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    Success Mode FAQ by joerevs827

    Version: .25 | Updated: 06/15/08 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

    Tips and tricks for "Success Mode" (Create a player)
    By:  Joe Cummings
    Version:  .25
    Hello everyone!  This is my very first attempt at making an FAQ, 
    and I hope you find it useful!
    After scouring the internet, I could find next to nothing about this game, 
    and I am sure other players are struggling mightily with getting their 
    Created Players into their Season Modes.  Well it's my goal to help fix that!
    First off, a couple of things:
    - You can go ahead and email me if you have questions 
    I will do my best to answer you.
    - This guide assumes you know the controls and movement around the 
    Success Mode.  If you are unsure, just double-check your manual.
    - This guide will be a "work in progress" as illustrated by the 
    .25 Version number.  I hope to give answers for what will happen when you 
    use each different Fate card for every "life" decision you can face in 
    Success Mode.  This will take some time!
    Table of Contents
    1.  Explaining Success Mode
    2.  The various bars and their functions
    3.  Explaining the Fate card system
    4.  Training
    5.  Home (your dorm room)
    5a.  Explaining the sub-areas in the dorm room
    6.  Equipping your player
    7.  Shopping with Baron
    8.  Seeing/Using your items
    9.  Boosting your abilities
    10. Ways to get a "game over"
    11. Tips and tricks
    12. Final thoughts
    1.  Explaining Success Mode
    Unlike other "create a player" features in countless sports games, 
    MLB Power Pros forces you to take your player through the "Success Mode".  
    Your goal is to progress through 3 years with the Tulips and ultimately get 
    noticed by an MLB scout and get yourself a minor league contract.  
    You then can go into the "Season" mode, add your player to the minor 
    league system for your favorite team, and then call them up to the MLB level 
    if you wish!
    2.  The various bars and their functions
    At the initial screen, you'll see several bars. 
    Below I will explain them and what they mean...
    a) Your "Vitality" bar is much like a health bar in other games.  
    When this bar is full, you can do any activity (training, dates, work, etc).  
    As you do, the bar will go from blue, to green, to yellow and finally red.  
    If the bar goes to zero and you try ANY training you WILL get injured and if 
    you do this at the wrong time (as I will explain later), it's game over and 
    that means STARTING over.  You don't want that.  
    The ways to restore your vitality are:
    - Resting
    - Various activities during the game (usually involves eating)
    - Using items (i.e. Powerin)
    b) Your "Bookworm" bar is tied into your Study command.  
    The more your study, the more your bookworm bar fills up.  
    When you reach a certain point, you will upgrade which will allow you to study 
    longer, retain more, use less vitality while studying, ace your exams, 
    and raise your stat gains from training.  
    c) Your "Money Man" bar is tied into your Work command.  
    Early in the first year you'll get a chance to work.  
    Every time you do, this bar will fill.  
    At certain points you'll upgrade, getting access to better paying jobs, 
    using less vitality while working, and at one point you'll start investing 
    and get money EVERY cycle when it comes back to your room!  
    d) Your "Ladies Man" bar is tied into your Date command, and in various life 
    decision actions you have.  When you start Dating, this will increase/decrease 
    depending on what happens.  Just like real life. :)  The first upgrade will 
    make you a (virtual) Stud, the 2nd will make you a Hunk.  This also gets the 
    attention of the scouts who will ultimately decide where you go (or if you go) 
    so this is VERY important!
    e) You also have a "hyper recovery" bar.  Basically what happens is when you 
    are working out, as your vitality drops, your hyper activity bar fills.  
    Once it is in the yellow area, and you rest, you will gain additional points 
    for your ability boost as your muscles "heal" and grow stronger.  
    It is worth your while to pay attention to this bar!  
    The stats you gain from it can be very useful.
    3. Explaining the Fate Card system
    Early in the process, you'll get introduced to the Fate Card system.  
    At various times in Success Mode, you'll be prompted to make a decision.  
    This cards help (or HURT) your ability to make the right choice.  
    They are dealt and replenished at random so use them wisely!
    a) The "YES" card:  Says what it means.  You're agreeing to whatever the 
    choice is.  Be forewarned:  This is NOT always a good thing!  One example 
    would be when a fraternity is using a "pledge" and wants you to steal a 
    trophy from the women's dorm.  It turns out to be a "trick" and you'll 
    lose statistics.  And when you are on dates, it is VERY important to have 
    these cards.  Otherwise you could tell your girl you don't want to give her 
    a present (OOPS!)
