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Liberate Your Destiny

Long ago, after a comet impact left the world covered in glaciers, a war was waged between the Aetherians, who had fled to a city in the sky, and the Erthers, who had stayed behind.

The Aetherians used a power source found within the comet, called the ""Eye of Atamoni,"" to lay waste to the surface, but the Erthers developed sentient blades called ""Swordians"" to lead them to victory. At the end of the war, both weapons were sealed away.

In the present day, the Swordians sense that the Eye of Atamoni has been freed from its seal, and awaken from their long slumber to find new wielders.

After becoming the master of the Swordian Dymlos, young would-be knight Stahn is joined by Rutee, who shares a sisterly bond with the Swordian Atwight, and the master swordsman Leon, chosen by the Swordian Chaltier. The three are swept up in the battle for the Eye of Atamoni.

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