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    FAQ/Walkthrough by CyricZ

    Version: 1.2 | Updated: 02/02/04 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

            \    _______  \
             |  |___.___|  |
             |   _________/
             |  |_________              ____   ____ 
             |  ||  ____  | /| /\   /| / ___\ / ___\
             |  || | ___/ || ||  \ | |/ /    / /___   
             |  || |\  _ / | || |\\| |\ \    \  ___\  
             |  || | \ \   | || | \  | \ \___ \ \___
             | / |/   \_\  |/ |/   \_|  \____\ \____\
             |/                ___     ______
                             /|\_ \   |  ____|
                            / |  \ \__| |____
                            \ \__/ /  | |
                             \____/   | | 
                             _________| |__
                             \    ____|/_  \
                              |  |___.___|  |
                              |   _________/
                              |  |  ____  _________   _____
                              |  | / ___\ |  ____  | / ____//|  |\
                              |  |/ /___  | | ___/ |/ /___ | |  / \ 
                              |  |\  ___\ | |\  _ /_\____ \| | / /\\
                              |  | \ \___ | | \ \ \ |___/ /| |/  __ \
                              | /   \____\|/   \_\ \_____/ |//__/  \_\
                       = T H E   S A N D S   O F   T I M E =
    Prince of Persia: The Sands of Time (GCN Version)
    A FAQ/Walkthrough by CyricZ
    Version 1.2
    E-mail: cyricz42 at yahoo.com
    Table of Contents
    1. Introduction
    2. FAQ
    3. Basics
       3A. Controls
       3B. Displays/Menus
    4. The Artist Currently Known As Prince
       4A. Movement
       4B. Combat
       4C. Recovery
       4D. The Sands of Time
       4E. Bouncy Sidekick, Farah
    5. A Dangerous World
       5A. Enemies
       5B. Traps
    6. Walkthrough
       6A. Opening
       6B. The Maharajah's Treasure Vaults
       6C. "You Have Unleashed the Sands of Time"
       6D. "Had I Really Seen Her?"
       6E. A Secret Passage
       6F. The Palace's Defense System
       6G. A Booby-Trapped Courtyard
       6H. Death of a Sand King
       6I. "I'll Try To Find a Way In"
       6J. Climbing the Tower
       6K. The Warehouse
       6L. The Sultan's Zoo
       6M. Atop a Bird Cage
       6N. Cliffs and Waterfall
       6O. The Baths
       6P. "There's Something Glowing Up There"
       6Q. Above the Baths
       6R. A Long Buried Secret
       6S. Daybreak
       6T. A Soldier's Mess Hall
       6U. The Drawbridge
       6V. A Broken Bridge
       6W. "I'll Meet You at the Baths"
       6X. Waterfall
       6Y. A Cavern of Ladders
       6Z. An Underground Reservoir
       6AA. Out of the Well
       6BB. The Sultan's Harem
       6CC. "What Did You Call Me?"
       6DD. The Hall of Learning
       6EE. Observatory
       6FF. Hall of Learning Courtyards
       6GG. On the Ramparts
       6HH. A Prisoner Seeking an Escape
       6II. "At Last We're Here!"
       6JJ. The Hourglass
       6KK. "Farah!  Come Back!"
       6LL. Climbing the Tower of Dawn
       6MM. The Setting Sun
       6NN. Honor and Glory
    7. Game Lists
       7A. Sand Clouds
       7B. Water of Life
    8. Prince of Persia 1
       8A. Unlocking PoP1
       8B. Menus
       8C. Controls and Moves
       8D. Enemies and Traps
       8E. Walkthrough
       8F. Passwords
    9. Prince of Persia 1 - Secret 3D Level
    10. Glitches
    11. Standard Guide Stuff
       11A. Legal
       11B. E-mail Guidelines
       11C. Credits
       11D. Version Updates
       11E. The Final Word
    Hello, and welcome to my FAQ for Prince of Persia: The Sands of Time, the 
    version for the Nintendo GameCube.  In this addition to the famed and 
    acclaimed Prince of Persia series, a new story is told.  The son of a famed 
    Sultan has decided to prove his quality to his father by stealing a most 
    dangerous treasure, the Dagger of Time.  This leads on an exciting and death-
    defying adventure, where the Prince must use his combat prowess, agility, 
    and wits to correct his mistake of releasing the Sands of Time.
