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Enemy/Boss Help Answers
After i have Defeated the boss in magatsu town world 6 what should i do then i cant advance to game pelase help? 3
Are optional bosses missable? 2
Can Any Bosses (Story Bosses) Knocked Down ? 3
Can bosses get confused ? 1
Can I beat ameno sagiri? 2
Can't Finding The Death? 9
Cant get to Mitsuo; how do i get thru the door? 3
Final Battle Help: conserving my hp/sp? 12
How can I Defeat extra boss in Yukiko's Castle? 8
How do I beat (DEATH)? 6
How do I beat (Reaper Easily)? 1
How do I beat Adachi? 3
How do I beat Ameno-Sagiri (I know taht this question was already asked, but mine is other)? 1
How do I beat Ameno-Sagiri? 5
How do I beat Amenosagiri? 6
How do I beat Avenger Kinght? 2
How do i beat Avenger Knight? 2
How do I beat each bosses? 1
How do I beat Glorious Hand? 1
How do I beat Izanami Okami? 8
How do I beat Kuni-no-Sagiri? 5
How do I beat Kunino-Sagiri? 2
How do I beat Shadow Kanji at The Steamy Bathhouse? 5
How do I beat Shadow Kanji? 8
How do I beat Shadow Mitsuo? 1
How do I beat shadow naoto ? 5
how do I beat shadow rise ? 3
How do I beat shadow teddie? 1
How do I beat Shadow Yukiko? 12
How do I beat the reaper? 3
How do I Beat the Shadow Selfs? 2
How do I can fight margareth? 1
How do I fight Margaret? 3
How do I find bonus boss? 1
How do I FIND the Reaper/Death? 3
How do I get to attack first? 2
How do i lvl up quickly enough to beat namatame on about average difficulty? 1
How do i survive Margaret's first attack? 6
How do I unlock fight with Margaret? 1
How do I unlock the fight with Margaret? 1
How do you defeat Kanlji? 4
I need help with shadow rise/Teddie? 2
Is Ameno-Sagiri the last boss? 2
Is it best to be level 45 for everyone for the void quest boss? (spoiler-ish) 2
Is level 26 high enough for Shadow rise and Shadow Teddie battle? 3
problems with Naoto's dungeon enemies? 1
Saving my Moon Tsukubame? 6
Shadow mitsuo when I'm at lvl 37? 1
waaah Cant find the great king; Even the free bambino!!! please help!!? 4
What floors can I find the Rainy Day enemies? 1
What is a good level for Naoto's shadow boss? and any strategy? 2
What level i should be againt margeret? 7
What level should i be to defeat shadow mitsuo and how do i beat him? 4
What party members and persona for secret lab? 1
When all the bonus enemy in all dungeon is there? 5
When does Margaret stop healing? 3
Why are physical skills missing this boss... *spoilers*? 2
Why cant i win? 5
will the Great King stop summoning? 1

Quest/Puzzle Help Answers
7/15 phone call from Kou, why didn't it happen when I entered the room that night? 2
About dating? Knowledge, courage, etc. 1
Alice slot? 2
Another condition for getting the emperor s. link? 2
Ashihara Nakatsu???? 6
Boss entrance? 2
Can anybody please help? 2
Can I quit Yomotsu Hirasaka? 1
Can you enter a serious relationship with Naoto in 1st Playthough? 1
Can you go back to finished dungeons? 2
Can you solve multiple quests at the same time? 3
Empress s. link? 1
Feed the cat -- number of fish necessary? 5
Final Hermit/Fox social link, "special conditions"? 1
Fortune s.links? 2
Fox Ending? 2
Fuse Fuu-ki? 1
Fusion? 1
Gurdian? 1
Helel? 4
Hermit S. Link Quest Two: Where's Chie? 4
How can I fulfil Margareth's request 1? ( Ippon Dattara) 1
How can I get "guardian" ??? 1
How Can I Get Ganesha With Tetrakarn ? 1
How can I go to Yomotsuhirasaka? 3
How do I begin death social link? 2
How do I catch a Guardian? 9
How do I clear Magatsu Inaba 2f? 1
How do I complete death s. link? 1
How do I create a Satan with the following skill? 1
How do I create the persona Kartikeya? 4
How do I do "I wish for friends" ema? 2
How do I enter the last dungeon, after making all goodbyes at the end of the game? 1
how do I enter the last floor in Void quest??? 3
How do I finish (Request #3)? 1
How do I fish?! 2
How do I fuse fool arcana with kaiwan? 1
How Do I Fuse Saturnus? 1
How do I fuse shiva? 1
How do I fuse/where do I find Atakava? 3
How do i get Lucifer? 2
How do I get Quests in foggy december? 2
How do I get the other ending? 4
How do i make a "custom" Izanagi for my second playthrough? 1
