How do i get a partner for the tag team tournament at the end of part 1?

  1. I dont understand how to get a partner for the tag team tournament.

    User Info: gameplayer116

    gameplayer116 - 9 years ago

Accepted Answer

  1. To get a partner you need to fill up the hearts of your future partner. The heart meter can be viewed by examining your book on the desk in your room and choose "Database" -> "List of Duelists".

    To fill up the hearts faster, you need to find the Pharaoh cat first. Give him any sandwich and he'll follow you around. Now just talk to one of the main characters to get the best response, and give him/her favorite sandwich to fill their hearts. Golden Egg Sandwich is the best sandwich you can give to all characters but it's quite hard to be obtained. Otherwise use the following sandwiches

    Jaden: Garlic, Durian, Spicy Curry, Fermented foods, Cheese
    Syrus: Fried Shrimp, Ramen, Soba, Sweet Bean Paste and Tofu
    Chumley: Dried Mackarel, Fried Shrimp, Spicy Fish Eggs and Salmon
    Alexis: Chestnut, Cream, Jam and Chocolate
    Chazz: Fole Gras, Caviar, Steak and Truffles
    Bastian: Top Class Salad, Lettuce, and Carrot
    Zane: Plain Sandwich

    User Info: ZeoKnight

    ZeoKnight (Expert) - 3 months ago 0   0

Other Answers

  1. 1) in your dorm room there is a computer go there to list of duelests at the bottom there are 8 hears fill those hearts by the following

    1a) Dueling them
    1b) Giveing them the food they like
    1c) Talking with them with the Cat

    after doing this and cheeking the computer often you will get to 8 hearts then just talk to them normaly there is a max of how much you can in crease this by per day.

    How you can tell once you hit the max the sound after giving them a sandwitch will change sound.

    User Info: TimePS2

    TimePS2 - 9 years ago 0   0

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