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Haohmaru by JTu

Version: 1.1 | Updated: 03/31/97

_   _  ___   ___  _   _ _   _  ___  ____  _   _
| | | |/ _ \ / _ \| | | | \ / |/ _ \|  _ \| | | |  Samurai Shodown
| |_| | |_| | | | | |_| |     | |_| | |_| | | | |  Haohmaru Strategy Guide
|  _  |  _  | | | |  _  | |V| |  _  |  _ \| | | |  Version 1.1
| | | | | | | |_| | | | | | | | | | | | \ | |_| |  03/31/94
|_| |_|_| |_|\___/|_| |_|_| |_|_| |_|_|  \|_____|  By Jimmy Tu -- jtu@usc.edu

             "Oooh goody!  A challenger.  Who's stronger?  Hint.  Me!"
             "To call me 'awesome' is an understatement."

     * Introduciton
     * Thanks
     * Revision History
     * Profile
     * Moves
     * General Tips and Tricks
     * Detailed Info
     * Combos
     * Vs CPU
     * Ending
     * Appendix 1
     * Appendix 2
     * Appendix 3


This guide is for all those Haohmaru players, from beginners to master
samurais.  It covers all, well almost all, you ever wanted to know about
Haohmaru and more!

Note:  The guide is far from complete, as there are many blanks and question
marks throughout the guide.  Any comments, corrections, and/or additional
information would be appreciated.

Mail them to: jtu@usc.edu


    Jim Hsu ------------------------ jimhsu@athena.mit.edu
      For providing the tips
    Ewan Ng ------------------------ ewann@sfu.ca
      Editor of the Samurai Shodown FAQ
    Vince ??? ---------------------- ???
      Tip on beating Amakusa in 2nd round


    Release  1.1:   Played more SS after the break, and discovered a lot of
                    little stuff.  Started using Ukyo...  But that's another
                    story.  First release on to the net.
                    A lot of bad spelling. =)
    Release  1.0:   Version 1.0 was done during Christmas break, and actually
                    contained most of the info in it now.  Just didn't have
                    time to put it up in the net.


The following statistics and quotes are copied from the Samurai Shodown FAQ.

  Name:        Haohmaru
  Title:       The Invincible Samurai Sake Expert
  Origin:      Gairyu Isle, Japan
  Alma Mater:  Self-Taught
  Weapon:      The Fugu Blade (katana)
  Misc. Info:  Haohmaru is based on Musashi Miyamoto, the classic Samurai.
    Musashi and Kojiro Sasaki were famous rivals.  Both have their homes on
    Ganryu Isle, a real place, though it's not located where Gairyu Isle is
    supposed to be.  His girlfriend's name is Oshizu.

  _ Quotes __________________________________________________________
| Lucky you.  About to be killed by a legend!                       |
| To fight.  To die.  Get ready for the afterlife.                  |

| Using my full strength is unnecessary for wimps like you.         |
| Hmm, not bad.  I have met the second strongest in the world.      |
| Was all my work for naught?  Or am I too damn good?               |
| What a fight, I'm speechless.  Not!                               |

Haohmaru is one of the most powerful character in the game.  He has
all-around abilities, so he is great for beginners to advanced.  He can be
devastating when POWed up, being able to take half an energy bar.  He has
good range and speed, but is limited because of his special moves.
Haohmaru's definitely the guy to use if want to slice and dice.


  _ Slashes ______________________________________________________________
|    |       far      |      close      |      crouch     |     jump     |
|  A | Normal slash   | Butt end of     | Sweeping ground | Side slash   |
|    | (high to low)  | the sword       | slash           |              |
|  B | Straight slash | Slash           | Sweeping ground | Side slash   |
|    |                | (high to low)   | slash           |              |
| AB | Long-range     | Uppercut slash, | Uppercut slash  | Downward-arc |
|    | slash          | then mid-level  |                 | slash        |

