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Genjuro by JCulbert

Version: 1.0 |

By John "CUL" Culbert (tigeraid@geocities.com)


Well, I'm finally getting a chance to play a new SS, and I haven't played one
since the first SS came out in the arcade (and then SNES). I like Genjuro 
Kibagami because he's not very slow, and boy does he do damage. And the whole 
"I'm gonna totally destroy Haohmaru and kill anyone who gets in my way" 
attitude rocks! I like all types of characters--in the Street Fighter games I 
like Zangief, and I've always like Sagat, and both of them are slow, 
carefully-played fighters. But I also like Ken, who's very fast, and very 
combo-able. I like Genjuro because of his attitude and the general look to 
him, and because he's not terribly slow, but he's also not one of those 
"peck-you-to-death-and-retreat"  characters (like Rimururu). He has a GREAT 
damage potential. If you can get used to his timing and attack speed, he's a 
very rewarding character.


Zankurou the Demon, a brutal killing machine has been seen and heard 
travelling amongst the villages of anicent Japan, slaughtering and leaving 
trails of innocent blood in his wake. One day, amongst the destruction and 
death he laid down under his hands, a fallen mother clutched an innocent 
baby, crying for his lost gift of life. Zankurou heard these cries, and in 
struck within him a fear and a knowledge... that he would cease that very 
day, to strike down the innocent. For the realization came to him...that it 
was the compentant and the strong that would be his greatest test...and 
proudest defeat...

     ________                    ________
    |___L2___|                  |___R2___|
     ________      Special      ________
    |___L1___|  Config Buttons  |___R1___|
                 (see below)

                .-------------Square- Fierce Slash
     D-PAD      | .-----------Triangle- Kick
                | | 
   U/B U U/F    | | 
      \|/       | | 
    B--o--F     | | 
      /|\       O O 
   D/B D D/F    O O 
                | | 
                | | 
                | | 
                | | 
                | ------------Circle- Medium Slash
                 -------------X- Quick Slash

NOTE: These are default PS settings; they can be adjusted in the options, and
the L/R triggers can be set to programmed macros of button combinations (eg.
Taunt, POWup, etc...)

QCT= Quarter Circle Toward (roll the D-pad from D to F)
QCB= Quarter Circle Back (roll the D-pad from D to B)
HCT= Half Circle Toward (roll the D-pad from B to D to F)
HCB= Half Circle Back (roll the D-pad from F to D to B)
 + = enter commands simultainiously
J. = Jumping
S. = Standing
C. = Crouching
CL.= Close



In order to do ANY good damage in Samurai Shodown, you MUST hit the enemy to
counterhit their attacks. This means interrupting them when they perform an 
attack. More technically, you must "interrupt" the animations of the move 
they are performing with one of your own attacks. You will get a damage 
percentage bonus for a counterhit. See the Counterhitting section for more 
info on counterhitting with Genjuro. Note that I refer to this type of 
countering as "counterhitting", but if you block an attack and THEN 
retaliate, I just call it countering (just to keep confusion down, I guess).


In SS3, there are effectively twice the characters there really are; this is
because you have the ability to choose between two versions of your character
dubbed either "SLASH" or "BUST" (chivalry or treachery). The Bust is 
supposedly an evil version of the character, whereas Slash is the true 
version. Which one is better? That is debatable, and varies with the 
character. For Genjuro I find them both equally good, although Bust Genjuro 
is more stylish with cooler moves. See tactics for more info.


You can play three versions of the character you choose, depending on your
skill--if you choose beginner, you have option of 5 auto-blocks per fight.
If you choose Normal, everything is as usual. If you choose Advanced (or 
whatever it was called), you CANNOT block at all, but your POW meter is 
ALWAYS FULL! See the Play version section for more info.


To block an incoming attack, hold the D-Pad in the opposite direction. To 
block a low attack, hold D/B. You can now block in the air as well.


Holding down all three slashes will cause Genjuro to stand still and charge
up his POW meter. This can be stopped at any time, and once the POW is full,
it will deteriorate after a short time. You can also set the L/R triggers for
"all three slashes".


While getting up from a knockdown, hold F or B to roll forward or backward,
avoiding some meaty attacks.


To dodge an attack (only from a distance), press Quick Slash and Medium Slash
simultainiously. You can set the L/R triggers for this command. See the 
Tactics section for more info.


If you're close to the opponent and press Quick Slash+Medium Slash, Genjuro
will quickly sidestep and come up behind the opponent! You can set the L/R 
triggers for this command. See the Tactics section for more info.


Replacing Throws in SS is the Guard Crush, which will cause Genjuro to grab
the opponent and shove them forward or behind him, open for a strike. As the
name implies, you cannot defend against these. They can only be done up 
close. See Tactics for more info.


