Is there any way to repair a corrupted save file?

  1. so ive been playing persona 4 since march 1st every chance i get on the ps3 version of the ps2 classic and i just finished grinding for the final boss to avoid spoilers i wont say the name but i beat the first phase easy moved on the the second he was at about 200 hp and i died no biggie i thought it wasnt to hard ill just try again but unfortunately my save data got corrupted right there i have 72 hours 13 minuets (not including all the hours lost from dying so maybe 85-95) i have almost all social links maxed i was level 72 all stats were maxed except courage and dex which were almost maxed. i have no motivation now to play it all over after a loss like tha. so im hoping maybe someone can help me with one of these following options.

    1. can you fix my corrupted save file if i sent it to you?
    2. does anyone know a save editor so i can just put me back in the same place with everything i had back
    3. does anyone have a save file right before the final boss they can send me or any save in December would be fine but preferably before the final boss

    i cant think of anymore solutions but if anyone knows themselves please tell me
    thank you in advance!

    User Info: CleanThief44

    CleanThief44 - 3 months ago

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