How do I make a ara mitama and nigi mitama? 1
How do I make a Matador with Mahama ability? ( Margaret's 2nd Request) 2
How do I register izanagi no okami after fusing him ? 2
How do I solve (naoto's dungeon)? 1
How do I solve (Request of the fox)? 3
How do I solve (shiisaa)? 2
How do I solve (strip club/rise quest)? 1
How do I solve "I'm afraid of cats!" request? 1
How do I solve death 7 ? 3
How do I solve magatsu mandala 6f ? 1
How do I solve Optional Boss in Yukiko's castle? 12
How do I solve Quest From History Teacher ? 1
How do I solve quest from the foxes? 2
How do I solve Second Quest From History Teacher ? 1
How do I solve the "rise quest"? 1
How do I solve the 9 > 10 fox social link? 1
How do I solve The Cat Needs Food Badly? 1
How do I solve the first ema quest? 1
How Do I Solve The Quest From Tha Man near the bookstore ? (I Forgot the quest number) 2
How do I solve the quest? 2
How do I solve Yousuke answer? 1
How do I start Temperance social link? 2
How do I unreverse the Moon Social Link? 3
How do you get the personas Haichman, Maskado, and Taotie? 3
How do you open the last door in void quest? 2
How fo I find the orange haired kid for the void quest? 4
How i fuse 12 Persona's? 2
How to create black frost with auto-sukukaja? (margaret request)? 3
How to fight adachi? 3
How to find the judgement social link? And how to get and how to fuse izanagi no okami? 1
How to fuse (fortune) Ananta,(judgement) Michael and Satan)? 1
How to fuse Decrabia ? 1
How to fuse gdon with rampage? 2
How to fuse Izanagi no okami? 3
How to fuse more than 3 personas? 1
How to get this kind of items?? 2
How to get to day 3/20 to get true ending? 2
How to get True Ending? 3
Is doing request important? 1
Is there any secret boss aside from the bosses in the places where we save people and the ones we get weapons from? 1
Magatsu mandala? 2
margaret help?????? Plz help????? 4
Margaret Request? 1
Margaret S.Link? 4
Norn? 3
Please I need a clear answer to how to clear the wraping problem in Yukiko's castle 5th floor? 4
Quest 25 : Feed the cat EVERY day? 2
Quest 26 Hermit Commu? 1
Quest 30, fox quest? 3
Quest 46: Where's the enemy? 1
Request 38, Branch Headband--broken? 1
S. Link points? 2
Tao Tie? 1
Void Quest, Third Floor. Dead end? 2
Were is this person ? 1
What Are The Mechanics of the Dungeons of P4? 1
What do the different button prompts stand for? 1
What does earning Max Social links give you? 8
What time/weather conditions do I need to fish a Guardian? 2
When is the last for Fortune S. Link? 1
Where can I find the bus stop for the part time job?? 6
Where do i find the Guy that wants to see the Samegawa's guardian? 1
Where do I find the lost wallet for the fox ema quest? 1
Where is the student that requests the Demon Statue? 2
Which of the S-links can be my girlfriend? 1
Who know about Shin? 1

Item Location Help Answers
+50% EXP armour? 1
Are elemental damage increase cumulative? 2
Are there costumes in this game and what items give u them? 3
Are you only allowed one Omnipotent Orb from The Reaper? 1
Armor?? 2
Can i get all the best equiptment in the game? 3
Can i still get the +50%xp shirt and +50%xp weapon? 6
Card shuffle help? 1
Chie's wristbands? 1
Do stores have sales? 5
Do the items you have in your bag transfer to NG+? 2
Do you get something for completing all of the S. Links? 3
Does Elemental Resist Accessory cover up Weakness? 7
Does equipment effect a character's appearance? 5
Does fusing Izanami make any difference? 4
Does the Attack Power on Yukiko's weapon affect her magic damage? 1
Haikara Shirt? 1
How can I get more chest keys? 8
How can I get the persona scathach ? 1
How can I make a good custom Izanagi? ( simple answers please) 2
How do different +crit items, abilities, and spells stack? 2
How do I get the personas (personae) for Izanagi-no-okami? 3
How do I get the special fishing set? 2
How do i Get to fight margareth?! 1
How exactly are items given out by teammates in cleared dungeons? 1
How to find the excess pole for guardian fish? 3
How/Where can I Fuse/Find Virtue (Justice)? 1
I need help on certain items found on this magnificent game? 1
Is it better to sell all items to weapon shop right away or hold onto them? 3