Following somewhat in the footsteps of SFA's Overhead Strikes, SS3 now has 
Hop Crushes. These are hopping forward attacks, which can ONLY be blocked 
high. See Tactics for more info.


Whenever the opponent performs a NORMAL slash (no Special Moves), quickly 
roll a HCT (lots of luck, timing and anticipation are required) and Genjuro
will catch the enemy's sword between his palms and slam them! Note that this
will only happen if weaponless--if Genjuro has his sword, he will catch the
weapon, but it will only stun the oponent, leaving them open to a counter
(still pretty good...).


If you and your opponent throw a slash of equal strength at exactly the same
time, the weapons will clash together and you will come up close to each 
other and wrestle a little. Whoever mashes on the buttons harder will win,
and the loser will get their weapon knocked away!


You can dash F or B by tapping F, F or B, B quickly. You can interrupt a 
forward dash with any attack.


SS2 Story: (should still apply here, as far as I know)

"There is no question you are strong. But one day, you will cause great
suffering with your sword." With those words, Nicotine expelled Genjuro,
who became his pupil at the same time as Haohmaru. His heart full of hate,
Genjuro hunts Haohmaru and Nicotine. "The strong kill the weak...it's only

(In SS3, his story goes something like: with no time for Zankuro, Genjuro's
 blade thirsts for Haohmaru)

Origin: Genjuro is based on the Japanese "Hanafuda" card game (that's why he
        throws the cards; you can see they are Hanafuda)
Weapon: No-dachi
Occupation: Ronin
Nationality: Japanese

Genjuro's stage in SS3 is a small, run down Japanese town on the brink of a 
storm. At the beginning of the fight, the sky is fairly bright, but about 15 
seconds in, the sky turns dark brown and lightning starts to strike.  
Children are play fighting with sticks, but there mothers drag them in due to 
the fight and the oncoming storm. Fast moving grey clouds block the sky.

SS3 Quote: "You wretch!" (yes, it's quite bad, but so are most of them)



-Select Screen: Does a low kick, then turns around and raises his sash to his 
-Fight Start: Pauses for a second to lower his sash down from his shoulder 
              then enters his fighting stance.
-1st Win: Turns back to you, raises his hand to his face then lowers it to 
          his side, next he takes in a deep breath and releases it slowly.  
-2nd Win: Pulls the ribbon from his ponytail as he turns his back to the 
          screen, then turns his face towards the screen and says something.  
-Unarmed Pose: Covers face with one hand in disgust.  
-Loss to Time: Falls to the ground, supported by his knees and one arm, his 
               back to the screen, a look of anger on his face.
-Draw Game: Covers his eyes in disgust. 
-Dizzy: Down on one knee, he is resting one hand on the hilt of his sword, 
        the other hand hangs free inside the raised knee.


-Select Screen: Raises his sword to start his close Fierce slash and then 
                stands with his head raised.
-Fight Start: Pauses for a second to lower his sash down from his shoulder 
              then enters his fighting pose.  
-1st Win: Drinks from his wine bowl then tosses it over his shoulder and 
          shrugs his shoulders as he shouts something.  
-2nd Win: Swipes the sword near his feet, then turns and raises his sash to 
          his shoulder. 
-Unarmed Victories: Identical without the sword parts.    
-Loss to Time: Falls to the ground, supported by his knees and one arm, his 
               back to the screen, a look of anger on his face. 
-Draw Game: Covers his eyes in disgust.
-Dizzy: Down on one knee, he is resting one hand on the hilt of his sword, 
        the other hand hangs free inside the raised knee. 




-Pink-colored hair and green pants
-Blue hair, black pants (my fav)


-Yellow hair, brown pants
-White hair, grey pants




-Lightning Wings: F, D/B, D, D/F+any slash
-Raging Death Hack: QCT+any slash (repeat up to 5 times)
-Cherry Blossom Slice: QCB+any slash
-Scarlet Slash: F, D/F, D+any slash
-Death Drop: B, D, D/B+Fierce Slash
-POWer Special; Five Slash Rip: F, HCT+Quick Slash+Medium Slash


-Lightning Wings: F, D/B, D, D/F+any slash        
-100 Demon Death: F, B, F+any slash
-Cherry Blossom Iris Reverse: QCB+slash (hold for 2nd hit; see overview)        
-Triple Heaven Death: QCT+any slash (repeat up to 3 times)        
-Purple Sunset: F, D/F, D+any slash
-POWer Special; Reverse Five Flashes: F, HCT+Fierce Slash+Kick

A- desiginates can be air blocked
H- designates can only be blocked high
L- designates can only be blocked low
HL- designates can be blocked high or low
UN- designates UNBLOCKABLE
Number- designates number of hits

Standing Far:                             Standing Close:
-------------                             ---------------

