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    Roster Editing/Moves FAQ by nibabaseball238

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    Current as of:
    Hey guys -- I'm a huge fan of this game and put together the
     moves needed to get the rosters up to date, since I imagine
     we'll be playing this quite a bit. I'll try to keep this updated as 
    offseason moves happen.
    Note that a "-" denotes a pitching change, and a * denotes a 
    hitting change.
    To make these moves, you must have unlocked . From that 
    point, go to "arrange team creation," and hit create on each 
    square, and then choose the corresponding team. You should 
    end up with all 30 teams on the grid. You can go into each team's 
    page then, and change players. PLEASE NOTE! If you replace a 
    player, it will ONLY do it for that team. So if you replace Josh 
    Phelps with Jose Molina as the Yankees, Molina WILL be on the 
    Yankees but will still be on the Angels. I've included moves for all 
    teams so that players are placed on one team and then removed 
    from another. 
    Also there is no way (that I can find) to place players from teams 
    ON the free agent list. So for players who were cut, I left them on 
    the AAA roster of the last team they belonged to (ie. Chan Ho 
    Park, John Mabry, etc.). Also please edit team lineups and rotations 
    while you do these, to my knowledge the computer will not auto-adjust 
    to the best ideas usually. Also if you place any of the players in FA 
    (VandenHurk, Owings, etc.) there will be duplicates when you start 
    the year, so I left them off the list.
    After you've finished moves, you can go to "Season" -- 
    "From Beginning" -- "Normal" -- "Major League Team Mode" -- 
    "Enter Arrange Team" -- and then setup the edited teams overlapping 
    their counterparts. 
    Without further delay...
    New York Yankees:
    - Replace Scott Proctor with Scott Williamson (BAL)
    - Remove Mike Myers (replace with Jose Veras)
    * Replace Josh Phelps with Jose Molina (ANA)
    * Replace Miguel Cairo with Wilson Betemit (LA)
    * Replace Kevin Thompson with Jose Cruz Jr. (SD)
    - Swap Scott Williamson and Chris Britton
    Toronto Blue Jays
    - Replace Victor Zambrano with Joe Kennedy (OAK)
    * Remove Jason Phillips (replace with RP Brandon League)
    * Replace Justin Smith with Joe Inglett (CLE)
    * Remove Royce Clayton (replace on roster with Lind)
    - Swap Tomo Ohka and Dustin McGowan
    Boston Red Sox:
    - Replace J.C. Romero with Eric Gagne (TEX)
    - Replace Joel Pineiro with Jay Marshall (OAK)
    - Remove Kason Gabbard
    - Swap Jay Marshall and Mike Timlin
    * Replace Wily Mo Pena with Bobby Kielty (OAK)
    * Replace SPACE with Royce Clayton (TOR)
    Baltimore Orioles
    - Replace Scott Williamson with Fernando Cabrera (CLE)
    - Replace John Parrish with Rocky Cherry (CHN)
    - Replace Steve Trachsel with Victor Zambrano (TOR)
    - Replace Kurt Birkins with Victor Santos (CIN)
    * Remove Chris Gomez (replace on roster with Adam Stern)
    Tampa Bay Devil Rays:
    - Replace Ruddy Lugo with Dan Wheeler (HOU)
    - Replace SPACE with Kurt Birkins (BAL)
    - Replace SPACE with Jay Witasick (OAK)
    * Replace Ty Wigginton with Josh Wilson (WAS)
    * Replace Jorge Cantu with Chris Snelling (WAS)
    Minnesota Twins:
    - Swap Sidney Ponson and Francisco Liriano