  _ Kicks _______________________________________________________________
|    |       far       |      close     |      crouch      |    jump    |
|  C | Quick knee kick | Quick knee     | Quick kick       | Kick       |
|    |                 | kick           |                  |            |
|  D | Kick            | Kick           | Kick             | Kick       |
|    |                 |                |                  |            |
| CD | High roundhouse | Roundhouse     | Forward-moving   | Side kick  |
|    | kick            | kick           | roundhouse sweep |            |

  _ Throws ___________________________________________________________
|   -- O  B or AB                  Throw onto ground                 |
|   -- O  D or CD                  Back flip throw                   |

Without weapon

  _ Punches ______________________________________________________________
|    |       far      |      close      |      crouch     |     jump     |

|  A | Quick punch    |       ???       |       ???       |      ???     |
|    |                |                 |                 |              |
|  B | Punch          |       ???       |       ???       |      ???     |
|    |                |                 |                 |              |
| AB | Hard Punch     |       ???       |       ???       |      ???     |
|    |                |                 |                 |              |

Special Moves

|  -O   /  |  \   Slash            KogetsuZan                        |
|      O   O   O                   Crescent moon uppercut slash      |
|  |  \   -O      Slash            Senpuretsuzan                     |
|  O   O                           Launch a small hurricane          |

General Tips & Tricks

The game Samurai Shodown requires counter attacking your opponent (more so
than any other fighting game).  In order to do this, you must have a good
knowledge of your moves as well as your opponents.  You should learn to
recognize every characters special moves, their effects and delays, and AB
slashes.  You should know their ranges and quickness.  These are the keys to
your counter attack. Once you have mastered this, you are well on your way to
becoming a Shogun.

Haohmaru's most useful slash is the standing B slash.  You can use to keep
opponents walking up to you back, and even damage them.  It will push them
away, and is especially good against a weaponless opponent.  You should know
the ranges of your opponent to use this effectively, especially playing VS.
human opponent (eg. Jubei's B slash is faster than Haohmaru. Therefore,
Haohmaru will get hit instead).

The A slash is faster than the B, but takes less damage.  It's best against
quick opponents, and can hit them fast enough to stop their moves.  The
crouching a is also good to keep opponents away when they get too close.

The stand AB is Haohmaru's most powerful move, able to take a quarter of an
opponents energy.  Because of this, it have a very long recovery which makes
him vulnerable if he misses or gets blocked.  It should be used when
opponents have missed their special move or AB slash.  The crouching AB can
take a healthy chunk of energy away, and keep your opponent at bay.  This
move also has a long delay if missed or blocked.

Haohmaru is adept to the air as he is to the ground. With the aerial AB
comboed with the back AB, he is a force to be reckoned with.  The aerial CD
and [A|B] slashes are use to get priority in the air.

To counter aerial attacks the sensible move is the KogetsuZan, but there are
limits on its effectiveness on different characters

[see Detail - KogetsuZan].  An alternative to the KogetsuZan is to run under
your opponent and give them an AB slash once they land.  It's works well on
high jumping characters, but be cautions on low jumping ones.

Learn to recognize dizzies.  Dizziness is harder to see because there's no
stars or chickens revolving around the opponents head.  BUT dizziness can
be recognized when an opponent thud to the ground in a heap to dust, instead
to the usual, knock down.  Dizziness doesn't come often in SS, but when it
does, it a great time for you and pain for your opponent.

Also, when playing humans, attack all parts of the body and mix stuff up.
Also, surprise attacks like running and buffering stuff in helps, like
running and buffer in a crouch CD kick.  When you're usually running,
they'll block back, and not down.  Also fake some runs to mix it up.  Running
works especially well at the end of rounds when they're stalling.


This is probably the oldest one, taken from Street Fighter 2.  A variation on
the fireball-dragon punch, this doesn't work all that well because of
Haohmaru's long Senpuretsuzan delay.  Try at your own risk. =)

@Senpuretsuzan-B Slash@

The Senpuretsuzan-B slash is used like a trap, could be better than the
Senpuretsuzan-KogetsuZan.  The opponent should be far away enough so that he
can't aerial attack you.  Throw an A Senpuretsuzan, the opponent will jump
over it, then throw a stand B slash, as he is about to land.  This is another
variation based on SF2, fireball, crouch roundhouse.

