Duphaston's Tale Requirements?

  1. I would like to unlock Duphaston's tale and the Final tale. Do I need to capture one of every majin, or is it possible to unlock these tales by simply capturing every Majin? If I sell or grind up a Majin, will it count against my completion? How do I know the amount of Majin I have captured already?

    User Info: RoyalDragoon

    RoyalDragoon - 9 years ago


  1. You don't need to capture them all to unlock either tale. To unlock Rondemion, all you have to do is finish one of the first three tales with the good ending.

    Duphaston, while you need to encounter every majin in battle, doesn't require you to capture them. You also need to finish the first four tales before Duphaston unlocks, as I had a complete lexicon during Rondemions tale and it didn't unlock until I finished the final chapter.

    User Info: Camden

    Camden - 5 years ago 0   0

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