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    Game Script by jrdemr

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    01 - Introduction (int01)
    02 - Imperfections on the script (Help me, please!) (Imp02)
    03 - Copyright (Cop03)
    04 - Script (Scr04)
    05 - Thanks and acknowledgements (Tha05)
    01 - Introduction (int01)
    Well, since I played Prince of Persia Warrior Within (yes, I played the second
    one first) I got absolutely addicted on the game. I had to buy the other two
    games. But when I bought the Sands of Time and shortly after played the Two
    Thrones when my girlfriend lent me her copy I was disappointed with both
    games; not because they suck (because they absolutely don't!), but because,
    unlike WW, they didn't have subtitles. I don't live in an English-speaking
    country, I'm from Portugal, but I can completely understand English (as most
    Portuguese). But honestly, games with no subs really get on my nerves. Because
    sometimes the actors say something really fast, or the script may have some
    unusual words, or the surroundings may muffle the characters... and I may not
    understand them. Fortunately, for all the games I have that have no subs, there
    was a script for the game on GameFaqs.com... except for the Prince of Persia
    Two Thrones. I researched "Two Thrones Script" on the net and came along the
    ubi.com forums, where a forum member, Evrything_burns, while sick, transcribed
    all the lines from the game. "Yippee", I thought, cuz I hadn't managed to hear
    some pretty important lines from the game. But when I copied it to my PC, I
    noticed some lines were missing and some were mistranscribed. When I put my
    PoP:T2T game on my PS2 I realized A LOT of lines were missing and nearly all
    were mistranscribed. So, for the past few days, with the help of my cell
    phone's recorder and my headphones, I started to correct and add lines to
    Evrything_burns' script, so I could have a perfect one by my side the next
    time I played this excellent game. When I finished, I thought It would be nice
    to share my work with the site and community that helped me through so many
    games: GameFaqs.com.
    I used Evrything_burns' transcript as a base, but seeing as he put no
    copyrights on his post on the forums and this script has a lot of different
    stuff, I believe there will be no copyright problems by posting this on the
    site. I believe all of the lines are here, but this game script has some
    imperfections that I will list on section 02. Just to explain
    some things: All important facts that happen along the story of the game or
    that somehow influence the lines are between [ ]; and when the space between
    the lines is double, It means that some time has passed between the last line
    and the new one but nothing special happened to the plot, just the usual
    jumping, and running and killing.
    02 - Imperfections on the script (Help me, please!) (imp02)
    I'm not sure about a few lines in this script. The Lines are: The one Kaileena
    says when the Prince is on his first chariot ride (I'm not sure about the verb
    began); The one with the child and the father being thrown into the arena (I'm
    not sure about the word whelp, couldn't hear it clearly, but that's what it
    sounded like); and finally, and the line the Vizier says just after he throws
    the walls at the Prince on the final battle (I couldn't hear a lot of words on
    this one, I wrote it kinda blindly).
    If you manage to catch any mistake, please send
    the correct line to my email: jrdemr@hotmail.com, subject: T2T Missing line.
    Oh, I also did not put some lines on purpose: the commentaries the Dark Prince
    gives to regular Prince's fighting. I think it would be really annoying
    to put
    this in the script a lot of times:
    [The Prince just killed Sand Guards]
    Dark Prince: Excellent!/Is that what you call fighting?
    I just didn't feel like putting a lot of isolated introductions and lines that
    aren't really important to the plot. Besides, I think everybody could hear them.
    They are just there to show that the Prince was getting more and more reluctant
    to fight as he grew softer (Although if you'd like me to put those too,
    send me another email saying you'd also like those lines in the script. If I
    receive enough I’ll play the game again and insert those lines).
    I believe all the other lines are correct, I double-checked most of them, but
    if you notice any error, communicate it to me, please.
    03 - Copyright (Cop03)
    This Game transcript was made by me, jrdemr, based on the one made by
    Evrything_burns. You may not post it on any other site and claim it to be
    yours, although you can post it if you credit me (and Evrything_burns, if you
    so desire) and ask me to my email for permission (jrdemr@hotmail.com - Put
    PoP:T2T Permission as the subject). You may also modify it as you desire if it
    is for personal use. If you wish to modify it to post the modification on
    another site, ask for permission, I will be most delighted to grant it. We
    done? Cool, let's get what we came here for done with: the script.
    04 - Script (Scr04)
    Prince of Persia: The Two Thrones
    Kaileena: We all make mistakes. Some are small, some are large. But his
    mistake, born of innocence, fuelled by pride, was the greatest and most
    terrible of ‘em all.
    [The Prince looks down at the amulet.]
    Mysterious Hooded Man: All that is yours is rightfully mine!
    Old Man: You cannot change your fate.
    Kaileena: Some believed that when the Prince journeyed to the Island of Time to
    escape death that he returned alone. The amulet destroyed, the Dahaka appeased,
    the Empress dead, the Prince was free at last. But this is not how it happened.
    The truth is that he chose to save me from my destiny. In doing so he set me
    free…and doomed us all…
    Kaileena: Prince, of all the possible futures, this one held the most promise
    that something has changed.
    Prince: Do not worry Kaileena; no harm will come to you in Babylon. I promise.
    Look, we are nearly home.
    [Sees burning city]
    Prince: No!
    [Arrows are shot at the small ship and a flaming stone is catapulted. Kaileena
    and the Prince are thrown into the water.]
    Prince: Kaileena?
    [Sees Kaileena floating, unconscious]
    Prince: Kaileena!
    Kaileena: As our ship lay sinking in the harbor, the Prince found himself in a
    city quite different from the one he left behind. The normally busy wharves
    were now decimated. Blood spattered awnings and splintered doorframes were all
    that waited to greet him. And the people… merchants, beggars, fishermen… were
    nowhere to be found… others had taken their place.
    [Sees guards carry Kaileena off]
    Prince: Let her go!
    Kaileena: The Prince made his way along the torn and blasted district, haunted
    by visions from his past. The dark side tavern where he’d spent many late
    nights was now reduced to cinders. Babylon’s proud armada, which he was often
    come to greet, laid cracked and broken, cast to the bottom of the Euphrates.
    Prince: Everywhere there are signs of battle… but what of Babylon’s guard?
    Where have they all gone?
    [Sees a guard. He hasn’t seen him yet]
    Prince: Why is it that every time disaster strikes, I find myself without a
    proper blade? [Takes a small dagger stabbed in a table next to him] Still, it’s
    better than nothing.
    [Sees guards take Kaileena inside the city]
    Prince: Kaileena!
    [They enter the city and the gate closes behind them]
    Prince: No!
    Prince: No way into the city now… I will have to climb the siege tower and
    enter from above.
