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    FAQ/Walkthrough by AngelOfRoom302

    Version: 1.03 | Updated: 07/16/09 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

                    S    I    L    E    N    T       H    I    L    L
                             O    R    I    G    I    N    S
    ---P  S  2  & P  S  P   V  E  R  S  I  O  N  S---------------------------------
      If you are planning on printing this out, I suggest that you copy and paste
               this whole thing into notepad and keep the font to Courier.
    ..............................\Table of Contents/..............................
                    I.     Introduction & About Me
                    II.    Getting Started (Controls and Gameplay info)
                    III.   Characters
                    IV.    Enemy Information
                    V.     Walkthrough
                                 [WT.1] Opening Scene
                                 [WT.2] Alchemilla Hospital
                                 [WT.3] Streets of Silent Hill
                                 [WT.4] Cedar Grove Sanitarium
                                 [WT.5] Streets of Silent Hill Again
                                 [WT.6] Artaud Theatre
                                 [WT.7] Back Outside Silent Hill
                                 [WT.8] Riverside Motels
                                 [WT.9] Nowhere
                                 [WT.10]Nightmare Silent Hill
                    VI.    Speed Walkthrough
                    VII.   Accolades
                    VII.   Health & Energy Locations
                    IX.    Save Locations
                    X.     Special Thanks & Closure
    SECTION I.=============I N T R O D U C T I O N  &  A B O U T  M E==============
        ^_^ Hello & thanks for checking out my amazing walkthrough! I'm eighteen 
    years old. I have been playing the Silent Hill series for 6 years now so I 
    insure you that you're in great hands.
      It's my first shot at writing one, so I'd love to know if you've found 
    anything incorrect or not mentioned. Even if you've gotten stuck or if you 
    would like me to add something. I'm trying very hard to guarantee you a really
    great walkthrough that you'll be able to refer to time after time. I am 
    constantly up for new ideas. My email address is: boomboxshoebox@aol.com if you
    would like to contact me. Please title the subject line as Silent Hill or SH so
    that I'll know what you are talking about.
      Keep in mind that if you're playing for the first time or if you've beat the
    game a couple of times then the enemies and items that I mention may not always
    be as I say. Mostly health items can be quite random. For example, I might say
    there is a health drink, but on your end it might actually be an energy drink.
    On your first run you'll probably see less enemies than I mention and you could
    even run into many more items. If you've beat the game a couple of times you
    could possibly see more enemies and run into less items. Item also can be found
    in random places due to if you die more. The locations that I give you are the
    most common locations that I’ve encountered. As you can see, this walkthrough
    took a while to put together. I tried very hard to ensure that you beat the 
    game and have a good time while doing it. Now let's get started!
    SECTION II.=================G E T T I N G  S T A R T E D=======================
        A quick look through in your manual can be helpful. I strongly urge you to
    check that out and also check out the tip section on the start menu. There are
    various new additions to this Silent Hill game so you'll defiantly want to be
    informed. Check it out :) Here's just a small section of tips you'll need in 
    the game;
      ~~When Travis receives damage from enemies his health deteriorates. Keep tabs
        on his health by checking the small screen cap from the game while in
        inventory. If it's green then Travis is at full health. A little static is
        okay, but once you can see static in the corners of the screen in game 
        play, Travis is in major need of health. Using health drinks, first aid 
        kits and ampoules restore Travis' health. Health Drinks give Travis a small
        bit of health while First Aid kits and ampoules nearly restore his health
      ~~The Triangle button brings up your map. This will be your lifesaver! Well,
        not literally, but I refer to the map a lot. When the map is up the game is
        in pause. The X button zooms in and zooms out & use the Circle button when
        the map is up to close it.
      ~~In Silent Hill Tradition, there is the beloved radio. It doesn't play hit
        jams, but when enemies are close it will emit static. This really comes in
        handy for Travis so that he can be prepared when something jumps out from
        around the corner.
      ~~During game play use the Circle button to turn your flashlight on and off.
        This comes in handy so that you can easily sneak past some of the enemies
        while the light is off.
      ~~The Start button will pause the game. From there you can hit the Square
        button to exit the game completely and go back to the main menu if you need
      ~~To pick up items, interact, or for Travis's final move use the X button.
      ~~While using firearms hit the down directional key to instantly reload.
      ~~The Square button makes Travis break out into a run, but since he isn't
        Superman he could use an energy drink every once in a while. He will start
        breathing hard and running slower. Your controller could even start beating
        so make sure he's in good condition. You can easily ignore this though and
        keep running.
      ~~Your Select button brings up your Inventory. There is no limit as to how
        many items you can carry, but it makes you wonder where Travis stores all
        of them. This is where you can change your weapons, change the options, use
        items and you can even read memos that you've already picked up. You can 
        also change your weapons by using the left and right directional buttons &
        the up button to toggle through firearms. Note that weapons break so you
        can check their strength in inventory also.
      ~~During any cutscenes you can hit the Start button and then Circle to end
      ~~When you encounter enemies, hold the R1 button to get into the fighting
        stance. Use X to attack and once they're twitching on the ground, hit X
        once more to give them a final blow to their death. To produce a massively
        powerful swing/hit, hold the X button a bit before releasing. Use L1 during
        combat to switch your target.
      ~~New to Silent Hill is the grappeling system. When certain enemies grab hold
        of Travis he will now have to tap a certain button or a sequence of buttons
        to escape their grip. The buttons will be shown on screen so keep an eye
        out for them.
    SECTION III.========================C H A R A C T E R S========================
        You can read about the characters in your manual if you'd like, but I’ll
    give you a fuller description;
        |=== Travis Grady ===|
           Looks: About 30
           Seen Wearing: A hat & dingy brown vest over a plaid button up shirt. He
                         also rocks the classic blue jeans and some brown 
                         Timberland boots.
           Purpose: Poor Travis just ended up being pulled into Silent Hill by
                    mistake. Or is there something more to it? He is a trucker with
                    a past which usually results in him having sleep disturbances 
                    and hallucinations. Travis is Origin's main protagonist.
        |=== Alessa Gillespie ===|
           Looks: About 11 years.
           Seen Wearing: A purple school uniform. And surprisingly, her hair is
                         light brown unlike from the darker brown that she had in
                         the original Silent Hill.
           Purpose: Alessa is more than just an innocent looking girl. She keeps
                    reappearing to Travis. After rescuing her from a house fire,
                    Travis' plan was to see if she was alright, but it seems as if
                    this girl has much more to do with Travis.
        |=== Dr. Kaufmann ===|
           Looks: About 35 or older.
           Seen Wearing: A nice brown suit.
           Purpose: Dr. Kaufmann works at the Alchemillia Hospital. He seems to
                    have a really snappy attitude. The manual says that he's been
                    seen dabbling in some of the local religions cults doings, but
                    it's not positive if he is actually a member.
        |=== Lisa Garland ===|
           Looks: About 20.
           Seen Wearing: A nurses uniform and covering that, a maroon sweater.
           Purpose: Lisa is first introduced at the hospital. She seems flirty and
                    like a sweet lady, but is it just a coincidence that she keeps
                    showing up on the verge of trouble.
        |=== Dahlia Gillespie ===|
          Looks: About 52, but she's actually around 32.
          Seen Wearing: Some dirty looking blue jeans, a maroon faux fur coat and
                        a striped tee shirt.
          Purpose: Dahlia is Alessa's mother. She is wickedly obsessed with the
                   local religion (cult) and would say 'yes' to giving any 
                   sacrifice to her 'god.'
    SECTION IV.==================E N E M Y  I N F O R M A T I O N==================
      Now, to get on with some of the enemy information! If you'd like to not be
    spoiled (this will contain a bit) then skip to the walkthrough section. I'm
    sure it'll be much more of a surprise if you just wait and see for yourself.
    =NURSES= Ahhh, yes! A Silent Hill tradition! The nurse has returned, but these
    --------      are prettier! ^_^
                  These are the most humanistic creatures you'll come in contact
                  with throughout the game. They are seen wearing a nurses uniform
                  of course (*cough* more like role-play costume) and high heels. 
                  They are faceless. They represent an object of sexual desire and
                  are creatures of Alessa's creation.
        Locations - Alchemilla Hospital, Cedar Grove Sanitarium.
        Attacking - The nurses carry knives with them now & believe me, they know
                    how to use them.
            Speed - Moderate speed.
            Power - Low attack power.
        Grappling - Yes. Tap the X button to escape.
      Suggestions - I suggest, since the nurses can be pretty strong when you're
                    starting out, that you go on and fight them with melee weapons.
                    You could turn off the flashlight to slip past them if you'd
                    like, but if you're in a tight hall or if they are right in 
                    your face, I say kill 'em.
    =STRAIGHT JACKETS= Here they return! They are the guys that wobble around with 
    ----------------- their upper body kept in a straightjacket of skin. These have
                      been said to represent Alessa's pain that she's been through 
                      having survived the horrible fire and full body burns.
       Locations - Streets of Silent Hill, Cedar Grove Sanitarium, Arthad Theatre
                   and Lakeside Motel
       Attacking - These freaks are horrible! This time they don't just let you get
                   pass so easily. They have two very good attacks. One, where they
                   shoot yellow acid balls at you and their aim has improved! Two,
                   they jump on Travis in a straddle position, leaving you to have
                   to grabble out of their attacks.
           Speed - Slow to moderate speed.
           Power - Low to Medium attack power.
       Grappling - Yes! You'll need a combo of two buttons to escape.
     Suggestions - You'll meet the first Straight Jacket as a boss in the hospital.
                   Throughout the game you will run into tons of Straight Jackets.
                   If you encounter them on the street, try your hardest to ignore
                   and outrun them. There are just too many of them! They will even
                   respawn after a while. If you encounter them in a hallway or a
                   room, use a melee or firearm but try not to blast too many with
    =CARRIONS= The Carrion is a massive beast used to represent all of the road 
    ----------     kill Travis has ripped through in his truck. They're brown, 
                   hairy and usually have their faces dragging on the grown. They
                   are usually seen spinning around randomly in a circle, walking
                   away from you with their huge buttocks in the air and sometimes
                   they will appear even twice their size! *glup*
       Locations - Cedar Grove Sanitarium, Streets of Silent Hill, Artaud Theatre, 
                   Lakeside Motel and Nightmare Silent Hill.
       Attacking - Like a 500Lb linebacker, they will ram straight into you.
           Speed - Slow speed. When startled, speed increases to High.
           Power - High power.
       Grappling - No, thank goodness!
     Suggestions - These guys are huge, but they're not a bother. Their speed is 
                   pretty slow, so it's best for you to just keep out of their way
                   especially in the streets. I advise you that if you must attack
                   to stick to a firearm or throwing objects. Melee weapons are not
                   recommended because they attack quickly once you are in their 
    =REMNANTS= Also know as the invisible creatures, the remnants are barely
    ---------- noticed. They are shrimpy in size. If you get close enough, you can
               see that they are nothing but an empty cage - like thing walking on
               wobbly legs and their shadow makes them look most freaky. Check them
       Locations - Only in Cedar Grove Sanitarium.
       Attacking - It's nearly impossible to see what attacks that these do, but
                   they swing their bodies (cage thingies) at you which doesn't
                   even really cause that much damage.
           Speed - Slow speed.
           Power - Medium damage power.
       Grappling - No grappling.
     Suggestions - These are pretty useless creatures. You can hear them
                   approaching by hearing gentle footsteps and weird shrieking. 
                   They won't attack you unless you walk right into them or just 
                   stand around them, but if for some reason they do attack you 
                   just use a melee weapon.  
    =ARIELS= The Ariels are the most creative so far. You'll see them in Artaud
    -------- Theatre. They look like wooden dolls, kind of like a ventriloquist
             dummy, but not painted. They will either be suspended from the ceiling
             or walking up to you upside down on their hands on the ground. They 
             make no noises.
       Locations - Only in Artaud Theatre.
       Attacking - They will lunge at you, causing some damage to Travis if they're
                   on the ground. If they're on the ceiling, they will grab Travis'
                   face and you'll have to grapple out of their hold or they will
                   cause you some damage.
           Speed - Moderate speed.
           Power - Moderate power.
      Grappling - Yes. Just tap the X button.
     Suggestions - Ariels are nearly impossible to ignore, so destroy them when you
                   get the chance to using a melee weapon. When you first see them
                   and you have distance between them, go ahead and use a firearm.
                   You can try to turn off your light to sneak past them, but it'll
                   only work sometimes.
    =CALIBANS= You first see him as a boss, but now you'll see these freaks all
    ---------- over the place. They are the huge, beige, hairy creatures that walk
               the town on all fours. Once you defeat them, they'll develop these
               invisible patches and will disintegrate into a green poof of smoke.
