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Voice Translations by Deuce

Version: 1.1 |

         Samurai Shodown 3 Voice Samples and Translations
                               Version 1.1
                       By:  Deuce (deuce@scsn.net)

This FAQ is available on the WWW at:
      http://www.scsn.net/users/deuce/ss3voice.txt (Latest revisions)
This is all I've managed to pick up so far, in the short time I've owned
the game.  This is going to expand like mad over the next couple of weeks.
More will be forthcoming as I can pick it out, and I'll put just about
everything when I get the SS3 Original Soundtrack, which has all (or most)
of the samples.  Please feel free to email me with any additions.
  0.1 - 3/8/96
        In desperate need of more samples... they tend to run together in
        the game, making it difficult to pick out what is being said.  Any
        help is greatly appreciated!
  0.2 - 3/9/96
      Added enough samples to merit a new pseudo-version... probably got
      about 80% or so of the samples transcribed, but not all are trans-
      lated.  Also need clarification on a few samples.
  0.3 - 3/12/96
      Begun working on translating the character names, however literal
      it may be.  So if it makes no sense, blame the Japanese. :)
  1.0 - 3/16/96
      Completed transcribing all samples (Many thanks to Mark Zutkoff!).
      Some may need slight correction, and more than a few still need
      translation.  Any help with further translation is greatly needed
      and appreciated.  Still translating names.
  1.1 - 3/26/96
      Added some minor translation corrections and a few more name
      translations.  Also added some more indentation to allow for
      easier reading.

  First and foremost, Mark Zutkoff (mzutkoff@ix.netcom.com)
     For sending me a tape with a copy of all the sound effects on
     it, and thereby making my job a LOT easier!

  Edward Ju (edju@scf.usc.edu)
     For translating "Tachibana Ukyo" and generally putting up with my
     antics on the mailing list. :)
  Kenneth Hsu (e3321942@student.uq.edu.au)
     Also, for help with translating Ukyo's name, and random acts of
     evil intent. :)
  Rasetsu (li@ecf.toronto.edu)
     For translating numerous names.  (Blame him!  Blame him!:)
  Emerald (emerald@dartmouth.edu)
     For correcting the translation of "Haohmaru."  (Okay, blame HIM!)
  TuxKamen (??)
     For translating "Kubikiri Basara."  (My Kanji-reading sucks.)
  LoneWolf (TomesT@aol.com)
     For translating "Hisame Shizumaru."  (Boy, there are a lot of
     name translation credits on here, aren't there?)
  Edward Miller (ecmill@leo.isl.hiroshima-u.ac.jp)
     For general help with quotes, and correcting my lousy grammar. :)


  Well, most of it is pretty self-explanatory, but here goes... each
sample is listed by speaker, then by the condition under which the sample
is played.  The outline is as follows:

NAME: (Translation - )

    "" - "" ()

Pretty simple... go to it!  Be forewarned, though... Japanese names often
do not translate well to English.  A lot of the meaning is lost in the
translations.  It's a lot like saying "Timothy" has a colloquial meaning
in the language from whence it came.  Doesn't MEAN anything in common,
everyday speech.  Just a name, but I added them in for the hell of it.

  Most of what Nakoruru and Rimururu say is in Ainu, not Japanese, so I
cannot translate it.  If any kind soul out there knows Ainu and wouldn't
mind emailing me, I would greatly appreciate it.

  Most sounds made during normal attacks, getting hit, etc. are just
random sounds or vague, untranslatable phrases, which don't really "mean"
anything other than to imply an interjection.

HAOHMARU: (Translation - Great/Kingly One)

  Special Moves:
    "Kogetsuzan!" - "Crescent Moon Slash!"
    "Senpuu Retsuzan!" - "Cyclone Slash!"
    "Iku ze!" - "Here I go!"
    "Koitsu de... kibari da!" - "??"

  Power Specials:
    "Tenha Fuujin Zan!" - "Heaven Wind Wave Slash!" (loose translation)
    "Koitsu de... kibari da!" - "??"

    "Yo-shi!" - "All right!"

    "Chikushou!" - "Damn it!"

KUBIKIRI BASARA: (Translation - Neck-Cutter Tear-Silk)

    "Inaru no chikan da!" - "??"

