1. Where do i find the parts of the girl's music box?
    i talked to kankuro. i helped hinata...

    User Info: Naruto_besttt

    Naruto_besttt - 8 years ago
  2. Clarification Request:
    If i choose the 'no' answer about the mugen city then what should I do?? I have already got the things for the music box except from land of fire. How do I proceed to get the items need in Land of Fire?Thank u..:)

    User Info: nhr_daisuki86

    nhr_daisuki86 - 7 years ago

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  1. After you got the mission you have to get on top of the office to
    meet with Tsunade and Jiraiya standing at the look out. They will
    ask you something along the line of "Do you remember what happen to
    the Mugen City?"(Story Mode of the Japanese Naruto PSP game)". Now,
    you have to answer yes or no, answering yes and they will go on to
    talk about ghost in the tree log area and ask you to check it out.
    Answering no and they will tell you Sakura need your help in the
    tree log area. Choose "yes" to go on. Now go the Training Grounds
    , after you reach the log area, the cutscene with the ghost
    girl should start. She will hand you the broken music box and you
    have to find Kankuro next. You can find Kankuro in the Sandvillage
    Streets. He needs to find you 5 parts to repair the broken
    musicbox. You can find the parts at the following locations:

    Note: The items are stored in golden chests!

    1. In front of Orochimarus Hideout under a tree
    2. Sand Cave a bit right from the entrance
    3. River Country Forest near the entrance above,on the plateau
    4. Konoha Weapon Shop
    5. Forest of Death at the northwest edge of the pond

    After you have aquired all the items bring them to Kankuro so that
    he can fix the music box. After that bring it to a little girl at
    the Training Grounds , a important note here is that Sakura
    must NOT be in your team. Otherwise the last part won't trigger at
    all. Congrats the missions should be done now.

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  1. Where can i find kankuro i got all 5 parts of the musicboxx and whEn i got back in the sand village kankuro wasnt there need answers plsss

    User Info: olyreno

    olyreno - 5 years ago 0 0

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