               If you hear sounds such as Godzilla stomping around, street lights 
               breaking and pot holes jumping up and down a Caliban is nearby.
       Locations - As a boss in Artaud Theatre, Streets of Silent Hill, Lakeview
                   Motel and in Nightmare Silent Hill.
       Attacking - Eh, if they're lucky, they'll ram into you, causing a large
                   amount of damage.
           Speed - Slow speed, but will attack a moderate speed.
           Power - Very high power, will take a good chuck of your health.
       Grappling - Nope.
     Suggestions - Since they are so large and powerful, I suggest avoiding them as
                   much as possible. If you aren't playing around and bumbling
                   around town like an idiot, they probably will never attack you
                   if you just keep your distance. If they do or you need to
                   attack, use the Assault Rifle or throw objects at him and good 
                   luck to you.
    =TWO-BACKS= These are the most interesting creatures I’ve met so far in Silent
    ----------- Hill. Said to represent Travis' sexual frustrations it's only 
                convenient that you meet them in Lakeview Hotel. These creatures
                are hulking in size and very powerful. If you see a huge blobby
                like human thing with a smaller blobby human thing on it's back
                you have encountered a two-back.
       Locations - Lakeview Motel and Nightmare Silent Hill.
       Attacking - These creatures are very powerful and attack without warning.
                   They'll either take a swipe at you or will jump on you causing
                   you to grapple out of their attacks which can result in a very
                   powerful blows.
           Speed - Moderate to fast speed.
           Power - Moderate to high damage.
       Grappling - Yes. You will use a two button sequence.
     Suggestions - Use the Shotgun or any other firearms you have. Skip using melee
                   weapons since these creatures can grapple you pretty quickly if
                   you don't react upon seeing them from a far distance. They will
                   attack as soon as they know that you are present. Try to keep
                   your distance from these bad boys and start shooting as if it
                   were second nature for you. Once they're dead they'll groan and
                   stop moving. Tragic, eh?
    SECTION V.===========-=======F U L L  W A L K T H R O U G H====================
                           (What you're really here for ;])
        In this walkthrough I tried to be as clear as I could with direction but
    you'll probably have to use your map quite a bit. If there is an enemy, I'm 
    sure it's listed. All items, locations and enemies are in CAPITALS! I have you
    covered with puzzle solutions as well. Good Luck!
    ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~[WT.1]~OPENING SCENE~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
        The game starts with Travis Grady talking on the CV with one of his trucker
    buddies. Through the rain, Travis almost hits a cloaked lady that stumbled out
    into the middle of the road. He gets out of his truck to search for her, but 
    she disappears and a vision of a little girl is seen clearly through his side
    mirror. The little girl then runs off and you now have full control of Travis.
        From here, run down the road and credits will start to play. This song is
    O.R.T sung by Mary Elizabeth McGlynn. If you listen closely, you can see
    someone whispering "Travis." Keep on heading down the road until there is a 
        Being a hero, Travis runs inside the house. This next part might be pretty
    confusing, but you are basically going to make your way through the fire until
     you reach a small alter. Quickly go up the stairs that you see here and enter
    the door right in front of you. Now run straight, then take a left where the
    path is clear of fire. Make a right once you get to a round table, run straight
    then take another right until you hit an alter with candles everywhere. 
        Backtrack, trying not to run into the fire until Travis crashes through the
    floor. Run straight down here, then make a left. The child will clear some fire
    here so keep heading straight. Continue running and she'll clear away more fire
    here. Make a left and run behind a green couch and continue until you can go 
    out of the door here. Now, keep heading straight and make a right passing the
    stairs and go out through the open door. Another scene will play, and Travis 
    will black out.
        Once Travis awakes, he is in the town of Silent Hill. He'll check the map.
    To exit the map view, press the CIRCLE button and head north up this street.
    Once you hit KOONTZ ST make a right and go through the open gate here. Enter
    through the door, which is under the sign that says Alchemilla Hospital.
    ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~[WT.2]_ALCHEMILLA HOSPITAL~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
        Once you're in the hospital, grab the +HOSPITAL MAP+ and read the PUBLIC
    NOTICE from the board on the wall to Travis' right. The red triangle next to
    the reception desk is your {SAVE POINT}. I'd suggest that you save as much as
    possible, since I've ran into quite a few glitches in the game and you wouldn't
    want to lose progress up to that point. After saving, check the map and head to
    the elevator. I promise, I checked every door and they're all locked for now,
    so head to the elevator for a cutscene.
        Wow, what a warm welcome. That guy... his name is Dr. Kaufmann. He's a bit
    crazy. Now it's time to ride the elevator to get to the second floor. Use the
    panel to the right of the door to get there. Exit the elevator and when you 
    reach the 2nd floor, go through the double doors in this room. Ahhh! We've now
    encountered our first enemy: the NURSE! They're pretty slow, but faster than
    previous games. Their attacks are pretty weak. Grab the HAMMER that Travis 
    turns his head to, on the bench and prepare to fight. Hit R1 (Right trigger for
    PSP) to get into fighting stance and hit the X button to swing. You'll be using
    these commands throughout the game so make sure that you've got it down. When 
    she's down on the ground, hit her with a final blow with just the X button. 
    This is important because if you don't use this, the monsters could come back 
    up and attack some more so make sure you do this. Melee weapons do break, so 
    make sure you switch often. In your inventory you can see how many swings your
    weapons can handle. Travis' punches are pretty powerful as well, but only 
    against certain enemies.
        As you see, this hallway is blocked so go through the door to ROOM 205.
    Grab the DOCTORS DIAGNOSIS off the cart and notice the bloody gurney. Then come
    up to the huge mirrors. Looking through the mirror, Travis will comment that 
    the room you're standing in looks weird. Try leaving the room to get a cutscene
    which will give you a new destination. I'm sorry, but you're going to have to 
    enter that world now. So let Travis touch the mirror and the nightmare called
    Silent Hill begins! The room has now turned bloody/rusty, and you're now in the
    Otherworld. Grab the SCALPEL off the gurney, the +PLASTIC LUNGS+ from the table
    and a +HEALTH DRINK+ from the cabinet. Before exiting the room, make sure that 
    you're well equipped as the game will now be crawling with strange monsters.
        Exit the room, and there's a NURSE out here. Defeat her if you wish, but
    she's also easily avoided. Keep in mind that if you ever decide to run past
    enemies and not kill them, they will still be back out in the area once you 
    return. Head through the door at the end which will take you into the next
    hallway. There's nothing down here, except for some cool breathing sounds. Head
    to the second door on the left side past the bathrooms, ROOM 202. Grab the
    +GOLDEN EGG+ and read the HURRIED NOTE on the counter. There's a NURSE back out
    in this hallway, but just hurry up to ROOM 204 which is the last room out here.
    Grab the DRIP STAND next to the cooler and read the BLOODY NOTE. Don't check
    out the ice box on the gurney yet since it has a number pad that we'll need to 
    find the combination for. Go back out to the hallway.
        There's a TV in front of you on a broken gurney. Watch out for the NURSE if
    you didn't kill her before. If she happens to ever grab you, grapple out of her
    grip by hitting the X button a couple of times, then either run or fight her. 
    Our destination would be the STAIRS. There is a +HEALTH DRINK+ to the right of
    the stairs just before you go down them. Proceed down them and exit through the
    door. On the first floor, check out the door next to the gates. This door has a
    death mask and it says, "Even the blind have need of eyes, if they wish to gaze
    at the future." Remember the eyes part for now, and defeat that annoying NURSE
    coming towards you. Grab the ALCOHOL BOTTLE on the right side on the shelf and
    check out the women's bathroom door. The door has an oval depression and says,
     "Even in this inferno, From out of the flames I saw life born anew." You can
    probably figure out what goes in the oval depression on this door since the 
    symbol is gold. It's a woman's bathroom and women carry eggs, so place the
    GOLDEN EGG in the door and enter the WOMEN'S BATHROOM. There's a mirror in here
    but don't touch it yet. Go into the last bathroom stall and remove the lid to 
    get a +PLASTIC LIVER+. By the sinks on the stall next to you is the memo, 
    STUDENTS MNEMONIC. The little poem will come in handy for later, and you're now
    free to touch the MIRROR. There's a HEALTH DRINK on the floor behind Travis.
    Check the 2nd bathroom stall to find AMY "31" written on it. (you might want to
    consider writing that down.) Visit the next stall and grab the STAFF LOUNGE 
    KEYS. Now our destination is the STAFF LOUNGE, so head out the bathroom and
    head over there.
        There's an ENERGY DRINK on the couch, a Staff Notice on the board.
    (HA, party. Grab a Trainee Nurse. That's funny!) On the counter you can grab
    the TOASTER and the +EXAM ROOM KEY+. Lucy "23" is written on the wall by the
    door on your way out. The Conference Room is locked, so let's head back out the
    hallway. Enter the EXAM ROOM back by the lobby since we now have the
    key. On the desk in here, you can grab the TYPEWRITER and read the STAFF MEMO.
    In the sinks, you'll find a +PLASTIC INTESTINE+ along with a +PLASTIC STOMACH+.
    Turn on the light box, and SARAH "19" will appear on the X-ray. There's an 
    ALCOHOL BOTTLE on the cart next to the human model. Examine the model, and 
    you'll find that you'll have to put in the plastic organs that you've been 
    finding around the place. Don't start placing them down yet, bio nerd! We're 
    still in search of the last piece, so let's find that now. 
        Remember that room on the 2nd floor with the ice box? That's where we're 
    heading. But before that we need to enter the Otherworld. *SilentMadness tips
    that you can either make a quicker trip by using the elevator and then touching
    the MIRROR in ROOM 205 to get back up to the 2nd floor.* You can also enter the
    Ladies room, touch the mirror in the bathroom and take the stairs up which has
    the little present of a Hammer waiting for you at the top of the staircase. 
    Exit the stairwell and enter ROOM 209 at the end of the hallway. Now is our 
    first riddle. Refer to the BLOODY NOTE on how to figure this out. You can 
    access this in your inventory by hitting the select button. The key is "age 
    before beauty." Now take those names from before, and put the ages in order 
    from oldest to youngest (Amy 31, Lucy 23, Sarah 19) so the code is 312319 and 
    the box opens! Now grab the +PLASTIC HEART+, and there will be a NURSE waiting
    for you outside the door. Head back down to first floor by taking the stairs,
    and another NURSE waits when you exit the stairwell. Head back to the ladies
    room, touch the MIRROR and then backtrack all the way back to the EXAM ROOM.
        Go up to the plastic human model and refer to the STUDENTS MNEMONIC. The
    mnemonic hints that, INside STevie LIttle HEnry LUrks. You should be able to 
    figure this out yourself, but if not, place the organs in this order:
    intestines first at the bottom (where the pelvic area is), stomach above
    intestines (which looks like a cashew), then the liver, the heart in the middle
    of the chest area, and over that place the lungs. They should work their way up
    from the left to right. When you have them all in the right order, you'll hear
    a click and the model will sport some new eyes. Grab the +GLASS EYES+. 
        Do you remember that door in the nightmare hospital with the Death Mask? 
    That's our new destination. Save if you'd like in the reception area and head
    back to the WOMEN'S BATHROOM. Touch the MIRROR then exit the bathroom. There's
    a NURSE outside here, so quickly examine the Death Mask door. Use the GLASS 
    EYES on the door and enter. There are 2 NURSES in this room. Grab the SCAPEL 
    off the first table and the TV on the table in the corner.
        By the huge double doors in here, there is an ENERGY DRINK and a
    HEALTH DRINK. (Or sometimes there are two Health Drinks here) Enter the EXAM
    ROOM via your map. Grab the SCALPEL on the table next to the dead person that
    we used as a model in normal world. Try to go through the doctor's office door
    and a cutscene will lead you into your first boss fight.
    ======================B O S S  F I G H T ~ STRAIGHT JACKET=====================
    Here is our new enemy, the STRAIGHT JACKET. You'll be seeing plenty more of 
    these. Pick a good melee weapon or throwing objects. You can stick it out with
    Travis' fists, but it melee weapons will be much quicker. As you see, he 
    doesn't really chase you around, but he does pick up speed once you get close
    enough to him. He has 2 attacks. One where he will squirt a huge ball of yellow
    acid at you and another one where he will jump on you. If he jumps on you, 
    you'll have to press the correct command buttons as you see them on the screen.
    So in other words, avoid pushing random buttons or he will get a chance to 
    easily attack you. With about 5 hits to him, the Straightjacket will probably
    fall out.
        Once you defeat him, you should see a red circular symbol on the floor.