    Prince: I can sense the others that have passed through this place, intent on
    bringing harm to my family.
    [Reaches a high place where he can see most of the city]
    Prince: Four week I’d been at sea… and everyday spent dreaming of my return to
    Babylon… but never, in all my visions of the future, did I suspect a homecoming
    such as this… war… it is the only answer… but war with who?... And why?...
    Kaileena: You should know that it was not love that drove him, but duty. I was
    his responsibility. He had made a promise, a promise that was now broken and
    undone. As with all mistakes he had made, the Prince meant to fix this. A noble
    goal to be certain, but a selfish one as well; for he was motivated to ease his
    own pain.
    Prince: I know these streets! Knew them, anyway. I must keep pace with Kaileena
    if I am to find the one responsible for this.
    Prince: Where is kind Asha, who would stand before her stall selling foods and
    flowers? Or the errant children, making trouble as all young ones do? Gone… All
    [Reaches the palace entrance]
    Prince: Home… and yet, nothing is as I remember. Objects once familiar and
    comforting now fill me with uncertainty and dread. What has happened here?
    Prince: I should be resting now, recovering from my time away, or sitting with
    father… but instead I am forced to run and hide; sneaking abound like a common
    thief; hunted in my own city.
    Kaileena: Pay attention to what the Prince overheard as he drew close to where
    I was being kept.
    Mystery Person: Many years ago, I journeyed with the Maharajah of India to the
    Island of Time, intending to claim its secrets. What we discovered was a
    barren, ruined place; its halls deserted, and its guardians gone to sand.
    Strange tales adorned its walls, which spoke of an Empress. An Empress of Time!
    But, of this enigmatic creature there was no trace. We returned to India with
    treasures nonetheless: a staff, a dagger, an empty hourglass covered in
    jewels, and books! Such secrets they contained, for even then I was an older
    man and knew that my time would soon be at an end. The books showed me that
    life eternal was not beyond my reach, but it required the essence of the
    Empress herself, the power of the Sands. But, you were gone, they were gone. I
    turned my attention towards… other pursuits, and left that dream behind. But
    then, four weeks ago, the Dagger stirred! And showed me things; whispered to me
    in my sleep. It drew me here, towards Babylon. Alas, the Maharajah did not
    share my vision, would not grant me leave. So I slew him and claimed his
    kingdom, his army for my own. Nothing would stand between me and my desires!
    Kaileena: Recklessly the Prince drew his weapon and charged forward intending
    to rescue me. It was as if he had learned nothing from his past adventures. Or
    perhaps he’d simply forgotten, made blind and deaf by fear and rage…
    This is how it happened. This is how I died…
    [Prince charges toward guards]
    Prince: No!
    [Is stopped by a chain, the Daggertail]
    Mahasti: What have we here?
    [Looks forward to see Kaileena tied. Somebody is facing her, but turns to see
    the Prince. The Prince recognizes someone familiar…]
    Prince: The Vizier?!
    Vizier: Ah! You must be the Prince of Persia, come home at last. Too late I’m
    afraid. [to Kaileena] I believe I have something of yours…
    [Stabs Kaileena]
    Prince: No! Kaileena!
    [Kaileena glows and her body becomes the Sands of Time. Everyone on the area is
    engulfed and transformed by the Sands. The Prince pulls at the Daggertail, but
    not before it becomes engulfed by the Sands itself. It breaks, but it is still
    chained to the Prince’s arm. The infected Daggertail forms strange markings
    around his forearm]
    Vizier: A promise of power, fulfilled! I will be immortal!
    [Stabs himself and transforms, throwing the Dagger aside. The Prince runs to
    it, but the ground below him collapses. He grabs the Dagger in midair and stabs
    it on the wall, slowing his decent. He lands on a balcony.]
    Prince: Father, forgive what I have done…wherever you are.
    [Makes way through the crumbling palace]
    Guard: The palace is falling! Run for your life!
    Prince: Once more, the wheels of suffering are set in motion by my hand… In
    taking Kaileena from the Island of Time I have changed the course of History!
    Without the Sands of Time, I never journeyed to Azad, never killed the Vizier…
    Now, he lives again, driven by the same mad desire…I promised no harm would
    come to her…
    Prince: I’m being pushed deeper into the palace, and further from my enemy…
    Prince: My arm! What’s happening? What has the Vizier done to me? I
    [Falls down pit]
    Kaileena: Everything had come full circle. The Prince had resurrected his
    greatest enemy. Worse, he had accidentally delivered me into the man’s hands,
    unleashing a nightmare plague across Babylon.
    As if this was not enough, the Prince had nearly been transformed by the Sands
    himself. Though he had avoided death, he had not escaped entirely untouched…
    Voice: Wake up Prince. Wake up. Wake up! The way behind you is gone, so you’ll
    have to find another exit from these sewers. Be quick about it, start moving.
    Prince: Wha-What? Who’s there?
    [As the Prince travels through sewers]
    Voice: Be careful, the planks are slick. Mind your balance.
    Voice: Good, good, now, head down.
    [As he fights sand monsters]
    Voice: Oh! The do not seem to like the light.
    Voice: Lead them into the light! Strike while they are blind!
    Prince: What have I become?! A sand monster?!
    [Sees sand monsters moving towards him]
    Dark Prince: Call it what you will, but you have been given the ability to
    destroy your enemies. Use it!
    Prince: What good is this? Even as I fight them, I grow weaker!
    Dark Prince: Kill them, then. Let their life replenish yours. Feels good, does
    it not?
    [When he kills all the monsters]
    Dark Prince: Aah, I knew you had it in you.
    Prince: I assume this is not permanent.
    Dark Prince: It is…if you want it to be.
    Prince: I do not.
    Dark Prince: But you will.
    Prince: Why, then, is this happening to me?
    Dark Prince: You have been infected by the Sands of Time, as I’m sure you have
    guessed. Maybe it’s the Dagger, maybe it’s all the time you spent amongst the
    Sands, or… amongst the Empress… Either way, you are resisting it…mostly.
    Prince: Mostly?
    Dark Prince: You did just change into something rather…unique, so I think the
    word is quite appropriate. Think of it this way: you have been given a gift -
    you are now stronger, faster-
    Prince: Uglier.
    Dark Prince: Now, now.
    Prince: That explains the transformation, but who are you?
    Dark Prince: Have you not realized? I am your untapped potential, your
    unrealized dreams. I am a part of you.
    Prince: You’re inside me?
    [Steps into water and transforms back]
    Prince: It’s gone now. Water seems to fight this corruption. Why did you hide
    this from me?
    Dark Prince: What? And ruin all the fun?