Quick- Front Slash (HL,1)                 Quick- Hilt Jab (HL,1)
Medium- Side Slash (A,HL,1)               Medium- Hilt Smash (HL,1)
Fierce- Long Overhead Slash (HL,1)        Fierce- Upward Slash (HL,1)

Crouching:                                Dashing:
----------                                --------

Quick- Low Hilt Jab (HL,1)                Quick- Elbow Lunge (H,1)
Medium- Sword Knock (HL,1)                Medium- Double Smash (L,2)
Fierce- Lunging Slash (HL,1)              Fierce- Delayed Slash (UN,2)
        (Low Upward Slash from close)

Straight Jump:                            Jump Forward/Back:
--------------                            ------------------

Quick- Hilt Swing (A,H,1)                 Quick- Hilt Swing (A,H,1)                 
Medium- Cross-slash (A,H,1)               Medium- Cross-slash (A,H,1)
Fierce- Overhead Slash (A,H,1)            Fierce- Deep Slash (A,H,1)

Unarmed Punches:

Note: all strengths of punches are same attack at different speeds.

Standing- Jab (HL,1)
Crouching- Double Backhand (HL,2)
Dashing- Double Low Punch (HL,2)
Jumping- Downward Punch (A,HL,1)

Hopping Crush:

W/Weapon- Two-hand Overhead Slash (H,1)
Wo/Weapon- Jump Kick (H,1)

Guard Crush:

F+Fierce- Pushing Guard Crush
B+Fierce- Pulling Guard Crush


Standing- Triple Kick (HL,2) (one hit always misses)
F+Kick- Slide Kick (L,1)
Crouching- Foot Slide (L,1)
Dashing- Dashing Upward Kick (HL,1)
D/F+Kick- Upward Kick (HL,1)
Jumping- Jumping Side Kick (A,H,1)




-Lightning Wings-

(Genjuro leaps into the air with an upward slash)

This is basically a DP move, and can hit up to three times up close. By far
Genjuro's best air counter, if you can get it off fast enough. BTW, if you 
use the Quick Slash version and hit them very deep in their jump, it can take
off as much damage as a Fierce Lightning Wings... Remember that if this is 
blocked or missed, Genjuro's left open to an easy counter. Takes decent
priority over a lot of slow slashes, so if the enemy pulls out a Fierce Slash
(or a slow Special Move) up close, quickly pull this off for a counterhit.
Note that you may find the Fierce Lightning Wings missing jumping opponents; 
I believe this is because there are brief pauses between hits in the Fierce
version (the hits stun long enough for the next hit to connect), and if the
enemy comes in during one of these pauses, it'll miss. So, only use the
Fierce version if they're way up high and the last hit connects, otherwise
use the Quick version, as it comes out much faster.

-Raging Death Hack-

(Genjuro runs at the opponent and does a big cross-slash, ending up behind
 them, then repeats with various slashes, finishing with an upward slash)

Mix up which slashes you use--the best combo is Fierce, Medium x3, Fierce.
Sometimes I find the opponent blocks in between slashes, but they must first
reverse their direction to do so, so it's very unlikely this will happen 
often. The dash is QUITE fast, so it's a good counterhit from a distance, and
it can be used in combos quite well. It is possible to stop his dash with a
projectile or other quick Special Move if they anticipate it. This move with
all hits can drain over half their life meter! This shows the raw power of
Genjuro. :)

-Cherry Blossom Slice-

(Genjuro throws a spinning Hanafuda card)

Varying speeds depending on strength of slash. Quick will throw it a short
distance, Medium further, and Fierce around full screen. As well, the quicker
the slash, the quicker the recovery. It's fast and can do good damage, 
especially as a counter from afar when you can't reach them with a Fierce 
Slash or Raging Death Hack. Just remember that if jumped, Genjuro is open to 
a jump-in counter. See the Tactics section for cheesy info on this move. :)

-Scarlet Slash-

(Genjuro slashes his sword overhead, and two puffs of pink energy appear a
 few steps away, one near the ground and one at eye level--a short moment
 later, a card appears between the puffs and Genjuro slashes it)

Isn't all that useful, actually. The delay can be anticipated fairly easily
if they see the puffs of energy. A good place to use it are if the opponent 
jumps in and is going to land at that distance from Genjuro--if you
anticipate this, it will catch them. Another way to use it is to pressure 
them into it by hitting them back with a Medium Slash, then quickly buffering
into it--this may be blockable, but your safe if they do. Also buffer it in 
if they block your Medium Slash...You can also time it to hit them just as 
they're getting up from a knockdown, which they may block, or take them by 

-Death Drop-

(Genjuro grabs the opponent, heaves them up into the air, jumps up and 
 slashes them to the ground)

Quite a damaging attack. IMO the main reason to play Slash Genjuro. It is
unblockable and therefore works well in ticks (see tactics). If missed, he
grabs at the air with one hand, and can quickly be countered.