    (kind of looks familiar if you've played Silent Hill 4: The Room.) Walk up to 
    it and grab the +FUTURE PIECE+. Here comes another cutscene. Once Travis awakes
    I suggest that you save here now, via the LOBBY save. The door that you entered
    the hospital from is now blocked, so pass through the hallway with the 
    bathrooms and exit through the exit doors in the next hallway. You are now 
    finished with the Hospital! And on to roaming the streets.
    ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~[WT.3]~STREETS OF SILENT HILL~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
        We're now going off in search of ammo, weapons and health items (which you
    should really want). If you think that you don't need anything then your 
    destination is the BUTCHER SHOP.
        Once Travis exits Alchemilla Hospital, there's a HEALTH DRINK in the left
    corner in this area. I'll refer to the map pretty often from now on, so keep
    checking it. Once you reach CANYON ST, there's a STRAIGHT JACKET. I'd suggest
    running away most of the time from these guys, because there are just way too
    many of them roaming outside. They will also squirt you with yellow acid have
    pretty good aim, so keep watch for that. They'll usually squirt if you let them
    get too close without attacking. It's a bit of a waste of health if you want to
    spar with them, but the more enemies you kill will determine your ending. Take
    it easy on your first run through. Go north up CANYON ST just past the STRAIGHT
    JACKET, and you'll see that the road is destroyed. To the left you can grab 
    JAGGED WOOD to attack with and an ENERGY DRINK. Now head south down this 
    street. Next to the walkway you just came through, is an ENERGY DRINK in an 
    empty box by a cop car. A HEALTH DRINK and a BATON lay on top of the car
    hood, where you'll run into another STRAIGHT JACKET.
        There's a TOASTER in front of a knocked down garbage can on MIDWAY AVE. On
    Midway, go down the opening to the west side of the street and there is an 
    ENERGY DRINK up the steps of Town Hall. To the right side of the Town Hall
    building is a piece of JAGGED WOOD. There are 2 STRAIGHTJACKETS on this street.
    Across the street, there is a piece of JAGGED WOOD at the base of a tree in the
    grassy area. By a blue car lies a MEAT HOOK by a dumpster. Down south on BORDEN
    ST there is a HEALTH DRINK by the door to a house with a yellow truck. Go up
    the alleyway next to the Lumber Yard to find a STRAIGHT JACKET guarding a 
    HEALTH DRINK by the fence. So now as you see, there's nowhere else to really go
    but the Butcher Shop. So backtrack down BORDEN'S, west on CELIO to get to LOW 
    ST. Follow the blood smears here into the BUTCHER SHOP.
        Inside the Butcher shop, there's a *SAVE POINT* (phew!), a MEAT HOOK stuck
    in a hunk of meat and a HEALTH DRINK on the counter. Enter the door in the back
    for a cutscene. 
        GROSS! That huge guy (which resembles Pyramid Head from SH2 a bit) is the 
    Butcher! There's an ENERGY DRINK in a dumpster across from the dead nurse and a
    MEAT CLEAVER stuck in another piece of meat and a FIRST AID KIT on the wall. 
    Leave through the double doors at the end of this hallway and now we're back 
    outside. Destination SANITARIUM, since it's circled on your map, but I'd like 
    you to get some goodies first =]. On a dumpster around the Butcher Shop there's
    an ENERGY DRINK and TARGET PISTOL AMMO! Also on a blue car next to the Butcher
    Shop (watch out for the 2 STRAIGHT JACKETS) is a PARKING TICKET with the 
    message, "She's asleep Now." There's an ENERGY DRINK next to a tree north on 
    BORDEN ST. There's a CRATE on top of a dumpster east on TOLUCA AVE and some 
    JAGGED WOOD down further.
        Keep heading east on TOLUCA AVE until you hit ACADIA. Pick up the WRENCH
    and HEALTH DRINK off the top of the hood of a yellow truck. Watch out for many
    JACKETS for now on around this area. They will respawn!! I believe the many 
    Straightjackets represent the many patients who went through the Sanitarium.
    Keep heading up this street and you'll soon find the road is blocked off a bit,
    so now enter the gates that lead to the SANITARIUM. Behind the first large tree
    to the left is some TARGET PISTOL AMMO and on the right side behind another 
    tree is another TARGET PISTOL AMMO. To the left of the Sanitarium doors on a
    window sill is an ALCOHOL BOTTLE. Now, enter the Sanitarium.
    ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~[WT.4]~CEDAR GROVE SANITARIUM~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
        The Sanitarium is sort of like a mental hospital if you're not sure what it
    is. There isn't a map yet, so bare with me. Enter the huge diamond shaped area,
    and take a left and enter the right door here. In this room, you'll find a 
    FILING CABINET on the desk by the windows, the +TARGET PISTOL+ in the chair 
    with the creepy doll and 2 TARGET PISTOL AMMO on the floor around the chair.
    When you have all that, leave this room. Now that you have a gun, you'll want
    to plan out when to use it. I suggest not using it here in the Sanitarium yet. 
    Melee weapons will work just fine for now. I'll suggest when you should use 
    your firearms so you don't end up running out of ammo like I did on my first
    run. When you're back out in the hallway go into the wing next to where you
    just exited. You'll hear weird noises coming from this area. Read the MAGPIE
    NOTE under the door out here. Now, enter the left door in the next wing.
        Travis will instantly jerk his head to the right so head over there and
    grab the +SANITARIUM MAP+. On a desk in this room there is the memo STATUS 
    REPORT 3/12/1960. There isn't anything else of importance in this room, so head
    out through the opposite door. Here's a cutscene. 
        After that weird encounter, enter the first storage room to obtain a TIRE
    IRON, 2 TARGET PISTOL AMMO and a SCREWDRIVER. Exit back out to the hallway and
    enter the stairwell. In here, there's a *SAVE POINT* for future reference. Head
    up the stairs to reach the 2nd floor. Once you get up here, you'll see a 
    strange looking enemy called the REMNANT. He's loud, looks creepy and shadowy,
    but when you get closer he's just a wee shrimp. Just walk past him. They're 
    pretty weak and won't really do anything, but if you must attack, use either a
    Melee Weapon or Travis's fists to destroy them. Head to the Storage Room and 
    kill the NURSE that awaits you. In here you can collect an ALCOHOL BOTTLE in a 
    chair and another one on the floor next to the chair. A FIRST AID KIT and 2
    SHOTGUN AMMO are on the next shelf. Exit the room and go back to where the 
    REMNANT is. Enter the door to encounter another circular room and some NURSES.
    Enter the T.B Ward which is also underlined on your map. Read the IRON LUNG 
    WARNING on the big machine. If you look, you'll see that there is something 
    cool and shiny inside of that machine, so take another look at the panel and 
    now we have another riddle to solve.
        That memo said something about all of the valves being overloaded. That's
    our mission. The object is to get all of the little ticks past the red mark.
    This one isn't so hard so I suggest trying it out on your own. Just hit the red
    buttons so that the machine overloads. Here's the answer: Hit the first (left) 
    red button twice, the middle button twice and the last button twice. Once you 
    have it figured out something will spit out of the lung so grab the +BASEMENT 
    KEY+ from the end of the machine. Back in the diamond area, there will be a 
    REMNANT and 2 NURSES. Go back to the hallway that the STAFF LOUNGE is in and 
    enter the stairwell. Now, we're going to take the stairs all the way down into
    the BASEMENT. Grab the TARGET PISTOL AMMO before entering the Basement Door. 
    When you enter the Basement, you'll see a HUGE monster with a big butt heading
    down the hallway. Those, are called Carrions. I suggest running past these
    every chance that you get since they get pretty fast when they see you and will
    pounce on you. Feel free to attack, but try not to waste too much ammo on them.
    Melee weapons are okay too, but I suggest running away and staying out of their
     -*Harry’s_Girl also adds "You can easily turn off your light, run up
    behind them and then beat the crap out of them with a melee weapon of your 
    choice. It’ll also save you a bunch of bullets! I'd say their size is most 
        Both of the Storage Rooms down here are locked, and we don't need to enter 
    the East Pipe Room yet, so take the North-East diagonal hallway. There's a 
    JACKET down here, but you can run past him easily. In the STAIRWELL, there is a
    RAZOR and a HEALTH DRINK on the ground near the stairs. Take the stairs up to 
    the 2nd Floor. There are 2 NURSES down this hallway so be careful and enter the
    FEMALE HYDRO-THERAPY ROOM. Check out the middle tub and Travis complains about
    scalding his hand. You think that he could just take out a meat gaff and grab
    the key, but no. He makes everything so complicated, so press the button on the
    wall to drain the water and the key out. I promise, we'll get that key pretty
    soon. There's a *SAVE POINT* on the wall, so save your process if you like to.
    Now, head back out into the hall. There's a new JACKET out here, but run past
    it and enter the FEMALE TREAT ROOM and touch the MIRROR.
        Grab the TARGET PISTOL AMMO on the bed with the same creepy doll you saw in
    the first room we started in the Sanitarium. Leave this room into the hallway. 
    There are 2 REMNANTS out here so be careful. Grab the ALCOHOL BOTTLE off of the
    table out here and go into the STAIRWELL, down to the 1st Floor. There is a
    *SAVE POINT* on the wall here. Exit the doors and Travis will have a flashback. 
    After that, head into the FEMALE DORM 3. In this room on a desk you can grab 
    TARGET PISTOL AMMO and an ENERGY DRINK on the nightstand next to the bed. Leave
    this room, and there are 2 JACKETS out here. Enter the Ladies Bathroom and 
    check out the last stall. Hmm, barbed wire. In the back you'll see a shower
    room. Go ahead and touch the MIRROR. Now, go on back and check out that room.
    "BRING ME BACK MY SON" is written out in blood on the floor. Check out the last
    stall again for a clogged toilet. Flush it, and I'm sure there was a key in
        After that, leave this room and watch out for the REMNANTS. Enter FEMALE
    DORM 5. In the chair that Travis is looking at, read the DUTY LOG and get 
    the BATON. There's TARGET PISTOL AMMO on the desk and grab the PATIENT'S 
    BELONGINGS KEY that is in the suspended tray on top of the bed. There's also a
    TABLE LAMP on the nightstand next to the bed with the doll. Leave this room to
    the hallway. Turn right so that you're looking at the Female Seclusion door
    and there is a message for you. Get the TYPEWRITER next to the door and head
    back down the hallway. Pass the REMNANTS and proceed into the Female Wards.
    There are 2 NURSES here. Unlock the doors at the end of this hallway just for
    the future and make your way back to the Ladies Room to touch the MIRROR once
    more. Go back out to the hallway and enter the Stairwell. Run down to the
    basement and down the diagonal hallway until you reach some bars.
        To the left side, you can grab the SHOTGUN AMMO and 2 TARGET PISTOL AMMO!
    Then go back to the first floor (all this running around got you some great
    ammo! So from now on, you can use your service pistol ONLY on CARRIONS if you
    need to). Use the Stairwell to get back up to the 1st Floor and go into the
    LADIES BATHROOM once more. Touch the MIRROR again and leave the room. Run west
    through the door, and then the next door. There's a REMNANT in here that you 
    can easily run past. Go through the EAST SOLARIUM, which now contains 2 NURSES,
    and then into the PATIENT'S BELONGINGS ROOM.
        In here grab the TYPEWRITER, 2 SHOTGUN AMMO (I feel a new firearm coming 
    up soon!) and then read the STATUS REPORT 2/7/1961. After getting those, head
    towards the wall at the back of the room. There's a MIRROR here that you must
    touch. As you make your exit, there is a +SHOTGUN+ on the door! Also grab the
    SHOTGUN AMMO that's laying on the floor next to the door. (Save the shotgun
    for future boss fights. If you need to use a gun now, stick to the service
    pistol) Exit this room, and enter the DAYROOM to find a POKER stuck in a chair.
    There's a FIRST AID KIT and SHOTGUN AMMO on a wheelchair too. Leave this room
    and 2 CARRIONS will now be roaming this area. Hurry and enter the doors between
    the East Solarium and the Dining Hall. In the EAST SOLARIUM, there's a REMNANT
    along with a FILING CABINET over on a desk. A HEALTH DRINK and SHOTGUN AMMO can
    are found on another desk. Exit this area and enter the LAUNDRY ROOM.
        Grab the HEALTH DRINK on the floor next to the tipped over cart. SHOTGUN 
    AMMO and a POLICE REPORT are on the next shelf. Leave this room, and enter the
    stairwell here. There's TARGET PISTOL AMMO down by the basement in the back.
