Review by McSalsa2008

Reviewed: 01/05/09

Old-Gen Madden returns

Madden NFL 09 is the 9th installment of the extremely popular Madden franchise that rose to new heights on the PS2 console. While the series has moved on and the newer, far-better looking next-gen Maddens rule the 360 and PS3, EA still sells Madden for the PS2, and for a good reason- 120 million people bought PS2s. As of this writing, the PS3, Wii, and 360 COMBINED can barley account for half of that! But is it worth it for PS2 owners to buy this game?

As far as PS2 games go, Madden is one of the better titles. Madden 09 may look the same as Madden 07, or even 2006, but those games still look pretty good and thus so does this year's madden.

The commentary is getting stale. In all seriousness, this is the same stuff Madden 07 put out 2 years ago. They won't even mention the rookies from last year unless they had a last name given to a player who was already playing in 2006. The soundtrack is pretty good, however, I liked the soundtrack of Madden 07 a bit more. However, the commentary kills the sound quality during games.

It's pretty much the same as last year, with the added ability to skip through plays and even entire games if you wish. I found this useful when I was crushing opponents and getting bored in franchise mode. There is also a super-easy mode where all you have to do is press "X". Yes. I am not kidding. If you suck in normal mode, you must try this instead.

Madden 09's only useful features are the super-easy mode(not for me though) and the ability to skip right through boring games where you are up 28 to 0 at halftime against the computer. Other than this, I found the franchise "decade scoring" pointless.

Replay Value
You will play this until you get a next-gen system, or Madden NFL 2010. Or until you grow tired because it is just like Madden 08, 07, or 06 gameplay-wise.

Madden NFL is showing its age on the PS2 yet it remains fun, even in some areas where the new games aren't that good. This could be the PS2's last Madden, but if it is, it was quite a ride. Madden has come a long way since Madden NFL 2001 debuted on the PS2 and wowed us with then next-gen graphics. And so, so long Madden NFL. See you next year...if there is one.

Rating:   4.0 - Great

Product Release: Madden NFL 09 (US, 08/12/08)

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