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Reviewed: 08/14/08

Good as usual, but not anything special....

This is a great Madden game, but EA seems to keep the same engine for the PS2 version every year.

This review is divided into several sections; Video, Audio, Gameplay, Presentation, Replay Value, Cost/Benefit.

Video 7/10: The visual aspect of Madden NFL 09 really hasn't changed over the last 3 years, but I can't say as it got any worse, so it get's a 7 out of 10. The player models are still their usual PS2 design. The graphics are, like I said, not new, but definitely not something to complain about. If you have not yet purchased a PS3, then Madden on PS2 will still not dissappoint.

Audio 6/10: The reason I give a 6 out of 10 for audio is because of the flaws that still persist in the PS2 version of the game. Hammond and Collinsworth (I'm sorry if I don't remember their names exactly) aren't the commentators for the PS2 version. Madden and Michaels are still the ones that annoy you when you do every little thing wrong or be overpraising when you do something even slightly right.

Madden and Michaels, despite, their knowledge of football in real life, don't have much insight in the game. The commentary lines are the same for every previous Madden game on the PS2. Sometimes Madden and Michaels say the same things over and over again so much, that you'd swear the disk is scratched. They hardly ever mention a player's name. Madden once in a great while will give a little speech about a certain player he likes and mentions his name, and sometimes what he says about them is interesting, but hey, most of it we heard before. The sounds of tackling, guys fighting in the trenches at the line of scrimmage, and the crowd are still somewhat good and authentic.

Gameplay 8/10: I can't complain about the gameplay, except for the fact that it's not earning me real money so I can buy a PS3 and play Madden on there! OK, I'm kidding about that. But the gameplay is the same as previous years. The same controls. The hit stick, the truck stick, and the jukes added from previous years are still there. The QB vision can be turned on. I have QB vision turned on to "optional" so I don't have to use it all the time, but if I want accuracy to count I could activate it with the right analog stick and it works fine. They still have the option of switching to a blocker or reciever instead of the Quarterback every play. The Madden IQ that was said to be in the PS3 and 360 versions are not in the PS2 version, which is a disappointment to me because I'm always fiddling with the AI controls to get the "not to hard, not too easy" feel of the game.

Brett Favre isn't anywhere on the roster, because his surprise reenter into the NFL caught EA by surprise. Luckily they have a roster update online, or if you think you know Brett Favre well enough, you can simply just create him with "create a player". The roster is otherwise up to date for he most part.

The weapons system is more upgraded also. Before the PS2 version only had some of the player weapons. It should be noted though, that unless you're the type of person who inanely needs to know about all the players special abilities, the weapons system is useless. Just play football, that's what the game is for, if you absolutely feel the need to see which reciever would be best, or which defender to watch out for, then by all means, press the button to view the weapons.

Presentation 7/10: The presentation is also the same as the previous years. The new features that were supposedly going to be added weren't added on the PS2 version. At the start of a game, you have the EA logo with floodlights all over the screen, with hardly any pregame. There is of course, no halftime show or event which covers the highlights of the first half. The referee is still the same thick-moustached preacher whose mouth movements barely match what he is saying. He is quick when he enforces a penalty and hardly gives any information after a challenge.

The game's IQ is a little improved when it comes to challenging plays. You know that in order to have the challenge feature, the AI of the game must be programmed to purposely make mistakes once in a while, because if it wasn't then the challenge feature (a must for NFL football) would be useless. The game picks up on mistakes better, so you're not challenging plays that often, so you don't need to lose a timeout in case you just wanted to be sure the calling on the field was right.

Replay Value 9/10: I HAVE to give this at least a 9 for the simple fact is that I don't have a PS3, I cannot get one anytime soon, and so I'm like everyone else in my situation who has no choice but to keep replaying it on the PS2. I want to make it clear, that although Madden on PS2 is not as good as PS3 or 360, it certainly won't leave you out in the cold until you can get a PS3 or 360. This is going to stay in my PS2 for a while, just the same. If you still only have a PS2 I would definitely recommend it.

Cost/Benefit 8/10: Not outstanding, but for $50, you have a half decent football game.

Overall, a great game, but if you can save up for the PS3 or 360, it would be more worth the investment.

Rating:   4.0 - Great

Product Release: Madden NFL 09 (US, 08/12/08)

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