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FAQ/Walkthrough by RenosAngel

Version: 2.0 | Updated: 03/01/2010


 _____               _      ______      _     _           
|_   _|             | |     | ___ \    (_)   | |          
  | | ___  _ __ ___ | |__   | |_/ /__ _ _  __| | ___ _ __ 
  | |/ _ \| '_ ` _ \| '_ \  |    // _` | |/ _` |/ _ \ '__|
  | | (_) | | | | | | |_) | | |\ \ (_| | | (_| |  __/ |   
  \_/\___/|_| |_| |_|_.__/  \_| \_\__,_|_|\__,_|\___|_|   
 _   _           _                              _     _ 
| | | |         | |                            | |   | |
| | | |_ __   __| | ___ _ ____      _____  _ __| | __| |
| | | | '_ \ / _` |/ _ \ '__\ \ /\ / / _ \| '__| |/ _` |
| |_| | | | | (_| |  __/ |   \ V  V / (_) | |  | | (_| |
 \___/|_| |_|\__,_|\___|_|    \_/\_/ \___/|_|  |_|\__,_|


+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+ +-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+
|C|o|m|p|l|e|t|e| |W|a|l|k|t|h|r|o|u|g|h|
+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+ +-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+
Tomb Raider Underworld complete Walkthrough
for PlayStation 2

Written By: RenosAngel
Version: 2.0
February, 2010


Version History
2/21/2010 - 1.0 - Started walkthrough
3/01/2010 - 2.0 - Completed walkthrough. Outside of
reader contributions this is it folks, the full, final
version. Enjoy!


Table of Contents:

1. Author's Note / Introduction
2. Gameplay basics/ moves list
3. Walkthrough
     -Croft Manor
   2.Mediterranean Sea
     -The Path to Avalon
     -The Norse Connection
     -God of Thunder
   3.Coastal Thailand
     -Puppet No Longer
   4.Croft Manor
     -Protected By the Dead
   5.Southern Mexico
     -The Unnamed Days
     -The Midgard Serpent
     -Land of the Dead
   6.Jan Mayen Island
     -Gate of the Dead
   7.Andaman Sea
     -Rituals Old
   8.Artic Sea
     -Out of Time
4. FAQS/ Hints and tips
5. Game Review
6. Contact and Legal information
7. Credits and Closing


1. Author's Note / Introduction

Hi there, and welcome to my walkthrough! Pull up a chair, 
grab your favorite drink, and lets dig right in shall we?
Despite being a Tomb Raider fan for much longer than I 
really care to admit, this will be my first actual 
walkthrough for the game series. Be gentle, please?

I decided to write this walkthrough since I saw that no one
else had really taken the time to dig in and make one...
and while the game is relatively easy enough in and of 
itself, there will always be points where we all just sit
there and try not to break the controller in frustration
because we just.. cant.. get.. that.. one.. part! You know.

My goal in this walkthrough will be to get you from the
beginning of the game to the very end, collecting all 
treasures and minimizing hairloss as much as possible in 
the process. Keep in mind that while no two people can ever
think exactly the same, I will do my best to get you through
the easiest routes possible at all times. Good luck and god 


2. Gameplay basics / Moves List

Here we are again, fans! Another chapter in the Tomb Raider
saga, and a direct continuation of the Legend storyline
with bits tied in from Anniversary for good luck. As the
franchise has evolved, so has too our lovely heroine, Lara 
Croft. As ever, Eidos has.. outdone itself yet again in 
revamping game play and making things more interesting for
the player. 

A few notes about the changes to actual game play itself 
for the Playstation 2 version:

There are no ammo pick ups. Your weapons do not ever seem
to run out of juice. Of course, we are used to that with 
the ever present pistols, but.. not with the other cool and
nifty guns. However, there seems to be a lack of enemies in
this version to truly exploit this marvelous gift.. 

There are no gun pick ups. On each level/area/section you 
have the selection of only your trusty pistols, one of the
three uzis/shotgun/assault gun, and the nifty little sticky
grenades. These things dont seem very useful at first, but 
that changes later on.. you can run low on them in any one
level but they seem to refill once you move to a new chapter.

There are no health pick ups. Yep, you heard me, no medipack
hunting. Your health is monitored in a small bar like graph
with Lara's sillhouette in the upper left corner. It's
pretty self explanatory.. green is good, red is bad.. lol. 
The health bar refills on its own, but it takes time. This
is fine if you happened to stumble off a ledge and didn't
die, but not so great if you have a panther chewing on 
your rear end. 
In the rare instance your underwater breath needs to be 
measured, it will also be in this same icon, as a red
double image of Lara. 

You still have your grappling hook. Yay shiny metal things!

You still have your PDA, though the interface is a little

You still have your nifty little light source, but alas
you have no control over it. It detects light levels on 
its on and shuts off and on accordingly on its own. Kind
of like a night light.. 

On to the move list!

Walk: Very slowly move the left analog stick in the 
direction you wish to move.

Run: Left analog stick in the direction you wish to move.

Camera: Moved freely with the right analog stick, except
in a few rare instances. Very useful when you wish to run
around a corner and want to see where you are going with 
out stopping. 

Aim: L1 button. Lara will auto aim at anything shootable -
which is much less than you would think in this version.

Fire: R1 button. Will shoot anything Lara is aimed at, or
anything directly in front of Lara if she is not aiming. 

Lob Sticky Grenade: R2 button. Most useful when used in
conjuntion with the aim button. 

Access PDA: L2 button. Most useful feature: giving you 
hints about where to go and what to do when you get
there should you have forgotten what you were doing. 

Interact: Triangle Button. Pulls Levers, yanks your
grappling hook, pushes buttons, picks stuff up.. all in
all gonna be your favorite button. 

Roll/Duck: Circle button. Used to crouch and or roll under
low walls - also useful to advance quickly if just walking
bores you. 

Jump: X button. What more can I say? Jump for joy and get 
on with it!

Grappling Hook: Square button. Pull those rings, swing from
those rings, wall run from those rings! Its all about the

Weapon Select: Up or Down directional buttons. Allows you 
to be able to switch between pistols or whatever neat
sub weapon the area allows you to have. Also allows you 
to select Thor's Hammer once you get it. 

A few nifty moves they added for this game:

You now have the ability to balance on top of poles that 
you could previously only swing from. Useful when trying
to reach higher poles that you just cant reach swinging.
Jump and grab onto desired pole, then while stationary
press X and vault up onto the pole. Press X again to
jump to your next target. Ole!

The ability to wall climb has been revamped, meaning Lara
can now grasp smaller ledges, handgrips, and crevasses
in walls that she previously could not have in the past.
While on a wall with such a surface, simply press the
left analog stick in the direction you wish her to move, 
and she will move up/over/down as you wish with out having
to press jump all the time. Fun!

My personal favorite - Chimney jumping. Lara now has the
ability to mimic a sticky toed frog and cling to wall
surfaces for a short time, allowing her to jump higher 
and higher between two close wall spaces, leapfrogging
back and forth until she reaches a handhold/the top/
runs out of space and falls down. She can not do it 
indefinitely, but either way its still all in all the
best new move they added to this game. Im sure you 
will find just as many chances to use it as I did.. 
Get hopping, froggy!

Moves that appear to have fallen off the face of the

Swan diving. Given as many button combinations as I 
could lay my hands on, I could not get Lara to do 
this. Ok granted there really arent any opportunities
to use this move, but still. 

Acrobatics. Yes, they removed all the nifty little 
comment inspiring jumps and tumbles that we enjoyed in
Legend and Anniversary. Man, those things were neat
to look at and listen to Alistor and Zip comment on..

Adrenaline Rush. While not one of my favorite moves, 
you no longer have the option to one shot your enemies
with the blurry screen and cross hairs. *shrug*
Ok fine they didn't completely remove it from this
version.. but its not really that promiment either 
so I consider it gone. 

Interactive cutscenes. Whether you loved them or hated
them, they too have gone the way of the dodo. 

And last but not least... Backflipping. Yes, I know. 
They took it out starting with Legend. Im just still
ticked off about it. Here T-rex T-rex T-rex!

All the other moves you deal with in this game you 
should be familiar with if you have already played
Legend and/or Anniversary, so I wont go over them 
If you have not played either game, I would bet 
dollars to doughnuts you're gonna be lost as hell
with no map and torch to get you home.. so I highly
suggest picking up at least Legend and getting
familiar with its storyline. Like.. now. Put down 
this walkthrough and go do it, kthx. Ill be here. 

Are you back? Good. Got your playstation hooked up?
Controller plugged in? Copy of the game in and 
running? Have you watched the teaser trailer to 
get an idea of the fun we will be having? You have?
Alright, Lets rock and roll baby!



In this game the levels don't really feel much like levels,
since they give you no level data or anything such except for
when you enter a new continental area. To me they kinda feel
more like chapters, but whatever. You can call them what you
wish. Ill break it down for you by level/chapter. Each section
will be chunked up by checkpoint to make reading easier. Make 
sure your gear is fastened on tight, here we go kiddies!

Croft Manor
Treasure 0/0

Croft Manor, in its various forms, has been the training level
for over half of the game series, and this game is no exception.
So, lets get acquainted with the controls, shall we?
To make things easier on yourself, feel free to turn subtitles
on in the menu before you get going. Granted, the writing is
tiny, but it still gives you a better idea of whats being 

Watch the cutscenes giving us the back story of the two games
previous to this, reminding us of exactly what has happened in 
Today.. BOOM!

Bloody hell, someone's trying to burn the house down around
us! I dare say we go find out whats going on.. 