    Now, enter the Basement. In the first STORAGE ROOM down here, there's a HAMMER
    and TARGET PISTOL AMMO on the first shelf. There's also a mirror in the back,
    but don't touch it yet! Go up the diagonal hallway, and watch out for the
    REMNANT. Grab the MEAT HOOK and HEALTH DRINK on top of the crates, then head
    back through the door. When you're back in the hallway, go to the EAST PIPE 
    ROOM. In here, go down the stairs and around to where there's running water.
    In the green sludgey drain, you can finally get the INTERVIEW ARCHIVES KEY. Now
    exit and there are now 3 REMNANTS in this hallway. Hurry back to the STORAGE
    ROOM and touch the MIRROR.
       Grab the MEAT HOOK and TARGET PISTOL AMMO on the floor and use the stairwell
    to get to the 2nd Floor. Out here on the 2nd Floor, there's a JACKET. Get past
    him and go through the door. Out here there are a couple of REMNANTS so hurry
    and enter the ARCHIVES ROOM. Grab the TV off of the shelf and as you get close
    to the MIRROR, there's a flashback. Once the flashback ends, grab the SHOTGUN
    AMMO off of the desk and then touch the MIRROR. There's a KATANA (so random!)
    on the broken shelf in this room, and leave after grabbing that. There are 3
    JACKETS in here so hurry to the West Wing of this area and go through the door.
    There's nothing down this hallway, so you can get a breath of fresh air. Enter
    the stairwell, and go back down to the BASEMENT floor. There's a TOOLBOX in the
    far back corner. Go through the door. There's a CARRION in here, but I'm sure 
    you can waltz past him. Take the South-West Diagonal Hallway. Down here, there 
    are 2 JACKETS so hurry past them both and enter the stairwell. 
        Go up to the 1st Floor and exit. Coming right at you is a JACKET. Kill it
    and enter the MALE SECLUSION WING. Get the BATON and read the Clipboard. The 
    rooms are as followed by the clipboard. You'll want to remember the colors of 
    the pills and which room had what pills. Enter Room #1. You'll get a RAZOR from
    the table and you'll see a huge bloody mess. Room #2 looks like it's been 
    scorched, so no entry. Room #3 has a really nice dress on a dummy, perfume
    bottles and empty hat boxes. Room #4 is heavily barreled shut and in Room #5
    is a ton of uneaten food and a scale that has been used a lot. With all of
    this in mind, leave the Male Seclusion back out to the hallway. There are 2
    NURSES out here, so hurry past them and enter the Infirmary. In here, there's
    a *SAVE POINT* and an interesting set of figurines on the back table. Examine
    them and here's another riddle for you.
        You have to give the dolls the right colored pill (refer to the clipboard 
    in your memo section). Match the doll with the room he would be in. Based on 
    the rooms in the Seclusion area, you should be able to piece them together. If 
    not, the answers are revealed here: the doll first to the left gets the green
    pill (since he is psychotic and has a knife), the 2nd one gets the blue pill
    (since his whole body is burned), the middle guy gets a blue pill also (since 
    he's an anorexic), the 4th guy gets the red pills (since he is emo and has a
    razor on his chest) and lastly, the guy on the right gets the yellow pill 
    (because he is a cross dresser.) Once that is done there's another click and a
    key is now visible. Grab *DR HARRIS' KEY* and the SCALPEL in here too. Save if 
    you haven't and leave the room. There are 2 JACKETS back out in the hallway.
    Enter the STAIRWELL. Going up one flight, there is a HAMMER on the floor near 
    the rail if you want it.
        Now go back down the stairs and enter the BASEMENT. There's a REMNANT down
    here. Head down the South-East Diagonal hallway (you'll run into another
    REMNANT on the way) and enter the door at the end. There's a CARRION here. Go 
    into the STORAGE ROOM out here and touch the MIRROR. Once you touch it, there's
    an AMBER REPORT on the table. Back out in this hallway, there is a JACKET. 
    Enter the unused Stairwell. There is a WRENCH by one of the poles down here. Go
    through the 1st floor doors. There's a huge hole in the middle of this hallway
    so go through the now unlocked double doors. In the diagonal room there are 2
    NURSES. Enter Dr. Harris' Office using *DR. HARRIS’S KEY*. Grab the DRIP STAND
    next to the desk and get the *JOCASTA ARTIFACT* off of the desk and read the 
    PATIENT NOTES. Exit the room. When back out in the diagonal room, pick up the
    CHILD'S DRAWING outside of his room.
        Feel free to grab the BATON off of the couch out here, while keeping watch
    out for the NURSES and then enter the EAST SOLARIUM. Run past the 2 REMNANTS in
    here and exit through the other door. Run down this hallway and enter the next
    big doors. Enter the BATHROOM and touch the MIRROR. After you touch the mirror,
    exit out to the hallway. Go up to the doors that lead into the Female Seclusion
    Area and use the *JOCASTA ARTIFACT* on the door. Cutscene. 
        After the cutscene ends, you'll definitely want to save using the *SAVE 
    POINT* in this room. Your first big boss fight is coming up, so think about 
    your strategy before going in there. Equip your Shotgun and enter the room, 
    since all of the other doors in here are locked. 
    =================B O S S  F I G H T ~ MEMORY OF HELEN GRADY====================
    This boss fight is slightly difficult. She seems somewhat suspended from the 
    ceiling, contained in some sort of circular contraction. Her one attack is
    emitting spikes out from her circular skirt thingie and another attack is that
    she will emit a cloud of acid. You should be able to get away in time from her
    attacks easily by running away from her, but soon the walls will start to 
    attack. They emit a lot of damage so I consider this: get as close to a corner
    as you can without actually being in it, and shoot her with your gun. If she
    starts to get close, run away and into the next corner. Note that she has about
    two attacks which include spikes that come out from her if you get too close. I
    suggest reloading your gun from the menu which will save you precious time. 
    Remember how many times you shoot at her (the shotgun holds 4 shells) so you'll
    know when to reload. 
     -*Harry’s_Girl has an alternate strategy for those that wish to save ammo and
    are using a melee weapon: "If you have run out of ammo or just want to save it,
    you can run up in front of her, and beat her with a melee. When she starts to
    tremble vigorously, run away because she is preparing to attack. Then once the
    mist clears, or when she retracts her spike, run at her and attack again."*-
        After the battle, smile and pick up the +PAST PIECE+. A Cutscene will play.
    Once Travis wakes up, he will be back in the diagonal lobby room. Run out to
    the Lobby area and pick up the THEATRE TICKET. Our next stop is the theatre, so
    head out the door to enter the monster infested streets.
    ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~[WT.5.]_STREETS OF SILENT HILL AGAIN~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
        Right outside the door, you should hear a JACKET'S grunt and see a running
    car with the back popped open. Get the *LUMBER YARD KEY* out of the trunk and
    exit the Sanitarium Area, watching out for all the JACKETS in this area. I want
    to add something while exploring the streets. Don't waste your ammo on useless
    monsters. If you can run past them, do so. Energy Drinks will give you a boost
    on stamina if you find Travis lagging in his running so take good use of those.
    You need to preserve all the ammo that you have right now so if you do need to
    use ammo, please don't waste it on monsters out in the streets. Stick to melee
    for that.
        There are no items in this area if you picked them all up earlier, so I
    suggest running all the way to TOLUCA AVE. Next to a blue building on this
    street on top of a dumpster you will find an ENERGY DRINK and PISTOL AMMO. Run
    to the Deliveries door to enter the BUTCHER SHOP again. In here you can save 
    via the *SAVE POINT*. Exit the shop following the bloody drag marks on the 
    floor. The poor brutally killed nurse has been dragged out here. Go north up
    LOW ST, East on CELIO Ave, up BORDEN ST, take a right on MIDWAY and then go
    North up the alleyway next to the Lumber Yard (watching out for the JACKET). 
    Open up the green doors with the LUMBERYARD KEY. Take a right when you first 
    get in to find a HAMMER. Head down the trail which is pretty straightforward 
    and on a table with some wood is the memo NEWSPAPER. I wonder who could have
    written this? Also, grab the AMPOULE that was laying under it.
        Keep heading down this area and you'll find a HAMMER on another table. From
    here on you should soon find a blue door that you can exit. Go south down ASH 
    RD past the police cars and broken roads, between a blue house and a brown 
    fence are some TARGET PISTOL BULLETS. There's an ENERGY DRINK in the corner of
    a bush fence. A HEALTH DRINK and a MEAT HOOK are by the door of this house. To
    the right side of the tavern behind a trash can is a box of TARGET PISTOL AMMO.
    If you go up INDUSTRY RD, you'll see a CRATE and 2 TARGET PISTOL AMMO next to
    a dumpster. (walkthrough written by AngelofROOM302) On the other side of this
    building, you can grab another PISTOL AMMO. Down MIDWAY AVE, by a house you'll
    see a HEALTH DRINK. Run north up ACADIA (watching out for the CARRION & JACKET)
    and follow the blood trail around. Head to the back of the GREENFIELD
    APARTMENTS. Keep going back and you'll find an ENERGY DRINK and a BATON by a
    dumpster. Now go up the stairs and enter the apartment room.
        When you first get in the room, grab the TOASTER and SCREWDRIVER off of the
    Kitchen counter. In the living room is a TABLE LAMP and on the green couch you
    can find 2 TARGET PISTOL AMMO. Go into the next hallway and enter the bedroom.
    Yuck! There's such a mess in here! Poor Straight Jacket. On the floor in the
    bloody mess you can find a RAZOR. Next to the bed on the nightstand grab the
    NAPKIN. Enter the bathroom after grabbing the FIRST AID KIT and then jump down
    through the hole. This looks like the Apartment Lobby. Notice the overflowing
    mailbox to Room 213. That's about it in here, so go out through the brown 
    doors. There is a HEALTH DRINK, SERVICE PISTOL AMMO and a MEAT HOOK next to the
    dumpster to the right once you exit the lobby. If you run across the street, 
    there's a fence next to a building where you can pick up a HEALTH DRINK, 
    SERVICE PISTOL AMMO and RIFLE AMMO. Looks like we'll be picking up a new
    firearm on the way! Next to the building with the Tempest sign is a HEALTH 
    DRINK and AMMO by a dumpster. Go up to the Theatre Ticket booth and place the
    *THEATRE TICKET* from your inventory into the slot. The main door opens up, so
    enter it. 
    ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~[WT.6]~ARTAUD THEATRE~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
        Once you're in here, grab the handy dandy +THEATRE MAP+ off of the bench 
    here and save with the *SAVE POINT* next to the Cloak Room. Grab the WRENCH and
    HEALTH DRINK by the doors next to the Staircase. Now enter through the 
    AUDITORIUM doors. Prepare for a cutscene. Afterwards, go up towards the stage.
    Enter the STORAGE ROOM up to the left of the stage and notice the puppet 
    hanging upside down. Exit through the opposite door. On the stage, there is an
    audio memory that Travis hears. Run and enter through the other door. In the 
    CURTAIN CONTROL ROOM, get the TECHNICIANS WARNING off of the switch next to the
    door and notice that the switch does nothing when Travis touches it.
        On the table next to it are some IRON WEIGHTS. On the next table is some
    TARGET PISTOL AMMO as well as a *SAVE POINT* in this room. Phew, there's a lot
    of stuff in just that one room. Exit out into the hall here. There's a HAMMER
    on a small table down here. Enter the doors at the other end of the hallway.
    Step forward and a cutscene will play. 
        These puppet guys are called ARIELS. They will appear on the ground later
    in this level so watch out. Destroy them with melee weapons and they should get
    knocked out within a couple of swings. If they happen to grab you, tap X to 
    release their grip. Grab the HEALTH DRINK that he was guarding and head down 
    the hallway. There's a TV laying on some boxes down here. Enter the DIRECTOR'S
    OFFICE and take the +SUN TOTEM+. Read the HANDWRITTEN DIARY PAGE and get the
    SERVICE PISTOL AMMO on the desk. Take the HEALTH DRINK on the shelf in here 
    before you exit. Look out for the new ARIEL out here. Grab the SHOTGUN AMMO off
    of the chair, head back down the hallway and enter the MEN'S DRESSING ROOM. 
        Before touching the MIRROR, grab the KATANA next to pizza boxes and read
    the PRODUCTION NOTES. Whoa, this place seems to freak me out the most.
    Especially the music just now. Leave this room. There are 2 ARIELS out here.
    Run through this hallway and go into the DIRECTOR'S OFFICE. Grab the +BALCONY
    CORRIDOR KEY+ and +SERVICE PISTOL+ from the chair and then exit. Run all the
    way back down this hallway and enter the next hallway through the doors at this
    end. There's a CARRION down here so be careful. Continue through the next 
    doors. There's a BLOODY STRAIGHT JACKET in here that you should kill. Now enter
    the stairwell.