    2. FAQ
    Q: What is this game?
    A: Prince of Persia: The Sands of Time, is the latest addition to the Prince 
    of Persia series, developed by Ubisoft.
    Q: How many memory blocks does this game require?
    A: The game requires 15 Memory Blocks to save.
    Q: What is the rating of this game?
    A: This game has been rated T for violent combat, which include mostly small 
    amounts of blood.  There are also suggestive themes during a particular 
    Q: Does this game connect to the others in the series?
    A: No.  This is a standalone story that doesn't have any story connections to 
    the other three games, which is good, because the series wrote itself into a 
    corner in the last game.
    Q: How do I unlock Prince of Persia 1?
    A: Check the Prince of Persia 1 section in the FAQ.
    Q: I beat the game, but no Prince of Persia 1!  What's wrong?
    A: You're going off incorrect information.  Only on the X-BOX version will 
    beating the game get you POP1.
    Q: I'm following your instructions, but I can't break down the wall to get 
    POP1!  What's wrong?
    A: You're playing the PC version, which has no special unlockables at all.
    Q: How do I access the secret 3D Prince of Persia level?
    A: Check its respective section near the bottom.
    Q: What are those weird boxes with light in them?  I hit them and I get a 
    musical tone...
    A: They unlock stuff in the GBA version of the game.  Unfortunately, I don't 
    know exactly what they unlock at this time, nor do I have any real drive to 
    find out.  The word is that it's new levels in the GBA game.
    3. BASICS
    3A. Displays/Menus =
    Main Menu
    Select "Start New Game" to begin the game.  You will have control of the 
    Prince.  Walk through the curtains into the palace to properly begin the game.
    Select "Load Saved Game" to bring up the Load Screen.  Select any previously 
    saved game to resume where you last saved.
    Select "Options" to access the Options Menu, described later.
    Select "Extra Features" to access that menu.  There, you can select "Making 
     Of" to see that video, or "Credits".  Also, if you unlock it during the 
     course of the game, you can access the original Prince of Persia from this 
    Options Menu
    Sound: Allows you to change the volume of the music, voices, and sound effects.
    Display: This allows you to turn the text Tutorials about basic moves on and 
    Camera: Switch between Normal and Inverted, which reverse the C-Stick camera 
    Controller: Select to view the button functions, and to toggle the Rumble On 
     or Off.
    Language: Select to change the text and voice language.
    Pause Menu
    From here, select "Continue" to resume the game, "Options" to access the 
    Options Menu, or "Quit" to return to the Main Menu.
    Main Game Display
    Most of the display is in the upper-left corner.  The long blue bar is the 
    Prince's health.  It decreases when you take damage from an enemy, a trap, 
    or a fall.  When fully depleted, the Prince will die.  Drinking water will 
    restore the Prince's health.  Finding passages to the secret fountain of the 
    Water of Life will extend your life bar.
    When you have the Dagger of Time, you'll see yellow circles below the life 
    bar.  These are your Sand Tanks.  Using the Power of Revival will decrease 
    the Sand Tanks stock by one.  When depleted, you cannot use Revival.  Find 
    Sand Clouds to extend your capacity of Sand Tanks.  Refill Sand Tanks by 
    defeating enemies with your Dagger of Time.
    There are crescents next to your Sand Tanks.  These are your Power Tanks, 
    of which you have the same number as Sand Tanks.  These are also filled by 
    defeating enemies with the Dagger of Time.  You can use these Power Tanks to 
    use the Dagger's special powers of Delay, Restraint, and Haste.  At first, it 
    takes sixteen kills to create a Power Tank to match up to a Sand Tank.  
    Afterwards, it only takes two kills to refill it.
    Just between your tanks and life bar is the Time Circle.  It fills gradually 
    while you play, but doesn't take long.  As you use Revival, it gradually goes 
    down.  Once depleted, the power of Revival ends and you will resume normal 
    time.  If the circle is full when you used Revival, you can rewind a full 
    ten seconds, otherwise you'll be able to rewind less time.  Also, when using 
    the powers of Delay and Haste, this circle will turn blue and slowly deplete, 
    measuring the amount of time to use that power.