    Kaileena: When the Prince was struck by the Sands of Time, something was woken
    within. Something strange and cunning, something dark…The seven years spent on
    the run had embedded the Prince and made him hard. This burden sustained his
    other half, gave it strength. The Prince was tempted to do as it said, for it
    was a lightened darkness, offering comfort and guidance to a man who had just
    lost everything. But what were its intentions? Why did it help him? Only time
    would tell…
    Prince: Babylon, it’s so far away. As a child, Father would tell me stories
    Dark Prince: Pay attention! Something’s happening down there.
    [Sees sand gate. The chief guard puts his sword on the center and the Vizier
    comes through it]
    Prince: Is that?... It’s the Vizier! He’s been completely transformed!
    Dark Prince: Interesting… he’s used the power of the sands to transform his
    army… and his artifacts will allow him to transport them across the city with
    ease. He appears to be in complete control. Things do not look too good for you
    at the moment.
    [Vizier vanishes through the Sand Gate]
    Prince: I will not let the Vizier have Babylon! My city! My throne!
    Prince: He has used that beam as a gate. We will follow him through it.
    Dark Prince: [After the Prince has killed some sand monsters] Wonderful. Do we
    not have enough to deal with already?
    [Kills more sand monsters. Sees a chariot]
    Prince: That chariot will get us home.
    Dark Prince: Are you sure you can control this thing?
    Prince: Let us hope. If I crash, it is the end for both of us.
    [Hops onto chariot. Passes guards carrying a box.]
    Guards: The Prince! [They drop the box. It breaks] Stop him!
    [They abandon their box and chase after him, the prisoner inside escaping]
    Kaileena: And so, once more, the Prince began his journey home; his mind on
    fire with visions of the justice he would visit upon the Vizier.
    [During chariot race]
    Dark Prince: Be vigilant.
    Guard: There he is!
    Dark Prince: Turn right!
                 Head left!
                 You have done well Prince. Though I’m sure it was not intentional.
    [They reach the end of the street]
    Prince: We made it!
    Dark Prince: Hold your horses!
    [His chariot crashes and the Prince is thrown into the air. Only one of the
    chariot’s horses is still up and running. The street gate is closing]
    Prince: Waah! Come on, come on!
    [Manages to reach the other side of the gate just before it closes]
    Kaileena: The once bright and vibrant streets of Babylon now stood all but
    deserted. Its inhabitants either dead or fled. Those left behind suffered
    terribly: captured, tortured and transformed. But the Prince did not notice
    this, so focused was he on the Vizier.
    Dark Prince: I’m impressed.
    Prince: Oh good. Your opinion means a great deal to me.
    Dark Prince: Is that how you thank the man who just saved your life?
    Prince: First, you did not save my life. I did. Second, you are not a man, just
    a disembodied voice, a ghost. And third, I did not ask for your help, and I
    certainly do not need it.
    Dark Prince: While I admire your bravado, you would be wise to show some
    Prince: And you would be wise to keep quiet! You’re distracting me and we are
    no longer alone.
    Guard: Go. Put him with the others.
    Citizen: Why are you doing this? We have done nothing wrong!
    Guard: Save your crying for someone who cares.
    Prince: I should do something!...
    Dark Prince: Go ahead! Fall to your death! That will be of great use to them!
    Guard: (To himself) Why do I always get stuck with guard duty... Waste of my
    Child: Father! Father!
    Guard! Quiet, whelp! Do you wish to join him in the arena?
    Father: Don- Don’t take me there! Anywhere but that place!
    Prince: Something is happening down there…
    Dark Prince: Whatever it is, it will continue until you have defeated the
    Vizier. You cannot help these people!
    Prince: Then let us make haste.
    [Strange sand creatures appear]
    Dark Prince: Careful! These creatures seem to feed of the Sands! Kill them
    before they steal any more from you!
    Dark Prince: Onward and upward Prince! Quickly, you must regain your throne!
    Prince: I’m moving as fast as I can. What do you suggest? That I grow wings and
    Dark Prince: One can always dream.
    [Transforms back. Looks at the city from a rooftop]
    Prince: Babylon’s defenders still live. The city is not yet taken. Perhaps
    father is among them!
    [The Prince travels along the rooftops and an arrow appears out of nowhere and
    kills a Sand Monster that was just about to kill the Prince.]
    Prince: What is this? Someone helping us? Who’s there? You have done me a great
    service! Show yourself, that I might thank you!
    [No one answers]
    Prince: So very strange. I wonder…no, it is silly to think such things.
    Prince: No more rooftops…
    Dark Prince: Indeed. Irritating little detour. Let us be on with it. Head down
    to street level and we will find a way to regain the rooftops!
    Prince: You are an insistent inner voice, aren’t you?
    Dark Prince: Well, someone has to make the decisions!...
    Prince: I don’t like the looks of this.
    [Enters the arena. Sees Klompa]
    Prince: This…thing was once a man. He was there, when Kaileena died.
    [Klompa fight]
    Dark Prince: Go for the eyes Prince! He cannot kill you if he cannot see you.
    [If Klompa grabs Prince]
    Dark Prince: Ooh! I think he wants a kiss!
    [Prince gets thrown]
    Dark Prince: Guess not.
    [Prince blinds the Klompa]
    Dark Prince: Good! You have robbed him of his sight! Now bring him to his knees!
                       He can no longer see you! Move in and attack him directly!
                       His legs, Prince! Cut them!
    [Kills Klompa and rescues citizens]
    Citizens: We’re free! We’re free!
    [The Prince begins to transform]
    Prince: Keep away from me!
    [Escapes down tunnel]
    Kaileena: The Prince fled from the arena, embarrassed by the unwanted
    attention, fearful that they might realize he was becoming a sand monster. But
    something taunted him; the freed citizens believed he had come to rescue them.
    The people, his people, now lived when they should have died. This was just an
    accident. His thoughts had been only of reaching the Vizier and exacting
    revenge. Perhaps now the Prince would remember he once fought for something
    other than his lost honor. It was simply too soon to tell…
    [Transforms back. The Mysterious Arrows person saves him again from impendent
    death. Sees it is Farah.]
    Dark Prince: Well, look at that!
    Prince: Farah!
    Farah: How do you know my name?
    Prince: Yes…I…
    Dark Prince: I eagerly await your response.
    Prince: I have heard tales, wondrous tales, of a beautiful…and brave, princess
    of India. One who has…travelled to Babylon, seeking to punish…an evil Vizier,
    who has caused her great distress.
    [Farah aims an arrow at him]
    Dark Prince: See? Now she’s going to kill us!
    [Arrow hits approaching sand monster]
    Farah: How in the world did you manage to survive this long? Good luck stranger.