        Go up the stairs and enter the 2nd Floor. There's an ARIEL up here so kill
    it and check out this door here. It reads: I am a child town by twin desired,
    I stand before a door. My right hand calls to the light, my left hand ushers in
    darkness." Hmm, pretty obvious. Place the SUN TOTEM in the right slot and then
    head back down the stairs. Exit the Stairwell and from here, run back to the 
    MEN'S DRESSING ROOM and touch the MIRROR once more. Now, after entering the 
    MIRROR go back into Curtain Control, pass the stage, through the Storage Room 
    where the ARIEL puppet you saw before came to life. Exit here and backtrack all
    the way to the lobby. From the lobby, head up the staircase to the left and 
    enter the doors up here. There's an ARIEL on the floor so kill it and grab
    the SERVICE PISTOL AMMO. Use the key on the BALCONY CORRIDOR to get into the 
    Lightening Box.
        Once you're in, grab the FIRST AID KIT and SHOTGUN AMMO off of the control
    panel and read the WIRING NOTE which is really important. Grab the SCREWDRIVER
    afterwards, then turn around and grab the 4 LIGHT BULBS (250W, 500W, 750W and
    the 125W bulbs). When you have all these, exit out through the next hallway.
    There's a JACKET in here. Enter the Stairwell. There is a HEALTH DRINK
    on the top of a box down here. Go down to the First Floor and exit the 
    stairwell. Kill the JACKET in here and grab the MOON TOTEM off of the trolley.
    Go through the door that leads to the hall. There's an ARIEL in here. Enter the
    next door, pass the ARIEL and enter the MEN'S DRESSING ROOM. Touch the MIRROR 
    and exit back to the hallway. 
        Backtrack all the way to the stairwell here watching out for the 2 ARIELS
    and CARRION here. Go up to the 2nd Floor. Kill the 3 ARIELS out here and place
    the MOON TOTEM on the left side of the door and enter. Go through the next 
    door where a CARRION waits. Enter the door down this hallway, and watch
    out for the ARIEL. Keep going down the hallway to encounter yet another ARIEL.
    Go to the end of this hallway to pick up your new firearm, the HUNTING RIFLE 
    and some RIFLE AMMO. Now back down the hallway and enter the Costume Storage
    Room. Touch the MIRROR and grab the KATANA on the shelf behind Travis and read
    the SKETCHES MEMO. You should hear a crazy sound like something fell. Grab the
    ENERGY DRINK while you're at it, and now exit the room. Watch out for the
    ARIELS and enter the ORCHESTRA STORAGE. There are IRON WEIGHTS by some empty
    viola cases and a *SAVE POINT* on a drum. Exit out to the hallway. There is an
    AMPOULE out here by the Storage Room.
        After that, head out to the next hallway where a JACKET awaits you. There's
    RIFLE AMMO on the floor next to the first catwalk door you see. Enter the 2nd 
    catwalk door. In here is another riddle for you. Travis will notice 4 empty 
    light holders and a switch at the end of the walkway. Refer to the WIRING NOTE.
    This one takes a bit of good ole math skills. Here's the answer if you can't
    figure it out. In fixture A, place the 500W bulb, B 125W, C 750W and for D 
    place the 250W bulb. After that's done, flip the switch at the end. You should
    hear an angry groan if you've done this correctly and awesome music should
    play. Yay! The lights are on also. Exit the catwalk and watch out for the
    JACKET out here. You now want to backtrack all the way down to the Curtain
    Control Room on the First Floor.
        In here, Travis can now pull the switch. Leave this room through the stage
    doors and as you can see the curtain has now come up! Head to the area behind
    the CURTAIN CONTROL and now we get to play around with the scenery. Flip the 
    first switch for scenery and the second switch for the props. Now you have to
    touch the mirror. Once you enter, you're in a type of forest world. Run up to
    the tree to the left and get the STAGE OFFICE KEY. Travis hears a flashback 
    which nearly scared me to death. After that, exit back out through the mirror
    and now it's time to flip the scenery again. Change the scenery to the 3rd 
    switch and flip the 1st prop switch. Now, head into the mirror once more. Now 
    it's a type of library world. Read the 3 memo's off of the table, then head 
    back out. To the right off of the small table, grab the 2 RIFLE AMMO, an 
    AMPOULE and Chapter 3 of what you were reading.
        After reading all those, exit through the MIRROR and enter the CURTAIN
    CONTROL room. Exit through the door here and a CARRION might attack you. Kill
    it and go through the upper hallway. Head past the 4 ARIELS on your way to 
    the STAGE OFFICE ROOM. There's an ARIEL in here. Grab the PROP LEVER on the 
    desk then make your way back to the CURTAIN CONTROL room, watching out for the
    ARIEL and the CARRION. 2 ARIELS also guard the Control Door. SAVE in here
    because a boss fight is coming up. Grab the KITCHEN KNIFE in the chair and exit
    to the stage. Place the CONTROL LEVER in the props panel. Switch the 2nd 
    scenery switch and the 3rd prop switch and prepare yourself for battle. Before
    going in, I suggest you should use your Hunting Rifle and if you happen to run
    out of ammo, use your Shotgun. 
    ===========================B O S S  F I G H T ~ CALIBAN========================
    The Caliban is a huge boss. He walks on all fours, and has a creepy looking 
    head thingie. He has about one attack that's very powerful. He will ram right
    into you and you'll most likely need to heal yourself. You'll want to keep in
    the corners and keep shooting, just like the strategy you used in the 
    Sanitarium. If you keep in the corners and far away him, you probably won't see
    him at all. You'll have a really good amount of room to move in, just keep in
    mind that he is mostly in the center of the room. I'm sure that you could use
    melee weapons if you'd like to, but I wouldn't risk it here. His hits are 
    almost one hit kills, so stick to the firearms if you'd like to make it out 
    alive. The Callibans will soon roam the streets as your new enemies, except 
    they'll be easier to kill. 
     -*Here is Harry’s_Girls melee weapon way: "If you have no ammo, run out, or 
    simply wish to save the ammo, use this method. Run around behind him, at his 
    back which means you are actually facing his stomach. You can swing like crazy.
    He is really slow, so you can take your time. He will rotate slowly, but is
    unable to turn quickly. So you can easily move along with him. He may even
    jump away from you across the room, trying to get to you. If this happens,
    just run around behind him and resume attacking him."*-
        After you kill him, pick up the *FALSEHOOD PIECE*. Travis will have another
    cutscene and he'll wake up in the lobby. A poor dead Ariel lays ahead of you.
    Take the *MOTEL KEY* from him and save because we're going back outside....
    ______________________[WT.7]_BACK OUTSIDE SILENT HILL________________________
        Once you're outside, keep running west down KOONTZ ST. Pass up all the
    CARRIONS and JACKETS. In front of Cafe Sun, there is a HEALTH DRINK on a
    table and some SERVICE PISTOL AMMO in a corner. Keep heading down KOONTZ until
    the road breaks off (watch out for the JACKET at the corner). Run to the end of
    WILSON ST and on the right side, you'll find some SERVICE PISTOL AMMO and an
    ENERGY DRINK. Now run back and enter the BOOKSTORE. In the back of the store,
    an army guy is holding your latest firearm, the ASSAULT RIFLE. To his left
    there are 2 ASSAULT RIFLE AMMO. Read the memo on the cash register. Hmm,
    remember Room 213 in the Greenfield Apartments mailbox was overflowing? Punch 
    in numbers 213 to receive the BOOKSTORE KEY. Now, exit the store through the 
    backdoor using the key. We are back out in the streets once again! By the
    opening gates to the hospital, there is a yellow TOOLBOX as well as 2 SHOTGUN
    AMMO and a HEALTH DRINK on top of a dumpster here.
        Next to the POST OFFICE, pick up the 2 HEALTH DRINKS and a TIRE IRON off of
    the dumpster after killing the 2 JACKETS that patrol this region. **If you've
    already beaten this game, run up the stairs in this area and grab the ROOM 503
    KEY if you're hoping for the Ambassador ending.**
        Up on CRICHTON ST in the park area of the Playing Field is a HEALTH DRINK 
    by a lamp post and 2 ASSAULT RIFLE AMMO on a blue bench. From now on, if you
    want to use your TARGET PISTOL to blast enemies, feel free to. Keep heading
    down CRICHTON ST. There are about 4 CARRIONS and one HUGE CARRION that when you
    kill it, he evaporates into green smoke and disappears. It looks cool! Now, go
    up to the big gates across from the General Store to find 2 RIFLE AMMO and a 
    MEAT GAFF on the gate. Now, since the road here is blocked off, enter the 
    GENERAL STORE. By the wall to Travis' right, there's an AMPOULE on the floor. 
    Through the middle isle there's ASSAULT RIFLE AMMO and 2 SERVICE PISTOL AMMO. 
    There's a TOOLBOX on the floor by a cooler and on the counter by the *SAVE
    POINT*, is the TILL RECEIPT and a HEALTH DRINK. Save the game, grab the BROKEN
    POLE and then go through the exit. You can find an ENERGY DRINK on top of the
    crate out here.
        There are 2 CARRIONS out here. Head down the alleyway across from the Pet
    Shop and watch out for the CARRION. There's a HEALTH DRINK next to a trash can
    down here and now you should hear some weird noises. Back out on the street, is
    our new friend, the CALIBAN! They're big, but slow, just like the boss so I
    suggest running past them as much as possible. You shouldn't ever have to 
    really kill one. Between Allen Storage and another blue building, there's RIFLE
    AMMO, a HEALTH DRINK and a TIRE IRON. In the Scrap Yard, you'll find RIFLE AMMO
    and a HAMMER. In the area next to here, you'll find a huge CARRION and 2
    SHOTGUN AMMO near a dumpster. Watch out for the CALIBAN in the street. In front
    of the blue building next to Allen Storage is an ENERGY DRINK, HEALTH DRINK and
    ASSAULT RIFLE AMMO. Now, head up RIVERSIDE DR and enter the motel area via the
    red circle on your map. In this area, there's a *SAVE POINT*. Go into the door 
    here using the +MOTEL KEY+ and a cutscene plays.
    ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~[WT.8]_RIVERSIDE MOTELS~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
        After the cutscene, read the GUEST REGISTRATION MEMO on the desk and grab
    the +MOTEL MAP+ on the wall. Go behind the desk and get the *ROOM 306 KEY* and 
    check out the ROTARY CALENDAR, but do nothing yet. Exit reception through the 
    door next to the Managers Office. Out here, enter the gate next to the stairs.
    Enter ROOM 209 in this area. Destroy the JACKET lurking in the bathroom and 
    grab the RIFLE AMMO off of the bathroom sink, before exiting this room. Enter
    ROOM 302 for a LIGHT STAND next to the bed with suitcase full of shoes, then
    exit this room. All of the other rooms here are blocked, so go back through the
    fence area and go up the stairs. Enter ROOM 312 for a JACKET and 2 SHOTGUN AMMO
    on the desk, before you leave. Watch out for the JACKET now out here and grab
    the HEALTH DRINK on top of the AC here. Turn around and head to the other side
    of the 300 rooms, watching out for another JACKET. Enter ROOM 316 for a LIGHT 
    STAND and to see some wedding clothes.
        Exit this room, kill the JACKET and descend the new flight of stairs here.
    Down here, there are 2 CARRIONS that you should worry about and a CALIBAN.
    Enter ROOM 308 for our latest enemy. These are called TWO-BACKS. They're a bit 
    fast and they'll jump on you. I don't suggest melee attacks on them, but rather
    using a firearm to destroy them. You are free to now start using your Shotgun 
    on these guys. Once you kill it, grab the SHOTGUN AMMO waiting for you in the 
    bathroom. Exit here, and enter ROOM 306 by using the key. Another TWO-BACK 
    awaits you in here. Kill it, and there is a mirror in the bathroom, so go ahead
    and touch it. Read the NOTE on the wall next to the door and exit. Out here, 
    enter ROOM 309 for a JACKET. There is a SPEAR on the bed and a HEALTH DRINK on
    the toilet in this room. Exit and go through the side door that leads to the 
    reception area. There are 2 CARRIONS out here and 2 SHOTGUN AMMO by the gate
    that leads to the 100 Rooms.
        Leave this area using the gate by the stairs. There are 2 CARRIONS out 
    here. If you would like a SPEAR, search the bathroom in ROOM 209 for one and if
    you want to get a FIRST AID KIT, enter ROOM 301 but you'll have to pass the
    JACKET. Now enter the area that has the 500 Rooms. A TWO-BACK guards this area
    so enter Room 503 for a MIRROR in the bathroom that you must touch. In this 
    room, you'll notice many drawings on the wall and pictures hanging all over. 
    Read the MEMO on the desk and leave. There's a CALIBAN back out here. 
