Mission 15 the junkyard?

  1. Ok, this is driving me crazy so if anyone knows please help...ok I do not get very far in this level because I dont know where to go. I get past the giant wheels that turn as you climb them and come to the first slime mutant and then I come to a big open area with two little enemies and two giant tnt boxes with a metal wheel thing spinning behind the tnt boxes...Where do I go and how do I get there? I feel lke I am needing to jump up onto the metal spinning wheel but cant get up on it

    User Info: jbreez27

    jbreez27 - 9 years ago


  1. It was hard for me to get through and is harder for me to explain. I was able to get past it by going onto youtube.com and they had a video. I hope that helps. You will need to slide under a ledge on the upper level as the slime guy. I hope that helps.

    User Info: hiskid1994

    hiskid1994 - 9 years ago 1 1

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