-POWer Special; Five Slash Rip-

(Genjuro throws a card a step in front of him; if the enemy is hit with it,
 they are launched into the air, and Genjuro follows them up, then slashes
 them 5 times at the top of the screen)

It's fast coming out, but the recovery if blocked is JUST slow enough that it
can be countered VERY quickly. Can be used in combos, and best used if you
see a slow move coming out within range. It can also catch jumping opponents
if timed very well and they're jumping to land in front of you.


-Lightning Wings-

(Genjuro leaps into the air with an upward slash)

This is basically a DP move, and can hit up to three times up close. By far
Genjuro's best air counter, if you can get it off fast enough. BTW, if you 
use the Quick Slash version and hit them very deep in their jump, it can take
off as much damage as a Fierce Lighting Wings... Remember that if this is 
blocked or missed, Genjuro's left open to an easy counter. Takes decent
priority over a lot of slow slashes, so if the enemy pulls out a Fierce Slash
(or a slow Special Move) up close, quickly pull this off for a counterhit.
Note that you may find the Fierce Lightning Wings missing jumping opponents; 
I believe this is because there are brief pauses between hits in the Fierce
version (the hits stun long enough for the next hit to connect), and if the
enemy comes in during one of these pauses, it'll miss. So, only use the
Fierce version if they're way up high and the last hit connects, otherwise
use the Quick version, as it comes out much faster.

-100 Demon Death-

(Genjuro performs multiple cross-slashes while lunging forward; if one of the
 slashes connects, he runs the opponent through with his No-dachi (splitting
 a card), then kicks them off his blade)

This is the replacement for the Death Drop of the Slash version. It is
considered by some to be a Throw, but it's blockable so I really don't agree.
So, it cannot be used in ticks, and there is a MUCH longer delay if missed. 
But, I think the 100 Demon Death has just as much potential as the Death 
Drop--first of all it looks DAMN cool, it does more damage, and comes out 
QUITE fast, so it's IMO best used in combos or a close counterhit (just 
remember, it's not TOO fast, so don't use it like it's invincible). Probably 
the best thing about it is that if blocked, it will hit multiple times and 
tick off a lot of block damage; it usually leaves Genjuro safe from a counter 
as well! The only problem with this move is the recovery if the slashes DON'T 
hit the opponent, especially if they jump over him. A great attack to do when 
they're getting up (make sure to wait to see if they roll, too). BTW, 
sometimes if you're right up close, I mean RIGHT up close and you do this, 
the first 2-3 slashes will pass through the opponent, leaving you open to a 
very easy counterhit! Beware.

-Cherry Blossom Iris Reverse-

(Genjuro throws a spinning Hanafuda card)

Same as the Slash version, with one IMPORTANT addition; if you continue to
hold Slash, it will bounce upward off the enemy if blocked, and then come
back down for another hit! Definetely more worth using than the Slash
version. See the tactics section for more info.

-Triple Heaven Death-

(Genjuro dashes and slashes upward--he can then follow with a rising upward
 slash, then another to knock away)

VERY damaging attack (I once took off 2/3 of a meter as a counterhit!) IMO
much better than the Triple Death Hack simply because it's much easier to
pull off. On the downside, it leaves the ronin much more vulnerable if
blocked, acting like a smaller version of the Lightning Wings. Best used as
a counterhit, or in combos. See the tactics section for more info.

-Purple Sunset-

(Genjuro slashes his sword overhead, and two puffs of pink energy appear a
 few steps away, one near the ground and one at eye level--a short moment
 later, a card appears between the puffs and Genjuro slashes it)

Identical in all respects to the Scarlet Slash.

-POWer Special; Reverse Five Flashes-

(Genjuro throws a card out a step in front of him; if it connects, he carries
 the enemy into the air with a 5 hit rising slash)

Works in the same way as Slash's POWer Special, except this one IMO looks
much cooler.


I won't go into detail for ALL the regular moves, but most are worth some

Standing Far Slashes: the quick one is pretty much useless unless in a
                      pecking battle. The S.Medium from far is Genjuro's best
                      attack, PERIOD. It has good speed and recovery, and
                      does GREAT damage as a counterhit. It cannot be 
                      buffered into a Special Move, but the damage and 
                      speed more than makes up for that. The S.Fierce from 
                      afar is QUITE damaging, but recovers and comes out too 
                      slow--use it ONLY to counterhit moves.