     --**(If you grabbed the ROOM 502 KEY, you can use it on the ROOM 502 door for
    your special ending. Great job with completing the game!)**
        Grab the SHOVEL by the door to the MAINTENENCE ROOM and then enter. Kill
    the JACKET in here and grab the TOOLBOX. In the back of the room there's a
    HEALTH DRINK, REDEEMER AMMO and the JANITORS NOTE on the table. Notice the VICE
    here and then enter Maintenance. In here, you can look through the peep holes.
    The first one on the left shows a cutscene. To the right, there's just a TV 
    playing static in a bathroom. The next one on the left shows nothing, and the 
    right shows just an empty bathroom. Next on the left, there's nothing and on 
    the right you can hear some flirtations giggling and a red sweater. Oo, I 
    wonder what's going on in there? Grab the BROKEN POLE in the middle of the 
    walkway. And the last hole on the left, you see the Butcher, some hanging 
    pictures and a calendar with an important day circled! If you can't see the 
    date, June 12th is circled. Look through that same hole once more, and the 
    Butcher disappeared. ON the table at the end take the *MANAGERS OFFICE KEY* and
        Now, go back through the maintenance room and exit. Go through the gate by
    Staff Accommodations. There are 2 TWO-BACKS down here. Exit through the other
    gate. Run past everything and enter RECEPTION. Use the MANAGERS OFFICE KEY on
    the door. In here, a TWO-BACK awaits you. Grab the DUTY LOG and ASSAULT RIFLE
    AMMO. If you examine the stuffed heads, Travis makes a cute comment. Exit out
    of there through the opposite door. Enter ROOM 201 to find a TWO-BACK, HEALTH 
    DRINK, ASSAULT RIFLE AMMO, your latest firearm, the REDEEMER and a box of 
    REDEEMER AMMO on the desk by the flag. Enter the bathroom to find a red CRATE,
    then exit the room. Enter ROOM 106 to find TWO-BACK, a KNIFE on the bed and 2
    RIFLE AMMO on the window sill. Leave this room. There's a JACKET and a piece of
    JAGGED WOOD by the dumpsters. Once you come to the kitchen area don't panic,
    but another boss fight is coming up. I suggest using either the Hunting Rifle,
    Assault Rifle or Redeemer for this battle. 
    ======================B O S S  F I G H T ~ BUTCHER FIGHT=======================
    Finally we get to face-off with this creep! The Kitchen gives you somewhat a
    bit of space to move around. The middle island is probably the most annoying
    part. With your firearm equipped, I suggest you run a couple of feet ahead of
    the Butcher and then start blasting off shots. When he gets close run around to
    the other side of the isle (keep far away from him), then fire some more. 
    Reloading from the menu at this time could be crucial so make sure that you're
    doing this. If he gets close, or you somehow end up running right into him 
    he'll stab you with his knife. It doesn't take as much health as you think it 
    would, but you shouldn't want him to come close to you at all. Keep shooting
    off rounds into him and he should soon fall. Travis will give him a final stab
    at the end.
     -*Harry’s_Girls' Alternate melee plan: "The Butcher is kind of slow, so you
    can use melee weapons if you have run out, or again are saving them for
    something else. He comes at you, turn away from him and run around the island 
    to the far side. Turn off your light, and look for the Butcher. He usually 
    comes around counter-clockwise on my game. Now run behind him. You will have 
    enough time to hit him once or twice. I suggest using a long range melee 
        After you fight, grab the MEAT GAFF by the door and a MEAT CLEAVER on the 
    island. Leave this room through the door to happily find a *SAVE POINT*! After 
    you save, read the "TO MY ABSENT WIFE" memo, then exit out the door here. Check
    out the pool. Travis wants that, but he can't get it yet. Enter ROOM 102 if 
    you'd like to get a LIGHT STAND, but there's a TWO-BACK in there. There's 
    nothing in ROOM 101 but a JACKET and smelly old cages. Enter the GAME ROOM now.
    Go to the pinball machine and grab the *TOKEN*. There's a CUE STICK on the pool
    table. Grab the other four STICKS on the rack and you can leave this scene
    after Travis's flashback. Go to the Laundry Room now. There's a HEALTH DRINK on
    a red chair. Check out the washer here and read the WASHING MACHINE MANUAL.
    Go back into your memo section and find the JANITORS LOG. He mentions to set
    the dryer to low spin, 60 wash, drain and then pre-rinse. Find these on the 
    manual and you might want to write the symbols down.
        Now, insert the TOKEN into the washer. You should be able to figure this 
    out on your own. Answers: turn the knob to the circle with the one dot inside
    of it, then to the crown like symbol with the 2 dots, then the square symbol
    with the lines and finally the other square thing with the counter clockwise
    circle. The power should turn on if done correctly. Grab the *CLEOPATRA ROOM 
    KEY* from the washer and then exit and go up the stairs. Watch out for the 
    JACKET that lurks around here as you make you way to the CLEOPATRA ROOM using 
    the Key. ON the table in this room, grab the RIFLE AMMO and pick up the 
    SNAKEBITE PHOTO. In the bathroom you can hear some laughing and Travis sees a 
    hole in the bathtub. Jump down. Wow, what a cutscene! I like the music here. 
    You'll see some 'white powder' on the desk here (which is even all over the 
    bathroom too). On the table in the next room, you'll find SHOTGUN AMMO and a 
    letter to Kaufmann from Dahlia. A TYPEWRITER is chilling on the desk in this 
        The door here is locked, so go back into the bathroom and touch the MIRROR.
    There is now a TWO-BACK in here. Make sure you grab the OVERDOSE PHOTO in here
    on the wall. Exit through the door now. Go to the pool and since it's now 
    drained, get the *JEWELED HEART* out of it. Enter the Diner and get the 
    *ORNAMENTAL DAGGER* out of one of the cages with the pink thing in it and exit.
    There is nowhere left to go but up, so now ascend the stairs. The doors here 
    are locked so make your way past the JACKET and check out the Nero Room. Hmm,
    use the ORNAMENTAL DAGGER on the door and enter. You'll see SHOTGUN AMMO on the
    floor. Run into the next room and a STABBING PHOTO is on a set of pipes. In the 
    bathroom, there's a MEAT CLEAVER and another hole. Jump down the hole. You're 
    now in the King Suite if you check your map. Grab the FIRST AID KIT out in the
    hallway and then exit through the hole in the wall here. Now, you are back in 
        At the table at the end there is a BROKEN HEART PHOTO. If you look through
    some of the peepholes there are mutilated jackets, but nothing too fancy. Exit
    out into the Maintenance Room. You'll come across the 'TO A GHOST' memo. It
    should give you a good idea of what to do with the JEWELED HEART now, but first
    we got to get to a MIRROR. Enter ROOM 503 once more and reach out to the
    mirror. Now, exit back out here and a CALIBAN still lurks outside. Get past
    him and enter the MAINTENANCE once more. Go to the back again where the VICE
    is. Enter your inventory and examine the JEWELED HEART, then crush it open with
    the VICE. Grab the *RING* when that's over with and then backtrack you way to
    reception, watching out for all things creepy. Do this by taking the gated path
    by Staff Accommodations and then from here, go through the gate and enter
        Once you're in, go to your inventory and examine the RING. It says, "To my
    June bride." Remember that date from the calendar? The 12th, and refer to 
    Travis's LUCKY QUARTER for the date 61. This is pretty tricky to figure out on
    your own. Go to that Rotary Calendar and enter the date 06/12/61. Now place the
    RING in the circular depression that just opened up. Turn around and on the Key
    Board grab the *ROOM 500 KEY*. From here, go all the way back to the 500 Rooms,
    being careful of the 2 JACKETS and the CALIBAN here. Enter ROOM 503 and touch 
    the MIRROR. Once you exit a cutscene with young Travis will trigger and you'll
    be right outside door 500. Enter the room by using the key. You can save using
    the *SAVE POINT* to Travis' left. Run all the way down the door. 
    =================B O S S  F I G H T ~ MEMORY OF RICHARD GRADY==================
    This can either be a really tricky or a really easy boss fight. As you can
    see, he is part of the wall. Obviously, you'll want to keep far away from that
    side of the room at all costs. The attacks aren't much, just the two side heads
    will stretch out and try to stomp on you, but if you keep to the far back
    corner and keep blasting him with shots, you should have no problem and this
    will be a pretty good boss fight. You could try using melee weapons, but I
    suggest since we have a ton of ammo now, just use one of the firearms that you
    used during the Butcher fight. I suggest the REDEEMER here. One bullet right
    after the other.
        Once the battle is over, grab the *TRUTH PIECE* and another cutscene will
    After Travis wakes up, you see he's in some sort of Storage Room. Get
    the REDEEMER AMMO and the FIRST AID KIT, then exit through the brown door. Yep,
    you're in a hospital. Enter the door in front of you. Grab the ASSAULT RIFLE 
    AMMO and an AMPOULE in here. You'll see a big red circular symbol thing that 
    you've been seeing all along after every fight. Pick up the *PRESENT PIECE* and 
    now here's a really fun puzzle for you.
        You have to keep rotating and switching the pieces around so they somewhat
    match the inside symbol. Sort of like a rubix cube. There's isn't a strategy
    that is really explainable, so it's mostly trial and error here. The L1 button
    rotates to the left, R1 rotates to the right, the square button rotates the
    current piece, circle takes the piece off and the X button allows you to select
    which piece to use. Have a fun time figuring this out. Don't worry if it's 
    taking a while, it took me about 4 minutes to figure this out on my first run
    through. A tip is to check out the sides before adding them to the center
    piece. After you set that up, there's a WRENCH next to Travis.
        Exit through the door over here. Go down the hallway and enter the door on
    the right by the bars. Go up the stairs here. If you check your map, you'll see
    that you're in the hospital again. Use your map from now on for reference, but 
    you don't need it. Head to the *SAVE POINT* and you should certainly save. Now 
    exit outside through the double doors over here. Here's a cutscene and you'll
    find that you're in a pretty strange place afterwards.
    ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~[WT.10]NIGHTMARE SILENT HILL~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
        This music doesn't help much either. From here, head to the right and on a
    barrel there's a SHOVEL and an AMPOULE. Turn left and run until you find the 
    CHILD'S MAP slapped on the wall. Check it out. The destination is that circled 
    area down SIMONS. Head there now if you don't feel like going through the
    hassle of searching for ammo and items through the now nightmare, super steroid
    monster infested town.
        For those that don't mind, watch out for that HUGE CARRION (that will hurt
    you after you kill it by falling on your head if you don't move fast enough)
    when you turn right on KOONTZ. I suggest running from these things, but since
    we're nearly to the end you can use your ammo as much as you'd like. Just save
    some for the last battle! Down here, is another CARRION and you'll find 2 
    ASSAULT RIFLE AMMO. Nothing else here, so head down left on KOONTZ. Run past a
    TWO-BACK, and another one through all the twists and turns the road has to
    offer. Then you'll meet another TWO-BACK guarding 2 REDEEMER AMMO and a FIRST 
    AID KIT. The rest of the roads here are blocked, so go back down KOONTZ and
    SIMMONS. Head up SIMMONS. After you see the first TWO-BACK down here, there's a
    PITCHFORK to the left standing up. Run past the next one and keep going up 
    SIMMONS. You'll hear a CALIBAN but you can easily outrun him. When you reach 
    SAGAN, explore the left for a CARRION in front of a tree guarding 2 ASSAULT
        You might have to kill it in order to grab your ammo. There's also a BROKEN
    POLE randomly floating in the air over here. After collecting these, go right
    down SAGAN. Go past the TWO-BACK here and keep heading up SIMMONS. You'll come
    to a TWO-BACK and a CALIBAN here. By a tree, you'll find 2 REDEEMER AMMO and a
    SPEAR. Keep going straight and you'll encounter another TWO-BACK. There are 2 
    HEALTH DRINKS on a window sill here. 
        Turn right down this street and you'll reach the shop, finally. Enter. Go
    down this hall and enter the door at the end. In this room, there's nothing of
    interest, but a small hole that gets Travis' attention. Examine the hole in 
    the back of the room by the lamp and he'll enter it. You have to control Travis
    to get through this hole, so tilt your analog stick to the left to get him 
    through. Once Travis reaches the end, notice the alter. I’d suggest saving via
    the 6 {save points} on the wall and keep down the hallway (looks like Konami &
    Climax are trying to tell ya something). There's a really interesting cut
    scene. Here's our last boss fight =]
    ================F I N A L  B O S S ~ A L E S S A 'S  D R E A M=================
                           *Also known as the Flauros Demon*
    YOU now have to fight the demon. For a last boss fight, I found him to be
    pretty puny. Especially, if he's supposed to be a demon. Wow. A good strategy
    is to just run around and shoot him. Stick to the Redeemer or the one of the
    rifles. He probably won't even touch you if you keep running away and shooting.