Is there any reason to hold onto old weapons? 2
Margaret's Key Item? 1
Mokoi Doll? 2
Omnipotent orb? 3
Reading a book? 1
Shoe Locker Items? 1
The Stickers??? how to use 4
Ultimate Weapons? 4
What are the uses of MAX Social Link Items? 4
What does Raden's Bookmark do (Spoilers)? 3
What kind of vibration does the "King Of Hamegawa" fish make? 1
What the best material to create weapon for MC???? 2
Where can I find (Blade Of Totsuka)? easily 1
Where can I find (Goho-m)? 4
Where can I find (haikara skirt)? 2
Where can I find (soma)?easily 2
Where can I find a moon tsukubame ? 8
Where can I find additional go homes? 3
Where can I find all 50% item? 2
Where can I find Chakra Ring ? 1
Where can I find Divine Pillar and Omnipotent Orb? 3
Where can I find high def armors? 3
Where can I find items ? 1
Where can I find Musashi Shinai? 1
Where can I find snuff soul? 5
Where can I find soma Late game? 2
Where can I find Soma? 3
Where can I find the ID card for the Secret Laboratory ? 1
Where can I find the letters for death social link? 4
Where can I find the person with fortune social link ? 2
Where can I find the pictures of the old lady? 2
Where can I find these +50%xp things?? 1
Where can I find Yosuke's special weapon in the 1st playthru? 1
Where/when can I find/buy any item that could refill my SP ? 5
Why can't I enter the Pharmacy? 4

Plot/Storyline Help Answers
[MAJOR SPOILERS] Which ending is "best", and how do you get it? 2
Adachi S link won't start, what can i do? 1
Ameno Sagiri = Izanami? 2
Are there any Reversed Social Links? If so, how do i do it and make it no longer reversed? 2
Can i invite people? 3
Can't enter Rise's mini boss? 1
Clearing a dungeon quick? 3
Complete Social Links Again? 3
Culture Fest. "Bathouse Event"^_^? 1
Did not get Valentine's day event? 2
Ending? (no spoilers please) 2
Endings? 1
Harem Way? 1
How can I date people? 3
How can I get Naoto to be my girlfriend? 2
How do i get the social link of saki konishi's brother ? 3
How to get the normal ending and the true ending? 9
How to get true ending and all other ending? How to max star social link because in my case it always stops at level 8? 1
How to start Adachi social link? (More specifically, how to visit him at night) 1
I can't find Ai? 7
I Fought Izanami-no-okami but where's Margaret? 3
I got a question!! someone help please??? 3
I've played persona 4, and now i want to play persona 4 golden, what do you think? 1
Is dating girls necessary? Does it influence games ending in any way? 1
Is it a must to maxed all SL to get true ending? 2
Is nanako have to die??? 1
Is the story here as good as the one for Persona 3: FES? 1
Is there ? 2
Is there any point in hanging out with someone once you max the social link? 1
Izanagi? 2
Last day? 1
Magatsu Inaba & Mandala? 1
Magatsu Inaba? 2
New game +? 1
Question on activating true ending? 6
The first battle? 1
What did Sayoko and MC do on rank 3? 1
What does the busted capsules do? 2
What is the difference between intimate and serious realtionships? 1
What is the starting persona for the MC? 1
When Playing It Through The Second Time? 1
Where can I find Kanji? 1
Where did elizabeth go what happened? 2
Who is the real culprit ?? 3
Who is the true killer? 2
Who?? 1
Why did (IZANANOOKAMI) happen? 2
Why did Nanako... [massive spoiler!]? 3
Will I understand this game if I haven't played any other Persona games? 1
Will the Killer actually get convicted? 1

Strategy/Tactics Help Answers
"Cheat" Verification/Help? 3
About Reversed Social Link?(Please Answer) 1
Am I screwed with my 1 run Max S.Link? 1
Analyzing with Rise? 1
Any levelling up strategies for all the characters? 5
Any staple skills? 3
Ar max cheat please? 1
Are ailment boost and stagnant air skills stackable? 1
Bait management for Guardian fish? 1
Best ailment causing persona? 2
Best skill for Lucifer ? 2
Blaze Vow and Fire Amp, do they stack? 2
Can a persona inherit skills that it can learn through leveling later? 1
Can ANY skill be transferred through fusion? 2
Can I heal HP/SP while in dungeon/outside it? 2
Can Masakado get debilitate from fusion? 1
Can the pasive abilities of a persona be stacked? 2