Standing Close Slashes: The quick one, again, is best only if you need to get
                        out a fast attack, against faster-attacking fighters
                        (eg. Rimururu). The S.Medium is again YOUR FRIEND, as
                        it is fairly fast, can be used as a fast counterhit, 
                        and most importantly, it's bufferable (see combos). 
                        The up close Fierce slash is quite potent, but slow 
                        in speed and recovery. In addition, if RIGHT up close 
                        it WILL MISS! Good after a Pushing Guard Crush, 

Crouching Slashes: The only crouching slash worth mentioning is C.Fierce
                   from a distance; this has GREAT range and comes out
                   slightly faster than the S.Fierce. Again, use it only as a
                   counterhit, or after a Guard Crush (connects quite nicely
                   after a Pulling Guard Crush). BTW, C.Fierce up close is
                   bufferable, and is part of a dizzy combo! (see combos)

Dashing: The D.Medium Slash is OK for counterhitting, though I definetely  
         recommend the Raging Death Hack/Triple Heaven Death. The Elbow isn't
         overly useful, and the Fierce, though unblockable, is VERY slow
         coming out--however, it's great if you dash in for a counter, but
         time it so it will hit a little late--the opponent will recover
         from their attack, and may attempt to block and get nailed.

Jumping: The only jumping attacks of note are J.Medium and J.Fierce; the
         Fierce, though difficult (if not impossible) to combo out of, is
         EXTREMELY powerful and a perfect counterhit if you jump an attack.
         The J.Medium is good in air-to-air combat.

Kicks: Not a large part of Genjuro's repetiore. The only kick really worth
       using is the F+Kick, which is an auto-knockdown, from there you can
       set up a meaty attack (eg. 100 Demon Death).




As I stated earlier, the ONLY way to do seriously good damage is to 
counterhit. the three primary attacks you should be using as counterHITS are
the S.Medium, the Lightning Wings, and the Raging Death Hack/Triple Heaven
Death. The S.Medium slash is the most important, as its speed and range are
quite good, and it's very easy to use--just hit the button :). The Lightning
Wings can do major damage as a counterhit, but keep its range in mind when
you do so. Now, once you've mastered either the Raging Death Hack or the
Triple Heaven Death, they are THE counterhits to use; both have extremely 
good range and speed coming out, so if you see them start ANY slow attack,
especially one of their slow Fierces, immediately pull this off (they may be 
too slow from full screen, however). The two other things to use as 
counterhits would be the Fierce slashes and of course, POWer Specials. Both 
POWer Specials should only be used from close or a max. of 3 steps away, and 
do the most damage next to the Death Hack or Heaven Death. The S.Fierce 
should only be used if you're absolutely sure, and it's worth it if it 


Hmm...Slash or Bust? That's a difficult question when it concerns Genjuro.
Other characters (eg. Ukyo) clearly have a better choice, but I find that
both sides of Genjuro are great. The Slash version is a more "solid" 
character, good on both defense and offense, and most importantly, it's easy
to tick with the Death Drop. However, I find as a whole that the Bust version
does more damage, and his moves are SO much cooler, especially the 100 Demons
Death. You must, however, play more defensively with Bust, because of his lag
after all moves, especially the Triple Heaven Death. Your choice.


I totally discourage even beginners to use the beginner's mode, because I
personally think auto-blocking is to all fighting games as ACs were to 
SFA/SFA2, promoting little skill and really ruining the chance for people to
learn reflexes--it also makes you do less damage. I personally play most on
normal mode, but I like having fun on the advanced mode...
The advantage to the advanced mode is that because you have full POW, you can
not only perform your POWer Special all the time, but your attacks do MUCH 
more damage. I'm just learning to play advanced, and it's actually quite 
rewarding--the thing you have to remember is to forget blocking altogether,
and rely more on FAST counterhitting, and most importantly, the DODGE! You
NEED the Dodge to get anywhere in this mode, as it's the next best thing to
blocking. Also, another tip is to definetely stay on the ground--jumping 
means you eat ANYTHING they throw at you, be it an air counter (which you
cannot air block), or waiting a split-second, then performing a POWer Special
when you land...


Dodging discourages turtles, first off--they can no longer sit there and toss
projectiles for the whole fight, 'cause you can just dodge 'em and slowly
advance in on them. It also works quite well from mid-range (where Genjuro
plays best...) for avoiding long-range slashes that come out too fast for you
to counterhit.


a VERY important part of Genjuro's play, because it is IMO better for setting
up opponents for major damage, even more so than Guard Crushes. Note though
that the CPU can reverse a lot of your attempted set-ups :(. Whenever you're
up close, after working your way in from mid-range, it is important not to
stay there long, because most of your opponents (especially Nak and Rim) will
destroy you at this range with their fast slashes--quickly attempt as hard as 
possible to Sidestep (actually not that difficult), then follow with a combo 
described in the combo section. Only the quickest of opponents can whip
around and counterhit you (happens rarely).


Not to imperitive to good gameplay, but good all-around moves. Great on 
turtles and take high priority over low slashes (obviously).


