunter:       "I feel it too. Something's not right."
Spyro:        (tensely) "They're turning around! Look!"

(From behind the belt of fire that covered the volcano, a very familiar one-
handed golem crossed it and started walking towards the city. It reacted with a
loud ear-piercing roar.)

Sparx:        (nervously, almost crying) "Hush little baby... don't say a 
              word... Mama's gonna buy you... a big monster wants to kill 

(The golem buried itself into the ground and made its way towards the gates.
Once again, the tide had turned.)

Cynder:       (panicked) "It's in the earth beneath us! All of you run! Run!"

(The moles retreated far away from the gates. At the same spot they were at
before, the golem broke out from the ground and started using its remaining
hand to start destroying the city. Not long into its assault, it assembled some
of the fallen debris to form a new, larger hand to replace the one it lost.
Meanwhile, outside the city, a group of dragons had flown towards the
outskirts - the Guardians.)

Ignitus:      "Cyril, the city is burning. See what you can do about it!
              Volteer, try to distract its vision. Terrador, follow me! We'll
              attack it head on!"

(The dragons dispersed according to Ignitus's instructions.)

Hunter:       "Spyro, Cynder, go and find shelter. Leave us to deal with this."

(Hunter then walked away from the scene.)

Cynder:       (panicked) "What are we going to do?"
Sparx:        "What to you mean 'what are we going to...' Didn't you just hear
Spyro:        (determinedly) "We're not leaving! We can stop this!"

PART 4 - Attack of the Golem

SCENE 1 - Ignore Me At Your Own Peril                                 CODE 4PRL

(The dragons started to head for higher ground. After defeating a group of orcs
and pushing down a pillar to form a bridge to the next building, Cyril came 
into view.)

Cyril:        "Spyro! This way, quickly!" (pauses) "Or ignore me at your own 
              peril. Whatever."

(The golem tried to hit Spyro unknowingly with its tail, but Cyril stopped it
by  breathing ice onto it, slowing it down. The tail eventually smashed the
bridge, mere moments after the dragons crossed it. It retaliated with a
frustrated roar.)

INTERMISSION - Didn't You See What Happened to Cyril?                 CODE ICRL

(The group gave themselves time to recollect themselves before moving on...)

Spyro:        "Is everyone alright?"
Sparx:        (panicked) "No, I'm not alright! Didn't you see what happened to
Cynder:       "He'll be fine! Come on! We have to move!"

SCENE 2 - I'll Get You Out of There                                   CODE 4THR

(The golem continued to destroy the city, focusing its attention on landmarks
close to the dragons. From nearby, Volteer flew into view.)

Volteer:      "Hold on! I'll get you out of there."

(Volteer flew towards the golem, whom retaliated by trying to fight him off.
The golem was distracted, ready for the dragons to move on.)

SCENE 3 - Volteer!                                                    CODE 4VLT

(The dragons fought another group of orcs, this time without the golem's
interference. After clearing several of these, three more appeared in front of
a wooden door. But before they could do anything, an electric bolt shattered
the door from behind it and stunned them. A set of stairs was revealed, with
Volteer standing at the top.)

Spyro:        "Volteer!"

(The group started to run towards him, but the golem then used its tail to
knock over a building, heading directly on top of Spyro. Luckily, they ran fast
enough to evade being squashed.)

INTERMISSION - The Upper Part of the City                             CODE IUPP

(Once again, the dragons reviewed the situation before moving on...)

Cynder:       "It's heading for the upper part of the city!"
Spyro:        "The inhabitants are all sheltered there! We can't let it get any

SCENE 4 - Look Out!                                                   CODE 4LKT

(The dragons found the golem in the next area, whom proceeded to attack THEM!
After several further attacks on his good hand, the golem flinched, raised its
hand up high and tried to recover itself. That left its head exposed, with a
dark crystal sticking out of it. After destroying it, the golem flinched with a
purple aura coming out from its mouth. From nearby, Terrador flew onto the

Terrador:      "Look out!"

(Terrador curled up and started rolling in the sky, with a green aura trailing
him. He hit the golem's mouth and started to head back for a second attack;
unfortunately for him, the golem retaliated with its fire breath, causing his
wings to burn and to be sent flying to the ground in defeat.)

SCENE 5 - It's Up to Us                                               CODE 4UTU

(After more fighting, the dragons reached the building's roof. Once there,
Ignitus came into view, breathing fire towards the golem. Another set of dark
energy was revealed inside its head. He then charged towards it with the intent
to destroy it, but the golem used its new hand to swat him away like a fly,
leaving him to crash into another tower. The golem then continued to try and
attack them with the aforementioned hand.)

Spyro:        (tensely) "It's up to us... If we don't stop it now, it will
              destroy everything!"
Cynder:       "Alright... I'm with you."
Sparx:        (unsettled) "Why, why do I keep going along with this?"

