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    FAQ by Drakneau

    Updated: 09/02/96 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

    From: Drakneau@msn.com (Jason Ruler of all the world)
    Subject: NIGHTS FAQ
    Date: 2 Sep 96 01:28:34 -0700
    This Document contains the following topics.
    #1  The differences between the U.S. and the Japanese versions of this game.
    #2 The object of the game.
    #3 How to defeat the bosses in the game.
    #4 The A-Life system
    #5 The different endings you can receive.
    #6 How to receive an A
    #7 Some Hints and Tips.
    #1      There is no difference between the two versions of nights.  Some 
    may want you to beleive that there is less fallout and pop up in the 
    american version, but this is not true.  In any game that takes place 
    in a 3-D world, there will be certian angles that the camera view 
    simply cannot show.  When there is a "Solid" object in the way of the 
    camera, the camera simply hollows it out so that the charecter can 
    still be seen.  Though Nights seems to have alot of fallout and pop 
    up, for the amount of colours and 3D land scapes, and considering 
    that technicaly Saturn isnt supposed to be able to display these 
    types of graphics, I beleive that Nights is a fun to play, and 
    visualy pleasing.  Nights probably could have looked even better if 
    it was not rushed out like it was.  Even Super Mario 64, witch was 2 
    years in the making has some pop up and fallout.  Also the two 
    versions are both in english, in the Import version and the American 
    version all of the text, music and hint screens are in english.  The 
    only noteable difference between the two is the packageing and the 
    controll.  The import version comes in a clear jewel case witch has a 
    beautiful image of nights under the actual disk (this is a very nice 
    effect), where the American version is in a standard Saturn box, with 
    typical bad American box art.  The import version has a white 
    controll, with multi coloured buttons, and the american version is 
    entirely black.
    #2      The object of Nights is simple, you must retreive 5 dreams, then 
    defeat a boss.  To do this, you start the game, and you will see the 
    enemies steal all but your red orb.  With the red orb, you can enter 
    the chamber where NiGHTS is and become him.  Once you are Nights, you 
    will see a timer on the top of the screen.  You must collect 20 blue 
    chips (the little blue balls) and then retreive the orb from the 
    Jelly fish like monster witch holds it, before the timer runs out.  
    If the timer runs out, you will lose all youre points and have to 
    finish off the round as youre human charecter.  While a human, you 
    must watch out for the alarm clock.  If it hits you, you will wake 
    up, and the game will end.  Once you retreive the five orbs, you will 
    have to fight a boss.  After the boss is defeated they figure out 
    youre score, and judging on how high you scored you receive a letter 
    grade A-F.  The only way to access the final stage is to receive all 
    C's or higher.
    #3      Here are some tips on how to defeat the bosses.
    PUFFY- You have to grab a hold of her, and throw her towards the 
    right side of the screen.  There will be walls in the way, but each 
    will have a visible weak spot that you will have to aim for.  When 
    you reach the final room, there is a mouse trap type deveice.  Toss 
    her into it and it will defeat her.
    GULWING - You have to grab hold of his head then throw him.  This is 
    not always easy, because he is in constant motion and the rest of his 
    body is covered with spikes.  It is best to try to get him just below 
    the mouth.  After he is thrown his head will fall off and then 
    regrow.  You have to hit him a couple of times, so be patient.  
    Eventualy, though, he just floats into the back ground.
    GULPO - To defeat the fish, you have to use the little fish that are 
    positioned around the cylinder.  You have to find a fish witch is in 
    line with GULPO, then hold it and launch youre self at the fish.  It 
    doesnt take much to defeat him, but if you take to long in attacking 
    him the fish will emit a red beam witch will surround them for a few 
    seconds.  If you touch the beam, you will lose 5 seconds.
    REELA - To defeat Reela, you have to do a paraloop directly in front 
    of him.  If he flies into it three times Nights wins. It is difficult 
    to get in front of him sometimes, but if you use the drill dash, and 
    charge him head on, then you should be able to catch him.
    CLAWZ - The cat will zoom around the room, lighiting the mice.  Once 
    the mice are lit, in a few seconds they will fly up in the air and 
    hit Nights.  Once the cat lights the Mice, Nights has to drill dash 
    it to explode it.  Be careful not to get caught on un lit mice.  As 
    you destroy the mice the cat will hop to the next one.  Eventualy, he 
    will be caught with no mice to hop to.  If there are no other mice on 
    the screen at that time he simply dies, if there are still mice, and 
    he is just trapped, then you have to drill dash him.
    JACKLE - Jackle flies around the room and throws playing cards at 
    you.  He is also wearing a cape.  You have to fly at him head on and 
    dodge the cards.  Once you grab hold of him, toss him and his cape 
    will fall off.  Once his cape is off he can not throw cards, and he 
    is open to attack.  Just continue to grab and throw him untilll he is 
    dead.  If he manages to get his cape simply repeat the procedure to 
    get it off again.
    WIZEMAN - To defeat Wizeman, you first have to navigate the obstacle 