You start off in a hall with a blocked passage and fire at
your back, so the only way is forward. Make your way through 
this passage, crawling over debris and avoiding the bits of
the manor that are on fire as you go. As always, fire is 
very bad for Lara's health.. but the animation when you get
too close is funny. ^_^
You will come to a ledge with some stairs behind it. Use
jump to vault up onto it, heading up the stairs until you 
see a switch and a door. You know what to do with switches
by this point, dont you? The door opens and you find
yourself in the remains of Lara's bedroom, all buggered
up with flaming, fiery debris. [CHECKPOINT]

Roll under the low bridge and head to the left, vaulting 
up and over the chunk of wall not on fire. On the other
side draw your pistols by hitting the aim button, and fire 
on the door until it breaks away. Step outside into the
hallway. [CHECKPOINT]

Plenty more fire out here, and a huge hole in the floor to
boot. You see those white ledges on the wall opposite? 
Yeah, that's where we are headed. Leap off the edge of the
floor and onto the lower ledge, working your way left until
you reach the broken part. Jump to the upper ledge and
continue on your way until it ends, then jump back down
to the lower ledge. Take it over as far as you can, then
jump backwards onto the stable part of the floor. Head 
forward until you see a box. Again, you should know what
to do with boxes by now as well. Get it as close to the
flaming chunk of hallway as possible, then leap up onto it
and jump to the upper ledge here. Shimmy to the right and
leap off at the end. If you don't get this right you will
land either in or close to the fire, but as long as you
don't stand still you should be fine. As you move forward
you will see a door with a ring on it. Grapple that baby, 
make yourself a bridge, and proceed on your merry way!
Here you will find another hallway thats almost an exact
repeat of the one we were just in, so you know what to do
here. At the end you find yourself out in the open central
area of Lara's home.  [CHECKPOINT]

Head down the hall here until you reach the stairs, which 
of course are all chunky and fiery and bad. Jump and quickly
grapple the ring in the ceiling, swinging your way across
and hopping off at the other side. You probably will lose
some health here, but it cant be helped. Head down this 
hallway until you reach the section you can hang from.
Drop down and watch the cutscene for a nice head scratching
Alternately, if you find you can't make or screw up the 
grapple jump off the stairway, you can swing out into the
bottom level from there. Either way you are going to lose
health, so whatever is easiest for you. 

Chapter complete!

+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+ +-+-+-+
|M|e|d|i|t|e|r|r|a|n|e|a|n| |S|e|a|
+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+ +-+-+-+
Treasures 8

The Path to Avalon
Treasures 2/8

One Week Earlier.. 
Enjoy the cutscene here that explains what we are doing 
playing in the ocean, making note that Lara has a very
nice boat.. 

The nice thing about underwater levels like this in this
game that Lara has scuba gear. That's right, we dont
have to worry about coming up for air at any time so let's
enjoy this, shall we?

Immediately in front of you there is a large rock formation
with a hole that serves as a doorway at its base. This is
the main temple. Before we go inside, let's collect the 
treasure around here. (If you look at the controls in your
options menu you will see that you can use circle to 
dive and x to ascend.. moving the camera up and down helps
some too.)
Turn to your right slightly and look down to see what 
looks like a bar of gold sitting on the rock. This is what
all treasure looks like in this game, so its not very 
hard to miss at all. Pick it up, and head for the entrance
of the temple. [Treasure 1/8]

Before you head inside, look at the rock formation just
off to the right and spot another bar. Snag it as well, 
then head inside. [Treasure 2/8]

Once inside take either the left or right path down the
stairs, avoiding the jellyfish as you head through the
doorway and into the next room. We are greeted with our
first puzzle of the game. As you look at the wall you 
will notice there are three wheels... but only one 
lever. Our task is to collect the other two pieces we
need, so back outside we go. Once outside head to the
right and up the hill until you spot a triangular
chunk of rock. Swim around the front of it to find the
entrance, so kindly guarded by a jellyfish. 
(When in doubt, follow the enemies. If its trying to
kill you, you gotta be on the right path! ^_^)
Head inside and explore the area to find a stick with
a round bit at the end. That's one of the levers we
need, so pick it up and swim back to the temple with it.
Place it in either hole to get a [CHECKPOINT].

There's still one more, so back outside with us. Once
there, head to the left this time. It will be another
rock formation like the last one and it's directly
to the left so you can't miss it. Head inside and make
fun of the stuff people just leave lying around - I 
mean grab your puzzle piece, then head back into the
temple and place it in the other empty hole to get 
another [CHECKPOINT].

The main objective of this puzzle is to get all of the
light colored sections, or open eyes, into the center
of the wall. The easiest and quickest way to do this is
to turn the top wheel once, then the left wheel once, 
and last the right wheel twice. Viola! One opened door, 
coming up! [CHECKPOINT]

The path here is pretty straightforward, one long 
debris filled hallway populated with jellyfish and lots
of turns. You will pass a CHECKPOINT as you swim along, 
until you reach the end. Stare at the creepy tentacle for
a moment then swim forward.. AHH THE CREEPY TENTACLE
MOVED! Not cool. Head through to hole in the wall it so
kindly vacated for us. As you swim forward you will 
notice a hole where you can surface, but you can not
crawl out here so ignore it and continue forward into
the next room. Surface and take a look around, before
heading to the right and climbing onto the convenient
chunk of rock sticking out there in the water. 

Treasures 3/8

Lara will stare at the other side of the room for a 
minute, but you can not reach that yet so head forward
onto dry land. In front of you is a wall you can climb,
but how to get up there? Ah.. head to the right and 
scramble up onto the rocks, leaping off the end to the
ledge on the wall. Pull yourself up onto it and eye
the crevisses on the wall. This is gonna be fun.. 
Hop up to the first one and manipulate your way up and
to the right. At the end jump off to the right and land
on the ledge you see. Make sure Lara is at least looking
to the right, otherwise you'll jump backwards and have 
to do it all over again.. 
Turn around and face the other side of the room, jumping
to the pole you see in front of you. Swing around and 
land on the next ledge. You can see the next treasure 
from here but you can not reach it yet, so head to the
left. Hop over the first hole and head to the back, 
jumping to the ledge and letting yourself slide down
the ramp to the bottom. Should you fall straight down
you land in the open hole in the water that I told you
to ignore earlier, meaning you have to do this all over
Hop over said hole and head out into the room again.
Now to get that treasure. There are two ways to do this.
Straight in front of you is an area where you can use
the chimney jump, to your left is a wall you can climb
up. Ill write that method for you first. 
Climb up onto the crack and work your way up the wall,
pulling up at the top. Head up the stones to the right, 
hopping up onto the next crack. Move to the right until 
you can hop up to the top, and pull yourself up. Head
over the edge and hang off, dropping down onto the 
ledge to claim your prize. 
Chimney jumping:
Head forward into the notch in the wall and pick either
the left or right. While face the wall press jump, 
and once Lara hops up onto the wall press jump again
immediately to make her jump backwards to the other 
wall. Repeat actions until she grabs a ledge. 
(Note, this ledge is handy on the way back down in
either method. Remember it.)
Shimmy to the right, then hop up to the next section
and shimmy to the right again. Hop backwards here and
perform a small chimney jump up to the next ledge, 
then jump backwards to the ledge with the treasure.
[Treasure 3/8]

Once back on the ground work your way across the beam
you see, heading forward after you hit the other side
until you are treated with a cutscene. [CHECKPOINT]

Ignore the switch in the middle for now, it wont do
anything at the moment. Directly in front of you there
is a pressure pad, a serpent statue, and its head off
to the left with a grappling ring. Getting any ideas yet?
Yank that bad boy onto the plate then turn around and 
look up to see the other serpent head still attached.
Grapple it and it will fall, landing on the other 
pressure plate. NOW you can visit the switch in the 
middle. [CHECKPOINT]

Whoooo... staiirss.. Yay. >.> Head forward until you
reach a pit. Slide forward and watch while the camera
shows you the way out, then proceed forward up the ledges
until you reach the top. Helpful, that camera is. On
your merry way until you reach a room with three doors
and three levers. The one in front of you is the only
one that will work at the moment, so what are you waiting
for? Pull that lever and step inside!

Enjoy the short cutscene here. [CHECKPOINT]

You see that spiky thing hanging above its big ugly head?
Take a moment to grin at the evil idea, then turn around
and head out of the room. There are doors to the left and 
right of you here. I will take them as you are facing 
into the the room with the kraken, and say go to the 
door on the left down the longer part of the hallway.
Both need to be done, and both are fairly easy.. its
just the one on the right is closer for a checkpoint
if you screw up in the kraken room. ^_^

Pull the lever and head inside once the door opens, 
down the hallway until you come into a room with gears,
tentacle, and [CHECKPOINT]. 

Head up the stone block to the left and onto the taller
one, then swing across the pole to the ledge on the 
right. Swing across the next pole and you will find
yourself on the ledge with the tentacle. As you move
towards the lever you will notice that your grapple
symbol will activate.. because you have to pull one of
the gears out until it stops before pulling the lever
will do anything. After you have done so but before
you pull the lever, run around and grab that treasure
you see lying out in plain view there. 
[Treasure 4/8]

Pull that switch now and enjoy the sounds of pain you
hear as the gears turn. [CHECKPOINT]

Make your way out of this room and all the way back
to the main hall, then to the room on the right. 
Getting inside is the same process, so head on
until you reach another room with gears and tentacle.
Here you will see a ring in a pillar near the
tentacle, so pull it out and watch the fun. Damn, 
that thing makes some ugly sounds. Head to the back
and grab the treasure. [Treasure 5/8]

Turn back around and make your way up the ledges, 
sliding down the slanted bit at the top to jump and
catch the pole on your way down. Swing and grab the
ledge in the wall, shimmying left until you reach the
ledge with the lever. Pull said lever. [CHECKPOINT]

Make your way back to the room with the giant squid, 
heading down the right hand stairway until you reach
the bottom and a wall you can climb up. Make your way
up, to the left, over to the right, and ultimately to
a crevisse behind a beam. Jump backwards to the beam
and pull yourself up, before dropping to hang off the 
other side so you can shimmy left until you reach a 
ledge in the pillar nearby. Shimmy until you stop, then
jump forward onto the next ledge. You will find yourself
to the right of the spiked platform, and near one of 
the stone locks you had to undo to be able to release
the platform. Jump forward to the next ledge, then you 
have two choices here. You can either jump to the hand,
then the platform, or carefully walk the beam to the
end then jump to the platform. Either way, make sure you
are careful.. if you land on squiddy's head, you die
instantly. Once on the platform pull the lever, then
enjoy the ride upward. Turn around and run off the
platform the other way, using your grappling hook to
swing across to the alcove where you saw the broken
chain link and the other lever. Quickly, before the
platform lowers itself again draw your guns and aim
at the broken chain link.. I think you know what to
do here. Watch the cutscene, and enjoy the fruits of
your labors.  [CHECKPOINT]

Run forward and make your way down either one of the
crevissed ledges to the next level, where you are 
even with the two rings that are in either wall. 
Grapple one of them then step off the side of the ledge, 
sliding your way down the rope to the floor. Head 
through the now open door and into the water, swimming
through the tunnel until you reach some stairs and a 
statue. Up those stairs and down the hallway you will
find a room, a cutscene, and a [CHECKPOINT]. 