    Even if he does attack, they aren't all that hot, so no need to worry. Now, if
    you are using a melee weapons, be careful! His one attack where he makes these
    fire meteors fall from the ceiling is very powerful. Just keep out of his way
    and blast or beat him to death.
     -*Harry’s_Girl has you prepared on the no-ammo alternate strategy: "Perhaps
    you have already used all your ammo getting here (I did my first play through)
    but do not fear, you can use melee weapons. I strongly suggest a medium to
    long range melee weapon for this fight. Run up to him and strike him several
    times. When you see little firefly like things flying around his face,
    dodge to the left or right quickly and run around behind him. When the beam
    dissipates, begin striking him. He should die pretty easily."*-
    Once you destroy him sit back, relax and enjoy your ending.
                      You've beat Silent Hill Origins!
    SECTION VI.=================S P E E D  W A L K T H R O U G H===================
    Here are a few tips for using this speed walkthrough:
       **I suggest that you use this after your first run.
       **Skipping all cut scenes will give you a better time, especially if you’re
         hoping for the Fireman and Sprinter accolades. Even skim through memos. 
         Actually, you don't even need to read the memos!
       **Make sure that you turn on the walk/run option that you unlocked from your
         first playthrough, to run which saves more time.
       **Travis will notice if there are Health or Energy Drinks laying around. 
         Don’t bother with other objects unless I mention them.
       **If you’re using this to collect accolades make sure that you know what
         the requirements are for achieving them.
       **You can aim for the Ambassator Ending if you’re looking for a fast way to
         get your accolades. (which I suggest)
       **I suggest using one of your special weapons that you’ve unlocked. If you’d
         like to save time, use the Moon Gauntlets on bosses.
    |__________________--SPEED  WALKTHROUGH--For all you HXC players!--___________|
    ___\=B E G I N N I N G=/___
    --Run down the road until a cutscene plays.
    --Go up the stairs and into the door in front of Travis.
    --Quickly make your way through the fire, following the clear path provided for
      you, and find the young child.
    --Backtrack and exit the house with the child quickly and you should get the
      fireman accolade. (After you beat the game)
    --When Travis awakes, run up on CRICHTON ST and make a right to enter the
      gated area of the hospital.
    ___\=A L C H E M I L L A  H O S P I T A L=/___
    --Get the MAP hanging on the board and take the elevator to the 2nd floor.
    --Enter Room 205, touch the MIRROR, grab the PLASTIC LUNGS and help yourself
      to a HEALTH DRINK upon exiting.
    --Take the GOLDEN EGG from Room 202.
    --In 204, enter the code 312319 and get the PLASTIC HEART.
    --On Floor 1, use the GOLDEN EGG on the Women’s Bathroom door and enter.
    --Remove the toilet lid in the stall to get the PLASTIC LIVER, the touch the
    --Grab the HEALTH DRINK behind you on the floor and get the STAFF LOUNGE KEYS
      from the last stall.
    --Get an ENERGY DRINK on the couch in the STAFF LOUNGE and grab the EXAM
      ROOM KEY by the sink.
    --In the Exam Room, pick up the PLASTIC STOMACH and the PLASTIC INTESTINE
      from the sink the solve the biology riddle (intestine first, stomach,
      liver, heart and over that the lungs) to get the GLASS EYES.
    --Back in the ladies room touch the MIRROR and use the GLASS EYES on the
      death mask door.
    --Grab the ENERGY DRINK & HEALTH DRINK in here, then enter the EXAM ROOM.
    --Kill the Straightjacket boss to collect the FUTURE PIECE, and when Travis
      wakes up, exit through the exit door in the hallway with the elevator.
    ___\=O U T S I D E=/___
    --Grab the HEALTH DRINK in this area.
    --Get the ENERGY DRINK and HEALTH DRINK by the cop car.
    --Go into the Butcher Shop. Get a HEALTH DRINK, ENERGY DRINK and FIRST AID KIT
      through here and exit.
    --Enter the Sanitarium.
    ___\=C E D E R  G R O V E  S A N I T A R I U M=/___
    --Get the map in EAST SOLARIUM room. (pistol is in the west solarium if
      you need it)
    --Take the stairs to the 2nd Floor. (you can grab goodies in the storage
      room on the 1st floor if you want)
    --Enter the TB WARD. Hit the 1st, 3rd and 5th button twice to get the
    --Backtrack to the stairs and enter the basement.
    --Go up the diagonal hallway and take the stairwell to the 2nd floor.
    --Drain the 2nd tub in FEMALE HYDRO-THERAPY.
    --Touch the MIRROR in Female Treat and go back down to the 1st floor.
    --Run straight down the hallway to enter the WOMEN'S BATHROOM. Touch the
      MIRROR, then flush the toilet.
    --In the Patients Belongings room, touch the MIRROR and grab the SHOTGUN
      while exiting.
    --Go back to the stairwell and go down to the basement again.
    --Grab the INTERVIEW ARCHIVES KEY in the East Pipe room, then touch the
      mirror in the Storage room.
    --Use the stairwell to enter the ARCHIVES Room. Touch the MIRROR then use
      the west stairwell to go back to the basement.
    --Run up the diagonal hallway and take the stairs to the 1st floor.
    --Enter the INFIRMARY and give the dolls the pills according to this
      way going left to right: green, blue, blue, red and the last one gets a
      yellow pill. Then grab DR. HARRIS’ KEY. Now, backtrack down the diagonal
      hallway in the basement.
    --Watching out for that Carrion, enter the STORAGE ROOM and touch the MIRROR.
    --Take the stairs here to the 1st floor and in Dr. Harris’ Office, grab the
    --Now, use the MIRROR in the Women’s Bathroom on this floor.
    --Run straight up to the Women’s SECLUSION door and use the JOCASTA ARTIFACT
      then enter the cell to fight the Memory of Helen Grady for the PAST PIECE.
    --After that is done with and you won, grab the THEATRE TICKET and head back
    ___\=B A C K  O U T S I D E=/___
    --Grab the LUMBER YARD KEY from the trunk of that blue car.
    --Go back through the BUTCHER SHOP and exit through the door next to the
      {SAVE POINT}.
    --Enter the Lumber Yard using the key. Once you exit make you way to the
      Green Field Apartments. (There’s an ENERGY DRINK by a dumpster in this area
      if you need it)
    --Enter the apartment room, grab the AMMO off the couch, the FIRST AID KIT
      in the bathroom, then jump down the hole.
    --Back outside, put you THEATRE TICKET in the ticket booth then enter the
    ___\=A R T A U D  T H E A T R E=/___
    --Grab the map on the bench and take the HEALTH DRINK by the door in the
      left area of the lobby.
    --Enter the Auditorium. There’s a HEALTH DRINK on the right stairs.
    --Go through storage and then curtain control to enter the right hallway.
    --Enter the Director’s Office to get the SUN TOTEM and SERVICE PISTOL.
    --Touch the mirror in the Men’s Dressing room and go back to the Director’s
      Office to get the BALCONY CORRIDOR KEY (walkthrough by angelofroom302).
    --Go back and touch the MIRROR, then backtrack to the lobby. Use the stairs
      here to reach the 2nd Floor.
    --Use the BALCONY CORRIDOR KEY on the door up here to enter the Lighting Box.
      Grab the FIRST AID KIT and the 4 LIGHTBULBS in here.
    --Exit through the right corridor.
    --There’s a HEALTH DRINK on the stairs as you go down.
    --Get the MOON TOTEM here and then use the MIRROR in Men’s Dressing Room
      once more.
    --After that, return to the stairwell you just left and come up to the door
      here. The MOON TOTEM goes to the left while the SUN TOTEM goes to the right.
    --Go up these stairs. The HUNTING RIFLE is all the way at the end of this
      hallway. Go into Costume Storage. There’s a MIRROR for you to use. Also,
      there’s a HEALTH DRINK.
    --Enter the second catwalk and place the bulbs as this, A-500W, B-125W, C-250W
      and D-250W the flip the switch and exit.
    --Now, head all the way back down and into Curtain Control room and finally
      flip that switch.
    --Exit out to the stage a flip the 1st scenery switch and then the 2nd prop
      switch, then enter the MIRROR on stage to grab the STAGE OFFICE KEY from
      the tree.
    --Leave and then make you way to the Stage Office room to grab the PROP
      CONTROL LEVER, then make you way back to the stage.
    --Use the CONTROL LEVER on the panel and change to the 2nd scenery
      switch and the 3rd prop switch.
    --Enter the mirror and kill the Caliban boss to receive the FALSEHOOD PIECE.
    --Once Travis awakes, get the MOTEL KEY from the dead ariel and leave.
    ___\=O U T S I D E=/___
    --Head on down KOONTZ ST, grabbing the HEALTH DRINK in front of Café Sun
      if you need it, and enter Andy’s Books.
    --Enter 213 in the cash register to get the backdoor key.
      **If you are looking forward to getting the Ambassator ending, grab the key
        up the steps by the post office.
    --Now, head down CRICHTON ST to enter the General Store, where you can pick
      up some goodies. Exit through the back door.
    --Enter the Riverside Motels.
    ___/=R I V E R S I D E  M O T E L S=\___
    --Grab the MAP in reception and also pick up the ROOM 306 KEY and leave
      through the doors next to the office.
    --Head up the stairs in this area then down on the other side to enter the
      other 300 rooms.
    --Enter Room 306 and use the MIRROR here.
    --Now, exit this area to enter the reception area. Go through the 200/300
      rooms door to get to the 500 room block.
    --Go into Room 503 and use the MIRROR here.
      **If you grabbed the Room 502 key, use it on the door to get your Ambassator
        ending! Congrats on beating the game!
    --Grab the MANAGERS OFFICE KEY down the Maintenance hallway.
    --Backtrack to Reception using the walkway by Staff Accommodations.
    --Exit through the opposite door in the Managers Office.
    --Enter room 201 to get the REDEEMER, if you’d like.
    --Go into the Kitchen and fight the Butcher.
    --Get the TOKEN off the pinball machine in the Game Room.
    --Enter the Laundry Room. Insert the TOKEN and set the dryer to the circle
      with one dot inside, the crown-like symbol with the 2 dots, the square symbol
      with the lines and finally the other square symbol with the counter clockwise
      circle and get the CLEOPATRA ROOM KEY.
    --Enter the Cleopatra Room and jump down the hole.
    --Touch the MIRROR in the bathroom here then leave.
    --Get the JEWLED HEART out of the drained pool.
    --Enter the Diner to get the ORNAMENTAL DAGGER.
    --Go up the stairs, use the DAGGER on the Nero Room then jump down the hole
      in here. Then exit out through the next hole in the wall here.
    --Touch the MIRROR in room 503 once more.
    --Go back to Maintenance and use the JEWLED HEART in the vice to get the
    --Backtrack to Reception now.
    --Enter 06/12/61 into the rotary calendar, then grab the room 500 key
      behind Travis.
    --Now, backtrack to the 500 Rooms block and in Room 503 touch the MIRROR.
    --After the cut scene, enter Room 500. Run down and then defeat the Memory
      of Richard Grady to get the TRUTH PIECE.
    ___/=H O S P I T A L=\___
    --In here, there’s a FIRST AID KIT and AMMO in here. Exit through the door
      and enter through the door right in front of Travis.
    --Pick up the PRESENT PIECE and solve the Flauros Puzzle.
    --Leave and enter the stairwell by the bars.
    ___/=N I G H T M A R E   S I L E N T H I L L   S T R E E T S=\___
    --Exit the hospital. After the cut scene, grab the CHILD'S MAP.
    --Find you way to the shop.
    --Let Travis crawl through the hole in here.
    --Kill to Flauros Demon and then enjoy your ending =]
    SECTION VII._________A C C O L A D E S  &  H O W  T O  G E T 'E M_____________
    The whole accolade concept is new to Silent Hill. Well, sort of. Here are
    some tips on how to complete all of them:
      ~~~SAVIOR-- Unlocks: A biker uniform and the Moon Gauntlets! Travis gets to 
         run around in a biker sort of costume, which looks awesome! The Moon 
         Gauntlets are very overpowered. They produce a 2-3 hit kill! Amazing! 1 
         hit puts your enemy on the ground and another hit kills them. On boss 
         fights, you can hit them 2-3 times and they battle will be over, so you 
         have a pretty good haul! I hope that after you achieve these, you’ll want
         to replay the game to unlock all of the other accolades.