    - Remove Ramon Ortiz (replace with Glen Perkins on roster)
    * Swap G.Young and Alexi Casilla
    * Remove Luis Castillo (replace with Garrett Jones on roster)
    * Remove Jeff Cirillo (replace with Andy Machado on roster)
    Detroit Tigers:
    - Replace Mike Maroth with Macay McBride (ATL)
    - Replace Wilfredo Ledezma with Jose Capellan (MIL)
    - Remove Jose Mesa (replace with Zach Miner)
    - Remove Roman Colon
    * Replace Craig Monroe with Edgar Renteria (ATL)
    * Swap Mike Rabelo and Vance Wilson
    Chicago White Sox:
    - Replace SPACE with Mike Myers (NYA)
    * Remove Tadahito Iguchi (replace on roster with Josh Fields)
    * Swap Gustavo Molina and Toby Hall
    * Swap Jerry Owens and Brian Anderson
    Cleveland Indians:
    - Remove Fernando Cabrera (replace with Mujica)
    - Replace Jason Davis with Josh Koronka (TEX)
    * Replace Joe Inglett with Chris Gomez (BAL)
    * Replace SPACE with Kenny Lofton (TEX)
    Kansas City Royals:
    - Replace Octavio Dotel with Roman Colon (DET)
    - Replace Scott Elarton with Kyle Davies (ATL)
    - Remove Todd Wellemeyer
    - Swap Brian Bannister and Jorge De La Rosa
    - Swap Roman Colon and John Bale
    * Replace SPACE with Jason Smith (TOR)
    Oakland A's:
    - Replace Jay Marshall with Ruddy Lugo (TB)
    - Remove Esteban Loaiza
    - Remove Marcus McBeth
    - Remove Joe Kennedy
    - Remove Jay Witasick (replace on roster with Ron Flores)
    * Replace Bobby Kielty with Kevin Thompson (NYA)
    * Replace Jason Kendall with Rob Bowen (SD)
    * Replace Bobby Kielty with Jeff DaVanon (ARI)
    * Replace Milton Bradley with Chris Denorfia (CIN)
    * Swap Donnie Murphy and Todd Walker
    * Swap Chris Denorfia and Travis Buck
    Anaheim Angels:
    - Remove Jose Molina (replace with Kendry Morales)
    - Remove Shea Hillenbrand (replace with Juan Rivera)
    Texas Rangers:
    - Replace Eric Gagne with Kason Gabbard (BOS)
    - Remove Ron Mahay (replace with A.J. Murray)
    - Remove Josh Koronka
    * Remove Matt Kata (replace with Victor Diaz)
    * Remove Kenny Lofton (replace with Joaquin Arias)
    Seattle Mariners:
    - Replace Julio Mateo with John Parrish (BAL)
    - Replace SPACE with Jason Davis (CLE)
    * Remove Jason Ellison (replace with RP Mark Lowe)
    New York (N)
    - Replace Chan Ho Park with Brian Lawrence (COL)
    - Swap Ambiorix Burgos with Duaner Sanchez
    * Replace Julio Franco with Luis Castillo (MIN)
    * Replace SPACE with Jeff Conine (CIN)
    * Replace SPACE with Marlon Anderson (LA)
    * Swap Lastings Milledge and David Newhan
    Philadelphia Phillies:
    - Replace SPACE with Jose Mesa (DET)
    - Replace SPACE with J.D. Durbin (ARI)
    - Replace SPACE with J.C. Romero (BOS)
    - Replace SPACE with Julio Mateo (SEA)
    - Replace SPACE with Kyle Lohse (CIN)
    - Replace Geoff Geary with Brad Lidge (HOU)
    - Swap Joe Bisenius with J.C. Romero
    * Replace Michael Bourn with Tadahito Iguchi (CHA)
    Atlanta Braves:
    - Replace Macay McBride with Royce Ring (SD)
    - Replace Kyle Davies with Ron Mahay (TEX)
    - Replace Bob Wickman with Octavio Dotel (KC)
    - Remove Mark Redman (replace with Mike Hampton)
    - Swap Royce Ring and Peter Moylan
    * Replace Craig Wilson with Julio Franco (NYN)
    * Replace Edgar Renteria with Mark Teixeira (TEX)
    * Remove Ryan Langerhans (replace with Martin Prado)
    Florida Marlins:
    - Replace Jorge Julio with Armando Benitez (SF)