    [Runs off]
    Prince: She called me stranger!... She remembers nothing of our past
    Dark Prince: Because it never happened! You know, no Sands of Time, no Azad.
    You get the Vizier but you lose the girl. It doesn’t matter, we’re better off
    without her. Or have you forgotten? Maybe a few arrows in the back will help
    stir your memory!
    Prince: We must catch up with her.
    Dark Prince: Fair enough. Though I suspect you and I want very different things
    from the girl.
    Dark Prince: You still have feelings for her. Admit it.
    Prince: Farah and I went through so much together. Though she may not remember,
    I can never forget.
    [Meets up with Farah again]
    Farah: The Dagger of Time? How did you come to possess that?
    Dark Prince: Here we go again.
    Prince: I took it, from the Vizier.
    Farah: That traitor! He murdered my father, enslaved my people, imprisoned me.
    And all in the name of becoming some kind of god!
    Prince: I know too well what he is capable of. But I intend to find him and
    punish him for what he has done to my kingdom.
    Farah: You are the son of Sharaman? The Prince of Persia?
    Prince: And you are the daughter of the Maharajah. We both seek the same thing.
    Perhaps we should journey together?
    Farah: Perhaps…provided you can keep up.
    [She runs off]
    Dark Prince: I grow tired of her little tests.
    Prince: It is simply her way. I assure you, she will prove a valuable ally.
    [More rooftops]
    Farah: Alright, I’m impressed. I suppose it is wise to work together. There is
    strength in numbers after all.
    Prince: I’m glad you’ve come around.
    Farah: Just don’t make me regret it. Now, let us find the Vizier.
    Kaileena: With the Dahaka defeated, the Prince was slowly regaining pieces of
    his former self. The pressure and desperation which once drove him were gone.
    Grim as things seemed, there was now hope. Hope that peace could be restored to
    the land and to our tortured hero. But the Vizier’s army still hunted him. And
    they grew more determined by the hour…
    [Prince and Farah see Zurvan]
    Farah: What? What is that thing?
    Prince: It’s the Vizier!
    Farah: What’s happened to him?
    Prince: Something terrible.
    Dark Prince: Something…wonderful!
    [The Prince charges forward to attack]
    Farah: Wait!
    [Vizier enters temple]
    Prince: No!
    Farah: Be happy he is gone. You would never have stood a chance.
    Prince: Oh how silly of me. You’re right. Perhaps we should surrender, or turn
    away and leave the city. I know a lovely little island just a few weeks journey
    from here. I’m sure by the time we return this will all be sorted out.
    Farah: If it comforts you to mock me, then by all means, continue. But you are
    so focused on killing him you’ve thrown strategy completely out the window! You
    could have died…
    Prince: I suppose… But now we need to find a way to enter the temple. We’re
    wasting time here.
    Dark Prince: You know, I’ve been thinking about what Farah said earlier. She
    has a point. How do you plan to kill the Vizier? He’s immortal now.
    Prince: The Dagger made him into what he is, it can unmake him.
    Dark Prince: I suppose we will know the truth of this soon enough…
    [The Prince and Farah enter different gardens]
    Farah: Such a beautiful building.
    Prince: Father built these gardens as a symbol of his love for our people.
    Once…all the kingdom was like this.
    Farah: Try using these levers. If I can reach the other side, I might be able
    to find a way to open that door.
    [The Prince uses a system of levers to get Farah onto different platforms]
    Farah: Do you think you could move a little faster?
    Prince: You’re more than welcome to come down here and try it yourself! Seven
    years and still nothing’s changed.
    Farah: Seven years? What are you talking about?
    Prince: It’s… a figure of speech!
    Farah: There is something very odd about you.
    Dark Prince: She has no idea…
    Prince: Ah, we are making progress.
    Farah: I think I see a bell in that tower. Perhaps if you can get me to the
    next balcony I can sever its rope. You can use it to access the door switch.
    Prince: With my luck it will probably trigger some terrible trap, or summon
    sand monsters, or bring about the end of the world!
    Farah: Would it kill you to show a little optimism?
    Prince: Experience has taught me that wishful thinking only leads to
    [Farah shoots an arrow at the rope, severing it and the bells hits the ground]
    Farah: See? You did it.
    Prince: We did it.
    [Cries are heard]
    Farah: Wait! There are people hurt inside. We should help them.
    Dark Prince: Now is not the time Prince. You can help all you want later.
    Prince: Go Farah. Tend to the wounded. I will catch up with you once I’ve dealt
    with the Vizier.
    Kaileena: And so, the Prince and Farah separated. She sought to save lives. He
    to end them…for the Prince intended to confront his enemy and perhaps utilize
    the power of the warriors who had held up inside the temple. His mind churned
    with thoughts of glorious vengeance… but something new, as well… descending
    into the depths, his thoughts, his thoughts kept returning to Farah… He
    wondered if she was thinking of him as well…
    [The Prince watches the Vizier slaughter one of Babylon’s soldiers]
    Prince: To conquer a city is one thing. But to do so with such violence and
    cruelty is something else entirely. I will return EVERY BLOW he has landed
    against my kingdom!
    Dark Prince: We are close, Prince, so close! Let us make him suffer!
    [He transforms]
    [The Prince hears the Vizier killing more soldiers]
    Prince: Babylon’s last lines of defense… have fallen. These men served my
    family well. With their defeat, the city is fully in the hands of the Vizier.
    [The Prince catches the Vizier above a hall filled with water. He quickly
    escapes. The Prince steps on the water and transforms back]
    Prince: Every time I reach him, he slips away. Why will he not just stay and
    fight? It would make things so much simpler…
    Dark Prince: It’s not always about combat, Prince. Some battles are waged in
    other ways, on other terms. I fear we have underestimated our opponent. Let us
    not make the same mistake a second time.
    Kaileena: Babylon had finally fallen and none were left to come to the Prince’s
    aid. He was now the city’s only hope. If he failed, his entire world could be
    lost; for the Vizier was not contempt to simply be a king… no… he fancied
    himself a god. The question now was whether the Prince realized the position he
    was in. And if he did, would he accept this responsibility? Would he become a
    [Later, the Prince finds Farah trapped behind an iron gate.]
    Farah: Are you alright?
    Prince: He has escaped. And you? What of the troops?
    Farah: Dead. All dead. But I saw the Vizier, or whatever it is he’s become. He
    flew towards the palace.
    Prince: Then we know where to go.
    Farah: Alright. But I seem to be…well…stuck. Could you find a way to open this
    Dark Prince: I understand the principles of courtesy, but I think you take
    things a bit too far.
    [The Prince makes his way through the market place and opens the door.]