INTERMISSION - Climbing the Golem, Part 1                             CODE ICL1

(The dragons weakened the monster and jumped onto its good hand, ready to get
closer to its head. They were sent flying off the hand, but they retaliated by
clinging back on. It then sent its hand towards one of the scaffolding walls,
where the dragons jumped out of the way just in time and started to climb its
arm. It tried to use its new hand to squash them, but they jumped out of the
way, safely landed on its shoulder and immediately jumped directly to the head.
The golem tried to shake them off, but not before they could inflict damage to
its head first, revealing a dark crystal above its eyes.)

INTERMISSION - Climbing the Golem, Part 2                             CODE ICL2

(The golem fought again, but the dragons were able to weaken it again. The
same routine as the above happened - jumping onto its good hand, sent flying
off and holding on; the golem moved its hand to the scaffolding walls again,
where the dragons evaded being squashed as before; they climbed up the arm all
the way to its head like before; and once they reached the crystal, they both
destroyed it together.)

SCENE 6 - The Resurrection of the Destroyer                           CODE 4DST

(Once the crystal was destroyed, the golem fell from the building towards the
surface, now a lifeless pile of rubble. The moles went towards it, wondering
how they managed to survive the assault. Suddenly, the sound of flapping wings
came into the dragons' hearing range.)

Spyro:        (turns back) "Ignitus..."

(Ignitus was seen flying towards the roof, obviously having survived the 
previous attack. He landed safely, and the two dragons went up towards him.)

Ignitus:      "Young dragon, you never cease to amaze me."

(More flapping was heard; Terrador was seen coming from nearby, also having
recovered from the previous attack.)

Terrador:     "We never lost hope that you would return. Ignitus made sure of
Spyro:        (regrettably) "I should have come back sooner. I let you all
              down. But that won't happen again."
Ignitus:      "Spyro, you've done more than anyone could expect of a dragon
              your age. What matters now is that you are here and, what's more,
              you've returned with your companions."
Cynder:       "Well, it's not like I've really had much of a choice in the 
              matter, seeing as how we're stuck together."

(During her statement, the snake tethers appeared around their necks.)

Ignitus:      "Interesting... this device is foreign to me." (looks to his
              right) "Mason, what do you make of this?"

(A group of moles came towards the dragons. One of which stepped further from
the others and tapped the surface of the tether.)

Mason:        "Never have I seen such a thing. It has the mark of evil."
Ignitus:      "Likely crafted by Malefor himself. I fear we shall not be able
              to remove it."
Cynder:       (distressed) "What? But there HAS to be a way!"
Spyro:        "How can we fight back if we're made to fight like this?"
Ignitus:      "Spyro, Cynder, you have done well to get this far, despite this.
              Do not view this chain as a hindrance... but allow it to be a
              reminder of the bond you two share."

(The snakes vanished again.)

Ignitus:      "Your destinies are now intertwined. And that thought is a
              hopeful one."

(The scene transitioned to the following night. The moles were seen rejoicing
now that the city had been saved. Meanwhile, the dragons were seen walking down
an alley in the lower part of the city.)

Terrador:     "Momentum has swung to our side, Ignitus. Perhaps this victory
              will mark a turning point in this war."
Ignitus:      "I'd like to believe that."

(Suddenly, a purple aura broke out from the ground ahead of them.)

???:          "Citizens of Warfang... congratulations. You shall be the first
              to witness the resurrection of the Destroyer... and the end of
              the world."

(The aura projected the image of the eyes of a purple dragon larger than
Spyro, his eyes completely yellow aside from his black pupils.)

Ignitus:      "Malefor..."

(The ground started to shake, the source being a volcanic eruption. From out
of the crater, there came a monstrous titan crawling out from it. The dragons
flew up to the ramparts to take a closer look.)

Ignitus:      "By our ancestors... what IS that?"

(An image was shown on screen, revealing a crystal projecting the world's
potential destruction.)

Malefor:      (voiceover) "The Destroyer has commenced its journey to form the
              ring of annihilation. At the end of its journey, the Belt of
              Fire will spread across the surface of the earth in a torrent of
              fire and ash. There will be no escape."

(The Destroyer had emerged from the volcano and had started walking across the
plains ahead.)

Terrador:     "The Destroyer? But that's impossible..."
Spyro:        (concerned) "Ignitus! I don't understand."
Ignitus:      "Nor do I. The ancients believed that this creature brings about
              the birth of a new world..."
Sparx:        (interrupts) "See, that sounds like a good thing."
Ignitus:      "...by issuing its destruction."
Sparx:        (taken aback) "Oh..."
Terrador:     "The beast moves too quickly. We can't possibly catch up with it.
              To set out in pursuit would be useless."
Ignitus:      "Then we shall wait for it to come back... and intercept it
              before it completes its circle."

(An image is shown on screen depicting the Destroyer's path, heading back
towards the volcano from its right. An underground passage is also shown on
screen, located outside the city. As Ignitus speaks the next line, a red dashed
line was seen being brought through the passage towards the destroyer's then-
present position in the canyon.)

