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Drama Tracks Synopses by Deuce

                    SS3 Drama Tracks Synopses
               Translated and Transcribed by Deuce

NOTES: (You knew there had to be some.)

  My Japanese is not perfect, and where I was unsure of what was
being said, I commented on it.  (All comments in parentheses are
from me.)  If anyone has these drama tracks and can add to my
translation, please email me at deuce@scsn.net.

  Also, I did not translate everything word for word.  There are
some phrases in Japanese which make no sense when translated
literally, so I substituted an appropriate English phrase, which
has the same meaning.

Somewhere in the mountains, a man is running.  His name is
Minazuki Zankuro.  (This is a very vague summary of his speech)

The girl falls and calls out, "Father!"
He replies by saying that they have no time to rest, and the
power of demons will become his to command when this training
mission is complete, and nothing will stand in his way, etc.
He then asks if she understands ("Wakaru na?") and she says
that she does.  She says that if it will preserve their line
(which is evidently in danger, from the context), she will
gladly become a demon.  He nods and they are off again.

"Who's there??" ("Nani mono??") Zankuro yells.  A group of
attackers (ninjas?) come out and Zankuro gives a lenthy mono-
logue, about how once the power is his, none of them will dare
to attack him...  One of the attackers tells him to shut up and
orders the others to attack.  An attacker sees Zankuro killing
the men attacking him and thinks, "He's strong..." ("Anna otoko...
tsuyoi.") and that maybe he has this supposed demonic power al-
ready.  The girl is attacked and calls out, "Father!"  Zankuro
yells, "Cowards!!"  She tells him not to let her die like this,
and to go ahead and kill her quickly.  One of the attackers
thinks, "He's not actually going to do it, is he?"  Zankuro
yells something about a "demon-wind" and screams... the girl
also screams.  When it's done, Zankuro stands alone.  "Just as
I thought..." And something of a demon... (He could be saying an
old word for "sword," but I'm not sure.)

This day, a demon came to the land. Etc.  (Lots of weird stuff
I can't translate, then something about a tragedy...)

People are screaming, running back and forth, trying to escape
from something.  Wind picks up and a man gasps for breath.  The
rattling of a chain can be heard, then maniacal laughter.  "WHAT
HAS BROUGHT ME BACK??" he screams.  He says something about his
path being clear to him now, and laughs again, nearly crying.

"And thus another cruel trick of fate is played."  The rampage
of the demon continues on...

More screaming... a woman runs down a hall, knocks on a door, and
it opens.  "Ma'am... there's a demon here!  A demon... a demon!"
The old woman replies, "Demon?"  The girl who was running is
stabbed, evidently from behind, and the woman gasps in shock

and horror at the face of her killer.  "Zankuro...," she whispers,
and he kills her too, without a word.  "Za... Zankuro...."  Then
a baby is heard crying, and Zankuro drops his sword.  He says
a word I'm not familiar with ("pizuzu") and screams, running away.

"This day, the demon's rampage ceased."  He decreed he would only
kill those who came to him and could give him a fight.

Many years later, Haohmaru is wandering through a town, and griping
to himself about something.  He then hears some kids chanting some
insults at another child.  "Demon child, demon child, go away!" and
the like.  "What?  A demon?  Here?" asks Haohmaru.  "Hey!  You kids!
What do you think you're doing, picking on a kid so much smaller
than you??"  One child responds with, "But he's got demon-blood in
him!  My grandmother told me!"  And the other says, "So we've got
to teach him his place before he thinks he can hurt anyone! (or
something to that effect)"  Haohmaru says, "Demon?? Get out of here!"
And the little child who was crying asks Haohmaru if he is a demon.
Haohmaru says, "Yes, I am... a demon.  I have become a demon of
sorts, in order to defeat my enemies." (turning into a demon is a
colloquial phrase in Japan, meaning to make oneself stronger and
more focused on battle, etc.)  "A good demon?" asks the child.
"Some would say a demon is a demon, good or bad," Haohmaru replies.
He continues, "So they say you're the child of a demon?"  The child
says, "Yes... my parents were both killed by a demon." (This is a
part of Japanese legend, evidently similar to being attacked by a
werewolf.)  Haohmaru grumbles, "That bastard... how dare he!  Don't
you worry, boy, I'll destroy this demon myself!" and starts to dash
off, when he notices a rustling in the bushes.  "You!  Hattori
Hanzo!"  Hanzo says, "Still the demon-chaser, Haohmaru?"  Haohmaru
is noticeably irritated and says, "Shut up!  Don't come near me!
I'm going to destroy that bastard!"  More wind...