    Farah: Thank you, Prince.
    Prince: Of course. The problem is…now I am trapped.
    Dark Prince: Just like a woman. Solving her problem creates a new one for you.
    Farah: Allow me to return the favor then.
    [She shoots an arrow at a rope holding a crate, allowing him to open a door.]
    Prince: [to Dark Prince] You were saying?...
    Dark Prince: Go on, then.
    Prince: I hope Farah is alright.
    Dark Prince: You are spending way too much time looking after the girl! Is this
    Prince: You sound upset. Are you jealous?
    Dark Prince: Just focus on getting to the palace.
    Farah: There you are!
    Prince: (semi-whispering) Keep your voice down! There are enemies below!
    Farah: OK. But see if you can do something about these crates. I cannot get
    past them.
    Dark Prince: Do you understand now? This is the sort of thing that slows us
    [The Prince reunites with Farah and they see the palace. It’s so close.]
    Prince: At last we have returned.
    [A woman’s cries are heard. She sounds like she is begging for her and others’
    Farah: Did you hear that?
    Dark Prince: If you know what is good for you say no.
    Prince: Farah, we must press on. I’m sure she will be alright.
    Farah: Are you mad?! She was begging for her life! She said there were others.
    Prince: No! We can afford no more delays!
    Dark Prince: Good, put her in her place!
    Farah: These are your people! You are their prince! And yet you would leave
    them to suffer?
    Prince: That man has taken everything from me! And now that I have the
    opportunity to punish him…you want to delay me? Have you forgotten what he did
    to you?
    Farah: But I-
    Prince: You are burdened by a guilty conscience Farah. He made you watch as
    your people suffered, unable to aid them. You were not to blame. Do not let it
    cloud your judgment.
    Farah: It is not I who suffers from clouded judgment. You choose not to help
    them, but you cannot stop me!
    [She walks off angrily, leaving the Prince.]
    Prince: I go to kill the Vizier! To end this! While you run abound applying
    bandages to axe wounds!
    Dark Prince: Good riddance. She had been nothing but a distraction, always
    getting into trouble and slowing us down. Finally we can…What?
    [The Prince glances back in the direction she left, worried.]
    Prince: Something could happen to her… I cannot lose her again!
    [Runs off after her.]
    Dark Prince: No, no, no, no! We were so close!
    Prince: Farah? Where have you gone off to?
    Kaileena: So she had reached the Prince. He feared for her safety. Even if it
    was just one person, at least now he thought of someone other than himself.
    [He heads towards the Brothel. Transformation.]
    Prince: I cannot let Farah see me like this.
    Dark Prince: Worried she will prefer the new you?
    Prince: Charred skin, glowing eyes, melted face, I’m sure it will be love at
    first sight!
    [Enters Brothel]
    Dark Prince: Is this necessary?
    Prince: Yes.
    Dark Prince: You’re sure?
    Prince: Yes!
    Dark Prince: Fine! Waste your valuable time rescuing the princess! I can only
    imagine what the Vizier is doing right now. Probably expanding his army,
    torturing innocent citizens, deciding what kingdom to conquer next! What he
    should be doing is dying!
    Prince: I have not forgotten my mission.
    Dark Prince: Could’ve fooled me.
    Dark Prince: I really expected quite a bit more from you. On the Island of Time
    you were so focused, so dedicated!
    Prince: So selfish.
    Dark Prince: Nonsense. You were simply trying to protect what was yours.
    Where’s the harm in that?
    Prince: Look around! All of this destruction is my doing!
    Dark Prince: Traipsing through a brothel wile your city falls apart. That’s not
    what I call heroic.
    Prince: I am here for Farah.
    Dark Prince: You’re not here for her, you’re here for you! She made you feel
    guilty and you hope to prove her wrong. Your reasons for being here are hardly
    Prince: You do not know my motives, and you do not know me!
    Dark Prince: I AM you! And the sooner you realize it, the better.
    [Transforms back. Leaving the Brothel, he sees Farah.]
    Prince: Farah!
    Farah: What do you want?
    Prince: I have though about what you said, and you are right. I-
    [A dagger almost hits them. It’s Mahasti.]
    Farah: Can’t you see we’re in the middle of a conversation? If you really do
    desire death kindly wait your turn.
    [Mahasti runs off.]
    Prince: I have killed most of the guards; it should be safe. Go and find the
    women. Free them. I will deal with her.
    [Farah heads back to the Brothel while the Prince follows Mahasti.]
    Dark Prince: Wonderful work! You returned to save Farah and then send her back
    into the thick of it while you run after this one. “My hero!”
    Prince: You know as well as I do that the Brothel is no longer dangerous. But
    if I do not kill that sand monster, she will pose a threat to Farah.
    [Mahasti fight begins. The Prince transforms.]
    Prince: No! No! Not now!
    [Mahasti jumps around the courtyard.]
    Dark Prince: Should you consider… I don’t know…following her!
    Were you planning on giving chase? Or do you want your enemy to
                 She mocks you Prince. Go to her! Punish her!
                 She’s too fast for you. Find a way to keep in the odds.
                 The Dagger! Unleash the Dagger’s power!
    [The Prince locks swords with Mahasti, the battle nears an end.]
    Mahasti: You waste your time. The Vizier has already begun to transform the
    women I have imprisoned. You buy yourself hours at best!
    [He pushes her off the platform and she dies upon hitting the ground.]
    Prince: If I had some Sands for every time someone said that to me… [Receives
    Sands freed by Mahasti’s death] Oh! I do.
    Farah: The women are free and headed to safety. It was right of you to return…
    [She sees the Prince as the Dark Prince and is horrified.]
    Farah: Prince? You…you’re one of them?
    Prince: No! Farah, this is not how it appears!
    Farah: You’re a sand monster! You lied to me, all this time!
    Prince: No! I have been tainted by the Sands, this is true, but my mind and my
    heart are my own. Please believe me.
    [Farah loads her bow and aims it at him.]
    Farah: Stay away from me!
    [Unable to kill him, she shoots the arrow off into the air and runs off.]
    Dark Prince: Well, you did lie to her.
    Prince: No, I simply…
    Dark Prince: Yes.
    Prince: But she would not understand. What was I thinking?
    Kaileena: Poor Prince. His secret self had been revealed and Farah quite
    disturbed by what she had seen. Perhaps he should have been honest from the
    beginning. Too late he realized his mistake in staying silent.
    [Steps on a fountain and transforms back]
    Prince: Aagh! The corruption’s getting worse! And there seems to be no way to
    slow it! I must hurry!
    Kaileena: The Prince cleansed himself in the waters of the fountain. Though he
    turned to a normal body, the same could not be said for his mind…
    [Following Farah, he transforms back.]