@Cheap Throw@

Jump over you opponent and as soon as you land. Throw them.

@Galford/Hanzo Strategy@

The disappearing-drop, Fake Wood, or Ninja Twirl, has a very good counter by
Haohmaru.  If you can block it, they'll bounce off.  If you're far away,
immediately send out a Senpuretsuzan of appropriate speed to trap them.
They'll usually block it and take damage, or jump toward you.  If they jump
toward you, you should have recovered from the tornado and because of they're
high jump, you can now KogetsuZan them.  Or you can B slash, like the
@Senpuretsuzan-B slash@ trap.  These are a couple of nice traps you can get
them into.

If they bounce off close to you, give them a nice standing AB.  This works
well in corners where the bounce into the wall and have no where to go.



Haohmaru's KogetsuZan can be deadly, for the opponent or yourself; you have
to know when to use it.  The KogetsuZan is an uppercut like move, a la dragon
punch from SF2.  Although it's effects are much like the "Tiger Uppercut."
Like the tiger uppercut, the move is very vulnerable and easy to stop.  But
also, like the dragon punch, there is a moment of invulnerability when
executing the move.  This is when he goes into the motion on the ground, when
you see the red sparks coming from the sword.  You can use it to go through
fireballs and attacks.  The timing is very hard, as I have only gone
through a fireball once.  It can stop opponent's attacks, but is also very

Also, like the DP, the amount of damage you do with the KogetsuZan depends
on where you hit the opponent.  If you hit the opponent low when he's
jumping in, you'll take off the most damage.  If you try this, you run the
risk of getting hit by the opponent and trading hits or worse, getting
stopped and hit.  If you hit the opponent high in the jump, you'll barely
take off a tick of energy, as if it was blocked.

The KogetsuZan can be used as a ground to ground attack, too, but is much
more risky this way.  The KogetsuZan has one of the worst recovery in the
game, even if using A.  So if you miss the move and you're opponent is close,
expect a lot of energy to be taken off, because of being hit in the middle of
executing a special move.

The ground attack KogetsuZan can be used as a surprise attack by combining it
with a run.  Run up to you opponent and buffer the move, and you'll surprise
the heck out of them.  Don't do this when they're blocking, though.  You can
also try this if they're running towards you.

KogetsuZan as you get up, a variation of another Street Fighter tactic, DPing
as one gets up.  Thing can be buffered in if you get knocked down to the
ground.  This can work well on opponents who jumps at you when you're down,
or use traps.  This works especially well against Ukyos who like to
run and Sasame Yuki when you're knocked down.  You should start early to
avoid trading damage.

Usage:  A -- low jumping, less damage
        B -- medium height, moderate damage
       AB -- high jump, good damage
*note* like Ken's DP, the A KogetsuZan if hit a jumping opponent "low" can
        take off more energy than an AB.


This move is like a fireball in SF2, but is a small tornado traveling on the
ground, and can be used to cancel all projectile weapon.  This move is also
risky to perform because of the long delay and execution time.  You should
perform this move when you're far enough away from the opponent so that he
cannot jump in to attack you.

Once you have the opponent far away, you should be able to throw a couple of
them.  Very the speed on them so they can't get a jumping pattern down.  It
can also be used to stop air attacks, but this is a very silly.

The tornado damages when an opponent get caught, and takes more damage when
the opponent falls back to the ground.

Usage:  A -- slow, low height, less damage
        B -- medium, medium height, moderate damage
       AB -- fast, very high, good damage
*note* Although AB is suppose to take the opponent to the top of the tornado
and drop them to the ground, this is not so with some of the over weight or
BIG characters, eg. Earthquake, Wan Fu, etc..., and therefore causes less


1) Jumping AB, back AB
2) Jumping CD, crouch CD
3) Jumping CD, back AB
4) Jumping AB, back A, crouch A
   (good one even if blocked to move you opponent back)
5) Jumping A, crouch A

*note* I've tried to buffer a KogetusZan into the aerial AB, but it doesn't
       seem to work too well.  Anyone have success at this?


