How to get shadow clone jutsu ninja 5?

  1. I have killed half of the wooden dolls i didnt get shadow clone jutsu how to get it?

    User Info: ashifdx

    ashifdx - 7 years ago


  1. IT'S EASY,,
    just level up based on this attribute:
    Lv1 Chakra: 5 Power: 5
    Lv2 Chakra: 20 Power: 15
    Lv3 Chakra: 40 Power: 35

    Demon Wind Shuriken:
    Lv1 Health: 12 Denfence: 12
    Lv2 Health: 26 Denfence: 29
    Lv3 Health: 38 Denfence: 42

    Shadow Clone Jutsu:
    Lv1 Chakra: 15 Speed: 14
    Lv2 Chakra: 30 Speed: 28
    Lv3 Chakra: 42 Speed: 38

    REMEMBER: just level up your character based on "ALL SKILL"

    u can see another details on des FAQ....
    I read it and get much help :)
    hope it helps u...

    User Info: e6a

    e6a - 7 years ago 0 0

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