The Norse Connection
Treasures 3/8

Notice here a gate with a grappling ring, and two 
pressure plates. Those plates lower the bars that
are holding the gate up, but Lara can only stand on one
at a time.. Hm. To the left and right you will also 
see two doors. The one on the left has to be blown open
by something later on, and you cant activate the one on
the right from the outside. However, there is a handy 
pillar and hole in the wall right near that door... 
Chimney jump your way up to the ledge and drop down
inside the room. Here you will see another pressure 
plate and two small blocks. Nifty note- you can throw
small objects you pick up. Are you getting the pattern
here? Pick up one of the blocks, stand on the switch, 
and throw it out the door, making sure it clears the
doorway. Repeat with the other block, then run forward
off the switch and through the door before it closes.
(Note- it helps to stand on the very edge of the switch,
and tweak the camera so you are staring straight ahead.)
The weight of one of these blocks alone wont lower the
pressure switch, but two will. After placing both blocks
on one switch, (drop with the circle button), grapple
the ring on the gate and step onto the other switch.
Once the bar lowers, pull your grapple and Viola! 
Open gate.
Once inside you will see a pedestal with a glove on it, 
but ignore it for now and run past it to the back of the
room. To the left you will see a shiny treasure just 
waiting to be plucked. [Treasure 6/8] 
Go back and interact with the glove to trigger a cutscene.

Bloody Hell indeed, Lara... Haven't they ever heard of
'Finders Keepers'? Dust yourself off, then head back into
the room with the pressure switches and look at the door
to the right, which is the one I mentioned getting blown
up earlier. Enter and go up the stones to the upper 
hallway, heading down it until you reach some rocks you
have to roll under. Do so, and continue on until you 
reach the next room.
Hm, doesnt this look fun? Look around, then locate a 
pole to your right that has another chunk of pole hanging
down real close to it. Shimmy up that first pole, jump
backwards to the second one, shimmy up it, then leap off
onto the ledge. In front of you there is another treasure.
You know what to do. [Treasure 7/8]

Afterwards, leap to the pole with the tiny chunk of floor
on top of it, then jump to the next one hanging down. 
Shimmy around and jump off backwards to the next ledge, 
which will net you a [CHECKPOINT].

Jump to the next vertical pole sticking up to the right, 
then to the one in front of that, and finally to the 
ledge on the other side. Make your way into the hallway
and under the first pile of rocks to find the last
treasure of this level on the other side. [Treasure 8/8]

Roll under the next rocks and make your way down the 
hall to the open pit in the floor. Jump into the water
and swim forward, until you trigger a cutscene.

God of Thunder
Treasures 0/8

Oh no she-- Oh yes she did. We are on the freaking big
boat. Lovely. 
The whole point of the first part of this mission is to 
sneak past everyone and make it inside. I never was one
for sneaking.. so its up to you, but I prefer just to
run down the stairs with my guns equipped and head towards
the open door on the right side of the other side of the
deck, taking out any bad guys you come across along the 
way. They will shoot you either way if you get spotted, 
so its your health bar. Once you make inside you get

Head down the hallway until you get a nice little 
cutscene. Hmph. Well.. he did try to blow us up before, 
after all. Continue on your way to the left until you
get another cutscene. What the f-hell? Ah well.. at
least she looks a little more well fed now..  

Our goal now is to make it out of the sinking ship, so
I suggest we beat feet. The ship will constantly shake 
and start to tilt as you continue forward down the hall.
Once you reach the walkway with the barrels, be careful
and jump over them into the doorway on the right. 
(Situational Adrenaline Rush.. pffft).
Once past the barrels the ship will tilt completely, so
that you are now running on the walls. So, climb up the
floor until you reach the section of ledges sticking
out on the right. Hop over to them and go up to the
pipe, shimmying around to the right until you can leap
up to more sections of pipe. Hop up these until you 
reach the top and another [CHECKPOINT].

Head down the hall and hop up to the crevisse, shimmy
to the right a little, up to the next one, and to the
right a little more. Once you hit the pipe follow it
around until you can leap upwards some more. At the
top shimmy around until you reach the white box looking
thing, and climb up. Use the handholds on the pipe to
move evermore upwards, always to the right and up.
Eventually you will reach a final ledge where you see
a hole in the grating. This is your destination. 
Sit back and watch the cutscene. 

+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+ +-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+
|C|o|a|s|t|a|l| |T|h|a|i|l|a|n|d|
+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+ +-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+
Treasures 4

Treasures 3/4

Another cutscene, another checkpoint. At least this place
is very pretty to look at.. 

Once you are done floating in the pretty water, swim 
forwards and pull yourself up on the outcropping of dry
land, triggering another [CHECKPOINT].

Crawl up the first three crevisses you see, moving a little
to the right to reach the fourth one. Instead of going up, 
jump to the right, then hop up four more ledges to reach
one you can shimmy to right around the rock on. All the
way over, jump to the next ledge, then drop to the ledge
behind the waterfall. Here you will find the first
treasure. [Treasure 1/4]

From here you can either jump in the water and climb back
up onto dry land, or jump back along the crevisses until
you reach the point where you jumped right to begin with.
Once here move up to the next one and shimmy left, 
continuing to work your way up and to the left until you
come to the end of the ledge where you can jump off
backwards to the ledge on the opposite wall. Shimmy right
until you can pull yourself up on the wider bit, then do
so and jump to the ledge on the left. [CHECKPOINT]

Make your way up the stairs and the ledges until you reach
a sloped section. Slide down and jump for the pole. Swing
around then jump off for the lower ledge in the wall in
front of you, moving upwards and pulling yourself up to
the stairs at the top. Head around the corner and stop
when you see the white edge to your right on the ground.
Hang off the edge and move down the ledges on the right, 
making your way down to the bottom ledge thats a little
to the left. Shimmy your way until you are up against 
the wall, then turn the camera so you are actually looking
at the alcove the next secret is resting in. Otherwise, 
Lara wont turn to face the right way and you will jump
into the water, causing you to do all the climing all
over again from the beginning. Jump to the alcove and
snag the treasure. [Treasure 2/4]

Make your way back the way you came till you come to the
stairs where you dropped off to begin with. Continue
up them the short way to the end, then turn and look to
the left to see the wall with more ledges to climb. Hop
upwards till you reach a section thats wide enough to 
pull up on, then chimney jump to the ledge at the very 
top. Continue forward and you will [CHECKPOINT]. 

Continue down this long winding trail until you get a 
cutscene showing you the temple in the distance where
you will be headed, passing three checkpoints along 
the way. Look at all those pillars...

Leap forward to the notch on the pillar on the left, 
then hop upwards and shimmy to the right. Hop backwards
to the pillar on the right, shimmying around to the left
until you can drop down onto the beam below. Balance 
your way out to the middle, then turn to the left and
leap to the pole and swing off of it, grabbing the ledge
in the wall behind it. Shimmy to the right until you stop
then jump off backwards, grabbing the notch in the pillar 
behind you. Drop down one notch and shimmy to the left, 
jumping over to the pillar on left at the end. Drop 
down to the beam, then turn and walk all the way to the
other end and hang off. Drop down and you will actually
grab the next notch instead of plummeting to your death. 
From here just drop down the ledges to the ground. Leap
off the small edge here and land in the water below, 
making your way to the opposite end and triggering a

Here we also trigger what I like to call the ever so
nifty 'You're about to get your face eaten off' music. 
Head forward and climb up the block to the left, then
hop up the crevisse and again to the top and you will
see why. HERE KITTY KITTY KITTY! Waste the tiger any
way you see fit, then head to the left. (Mine just
fell down the ledge and I had to end up blowing it
up with a sticky grenade.. lol)
Take in all the pretty scenery here, then head up
the broken block that creates an ever so convenient
ramp for us to the next ledge. Head over to the
crevissed wall, hopping up twice, then shimmying
around to the right until you stop. Leap to the next
section, then pull yourself up to the next path. You
may have to shimmy just a little bit to actually be
able to pull up, depends on how you land. Head 
towards the orange pillars with your weapons drawn, 
here comes that lovely music again.. Waste the tiger
you see but dont put them away yet, two more lay in
wait for you in the open courtyard to the left. Once 
all three are dead step back out into the courtyard
and immediately look to the right to see a treasure
just laying there waiting to be picked up. Well, what
are you waiting for? [Treasure 3/4]

Head around to the left and enter between two more
orange pillars, climbing up the small block on the
left so you can reach the ledges in the wall in 
front of you. Hop all the way up to the top with
the triangle shaped roof, then turn around and drop
down the ledges on the other side to make it to the
ground safely. Turn around and continue forward to
trigger a [CHECKPOINT]. 

Continue on until you reach a deep pit with broken
beams attached to poles. Oh, this is going to be fun..
Make your way carefully across said beams until you
reach the other side, leaping forward to safety with
a sigh of relief. Continue forward until you find 
another pit, but this one you can just drop down into
then climb up the handholds on the other side to get
out. Climb out at the top and [CHECKPOINT].

Treasures 1/4

Head down the hallway until you enter a courtyard and
are greeted with a cutscene and another checkpoint. 
Interesting statue. Really. 
Head forward and make your way down the three ledges
to the ground, triggering yet another checkpoint. Note
the two statues holding fans here, then notice two doors
here, one to the left and one to the right. We have to 
do both of them, so lets pick one. Im heading right. 
Head inside and up the stairs until you come out at the
top, then turn to your left and run up to the lever on 
the ground. You will also see something shiny in the 
distance, so lets go see what that is first. Pick up
the pretty stone and trigger your [CHECKPOINT], then
head back to the lever and pull it. I dont know if that's
nifty or disturbing.. Head up the hallway on the right
until you reach the hand you just lowered, where you 
can place the gem you just picked up. I smell a pattern
here... After you place the gem and get another 
checkpoint, take note of the ledge behind the statue, 
and more importantly the last treasure of this area. 
It's accessible from either side, but we might as well
grab it now while we are here. [Treasure 4/4]

Once you've snagged it head all the way back down and
pull the lever again. Well that's neat.. Once the
mini cutscene is done make your way back down to the 
ground floor and head to the left, repeating the same
procedure on that side as well sans the treasure. 
Now that we have two beams of light going, its time
to address those small statues we saw earlier. As you
approach them you will notice that both of them are 
holding fans, and that both of the fans have a side 
that seems to be glowing. This is the reflective side, 
you want it to be facing the beams of light. Your job
here is to manuver these two statues on the tracks they
are on until the fans reflect the beams of light onto
Kali's face. 

Easy solution: Approach the statue on the right and 
interact with it, shoving it all the way to the left
and onto the outer track. Come back and grab the one 
you didnt move, and manuver it to where the other 
statue was sitting. Go back to the first statue, and
grab it, moving it down the track and all the way
around to the right until it catches the beam of
light. Grab the second statue and move it all the way
to the left like you did the first one, but at the end
move it forward a little ways and it should catch the
other beam of light. Viola! Cutscene and [CHECKPOINT].

