How do I find the way back to Wumpa Island after level 7?

  1. I read the answer to the same question someone else asked. Are you talking about the ice path where the path sinks? I can't find two ice blocks to climb with switches. I have gone around level 7 at least 3 times trying to find the way back home. HELP!!!

    User Info: carosewcute

    carosewcute - 9 years ago
  2. Clarification Request:
    where abouts are you stuck? if you need to open the door after climbing up the ice blocks that you use the TK mutant to pull out of the wall, hevy attck the door at the the top, you are then back in ratcicle village then you get the joy of walking th long path home lol

    User Info: MadMattyH

    MadMattyH - 9 years ago

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