Where can I find Health upgrade?

  1. I only find 5, so where another?

    User Info: EilEel

    EilEel - 9 years ago


  1. There is one near Evil School . It's on a thing directly above the loop where you use your roller to get past. There will be a TK switch up there. This will make a ledge float up and down. Use Crash's spin jump to reach another ledge higher above. Keep doing this until you are on sturdy ground with a health upgrade on it. Also, on the way out of the Junkyard and into Mount Grimly there is a giant plant like thing. Use a Spike's heavy attack to destroy the plant. This enables you to go onto a clearing with a health upgrade. In between Wumpa Island and Ratsicle Kingdom there will be some TK blocks. Jump on top of them and spin jump to grab a ledge. Hit x twice and you will be right next to a Health Upgrade. Go to the Ice prison and go through to the place that requires a TK. Once you get up the three purple blocks, move toward the screen. You will find a spin switch that will open a door up at the bottom that has a Health Upgrade.

    User Info: Ooblarg

    Ooblarg - 9 years ago 0 0

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