    - Replace Randy Messenger with Byun-Hyung Kim (COL)
    * Replace Reggie Abercrombie with Jason Phillips (TOR)
    * Replace SPACE with Todd Linden (SF)
    Washington Nationals:
    - Remove Ray King (replace with Luis Ayala)
    * Replace Josh Wilson with Wily Mo Pena (BOS)
    * Replace Chris Snelling with Ryan Langerhans (ATL)
    St. Louis Cardinals:
    - Replace SPACE with Mike Maroth (DET)
    - Replace SPACE with Joel Pineiro (BOS)
    - Replace SPACE with Todd Wellemeyer (KC)
    - Swap Dennis Dove with Joel Pineiro
    - Swap Tyler Johnson with Todd Wellemeyer
    * Replace SPACE with Miguel Cairo (NYA)
    * Replace SPACE with Brian Barden (ARI)
    * Replace SPACE with Russell Branyan (SD)
    * Swap Preston Wilson and Skip Schumaker
    Houston Astros: 
    - Remove Dan Wheeler (replace with Brandon Backe)
    - Remove Brad Lidge (replace with Mark McLemore)
    * Replace Morgan Ensberg with Ty Wiggington (TB)
    * Replace Jason Lane with Michael Bourn (PHI)
    * Replace SPACE with Reggie Abercrombie (FLA)
    Cincinnati Reds:
    - Replace Victor Santos with Marcus McBeth (OAK)
    - Remove Kyle Lohse (replace with Eddie Guardado)
    * Replace Chris Denorfia with Jorge Cantu (TB)
    * Replace Jeff Conine with Jason Ellison (SEA)
    Milwaukee Brewers:
    - Replace Elmer Dessens with Ray King (WAS)
    - Replace Jose Capellan with Scott Linebrink (SD)
    - Swap Scott Linebrink and Greg Aquino
    Pittsburgh Pirates:
    - Replace SPACE with Matt Morris (SF)
    - Swap Matt Morris and Juan Perez
    * Replace Rajai Davis with Cesar Izturis (CHN)
    * Replace SPACE with Matt Kata (TEX)
    * Swap Cesar Izturis and Don Kelly
    Chicago Cubs: 
    - Replace Rocky Cherry with Steve Trachsel (BAL)
    - Swap Steve Trachsel and Wade Miller
    - Swap Kerry Wood and Neal Cotts
    - Swap Angel Guzman with Carlos Marmol
    * Replace Cesar Izturis with Craig Monroe (DET)
    * Replace Michael Barrett with Jason Kendall (OAK)
    San Diego Padres:
    - Replace Scott Linebrink with Wilfredo Ledezma (DET)
    - Replace David Wells with Brett Tomko (LA)
    * Replace Rob Bowen with Michael Barrett (CHN)
    * Replace Russell Branyan with Milton Bradley (OAK)
    * Replace Jose Cruz Jr. with Morgan Ensberg (HOU)
    * Replace SPACE with Jason Lane (HOU)
    Los Angeles Dodgers:
    - Replace Brett Tomko with David Wells (SD)
    - Replace SPACE with Scott Proctor (NYA)
    - Replace SPACE with Esteban Loaiza (OAK)
    * Replace Wilson Betemit with Mark Sweeney (SF)
    * Remove Marlon Anderson (replace with Jason Repko)
    * Swap Matt Kemp and Olmedo Saenz
    * Swap Wilson Valdez and Andy LaRoche
    San Francisco Giants:
    - Replace Armando Benitez with Randy Messenger (FLA)
    - Remove Matt Morris (replace with Scott Munter)
    * Replace Todd Linden with Rajai Davis (PIT)
    * Remove Mark Sweeney
    Arizona Diamondbacks
    - Replace J.D. Durbin with Bob Wickman
    - Swap Brandon Medders and Yusmero Petit
    * Replace Jeff DaVanon with Jeff Cirillo (MIN)
    * Remove Brian Barden
    Colorado Rockies:
    - Replace Byun-Hyung Kim with Ramon Ortiz (MIN)
    - Replace Brian Lawrence with Mark Redman (ATL)
    - Replace SPACE with Elmer Dessens (MIL)
    - Replace SPACE with Jorge Julio (FLA)
    - Swap Ramon Ramirez and Jorge Julio
    * Swap Steve Finley and Ryan Spilborghs
    * Swap John Mabry and Omar Quintanilla

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