Can we analyze enemies' weaknesses like in P3? 1
Can we catch the guardian and huge fish before hermit social link reach lv 9 ? 4
Dating other girls? 1
Did i screw up? 3
Did Mind Charge works against (Ma)hama(on) and (Ma)mudo(on)? 2
Do all Personas get battle exp points or just "equipped" ones? 1
Do Dode ice and Evade ice stack? 2
Do quests and Beginner revivers carry into NewGame+? 1
Do skills get inherited random from parents (3-way fusion)? 2
Does anyone know how to get the Persona Chu Chulainn? 2
Does Boost and amp stack ? 2
Does canceling an interaction lower affection points? 2
Does Silence affect Sprit Drain? 4
Dousoujou How Do I Make 1? 1
Early dialog options with "not enough courage," how do you get enough Courage? 3
Easiest way to fuse a Yoshitsune? 6
Easy way to make hachiman? 1
Every What time is the prize of fishing get change ? 4
Failed Fusion? 5
Fishing? 3
For new game+, if your knowledge stat is maxed and you answer all questions correctly during exams... ? 3
Fusion Help!? 1
Getting 'God Judgement' and 'Hell Judgement'?? 1
Good Personae for Heaven onward? (Spoilers...sorta?) 2
Good team? 1
Helel fusion? 1
Help! Getting owned by Izanami on Hard. Any strategies? 2
How can I finish the game with true ending? 1
How can I fuse a Hitokoto-Nushi? 1
How do i fuse clotho , lachesis , and atropos ? 2
how do i fuse METATRON ? 3
How do i fuse NORN ?? 2
How do i fuse taotie? 8
How do I fuse this monster ??? 1
How do I fuse White Rider? 2
How do i get God's judgement and Hell judgement skill? 2
How do i summon max social link personas? 2
How do you earn lots of money near the end of the game? 4
How do you fuse the following personas? 1
How do you know if you have a NG+? 2
How do you up all your stats more? 3
How many days does it take to raise a stat? 2
How many points for S. Link do you get when you dream about someone? 1
How shoulld I plan my schedule for the rest of the game now? 1
How to catch a big and huge fish ? 5
How to easely get Magican Arcana Chance? 1
How to find the Great King easily? 3
How to fuse Izanagi Okami? 1
How to fuse Phoenix with Dekaja and Media? 1
How to fuse the ultimate hit-all elemental Persona? (level 55+) 2
How to Get lots of money easily ? 5
How to get these Personas ? 2
How to prevent Rare Hand monster escaping? 4
How To Survive With 6 Moon Tsubakame Left? 3
I have a few questions pertaining to special attacks and lover relationships? 1
Invograte? 1
Is it ok if i max social link in random? 3
Is it possible to start and/or MAX the Judgement S. Link on a first round playthrough? 1
Is it worth having Naoto learn Mamudoon and Mahamaon? 1
Is Izanagi worth it? 6
Is there a higher chance of an Arcana Chance setting upright if you are higher level in that particular Arcana? 1
Is there still a Combination Skill? 2
Is this strategy good? 5
It can be work if i keep skill counter and counterstrike? 2
List of personae with Str/Abs/Rfl/Null Physical? 1
Margaret skill? 1
Max Margaret??? 1
Mudo Boost on Alice? 2
Multiple Girlfriends = bad? 11
My slime has Red Wall, I fuse it with Asparas to get Orobas, but it didn't learn Red Wall? 1
New to RPGs - What's Going On? 5
Noise Control? 1
Persona team? 1
Persona trouble? 3
QUICK QUESTIONS! anyone willing to help? 1
Reverse social link? 1
Should I fuse personas right away or wait for social link level 10 always? 2
Simplest fusion for Atropos? 1
Simplest fusion for Clotho? 1
Simplest fusion for Lachesis? 1
Simplest fusion for Masakado? 2
Stacking effects? 1
Starter Persona with ULTIMATE skill??? 3
Strategy and level anyone? 16
Suggested skills for each character? 1
The best way to max all the S. Links? 2
The level in Steamy Bath House? 1
The social links can be completed in the first time? 3
Thor!!!? 1
Using the <element> break spells? 2
What are the stat definations? 3
What carries over when you restart the week? 1
What do Mind Charge and Power Charge do, exactly? 1
What do the persona stats do in the game? 1
What does a skill "repel X" do when a persona has already "reflect X" as a characteristic? 4
What happens when you Reverse an ally S.Link? 2
What is chie's social link and how do I increase it? 1
What is the best formation? 3