Well, I still wish Throws were here, but I also like Guard Crushes (they        
should have them both, IMO). Quite an important part of Genjuro's gameplay,
they are an easy setup for good, damaging strikes. Use in combination with
Sidestepping up close to be a real pain in the arse. This is a list of the
best follow-ups for a Guard Crush:

1. S.Fierce (after either, QUICK; sometimes misses after Pulling Guard Crush)
2. Lightning Wings (after Pushing Guard Crush, best in corner)
3. C.Fierce (after either, and connects with Pulling better than S.Fierce)
4. Cherry Blossom/Cherry Blossom Iris Reverse, S.Fierce (see combos)
5. Raging Death Hack/Thriple Heaven Death (BEST FOLLOW-UP IMO, GREAT damage)


I personally find cheese a normal part of all fighting games--there is ALWAYS
a counter to cheese--either that or the cheese isn't that useful or effective
to constantly worry about (the only cheese I disagree with are re-dizzy 

1. Cherry Blossom Follow-ups: with Slash Genjuro, throw a card then dash in
   behind it; if they block the card, immediately do a Death Drop! If the
   don't block, follow with a dashing Lightning Wings.
   With Bust Genjuro, do the same, but when you get close (and they blocked),
   quickly SIDESTEP and combo! If the don't block, or get hit by the falling
   card, slash 'em!

(That's it for this section for now, there may be updates).


One thing to remember--you should be at mid-range for most of the fight. For
both Bust and Slash, stay generally defensive, and looks for holes in their
defense to throw in a S.Medium, or even better, a Raging Death Hack/Triple
Heaven Death. Genjuro is in deep trouble if you throw things out of the blue,
because except for the Raging Death Hack/Triple Heaven Death, his attacks
basically come out slow. Punish projectile throwers with a J.Fierce if you 
anticipate, but Dodging is better here, because if their recovery is bad 
from their projectile (eg. Haohmaru), you can Dodge and then throw out a 
counter. Getting in close can be helpful, especially if you can sidestep or 
Guard Crush, but don't be too hasty and rush in, or faster characters will 
peck you to death. ALWAYS try to find a way to punish missed attacks, it is 
the way of Genjuro! If the enemy likes to play keep-away, throw lots of 
Cherry Blossom cards and follow them in to get close.



1. J.Quick -> Lightning Wings
2. close S.Medium -> Raging Death Hack
3. J.Quick -> S.Medium Slash -> Lightning Wings
4. close C.Fierce -> Triple Heaven Death (DIZZIES!)
5. close S.Medium -> Cherry Blossom -> Triple Heaven Death
6. close S.Medium -> Cherry Blossom -> S.Fierce Slash
7. close S.Medium -> Cherry Blossom -> 100 Demon Death (VERY stylish)
8. (BIG COMBO) Sidestep, C.Fierce -> Quick Cherry Blossom, S.Fierce (dizzies)
9. (BIG COMBO) (POWed) Sidestep, S.Medium -> Quick Cherry Blossom, J.Fierce, 
   S.Medium -> POWer Special (!!) (should be 100%!!!!)
10. S.Medium -> POWer Special (just good all by itself)


TACTICS VS. SPECIFIC FIGHTERS: (Note: some sections have little or no tactics
******************************        simply because I have not played 
                                      against all of them--and I mean HUMAN
                                      players, as I don't base my techniques
                                      against the CPU)

Vs. Haohmaru:

The big fight with Genjuro's arch-nemisis is actually quite challenging,
simply because Haohmaru plays quite similiar to Genjuro. They both do GREAT
damage with sword attacks, and both work best at mid-range with these 
slashes. If you're fighting Slash Haohmaru, you have to be more careful at 
mid-range, because he can use his Rage Slash (powerful overhead energy slash)
and the Earthquake Slices combined with his S.Medium Slash to really distance
you, and all of these attacks have counterhit potential. Slash Haohmaru
generally plays defensive, so stick it to him with lots of Cherry Blossom
Slices or Cherry Blossom Iris Reverses and quick attacks to get in close,
where you can sidestep or Guard Crush for major damage. The big problem with
a lot of Haohmaru players is that they tend to overuse the Cyclone Slash (his
whirlwind projectile)--this starts out far too slow to use effectively except
at a distance, so if you at any time begin to see him come out with this and
you are at mid range or closer, pull out your best counterhit; and remember,
your projectile's faster than his. BTW, don't worry too much about Slash
Haohmaru's POWer Special, because altough it looks painful, the last hit of
it frequently misses (the hit which I suspect does all the major damage), so
even as a counterhit it doesn't do much.
Bust Haomaru is a little more offensive-geared, with the quick Typhoon Wave
(where he scratches sand into your face like Felecia (DS) with his sword) and
lots of powerful counters (i.e. he now has a counterstrike ala the ninjas
after getting HIT with a Medium Slash). In addition he can also juggle after
his Cyclone Slash (which can add up to major damage!). Stay mostly on the
defensive and peck away with your Medium Slashes. He will probably end up 
making a mistake sooner or later, which you can punish accordingly. Bust
Haohmaru's tend to rely too much on their Cyclone Slash, which of course you
can see coming and counterhit fairly well. The big thing to watch for is
Bust Haohmaru's POWer Special which, unlike Slash's, is VERY effective. He
will perform a standing single slash similiar to the Crecent Moon Slash; if
you are caught in it, he will follow through with a big Cyclone then jump up
and juggle you with a BIG slash for awesome damage. The first slash as great
priority and speed, and is a deadly air counter... beware.
Vs. Shizumaru Hisame:

