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Nothing, but a Good time! 07/26/07 Alexisonfire360
I want my MTV!!! And a refund!!! 07/25/07 Archmonk Iga
Rocks the 80s simply a GH2 reskin? 07/25/07 ChickenV1337
There's one reason you don't trust critics 07/25/07 Cynyn
I Felt the Heat of the Moment! For About 5 Hours. 08/07/07 Darth_Xemnas
Not as great as the other Guitar Hero games, but still good! 08/15/07 DeathIce
I'm surprised. What a disappointment! 07/25/07 Def Freak7
Great game, just not what has come to be expected in the GH series 07/27/07 DemonHunter23
Good fun, but worth the cost? 07/31/07 Exodist
A good game, but with a price tag only hardcore guitar heroes will be willing to pay 08/03/07 GaMeR_NuT
Reliving the 80s, while fun, comes at too steep a cost. 07/25/07 Ganon_Knight
The DDR rocked harder than this. 01/03/08 Gorky_Park
Guitar Hero + 1980 = Nothin' But a Good Time 07/26/07 Hellraiser234
It was the heat of the moment... 05/12/14 horror_spooky
Great, but not perfect. 07/25/07 Kurohyasha
Guitar Hero Encore: Rocks the 80's is great fun, but it is an expansion at heart. 08/01/07 MidgardDragon99
Good idea, not-so-good 09/04/07 MysticRhythms87
Way too friggin' easy. 07/30/07 NFRERESSURECTED
An expansion pack... but it's a GOOD expansion pack. 08/02/07 OmniSonic
Bummer Deal Dood! 07/26/07 Revisoily
Heart of a Lion, Wings of a Bat (Because It's Midnite) 07/30/07 Rewikitty
Trying to Rock 80's 09/17/07 Sinister Dragon
A major disappointment. 08/06/07 Strummer
Pretty much what we all expected... 07/26/07 TheLightBearer
And they say nothing good came from the 80's... 07/25/07 Wildkatt_01
An over priced expansion 07/27/07 wolverinefan
It will hold me over until GH3. 07/26/07 xmunamaniacx

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