Adachi S link won't start, what can i do?

  1. i can't start the adachi S link no matter what i do. I already looked up why and it says you need to save the person currently trapped inside the TV and i did right after it happend, then i looked for the days for when he is available. and i go to him on a day where he should be able to hang out with me but i don't get the option.
    I'm currently on 9/20 so i'm getting a bit desperate here
    is there something else i can try? or is it too late?

    User Info: akarien

    akarien - 7 months ago

Accepted Answer

  1. Well, depends. Since you're posting this on the PS2 Board, A.K.A., the original Persona 4, I'll assume that's what you're playing. In which case, bad news my friend.

    Adachi's Social Link is exclusive to P4 Golden. Sorry.

    User Info: LadyOblivion

    LadyOblivion - 7 months ago 1 0

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