    Prince: Do you see now? The change was physical, nothing more!
    Farah: Why should I believe you? Everything you have done contradicts this! I
    have seen the way you hunger for combat! You take pleasure in creating death!
    Your constant talk of bloody vengeance, your cold disregard for your own
    people! You heard the women in the Brothel as clearly as I did yet you turned
    Prince: But I came back. I came back! For you…
    Farah: You are a prince in title only. Go and reclaim your throne. But know
    this…you do so alone.
    [She runs off, and he is unable to follow.]
    Dark Prince: You certainly have a way with women. Those you don’t get killed
    can’t get far enough away from you.
    Prince: In my youth, I would often lose myself in the back alleys of the upper
    city. I spent hours running and tumbling… imagining myself all manner of
    creatures… The rooftops and passageways were secret windows onto other worlds…
    But now everything has changed. The color bled away and the sounds of life
    replaced by a heavy stillness… It has all gone dark and bitter…
    Dark Prince: The palace is close. Let us now be on our way?
    Kaileena: The Prince was finally forced to accept the fact that Farah was lost
    to him, and that he alone was responsible for this. Had he not hidden the truth
    from her, had he shown more compassion, then, perhaps, things may have gone
    another way. But now, it was simply too late.
    In spite of this, or perhaps because of it, the Prince found himself profoundly
    affected by Farah’s earlier words and deeds. They had brought a change in him,
    slowly supplanting the dark demands of his ruthless alter ego.
    [The Prince enters the city’s canals.]
    Dark Prince: You’ve been… so quiet. What’s on your mind?
    Prince: Perhaps she’s right.
    Dark Prince: Where is the Prince I used to know? You’re a hardened warrior.
    Stop being so…sentimental. It’s not like you.
    Prince: Were it something I could push away or ignore, I would.
    Dark Prince: You must try. What lies ahead will be the greatest test you have
    yet faced.
    Prince: Tell me then: What do you believe it is to be a warrior?
    Dark Prince: It is to hunger for combat, to seek solution with the sword. Do
    you disagree?
    Prince: Had you asked me when we first met, I would have said the same. Now,
    I’m not so sure.
    Dark Prince: Think on it then.
    Prince: I think, a true warrior fights for something other than himself.
    Dark Prince: And what of the man that battles to better his own station, to
    improve his lot in life? Often it is the only way to achieve greatness.
    Prince: But what you describe is not a man, it is a monster.
    Dark Prince: I see…
    Prince: We will have to continue this discussion later.
    [Later, after the Prince defeats the Garden Brute and leaves the canals, he
    sees a building in flames. People cry from the inside.]
    Prince: What has happened? These people are clearly in danger.
    Dark Prince: How convenient. A burning building filled with helpless citizens
    just begging for rescue.
    Prince: What do you mean?
    Dark Prince: I mean it sounds like a trap!
    Prince: Ridiculous.
    Dark Prince: Is it? Is I was an enraged sand god intent on killing you and
    you’d already slain two of my best lieutenants, well, I’d be inclined to try a
    less direct approach. One that exploits your new found compassion.
    Prince: Trap or not, those people need me.
    Dark Prince: No good will come of this.
    Prince: I must hurry, find a way inside.
    Dark Prince: Good luck with that. You can figure it out on your own for once. I
    will play no part of this.
    [Transforms back. Enters the building, only to find he is trapped.]
    Axe: Poor Prince. Locked inside a burning building and no way out. Too bad for
    Dark Prince: Well, look at that. A trap. Do you see now what happens when you
    try to help other people? You die!
    Citizens: They locked us in here! It’s going to burn! Help us, please help us!
    Over here! Over here! Please, find a way to get us out!
    Prince: [Looks at his father’s statue inside the building] Father… give me
    guidance, lend me strength! Where have you gone?... Father… gone… wait, that’s
    it! [To the citizens] Where is the machinery that controls these conveyers?
    Quickly, please, there is not much time!
    Citizen: Above us. The stairs are burned, though; you’ll be never able to reach
    [The Prince works to move the  statue of his father across the room. He
    succeeds and breaks the large wooden doors. The citizens flee from the building
    and embrace their loved ones.]
    Old Man: Our savior friends! I tell you now and true! It is… the Prince of
    Citizens: The Prince of Persia?
                     I can’t believe it.
                     He’s come back!
    Prince: It is good to see you safe.
    [Suddenly, Axe comes by, almost beheading an innocent citizen. The Prince
    rushes off after him in a chariot.]
    Dark Prince: I think you’re taking this hero business a little too far. You’ve
    already saved the citizens.
    [After a while, the Prince jumps and tackles Axe, sending them both falling
    into a courtyard below. He is suddenly attacked from behind by Blade, Axe’s
    Prince: Alright, I will admit, I was not expecting that…
    [Blade tosses a canister and the courtyard is engulfed in flames, creating a
    small arena. A fight begins.]
    Dark Prince: Draw your attention towards the one with the sword!
    [The Prince attacks Blade while avoiding Axe and eventually kills Blade.
    Angrily Axe attempts to attack the Prince, only to be hit with several arrows
    and die.]
    Farah: It seems I chose the right moment to return.
    Prince: Thank you.
    Dark Prince: Lucky shot.
    Farah: We should move. I’m sure more are on the way.
    [Together again, they head for the palace.]
    Prince: Be on your guard.
    Farah: I always am.
    [The Prince kneels, touching the ground, feeling it tremble.]
    Prince: Run!
    [Suddenly, sand creatures spill out from all directions, surrounding them.
    There are too many to fight. Suddenly, many citizens appear, armed with
    torches, clubs and the like]
    Old Man: All hail the Prince of Persia! The greatest hero the land has ever
    known! You have saved the people of this city! And we have come to repay the
    [The citizens charge forward, fighting the monsters.]
    Prince: [to Old Man] You cannot kill these creatures!
    Old Man: But we can slow them. Go Prince, find the Vizier and finish him, so
    that this nightmare might finally end.
    [The Prince and Farah run, entering the palace’s courtyard. Farah goes inside
    but the gate closes before the Prince can join her.
    Prince: Separated again. I’ll be with you soon. I need to find a way to open
    this door
    [He transforms, fights some sand creatures and enters as well. Inside he
    transforms back]
    Prince: Aagh! I must find the Vizier soon! I feel like I shall lose myself
    entirely to this corruption!
    [Meets Farah in the elevator room]
    Farah: Incredible! I have only heard stories of such marvels, but to see one up
    close…Is there not a similar device in Azad?
    Prince: This lift will bring us to the throne room. But wonder of wonders, it
    seems to have stopped working. I will try and return it to life.