    courses he throws against you.  The first one, you have to fly 
    towards him while avoiding the balls he throws at you.  Then you have 
    to navagite through a moving asteroid feild, dodge snowballs, and 
    tornadoes.  The trick is figureing out the pattern of the objects, 
    then avoiding their paths.  Weaving up and down alot usualy helps.  
    Once you reach Wizeman, you and the other nights have to keep drill 
    dashing his head untill the barrier breaks and you get a hit.  It 
    takes three hits to defeat Wizeman.
    #4      The A-Life system is a set of variables contained in the game, 
    that constantly change as to make the game more interesting for 
    people who chose to play it more than once. For starts, the music is 
    always a little diferent.  If you listen closely, it is not always 
    that noteceiable, but it is always a little diferent.  Another thing 
    is some of the objects in the background, if you look on Elliots 
    first stage, there is a large clock grown out of flowers.  This clock 
    always displays the correct time.  The most noticable thing however 
    are the Pians.  The Pians are the little angels, with the saturn 
    rings around their heads.  These creatures fly, sing, throw snoballs 
    at eachother, use jackhammers, and reproduce.  When two of the pians 
    touch eachother an egg will eventually form.  Depending on what the 
    parents do, (Whistle, fly, etc...) they will get an occupation.  Some 
    of these creatures can also have variations on jobs.  Like sometimes 
    the offspring of two fliers decides to fly upside down.  You can also 
    make mutations.  By hitting a Nightmaren, it turns into a ball.  If 
    the ball hits a egg, or a Pian, there will be a mutation.  Depending 
    on what the Pians occupation was, and what creature hit it, changes 
    the type of mutant.  They can get pretty weird however.  The Pians 
    will also sleep.  Sometimes, you will notice that none of them are 
    doing anything.  If you look at them closely, you will notice that 
    tiny Z's are coming out of their mouths.  Ive also heard that the 
    Pians do things on certian holidays, but I have never seen this.  Be 
    careful though, because you can kill the Pians.  If you do a paraloop 
    near one, it will be gone forever.  You can also make them fearfull 
    of you.  If you do a drill dash too close to them, when you try to go 
    near them again, they will fly away.  Keep in mind also, that the 
    same A-life is used for all the different diaries.  If you have more 
    than one game saved, whatever happens to the Pians in one game, will 
    be the same in all games.
    #5      There are three different endings in Nights.  The first is when 
    you beat it with just Elliot or Claris.  If you have only beaten the 
    game with one charecter, you will only see the first half of the 
    ending.  If you beat it with both, you see the whole ending.  I have 
    heard people say that you get different endings depending on who you 
    beat the game with first.  As far as I know this is not true.  If you 
    beat the game with both charecters, you see the part of the ending 
    that involve them meeting.  It doesnt matter who you beat it with 
    first.  The third ending is when you get all A's.  If you beat every 
    round with an A, the ending theme song is sung by adults as opposed 
    to children.  
    #6      To get an A, you have to get a score on each round between 22,000 
    and 25,000.  The total after you beat the boss has to add up to over 
    150,000.  A good way to get high scores is to understand how the game 
    keeps score.  When you start as Nights, you get very little points 
    for links, etc...  Once you have an orb, the screen says, Bonus Time 
    Start.  This is when the points start to add up.  Get as many links 
    and chips as you can before the clock runs out, then return the orb.  
    Some people  think you get points for finishing the stage early.  
    This is not true, you can take youre time.  Just dont run out of 
    time, because turning into a human will almost defenitly get you an F.
    #7      Here are a few tricks to help you on youre way to getting straight A's.
    In the forest stage, if you lead the red car into the garage, you 
    will get a bonus
    In the forest stage you can fly in to the crypt in the middle of the 
    stage for lots of stars.
    In Elliots first stage, fly into the fountain to be pushed to an area 
    to get a ball cage and some rings.
    In the ice world there are balls in the trees and inside the Igloos
    Jumping on the clock will turn it off for a while
    On the last stage hit the switches to get showered with stars.
    Paraloop items to gather a large number of them at once.
    When you have the ribbion, use the trigger buttons to do tricks, 
    these are worth alot of points. 
    If you loop certian areas, an emblem will appear.  These power up 
    youre loop and Drill dash.  
    On the canyon board, there is a machine that causes things to stick 
    to Nights, things will stick to you as long as you dont bump into 
    anything.  At the end, the machine counts how much is stuck to you 
    and adds up youre points.
    I hope this helps some people out there understand Nights better and 
    makes the game more enjoyable.  If you have any questions or 
    comments, please feel free to E-mail me.  Also, I still am looking 
    for any information on the Lunar game that was released on Game Gear 
    in Japan.  I am also looking for Virtua Cop with the gun.  If any one 
    can help me out with those, it would be appreaicated.  :)

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