How do I unlock Naoto's dungeon?

  1. I know that I'm supposed to talk to a girl in the practice building, but I don't know if I'm talking to the right one. I also went to the shopping district and I can't find the police officer either. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

    User Info: ashleed

    ashleed - 10 years ago

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  1. Here are the process to unlock the Naoto's dungeon:

    1. Go to the school and talk to the girl in front of Classroom 1-1.
    2. Next go to practice corridor and Speak with a certain female student.
    3. Next go Shopping District North and speak with the Cop(if you miss him ,he's only there on Monday, Wednesday and Friday)
    4.Then go to the Riverbed and talk to Chie.
    5.Go back to Shopping District North and speak with the cop again.
    6.Then talk to Housewive in front of the shrine.
    7.Come back tomorrow and speak with the Cop at shopping district.
    8.District south (if you miss him he's only there on Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday). Pick the third choice, then the
    second choice. (If you miss him, he is only there on Monday, Wednesday and Friday.)

    Note: You have unlocked Secret Laboratory. You have till October 5 to finish this dungeon.

    User Info: keyblade38

    keyblade38 - 10 years ago 39   19

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