    Farah: I do hope to visit Azad some day.
    Prince: I am sorry…
    Farah: What?
    Prince: I said I’m sorry. I never apologized…for the way I acted, for the
    things I said…for who I was…
    Farah: I owe you an apology as well. It was unfair of me to accuse you of such
    terrible things.
    Prince: But I have done terrible things.
    Farah: We all make mistakes, Prince. The difference is that you have accepted
    yours. I saw what you did at the workshop; and what the Old Man said is true.
    You are a Prince.
    Dark Prince: You’re killing me.
    [The elevator rises slowly.]
    Dark Prince: We’re nearly there. Soon, everything will be better.
    Prince: You seem a bit too excited about what is to come.
    Dark Prince: No Prince. You have simply forgotten your mission. That you do not
    share in my joy indicates as much.
    [The Prince joins Farah on the elevator.]
    Farah: What is your favorite color?
    Prince: Color?
    Farah: Shall I repeat the question?
    Prince: …Blue.
    Dark Prince: Blue?! That’s not my favorite color!
    Prince: What is the point of this?
    Farah: Must every conversation we have be so serious? I know so little about
    Prince: Very well. Then… what is your favorite food?
    Farah: The pomegranate of course.
    Prince: I do not like pomegranates.
    Farah: What is wrong with you?
    Prince: They are messy, impossible to eat with dignity. So much work for a few
    Farah: But is it not the effort that makes them that much sweeter?
    Dark Prince: I think I’m going to be sick.
    [They enter the hanging gardens.]
    Farah: What is this place?
    Prince: It is the heart of the hanging gardens. These are the instruments of
    life, regulating and running everything.
    [Farah rushes forward. Suddenly, a gate closes behind her, separating her from
    the Prince. Enchantresses appear behind the Prince]
    Farah: Watch out!
    Farah: It’s so beautiful. What is he like? Your father.
    Prince: He is a good man. No…a great man. Strong, loyal, kind…forgiving.
    Farah: What is it?
    Prince: I- that is to say… we did not part on the best of terms. It was many
    years ago. I was young and full of pride, full of fear as well. He offered to
    listen, but I could not find the words, would not find them. And I only hope
    that I may see him once more, to say that…I am sorry. But this is a story for
    another time. Let us speak of other things. Surrounded by so much sadness, we
    must not succumb ourselves. Returning to the matter at hand, I cannot get to
    you from where I am.
    Farah: I can close another shutter, then. Let us regroup ahead.
    [The Prince just cleared another Sand Gate]
    Prince: There is still no way for me to get to you. However you can reach the
    throne room from where you stand. And I can pass through the greenhouse. This
    will certainly bring us to the same location.
    Farah: Be careful, Prince.
    [They continue on. Eventually, Zurvan appears and captures Farah.]
    Zurvan: Do not take another step! I am impressed you made it passed my little
    welcoming party. Impressed, but also quite annoyed. You have robbed me of my
    strongest allies. It would be unfair of me not to return the favor. Farah will
    make an excellent queen. Fit for a god. Although, we will need to make some
    Prince: Let her go!
    Zurvan: [Laughs] You act as if you have a say in the matter, which you don’t!
    [zurvan blows the bridge the Prince stood on up, sending him into the darkness
    zurvan: Say hello to yo--
    Kaileena: The Prince was cast to his death, into a pit of darkness. Robbed of
    Farah, distanced from the Vizier. He had been warned that his journey would not
    end well. Ah, but do not be surprised. The Prince’s transformation saved him.
    Sometimes good can come of ill. Sometimes…
    [Transforming, the Prince lands safely.]
    Dark Prince: Once again you have denied us victory. How many times did I warn
    you that nothing good would come of pursuing that girl? We would not be in this
    situation if you had just stayed focused!
    Prince: Enough! All you do is taunt and insult me. I do not know what you are
    planning, but I know that I do not trust you, and I am ashamed that I ever did.
    Dark Prince: I have nothing but noble intentions.
    Prince: I understand now what it means to be noble, and you are none of those
    Dark Prince: You self righteous bas-
    Prince: I have put up with you for entirely too long! Be silent, let me finish
    my task. And then we shall see what to do about you.
    Dark Prince: Oh yes. I forgot who’s really in charge.
    Dark Prince: Listen Prince, and look around. We are in a well, but do you hear
    water? Do you see it? Feel its moist embrace? Why! I think it’s gone! I think
    the Vizier has drained it! How long do you think you can maintain your health,
    your control of the body?
    Dark Prince: Tick tock Prince, tick tock.
    Dark Prince: Feeling thirsty? Feeling dry? Oh! Am I distracting you?
    Dark Prince: Time is precious, time is fleeting, time…is something you have too
    little of.
    Dark Prince: Oh, would you like a drink?
    [The Prince entered a room that is engulfed in darkness. An incredibly shiny
    sword is on
    the floor.]
    Prince: Father’s sword. But…what is it doing here?
    [Sees Sharaman dead.]
    Dark Prince: Oh come on now! Did you really expect to find him alive? Even
    after everything you have experienced, still you hold out hope?
    Prince: Oh Father, what have I done?
    Dark Prince: What now then? Gather up enough sand, perform another grand
    rewind? Or perhaps you can return to the Island and travel back to a time when
    he might still be saved. Maybe rescue a damsel in distress along the way!
    Prince: No! You are right. I have been like a child, naïve and arrogant, always
    rushing to undo my mistakes, never facing the consequences of my actions. No
    more. I accept what I have done, and all that it implies.
    [Transforms back, without water.]
    Dark Prince: What is this?! You have no water! How did you-?
    Prince: You hold no power over me now! Be gone! Retreat to whatever dark hole
    spawned you, and do not trouble me again.
    Dark Prince: Were it only that easy, Prince. Oh, but you will see what true
    trouble is soon enough.
    Kaileena: And so, the Prince’s eyes had finally been opened to the true nature
    of his corrupt half. That cruel and charismatic voice which once whispered in
    his ear; it had subtly encouraged our burdened hero to do wrong.
    But now…the voice was stilled, the Prince’s mind once more his own.
    Kaileena: You may wonder why I would let this come to pass. So many dead, and
    likely more to follow. An empire reduced to rubble, a prince cast to the
    streets and hunted like a common criminal. But I had seen the timeline, and of
    all the outcomes laid bare to me, this one held the most promise of them all.
    For the Prince would have an opportunity to set things right. Watch now; see
    the thing of which I speak…
    [The Prince rides lift to a circular arena at the summit of the palace. Farah
    is trapped, sand tied to a wall, and zurvan is right in front of her.]
    zurvan: Now, where did I put those books?