    Once you have Farah on your team, her life bar will also be displayed in 
    combat if she takes damage.  It will appear as a bow in the upper right 
    corner of the screen, and deplete as she takes damage.  If it empties, she'll 
    3B. Controls =
    General Controls (non-combat):
    Control Stick: Moves the Prince.
    A Button: Primary Action Button.  If stationary, this is a straight-up jump.  
     If moving, this is an evasive roll.  If coming to an edge, this is a running 
     jump.  If hanging, swinging, on a ledge, or on a wall, this will cause you to 
     take a jump off your current footing.
    B Button: Draws weapons.
    X Button: Climbs down a ledge, or drops off if hanging.
    Y Button: Draws weapons.
    L Button: Invoke some of the Dagger's powers.  Holding L will activate 
     Revival.  Tapping L will activate Delay.
    R Button: Secondary Action Button.  If coming upon a wall, this will cause the 
     Prince to run along or up it.  This will also allow him to grab movable 
     objects.  If on a hanging rope or a horizontal pole, this will start you 
    Z Button: First Person View.  Use the C-Stick to look around.  Tap any other 
     button to exit the view.
    C-Stick: Move the camera around when in normal Follow mode.
    Control Pad: Press Right to switch to Landscape View, which gives you a good 
     look at the entire area, but isn't very good for moving around in.  Use the 
     C-Stick to zoom in and out.
    START Button: Pauses the game and brings up the Pause Menu.
    Combat Controls:
    Control Stick: Moves the Prince.  Point towards particular enemies to select 
     them for attack.
    A Button: Using this button allows the Prince to perform evasive manuevers.  
     In most circumstances, this is a straight jump, a rolling dodge or a 
     backflip.  If pushing the Control Stick towards an enemy, this lets you try 
     to vault over him.  If against a wall, this will let you push off the wall to 
     flip over enemies or attack them.
    B Button: Swing your sword.  Use the Control Stick to select particular 
    X Button: Sheathe your weapons.
    Y Button: Use the Dagger of Time.  Normally, you'll use it to stab.  If you 
     connect with an active enemy, you'll invoke the power of Restraint to freeze 
     them in time.  If you use it in the direction of a prone enemy, you'll 
     finish them and draw the sand they're composed of into the dagger.  Also, you 
     can use it to draw the power out of Sand Clouds.
    L Button: Invoke some of the Dagger's powers.  Holding L will activate 
     Revival.  Tapping L will activate Delay.
    R Button: Block with the sword.
    Z Button: First Person View.  Use the C-Stick to look around.  Tap any other 
     button to exit the view.
    C-Stick: Move the camera around when in normal Follow mode.
    Control Pad: Press Right to switch to Landscape View, which gives you a good 
     look at the entire area, but isn't very good for moving around in.  Use the 
     C-Stick to zoom in and out.
    START Button: Pauses the game and brings up the Pause Menu.
    Superman, he isn't, but he's still a superior athlete and combatant, moreso 
    than any of the jokers he'll face in this game.  He also has near bottomless 
    stamina for performing his complex acrobatics.
    4A. Movement =
    This is easily the most complex portion of the Prince's repertoire.  You 
    wouldn't believe some of the freaky stuff this guy can do.
    The Control Stick will move the Prince.  The degree to which you move the 
    stick will determine how fast he moves.  There ARE benefits to stepping very 
    Tap A while running to make the Prince tuck and roll.  This can be used to 
    bypass gates that are almost closed, or traps that strike to the mid-section.  
    Holding R will cause the Prince to grab things that can be moved.  Pull the 
    Control Stick in the direction you want to move the object.
    When you reach the edge of a platform, press A to perform a standard running 
    leap.  Surprisingly, you won't be using this too often, because you'll often 
    find better ways of getting around than a straight jump.