Ignitus:      "We must pass underground if we are to possess the element of
              surprise. Besides, it is our only hope of getting into position
              in time without allowing Malefor to know the city has been left

(The scene fades itself towards another part of the city, now in daylight.
At this time, Mason walked up towards another set of golden doors.)

Mason:        "These doors were built as an exit to our city, not for going
              back in. They have to be opened from the inside."
Terrador:     "Spyro, Cynder, we will assemble the troops at the main gates.
              We're counting on you to get them open."
Ignitus:      "But you must hurry. Time is against us..."

(Spyro looked to his left and noticed a small hole in the wall to get through
to the passage. It was there where he would take Cynder and Sparx next.)

PART 5 - Ruins of Warfang

INTERMISSION - Is That Supposed To Be You?                            CODE ISPP

(In order to open the doors, the dragons had to find four red crystals and use
them to awaken the dragon statues inside. During their search, they came across
a mural with a large purple dragon drawn on it.)

Cynder:       "Spyro, look at this."
Sparx:        (surprised) "Woah! Woah, woah... is that supposed to be you?"

(The camera zooms in on the mural.)

Sparx:        "They're all worshipping you."
Spyro:        "That isn't me. It's Malefor."

(The camera zooms back to its original state.)

Spyro:        (somber) "Look at this place. The ancestors must have trained him
              here. They had such high hopes..."

INTERMISSION - It Might Be Safer Down Here                            CODE ISFR

(Upon coming closer to one of the crystals on the right hand side of the ruins,
Sparx started to feel uneasy...)

Sparx:        "Do we really have to go back to the surface?" (mutters 
              hesitantly) "It might be safer down here."

SCENE 1 - I Know What You Are Thinking                                CODE 5TNK

(With the dragon statues activated, the doors were opened, allowing everyone
else to get inside. Both Spyro and Cynder looked at each other, happy with the
reunion. They then all started going down the underground passage.)

Ignitus:      "We are getting closer..."

(The group marched on in silence. Amidst the crowd, Spyro showed feelings of
tension on his face, reflecting on the situation.)

Ignitus:      "I know what you are thinking, Spyro. Have no worry, young
              dragon. We'll make it."
Spyro:        "I don't understand... Malefor is about to destroy everything!
              But you seem so calm..."
Ignitus:      "I don't imagine Malefor would expend all this effort if he did
              not feel threatened..."
Spyro:        "But why should he?"
Ignitus:      "Throughout our history, there is only known to have been two
              purple dragons. Like Malefor, your powers go far beyond what you
              might imagine. He knows this. Malefor could have accomplished
              anything, but instead chose evil and the world has been spiraling
              in chaos ever since. Your existence is nature's way of balancing
Spyro:        (somber) "But the ancestors thought Malefor was going to be
              different. They believed in him. And look what happened..."
Ignitus:      "Malefor draws his powers from destruction. Destruction is the
              only way he knows, Spyro."
Spyro:        "Why should I be any different?"
Ignitus:      "Because I know you, and your heart would not allow it. Because I
              believe you are destined for great things... to bring about a new
              age... an age of peace... and I do not see what role destruction
              will have in that age..."

(At that moment, the group came to a stop.)

Ignitus:      "Here we are."

(Directly in front of them was the exit out into the canyon. It was time to
begin the assault on the Destroyer.)

PART 6 - The Dam

SCENE 1 - I Have My Moments                                           CODE 6MNT

(The group reached a balcony in the canyon. Once there, they looked out into
the distance, seeing the Destroyer come closer towards the volcano.)

Sparx:        (imagines himself squishing the Destroyer with his fingers)
              "Whoa... Gotcha! Gotcha! Errr... gotcha, gotcha!" (imitates
              gunfire) "Take that! Squishy, squishy..."
Cynder:       (sarcastically) "Oh, keep it up Sparx. I think it's working."
Spyro:        "Sparx, cut it out. Now's not the time."
Sparx:        (sulks) "It's NEVER a good time."

(The Destroyer made another footstep towards its location.)

Terrador:     "How long until it crosses the belt of fire?"
Ignitus:      "We might have until midday... maybe less at that speed."

(While most of the residents felt uneasy about the hypothesis, Cynder spent
more time analysing the situation. She looked at the Destroyer, then showed a
determined glare ahead of it.)

Cynder:       "Spyro, how deep do you think that canyon is?"
Spyro:        "I don't know... what are you getting at?"

(Cynder was glancing over to her right. Noticing it, Spyro looked in the same
direction. Sparx soon noticed their actions, believing they were looking at

Sparx:        "What? What are you looking at? Do I... do I have something on 
              my..." (sucks his mouth) "Is it on my teeth?"

(Realizing it wasn't him they were looking at, he looked behind. There, a stone
dam was seen in the distance.)

Spyro:        "Cynder, you're a genius!"
Cynder:       "I have my moments."
Spyro:        (turns to Ignitus) "Ignitus! Can you stall it long enough to
              allow us to open the flood gate? If we fill up the canyon with
              water, it may slow it down enough to give us a fighting chance."
Terrador:     "That may work..."

(Ignitus nodded with agreement before addressing the rest of the group.)