Head down into the now open doorway and continue down
the hall until you reach a room with a closed door
and a pressure switch in the middle. Draw your weapons
and step on the switch.. not only does it open the door, 
but it releases some nice playmates for you. 
Submachine guns work nicely here.. After they are all 
dead, continue down the hallway until you get another
brief cutscene. Yes, Lara, we noticed the architecture
changes.. [CHECKPOINT]

Puppet No Longer
Treasures 0/4

Down more hallway until we are treated to another lovely
cutscene and checkpoint. That's a big door.. and a nice
Open the door and head inside (you can close the door
again if you like, but it serves no purpose.. other
than making you giggle because it shows open in the
next cutscene), proceeding down the blue glowing
walkway until you reach a pedestal like the first one
with the gauntlet you already own. Yay, another
lovely cutscene. [CHECKPOINT]

Alright, now that we know its been a wasted trip, lets
get out of here shall we? Head forward and hang off the
edge, dropping down the cracks to land on the bottom
ledge. Notice your glove lighting up? Yep, you can move
this big chunk of wall/walkway/rock.. and indeed you 
have to in order to get out the other door. Interact with
it and move it as far to the right as you can, then 
release and head to the left, jumping to the next ledge.
Once here head forward and you will spot three poles 
sticking out of the side of the wall. Use them to get to 
the other side. You will notice that you can move the
wall from this side as well, and indeed you can pull it
all the way to the end of the ledge here.. but you will
find should you do that, that you will not be able to 
get back to the other side. Well you can make it to the
first ledge, but that does you no good since you can
not reach the second one here. The solution is to move
the wall a little bit towards you then squeeze behind
it, pushing it from the other side until it stops. 
Make your way back across the poles and to the ledge 
on the other side, then move to the left and jump to the
next ledge. Again, here interact with the wall and move
it to the right until it stops and you are treated with
a cutscene. [CHECKPOINT]

Hop back up the ledges and proceed across the walkway
to the door opposite, which is just like the door you
entered through.. which means you have to open it the
same way. Do so, and get treated with another brief
cutscene and checkpoint. 

Run forward and leap off the end of the walkway, 
grappling the ring mid jump to swing to the other side.
Once there head to the left and spot a pole that acts
as a lever, lowering as Lara puts her weight on it. 
Climb up the two chunks of broken wall then jump over
to the pole, releasing once it hits the bottom and
falling into the water. Surface and catch your breath, 
then dive under and swim to the end before your breath
runs out. Its not really that long of a distance, you
should be fine. There is a pocket of air along the way
should you run into trouble. Just follow the light areas
and you'll make it. Cutscene and [CHECKPOINT].

+-+-+-+-+-+ +-+-+-+-+-+
|C|r|o|f|t| |M|a|n|o|r|
+-+-+-+-+-+ +-+-+-+-+-+
Treasures 6

Protected by the Dead
Treasures 6/6

Laugh at Lara's comment about Zip's music waking the
dead, then head yourself down the tunnel you are in
until you reach some ledges you have to climb down.
On the other side climb up the next ledges and make
your way onward through the low tunnel, dropping off
the ledge near the end then heading forward. You will
see the next tunnel below you, so make that jump and 
get yourself moving. [CHECkPOINT]

Continue onwards until you reach a broken wooden 
platform, a brief cutscene, and a checkpoint. Before 
you head across turn to the right to see your first
treasure of the level. [Treasure 1/6]

Now head out onto the platform and drop off the right
side, dropping twice more before shimmying to the right
again and leaping over to the next wooden platform. Work
your way aorund the back and hop up to the next level
before shimmying right again, all the way around to the
side you havent been on. Here, work your way upwards then
climb up at the top and head into the tunnel to [CHECKPOINT].

On down this tunnel you will finally come to a room with
three pillars and the exit on the opposite side way up
high. You can see it easily, its well lit with lots of 
candles.. Who lights these things, anyway?
There are two ways to get up here.
First, you can go back into the tunnel and take the 
split path you didn't see at first, leaping over to the
first platform, walking the beam to the next platform,
then jumping to the third one from there.. but since
you have to go there anyway to get the treasure, why
not just head straight to the third pillar? There is a
pile of rocks next to it that will help you easily get
up onto it, so go ahead and so do now. Turn around 
and look to the left to spot the ledge with the treasure.
Hop across and snag it. [Treasure 2/6]

Hooray for shortcuts! Now, leap back over to the pillar, 
then leap to the coffin shaped nooks in the nearby
wall. Make your way upwards and to the middle, then pull
yourself up and go about your merry way. At the end of
the next long tunnel you will find yourself in a room
with lots of scaffolding near the doorway, and you can
plainly see the next treasure to the left on a ledge. 
Drop down to the scaffolding directly under you to 

Jump down to the next one, then leap over to the beam
on the left. Balance your way down it and carefully
step over to the section parrallel with the ledge,
then leap over and pull yourself up. Snag your reward.
[Treasure 3/6]

Jump back to the long section of beam, as you will 
fall down to crunchy death if you go for the short bit. 
Work yourself closer to the door then drop to the 
lower beam, then finally drop to the floor from here. 
Turn left and head to the back of the room, heading up
the left set of stairs through the open doorway. Head
down the hallway until you reach two doorways. One leads
into the main area with your next exit, the other leads
up to a balcony. Head up that one now. When you get
to the top you will checkpoint, stop and notice the pole
sticking out of the wall beside you. Go over to said
pole and pull yourself up on top of it, balancing your
way to the wall where you can pull yourself up on a 
ledge and claim another treasure. [Treasure 4/6]

Hop back down and continue forward until you reach an
odd looking lever. Interact with it and move it around
until the light on the stained glass looks like an 
angel with wings.. or kinda like the thing sticking
out of the top of the lever ~.0
Make your way back down the stairs and out into the
open area you avoided earlier, heading across to another
doorway that leads to another balcony with another 
lever. And what do you know? Theres another pole here 
that leads to another treasure. You know what to do here, 
man, so do it.  [Treasure 5/6]

Hop back down, do the lever/ light trick again, and 
you are good to go. You'll know you did it right when 
you get a cutscene showing you the lever in the middle
of the area below and a checkpoint. Make your way down
to said lever and interact with it to open the exit
for yourself. Now turn around and head to the right side
of the pillar that the light is emitting from, and note
the handholds all up the side of it.. you know what to do.
Once you reach the top take a flying leap out into space
and use your grappling hook, so you can swing yourself
to the ledge that holds the exit for you. Head down 
the hallway until you reach a dead end and a lever in
the floor. Flip it and watch the door open. Down more
hallway and up some stairs until you find a nice 
chamber and a nice cutscene. [CHECKPOINT].

Here we have our first encounter with thralls. These
appear to be creatures/animals/ people who spent 
too much time either near the artifacts, or in 
the specific underworld areas themselves.. but thats
only my theory. Now for the meat and potatoes on how
to deal with these ugly suckers: 
Your guns alone will not kill these things. Once
you down one, you have only so long to do something 
a little more permanent before they get right back 
up and start chewing on your rump again. Once a thrall
is down the way to kill them is to run up and press
the interact button, which will cause Lara to pounce
on their chest and explode their bones to bits. 
Alternately, you can make extremely good use of your
sticky grenades here, but I generally only recommend
it on the bigger and slower thralls. The smaller 
ones move too fast for you to be able to get away from
the blast. Whatever you strategy you prefer, take care 
of the two thralls here before they chew on you too
badly. Once you have desposed of them, look around to
see another treasure laying under some wooden crates. 
Grab the last treasure of this chapter. 
[Treasure 6/6]

Now turn around to see an odd pillar with purple
markings. You will notice that the gauntlets glow when
near it... so yes, you can move it. Do so now, by 
dragging it to the left until you reach a short pillar
that is next to a complete pillar with broken balcony
guards on it. Hop between the pillar you just moved
and the one you moved it next to until you reach the
top, then take a flying leap over to the nearest
balcony beam. Note the large hole in the floor here..
yes, that will hurt bad if you fall down it. 
Drop off the edge of the beam and shimmy to the right 
until you can pull up to the next beam on the other side,
Then pull up and walk to the end. Leap from there to the
crevisse in the broken pillar in front of you, then
shimmy around to the right until you reach the end and
jump off to the exit ledge behind you. Mini cutscene, then
head into the glowing tunnel before you. Man.. is it just
me, or have we been here before? Oh yes, yes we have. 
Now we get to replay what we did in the prologue of the
game... This time making a little more sense. You 
should know how to get to the cutscene of Zip and Lara
at the doorway, so Im going to leave you to it. Ill be
back once you get past that point. 
One note: Watch out for the falling timbers in Lara's
bedroom. Why they are here now and weren't before is
anyone's guess....

Are you done yet? Good, lets continue on with the game.
Now we have to find a way into the tech room. Look
around until you see the chunk of the fireplace with a
climbable ledge. Do so and pull yourself up to the 
hallway above. Turn right and go to the end, then look
at the glass structure in front of you. Take a flying
leap off the end and you will grab either the metal 
supports themselves, or the pole. Either way, pull 
yourself up to the top, then drop down the ledges to
the other side to trigger more cutscenes. Ah..
Things make a little more sense now, yes they do.. 

+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+ +-+-+-+-+-+-+
|S|o|u|t|h|e|r|n| |M|e|x|i|c|o|
+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+ +-+-+-+-+-+-+
Treasures 6

The UnNamed Days
Treasures 1/6

Well Lara's pissed, and rightly so. I would be too, for
that matter. Time to do something about that.. 

Since we get to use our bike for a good majority of this
whole chapter, I'll give you a brief breakdown on the
controls here:
L1: Accelerate
L2: Brake/Reverse
R1: Shoot
R2: Emergency Brake
Triangle: Mount/Dismount
Left Stick: Steer
Right Stick: Camera

Pretty straightforward, not? Alright then, lets dig into
the level shall we?
Hop on your bike and head forward through the stone
doorway until you reach a fork in the path. We have to go
in both directions, but lets do the left first so we dont
have to backtrack later. Head left and follow the path
around until you reach some large stone blocks that you
can't drive over. Leave your bike here for now and hop
on over to the other side, don't worry itll still be here
when we come back for it later. On the other side look at
the door with the wooden beam holding it up, then 
interact with the beam and pull it to the right, causing
the door to fall and triggering a [CHECKPOINT].

Head forward through the door until you reach a room with
a switch on the right and a closed door in front of you.
Flick the switch, then proceed forward once the door is
open. Yes, the door behind you closed but that switch
still works.. 
Open the next set of large wooden doors and watch the 
brief cutscene, then head forward and interact with the
lever on the ground. [CHECKPOINT]

Head to the other side of the area and that small door
you just opened, flipping the switch once you get inside
to open the big door there. As you come out of the small
room you will see on the opposite side the first treasure
of the area, so go snag it. [Treasure 1/6]

Turn and head through the big door you just opened now, 
and you will find a pressure switch on the ground with
another closed door on the other side. You know what
to do here..  Draw your weapons as you pass through the
door and waste the kitty that thinks you look tasty. 