"A demon... becomes stronger in order to kill his enemies.  And in
the midst of all this strength, a single girl is shedding tears.
She cries for her own demons."

Nakoruru says, "Poor thing... if it had only been a little stronger,
it might have survived.  I have to go."  Rimururu cries, "Sister!
Sister, don't go!  Not this time... this creature is too powerful!
He's too strong for you!  Don't go... don't go anywhere!"  Nakoruru
speaks calmly, "Calm down, Rimururu.  What's wrong?  Did something
happen?"  Rimururu sobs, "But... I understand this... Shikuruu has
talked to me, so I know.  I'm scared... he's incredibly strong and
dangerous!"  Nakoruru says, "Yes... the voice of nature is speaking
to you now as well."  Rimururu says, "I beg you, don't go, sister!"
Nakoruru replies with, "It's okay, Rimururu.  I've learned many new
techniques since I last left.  I feel it in my heart... I know I
can win.  And that same strength resides in you as well."  Rimururu
says, "Then let me go... I'll come with you!"  Nakoruru starts to
protest, but Rimururu says, "No, I'm going!"  Nakoruru's voice
takes on a more serious tone and she says, "Listen to me... you

haven't reached your full potential yet.  It is not yet time for
you to make your journeys.  But the time WILL come.  And when it
does, your power will be at one with nature.  But for now, I am
ordering you to stay here.  Do you understand me, Rimururu?"
"Yes," says Rimururu, "...sister."  Nakoruru says, "I'm taking
Mamahaha with me.  Take care of everyone... don't forget me..."
Rimururu says, "Sister..." as Nakoruru and Mamahaha head off.
She calls out, "Shikuruu!!  Go and follow her!  Please protect
her!"  Shikuruu runs off.  Rimururu then says, "Dear god... please
give me strength.  Don't die, sister... No matter what, I will
help you."

Nakoruru is in a town (a bar, perhaps?).  She says, "I sense
something strange here.  I wonder why... something is speaking
to my heart."  Some sort of ruckus is taking place in the back-
ground.  "Let's go, Mamahaha..."  A man says, "What's this all
about?" and says something about demons and from the sound of
it, someone not being able to pay his bill.  Shizumaru says,
"I'm sorry... there's been some kind of mistake."  The man, who
seems to be the proprieter, says, "Oh, there's been a mistake,
all right, but it wasn't made by me!  You're going to take a
little trip!"  Wings can be heard flapping.  "What the hell??
OW!  OWOWOWOWOWOWOWOW!" yells the man, and runs off, still being
chased by Mamahaha.  Nakoruru asks Shizumaru if he's okay, and
he says he is.  "Eh?  You don't remember anything?" asks Nakoruru.
"Right," says Shizumaru, "Anytime I try to remember anything, I
just hit a blank wall.  I do remember my parents being killed by
a demon, though... but that's all.  I've never been a very talka-
tive person, so the lady who raised me named me Shizumaru." (Shizu-
maru basically means "quiet boy," by colloquial translation.)
Nakoruru says, "You don't remember your real name?"  "Right...
but I am looking for the demon," he replies.  (There is a bit of
conversation here where I'm missing a few crucial elements.  From
what I gather, Shizumaru says something about the sword he carries
not being a demon sword.)  He continues, "The demon is close by...
I can feel it.  I should go, but thank you for helping me earlier."
Nakoruru says, "Um... yes... take care of yourself, okay?  Oh, and
by the way... Shizumaru is a nice name."  "Thank you," he says,
and leaves.  Mamahaha chirps, and Nakoruru says, "I know, Mamahaha.
He is a demon, as well."

"The demon follows the tragedy... and tragedy follows the demon."
A question that many are asking is, "Where is this demon?"

Shizumaru says, "I smell the scent of a demon on you as well."
Genjuro says, "Hmm?"  Shirumaru continues, "I was wondering if you
could tell me something.  Where do demons come from, and where do
they go?  I've always wanted to know."  Genjuro says, "You say I'm
a demon, eh?  Most interesting.  I suppose I will show you."
(I suppose this means, storyline-wise, Genjuro would be the first
person that Shizumaru fought.)

This document is public domain and may not be sold for any form
of profit.  Any excerpts must be credited to the author.  Please

send comments and large sums of money to deuce@scsn.net. :)

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