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Amakusa by Tsubame

Version: 1.1 |


I put a Hotaru pic in here for NO reason except that she's cute!

Historical Background for Amakusa from Damone The real life Shiro
Amakusa(who was a man- disregard the anime, especially if you have any
taste!) led a Christian revolution in the Shimabara region. The rebellion
was crushed although his body was never recovered. He didn't teleport or do
Power Specials, or if he did people were real quiet about it :>.
Yes, if you're here, you want to see Amakusa, not Hotaru-chan, but who
cares. You're here to learn how to play SS3 Amakusa. First, Use Bust. His
Fireball's even worse, but he teleports faster and has a slightly better
power special.

Second, Learn his redizzy combos. 4 Low Kicks in the Back. No Skill
required (No Wait, That's SFA Sodom^_^). However, it does require timing.

Third, learn how to teleport. DON'T Teleport on the Ninjas or Basara unless
they throw something or you can be SPD. On everyone else, you can teleport
fairly safely.

Finally, use the running. Amakusa's run is special because he can reverse
his direction of running instantly, probablybecause it looks like he is
flying two inches off the ground instead of running. This has its
occasional use.
Other Combos: Jumping Crossover B(you'll land in front of them), Low C and
sometimes Low B. 2 low D kicks in the Back followed by Low C(when you're
playing fair). Amakusa's specials are too slow to have any buffered combos
to my knowledge. Poking: Poke with Standing B. It hits Low and makes the
opposition Turtle. Avoid using too many Standing C's because they can be
dodge-countered if timed right. Only use C fireballs at max range, and
never at Nak. i mostly use them only as counter fireballs.
Air Defense: Low C is pretty good, but if you want to embarass your
opponents, use the Judgement Blow(TCD). You have to do this very late.
Close standing B can counter some crossover attacks. Against idiots, Use
the Miasma Plasma (B,DB,B+A) to auto-dizzy them. Teleports: Teleport and
immediately low kick. Be careful vs Maxed out Bust Ukyo's. If you whiff a
kick, you usually get one Power Special. If they start blocking your low
kicks or if they start turtling, overhead. How To Turtle: Poke with Low
B's, and Backwards Teleport. If you see a chance to counter , take it. Also
Jump and make them block a Jumping B.
startegies vs characters and CPU to come later
I've decided to concentrate on certain matchups that I consider interesting
and/or difficult
vs Hanzo's/Galford's Most Hanzo's will attempt to do slinky/SPD traps.
NEVER jump at Hanzo. He can slice you out of the air. Try to predict his
slinky and teleport behind to whack him. With Galford, you have to be
quicker if you try to teleport because he has very quick recovery, but he
has less trapping ability.
vs Upper Grade Bust Ukyo's as Upper Grade Amakusa I always counter Upper
Grades with Upper Grades, but then again, friends say I'm a maschoist(look
at my favorite characters). Teleport Away from Junps. Try to make him throw
a fireball, but be careful if you try to spaz with low kicks. One mistake
and your power specialed. Also avoid getting too close so you can avoid his
death combo.
vs Bust Genjuro You cannot teleport and kick Genjy- his kicks are too fast.
At high levels of play you will almost always have a time out. Do not make
mistakes and avoid being soaked, because that will put you on the
vs Bust Haohmaru Haohmaru is a very tough opponent- but not 9-1 like in the
TAPFAQ (which is worthless) You cannot effectively counter the crossover,
but you can teleport away. If a Haohmaru starts a C slash, do a standing
far B if you are SURE you are not too close. Good counter. Haohmaru's also
tend to like being hit by standing C's as well, use this. avoid his
infinite combo- it can even hit from the front.
vs Slash Nak's She is too fast to fireball. Do not jump foolishly or you
will be airthrown. You can use the slap on Nak if you time it late, if you
don't, you will be C slashed. Try to teleport past her Mamahaha attacks. If
you have the lead on a Nak, try to bait them into jumping or doing
Mitsubes, then kicking them once or twice to go further ahead.
vs Gaira's No one really plays Gaira (or Amakusa) here, and since I can't
face myself, I'm using vs CPU mostly. The slap works very well vs Gaira as
does jumping back B's. Teleport behind him often and play defensive,
teleporting often (watch out for his ticks). Keep him away, especially Bust
because you will lose a thorwing war and his Ground pound is very hard to
vs Rimururu's Not much to say here except keep her away! Good Rimmy will
try to get you in the range where you can't hit her and she can crouch C
you. Also try to avoid jumping into icicles.
vs Shizumaru Amakusa can destroy Shizumaru if you know what you are doing.
You can kick KO him if he ever throws the umbrella. His crossover C can be
stopped by a standing B. You can take advantage of his poor jump by hitting
him with a crouch C from behind.
vs Kyoshiro Kyoshiro's normals are better than Amakusa, so you're in for a
tough fight. You have to be on the defensive and look for an oppurtunity to
kick. Avoid jumping due to Kyoshiro's air defense. However, his super is
best airblocked.
vs Basara Basara and those kicks can be very annoying, especially the
hopping kicks. Avoid overteleporting because he can grab you out of
teleports. A good Basara will throw plenty of kicks, and you do not want to
get in a kicking war with Basara unless you get behind him. Basaras will
also throw out butterflies, don't worry about them. You can punish any of
his specials, especially his air weapon toss. Most of my vs Basara fights
time out and we're both over 50% life.
vs Amakusa Recently after a couple of long winning streaks, people have
been playing Amakusa around here. Be prepared for some madness. Usually
against spazzing Amakusas, jump back whenever he teleports toward and be
prepared to use the air D or B. Use the hop crush often as both of you will
be low blocking a lot.
Half Cirle Toward or Back+D Teleport toward or Away

T,DT,D+C Judgement Blow

Down Circle Towards+Slash Demon Toss(SLASH) or Dark Thunder(BUST)

T,Back Circle Towards+slash "The Idiot Move "slash to attack(ha!) or d to

B,DB,B+A Miasma Plasma

T,B,T,B+slash Tractor Beam(SLASH) or Dark Portal(BUST)

B,T,D,DT+C Power Special(BUST's is quicker)
Billy Bisette for allowing me to discover some of the combos I now know.

To all the other good Raleigh, NC players who helped me get better through

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