    b) The "No" card:  Also says what it means.  You are refusing whatever the 
    action or opportunity is.  Example:  When you are working at the fast food 
    joint, you might be offered the opportunity to deliver pizzas (which would 
    give you a raise).  If you choose "No", you stay in your current job.  If 
    you CAN get rid of these, all the better.  Just don't tell your date NO. :)
    c) The "Challenge" card.  I'm still learning about this one, but it can also 
    be good or bad.  A good example would be when you first get hired on your 
    job, if you "Challenge" when he asks you to eat his "pizza", you'll get a 
    $1 raise ($120 vs. $100 every time you work).  A bad result is when you 
    challenge Toby (in Season 2 of Tulips) to be the team captain.  You'll 
    lose, and you will also lost stats.  This card can be thought of as a 
    "YES" with some umph behind it.
    d) The "Marvin" card.  Marvin is your roommate in the game.  And you can have 
    him "pinch hit" for you, usually with some hilarious results.  Be careful 
    though...if it involves something with dating or leadership, you can take 
    a hit by doing this.  One example of having Marvin do it is when a thief 
    steals a woman's purse.  If you send him chasing after him, he will catch 
    the thief and return the purse, and it will save your vitality!  Again, 
    still learning the effects of this card.
    I have had occurances where I went up to 5 Fate Cards and some when I went 
    down to having only 3.  I think this has to do with your Fortune rating.  
    However there is no bar for this, and I have no idea on how to raise it.  
    I do believe there is an item for it, I will confirm in a future FAQ.
    4.  Training
    The training stat gains you receive are the same for batting and pitching, 
    they are just called different names (i.e. Fielding is called "bunt practice" 
    for Pitchers).  Eventually I will get the exact stat gains, and vitality 
    losses in my FAQ.
    Strength (weight) training is your best bet for Strength Points (+30).  
    However, it also uses the most vitality of any training.
    Sprints will raise your quickness.  This is good for running bases and 
    In future FAQ's, I will go more in depth.  Just know, to increase your 
    stats (and get the coach to notice you so you are in the lineup in 
    Season 2), you MUST train!  So not dating or working all the time! :)
    5. Home (your dorm room)
    This icon looks like a house.  Lots goes on here!  Just like real life, 
    you'll spend the majority of your time on this screen (at home).  I wanted 
    to break this down further below as their is a LOT going on here...
    5a. Explaining the areas in the dorm room
    Rest:  This is used, well, to get some sleep!  The key to optimum stat 
    gain is to balance this with training and the other activities.  Remember, 
    when you get into the yellow area of the hyper recovery bar, you get bonus 
    Also remember:  Anytime you use another action, you'll use vitality.  Don't 
    wait until your bar is gone!  Usually if you only have 1/4 of your vitality 
    left, you need to REST. :)  
    There is a pillow you can buy at certain times for $150 that will improve 
    your rest and increase how much vitality is recovered.  
    This is a good investment. :)
    Working:  This looks like a moneybag.  Using this option sends you to work 
    your part-time job.  There are many branches in this option, depending on 
    how much you work.  The ones I have seen are:
    - Fast Food worker
    - Pizza Delivery 
    - Lawn Maintenance/Home Care
    The lowest you'll make is $100 unless you are dead tired (one time I only 
    made $1!!!) or chit-chat (there's a scene where Marvin is telling you about 
    his new Gundam figurine and you'll get docked $20).  The highest I made in 
    one turn was $180.  Again, this is tied to your Money Man bar.  And, as 
    this fills, you'll get offered different jobs, raises, and eventually 
    invest!  You use money to buy items and equipment.  So this is important, 
    however...it is my view that this has the least impact on your chances to 
    get to the MLB level.
    Dating:  Eventually (heaven willing!) you'll get a girl to give you their 
    phone number.  Here is who's numbers I have received so far, in various 
    (you'll see her if you decide to raid the woman's dorm in the pledge life 
    (she's a math whiz and will get plunked by a foul ball you hit.  She will 
    help increase your Bookworm abilities and help you stay out of trouble in 
    (the pro scout's daughter; if you get in with her, and don't mess it up, 
    you are almost assured of getting your player to the MLB level and into the 
    game.  But she is a PAIN.  LOL
    If/as I see others, I will post them in my FAQ.
    Girls are like anyone else...they want ATTENTION.  And PRESENTS.  So make 
    sure you are doing plenty of both.  So here are the "do's and dont's of 
    dating in MLB Power Pros:
    You absolutely MUST go on a date on these two occasions!  These two days 
    probably have the most impact on your chances of not only increasing your 
    Ladies Man bar but also getting to the majors.  You've been warned. One time 
    I accidentally gave my date back the gift she gave me...and I got docked in 
    SEVEN different areas.  Oops.
    b) DO vary the locations you take her!
    Just like real life, if all you do is go to the park, beach, etc...she'll 
    get bored.  Try to take her (ESPECIALLY Becky) to all 5 places.  But also 
    remember:  A park is no fun in January.  Or the beach.  LOL  
    Make SENSIBLE decisions!
    c) DO make sure you protect your "YES" fate cards.
    You can do some serious damage to your Ladies Man and relationship with 
    your girl if you say "No" to something like "Am I pretty?" or 
    "Do you have a present for me?".  Make sure you take care of these!
