How do I get past the scarecrow level?

  1. How do i get past the third level in the spaceship?

    User Info: digisapien

    digisapien - 12 years ago


  1. When you get close to the building on the right, a scarecrow billboard falls down, blocking your path. Shoot the things on the roof nearby to find a missle launcher. Get missles from this, then destroy the billboard with a missile. Then you can pass. Then, use the Batcopter to get a bomb off the dispenser on the roof and go through the billboard. Drag it to a burning pipe scarecrow put to block your path. Then, go through the place where the pipe was. Use the missiles you have on the Batwing on the fence post on the right side of the area. This deactivates the electric fence, letting you continue. When in the next area, the scarecrows biplane is there. Use the Batcopter to grab him, then let him have it with a missile from the Batwing. Once his health is gone, you win.

    User Info: Ooblarg

    Ooblarg - 12 years ago 2   7

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