What is the best persona in the game in your opinion? 3
What is the best skill in this game? 5
What is the best strategy for (Cooking Lunch)? 4
What is the best strategy for beginner? 2
What is the best strategy for best persona early? 2
What is the best strategy for choosing or training a team? 2
What is the best strategy for Fishing huge fish? 1
What is the best strategy for Leveling ? 1
What is the best strategy for leveling persona? 3
What is the best strategy for leveling up with izanagi no okami? 2
What is the best strategy for making a party? 2
What is the best strategy for Naoto? 1
What is the best way to catch the Guardian? 4
What is the price? 2
What you team? 1
What's a good skill set-up for the end of the game? 6
What's the best skill for yoshitsune? 5
When do party member social links close? 2
When does Judgement S.Link start? 2
When is the last chance you can fuse a persona? 1
Where do you find Rise to level up your inside school? 1
Why hard? 2

Other Help Answers
[Fusion Mechanics] Is the initial level or the current level of a Persona important? 1
[SPOILER] Adachi....? 2
[TRUE ENDING SPOILERS] Empress Social Link? 1
2nd Personas? 2
about FES? 3
About Kanji? 11
About Margaret ? 3
About Rise Kujikawa? 2
About Social Links? 1
About the difficulty level..? 1
About the game difficulties ? 5
About the OST??? 1
Alice? 1
Almighty?? 2
Am i the only one who thinks Izanagi-no-okami isnt that good? 1
Answers in the exams? 3
Anubis? 1
any ACTION REPLAY MAX codes to complete all compendium? 2
any ACTION REPLAY MAX codes? 12
Any new persona fusion related stuff? 1
anyone got a EURO ps3 euro virtual memory card save??? 2
Anyone has the codebreaker codes for Persona 4 please? 1
Anyone know the english voice actors? 3
Anyone know the site for learning about myth creatures (like some personas in game persona) ? 1
Anyone knows release date for Europe? 2
Anyone now the fastest way to max the fortune social link ? 1
Ar Max??? 3
Ar Max...? 1
Arcan chance stats up ?? 2
Are the "heart items" still in P4? 2
Are there any gameshark 2 (v. 1.3) codes? 2
Are there any Persona 3 spoilers in this game at all? 1
Battle question...Look Inside? 4
Benefits of a 2nd playthrough? 1
Best guide for P4? 3
Best persona? 2
Best place to level up without using the infinite summon trick? 1
Black names in fusion? 1
Can a Social link be broken? 1
Can and how i make izanagi with victory cry? 1
Can any1 help me how to fuse persona Michael? 1
Can any1 tell me any fusion that can complete the empress arcana? 3
Can anyone convert this code to ARMAX? 1
Can I change the end of the game? 5
Can I finish the game and get the true ending without yukiko's ultimate weapon? 1
Can I Fuse a persona with Null Rage and High Counter? Also Where Can I find the RETRIBUTION MASK Accessory? 3
Can i fuse izanagi no okami without any social link max? 16
Can I get Izanagi-No-Okami as a regular Persona? 1
Can I meet naoto again? 1
Can I redo dungeon everyday? after doing dungeon can i do stats event or slink events? 1
Can I summon a lv. 99 lucifer in my second playthrough at the start of the 2nd round? 3
Can MC stay.....? 5
Can other characters have multiple personas? 1
Can someone help me find a scene/event? 1
Can the compendium from P3/FES be transferred to P4? 3
Can the Main Character weild multiple weapons? 2
Can we get some music symbol in tower s-link ? 1
Can we really change the voices in the game? 2
Can we regiter izanagi-no-0kami at 2nd playtrhough? 2
Can you fuse the evolved personas and Izanami? 3
Can you go throuhg all the social link in your second playthrough? 2
can you make the MC talk "with voice" for once? 2
Can you register Izanagi no Okami in the compendium? 5
Can you still continue the game after the 1 year has passed in the game? 1
Can you tell me all the girls in persona 4? 1
Can you tell me the opening song lyrics? 2
Can your party still split up? 1
character P3 to P4? 2
Christmas event and dating? 1
Concerning the ending? 2
Creating Norn with Panta Rhei? 1
Creating the Kanji Social Link? 1
Date more than one girl on cristmas eve ?? Please help me!! 6
Death questions? 1
Death,Tower,Fortune & Judgement Social Link? 1
