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  • Axl Rose, singer for Guns N' Roses, brought a 20-million-dollar breach of contract suit against Activision in 2010. The reason: he had only agreed to license "Welcome to the Jungle" provided Guitar Hero used no imagery of Slash, the band's one-time guitarist. (Obviously, Activision didn't commit to that in the gameplay, and even went so far as to put Slash on the cover.) Axl's case was eventually dismissed since he had waited too long to file charges.

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  • In general, most people consider the DragonForce song on this game, "Through the Fire and Flames", to be the hardest song in the Guitar Hero series, even after Warriors of Rock rounded out the series in 2010; it even became so popular to challenge oneself to this particular song that additional DragonForce songs, such as "Heroes of My Time", eventually became downloadable DLC.

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