How do I beat ()?

  1. How do I can Get up hearts ?
    And what is the sndwitch for?
    i an really sorry about all this question and about my english

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    sumi70 - 10 years ago


  1. Answer For #1 & # 2: All You Have To Do Is Go To The Database Located In Your Room (Room 204 In Slifer Dorm), Choose List Of Duelists. From There It Will Tell You The Likes And Dislikes Of The Character You Choose. You basically Get Hearts For Answering What The Duelists Wants To Talk About. Walk Around To The Main Characters Of The Game And Ask For Rumors Until You Hear About The Person You Want. Go To The Person And ask Him About It, (If It Says Anything About "Syrus Had A Bad Day At School Or Jaden Messed Up His Hobby" Don't Go Talking To Him About It! Give The Person You Want To Be Your Partner Sandwiches And Duel Him. Also, If You Manage To Get A Good response, He'll Talk About all Day. It's Best to Talk all day About It, Might Get You There faster.

    User Info: gutti2009

    gutti2009 - 10 years ago 1   0
  2. you can also get pharoh too to make things more easier. you can either try to make it follow you or just feed him. feeding him shall automaticly follow you.

    If you have pharoh with you can can talk to anyone including those who are in a bad mood. No matter what you pick for a choice while you have pharoh on your side, you still get a great talk !

    ( I abused the cat and it took me 2 weeks in the game to get jaden all the way up to 8 hearts)

    Where to Find Pharoh faster -
    -Before class starts-
    1.Ra Yellow Dorm ( look at the corner when you first arrive the area let the cat come to you.)
    2. Slifer Red Dorm (look everywhere. I reconmend doing this first before leaving the area.)
    -After Class-
    Slifer Red Dorm ( in the kitchen)

    Second way you can do this is by getting the golden egg sandwich ( rare chance ).
    if you want to get zane real fast as your partner then i reconmend giving it to him because it's the only sandwich he likes beside the destiny sandwich. ( I recondmend you not using the destiny sandwich or it would just screw you over along with others unless you are feeling lucky to pull that off.)
    The golden egg sandwich is also an important tool because you can get Dark Magican Girl really easy. ( she is in the forest in the secret trail.)
    lastly about it is that you can give the golden egg sandwich to others that you really want as partners ( as mentioned above about zane) I know for a fact that it gives a huge boost to that one character that you really want to be your partner as.
    1. You must be good a drawing that sandwich out in the store
    2. Zane wont get another boost of hearts if you gave one to him already but it makes him a happy camper : D
    3. Good luck pulling it out cuz it's hard to get it.
    Third is by sandwiches.
    i reconmend that you look at the database in your room ( Slifer Dorm ) to see what they like.
    i will list what they like the most.

    Jaden- Anything
    Alexis- Female Food ( Sweet chestnut , Jam , Cream , Grapes , Choclate)
    Chazz - Rich food ( popular food ) ( lobster , steak , calviar , salmon )
    Chumley - Fruits and Vegetables ( not all vegi's ) ( Tofu, Tangerine ,melon , ducan , pinapple )
    Bastian - Meat lovers ( Steak , Lobster , hamburger , salmon )
    Syrus- Vegi's lover ( Carrot , lettace , Top Grade Salad , Tomato )

    the last way you can do this is by Dueling. ( simple as that. )

    I hope this helped anwser this question of how to get the hearts faster cuz that's how i did mine.

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  3. You give the sandwiches to the players (you can see at the data base in your room what they love to eat) and its get up hearts.. you can also talk to them about good things.

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  4. if u want 2 clear the game with alot of ease just try getting sandwiches that Zane likes give me 3 aday talk 2 him every time he relocates and also Dule him and beat him a certian way if u do it right he will compliment u if u talk 2 him after the dule or if u did it any other way he will be in shock about no respect my first person i cleared it with was Zane it made it a heck of alot easier now i got his Exact deck

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  5. Oh yeah one last thing...

    dont pick "rumors" because that doesnt do anything when talking to the character you want to be your partner.

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  6. the forgot one sandwich Zane like. He like the plain sandwich also. it is also a hard on to get so i beet you people never got it. But I have pulled at least 5 times

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  7. If you want to get a partner quickly,the actual quickest character to get is zane cause when you give him a plain sandwitch,a full heart will fill up(and that,s it for one day:no more than one heart can be filled in a day even if there was only a small chunk of the heart to fill)so focus only on the plain sandwitches and give him one a day,save the others for the next day,another advice is after you get a partner for the first time you cmplete part 1 try to get chazz as your partner too(getting him as your partner won,t affect you partnership with another character)cause after finishing part 1 you have to repeat it and wait about 45 days untill chazz becomes a slifer red(you can even make all characters accept to be partners with you from the beginning so you don,t have to come back to part 1 for each one.

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  8. For #3 sandwiches help you draw better cards

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  9. U get hearts by fighting the (maincharacters) dumbasz and when you beat them when you go back from the duel you should hear a sound that means they respect you more,but if u dont that means you beat them enough 2day and start a new day and keep doin the same process

    the sandwiches are for getting heartz 2 fool if u dont want to fight buy sandwiches people like and that will help you get a partner quicjer

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