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My new favorite game of all time. No, really I mean it! 05/24/11 Calamity
I'm the voice inside your head that you refuse to hear... 12/04/08 discoinferno84
Persona 3 with a few tweaks...and a lackluster story. 01/26/09 Flacco_Fan
The Grandest RPG Symphony Ever Composed 12/18/08 madSomnambulist
I am speechless. The best RPG on the PS2...and beyond! 12/30/08 TheGrandFinale
The Demon Within 08/01/12 BloodGod65
"per-so-na" [per-soh-nah] -noun; 4. The mask presented to satisfy the demands of the situation [player]. 06/15/09 CirrusStrafe
(Persona)lly Great! 07/08/09 DragonClaw01
It's A Bit Rough Around the Edges, It Tends to Play With Your Hormones, But It Brings You Closer to the Truth 06/08/09 eternalauraticsphere
Any game that makes a dig at Twilight deserves a great score in my books. 01/13/10 Exodist
Welcome to Inaba! 07/09/09 Gunners2TopEPL
Persona 4 all the action of Persona 3, even without the shot to the head 03/12/09 I Like Toast
As a player I was overwhelmed! As a person I was touched! 09/28/09 Imperia28
There is a hidden side to every human... 03/17/09 joan2468
What happens when a game tries to be too cute ... 12/26/08 Kelson_H
And it is with this game that the PlayStation 2 goes out. I doubt the PS2 has anything left to top this 03/29/10 KWang
It takes great courage to look at oneself honestly... 04/14/09 NinjaZidt
Another great entry in the Shin Megami Tensei franchise and a definite improvement over its predecessor 01/20/09 Platyphyllis
Dirty Nurses, Pop Stars, and Bath Houses - Oh My! 05/29/09 SgtCashmere
Persona - Two Realities in One 06/17/09 Terrafyre
Looks like this game was not for me. 01/04/13 TheRetroPlayer
Jungian Role-Playing at its Finest 07/26/10 TheUgliestMan
Persona 4 has many good elemnts, but has some minor flaws which lead to some major problems. 06/23/09 Vidohunir
Best game by Atlus, best game of 2008, and second-best game of the 2000s 04/22/11 Zero_Signal620
I can have a relationship 6 different girls at the same time without getting into trouble, games really are better than life. 08/08/13 Zylo the wolf

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