Differences between normal and expert difficulty? 3
Do Counter and Counterstrike stack? 1
Do I need my main Persona? 4
Do i need the letter? 3
Do I need to keep my original Persona for the main character for fusion? 2
Do S. Link points carry over between rank ups? 1
Do you have to become Intimate with a girl to attain Max S.Link? 1
Does any Persona 3 FES save data get carried over in Persona 4? (no spoilers for either plz) 1
Does anyone know how to make lunch recipes? 1
Does anyone know how to unlock the Final Izanami Battle? 1
Does anyone know where to buy persona 4 official t-shirt(yellow) size M? 1
Does Heart Item Available in persona 4 ? 1
Does maxing out all social links affect the true ending? 1
Does Messiah And Orpheus Telos are same ? 1
Does Mind Charge Work Again Megido(la)(on) ? 2
Does moon tsukubame refill?? 4
does P4 fit into PSP? cuz i love the game if its fit to PSP 5
Does P4 have combo spells like before? 2
Does Persona4 have FES version like persona 3 ? 2
Does Rise's persona stats even matter? 1
Does the euopean version has the option to play in spanish? 1
Does this happen to anyone else? 1
Dose the main character have multiple persona? 2
Easiest way to lvl 99? 1
Easy ways fuse a lucifer? 1
Effect of the romance plots? 3
Emperor Social Link? 1
Ending Song lyrics?? 1
Evolving izanagi? 1
Exam Help? 4
Exp. Gain? 3
Firm Stance? 2
Fortune? 1
Freezing Siegfried? 2
Fusion abilites? 3
Go back?? 1
God judgment and galgalim eyes? 3
Hangman social link? 2
Hello: Is persona 4 going to have (the shoot/hold to your head persona gun)? (Just a question folks) 5
Help?? 2
Hidden boss M*****t first or previous playthrough? 2
How can i change the character clothes while in dungeon? 1
How can I date? 1
How can I find Cu Sith Persona? 1
How can i fuse ippon datara with sukukaja? 3
How can i fuse Loki? 2
How Can I fuse/find a Saki mitma? 1
How can i get a girlfriend? 1
How can i get Izanagi with narukami and Galgalim eyes?? 1
How can i get rakshasa? 1
How can i get the skill for all severe element magic damage? 2
How can i make Yukiko/Rise to be my girlfriend? 2
How can i start the tower social link ? 1
How do I check my parameters? 1
How do I create an Izanagi? 2
How do I create? 1
How Do I Fuse Black Frost? 8
How do I fuse Lachesis or where do i get it? 2
How do I fuse the Persona Mada? 1
How do i fuse ultimate personas? 2
How do I fuse Yomotsu-Shikome??? 1
How do I fuse/find a Grimehkala? 1
How do i get a sarasvati with repel physical? 2
How do i get Cu Chullain? 3
How do I get Megido for Yatagarasu? 1
How do I get the information about a weird person?? 1
How do I get the information about Rise Kujikawa? 1
How do i get the key for the secret boss? 1
How do I get the Naoto social link? 2
How do I get? 3
How do i make an Izanagi with Primal Force Power charge and resist wind? 1
How do I make ultimate personas? 1
How do I significantly improve understanding? 3
How do I unlock Second Playthrough (New Game +)? 3
How do u make a Okuninushi ? 1
How do you copy cbs save file into ps3 system? 1
How do you fuse Ardha ? 1
How do you get more moon tsubasu or what ever thier called? 1
How does the persona compendium work? 3
How does Yoshitsune's Hassou Tobi skill work? 1
How many days do i have to rescue someone? 1
How many floors? 3
How many girlfriend that we can have? 1
How many personas are there to complete the compendium? 2
How Many Victims Are There ? 1
How many weapon drops the Reaper? 2
How much nudity/sex/swearing is there? 3
How to ask naoto to go out with me? 1
How to catch a guardian fish? 1
How to create anzu? 1
How to enter barber? 2
How to expand option for fusing persona more than three ? 1
How to fish??? 1
how to fuse / create a Norn ? 3
How to fuse Mada with Ragnarok? 1
How to fuse Norn ? 1
How to fuse obariyon? 1
How to fuse Taowu and Daisoujou? 1
How to get 'Enduring Soul'? 2
How to get haikara shirt and mushasi bamboo sword? 3
How to get inside? 2
How to get Ose? 1
How to get through Magatsu Inaba? 3
How to get Victory Cry Kaiwan? 3
How to quick level up? 8
How to save yukiko? 4
How to use the codebreaker? 1
How to use? 1
How will you get the bad ending and what will happen? 1
