Where can I find the items of blair?

  1. I have already complete the part 3 with page one duelists; then I started a new game to tag with the page two duelists( shadow riders, teachers, etc). I just need be partner with blair and I need the 3 items. When i talk with alexis, cyrus, and zane they don't giveme the items. When does this guys give the items?
    - The thing of the 4 hearts I don't understand, I have done everything of the page 1 duelists, then alexis, cyrus, and zane already have the 3 icons ( heart, a skull, and a trophy i think ) what is supposed we are really good friends and i can't improve our relationship. please help me.
    and thanks a lot to who share the help.

    User Info: juantares88

    juantares88 - 6 years ago


  1. Zane, Syrus and Alexis will give items to you in Part one - keep talking to them. I think I had all items by half way thru part 1. When you give her the last one - she disappears. All page one characters gain hearts by giving them sandwiches, dueling, etc. you need to get all pg 1 characters up to 8 hearts. later in game, you need to have beaten game with all page one characters

    User Info: Cathie216

    Cathie216 - 6 years ago 0 0

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