Strategy and level anyone?

  1. Hiya people... I need to know what is a good way to level up and for each dungeon, in what level do you need before facing the boss...

    Thanks a lot people...

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  1. You can get away with being slightly underlevelled if you have the proper Persona to back it up.

    For example, fighting Adachi/Ameno-sagiri, the party average was 75. Fighting Izanami, average was 81. One thing that helped, something I didn't want to do but had no choice, is to not level your other team members. Pick 3 and stick with them to the game's end. In my case, the initial three: Yukiko, Chie, and Youske. This alleviates numerous amounts of stress, including upgrading equipment for seven characters, maintaining a constant team average (despite the Protagonist and Rise maxing out long before everyone else in that scenerio), and worrying about not spreading out elemental properties.

    -Yukiko did fantastic in her healing duties with Medirama/Salvation (I overwrote Mediharian with Salvation purposely), while providing an occasional Agidyne/Maragidyne if the situation arose.
    -Chie's lack of proper high level Bufu skills never became an issue as an ice weakness will always be exploited regardless of what level the spell was. When it came time to dish out pain, giving her a STR+10 accessory and using Power Charge >> God's Hand nailed a constant 700-1000+ dmg per turn depending on if the enemy's defense was down. And Tarukaja for Youske/Protagonist was nice too.
    -Youske carried alot of the fights, with Gale Vow (Wind Dmg +50%) and Garudyne/Magarudyne dealing consistant damage, Margarula to exploit weaknesses without compromising SP, and Marsukala cast every three turns to keep Hit/Eva rates up. Plus Dekaja to keep the bosses in check? Score.
    -The Protagonist started as an offensive powerhouse, utilizing Loki (Niflheim- equivalent to Frost Magatma but not limited to 150 dmg), Atavaka (Brave Blade, Megidoloan), and Alice (Die for Me!- guaranteed Darkness insta-kill to anyone without resistance). Eventually, he became a primary Buffer/Debuffer during the True Ending's battles with one simple Persona: Trumpeteer. Debilitate alone destroyed Ameno-sagiri (Chie was dealing 1200-1400 every other turn with a charged God's Hand without Martarukuja) and seemed to annoy Izanami to no end, but to add Marakuja for my own party's defense boost and his Null/Repel of Light/Dark was just priceless. The only time he posed a problem was fighting Izanami-no-Ogami, since she could absorb Zio spells. Not only did this remove his one transferred -dyne spell, but she would cast Ziodyne on the Protagonist knowing I had Repel Zio to heal herself. Nothing a simple switch to Loki couldn't fix. =D

    It pays to be of equivalent level when battling bosses, but having the right Personas makes all the difference. Case in point: having Black Frost to use Mind Charge >> Agidyne on Shadow Mitsuo cuts the battle in half easily.

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  1. A good way to level up is to find a floor of any dungeon that is easy to wipe out all the enemies in, and provides good EXP. Hunt around that floor and nearby ones.
    For the boss levels:

    Shadow Yukiko (Easier if Chie has Mabufu, or even Bufula if you wanna overtrain) - Lv 15
    Shadow Kanji - Lv 27
    Shadow Rise / Shadow Teddie - Lv 35
    Shadow Mitsuo - Lv 45 (You'll want Black Frost with Agidyne and Magic Charge)
    Shadow Naoto (this boss is unusually easier than most, because it has no extremely cheap attacks) - Lv 55-60
    Shadow Nagatame (goes by a different name, but I forgot what it's called) - Lv 75-80

    If you plan on getting the good ending:

    Tohru Adachi / That eyeball thing that fights you afterward - Lv 90-99
    (I fought the final bosses with a Lv 92 Beelzebub)

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  2. Personally, what I've been doing in the last couple dungeons is leveling my party of 4 in the last floor. But after a while the exp starts slowing down and you can't level fast anymore, so what I do is take MC and a healer (preferably Yukiko, but Teddie works and I guess Yosuke has diarama) and go to the top floor of the dungeon. Since exp is split among party members, when you only take two you both get double exp, so it makes it a fast way to level. This might not work for everyone dungeon, especially the first couple, but it made training to beat Adachi easier.
    Also, for dungeon crawling I always used a Strength (or high attack) Persona that I fused with Auto-Tarukaja and a hit all physical attack. Like Rakshasa, Kali, Yoshitsune, etc. Now I'm using a Mahakala with Auto-Mataru and Myriad Arrows. Having double attack for the first three turns of random battles for free makes leveling a lot easier.

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  3. Shadow Yukiko: lv 15
    Shadow Kanji : lv 25
    Shadow Rise / Shadow Teddie: lv 35
    Shadow Mitsuo : lv 45
    Shadow Naoto : lv 55
    Kunino Sagiri :lv 65
    Adachi/Ameno Sagiri: lv 75
    Izanami No Okami:lv 90

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  4. A general rule, your level should be as high as - if not higher than - the highest level enemy in the dungeon. For example, if the highest level enemy in Kanji's dungeon is Lv. 26, you'll want to be around that if you don't want to struggle with the "Self" Shadow. Your level should also be high enough to fuse exceptionally powerful personas for that point in the game. The strength of your character is only partially affected by your actual level; it's the personas and which ones you equip that truly determine how strong you are compared to an enemy.