Ignitus:      "Listen to me! We must prevent that monster from escaping the
              canyon no matter the cost. Every moment counts!"
Terrador:     "You heard the dragon! Let's move!"
Ignitus:      (turns to Spyro) "We will do all we can to give you time. The
              rest is up to you."
Spyro:        (poorly imitates Ignitus) "'The rest is up to you...' pss..." 
              (sarcastically) "No pressure or anything."

(The dragons then flew towards the dam.)

Ignitus:      "Let's hope this is enough..."

INTERMISSION - Spyro, Look Out!                                       CODE ISLK

(The dragons reached the dam, but not without a group of wyverns tailing them

Cynder:       "Spyro, look out!"

SCENE 2 - Let's Blow This Dam Thing Up!                               CODE 6DAM

(Two floodgates were pulled, causing a thick stream of water to come through.
However, it flowed out at a sluggish pace.)

Cynder:       "It's not enough..."
Spyro:        "What else can we do?"

(Cynder looked up towards the top of the dam, observing the current water

Cynder:       "We have to let all the water out, all at once..."
Sparx:        "No, no... here's what we do. 'We have to let ALL the water OUT,
              all at ONCE...'"

(Both dragons looked at each other, understanding the statement.)

Sparx:        "You with me? Let's blow this dam thing up!"

(Back at the top of the dam, more wyverns came and settled on the giant stone
dragon head, ready to attack.)

Cynder:       "Uh-oh! Look! Reinforcements!"
Spyro:        "I guess they know what we're up to. We better move."

INTERMISSION - Your Deaths Will Be Swift                              CODE ISWT

(The dragons started to climb the dam to the top. Upon doing so, they
encountered a troll coming out from underneath the floor - presumably the same
one that led the grublins in the catacombs.)

Troll:        (unintelligible grunts) "Do not resist. Your deaths will be

(Two orcs appeared from out of the ground, similarly ready to pick a fight with
the group.)

SCENE 3 - Attack the Destroyer!                                       CODE 6ATK

(The pulling of the floodgate at the top of the dam caused the stone dragon
head to fall off, sending a large wave of water out from behind it. Spyro and
Cynder started to make their way back, their mission successful. Meanwhile,
back at the canyon, the others managed to distract the Destroyer, preventing it
from reaching the volcano. Ignitus observed the scene from above, content that
everything was going to plan; in no time at all, the wave arrived at the
canyon, filling it.)

Ignitus:      "Everyone, take cover!"

(The water reached the Destroyer's legs, dousing the flames around them and
causing it to come to a stop. It tried to break off one of its feet in an
attempt to free itself, but to no avail.)

Terrador:     "Now's our chance! Attack the destroyer!"

(Spyro and Cynder flew towards the Destroyer. They knew that it would only be
a matter of time before they would save the world...)


INTERMISSION - I Just Like Complaining                                CODE ICMP

(The Destroyer's health depended entirely on 12 crystals scattered throughout
its body. After destroying the eleventh, the group went down the passage that
was behind it.)

Spyro:        "We can't stop it from out here..." (ponders aloud) "...but
Sparx:        (panicked) "Whoa, wait! Wait, wait wait! You are not thinking
              about going IN there, are you?"
Spyro:        "Come on Sparx, we're going to need you to lead the way."
Sparx:        (jokingly) "Oh, come on. You know I got your back. I just like
              complaining. Let's go!" 

INTERMISSION - Let's Go!                                              CODE ILGO

(The passage led towards the Destroyer's mouth. The group then approached the
tunnel nearby.)

Spyro:        "Okay then, you ready? Let's go!"

INTERMISSION - Let's Move!                                            CODE ILMV

(Both dragons flew inside, heading deep inside the Destroyer's body.)

Cynder:       "Let's move!"

INTERMISSION - Woah! Look out!                                        CODE IWLK

(It wasn't long until they started reaching lava springs on the way through.)

Cynder:       "Woah! Look out!"

INTERMISSION - Through Here!                                          CODE ITHH

(The next obstacle that followed was a large room with lava. Only one passage
other than the one they came through was seen - one located near the ceiling.)

Spyro:        "Through here!"

INTERMISSION - There It Is                                            CODE ITII

(After some time, the dragons reached the heart of the destroyer... literally.
A purple heart was seen beating around lava, surrounding the last crystal.)

Spyro:        "There it is! Aim for the crystal!"

INTERMISSION - A Few More Passes                                      CODE IFMP

(A part of the heart's shell was broken off, causing a large explosion to form.
Quickly, the dragons flew up a nearby tunnel.)

Spyro:        "A few more passes!"

INTERMISSION - That Should Do It                                      CODE ITSD

(The tunnel lead back towards the heart. The same cycle formed for the rest of
its armor; after the heart itself was destroyed, the crystal was left
vulnerable to attack. Eventually, it was destroyed.)

Spyro:        "That should do it!"

INTERMISSION - Let's Get Outta Here                                   CODE IOTH

(The destruction of the crystal resulted with a large uncontrollable flow of
lava heading out of the Destroyer's body, through its mouth - the only way back
out. Cue a chase as the dragons try to escape from it.)

