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Reviewed: 11/02/07

Guitar Hero 3: Truely Legends of Rock?

The third installment of the Guitar Hero franchise, is finally released. This game is well worth the purchase, but there are some flaws to the game, and the guitar itself. The game appealed to me, and I enjoyed playing it. In my opinion, this isn't as good as Guitar Hero 2.
In this game, you may be pleased with the soundtrack, and you might not be. As for myself, I wasn't nearly pleased. I enjoy some songs, but its just not as good as Guitar Hero 2, once again in my opinion. Also, just to add in, I was VERY hyped to get this game, so bad that I was the SECOND person to buy it at Wal-Mart at 7:30 AM. I was soo excited to play it. Here are my thoughts about the game.

Graphics 7.5/10
The graphics are very nice and pleasing. The fretboard coming down from the screen is an improvement. I liked the new style. The new character outfits, designs, styles are very nice indeed. I liked them alot. What I dreaded the most was the singers graphics. It was horrible. I didn't enjoy seeing him sing. His chin was bigger than Jay Leno's chin. The movement of his mouth did sync with the lyrics, thats the good thing about the singer. The drummer... the drummer. I hated that the most. I'm actually glad they don't show alot of him during the playtime. He drums like a robot, and his face is absolutely ugly. Worse then the singers actually. But overall from the singer and drummer, good graphics. Good artwork!

Gameplay 8.5/10
As the other Guitar Hero's, the gameplay is still the same, which is great! There is a MAJOR con about the loading. I'll get to that later.

There are four levels to play on, just like the previous Guitar Hero's, Easy, Medium, Hard, and Expert.
Easy is for the people who are new to the Guitar Hero game(beginners). They use three buttons, Green, Red, and Yellow.

Medium is for the little bit below average players. The difference between Easy and Medium are that Medium has one extra button, Blue, so you use four fingers to play Medium. Another change is that the speed of the notechart.

Hard is for the good players who have playing for a month or so. On Hard, there are five buttons you must use, and the new one is Orange. You must move your hand or stretch to hit the Orange button. Another change is the notechart speed, it gets faster and faster. More notes come down on Hard, and people stay on Hard for quiet a while.

Expert is for the pros only! The speed picks up, more notes come down on the notechart, and its faster and harder. The solos are INSANE! The chords are INSANE! Everything is INSANE on Expert! It will probably take you MONTHS to get onto Expert, unless you play most of your time! Goodluck getting here!

Now, the new thing in Guitar Hero III are the new Boss Battles and Battle Mode. Boss Battles can only be playable during Career mode. You face three bosses throughout your career, Tom Morello, Slash, and Lou(the devil). In Boss Battles, you have to take down your opponent by using Battle Power. In Boss Battles, star power is replaced with Battle Power. You must use these to defeat the boss. By using these powers, it makes the boss harder to hit notes, thus resulting his rock metre decreasing.

Battle Mode is the same as Boss Battles, except it is for Multiplayer. You replace star power with battle power, and you must try defeat your opponent by decreasing his rock metre. I personally enjoy this new feature. For the Boss Battles, I would personally enjoy to face more bosses in the next installment.

THE MAJOR CON IS... THE LOADING! Its sooo slow, and when you are trying move from screen to screen, you can freakin' play Silent Night on the harmonica 'till its finished loading. I ABSOLUTELY DREAD IT! I hate it sooo much, it actually pisses me off. I thought it was my system or the game, but no, it wasn't. Its the game data itself.

Control 7.5/10
Same as the previous Guitar Hero games. The thing I noticed about the controlls when playing the game that the hammer-ons and pull-offs are harder to activate. There are some parts where you would think you can do a hammer-on or pull-off, but you miss the notes. I enjoy the Guitar Hero II HO's and PO's.

The guitar controllers have the same features, whammy bar, select, start, the coloured fret buttons and the strum bar. I heard that the new PS2 controller, the Gibson Kramer Striker, has some flaws in it. Strumming is sensitive, buttons jam easily, star power activates whenever achieved, and possibly many more. If I were you, I would get the Black SG or the Cherry Red SG. Those work perfectly for Guitar Hero III!

Sountrack 5/10
This.. this was very upsetting. Harmonix picked songs and bands that were underrated and songs that have great guitar in it. Neversoft, they pick the popular songs, just like for their Tony Hawk Pro Skater games. Personally, I dislike the sub-title for the game. Legends of Rock? I hardly seen any 'legendary' songs in this game. There were no good classical songs such as big as Freebird in this game. I was disapointed. Now, I don't think AFI or The Killers are 'legendary' at all. I don't think Pearl Jam or Weazer are 'legendary' either.
I was expecting 'LEGENDARY' songs to be in here, hence the sub-title of the game.
The only 'legends' I've seen in this game were Tom Morello and Slash. The last venue was good, but that 'legendary', just good hits. Neversoft, get GOOD SONGS next time? Kay, thanks.

Replay Value 8/10
The replay value is good, just like the other games. I personally will stick to Guitar Hero II more than GHIII. Its good to five star those songs you need to, and it will take longer because most of the songs are harder on the game. Enjoy the game!

Overall 7/10
It has its pros and cons, and the major con is the loading. If you have the paitence, congratulations, you have the paitence of a saint. I hate it. This game is good, but in my opinion, not better then Guitar Hero II. Have fun with the game, and have fun nailin' those wicked soloes and 5 starring those tedious songs!

Rating:   3.5 - Good

Product Release: Guitar Hero III: Legends of Rock (US, 10/28/07)

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