    Farah: zurvan?
    zurvan: What is it?
    Farah: In case I don’t get the chance again…
    [Spits in his face]
    zurvan: You impudent pig! I offer you life eternal and this is how you
    respond?! Oh, I shall enjoy changing you.
    [He turns and sees the Prince.]
    zurvan: Hello Prince. Not quite the homecoming you expected.
    [The fight begins.]
    zurvan: Why do you even try to harm me? I am immortal!
    Prince: Immortal perhaps. But not invincible.
    Prince: You will pay for what you have done to my people.
    zurvan: Done to them? Things will be better now. You should thank me!
    Prince: They live among mindless monsters, in service to your madness!
    zurvan: It is the price of progress.
    [The Prince is winning so zurvan breaks apart the walls, creating orbits of
    zurvan: Quick and clever, you would have made a fine addition to my army. But
    our little collection of corpses will have to suffice.
    [The Prince slices off his wings. zurvan flies up high, with only the rubble
    left as a means of reaching him. Finally, upon reaching him, everything seems
    to slow down before he plunges the Dagger into the Vizier’s chest, plummeting
    to the ground.]
    zurvan: This is not what the Dagger promised!
    [The Prince rips the Dagger from his chest and steps back. The Vizier explodes
    in a cloud of Sand, Farah is released and the sand monsters from all of Babylon
    vanish. The citizens cheer while their Sands shoot up to the arena, forming the
    spirit of Kaileena.]
    Kaileena: This world was not meant for me. But there are others, and I will
    find my place, just as you have found yours.
    [She removes the Daggertail from his arm.]
    Kaileena: Be free now, Prince. Your journey is at an end.
    [She vanishes. Farah and the Prince hear something clink]
    Farah: What is it?
    [It’s a crown. The Prince bends to pick it up, but a boot steps down and
    another hand grabs it.]
    Dark Prince: All that is yours is rightfully mine! And mine…it will be!
    [He attacks the Prince with the Daggertail and all goes black. Suddenly, the
    Prince finds himself in n arena with the Dark prince on front of him. He fights
    Dark Prince: What did you expect? That when you slew the Vizier I would simply
    Oh but you are so blind. Your rage, your pride, your selfish ways; they give me
    form, and substance! Even with the Sands gone I have the strength to remain.
    And with the Vizier gone, I can take your place and rule the kingdom! And there
    is absolutely nothing you can do about it!
    [The Prince is transported to the mental realm. There, he travels along,
    slashing at the Dark Prince whenever he appears. Areas of his past, like the
    magic fountains from the Sands of Time and the ship and time portal from
    Warrior Within, are seen.]
    Dark Prince: With the ability to manipulate Time itself, you had the chance to
    be the greatest king the world has ever known! What wars you could have fought!
    What monuments you could have erected in your honor! What women you could have
    But you failed me Prince. You grew soft and sympathetic. My attempts to
    convince you to seek glory fell on deaf ears, so I bided my time, waiting for
    the proper moment to strike!
    You do not deserve what you have been given: control of the world’s greatest
    empire! With the power at your command, you could rule the world! You have
    squandered it Prince! I would do it justice and so it should be mine!
    Prince: You are just a parasite! You deserve nothing!
    Dark Prince: But don’t I? Have I not earned it?! Do you think you would be here
    now if not for me? How many times did I save you? How many times did I unblock
    your path, take down your enemies, remind you of your mission? While all you
    did was cry about your father and Kaileena and Farah! How everything bad always
    happens to you! Boo who Prince!
    Prince: Your words are empty, have always been empty. You are just a desperate,
    selfish spirit.
    Dark Prince: If I am selfish Prince, it is because you are. If I am ruthless
    and reckless and lacking in morals, it is because you are! I did not spin
    myself out of the ether; I was not conjured by some mad Vizier. I am you!
    Prince: No. I have seen the error of my ways, and I have atoned for the
    transgressions of my past. I am no longer that person.
    Dark Prince: Seasons change, tastes change, but people…people never change. And
    you delude yourself believing otherwise. Do not fight me. Set down your sword.
    Embrace me.
    You need to kill me then? To cut me down like all your other enemies? Swing
    that sword Prince! Hah! We’ve seen how well that works!
    Such violence! Your anger serves only to feed me. So I have to ask: Have you
    really changed? After all, I am still right here, standing before you!
    [Finally, the Prince appears in what appears to be Farah’s bedroom. Farah
    stands near the window. Running to her, the room changes to a chamber. Farah
    now stands before a staircase, with two thrones one either side.]
    Farah: Prince! Leave this place. It reeks of sadness and cruel intentions! You
    must not chase this shadow! Turn away! Wake up! I will lead you.
    [She runs up the stairs, and the Dark Prince appears, laughing. He continues to
    fight the Dark Prince]
    Dark Prince: Stop, please, you’re hurting me!
    By all means, stay! Fight! I, on the other hand, have a kingdom to
    attend to!
    [The Prince decides to follow Farah and leave the Dark Prince behind]
    Dark Prince: Yes, run away! Leave me here, that I might finish my work! Take
    what belongs to me!
                 No! What are you doing?
                 Do not ignore me! Do not leave me behind!
    [Fade to white. All is silent.]
    Farah: Wake up. Wake up!
    [The Prince opens his eyes slowly.]
    Prince: Farah?
    Farah: Are you alright?
    [He sits up.]
    Prince: I think…I think it’s finally over.
    [Farah sits back, relieved. Together, they stand in silence, watching the sun
    Farah: Prince? There’s still something I don’t understand. How did you really
    know my name?
    [He smiles.]
    Prince: Most people think time is like a river that flows swift and sure in one
    direction. But I have seen the face of Time, and I can tell you…they are wrong.
    [The Prince is running through the jungle in the rain, just like in The Sands
    of Time.]
    Prince: Time is an ocean in a storm. You may wonder who I really am, and why I
    say this. Come…and I will tell you a tale like none you have ever heard…
    05 - Thanks and acknowledgements (Tha05)
    - Evrything_burns, for creating the base script
    - My cell phone, for allowing me to rehear mosts lines without having to play
    the same part of the game over and over again.
    - Josec Galindoh, Sarah Khalil, Bruno Soares de Andrade and all the others who
    pitched in with missing
    lines and corrections of the existing ones.
    I know I am missing the names of some contributors, but these were the only
    ones I could find on my inbox - don't know why.
    I know in particular that I am missing the name of the person that sent in a
    correction of Kaileena's first line after
    the Prince's boat is destroyed. ("As our ship lay sinking in the harbor...") If
    you are this person or anyone else
    that contributed with corrections and are not listed here, please send me an
    email and I will put your names here as soon as possible.

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