    Wall Running
    One of the cooler things the Prince can do is run up smooth walls.  They do 
    have to be smooth, though.  To run-climb up a wall, push the Control Stick 
    directly at the wall and press the R Button.  This will allow you to get to 
    higher levels than you normally could.  Also, at any time during your run, 
    you can press A to kick straight off the wall, which you can use to grab 
    things like ledges.
    Also, you can do what I call a standard wall-run.  Have a platform too far 
    away to jump?  No fear if there's an attached wall.  Just run parallel to the 
    wall and hold R as you get close.  You'll travel in an arc along the wall and 
    get much further than you can normally jump.  Just like with the run-climb, 
    you can kick off the wall at any point during the run if there's something 
    out in the distance you need to grab.
    Wall Jumps
    In the same vein as wall-running are the wall jumps.  If kicking, jumping, or 
    flipping off from anything, you'll momentarily stick if you hit a wall in your 
    airtime.  Pressing A as you hit the wall will allow you to kick off the wall 
    in the opposite direction.  If two walls are close enough together, you can 
    use them to scale to a surprisingly large height.  Conversely, if two walls 
    are far enough apart, you can use them to safely lower yourself to the ground, 
    if the need arises.
    A popular staple of the Prince of Persia saga.  In this game, you can either 
    hang on ledges or walk along them if you have enough room.  Press X to climb 
    down onto a ledge if close enough to the edge, or to drop off a ledge you're 
    currently hanging from.  If you press A, you'll climb up onto the ledge 
    you're hanging from.  If you press A and push the Control Stick away from 
    the wall, you'll push off it to jump away from the wall.
    Pretty simple.  Walk into them and you'll automatically grab them.  Use the 
    Control Stick to climb up or slide down.  If the ladder is open on both sides, 
    use Left or Right on the stick to flip around to the other side.  You can 
    kick off ladders just like anything else attached to a wall by hitting the 
    A Button.
    The Prince can attach himself to any thin pillar, tree, stalactite, or thick 
    rope, by hitting A near it if he's on the ground, or just by jumping into it 
    if in the air.  On the column, you can use the Control Stick to climb up or 
    down, or to put your back to a certain direction, and the A Button to kick off 
    it.  If you're impatient, you can also just hold the Control Stick in the 
    proper direction and press A to immediately leap off in that direction.
    Horizontal Poles
    These can be flagpoles or posts sticking out of the wall.  If they're thin 
    enough to wrap ones hands around, you have an acrobatic instrument.  You can 
    shimmy along the pole using the Control Stick, as well as use it to reverse 
    the way you're facing on the pole.  Holding R will start you spinning on the 
    pole.  Press A at the end of a swing to launch yourself into the air.  You 
    don't need to worry about when you release.  The game automatically sends you 
    the proper distance or height, and if it looks like you can hit it from a 
    swing, you will.  Alternatively, you can press X on a pole to drop off it.
    Balance Beams
    These appear about halfway through the game.  I use the term balance beam to 
    refer to any surface that's about a few inches wide with no wall on either 
    side.  Use the Control Stick to edge along the beam.  You won't move very fast 
    at all on these things.  If you fall off for any reason, you'll automatically 
    attempt to grab the beam, where you can pull yourself back up.  Pressing X 
    will drop you manually to one side.  Although it's a lousy position, you can 
    actually jump off beams in any direction, with the beam or across it.
    Swinging Ropes
    Appearing about late in the game, these are suspended thin ropes.  Up or Down 
    on the Control Stick will make you climb or slide down.  Left and Right will 
    turn you on the rope.  Pressing R will start you swinging on the rope.  It 
    will generally take you a couple of swings to get enough momentum for a good 
    jump (press A at the apex of a swing), and don't forget to be at the bottom of 
    the rope for maximum distance.
    All over the palace of Azad are weird contraptions.  Some are simple buttons 
    on the floor to be stepped on.  Some are buttons on the wall, which you have 
    to wall-run to hit.  Some are levers that are horizontal bars which you have 
    to hang from to activate.  Some are switches that you have to grab and 
    rotate to activate.  Some last forever when hit, others revert to their 
    original state in a few seconds.  It's up to you to experiment with these 
    things and figure out how to work them.  
    4B. Combat =
    Basic Fighting
    Much like it was in the old Prince of Persia games, combat is simple, yet 
    requires good reflexes.