  Special Moves
    "Uyo!" - ??

    "Ukeireru nara shini wa shinai." - "Accept defeat and I won't kill you."

    "Utsukushii akumu da!" - "Such a beautiful nightmare!"
    "Subarashii akumu da!" - "Such a splendid nightmare!"

HATTORI HANZO: (Translation - Conform-Part Half-Hidden)

    "Kakugo misare yo!" - (I have no idea... anyone?)
    "Shi... aru no mi!" - (Again, I have no idea... something about death.)

  Special Moves:
    "Bakuen Ryuu!" - "Exploding Fire Dragon!"
    "Kakugo misare yo, messeyo!" - "???, die!"
    "Kakugo misare yo, otai shoumetsu!" - "???"
    "Tenchuu!" - "Divine retribution!"

  Power Special:
    "Shi... aru no mi!" - (See above.)
    "Bijin to chirei!" - "??"

    "Kage tsuka no koto, kanawachi!" - "??"
    "Waga inochi, kage to ari!" - "My life is filled with shadows..."

    "Sumanu... Kaede!" - "Forgive me... Kaede!" (Kaede is his deceased
                                                wife's name, from SS2.)

NAKORURU: (Translation: Hell if I know, it's Ainu, not Japanese.)

    "Iku yo, Shikuruu!" - "Let's go, Shikuruu!" (this is the wolf's name,
                           NOT Silkou, contrary to some reports.)

  Special Attacks:
    "Annu mutsube!"
    "Lela Mutsube!"
    "Kamui Ryuse!"
    "Kamui Mutsube!"
    "Meru shikite!"
    "Kanto shikite!
    "Imeru shikite!"
    "Kamui shikite!
    "O negai!" - "Please!" (Literal... she's talking to Mamahaha.)

    "Iku yo, Mamahaha!" - "Let's go, Mamahaha!"

  Power Special:
    "Erurushi Kamui Ryuse!"

    "Yoshi!" - "All right!" =or= "Okay!"
    "Shizen no ikari o ukenasai!" - "Accept nature's wrath!"
    "Daishizen no oshioki desu!" - "This is nature's punishment!"


RIMURURU: (Translation: See Nakoruru.)

    "Saa, ikuzo!" - "Now, let's go!"
    "Kinari!" - "??"

  Special Moves:
    "Kurae!" - "Take this!"
    "Kagami da!" - "Mirror!"  (She's referring to her ice mirror.)
    "Un shotto!"
    "Yoi shotto!"
    "Hai, kome!" - "??"
    "Nan nano... hondunanna!"
    "Iku yo!" - "Let's go!"

    "Yoshi!" - "All right!"
    "Daishizen no oshioki da yo!" - "This is nature's punishment!"

AMAKUSA SHIRO TOKISADA: (Translation - Sky-Grass-?? Four-Man Time-Chaste)

    "Shin no kyoumu oshiete yarou." - "I will show you the ?? of a god."

  Special Moves:
    "Wakatte komono ka?" - "??"
    "Hisare!" - "??"
    "Ikkakatta!" - "??"
    "Mou shoi... HA!" - "??"

  Power Special:
    "Daite ni yo... yoyuunji sase!" - "??"

    (Much of what Amakusa says is unusual Japanese... could be older,
    more archaic words.  In any case, I don't understand most of it.)

    "Kanashimi ni mo naran wa." - "Don't be sad."
    "Oroka mono me..." - "You're such a fool..."

    "Nanji ni shi aru koto..." - ??


    "Ichi wa aru ga!" - "You cannot defeat me!" (Literal: I'm number one!)

  Special Moves:
    "Ora ora ora!" - "Hey hey hey!"
    "Iku ze!" - "Here I go!"
    "Tsukamaeta!" - "Got you!" (Literal: I've caught you!)

    "Ichi wa agari!" - "You cannot defeat me!" (Same meaning as pre-fight)
    "Shugyo ni mo nari ya shine!" - "You need more practice!"

    "Yari yagatta na!" - "I've been defeated!" (Literal: You did well!)