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  5. You can now control your party members by selecting the Tactics Command,
    and choosing the last option.

    The ONE MORE system is back but with a few tweaks. You don't lose
    a turn when getting back on your feet, neither does the enemy.
    But if you critical or use the enemy weakness when the enemy
    is down they will recieve the status Dizzy and will lose a turn.

    When an enemy is knockdown, sometimes it will randomly trigger
    a special follow up move from party members.

    Party members will now cover you if you're in danger (Commu Rank 1+).

    The guard command is added. It prevents knockdown from weakness.

    The physical attributes are now merge to 1 instead of 3 different ones.

    Analyze now only tells HP& MP and abilities (once you have Hi-Analyze).

    Shuffle time now only offer 3 cards. Persona , Blank and Nothing.
    When taking the nothing card you will receive nothing after the battle
    is over.

    A new feature has been added called Arcana Chance. Each time after
    shuffle time it'll give you the option for Arcana Chance, depending
    on the Arcana card it can give out positve or negative effects depending
    on your luck.

    Remember if the Main Character is KO , its game over.

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  6. Debilitate + Heat Riser + Power Charge + Hassou Tobi = GG
    Best strategy to remember

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  7. What I do is, for the boss coming up, if I cannot defeat him/her/it, I make a persona that's strong against them. E.g. Shadow Yukiko uses fire so I make something that resist/repel/null/absorb fire. It doesn't really matter how over leveled you are since imo, items and personas matter more

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  8. Wow... was I underleveled, beating Izanami in the level 70's?
    In my opinion, if you can reach the boss, you can probably beat it.

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  9. I didn't grind once and I beat the game at level 78 on normal difficulty, so I say just fight everybody you see and you should be good to go

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  10. Try my trick man, here it is:
    1. Try to reach level as high as you can get. Hunt more,more and more for money and experience, because it's important. As your MC level increases, you can make stronger persona too.

    2. Whenever you have reach Kanji's dungeon, start to try to get evolved skill(by magician arcana or fusion forecast). It will help you A LOT. Especially when you get any MP recovering skill. My best opinion is to get invigorate skills or cool breeze.

    3. Do not equip any persona that has stupid weakness(eg:physical or two weakness together) while you don't ever cover it. You will die real fast.

    4. Know your friends power. Your friends can be a great help or a wuss depend by how you set their skills.

    5. Try to get as much money as you can. You can get it from working or getting a top score.

    6. At the mid game, you will start to realize that enemies are getting annoying... yeah, it is. So you must start to be aware. Try to create custom persona that can blocks more than 1 type of attack. You also need very much to get a persona that has Marakunda and Matarukaja. It's really important.

    7. By the near end, you need to make any element user personas in that you have concentrated to 1 element only. They also have to inherited Twin booster(Amp and Boost). For example, i have Mada as my fire user, Odin as Wind user, Lucifer as Ice user, and Kohryu as Elec user. They all have Boost and Amp together in each skill set.

    8. Get Yoshitsune and Trumpeter when you reach the last dungeon. If you still ask why, then level them up until they show you the last skill they keep... They are your boss killer. Beelzebub is also seems really good to get.. maybe he was born to face the last boss.You also need to have any persona that have Dekunda, you know.

    9. Don't be stupid to fight any bosses without healer and a reviver, and never forget to bring any persona that has support spells(preferably Marakunda and Matarukaja). Pick Teddy, Kanji, and Yosuke as your party member, and you'll get 1 turn Heat Raiser on everyone.

    10. Never surrender. You will not lose, as long as you keep your spirit on.

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  11. Lol this thread produce a lot of spoilers

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  12. It really doesnt matter about level, of chouse you get beaten up easier if you dont have enouhg levels.....
    What really matters is your Personas... Like i was able to defeat Shadow Yukiko at level 12 and Shadow Kanji at level 20. You just need the right Personas.

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  13. Whenever a rainy day comes up you should always go to a dungeon, because enemies are stronger and drop a lot more exp. and items, and a higher chance of rare monsters. The first time I beat the game, I had a lv.50 Black frost at the end, which in my personal opnion is one of the best personas you can get, because it has absloutely no weaknesses, and is strong against half of the resistances/elements.
    For bosses:
    Yukiko's castle- lv.15
    Steamy bathouse- lv.25
    Striptease- lv.32(mini boss) lv.35(boss)
    Mitsuo- lv.45
    Naoto- lv.50-55
    Heaven- lv.60-65
    True ending- lv.75+
    For the final dungeon have the personas Michael and Black Frost if it's your first time playing.

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  14. My Main Party is: Naoto, Yukiko and Teddie or Kanji.
    Naoto: Mudoon, Hamaon, Mind Charge and Megidolaon (with *Chakra Ring.)
    Yukiko: Agidyne, Best Healer period.
    Teddie: Bufudyne, Ma-Taru/Raku-Kaja, Amrita.
    Kanji: Ziodyne, Matarukaja.

    * Beat the Special Boss in Heaven.

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  15. Well, whatever you do..

    Never...ever...bring Naoto along for a boss fight.

    That would suck.

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