Spyro:        "Let's get outta here!"

INTERMISSION - Go Go Go!                                              CODE IGGG

(The group then made it back at the aforementioned lava room, with the lava
itself still coming strong.)

Spyro:        (panicked) "Go go go!"

SCENE 1 - Panic and Disorder                                          CODE 7PNC

(The dragons escaped from the Destroyer's mouth just in time. At the sight, the
cheetahs cheered on for them. They then returned to Ignitus and Terrador.)

Ignitus:      "For all your subtleties, young dragons, you certainly know how
              to triumph with flare."

(Spyro looked back at the Destroyer, now completely motionless, steam
evaporating from its body.)

Spyro:        "What's happening to it?"
Ignitus:      "I d... I don't know. It's most peculiar."

(Its eyes then glowed with a crackling purple aura. It then moved its hand and
brought it down onto the bank of the canyon.)

Ignitus:      (worryingly) "No..."

(Ignitus looked up towards the volcano, where a floating island crackled with
the same purple energy. The Destroyer then slowly started to wade through the
deep water, breaking its other foot away in the process.)

Ignitus:      "This can't be..."

(The Destroyer dragged itself towards the edge of the pool. The dragons flew up
onto a higher ledge to see the chaos for itself. Still struggling, the titan
reached out one of its hands towards the belt of fire, creating a blinding
yellow flash that caused Ignitus and Terrador to shield their eyes. When the
light cleared, the Destroyer had gone through the belt of fire, though still
struggling to move.)

Spyro:        "Ignitus, what do we do?"
Ignitus:      "There is no more that can be done."

(In spite of the grim remark, Ignitus remained brave as he addressed the rest
of the traveling party.)

Ignitus:      "Listen to me! Not much time is left. Everyone must get to
Cynder:       "What about the outlying populations? And there are countless
              still inside Dragon City! They need to be warned!"
Spyro:        (ponders aloud) "The Underground City..." (turns to Ignitus)
              "Ignitus, there are endless caves down there. We saw them. We can
              lead them there!"
Ignitus:      "No. I need you and Cynder here with me." (turns to Hunter)
              "Hunter, send your falcons to the outlying regions and tell them
              to get beneath the surface, as deep as they can. Go! All of you!"
Terrador:     (curiously) "I know you're up to something, Ignitus. I've known
              you for too long."
Ignitus:      "Go to the others, Terrador. There will be panic and disorder...
              a strong leader will be needed. I'll find my way back once I get
              Spyro and Cynder through the belt of fire."

(Terrador left the scene.)

Spyro:        (somber) "We have to confront Malefor, don't we?"
Ignitus:      (turns to Spyro) "I see no other way. The belt is weakened, and
              this may be our only chance to break through."
Cynder:       (sarcastically) "Yeah... if we aren't incinerated first."
Sparx:        "Oh, come on. That doesn't sound so bad. We've been through
              worse... right?"
Spyro:        (still somber) "Sparx... you can't come with me."
Sparx:        "What?" (pauses) "But I ALWAYS go with you."
Ignitus:      "Spyro is right... you wouldn't survive in there."

(During Ignitus's line, Sparx showed a heartbroken facial expression.)

Spyro:        "You need to make sure the others reach the underground city in
              time. You've been there before. You can guide them."
Cynder:       "It's important, Sparx."
Spyro:        (faintly) "But you need me!"
Spyro:        "Right now, there are others that need you more."

(Sparx still looked unhappy about the decision, but he turned to Cynder calmly 
after taking in Spyro's remarks.)

Sparx:        "Cynder, you have to promise me you will look after him. We..."
              (almost chokes up) "We've been through a lot together."
Cynder:       "I promise."

(Sparx then flew away in one direction, with the three dragons heading towards
the opposite - right towards the belt of fire. As Cynder and Ignitus started
heading there, Spyro stopped and turned back.)

Spyro:        "Be careful, Sparx."
Sparx:        "Hey... it's me. Being careful is all I know."

(Spyro then flew back towards the other dragons, ready to break through the
belt of fire.)

PART 8 - Burned Lands

SCENE 1 - My Path Ends Here                                           CODE 8PTH

(Spyro, Cynder and Ignitus arrived at the belt of fire. It blazed intensely,
heightening the dangers of breaking through.)

Ignitus:      "I should be able to offer some protection from the heat. Stay
              close to me."

(A large blue spherical shield appeared around Ignitus's body. Once Spyro and
Cynder were brought inside, they started walking through the belt. Partway
through the walk, the shield started to give way; Ignitus tried to form
another, but he still showed signs of weakness.)

Spyro:        (worried) "Ignitus, let's turn back! There's got to be another
Ignitus:      (exhausted) "Spyro, Cynder... I've never done right by either of
              you. Allow me to do this..."
Spyro:        (shocked) "What are you saying?!"
Ignitus:      "My path ends here. But yours lies beyond this. Draw strength
              from each other and follow your heart. It will never fail you..."