    6.  Equipping your player
    In this area, you can change your equipment around.  I prefer to just 
    auto-equip when I buy something from the shop, because why wouldn't you 
    want the stat upgrades? :)  But it is here in case you buy multiple gloves, 
    bats, etc. and want to switch around.
    7.  Shopping with Baron
    In the middle of Year 1, you'll run across Baron.  This is the place 
    where you can buy items!  A few things here:
    - The shop appears 1 time a month.  So be careful about your money!  
    - Pay attention because if it appears and you choose to do something else, 
    you are SOL until next month (and if it happens to be Christmas or 
    Valentine's Day, you might be sans gift, a no-no.
    You can buy...
    - Bats (which improve control, power, etc)
    - Gloves (improve fielding)
    - Spikes (improve running)
    - Various items (some help with scouting, injuries, recovering vitality, etc.)
    A full list will be following in future FAQ's.  Just know this is where you 
    spend your money from your part-time job!
    8.  Seeing/Using your items
    You will see an item icon at the top of your screen when in your room.  
    This is where you can see your items.  
    Some things you can use from this screen are:
    - Any Powerin item you have
    - Any Hyper Recovery accessory
    - Fragrance that makes you more desireable for scouts (???)
    - Choosing a gift when on a date with a girl
    9.  Boosting your abilities
    Eventually I'll give an entire chart of all abilities for both pitchers 
    and batters, but for now I will just explain this area.
    Everything you do in practice, and events that occuring during the "life 
    cycle" in college will give you points.  You then use these points to 
    upgrade your abilities.  For example...
    - As a batter, using 9 Strength points will result in a 1 increase in your 
    Power attribute.
    Now, one trick that comes into play is the Gambling ticket.  If you have 
    at least a couple of the requirements for an ability, but not all, you can 
    use a gamblers ticket (like a slot machine).  You will see a percentage of 
    the chances you'll receive the upgrade.  
    If it lands on the upgrade, you get it!  This is the ONLY realistic way to 
    get some of the harder ones for both pitchers and batters because if you 
    "blow your wad" on one of these, your character will suffer dearly in all 
    other areas.  AND...all your stats go to ZERO.  WIN OR LOSE.  
    As was mentioned earlier...SAVE OFTEN.  You can then keep trying until 
    you get what you want.
    My advice would be to focus on what kind of player do you want.  Do you 
    want a speedster on the basepaths?  Do you want a power pitcher?  Have a 
    plan and then use your points accordingly!
    10.  Ways to get a game over
    There are a few ways this will end painfully for you.
    - If you fail a final exam, and then fail to do the paper required.
    - If you fail to impress the scouts enough at the end of Season 3
    - If you get injured and end up missing the end of Season 3 or a final exam
    The most typical Game Over is when the scouts don't see you and you don't 
    get the minor league contract.  
    11.  Tips and tricks
    - When you first meet Baron, he will offer you a wooden bat for $50.  
    Either use a "Yes" or "Challenge" fate card.  This will release Willy from 
    the bat.  Willy is CRITICAL if you want to get the minor league contract.  
    He will not only pinch hit but pinch pitch for you.  And his abilities far 
    exceed your own.  Otherwise you will have to be near perfect in the games 
    you participate in.  Especially in season 3.
    - Your fortune rating has a direct impact on how many Fate cards you can 
    possess.  As you make decisions in the game, pay attention to what happens.  
    You can get as many as 5 Fate cards and as few as 3.
    - There is an item called the "Shuffle Whistle" that will sometimes appear 
    in the Shop.  You can also get this from Becky's Father (the scout) at 
    Christmastime if "Fortune" is one of the choices and you choose it.  
    This will let you shuffle your fate cards, GREAT to have if you get stuck 
    with all Marvins or No's.
    - Pay attention to your vitality meter!  If you get injured, you can lose 
    up to 3 weeks of training/choices, and if it is something like a bad 
    fingernail, you'll waste a lot of money and lose vitality/training 
    effectiveness.  The best way to avoid this is to keep your vitality in 
    the green, but then you likely will not receive any hyper recovery bonuses.  
    Ah the catch .22 of video games. :)
    - Don't ignore the various items you can purchase.  Some of these can 
    really be beneficial to you!
    - If you are trying to get a batter through to the majors, don't think 
    you will be hitting home runs (unless Willy possesses you).  Instead simply 
    try to focus on getting on base, either by bunting or a base hit.  
    - If you are trying to get a pitcher through, the best advice I can give 
    you is keep the ball low.  Your fielders are not the greatest and if the 
    team you are playing gets the ball in the air, they likely will get a 
    double, at worst.  Above all, don't walk anyone!!!
    12. Final Thoughts
    This is a great game and I'm still learning about everything!  Feedback is 
    welcome and encouraged.
    You can use this FAQ on another site, as long as you 
    acknowledge me as the creater (JC827).
    Good luck and I'll see you in the Majors!

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