This computer is smart and it will use any cheapo throw or whatever without
qualm.  Don't be amazed if the computer performs some moves that may
impossible for you to perform under the same conditions.  This is a computer
you are dealing with.  Besides being smart, it will also cheat by taking off
energy more if it hits you and less if you hit it on higher difficulty

If the computer jumps at you, it is very likely going to try to throw you.
Block the initial aerial attack, and then after your opponent lands, hit
crouching A or C rapidly to back them away; this could even draw blood on
them.  You will get throw once in a while, but it usually isn't too damaging.
Sometimes, you can counter with the KogetsuZan, but refer to the individual
character tips for more detail.


The way of beating Charlotte is using the "Crazy Haohmaru" style, a decedent
of the "Krazy Ken" style of playing.  Do a lot of jumping [A|B], couch A
combos.  This will usually take some energy off.  Also, some CD kicks are
good to take of her of the air when she decides to jump.  Aerial CDs can kick
her out of the Power Gradation some times.  If you PGs you early in the
match, don't worry because it'll take nothing, like Haohmaru's KogetsuZan,
but WATCHOUT when it gets late.  She usually won't Power Gradation you until
the end of the match. Charlotte can only hit with the tip of her epee, so the
rest of the weapon is useless.  Also, when you get close to her, she has
lousy range because she uses the butt end, which can damage a lot.  She does
not have crouch sweeping slash, like Haohmaru or Galford.

When she jumps at you, block it and give her a crouching A slash or crouching
C kicks.  Or else you'll throw you.  You can try to counter the jump with a
KogetsuZan, but it's dangerous because her jumping AB, triangle slash, will
take you out.

Her weakness is the Slash Fount, and she'll start doing it when you're ahead
of her in energy.  You can jump over and IMMEDIATELY hit back AB.  She'll be
behind you, but you'll slash up and down, hitting her twice, once if you're
far away.  Sometimes if you're close, she'll throw you before the AB will
come out, more CPU cheating.  She'll usually do this a couple of times, so
you can repeat the pattern.  At the end she'll probably Power Gradation like
crazy, block it and when she comes down, give her a nice AB.  Timing is
important because she has excellent recovery.  Or else you can block it and
aerial AB when she comes down, to play it safe.  You can also try the
@Senpuretsuzan-B slash@ trick when she's far away, but watch out for that
aerial AB!!!

DON'T go for the food in this round if it isn't convenient, cause it always
seems like the guy who tosses the chicken, tosses it in front of Charlotte,
and she pokes me when I bend down to grab the grub.  DON'T try to trade B
slashes with Charlotte because she will always poke you because of her speed
and range.

See also @Senpuretsuzan-B Slash@ [TRICK section]


Could be hard if you're impatient.  Do aerial CD's because he's really
vulnerable to them for some reason, and it also gives you good priority to
hit him out of the air.  Also, aerial CDs can hit him out of the Fat
Chainsaw.  You could try back AB if CD hits, but it's a bit of a gamble.  If
he's not jumping around, give him Combo #1, aerial AB and back AB, which will

If he jumps at you, you could try a KogetsuZan, but you know the risks
involved in that.  You can also try to KogetsuZan the Fat Bound, but blocking
and a quick A slash, is best.  If you don't slash, he'll probably grab you
and fart on you.  Try Combo #5, aerial A, crouch A, to keep him at bay.  It's
a long match with EQ!


Probably the easiest CPU character to beat, but sometimes he'll get ticked
off and start to throw you around and even Strike Hez.  First hit him with a
couple of crouch As.  He'll block some, but most of the time he'll bleed.
Then he'll start to attack, so now he's dead.  You can jump back and throw
Senpuretsuzans at him, or wait and jump over his Plasma Blades.  When he
sends Poppy, time to chop him up with Combo #1, aerial AB, back AB.  Takes
off a nice chunk of energy.  Stay within jump-attacking range, and train
yourself to attack when YOU hear "GO!!" =)

Occasionally he'll do the mirror image, you can try to jump away, throw A
slashes that should hit him as he reappears, or KogetsuZan one of the image.
Also, if you're bored run up to him and KogetsuZan, it will cancel out most
of his attacks, Plasma Blade, slashes, etc... and take a nice chunk of
energy.  If you have him cornered, try KogetsuZan as he is getting up.