(Ignitus's body started to glow with a white aura.)

Ignitus:      "Now, go... go..." (echoed) "Go!"

(A flash occurred from Ignitus's body. The shield was sent across the belt, but
with only Spyro and Cynder inside. Upon landing, Spyro looked back at the belt
for any trace of Ignitus... but reality soon sank in - he had died in

Spyro:        (distraught) "Ignitus... Noooooo...!"
Cynder:       "Spyro, stop! It's too late! You can't do anything for him now!"
Spyro:        (anguished) "No... he isn't gone..."
Cynder:       "Spyro... let it go."

(Spyro remained upset, but unfortunately the feelings gave way for him to
transform into his dark form.)

Spyro:        (distorted) "No!"
Cynder:       "No! Spyro, don't!"
Spyro:        (distorted) "You can't stop me!"
Cynder:       "You're right. Only YOU can do that. Please, Spyro. Don't do 

(It took several moments for Cynder's remarks to sink in, but Spyro transformed
back into his regular self.)

Cynder:       "We have to go on. He wanted us to."
Spyro:        (somber) "It wasn't supposed to be like this. I feel so alone."
Cynder:       "You're not alone."

(Both dragons nuzzled their faces against each other in support. In spite of
how they got across the belt, they knew that they had to keep going.)

SCENE 2 - An Updraft Near the Volcano                                 CODE 8UPD

(Upon going further through the area, the dragons got a clearer view of the
volcano and the floating island above.)

Cynder:       "He's up there somewhere, isn't he?"

(A rumble was felt from the volcano itself, intensifying the dangers of going

Cynder:       (looks down) "I don't know if I can go through with this."
Spyro:        "I don't know either. But we have to. You said it yourself. If we
              don't, then everything we've fought for... everything we've
              lost... It's all been for nothing."
Cynder:       "Alright then. I'll go..." (pauses and looks down at her neck) 
              "...but only because I want to get rid of this chain."
Spyro:        "Come on. The air is too thick down here with all of this ash.
              There's probably an updraft near the volcano."

(Spyro looked to his right, seeing a group of wyverns flying near the volcano.
The rest of the way there would not be an easy one.)

PART 9 - Floating Islands / Malefor's Lair

INTERMISSION - It's Beautiful Up Here                                 CODE IBTF

(The Dragons reached the updraft and rode it to the top.)

Cynder:       "It's beautiful up here."

(Malefor's lair was still seen in the distance as the dragons landed on a
nearby island, where a large door was blocking the way.)

Spyro:        "The tower... it must lead to Malefor's lair..."
Cynder:       (displeased) "Thanks for ruining the moment."

SCENE 1 - The True Role of the Purple Dragon                          CODE 9TRR

(The door was opened by lighting 8 torches in the area. The dragons then went
through the tower to ultimately reach Malefor's lair. Both dragons looked at
each other as they stood outside the door.)

Spyro:        "Are you ready for this?"
Cynder:       (somber) "I'm scared."
Spyro:        "Just stay close to me."

(The dragons then walked inside. Once in there, they noticed a large purple
dragon standing at the opposite end of the room - Malefor himself.)

Malefor:      "At long last, my guests have arrived. Please... come in."

(Malefor then started walking closer towards the dragons.)

Malefor:      "Such determination to get here... It seems we share other 
              qualities besides that of our color."
Spyro:        "No. I'm nothing like you!"
Malefor:      "Do you think so? Hmm... we'll get to that."
Cynder:       "Don't listen to him, Spyro. Don't listen to anything he says."
Malefor:      "You look so weary. Allow me to make you more comfortable."

(The snake tethers appeared on their necks and were broken apart. The dragons
had been freed.)

Malefor:      "There. That's better, isn't it? It's the least I could do for
              you, Cynder. After all, you've done so much for me."
Spyro:        (defensively) "You used her!"
Malefor:      "I used her. She used you. What does it matter, really?"
Spyro:        (turns to Cynder, puzzled) "What does he mean?"

(Cynder doesn't respond. Instead, she looks down regretfully.)

Malefor:      "What? He doesn't know?" (laughs vilely) "Go on, tell him. You
              mustn't leave him in the dark..."
Spyro:        "Tell me what?"
Malefor:      "How she lured you to the Well of Souls... how she tricked you
              into freeing me."
Cynder:       "You're lying!"
Malefor:      "Hmm... I find it peculiar... how you've chosen to remember
              things. Let me assure you. It was you who freed me, Spyro."
              (turns to Cynder) "And you who brought me back. And we have
              Cynder to thank for that." (laughs vilely and steadily)
Spyro:        (worryingly) "Cynder? Is it true?"
Cynder:       (confused) "No... I don't know... I don't know anymore..."
Malefor:      "Oh, I think you do. But perhaps you need a little nudge..."

(Malefor's eyes glowed an eerie yellow color. In response, Cynder's body
transformed into a darker form just like Spyro's at the Burned Lands.)