I have a question? 1
I still cant acsess the margaret boss batle! 2 times true ending!someone? 3
I'm on 11/10, too late to start the Kanji link because i talked to every female student and still can't start it? 1
I'm really having a hard time to unlock kanji's dungeon? 1
If I fuse Izanagi with other personas will it affect the story? 2
If i recieve a persona from shuffle is it automatically added to the compendium? 2
Im rebirthing my izagi....Help me out pls? 2
in united emerites where or how can i PURCHASE it? 1
Increasing Courage? 1
Inheritable spec.skills? 1
Is Atlus gonna make PERSONA 5? or Persona 4FES? and in what platform PS2 or PS3? 3
Is Boost and Amp stack? 1
Is it my PS2 make my disc scracth? 1
Is it possible for izanagi to inherit hassou tobi or prayala?? 1
Is it possible for the MC do be straight but have other male characters fall in love with you? 2
Is it possible to 100% complete the game? 1
Is it possible to somehow use 'Stand By'? 1
Is Izanagi-No-Okami transferable? 2
Is Naoto available on November 20th (Saturday)? 1
Is New Game Plus Only In Persona 4 Golden? 1
Is the Soundtrack on the 2nd disc? 2
Is there a way to increase a persona's status except for leveling up? 1
is there any AR MAX CODES? 1
Is there any pnach files for this game? 1
Is there anything additional in US version? 1
Is there extra armour which change the outfit? 4
Is there Japanese audio for US version? 3
Is there possible to fullfill all S.Rank on 1st run game? 2
Is There Someone Can max out all s-link in one playthrough ? 6
IS there someone who can help me make izanagi with better or good skill?? 1
Is there?? 2
Is this easier or harder than P3? 1
Is this MC really not straight? 2
Izanagi no okami? 2
Izanagi-No-Okami HELP? 1
Izanami = Izanagi ? 2
Knowledge Require? 2
Like persona 4? 2
Little question pls? thx 2
Lovers or friends? 2
Loyalty on Girlfriends? 2
Main character's real name? 4
Making an Odin w/ Thunder Reign? 1
Maxed Social link persona same as P3 ? 1
Maxing justice link in december? 1
Maxing social links still possible at this stage? 2
MC LVL to summon personas? 2
MC's name and last name? 2
Memang ada action replaynya Persona 4? 5
Missable Emperor S.Link? 6
Models on shelf in Your Room? 2
Monad equivalent in P4? 1
Money Money Money!? 2
My Izanagi-No-Okami stats is not all 80? 2
My persona doesn't quick level up? 2
My yoshitsune won't lvl up? 1
Need finish persona 3? 1
New Game + ? 1
New Game + question? 2
New Game Plus+? 2
No items in the new game +?? 1
None of the carried social stats, money or compedium carried over help? 1
Norn with matarukaja three-auto mataru,maraku,masuku skill? 1
On 08/14 I get a call from chie...? 1
Once again about dating with Yukiko? 1
Only "Bad" Ending available? 1
Orpheus is to Izanagi and Thanatos is to ????? 4
Other Persona games? 2
Other Persona with Hassou Tobi? 1
Person MC name? 3
Persona 4 Manga(English)? 1
Persona 4 on PS3 outside of America?? 2
Persona 5 release? 1
Persona Analyzer? 2
Persona Fusion ? 1
Persona list? 1
Please Answer, I'm Confused!? 1
Please someone make fusion list faqs for persona 4 ? 1
Prayer value? 1
Problem with NeoXsaga's Walkthrough!? 2
PSP version? 1
Purple fusion msg box? 2
Question about the social links? 1
Reaper in 2nd playthrough? 2
Relationship? 2
Relationships? 1
Rise's "Third eye" skill? 1
S-link for death arcana? 2 points? 1
Save game+ question? 1
Second culture festival question? 1
Secret items and Skills? 1
Should I buy this.....? 1
Should I play SMT: Persona 4 vanilla or buy a PS TV for Golden? 2
Similarities between Yukiko's outfit(P4)&Yukari's outfit(P3)? 4
Social link lv ? 2
Social link question? 1
Social Link reversal consequences in battle, etc? 1
Social links codes for codebreaker/ action replay not working properly ?? 2
Social links with girls? 1
Social Links??? 1
Some question abut Naoto? 1
Special Fusions (4-, 5- & 6-) ?? 2
Starting Moon rank, how ditch school? 1
Strengh Social Link availability changing schedule? 1
Stronger Izanagi? 3
Teddie ? 1
The best girlfriend? 7
The disc or console??? 1
the last day of Maggie's availability? 1
The manga ? 2
The mysterious eye symbol that blinks? 2