*note* A fun thing to do is to Kogetzusan poppy.

See also @Galford/Hanzo Strategy@ [TRICK section]


This is another tough fight.  Aerial attacks are hard against him because
he actually counters.  He's weakness is the Poison Blizzard.  He has a huge
delay after it, so anticipate and Combo #1, aerial AB, back AB.  His Butcher
Thrust is also another weakness.  Block it and then throw a Senpuretsuzan,
probably an AB. He'll usually land right on it.  You can also get him into a
corner and throw Senpuretsuzans at him.  He'll usually fall for one or two.

Be careful when he jumps at you.  Block it and immediately throw some slashes
or crouching kicks because if he gets close, he'll do the Stomach Blender;
which takes off MEGA damage the computer does it. Or else KogetsuZan him.
It's pretty safe with him.  Sometimes he will blow a B Poison Blizzard and
an AB Butcher Thrust.  He'll roll right through the blizzard, block the
initial hits and follow up with a Senpuretsuzan.

The Butcher Thrust can be knocked out by close A slashes or crouching C
kicks.  If you're feeling lucky, try to KogetsuZan him out of the Butcher


One of the hardest and cheapest, if not already number one, CPU opponent
you'll have to face.  This is probably the hardest fight, second to Amakusa.
He'll block everything and cheap throw you.  He's only real weakness is the
Bakuen Ryuu (burning snake or another term slinky).  He has a fair bit of a
delay after a slinky.  Make sure you in aerial attack range.  When he does

it, jump and use aerial AB, back AB.  This will take a nice chunk of energy
and is his only real weakness.

At the start of the match, block and hit him with an AB when he misses his
AB. DON'T try to couch A because he will do the Somersault slash right over
your slash.  You can try Combo #4 or #5, or anything that's quick and comboed
together, NO ABs or CDs!!  Also when he starts running at you, LOOK OUT!
He's thinking of the Bullhead Blast.  He'll usually do this right after an A
slinky.  You can try to jump over the slinky and attack, or block and hope he
doesn't take too much off.  DON'T try to Senpuretsuzan if he's not in a trap
or recovering because he will always do the Ninja Twirl and hit you before
you can recover.  To beat Hanzo you have to take him out methodically, with
precision surgical strikes.

See also @Galford/Hanzo Strategy@ [TRICK section]


Like yourself, he has the same awful delays as you, so use this to your
advantage.  You can try backing him away and damage using the boring
standing B, but be careful because he'll sometimes anticipate and AB you.
Almost any combos will work against him.  Once he gets low on energy, he'll
start chucking tornados like crazy, now is the time to take him out with,
aerial AB, back AB.  When he's about to be finished, he'll do some
KogetsuZan, be careful because he take tons of energy off when he does it.
You can also try the @cheap throw@ trick against him early in the round.

See also @Cheap Throw@ [TRICK section]


Another cheap CPU character!  When he starts running at you, he's probably
going to throw you.  The @cheap throw@ trick is a good way to wear him down.
You can also try Combo #4-#5.  He'll block most of them.  Aerial AB are
risky, but sometimes worth it.  He's weakness is the Hasso Happa.  Block it
initial hits and when you're clear of it, Combo #1, aerial AB, back AB.  A
couple of times and he's ground beef, or ground Jubei. =)

Also, you can attack the Suigetsu Toh, which has a delay a bit better than
Haohmaru's Senpuretsuzan, but because he bends down, it's harder to hit him.
At the end of the match, he'll do the Nikkaku Ratoh, running and rising
slash.  Block the initial hit and hit him when he comes down with a nice AB,
treat it just like Charlotte's Power Gradation.  It has about the same
recovery time as the PG, as soon as he touches down, he can block.  You have
to hit him before he he lands or you can aerial attack him when he's landing.

DON'T try the @Senpuretsuzan-B slash@ trap, because his aerial AB will always
take you out of the B slash.