Spyro:        (distraught) "Cynder!"
Malefor:      (sinisterly) "Hahahahahahahaha!!!"

(Cynder glared towards Spyro and started approaching him.)

Spyro:        (still panicked) "Cynder! No!"
Malefor:      "Ignitus should have warned you. You are alone here, young
              dragon. You have ALWAYS been alone. Still, here you are... trying
              so desperately to save this miserable world... refusing to accept
              the true role of the purple dragon."

(During Malefor's speech, Spyro was tackled to the floor by Cynder.)

Malefor:      "I'm sure you've been told that I was the first of our kind...
              but I assure you, there have been many. It has been the duty of
              our predecessors to resurrect the Destroyer and the Golems of the
              deep... to bring about the great cleansing. This is the true
              nature of our kind. Your destiny is to destroy the world."

(Once again, Cynder knocked Spyro down, this time being sent to the other side
of the room.)

Spyro:        (in denial) "No! I don't believe that!"
Malefor:      "Of course you don't. But you have fulfilled your destiny 
              nonetheless. In my time, I was stopped... prevented from
              completing my quest. But you... you have carried the flame... be
              it through your own will or not. And soon, the world will be
              destroyed, you along with it..."
Spyro:        (still shocked) "No..."

(Cynder approached Spyro again and knocked him down to the floor with her tail.
She then looked at him directly.)

Cynder:       (distorted) "Fight back!"

(Spyro helplessly used his wings to shield himself from another one of Cynder's

Malefor:      (sadistically) "Hahahahahahahaha!!!"

(The attacks continued on. And yet, Spyro didn't retaliate.)

Cynder:       (distorted) "Fight back! Why won't you fight back?"
Spyro:        (hopelessly) "Because you've left me nothing to fight for."

(The heartfelt remarks caused Cynder to transform back to her original self.)

Cynder:       "There's always something."

(Spyro smiled at Cynder's presence. His confidence was restored, but...)

Malefor:      (angrily) "Argh! So be it! You've made your choice and so you 
              shall suffer the same fate!"

(The snake tether re-appeared and attached the dragons back together.)

Malefor:      "Prepare to die!"

(Malefor flew out of the lair, with the two dragons flying in pursuit. Then,
they clashed, ready for the final battle.)

INTERMISSION - I'm With You                                           CODE IIWY

(Even with Malefor attacking straight away, the two dragons exchanged words
before attacking themselves.)

Spyro:        "You're with me?"
Cynder:       "I'm with you."

INTERMISSION - Now Is Our Chance                                      CODE ICHN

(The dragons managed to weaken down Malefor.)

Spyro:        "Now is our chance!"

(With the remains of his current strength, Malefor flew towards the dragons and
attempted to reach for them twice. In both instances, both dragons swerved out 
of the way in time; for the second time around, the dragons responded with a 
counter on his chest.)

SCENE 2 - The End of the World                                        CODE 9END

(From below, a catastrophic event happened at the volcano itself...)

Malefor:      "It has begun!"

(Finally, the Destroyer had reached the volcano, ready to crawl inside.)

Spyro:        (panicked) "Oh no! We're too late!"
Malefor:      (victoriously) "Welcome to the end of the world!"

(The Destroyer climbed inside, and once it did, the volcano erupted with a
mighty flare that could be seen from space. The fire went as far as approaching
the lair and destroying it, causing its floor to fall down towards the crater.
At the same time, the blaze started to spread across the world, ready to break
it apart. The fire then caused Spyro and Cynder to fall onto the falling floor,
with Malefor making his approach to have another fight with his new found 

INTERMISSION - Watch Out!                                             CODE IWCH

(Again, the dragons overpowered Malefor, but he managed to do some last minute
retaliations. First he flew up and swiped his claw towards Spyro, who dodged
just in time. He then aimed towards Cynder.)

Spyro:        "Watch out!"

(Cynder dodged the swipe and moved towards Spyro. Malefor then aimed another
swipe, this time towards both dragons at the same time. Again, they both dodged
and countered with a combined ground pound of fury energy from above.)

INTERMISSION - Into the Volcano                                       CODE IVCN

(Both dragons held onto the floor with the stamina they had left as the floor 
plunged inside the volcano.)

INTERMISSION - Malefor's Last Stand                                   CODE IMLF

(Malefor came back for another fight, but was weakened by the dragons yet
again. While he was down, Cynder charged up a mass of fury energy and aimed a
destruction beam directly towards him, stopping him in his tracks. Spyro
followed it up by a tackle into his chest. An intense amount of light formed
during the attack, and when it cleared, the floor had gone and both dragons
were seen falling deeper inside the volcano. Unexpectedly, Malefor made a
re-appearance, grabbed them and squashed them against the walls, hoping to tear
them apart. But with all their strength, they broke free from his grasp and
concentrated with one last charge of fury energy to his chest.)

Malefor:      (painfully) "Rhaaaaa..."

SCENE 3 - When a Dragon Dies...                                       CODE 9DIE

(The dragons then ended up beneath the magma and towards the core of the
planet. But in spite of all the hardships, Malefor still showed signs of

Malefor:      "You cannot defeat me! I am eternal!"