The real MC's girlfriend? 8
The Reaper appearance? 3
The sequel? 3
The spell Dekunda? 1
Was anything changed or cut in the US/ ver. ? 1
Web Site? 1
Whadya you mean by sex or nudety ? 5
What are Izanaga's stats at level 99? 2
What are the battle song lyrics? 1
What are the exact words to go fight Adachi and Izanami?? 2
What are the fusion formulae for Margaret's requests? 1
What are the most "useful" Personas? (See description) 1
What are the requirements to fight Margaret ? 2
What carries over in a new game +? 1
What carries over in New Game+? 1
What do i need to get true ending? 1
What does "Magatsu" mean? 1
What does Atom Smasher evolve into? 1
What does BS means? 3
What floor is Rise on? 2
What fuses with ares to make ose? 1
What is rush mode? 3
What is the best persona? 11
What is the latest I can start Naoto's link? 2
What is the meaning, in the persona status screen, of the "animated eye"? 1
What is the name of the MC? Is it Souji or Seta? 1
What is the persona needed for summoning Izanagi no Okami? 1
What is the quickest way to lv99? 1
What item i get? 1
what level do I need to be to have more than 6 persona at a time? 1
What Maxed S-Link Persona changed in P4 ? 1
What must i fuse for Izanagi? 1
What persona has prayala skill? 3
What persona have "spirit leech" skill ? 2
What Persona Have Spell Master Skill ? Can we transfer the Deblitate and Heat riser skill ? 1
What personas do you fuse to get these personas? 1
What triggers ally encounters in dungeons? 2
What will happen if I try to have a second girlfriend? 3
What's the best type Arcana is suit's in BOSS BATTLE or (BB)? just asking 1
What's the conditions and fusion needed for best Izanagi-no-Okami? 1
What's the point of Rise's leveling up? 1
Whats the difference between Gods hand an primal force? 3
When it will be released in english version.? 1
when persona4 saves with PlayStation2 Max Drive Save format come ? i need it im stuck with this game. 1
When will be the realeses on other countries besides US? 6
When you evolve personas? 1
When/how can you start Kanji's Social Link? 1
Where and when can I find Ai Haibara? 1
Where can I download the Characters' avatars? 1
Where can I find a Pixie? 1
Where can I find Ghoul Persona? 1
Where can I find Hua Po? 1
Where can I find the music that plays at club escapade? 2
Where can I find the name of all people with power and how they merge? 2
Where can I get Persona 4 song? 3
Where Chihiro on P4? 3
Where could i buy persona 4 in Malaysia,Penang? 1
Where do i get the Lovers Arcana? 1
Where do you gather rise's information for teddie? 4
where I can find the battle song lyrics? 1
where is Elizabeth in this game? 4
Where is my party? 2
Where is Naoto on Sundays and holidays? 3
Where is the boss"Escapist soldier" in void quest endgame? 1
Where is the manga? 3
Where is the parodied scene? 2
Where's the best place to level up? 1
Where/when can I talk to Yosuke? 2
Which is better ? 5
Which item/persona/equipment...etc, etc keep after beat the game for first time? 3
Which one is stronger??? 3
Which should I choose? 8
Who do you like the most? 1
Who is Kuma? 2
Why are s.links not leveling up? 1
Why does Rise have stats? 3
Why does the game have a lot of swearing??? 6
Why does they don't make persona 4 fes or persona 4 vs persona 3? 6
Why does yukiko like to eat tofu?? 2
Why in Japan you have to be 12 or older to play this game but in the USA you have to be 17? 2
Why is maxing justice and heirophant so important? does it affect the story? No spoilers please 2
Why is my Black Frost gaining more exp then is awarded? 3
Why is some of the music of the game absent from the soundtrack? 1
Why the gal max social go to my room?? 11
Will P4 have a Art book like P3 did? 6
Will the level of my S.Links carry over to a new game? 1
Will the MC die? 8
Will the party members still be only AI controlled in Persona 4? 3
Will there be any chance of the continuation of P4 (like P3's FES)? 3
Womanizer? 9
Yatsufusa's description? 2
Yoshi(t)sune & Christmas Eve Event? 3
You know how the A.I.-controlled P3 allies used Medecines and Medical Powders that didn't use up your own? 3

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