Wow, look at all those pillars.. Ill go ahead and give
you the sequence to climb across all those pillars, 
because after all thats what Tomb Raider is all about
isnt it? Just note however, should you mess up or just
not feel like it, you can Chimney jump between the last
two pillars on the right, grab the beam, and get over
to the wall from there. ^_^

Head forward to the left, and find the pillar with the
pole sticking out at the bottom. Pull up and balance on
it, getting close to the pillar so you can pull up to 
the notch above you. Shimmy around to the left and jump
to the flat pillar behind you, then turn and jump back
to the notch above the one you just jumped from. Hop
to the pillar on the left, then from there to the 
handholds in the wall. Work your way down, over, up,
and over some more until you can look backwards and
jump to the long beam behind you. At the end of the 
beam turn to the right and jump for the notch on the
next pillar, then shimmy around and pull up on the
small section of beam here. With this camera angle
you will see another beam section diagonal to you, you
want to jump to that one next. From there you hang 
down and shimmy all the way to the left, where you pull
up and jump to the beam in front of you. From there, 
balance out to the end and jump to the white ledge in
the wall in front of you. Shimmy right until you can
jump to a smaller ledge above, then right again until
you can leap to a pole. Swing around the pole and jump
off to the long ledge on the other side. Head left and
through the door to [CHECKPOINT].

Make your way down the tunnel here until you slide down
a small slope, then turn to the right and climb over
the ledge to enter the next room. Climb up the short
block in front of you, then leap to the notch in the
taller block and shimmy around to the left. On that side
leap up to the next notch, then backwards to the small
ledge in the wall. From there turn left and run up to the
wall, hopping up to grab the white notch. Jump up one more
time and then shimmy all the way to the left until you reach
the other side, you will have to hop to the next section 
once. When you reach the end, drop down twice then turn and 
climb up to the next ledge. Run out on the section sticking
out across from the beam, then jump to the beam and balance
to the other side. Follow the hallway around and up a small
set of stairs until you reach a hole in the floor you must
drop down into. Do so now. Look to your right to see a 
lighter area in the darkness here, then head off the edge
of the ledge to the bottom. This is one of the few places
your utility light will actually work, so enjoy it while
you can. Head forwards through the door until you are
greeted with a small cutscene. Cracked floor, block on top
of pillar... Hm. 

Head directly forward and jump up to the white notch, then
climb up to the long ledge here. Run forward and jump to 
the next long ledge. Run to the end of this ledge and use
your grappling hook on that ring in the wall, then back
up until your rope is really tight against the block 
balancing here. If you go too far the grapple will just
release, not far enough and you wont have any effect..
About halfway back on the ledge seems about right. Push
the interact button to pull the rope towards you, and you
will knock the block off the pillar, sending it crashing
through the floor below. Poor Lara, always making a mess..
At least no one makes you clean it up. [CHECKPOINT]

Make your way back down the way you came up here, then
head over to the hole in the floor where you can see a
ledge you can drop down to. Trust me, if you drop straight
in you will meet crunchity death. Hop down to the ledge,
then shimmy to the right and drop to the next one. Right
a little more, then down to the large ledge here. Hang
from here and drop to another notch in the wall, then 
shimmy to the left until you can drop off the ledge with
the lighted statues. At the back here there is a shiny
artifact just waiting to be picked up, so grab the 
JAGUAR HEAD now. This releases the door on the other side, 
but something is blocking that door.. Turn and aim, and
you will see wooden beams blocking the door from dropping.
Shoot them to hell, then jump forward to the block in the
middle of the room. From here leap to the bottom ledge of
the stairs, then pull up and head up the hallway. 

Operate the lever in front of you to open the way, then 
head down some more hallway until you reach another closed
door and a lever sticking out of the wall. Push said lever
to the left until it stops, then head out the door into 
the courtyard we entered through earlier. [CHECKPOINT]

Make your way back up the stairs with the lever that opened
the big stone door, then from there into the area with the
switch you have to throw again to reopen the path to your
bike. Once you and your bike are reunited, head back to 
where the road originally forked to begin with, and this 
time we want to head right. Near the beginning you will come 
to an area that looks like a dead end, but there is a stone 
ramp on the left that works just dandy in helping you on about 
your merry way. Work your way around the path until you come 
to the open area known as the ball court, where you will find
two mercs and a [CHECKPOINT].

Gun them down or run them over, the choice is up to you, once
they are dead head up the ramp on the right and into the first
room with a pressure switch. Wait for the door to open then
continue up the path, making sure you use any wooden planks
you come across to get over the pits here. You will come to
another room with a pressure switch, you know the deal here.
Once past the doorway there is a panther to kill, so drop it
however you see fit then climb off your bike at the end of the
path here. Turn and find the small ledge in the wall you can
climb up onto, which is next to a wall with a ton of little
climbable notches. The goal here is to make your way around
said notches until you can pull up at the top. As you head
through the small break in the wall you will get a cutscene

Treasures 0/6

Head forward now and grab the STONE HEADDRESS from the pedestal
on the left, then turn and head to the stone circles in the 
floor. Stop when your interact button shows up, and place the
STONE HEADDRESS here. Continue to the right until you reach
the big handle, where you need to place the JAGUAR HEAD. 
Grab ahold of this handle, and rotate it clockwise until all
four red and gold notches line up in the floor. Once you've
gotten it properly a cutscene will activate. [CHECKPOINT]

Make your way safely down to your bike, then ride all the way
back to the ball court that has now been transformed. Go right
down that stone ramp until you are treated to another cutscene
and another [CHECKPOINT].

The Midgard Serpent
Treasures 0/6

Hop back onto your bike and head down the hallway, where you 
will eventually come to some pits with wooden ramps to jump
over them with. Jump the first two then immediately brake and
jump off, as you need to raise the ramps to get across this
next pit here. It helps if you angle yourself to the left as
you brake, since there is a nice pillar there you can bump the
bike against. Dismount once you are stopped and climb up the 
wall right beside you to the top, where you can jump off to 
the right to the notch on the pillar you stopped the bike
against. The notch will lower, causing the ramps to raise for
you to jump over. Get back on your bike and back up as far
as you can so you can get enough speed, then continue forward
over the pit and down much more winding hallways until you 
reach a door and a lever in the floor. Climb off, pull the
lever, then hop back on and drive through the door to trigger
another cutscene and [CHECKPOINT].

Land of the Dead
Treasures 5/6

Now, if you ignored my previous statement of driving your bike
in here, the game developers were nice enough to foresee this 
and place the bike inside the door here for you. No, we arent
done using the bike yet, but we wont be needing it for a while.

Take a look around this room here, and note there are several
interesting bits here. Seven statues ring a nice glowing pool
of toxic sludge that is spewing from the mouth of a serpent 
statue, there is an intact ramp to your left, and a broken 
ramp to your right. First thing first, we want to get some
treasure so head for the broken ramp on the right now, shall
Head up the first section of broken ramp and jump to the 
small pillar, then jump to the second section of ramp from 
there. At the end of this ramp jump for the ledge in the wall, 
then hop upwards to the next ledge and shimmy all the way to
the left until you can hop backwards to the third section of 
ramp. At the end here jump to the fourth small section of
ramp, then walk the beam and jump up onto the fifth section. 
Run to the end and snag the treasure. [Treasure 2/6]

Now, to make your way back the way you came. It should be 
pretty straightforward, but there has been reports of a 
glitch with the beam, where you can't jump up to the next
section of ramp until you are so close to it you look like
you are inside of it. If you run into this glitch, or just
plain cant or dont want to make all those jumps again, here
is the way around it:
Make your way back to the beam, and get on it. Walk a little
ways out, then drop off the left side and hang. Make sure it
it is the left side, if you do this off the right its 
crunchity death for you. Shimmy all the way back to the next
section of ramp, then when you are up against it drop off
the beam. You will land on the outcropping like pillar you
can see underneath, or more like in it.. You wont be able
to see anything but your shadow. This is fine, just simply
move yourself forward until you fall off the end. You will
most likely land on the stairs that lead up to a door you
will be visiting here shortly, but even if you hit the 
ground you will only lose some health and not die. Whoo, 
you made it!

Now, lets address the meat and potatoes of this room. On the
floor near where you came down you will see a shiny gold
SCEPTER piece. Pick it up, and place it in the hand hole
of the statue closest to it. You could go ahead and move
the statues around on this side if you wished, but I 
prefer to do the other side of the room first as it is 
shorter, and an easier checkpoint.. 

Head over to the other side of the room to find the second
SCEPTER stuck in the ground. Pull it out, then place it
again in the statue nearby. Now, grab onto this statue and
turn it until it is facing the toxic pool, then move it 
along the track until it stops. [CHECKPOINT]. 

Now, turn around and run past the statue in the middle here,
then approach the other statue on this side and repeat the
process. You will get a checkpoint, and a cutscene of a
door opening. Head to this door now. Inside, you will find
a STATUE KEY. Pick it up and head back out, triggering
another checkpoint. Drop off the ledge and run straight
forward to the statue you ignored earlier, using the key
at the back of its head. You will see that the lock holding
it in place has lowered, which means you can move this one
towards the toxic pool as well. Once you do so you will be
greeted with a cutscene of another statue that has two 
locks near the door. One of these locks has lowered, so
now we need to go unleash the other one. [CHECKPOINT]

Move to the other side of the room and move the two statues
here that aren't locked towards the pool like you did on 
this side, opening the door there as well. Make your way
up the broken ledges to the doorway, and head down the 
hallway. Eventually you will reach an area where the doors
will close behind you and you will [CHECKPOINT]. 

Note the altar like thing here with a notch in the wall
behind it, then head to the right and up the stairs. You
will find yourself on the roof of the structure, surrounded
by icicles and crappy camera angles. Move all the way to 
the left carefully until the camera angle changes again, 
then leap off the edge and slide down the ramp here into
the next area. Head forward, and on the left you will see
another treasure for your pleasure. Pick it up and head
on. [Treasure 3/6]

Okay.. this looks semi interesting.. You will see two gates
and a notch in the wall in the middle. Head up the stairs and
approach the notch, activating a pressure plate that opens 
up the gates. Pick one then head inside carefully, as a thrall
in here wants to make you its lunch. Once properly dealt
with, head around to the back and up the stairs to grab the
second STATUE KEY and a checkpoint. Head back outside and place 
the key in the notch in the wall, which will open another 
doorway for you to exit through. Lara automatically takes the 
key back when the sequence is done, so no worries there. Head 
through the door you just opened and watch it close behind you, 
as you trigger another [CHECKPOINT].