HISAME SHIZUMARU: (Translation - Scarlet Rain Silence)

    "Honki de iku yo!" - "This is for real!"  (Literal: I'm going all out!)

  Special Moves:
    "Ike!" - "Go!"
    "Ya!  Dou da!" - "Ya!  How's that?!" (this is his charging move)
    "Kamidara giri!" - "Umbrella ??? cut!"
    "Kami Gaeshi!" - "Umbrella Slice!"
    "Iku zo!" - "Here I go!"
    "Kore de dou da!" - "Now, how's that?!"

  Power Special:
    "Ou... Toufuuzan!" - "Great East Wind Slash!"

    "Gomen." - "Sorry."

    "Watashi shiranai no ni..." - "I never realized..."

TACHIBANA UKYO: (Translation - Mandarin [orange] Right-Capital)

  Power Special:
  "Tsubame Rokuren!" - "Swallow Six-hitter!" (same as in SS2)

    "Kei-dono..." - "Kei..." (Kei is his deceased beloved, the girl who
                             helped him in SS2)

    "Munen..." - "I've failed..." (Tough to translate literally)

SENRYO KYOSHIRO: (Translation - Thousand-Ryo Man of Insane Death)

    "Mide me no mamisete mora o!" - "??"

  Special Moves:
    "Choubijishi!" - "Lion's Tail Blast!" (loose translation)
    "Agumotsu mo kuu!" - "??"
    "Atchi keori kuru wa!" - "??"

  Power Special:
    "A-hai!  Tenbatsunari!" - "There!  This is heaven's punishment!"
            ("There" is entirely subjective, it's just an interjection.)

    "Sen nen hayai wa!" - "You couldn't beat me in a thousand years!"
                        (Literal: One thousand years too early!)

    "Appare!" - "??"
    "Hitomoroshii..." - "??"

KIBAGAMI GENJURO: (Translation - Tooth-God Ten-Illusions-Man)

  Special Moves:
    "Kouyokujin!" - "Lightning Wings!" (not sure)
    "Ahou ga!  Shine!" - "You fool!  Die!"
    "Hitotsu, futatsu, mittsu... InoShikaCho!" - "One, two, three... ??"
       (InoShikaCho are the names of the Hanafuda card suits he cuts.)
    "Hitotsu, futatsu, mittsu... zankyuuzutsu!" - "One, two, three... ??"
    "Horasu!" - "??"
    "Kazu ga... utsumero!" - "??"
    "Hagari da!" - "??"
    "Kimi sagase!" - "??"
    "Hitake chirei!" - "??"

    "Nani sama no tsumori da?" - "What were you thinking?"
    "Kittaki ni naran na!" - "??"
    "Minohodo shirazu ga!" - "Get back in your place!"
                             (Literal: Uppity !)
    "Katten nara shinu ga ii." - "If you can't win, you deserve to die."
    "Jigoku de matsu ga ii." - "Hell is waiting for you."

    "Kono... ore ga!" - (Tough to translate... he's referring to himself
                        in frustration.)

  Power Special:
    "Hitotsu, futatsu, mittsu, yottsu, itsutsu...gokou!" - "One, two,
       three, four, five... Gokou!" (Again, Gokou is a Hanafuda card suit.)

GALFORD: (Translation - None)

    "Here goes Poppy!"
    "Here goes..."

  Special Moves:
    "Plasma Blade!"
    "Rolling Crush!"
    "Strike Heads!"
    "Oh yeah!"
    "Go, Poppy!"

  Power Special:
    "Double Strike Heads!"
    "One...two...three... finish!"

    "Hey, Poppy!"



    "Nn, Kita ka..." - "Hm, You're here..."  (Literal: You've come...?)

  Special Moves:
    "Urui wa!" - "??"

  Power Special
    "Shingeki zan!" - "God ?? Slash!"

    "Bakame ga!" - "You're a fool!"
    "Mugenryuu koso... ai nai musou no ken yo." - "??" (Something about
          his "peerless blade," as per the title.)
    "Ware... sunawachi mugen nari!" - "??"

    "Kisama no kao wa wasurenai zo..." - "I won't forget your face..."

This document is public domain and may not be sold for any form of profit.
Please direct all comments/corrections to deuce@scsn.net.

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