See also @Cheap Throw@ [TRICK section]


Another easy guy.  He rarely blocks so you can aerial AB, or Combo #1, till
he bleeds.  The @cheap throw@ also works very nicely against him.  He rarely
does the vertical rotating slash, so you should be safe.  You can also wait
for him to toss his fan and then combo him.  I tried to hit him when he was
doing the Flame Fandango, but I don't think Haohmaru can jump over it, so I
suggest to wait until it's over.  When he's in the air he has pretty good
priority, so be careful.  When he's about done, use the @Senpuretsuzan-B

slash@ trap, which works great against him.  Probably the easiest guy to
get the fastest KO against, using Haohmaru.  Two Combo #1 at full POW and
he's history.

See also @Cheap Throw@ [TRICK section]
         @Senpuretsuzan-B Slash@ [TRICK section]


One of the most annoying CPU characters out there.  She flies around the
screen and goes crazy.  He weakness is her delay after all of her moves.  To
start the round walk up to her and give her a couple of crouching A slashes.
You can also try combo #4-#5 to take her energy down.  Even though Nak has
good air priority, you should be able to hit her out of the air most of the
time with [A|B] slashes or any kicks.  The @Senpuretsuzan-B slash@ trap is
also good to take her energy down, but be careful.  She'll sometimes mount
the bird and dive down over the tornado before you can recover.  If close to
the end of the round and she has more energy than you, your in big trouble
because she will do nothing and will block all day long.

If you're ahead in energy she'll start doing all her Mutsude moves, which is
great.  Block and give her a back AB.  She'll keep do this, so repeat and you
should have an easy win.  Sometimes she'll throw you before you can hit her
with the AB, but that's the computer.  You can also run under her when she
jump and hit her with a [B|AB] slash when he lands.  She has a really high
jump so don't worry.

See also @Senpuretsuzan-B Slash@ [TRICK section]

Tam Tam

Tam Tam is a sometimes a pretty tough fight.  Tam Tam's weakness is really
that he has no close range attack.  Jump and do Combo #1.  His best air
defense is the sword spin, which you can hit him out of it you hit early.
Also, a pattern that works against him is when he walks to you and gets
within range, crouch A slash.  This will usually drive him back and then he
will jump at you.  KogetsuZan him, but make sure you hit low to take more
damage off.  This is the only guy to use the KogetsuZan on because he jumps
around so damn much!

If he's far away you can try to throw Senpuretsuzans against him, he'll
usually get hit by one or two.  If he does the skull throw, Combo #1 again!
He usually does two of these in succession.  When he does the Paguna Deos,
turning on the blade, block it and then AB slash him when he's finished, like
Charlotte's Slash Fount.  Or you could jump straight up and aerial AB.  You
can also poke him out of a sword spin with B if your far enough not to get
hit.  When he jumps at you and you block, be careful because he'll head butt
you.  Throw some crouching A slashes or take him out of the air.


This guys is another cheap one, who runs and throws.  With Haohmaru, he's
pretty simple. All you have to do is aerial CDs like EQ.  This will knock him
out of almost everything.  If you connect and he's on the ground, use a back
AB for a good two hits.  Most of you aerial CD's will go over the Tsubame
Gaeshi (goes right under you).  Sometimes you'll trade damage with him when
he's on the ground and goes the AB slash, but it's worth it.

At the beginning of the match you can use the See also
@Senpuretsuzan-B slash@ trap which works great against him.  You can also use

an AB slash when he's far enough away when he lands, which takes off a very
nice amount of energy.  He's jumps are long, hang time like Michael Jordan,
but he has very lousy lateral distance.  If you're on the ground and he does
the Tsubame Gaeshi; block it and then back AB.  If he starts running at you,
don't freak out.  He'll do three things: the Tsubame Gaeshi, CD slide, or
Sasame Yuki.  If he does the TG he'll jump and land in front of you, so do
the same thing as above.  It has a terrible delay that sets him up to be
killed.  Also, he will run and then do the Sasame Yuki, apple cutter, late
during the match.  Block, and then wait for him to finish, it's only for
show.  Give him a nice AB.  If you're out of it's range, you can try Combo
#1, aerial AB, back AB.