Head down the hallway until you reach a room that has a 
climbable wall in front of you. Head forward and work your way
up the wall, until you reach a ledge on the right that you 
can walk around to the end and hang off to a handhold. Do so, 
then work your way right and jump up to the next ledge. Jump
up on more time, then jump backwards to a wall with crevisses.
Climb your way up these until you can pull up to the top and

Turn around, and you will see two beams behind you and also
and handhold notch in the wall near the beam. Now, if you 
get lucky you can just straight from this edge and land on
the beam, but if you prefer to play it safe like me just jump
to the notch, then to the beam. Once there, balance out to the
end, then jump across to the next beam and balance to the 
other side. Turn to the left, and do a nice little somersault
jump to the ledge. You can also grab the crevisse in the wall
in front of you then work your way over, but that jump is 
so much cooler.. lol
Head into the alcove and work your way upwards, shimmying
around until you can pull up. Make your way down the hallway
here until you reach the end, then turn and notice the two
beams here as well. Make your way carefully to the other side, 
then turn and look to your left to see a lever near the door, 
a horizontal pole high up on the left, and notches in the wall.
You see those notches? Dont just directly to them. You will 
miss every time. Instead, go off of the angled section of
ledge, and jump for the notch on the equally angled section
of wall. You will make this jump much easier, and you can
shimmy around from there. Once on the back wall make your 
way up to the horizontal pole, then turn and shimmy to the
left until you are lined up with the pole near the door. 
Jump to it and let your weight move it down, opening the
exit door. Head through and watch it close behind you while
you finally [CHECKPOINT].

Make your way forward and climb the ledges, continuing on
until you slide down a long ramp. You will find yourself in
a room with alot of pillars everywhere. Turn and head to the
right, and in the back you will find a door and a weight
lever on the left hand side. Make good use of your Chimney
jump here to get up there, and open the door for yourself.
Head through the door and slide down another ramp, continuing
forward until you find yourself back in the room with the 
closed doors, altar like thing, and notch in the wall. Also
known as the icicle room. Go around behind the altar and 
place the key in the notch, then watch a cutscene similar
to the one earlier when you first got the key. Take the
key back and head towards the doors. [CHECKPOINT]

Hey, these dont close behind us! This is a good thing, 
because we will be back here later. Make your way back into
the room with the statues and pool of toxic sludge, then use
the key on the locked statue on this side. Move this statue
towards the pool as well, and you will see the other lock
on the statue near the door being released. [CHECKPOINT]

Finally, we can move the last statue. Do so now, and get 
a cutscene of a door lowering on the lower level and
another checkpoint. Head to this doorway now, its down
the stairs in the back of the area where we havent been
yet. You can actually go left or right here, it doesn't
really matter. The way down will still be the same, and 
there will still be a thrall at the end that wants to eat
your face off. Once you take out the thrall, continue on until
you reach a room with a ramp on the right and a checkpoint. 
Head forward until you notice a hole in the wall on the left
that you can crawl through. Do so and work your way to the
other side to find more treasure. Look around, you will spot
it off to the left. [Treasure 4/6]

Make your way back out to where you first came in, then 
make your way up the ramp. At the top head into the notch in
the wall, then climb yourself right on up to the top, its 
pretty easy. Once at the top pull out your guns and shoot 
the thing holding up the weird block, and watch it fall down
and break into conveniently shaped chunks. [CHECKPOINT]

Hop down off the ledge here and use the new blocks to make
your way across to the ledge of the channel containing more
toxic goop. Walk across the wooden bridge to the lever on
the other side, then pull it and watch the cutscene. 
Checkpoint here, then head your way back to the room with
the statues to find that the big snake is no longer spitting
toxic poison into the pool. This means we now have access to 
a new area.. Head down the ramp into the hole in the now 
mostly empty pool, keeping in mind that tiny toxic ring of
goo is still toxic, so avoid it. Hang off the end of the 
ramp here, and drop yourself down the ledges until you land
in a small circular room that is dark enough it turns your
light source on. Take a look around here, and look down the
ramp before you go down it. You will just barely spot a 
thrall down there, so you can do it the easy way and take 
it out from here if you wish. The best method of doing this
is to fire a couple shots to get its attention, then lob a
sticky grenade and blow it up. Should you happen to not
be able to kill it from here, or already slid down the 
ramp, or just like living dangerously, you can kill it from
the ledge that you land on. There are several methods of 
doing this from this ledge, the funniest being making it
fall off the edge to its own death as you leap to the next
ledge you need to advance on.. but keep in mind that you
checkpoint on that ledge, and if the thrall is not dead when
you land you will have to deal with it every since time you
activate that checkpoint. And trust me, unless you are 
incredibly lucky, you will activate it at least a couple times
while trying to make your way down this bloody room. 

Once you have dealt with the thrall/made your way down to the
ledge, turn to the right and spot the climbable section of
wall here. Hop over to it and make your way all the way to 
the right until you see a notch you can drop down onto, 
ignoring the ledge below for now. You dont really need it, 
since the crevisse extends all the way over. Drop down to
the small ledge, then down again to the one right below it. 
From here, carefully hop across the three beams to the ledge
on the opposite side. From here jump down to the next small
ledge to the right, then leap from there and grab the 
hand holds in the wall. Work your way across the three of 
them and jump off at the end to another ledge, then jump to
another small ledge right in front of it. Go forward and grab
the handhold in the wall and make your way right, then down 
the wall to the final one, then shimmy left until you can 
jump off to the left. Turn and jump to the white ledge in
front of you, then again to the slanted ledge in front of
that. If you find you cant make the straight jump there is
a crevisse in the wall that will make it easier. Once on this
ledge, turn to the right and work your way to the back of
the hidden alcove here, snagging both [Treasure 5/6] and 
netting yourself a much needed checkpoint. (Note - if you
come back here later on in treasure hunt and you already
nabbed the treasure, you will not get the checkpoint.)

Head back outside and to the other side of this ledge, 
where you will see a ramp leading down. Again, jumping
straight to the ramp is hedging your bets, so go for the 
notch in the wall then jump to the ramp from there. Make your
way down this ramp until you spot a smaller, blue ramp to 
the left. Jump to that ramp and make your way down it, 
going down the smaller section and dropping off to the small
ramp below. Slide off carefully, then move to the left and
further in on the ledge before you turn around and attempt
the jump to the next ledge. Pull up and head to the door, 
netting yet another blessed [CHECKPOINT].

Make your way down the hall here until you are greeted with
a small cutscene explaining the engraving on the wall and
another checkpoint. Make your way up either side and tread
carefully, as there is another thrall up here. Dispose of 
it and head onwards until you reach a lever in the floor. 
Pull it and head through the open doorway to be greeted 
with the sight of the giant Thor statue holding a hammer,
and a gate at the top that is currently closed. We will
get it opened here in a few minutes. Head forward into the
room and note the switch on the opposite side. It wont do
anything useful now but we will get to it later. Look off to
the left, and spot on the lower lighter colored ledge the 
last treasure of the area. Hop over and snag it. 
[Treasure 6/6]

Hop back over to the main ledge, then head up the ramp on
the opposite side until you reach the top and you have to
jump across to pull a switch. Pull it and snag yourself
a checkpoint. Head back down and get up to the platform
with the switch you cant use yet, then go to the left and
look at the pillar in the wall thats missing a huge chunk.
Jump to it and then shimmy to the right, leaping over to the
ledge here. Once here turn to the left and climb up the 
ledge, then hop to the crevisse and shimmy all the way to
the left until you can hop to the next ledge. Head up the 
ramp to the next switch, passing a movable chunk of wall
along the way. You can't move it now with out Thor's belt, 
but remember its location because you will be back. Flip
the switch and [CHECKPOINT].

From here you can drop off the ledge and shortcut your way
down, then hop back across to the middle section. Now, make
your way to that switch and pull that bad boy. You will be
treated with a nice cutscene of the gate opening and a 
snake head raising out of the water.. only problem is the
hammer raises in front of the gate as well. [CHECKPOINT]

Turn around and notice that the snake head has a grapple
ring on it, so do your thing and move around behind it.
Once you are directly behind the snake, yank on your hook, 
which will move the snake head and cause it to sink back into
the water, causing the hammer to drop back down as well. Once
its dropped, hopped back over to the platform the lever is 
on, and hop up to the notch in the middle of the hammer. From
there hop up to the top, then head down the hallway here. 
Whoo, Thor's belt! Now we have the whole set! [CHECKPOINT]

Head back outside and onto the hammer, then turn and jump
off to the right the same way you went to get to the second
switch. Remember that movable wall I mentioned earlier?
Yeah, thats where we are headed. Grab a hold of that wall
and pull it all the way out until it stops, then release
and head around behind it. At the back of the hallway you
will find handholds in the wall, hop up them until you reach
the top, then jump off backwards to the ledge of the hallway
behind you and continue on and around to the left until you
reach a room with broken handholds in the wall and a
checkpoint. Climb up twice, then turn around and jump to the
one behind you, climbing up twice again. Repeat until you 
reach a larger ledge and more handholds further in the wall
behind it. Jump to the very top then turn around and leap
to the wall behind you again, then climb up at the top and
turn to the left to see handholds in the brick looking
wall. Hop up to the top then shimmy to the right, pulling
up on the ledge then going to the next set of handholds in
this wall and climbing up them as well. At the very top 
shimmy to the left, then pull up on the ledge and stop there.
If you are careful, you will notice the thrall in front of
you but you will not trigger it. Lob a sticky grenade at it
to take it out easily, then continue forward down the tunnel
until you reach another [CHECKPOINT].

Here we are back in the room with all the pillars and the
door locked by the weight pole, so head over there and
activate that baby to get out of here. Slide back down
into the icicle room, and make your way all the way back
to the room with the statues and the toxic pool. See, I 
told you those doors staying open was a good thing.. 
Enjoy the cutscene and the [CHECKPOINT].

Now, go back to your poor, neglected bike and hop on it,
heading up the previously ignored ramp. Ride on up it until
you reach the top, jumping over a small hole along the way.
At the top jump off and open the door using the mighty
combined power of all three artifacts, then get back on 
your bike and head your way down the hallway until you 
reach the broken looking area that leads to alot of pits
and a checkpoint. Use the ramp straight ahead to jump the
first pit, then head to either the left or the right for
the next couple pits, as there are little bridges on both
of the sides here that you can just roll right over. When
you get close to the last pit you will see nothing on the
sides but piles of rock - use one of these to launch 
yourself up so you can drive along the wall and get past
the pit. From there head forward into the hallway, jumping
over one last pit before continuing on and triggering
a cutscene and [CHECKPOINT].