(Malefor reacted with a destruction beam from his mouth towards the two
dragons. Quickly, they retaliated with their own beams; they all clashed with
each other, with the two parties trying to bring the other one down.)

Spyro:        (thinking to himself) "Just... hang... on!"

(Several ripples formed in the beams, sending Malefor over to the other side of
the core in defeat. He brought himself up, but before he could do anything,
several dragon spirits appeared around him, all glowing an eerie purple aura.)

Malefor:      "What is this?"

(The spirits then flew towards Malefor with no signs of letting him escape.)

Malefor:      (frightened) "Noooooo!!!"

(Collectively, they all pulled him into the core, presumably killing him. Not
long after, the snake tether vanished from the dragons' necks. In spite of
that, the core started to break apart with an intense white flash, with the
rest of the planet following in quick succession. Both dragons landed on the
surface of the core.)

Cynder:       (regretfully) "Spyro, I'm sorry. I'm so sorry."
Spyro:        "Don't be. It's over now."
Cynder:       "So this is it...?"

(The planet continued to break apart. While Cynder felt as if she had to accept
the destruction, Spyro stood their with his eyes closed, recollecting his

Ignitus:      (appears as a spirit behind Spyro) "Spyro, when a dragon dies, he
              does not truly leave this world. His spirit lives on, binding
              itself with nature, offering hope for the future..."

(Spyro opened his eyes, now determined to take the words to heart.)

Spyro:        "I know what I need to do. Just get out of here, Cynder."
Cynder:       "Spyro, no... You don't have to do anything. Let's just go."
Spyro:        "Where, Cynder? There'll be nothing left! The world is breaking
              apart. But I think I can stop it. I think I'm meant to."

(A long paused happened as Cynder absorbed Spyro's words.)

Cynder:       "Then I'm with you..."

(Spyro looked on at her hopefully, before hovering above the ground to
concentrate the last of his strength. Much like Ignitus's sacrifice before, his
body glowed white.)

Cynder:       (echoed whisper) "I love you..."

(A surge of white energy came out from the planet's depths. It then
concentrated itself around the planet, pulling the pieces back together one by
one. Back on the surface of the planet, everything was shown to be a group of
floating islands for now, but everything shone in the red light of dusk, with 
light particles falling down nearby. Sparx, Hunter and the other three 
guardians looked on at the scene ahead, before looking up towards the stars,
where the constellation of a dragon can be clearly seen. And so, the world was 
saved. Cue end credits.)

Post-Credits                                                          CODE XPST

(The scene changed to the Chronicler's lair, where he was looking at the events
through the book of dragon history. The faint sound of wind is heard from

Chronicler:   (turns to his left) "Be welcome, friend. I have long been
              expecting you..."

(The Chronicler turned back towards the book. Various pages of it are shown on
screen, all of these being of the following - the planet in its broken state,
Warfang City in reconstruction, and Sparx and the three guardians.)

Chronicler:   "A new age is beginning. With each new age, a worthy dragon is 
              chosen to chronicle the many triumphs and failures of that age.
              This has been my duty for many millennia."

(Again, the Chronicler turned to his left.)

Chronicler:   "And now, Ignitus, I pass this honor to you."

(True to his words, Ignitus had appeared inside the lair, approaching the

Ignitus:      "And... what of Spyro? Is he..."
Chronicler:   "Hmm, that is the question, isn't it?"

(The Chronicler placed the book away and swapped it for another one.)

Chronicler:   "You see, each time a dragon dies, a new page is written in this 
              book. I've done my best, but I can't seem to find any trace of

(On that note, the Chronicler's body faded to white and vanished. At the same
time, Ignitus's appearance changed - no longer was he red, but he was colored
a ghostly blue just like the Chronicler, complete with his original clothing.)

Ignitus:      "Well, young dragon... where might you be?"

(The scene changes to a beautiful green valley, possibly Avalar if not
somewhere similar. There, both Spyro and Cynder flew into view from a higher
height, having survived the ordeal. They both stopped and looked at each other,
before flying towards the screen together. And so, the tale is over.)

5 - Email Policy

As with most script writers, I can accept certain types of email from the
people that have approached the file. Thus, here's an Email policy if you want
to contact me in any way.

Bear in mind that I will accept the following -

*Any errors that slipped by my fingers.  Just be careful which version of the
script you see first...
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However, I will not accept the following -

*Emails asking for help to beat a certain part of the game.  I'm stressing this
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*Nonsense emails. Whenever I see one, they get thrown in the trash straight
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*Spam (repeated messages). Instant candidate for my block list.

6 - Credits and acknowledgements

I would like to give credit to the following whom made this script possible -

*Sierra Entertainment, for the publishing of this title
*The staff of Etranges Libellules for putting it all together
*CJayC, for putting it up at GameFAQs.com
*And of course... my family for getting me the game :)

Game (c) 2008 Sierra Entertainment, Inc. Spyro, Sierra and their logos are
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