Some say he's overpowered, and although I tend to agree, he's not unbeatable.
Slash Shizumaru has a variety of powerful moves. The "Scarlet Sword Mist
Blast" (umbrella toss) is a very effective projectile, equal at least to
your own Cherry Blossom Slash/Cherry Blossom Iris Reverse. If (and only if) 
it misses on its way toward you, it can hit you on its way back, so be weary
and jump (this can give him an advantage by making you jump, leaving you
vulnerable to a lot of attacks). It also follows him on its way back after he 
throws it, so he can knock you out of the air if he jumps up when you do. 
Probably his most potent move is his Scarlet Sword Windshear Slice, the move
where spins his open umbrella. It is a GREAT defensive move, especially as an
air counter, and can do a LOT of damage. The recovery time is quite slow, so
hopefully he may miss it, and you can promptly counterhit. It has low 
priority up close, so low that you can take it out quite easily with a Quick
Slash or Guard Crush him. His Scarlet Sword Crosscurrent Slicer is basically
the DP move, again yet another reason not to jump in on Shizu. One thing to
remember is that for the Fierce Slash version he dashes slightly forward 
first, and is vulnerable to a QUICK counterhit. As well, because of the 
initial dash, the uppercut may miss you if you jump far and high enough. Like 
most DPs, if missed or blocked, counter promptly. 
These moves, coupled with the Scarlet Sword Hailfire to reflect projectiles,
and his devastating POWer Special (which is a GREAT air counter), make him 
VERY good at defense. So, try and stay on the defensive yourself, and only
approach him on the ground, that way you can quickly block if you need to.
Thankfully, your Medium and Quick slashes do well against his, and you can
take priority over a lot of his moves from up close. WHATEVER YOU DO, don't
jump unless he's left himself open!
Bust Shizumaru doesn't have TOO many differences. One thing to note is that
his Umbrella Toss does NOT hit on the way back. As well, his Scarlet Sword 
Crosscurrent Slicer comes out SLIGHTLY faster.

Vs. Gaira Caffeine

Gaira shouldn't pose too much of a threat to good ol' Genjuro. The monk is
DAMN slow, and as long as you keep your distance and play the usual mid-range
fight, you'll be all right. Up close Gaira can easily destroy you with his
big Throws. When he jumps, he'll probably be going for either his "Prudence
Punch" (that Bead Drop) or the "100 Heavens Body Blow" (Knee Drop) for quick
counterhit damage, so stick with the Quick Lightning Wings to take him down.
Both the Victory Riser and Profound Pummel are pretty much the only attacks
you have to worry about, because they make him dash first. This dash is 
usually quick enough to take out a lot of your slashes, so be wary and you 
can usually counterhit with your quick slash. One thing not to do is jump in
on him unless he's vulnerable, because he has that "Ceiling Slam Grabber"
(basically a grab at the air) which is usually fast enough to grab you before
your jumping attack comes out. His POWer Special is a rushing move, then an
auto-combo. If the rush is blocked you can easily counter. Shouldn't be too
hard to avoid, unless of course you leave the opening.
Bust Gaira isn't too different, except his Earthquake Assault will make him
hop first, so it will take priority over low attacks. Beware.

Vs. Amakusa Shiro Tokisada:

Geez, who actually uses this freak?! I don't have any strategy against him 
(which really should be a HER), 'cause nobody plays as Amakusa. Sorry.

Vs. Nakoruru:

The environmentalist bitch is back and tough as ever. Her Slash form uses the
bird, Mamahaha, and her Bust (no pun intended) version uses her wolf, Silkou.

