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Reviewed: 02/19/08

Decent Need for Speeed at most

Need for Speed ProStreet is the recent addition to the Need for Speed franchise. I understand that the game was only supposed to be for next generation consoles but yet it was scheduled to be on the PlayStation2 along with the next generation consoles. There are people that are probably wondering how this game is compared to the next generation versions of the game? While I never had a chance to play the next gen versions of the game but I got a chance to rent this game then purchasing it due to wanting to get what I could done in the game without having to rent it into the ground. While the game may not be the best in the Need for Speed franchise but it is a decent game at the very most.

If you look at screen shots of the game and the first thing that’ll come to mind is that this game don’t look to be a good game to play but it’s like they say don’t judge a game by it’s looks. I say that cause if you’re a racing person such as myself always try a racing game no matter if it looks gorgeous like Gran Turismo or has butt ugly graphics it’s how the gameplay of the game is. Each car in the game is not modeled nicely, not the best looking nor the worse in any racing game that I’ve played but they bearable for ProStreet. As for the tracks go in the PlayStation2 version of the game they aren’t really that great to look but some do look better than others.

For example, Infineon Raceway a track that has been featured in two other racing series that I know of Gran Turismo (more or less GT4) and NASCAR. Infineon Raceway looks fantastic to near fantastic in those games, but in ProStreet the track almost doesn’t look like the track I known from those games. Other tracks seem to look better in terms of looks than Infineon but when all is said and done the game looks to be that of an average racer in the end.

Now when you start Career in ProStreet, you wonder what kind of cheesy storyline, EA decided to play in this game. It don’t seem to be any different than previous Need for Speed games that featured a story since 2003’s Need for Speed Underground. While the storyline is similar to the first Underground game in a way but as you play through is different than that of Underground [1]. Although in this game you’re going to have to do more than just have one or two cars to maintain throughout the whole storyline of the game. You play as a racer known as Ryan Cooper though only seems to be wearing a helmet every time that you see him is destined to be crowned as the competent Street King. In order to do that he must race his way through a series of races to Super Promotion from winning to dominating Race Days to face each “King” for their title then finally the biggest title he has to earn.

Throughout the game the gameplay of ProStreet seems to have me scratching my head at times. For example within the first 25% completion of this game in drag races I noticed some glitches like one driver in the drag races would have a set number of bhp in his car then in the next round it would jump up then go back down which was confusing. Although that’s not nothing to be concerned about but as for the cars go in terms of being able to handle them throughout the track while they seem to feel a little more realistic then compared to previous Need for Speed games.

While this game may be more on the simulation side cars like the Dodge Viper while in speed races you have to be careful not to let the car get too fast or you can guarantee you’ll lose control of the car. I can see that EA tried going for a realistic Need for Speed game but I feel that the Need for Speed franchise needs to stay where it is more on the arcade side of things at least not too realistic anyway.

Though the soundtrack that’s featured in the game I do have to say it isn’t any better than the soundtrack featured in the previous game Need for Speed Carbon although it does feature rock music. The only song that I feel that is the only good song in the game is Almost Easy by Avenged Sevenfold, and I wish that if it has to be current songs that are out that idea needs to be scratched. I think that the soundtrack for a game like Need for Speed needs to be able to fit a game for a game that it is and there are around 33 songs if not more that I think would fit a game like Need for Speed. As for the cars in this game each does sound almost like they do in real life, though I never seen cars such as the Porgondi Fonda, Dodge Viper, or even the Ford GT.

All in all, Need for Speed ProStreet for the PlayStation2 is a decent game at most but it’s not the best game in the Need for Speed series on the PlayStation2 at date. With a not so good storyline in the game and I feel that this isn’t EA’s best effort in this franchise to date but I hope that the PlayStation3, Xbox360 or even the PSP versions are a little better than that of the PlayStation2. I would recommend that people rent this game to see how the game is before buying like I did, but as a racer as I am it was kind of hard for me not to pick this game up. While a game like this I can try out before I buy but others I don’t have a choice but to buy to see if I like the game or not which is never good for some of us people who love to race.

Rating:   3.5 - Good

Product Release: Need for Speed ProStreet (US, 11/13/07)

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