Multiple Girlfriends = bad?

  1. Are there any ramifications to having multiple girlfriends? At this time, I have Yumi as my girlfriend, followed by Chie, then Yukiko. I doubt there will be any problems with Yumi, since my Social Link with her has been maxed out, but Chie and Yukiko have not.

    Also, if I end up having a Social Link reversed, how do I fix it? Is it as easy as it was in Persona 3 where I can pray to the shrine for forgiveness?

    User Info: Keith_da_Hybrid

    Keith_da_Hybrid - 11 years ago

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  1. in my playthrough, i don't remember any trouble, though I did get two angry Ai scenes (I think with Yukiko and Yumi) on sundays. But Ai was only level 2, so not a girlfriend issue so much as just something bound to happen maybe...i guess. Yukiko was his girlfriend though, and she did show up once, but I have no idea if it even matters if either are officially gf.

    User Info: BroadwayFailure

    BroadwayFailure - 11 years ago 10   2


  1. Basically none. The girls in this game pretty much don't give a crap.

    Only two s-links can reverse, and only one of those two can break. It is caused by giving an incorrect response during certain scenes.

    User Info: Lord_Faust

    Lord_Faust (Expert) - 11 years ago 11   9
  2. No it does not matter.

    User Info: mossy48

    mossy48 - 10 years ago 7   5
  3. as long as you max them before Christmas, it's all good.

    BTW, you can actually pray at the shrine for forgiveness at P3? didn't know that. thought it was just for your intel.

    P.S. don't cheat with your girls XD

    User Info: robertoII

    robertoII - 11 years ago 5   5
  4. In P3 you cant pray for forgiveness, just in the FES version.

    User Info: Girimekhala

    Girimekhala - 10 years ago 3   3
  5. Its just that christmas event, you get multiple people txting you so you have to accept 1 only. Nothing bad has happened since I took every girl in my first playthrough.

    User Info: riboflavinbob

    riboflavinbob - 11 years ago 2   3
  6. No...Its great..

    User Info: tank3006

    tank3006 - 11 years ago 3   5
  7. U can have lover relationship with all girls in this game and max out your S-link with all of them,trust me .

    User Info: Sir_Immortal

    Sir_Immortal - 10 years ago 6   8
  8. If you're following the Max S. Link Guide, then you will never get a troublesome scenario even with multiple girlfriends.

    However, if you accept a Sunday hangout from anyone, there might be a little trouble coming your way...

    User Info: OshareKeiji

    OshareKeiji (Expert) - 11 years ago 2   5
  9. If you go on a date with one of your girlfriends on a Sunday, your other girlfriend(s) will likely show up and reverse your Social Link. So everything will be fine if you don't accept Sunday dates.
    If your social link does reverse, however, meeting up with your reversed friend three times will repair it.

    User Info: Khiash

    Khiash - 11 years ago 4   12
  10. of course not.hahha.this is just a game, i'm dating all of the girls except Naoto><....

    User Info: 13450_00

    13450_00 - 10 years ago 3   11

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