Slash Nakoruru is quite a good keep-away fighter, but is also fast enough to
hold her own up close. Again, try your best to stay mid-range and make use of
her mistakes. Her Leyla Mutsube is a rising magic strike, but it has enough
horizontal range that if she does it too late, you'll jump over her. If she
anticipates your jump however, she can hit you on her way up. If you block or
she misses this, punish her. The Annu Mutsube is the same, only she slides
along the ground. Takes UNBELIEVABLE priority over standing attacks, and will
do BIG damage if she counterhits one of your slashes. Be very careful not to
just throw any slashes out of the blue that she can see coming. If blocked,
counter quickly. She also has that cape twirl which not only hits up to 3
times, but also reflects projectiles. No big deal from a distance, since you
recover from the Cherry Blossoms fast enough, but up close it will not only
reflect, but also hit you! One thing I find Nakoruru players doing too often
is getting on her bird. She may be able to dive quite fast, but you can also
dash QUITE fast and Lightning Wings her. This is her big weakness, and 
exploit it whenever possible. If she sends her bird at you, simply block,
and she'll most likely be in your face by the time the bird's gone, so be
ready with a Sidestep or maybe a Quick slash.
Bust Nakoruru is also quite effective, and the wolf can be a pain. She has
the Leyla Mutsube, Annu Mutsube and the Cape Twirl like the Slash version, 
but the big difference is the animal attacks. Once she sits on Silkou, she
can jump very high and move quite fast along the ground. If you dash in to
try and knock her off, you'll get a slash in the face, so stay defensive,
and throw lots of Cherry Blossoms. Don't throw these too often however, 
because she can perform a dive while jumping with the wolf, that will go 
right over the card and nail you.

Vs. Rimururu:

This bitch IS as cold as ice. Up close she can give you a hard time with LOTS
of quick slashes, and from mid-range she has the ground freeze and ice throw
(among other things). I won't go into too much detail with this fight, just
remember that you have to beat her to the draw, because her moves are pretty
low priority--meaning, stay mid-range as always, but try to get your slashes
in as counterhits the SECOND you see her start to throw any of the ice.

Vs. Hanzo:

Hanzo's my second best player, and if they use him in any way like me, you'll
have a tough time. :)
He'll play keep-away a lot of the time, waiting for an opening to do his 
Shrike Dash (SPD). He'll be Teleporting a lot, and when he does, it's usually
safest to just block--if he appears behind you, jump away quickly or Quick
slash him. Otherwise, be ready for that Teleport where he appears at your 
feet and slashes, which you must block low. And for god's sake, if he throws
a Fire Serpent (can't remember it's full name), JUMP! Otherwise, you'll block
and he'll dash right in for a major damage SPD. Jumping in on Hanzo is 
usually quite safe, 'cause the only effective air counter he has is his 
standing Kick. If you're fighting Slash Hanzo however, be weary when he has
a POWer Special available, for his big Flame Eruption can put a WORLD of hurt
on Genjuro, especially if he interrupts one of your jumping slashes. 
Alternately, if you're fighting Bust Hanzo, don't throw Cherry Blossoms too
often so that you develop a pattern, because if Hanzo is POWed, and has VERY
fast reflexes, he can do his POWer Special right over your card!

Vs. Galford:

Fights a BIT like Hanzo, as far as the Teleporting is concerned. He can only
Teleport to overhead, so if he Teleports, either dash forward, or be ready 
with with a Quick Lightning Wings. The Plasma Blade (fireball move) is faster
than Hanzo's Fire Serpent, but it cannot be used in the ticking fashion like
his counterpart. Be careful of his various dog attacks, and if at ANY time
you see him point his finger, your safest bet is to block, or if you're 1/2 a
screen or closer, Raging Death Hack/Triple Heaven Death for AWESOME 
counterhit damage. 

Vs. Basara Kibukiri:

He's got some mean long-range slashes, but so does Genjuro :). When you're up 
close he can usually get through faster with that little Quick chop he has, 
so keep your distance and when he goes offensive you can usually get him,
especially if he jumps in. BEWARE--he has a VERY fast POWer Special, and he
hops backward before that fast hop forward, avoiding some attacks. If you 
block it, the only way to counter is with a Raging Death Hack/Triple Heaven
Death (usually).

Vs. Kyoshiro Senryo:

Probably the only fighter in the game who has longer slashes than Genjuro,
this guy is a serious pain in the arse if he keeps his distance.  I don't 
fight him too much, but just remember to try and go offensive a little in
this fight, because some Kyoshiro players play him like he's fast, and he 
really isn't. ANYTIME you see a Fierce Slash coming your way, Medium Slash

Vs. Ukyo Tachibana:

One of my favorite characters, Ukyo can do a lot of damage, almost as much as
Genjuro. A lot of his moves come out slow, and remember this when fighting
him and he gets overly-offensive. Not much more strategy than that, except
that when either Bust or Slash Ukyo has full POW, try VERY hard not to throw
anything out of the blue, as both their POWer Specials come out VERY fast.



Special thanks to SNK for bringing out their awesome game for the PS! Also
thanks to Edward Ju for his Genjuro FAQ, which had some good combos (no
freakin' strategy, though! :)

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