      ~~~BUTCHER--  In order to get this ending you have to kill a ton of enemies, 
         which is easy since you now the moon gauntlets. I suggest killing 
         everything on a killing spree. Especially in the streets. There isn’t a
         percentage as to how many you have to defeat. The costume of the infamous
         Butcher is unlocked, and also the melee weapon, the Great Cleaver! It’s
         pretty powerful and a bit long in range.
      ~~~AMBASSATOR-- Yay! The UFO ending returns! In order for you to get this
         ending, you have to pick up the Room 502 key next to the post office as I
         told you. (you can only do this on other than your first game play) Once
         you have that key, you need to use it in the Riverside Motel’s area after
         you touch the mirror in Room 503, on the Room 502 door. This accolade will
         give you a cool galactic space hunter costume and you’ll also get the
         Tesla Rifle! You should really want that rifle, which has infinite ammo.
         You can blast anything, and with this you can easily achieve the Firearm
      ~~~STALKER-- To get this accolade you have to have your flashlight on for
         less than 3 hours. (I achieved this accolade with a flashlight usage time
         of 43 minutes and 48 seconds.) This could be easy to get if you use my
         speedy walkthrough and use the Room 502 key for the Ambassator ending.
         Another way of achieving this, is to turn up the brightness on your 
         television set and keep turning off your light if the game automatically
         turns it on. If you can‘t see anything, it‘s safe to turn on your light 
         for a quick second. Once you unlock this accolade, you will get a costume
         in all black, which reminds me of a burglar. You also get the night vision
         goggles which set everything in the game to green. They look pretty
         awesome, but make sure that you keep tabs on your health since with the
         goggles on, it’s hard to tell when you are in dire need of a health drink.
      ~~~COLLECTOR-- Unlocks: You only get a really creepy looking costume and
         sadly, no new weapons. You must collect more than 300 items in the game.
         (The most that I’ve collected have been 357 items) This should come very
         easily for you if you’ve been collecting everything that I’ve mentioned
         in this walkthrough.
      ~~~SPRINTER-- This is one of the best accolades. Unlocks: a new costume
         which is a red tracksuit that gives Travis the ability to run through
         the whole game without running out of breath or getting tired. (bye bye
         energy drinks!) You have to beat the game in less than 2 hours which
         should come pretty easily for you if you get the Ambassator ending in
         Riverside Motel in my speedy walkthrough.
      ~~~SHARPSHOOTER-- Unlocks: an army uniform. This accolade is one of the
         easiest after you achieve the Ambassator ending, so that you can shoot
         everything with the Tesla Rifle. You have to kill almost all enemies
         with any firearm. I suggest on boss fights that you use your moon 
         gauntlets, but you can also use other more powerful guns if you want to
         make 100% sure that you’ll get this ending.
      ~~~WEAPONSMITH-- Unlocks: clothes of a weapon maker. You can easily unlock
         this accolade with using the Moon Gauntlets. Just as in the Sharpshooter
         accolade, you must kill the most enemies with any melee weapon. I suggest
         the gauntlets because other weapons sound result in fist kills.
      ~~~BRAWLER-- Unlocks: The uniform of a Mexican Wrestler, lol. To unlock
         this, you need to kill the most enemies with your fists. Seems tricky? 
         Here’s a HUGE tip that I picked up on unlocking this. As you play the game
         more, the enemies do get harder, there as, they are harder for Travis to
         knockout with his fists. Now, here’s the gold: use your moon gauntlets but
         make sure that you don’t kill the enemies with two hits. Hit them once, 
         which causes them to hit the ground, then step on them once they are down
         with a final blow. That counts as a fist kill! Using this method, will 
         defiantly guarantee you the brawler accolade.
      ~~~CARTOGRAPHER-- Unlocks: A costume of a photographer. This is defiantly
         the hardest accolade to complete since you are only allowed to check out
         your map less than 25 times! (I checked out the map 784 times writing this
         walkthrough! Also, for me it‘s a basic instinct to tap the triangle button
         when I get frightened to gather my thoughts.) I suggest going onto
         gamefaqs.com or google and print out a map of the areas of Silent Hill
         Origins. This is the only way that I could think of by helping you get 
         this accolade. The maps work pretty good, so hopefully you have a good
         sense of direction also.
      ~~~EXPLORER-- Unlocks: An Indiana Jones suit. This is pretty easy. You have
         to travel more than 23 miles throughout the game. If you got the collector
         accolade, this one most likely will come with it. You just want to search
         a lot of areas in the game. If you followed my full walkthrough you’ll 
         most likely achieve this accolade.
      ~~~DAREDEVIL-- Unlocks: A pretty lame costume of a daredevil. All you have
         to do to get this accolade is beat the whole game without saving during
         the game. This could be easy to do, but with all of the glitches it might
         not be so. I suggest beating this with the Speedy Walkthrough. Don’t leave
         the game on for too long, which could cause more possibilities for
      ~~~FIREMAN-- Unlocks: A cool melee weapon the Fire Axe and a Firefighter
         uniform. To get this accolade, you have to rescue Alessa in the burning
         house in less than 80 seconds. This can be pretty tricky, but try really
         hard not to bump into any of the burning walls. Skip the cut scenes. I
         got this on my 3rd try.
      ~~~CODEBREAKER-- Unlocks: A costume of Silent Hill 3’s beloved Vincent!
        The easiest code to input. Anytime during game play hit these corresponding
        buttons: up, up, down, down, left, right, left, right, X, O.
    I hope you enjoy unlocking all of these! Make sure that you save every time
    after you complete the game or you could lose your accolades.
    SECTION VIII.___________H E A L T H & E N E R G Y  L O C A T I O N S_________
    Just a handy list of where all Health and Energy items are located :)
                       HD= Health Drink
                        ED= Energy Drink
                         FAK= First Aid Kit
    ++ A L C H E M I L L I A  H O S P I T A L ++
    1. HD in ROOM 205 from the cabinet.
    2. HD on STAIRWELL on the floor, just before you go down.
    3. HD in the LADIES BATHROOM behind Travis once you touch the mirror.
    4. ED in the STAFF LOUNGE on the couch.
    5. HD & ED by the exiting doors in the LOBBY once you open the MASKED DOOR.
    ++ S T R E E T S  O F  S I L E N T  H I L L ++
    1. HD in the corner of the Alchemilla Hospital area.
    2. HD on CANNON ST on top of a COP CAR and an ED in a box in this area.
    3. Left down CANNON is an ED near some JAGGED WOOD.
    4. ED up the steps of the TOWN HALL building.
    5. South on BORDEN ST is a HD near the door of a house with a yellow truck.
    6. Down the walkway by the LUMBERYARD a straightjacket guards a HD.
    7. HD in the BUTCHER SHOP on the counter and in the back is an ED on the
       dumpster across from the dead nurse. Grab the FAK on the wall too.
    8. ED on top of a dumpster around the BUTCHER SHOP.
    9. ED next to a tree up BORDEN.
    10. HD on ACACIA on the hood of a yellow truck.
    ++ C E D A R  G R O V E  S A N I T A R I U M ++
    1. FAK in the Storage room on the first floor.
    2. In the STAIRWELL down the north-east diagonal hallway is a HD on the ground.
    3. ED in FEMALE DORM 3 on the nightstand.
    4. In the DAYROOM after you touch there mirror is a FAK on the wheelchair.
    5. In the EAST SOLARIUM in the other world is a HD on a desk.
    6. HD in the LAUNDRY ROOM near the tipped over cart.
    7. HD up the diagonal hallway in the basement on top of some boxes.
    ++ S T R E E T S  O F  S I L E N T  H I L L ++
    1. ED next to a blue building on TOLUCA AVE.
    2. AMPOULE under the newspaper in the LUMBER YARD.
    3. On ASH RD, is an ED in the corner of a bush fence and a HD at the front
       door of a house down here.
    4. Down MIDWAY AVE by a house is a HD.
    5. Behind the stairs of GREENFIELD APARTMENTS is a ED and in the apartment room
       there is a FAK.
    6. HD right when you exit GREENFIELD APARTMENTS next to a dumpster and across
       the street behind a fence is another HD.
    7. Next to the theatre by the TEMPEST sign in a HD by a dumpster.
    ++ A R T A U D  T H E A T R E ++
    1. HD by the doors near the staircase in the LOBBY.
    2. HD on the shelf that the Ariel was guarding.
    3. In the DIRECTORS OFFICE there is a HD on a shelf.
    4. On the control panel in the LIGHTENING BOX is a FAK.
    5. HD on a box in the left hall staircase.
    6. ED in the COSTUME STORAGE room.
    7. Out in the same hallway near a STORAGE ROOM is in, there's an AMPOLE on top
       of a box.
    8. In the LIBRARY room once you change the set to it, is an AMPOULE on a small
    ++ S T R E E T S  O F  S I L E N T  H I L L ++
    1. In front of CAFE SUN is a HD.
    2. ED up on WILSON ST.
    3. In the hospital area on top of a dumpster is a HD.
    4. 2 HD's next to the POST OFFICE on top of a dumpster.
    5. In the PLAYING FIELD is a HD.
    6. 2 HD's in the GENERAL STORE.
    7. Across from the GENERAL STORE there's an ED.
    8. Down the alleyway across from the PET SHOP next to a trash can is a HD.
    9. Between ALLEN STORAGE and another building is a HD and in front of Allen's 
       is an ED and a HD.
    ++ R I V E R S I D E  M O T E L S ++
    1. Near ROOM 312 is a HD on top of an air conditioner.
    2. In ROOM 309 is a HD in the bathroom.
    3. FAK in ROOM 301.
    4. In the MAINTENANCE ROOM after touching the mirror is a HD in the back.
    5. HD in ROOM 201.
    6. In the LAUNDRY ROOM in a chair is a HD.
    7. Once you jump down the hole and enter the King's Suite, there's a FAK down
       the hallway.
    8. After you fight the memory of Richard Grady, there's a FAK. Exit and enter
       the door in front of you to find an AMPOULE.
    ++ N I G H T M A R E  S I L E N T  H I L L ++
    1. AMPOULE on a barrel when you first the nightmarish town.
    2. FAK left on KOONTZ.
    3. 2 HD's on the window sill when you finally reach the end.
    PART IX.______________S A V E  P O I N T  L O C A T I O N S____________________
    Here is a list of everywhere that you can find a save point in the game!
    ---A l c h e m i l l i a  H o s p i t a l---
    1. In the LOBBY, next to the reception desk.
    ---S t r e e t s  o f  S i l e n t  H i l l---
    1. Inside the BUTCHER SHOP right by the entrance door.
    ---C e d a r  G r o v e  S a n i t a r i u m---
    1. Inside the East stairwell on the 1st floor.
    2. Upper East stairwell on the 2nd floor.
    3. In the INFIRMARY near Male Seclusion.
    4. On the back wall in Female Seclusion.
    ---A r t a u d  T h e a t r e---
    1. In the lobby on the wall near the Cloak Room.
    2. In the CURTAIN CONTROL room on the wall.
    3. In the ORCHESTRA STORAGE room on a drum.
    ---S t r e e t s  o f  S i l e n t  H i l l---
    1. In the GENERAL STORE by the back door.
    ---L a k e v i e w  M o t e l---
    1. On the wall right outside of the RECEPTION area.
    2. In the DINER on a wall.
    3. In ROOM 500 to Travis' left before you start down the stairs.
    ---A l c h e m i l l i a  H o s p i t a l again---
    1. A save point is near the double doors before you exit out to the Alessa
    ---N i g h t m a r e  S i l e n t  H i l l---
    1. There are 6 save points on the wall once you crawl through the whole in the
       ANTIQUE SHOP at the end.
    SECTION X.___Phew, finally!______________________________
    \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\CLOSURE AND SPECIAL THANKS/////////////////////////////////////
    I would like to say thanks to everyone that has used my walkthrough. It took
    a while to put it all together. I tried to give the best from what I know. Feel
    free to give positive or negative feedback to me on this. I mentioned my email 
    earlier. I'd LOVE to hear from you!
    Since I wrote this full walkthrough, it belongs to me (AngelofROOM302). I also
    had a bit of help from David (He proof read everything! Thank you!) Also my
    friends SilentMadness & Harry’s_Girl off of silenthillforum.com helped with 
    some of the strategies. Thank you Thank you! If you are a major silent fan
    such as myself, feel free to join silenthillforum! The best SH forum out there!
    You can find so many answers to questions that you will have after beating the 
    game there. So please, if you need to use this anywhere else on the web, please
    let me know. I'll be willing to let you, but only if you have my permission. 
    Thank you KONAMI and CLIMAX for creating this game!
    The only websites at this time that have my permission to use my walkthrough
    are as followed;
    Copyright 2008 (AngelofROOM302)

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