*note* If you get knocked down and he does the Sasame Yuki, try buffering in
        a KogetsuZan when you're getting up.
        Also, if you're really daring, try to KogetsuZan Ukyo when he does
        the Tsubame Gaeshi, you can hit him out of it without taking damage
        because of the invisibility, but the timing is very tricky.

See also @Senpuretsuzan-B Slash@ [TRICK section]

Wan Fu

This guy is hard and sometimes cheap.  He can take massive energy off using
slashes, holds, and throws.  This guys is super nasty without his weapon, so
I suggest you kindly give it back to him.  At the beginning of the match you
can try the @cheap throw@, but don't try to jump at him near the end of the
round because he will counter with a Slicing Gust or an AB move which looks
like the Slicing Gust with about the same effect.

Wan Fu's weakness is his Exploding Wave, or rather when he tries to get his
sword back after it.  When he turns bright red, not POWed up red, he's about
to throw his sword.  Block the initial impact and wait around the sword.
Let him grab it, and as he's getting it, give him a nice AB.  His other
weakness is his far AB slash.  He has horrible recovery time after it.  To
get him to do it, walk up to him, and crouch A slash.  Block because he'll
do the move.  This will move you back a bit, walk up to him and give him a
nice AB as he's recovering, run up to him if you're far away.  Finally,
another weakness is his crouching CD kick.  He usually does it after falling
down, so be sure to block down or be far enough away.  As the recovers, the
usual AB slash.

When he jumps at you jump block and quickly give him a series of crouching A
slashes to get him to back off.  If you don't he'll throw you.  Don't try to
counter the jump because he'll stop the KogetsuZan with circular slash.  He
usually starts throwing his sword once he gets behind on energy and goes
crazy at the end of the match.

See also @Cheap Throw@ [TRICK section]


Hit him with anything first round, but a jumping CD works the best.  Sit back
and keep slashing or kick to make Amakusa jump up and down.  Be careful, he's
sometimes jump at you so keep alert. Usually, time runs out and Amakusa

For the second round you can use this trick.  Start off with a crouch block,
so if Amakusa does a low sweep with his "ball", you're safe.  He'll tend to

walk backwards and forwards.  Get reasonably close to him and CROUCH-BLOCK,
so that when he walks forward, immediately get up and throw him!  Amakusa
likes to repeat this walking forwards and backwards, so CROUCH-BLOCK and
throw him once he walks up to you.  It's that simple!  Beware when time runs
out and/or when his energy goes red, though.  If Amakusa teleports, just try
to get out of his way because he will try to throw you.

Most of the time aerial CDs will hit him, but aerial AB aren't that good.  He
usually can take stop aerial attacks with his bitch slap.  The KogetsuZan can
be tried, but doesn't have that much of an affect on him.  The Senpuretsuzan
is useless because he'll always counter it with a ghost fireball, which is
faster and has absolutely no delays.  You can try Combo #4-#5 as it has
better priority, but most of the time he'll block it.  The only time when he
won't block is when he's laughing at you.  Try to hit him at the moment.
Also, when you hit him, he will turn into smoke and reappear somewhere else.
When he reappears, get out of his way.


  After defeating Amakusa, Haohmaru purifies his sword (drinks sake
  and spits it on his sword).  "You should have practiced more, conceited
  fool."  Then, his girlfriend comes in from the right.  "Haohmaru."  He
  crosses his arms.  "Oshizu."  He turns away from her and says, "I am a
  samurai, a rebel guy.  We must part."  She steps closer and says,
  "Haohmaru..."  "Be brave, Oshizu."  Then he jumps off to the left.  Cut to
  Gairyu Isle.  Haohmaru faces Mai Shiranui on the right.  He says, "You'll
  get no favors from me."  She replies, "Oh, stop whining and attack."
  He leaps at her, and the screen freezes as he executes an aerial AB slash
  and Mai executes her flame fandango.

[From the Samurai Shodown FAQ]
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                              "Samurai Shodown Haohmaru Strategy Guide"
Look for the upcoming:        "A Samurai's Guide to Unarmed Fighting"

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