+-+-+-+ +-+-+-+-+-+ +-+-+-+-+-+-+
|J|a|n| |M|a|y|e|n| |I|s|l|a|n|d|
+-+-+-+ +-+-+-+-+-+ +-+-+-+-+-+-+
Treasures 3

Gate of the Dead
Treasures 0/3

Yay, another level we get to use the bike on. I urge you
to be careful here, as we are on icy snow and there are
alot of sharp turns and ledges around. With that in mind, 
hop on your bike and head forward across the thin bridge
to the road beyond, being careful with the sharp turns
you come across. Once you reach the first chasm you jump
across dont let off the gas, because there are two more 
immediately behind it you need to jump as well. Head 
around the road here then jump across three more chasms
before you checkpoint right after the last one. 

There arent any chasms to jump over right away, but be
careful and hug the walls here, as the ledges are thin
and you will fall down. Keep to the right, then the left,
and finally to the right, jumping over the tiny gap near
the end. Right afterwards you will come to a fork. To
the right is a dead end, so head to the left and make
a sharp U'ie (u turn) around the corner. Follow the
road from here till you jump a gap and land in a tunnel, 
then straight onwards to jump another gap and land in 
another tunnel. [CHECKPOINT]

Here, continue forward down the twisting tunnel, running
over any thralls you come across. Eventually you will 
come across two gaps you need to jump, do so and keep
driving on until you come behind two boulders. Not long
after you will trigger a cutscene. Whoo, this place
looks fun. 

Treasures 3/3

First things first, after the checkpoint turn and look
back at where you came in. Head up the ramp to the 
fallen boulders and in front of them you will find
[Treasure 1/3].

Turn back around and head back to your bike. Hop on, and
follow this winding ramp all the way down to the bottom.
You can mostly ignore all of the thralls here except for
the last two, but they are at the bottom and easy to run
over as you can make several passes if you miss. I highly
recommend driving on the wall as much as possible here, 
as there are several gaps in the floor and you wont have
to worry about jumping them as much. Once you dispatch
the two thralls at the bottom, a cutscene will ensue, which
also allows you to be able to open the door here. You can 
do so until they are dead. Once the cutscene is over 
interact with the spiky pillar in the middle, moving it 
counterclockwise until the door is open. Hop down and get
back on your bike here. You dont really need it, but it 
makes things much faster and more fun. 

Head forward into the hallway until you get to the first
junction, where you will spot another treasure to the left.
Go snag it. [Treasure 2/3]

Get back on your bike and head in the opposite direction. 
The halls here have some junctions, but there is no real
maze so you should be able to find your way quite easily.
Follow the long hallway all the way around until you are
forced to abandon your bike by a ledge, then dismount and
climb up. Step out into the next room to trigger a small
cutscene and a checkpoint. As a veteran Tomb Raider player,
I cant help but sit here and think, "Man, why does this 
look like a bad idea?"

Walk out onto the walkway to trigger another cutscene. 
Oh, thats why. *chuckle*
After the pretty hammers smash the walkway, you are 
treated with another (Situational Adrenaline Rush).
Wait until you are close to the pillar in front of you, 
the jump off and grab the ledge. Make Make MAKE sure 
you climb up to the top and trigger your checkpoint here, 
otherwise you know you will be kicking yourself in the 
pants several times. Watch the tiny cutscene that shows
you where you need to go, then hang off the left edge of
the pillar. Drop down to the second ledge, then drop again
to the pole here. Work your way out to the edge to where
you are hanging directly over the ramp, then release 
and slide down. At the end you will land on the beam, you
dont have to do anything fancy yourself. Balance your
way to the end of the beam then hop up to the ledge 
above it, shimmying your way around to the other side
where you will find another beam. Balance it out to the
end, where again you will want to jump to the ledge in
front of you. On this ledge shimmy your way all the way
around the pillar until you can climb up onto the ledge
itself, then be prepared to do some Chimney jumping to 
get up to the top. Once you reach the top walkway you
will get a [CHECKPOINT].

Make your way around the walkway to the door here, making
sure you keep moving as this walkway crumbles once you
put your weight on it. Follow the hallway around until
you see a room with two weights moving up and down and
something huge taking a nap on the floor. Continue 
forward, and a cutscene will ensue. Welcome to your first
yeti thrall. These things are big, ugly, and they take
two grenades to take down. And no, you can not blow this
one up BEFORE you trigger the cutscene. Trust me, Ive tried.

Once the yeti is disposed of, head back into the room with
all the gears and weights, and pick a weight to climb up
onto. Hop the first crevisse then up to the top, and make
sure you are on the side that is facing the room. Wait 
until you reach the very top, then face backwards and jump
to the nearest revolving pole. Once it reaches the top of
the gear quickly pull up and balance, then jump to the
chain overhead and ride it over to the ledge on the other
side. Head into the hallway and [CHECKPOINT].

Make your way down this hallway until you spot one of the
lovely swinging hammers. You will also see two poles here. 
Jump up on the first one, then balance on top of it and
jump to the next one higher up. Swing and jump off it once
the hammer comes close, grabbing either the lower crack
or the top of the hammer. Shimmy around to the right a ways,
and if you happened to jump to the top of the hammer you
can drop down to the crack safely now with out running the
risk of missing and falling to your death. You see that
ledge you keep swinging past? Yeah, thats an evil little
ledge. And you have to jump to it. Its not nearly as easy
as it sounds, but I find that its much easier if you jump
when the hammer is swinging towards the right side of the
room, in other words towards the ramp instead of away 
from it. Once you land safely, you trigger a small 
cutscene showing your next destination and a blessed

Ignore the doorway here, thats the way we came in and it
wont do us much good. Hang off the back off the pillar here
where the cutscene showed us all those lovely handholds, 
and make your way down them until you reach the bigger crack
and have to shimmy right. Follow those handholds down to 
wider crack and shimmy back to the left around the corner, 
then drop down one more and jump to the ledge on the right.
Once you land make your way to the left or forward depending
on your camera angle until you stop, then leap backwards to
the ledge on the pillar you were just on. Shimmy until you
are above the beam then drop, turn, and balance to the end.
Make the long jump to the pillar in front of you, holding
in the jump button and being prepared to hit the interact
button in case you dont grab correctly. Shimmy to the right
then jump to the ledge on the right, then shimmy to the 
left and pull up on the ledge. We have another Chimney Jump
situation here, so get to it. Grab the ledge at the top and
shimmy around to the front where you find another beam,
where you can drop down and balance to the other end. 
Here, shimmy to the left and pull up on the wider ledge,
performing yet another Chimney Jump to get to the safe
platform at the top. [CHECKPOINT]

Ignore the walkway ahead and head through the doorway to
the left. Here we have another hallway leading to another
weight / gear room, so you know what to do here. Activate
another checkpoint at the top here, then head down the
hallway to another doorway with poles and a hammer. Make 
your way to it, but this time you dont need to jump off
to a ledge. Work your way to the other side of the hammer 
and to the back of it, where you can get the camera angle
to change back for you. Once you get near the doorway
jump off backwards. Make your way down this long ass 
hallway, and at the end we see.. Hey, did we just go in 
a circle? Nope, this is another room with swinging 
hammers. Just how many swinging hammers does a place need,
anyway? Get yourself up on the poles then leap to the
hammer like before. Here, we want to ride it to the other
side and jump off into the doorway like we just did, so
get yourself around there and do so. Once inside, you will
see a tall room with a grapple ring on the opposite wall, 
so leap forward and grapple the ring, then rappel down
the wall to the bottom. Once there, take a flying leap
over the toxic pool and head out into the room with all
the hammers swinging. [CHECKPOINT]

Head forward and jump to the ramp, sliding down it until
you land on the beam. Follow the beam to the end, then
jump up to the ledge and shimmy to the left until you can
jump to the flat pillar with a beam beside you. Follow 
that beam to the end as well, then jump up and shimmy
around the ledge to the right until you can pull up. Yet
again we have another Chimney Jump situation here. Jump 
to the top and pull up to the walkway above. If you look
to the left you will see the last treasure of the area,
so go pick it up. [Treasure 3/3]

Once you have it make your way to the other end of this
walkway where you can see a grapple ring in the ceiling
above and another walkway nearby. Jump off the walkway
and grapple the ring, then perform the dreaded wall 
run, jumping off the other side to the platform. From
there jump to the next section of walkway, then head
left and into the hallway. At the end we have the last
room with weights and gears, and a smaller viking thrall
that wants to eat your face off. Deal with it, then go
into the room and [CHECKPOINT].

These weights dont have any lower handholds, so you will
have to Chimney Jump to reach the top. Once on it, work
your way around to the front, and you know what to do
from there with the poles and the chains. Head down the
hallway at the top to reach the last set of poles and
swinging hammer, then leap to it and shimmy around to 
the right. Here you will find another ledge you need
to get on, luckily with this one you can just drop down
onto it when the hammer gets over it, which is much
safer and easier. Once down, turn and head over to the
stairway, where you will trigger a cutscene and a

+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+ +-+-+-+
|A|n|d|a|m|a|n| |S|e|a|
+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+ +-+-+-+
Treasures 0

Rituals Old
Treasures 0/0

This level is going to be a very short one. What makes 
up for it is the fact that you have Thor's Hammer to
unleash on any enemy that ticks you off, so you can
take a little time playing around with it should you 

This ship is the exact copy of the first ship we were
on, only this one wont be sinking in the end. In other
words, you should be figure out where to go and what
to do relatively easily with out much help from me.
Weapon cycle until you have Thor's Hammer equipped, 
then move down the stairs and start taking out enemies
with extreme prejudice. From here on out the hammer
should be your number one weapon pick, though you
will have to reselect it every time you die/enter a
new level. 

Once you are done playing around head up the stairs
to the right and through the open door, checkpointing
as you head deeper into the ship. Head past the point
that got blown up in the last ship, then around to the 
left and further on until you get another long 
cutscene. Told you this level would be short.. 

+-+-+-+-+-+ +-+-+-+
|A|r|t|i|c| |S|e|a|
+-+-+-+-+-+ +-+-+-+
Treasures 4

Treasures 4/4

After nifty cutscenes, swim forward here until you can
climb out onto the stairs and head upwards, not 
neglecting the first treasure of the level along the 
way. Its sitting in its own little niche in the wall
on the right side, so grab it. [Treasure 1/4]

Head into the room now and watch another cutscene, 
and trigger a checkpoint. 

Oh, I hate this room. I mean, I HATE this room. With
a fiery, burning, flaming passion. The slightest
wrong breath or tiniest toe misstepped will cause
you to have to do this whole damned thing all over
again.. Equip Mjornir and step forward to see why. 
Yep, thats right kiddies, its nothing but one big, 
ugly, disgusting toxic sludgefest. And remember, 
toxic pool is toxic so lets tread lightly here. 

Head forward and drop down off the crumbled ledge 
here, then take out the yeti that comes crawling out
of the goo. How they can survive in that, Ill never
know.. Once its done raining yeti chunks, walk over
to the beam on the left and carefully balance to the
other side where you can pick up [Treasure 2/4].

Turn around and balance back across, but stop about
halfway and turn to the left to jump to the ledge on
the chunk of wall there. From there shimmy right, then
leap backwards to the small stable ground in the middle
of the pool. Jump to the next upright ledge, then 
shimmy left until you can jump left to the upright pole.
Shimmy upwards until you can jump off to the ledge, 
then pull up and stare at the wall to the right, which
actually should be in front of you if you landed right.
Your grapple icon should also be showing. Jump off in 
the direction of the wall with the ledges and grapple
swing, letting go to grab whatever ledge your hands
find to be closest. Hop up the ledges and pull up at 
the top to find [Treasure 3/4].

Now, turn around and take a flying leap off of here,
grappling yet again to swing back to the ledge. However, 
if you are like me and you can't make that bloody ledge
no matter what you do, tweak yourself around while
stationary on your grapple rope until you are lined up
with the pole to your right, then swing and jump to it.
Its safer, and you were headed in this direction anyhow.
Once on the pole shimmy around until the big chunk of
stable floor is below you, then slide down and get off.
Use the hammer to deal with two more yetis, then notice 
the two small floor chunks to the right. Carefully hop
to the first one, then again to the second one and pick
up [Treasure 4/4].

Turn and jump back to the middle platform, then I stress
that you be HIGHLY, EXTREMELY careful with the jump
back to the big platform. You miscalculate this jump by
just a hair, Lara will touch the sludge and die. Once
you are safely back on the big platform, turn until you
see a beam to the left. Jump over to it and balance to
the end, where you can jump to a chunk of wall and pull
up. Turns out the top is like another beam, Balance 
across it as well and jump to the next ledge above you.
Pull up here and head towards the door, finally 
triggering a much needed [CHECKPOINT] and a small

Head down the long and boring hallway until you reach
the end and another cutscene, dealing with a few yeti
along the way. Mmm, yeti chunks.. 

Ah, man.. that sucks bad.. but how I dont wish I 
couldn't just shove that hammer down her throat.. 

[CHECKPOINT], and head down some more hallway, dealing
with some more yeti as you go until you reach a 
large open area and another checkpoint. Drop off the
edge and continue forward to trigger yet another

Out of Time
Treasures 0/4

Well, now that its official that Crazy woman is Crazy, 
(not that we ever had any doubt), lets stop this show
and save the world. 

In front of you you will see several small, floating
platforms spinning around the central structure. If
you can make the jump to one of them from here with
out landing in the muck below, I applaud you. 
(where is all this crap coming from anyway?)
More likely, and much easier, move your way to the
right along this walkway, jumping over the gap
and heading to the part that sticks out. When you
get close enough, things will slow down and Natla
will through a fireball at you. Roll, jump, or generally
just move your butt out of the way, then jump to one
of the platforms and hitch a ride. As you follow it 
around you will see a ring sticking out of the wall,
so be prepared to grapple it and jump off the block
when you get close. Once you have done so, hang down
then swing into the safety of the ledge area below.
From there turn and hang off the ledge to drop to 
the skinny bit, then go out onto the larger chunk
of platform on the ground here. Head to the right 
and make the leap to the next small platform, then
leap to the taller one that is next. You will notice
as you pull up here that there is a huge hole in it, 
but its safer just to jump the gap, as if you go 
around Natla will try to fireball you again, and the
camera angle sucks when you try to get away from it.
Leap four more platforms to the right, until you
reach one with another hole in it, that leads all
the way to a lit up blue wall. Interact with it
and move it back until you get a cutscene, which
reveals your path to the upper level. [CHECKPOINT]

Chimney Jump here until you can grab onto a ledge, 
then work your way upwards to the large ledge you
can pull up on. From here make your way up the 
notches in the wall and around to the left, making
your way around the back of the structure and completely
around to the other side. Work upwards here until you 
back around the front and can leap to a long ledge, 
then pull up here. Go around to the left and find a
small block to climb up to, then up the three notches
in the wall until you can climb up at the top and 
you are greeted with the sight of a pin that you 
can grapple and pull out. Do so now. Enjoy the
cutscene and [CHECKPOINT].

Make your way down to the small block, then back to 
the ledge. From here head to the right until you
reach a ring you must use to grapple swing across
a gap, then continue forward until you reach the 
other blue engraved block you can move. The whole
point of this process is that the blue blocks are
what's holding up the thing in the middle, and
you are removing those supports.. 

Head up to the block and move it as far as you can, 
and note as you checkpoint that there is no way to 
get up to that ring like there was on the first 
block. So, back to the ring we grappled across just
a minute ago, but dont use it. Instead, head for
the ledges in the wall to the left, and work your
way up those and around the back of the block here. 
Make your way across the back and to the other side
where you can climb up, and finally pull up at the
top here. Once you get closer to the end Natla will
try and throw one more fireball at you, do whatever
you need to in order to avoid it. Once past the
sequence, watch the two rows of floating blocks 
flying around here, and jump to one close by as
they pass. Jump from there to one of the inner ring, 
then wait until you pass the section of wall that
has a bunch of handholds on it. Jump to it, and work
your way all the way up to the crevisse where you can
shimmy right, then drop onto the slope and slide all 
the way down it to land behind where the ring is. 
Pull that bad boy out, and watch the ensuing chaos.

Enjoy the final cutscenes, and pat yourself on the
back, you just beat the game! I only have two 
questions here... Did she actually die, and where
in the bloody hell did Amanda's coat come from?

Now that you've beaten the game, you have the
ability to go back through in treasure hunt mode.
You can choose slightly different outfits, which
gun you want.. Useful for picking up any treasures
you gave up on or missed.. or if you just want to
play straight through with out messing with them
altogether. Enjoy!


4. FAQS/ Hints and tips

I have no real Frequently Asked Questions at this time, so
this section of the walkthrough will be updated later on as
I get some in. 

As for the hints and tips.. 

Most of the beams that you balance across you dont have to
be hugely careful while you are on them, as if you fall off
the side you simply grab and hold on. This allows you to pull
back up and continue on. Now, when you go to jump off to another
ledge/beam/whatever, thats a different story...

If you are having trouble with jumps, try moving the camera in
different directions until you get Lara to face in the desired
direction. This can also be said if you are having trouble
trying to get her to shimmy in a certain direction. Annoying, 
yes, but then again know Eidos its probably what they had in

Checkpoints are your friend in this game, they really are. You
can save any where you want as in previous games, but you
will always come back to whatever place you checkpointed at
last before that save. They are very useful if you are like
me and get into the game so much you forget to save frequently, 
unless your power goes out or something.. grr.

After checkpointing from a death, your weapons will automatically
reset to the pistols. If you were using something else, you will
have to switch back on your own. 

Any time you checkpoint after a death while on the bike, you will
be standing next to it and not on it like Legend. Hop back on and
lets go baby!

Thats all I can think of at the moment, but Im sure will be 
adding more here later on. 


5. Game Review 

Let me state first: This is only my opinion of this game. I am
not a professional. You have been warned.

Let me state second: I am a huge Tomb Raider fan, I love the 
entire series, and I am eternally grateful that Eidos decided
to make a PS2 version for us people that cant get our hands
on any new gen console any time soon. Bearing that in mind..

Despite loving the graphics, storylines, and environments, I
found this port somewhat disappointing. To me, it has an
'Angel of Darkness' feel to it, in the sense that it feels 
like they rushed it and put it out before it was really 
finished.. or they just took some elements, slapped them 
together, said 'Hey that looks good enough', and shipped
it out. The storyline feels too short, most of the levels
were way too easy, and there is almost absolutely no point
to collecting the treasures what so ever, as the outfits
you unlock you seem to get whether you miss a few or not.
There's no level data, there's no nifty things to unlock, 
there's no time trials.. Nothing that made Legend such
an awesome new thing for the series. I dont honestly feel
that it's fair that we people who can't afford or wont
get a new gen console have to suffer because they are
focusing more on what they can do for those systems. 
Im going to end up trying to get my hands on a PC copy
of the game, and hope Im not as disappointed with it.

Like I said, dont get me wrong I love this installment..
I just wish I didn't feel so shafted on it. At least 
I waited until the price dropped.. 


6. Contact and Legal Information

Contact Information

If you have any questions not answered in this walkthrough, 
or spot something ive missed, or just want to talk about the
game in general, I can be reached at:
hippytreefrog@yahoo.com .

Make sure you put the title of this walkthrough or Tomb Raider
Underworld or at the very least Tomb Raider as the subject of
your email or I wont read it. I delete everything I dont
recognize with out prejudice, its a great spam filter!
Please try to make at least some sense if your going to ask
me a question - if I dont have a bloody clue what you are
talking about, I cant help you.
As of this point English is the only language I speak, so
if I cant read your email, I wont be able to help you either.

One last thing: If the only reason you plan on emailing me is
to tell me how lame/retarded/gay/poor or pitiful I am or 
the walkthrough is, dont even bother. You will be laughed at, 
then your email will be deleted and you will be blocked. 
Besides, if you think my walkthrough is crappy, then dont
read it. Or, if you think you do better, Knock yourself out.

Legal Information:

In no way may this document be altered, copied, distributed,
plagarized, sold or otherwise messed with in part or in whole
with out my express permission. I hold all copyrights and I 
will enforce them should I find out this has been done. 
People are quite happy to tattle on thiefs, even if I don't 
see it myself I will end up knowing. You have been warned. 

As of this point and time the only site(s) that I am
giving permission to post this FAQ is:


If you wish to be added to this list, please contact me and
I will consider it. 


7. Credits and Closing.

Walkthrough copyright RenosAngel 2010

Tomb Raider Underworld copyright Eidos 2009

ascii art by http://www.network-science.de/ascii/

*more to be added later upon peoples contributions*

In closing I would like to thank all of the people who write
walkthroughs for any game that I have ever played and used
a walkthrough for, with out you I would not have been 
inspired to add my own contribution to the pot when I saw
there was a need as a repayment to all the help you have
been. Thanks so much for helping all of us lostlings!

I would also like to thank my friend Harry - you inspire me 
do to everything! Besides, your going to need this when you 
finally break down and get the game.. >:)

Final thanks goes to gamefaqs.com - with out you, I would 
be one frustrated gamer!

"Time to save the Universe then?" "Absolutely."

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