    Your enemies will set upon you in any number from one at a time to up to four 
    at a time.  In the walkthrough, I will describe them in terms of "waves".  
    The way a wave works is that when you defeat an enemy in the wave, the next 
    one automatically pops up, and it keeps going that way until there are none 
    left in reserve in the wave, at which point you can finish off the last ones.  
    Sometimes, you'll face successive waves, whereby once you face off one wave, 
    you'll get a few seconds of a break, then the next one will pop up in force.
    The simplest way to defeat your enemies is with just holding the Control Stick 
    in their direction and pressing B, which will slash your sword at them.  This 
    will suffice for early enemies, until they get better at blocking your 
    attacks.  After that, you may have to employ advanced techniques, which we'll 
    get to.  Suffice to say, once an enemy is hunched over on the ground, he's one 
    hit away from defeat, so hit him again to lay him out.
    That works fine for normal humans, but soon into the game, you'll face off 
    against Sand Creatures.  These cannot be destroyed with normal sword slashes, 
    and you need to use the Dagger of Time to finish them.  Once you lay them out 
    prone on the ground, they will lie still for about ten seconds before Sands of 
    Time fill them and revive them.  Before that happens, hit the Y Button and 
    push the Control Stick in the enemy's direction to stab them with the Dagger 
    of Time.  This will suck the sand they're composed of into the Dagger and 
    they won't be a problem anymore.  You can make the stab from some distance 
    away, so don't worry about getting too close first.
    When fighting, don't forget to block by holding down the R Button.  As blows 
    start raining down on you, you'll want to quickly snap up to block them and 
    save your life (or sands).  Don't get too reliant, though, because certain 
    big enemies can break through your block.  Also, not all attacks will come in 
    blocking range.  If an attack is targeted at your legs, be sure you use the 
    A Button to hop over the attack.
    One of the simpler ways to contest your enemies is to use the A Button to 
    dodge their attacks.  Enemies are more vulnerable after missing with an 
    attack, as opposed to when the attacks are blocked.  Use the dodge to roll 
    around the attacks and strike when your opponent is off-guard.
    Once all enemies have been defeated, you will automatically sheathe your 
    weapons.  Make sure this happens.  If you haven't done it yet, then you 
    haven't defeated all your enemies, so make sure to look for them until they're 
    all gone.
    One of the easiest and most useful techniques to pull off is vaulting.  To do 
    this, simply get close to an enemy, run towards him, and hit A.  You'll start 
    climbing him and flip over.  This puts you in a very advantageous position.  
    A few B button presses later can have the enemy down on the floor.  Also, you 
    can use the Dagger (Y Button) following a vault to strike with the Dagger 
    while your enemy is at a disadvantage to freeze them.  Several enemies can 
    also be taken out if you Vault, hit B, then Y, which will let you hit the 
    sword in the air, then follow up with finishing them with the Dagger.
    Unfortunately, later in the game, you'll find that your enemies will grow 
    wise to your vault and will be able to throw you off quickly.  Make sure you 
    know who you're fighting before you attempt a vault.
    A lot of people swear by this technique, as it's tough to block against, but 
    it requires a wall.  This is a useful technique if that situation ever comes 
    up.  Move towards the wall and press A to mount it for a second.  At that 
    point, you can press A to flip over all your enemies, much the same as if it 
    were a Vault, or press B to leap off with a drilling sword attack, or press Y 
    to leap off with a drilling dagger attack.
    This is a more complicated manner of fighting, but it's no less valuable.  
    The manual doesn't do a very good job of explaining this.  First, hold R to 
    snap up into your block position.  Wait until an enemy begins a strike, then 
    just as the enemy's ABOUT to hit, press B or Y.  Pressing one of those buttons 
    while holding R will cause you to make a slight advance, and if you block the 
    enemy's hit during that advance, you'll counterattack.  If you used B, then 
    you'll slash with your sword, and if you used Y, you'll get the enemy in the 
    sweet spot with the Dagger, automatically finishing it and retrieving the 
    Bad Conditions
    This refers to combat in less than favorable conditions, such as when you're 
    clinging to a ledge, hanging from a pole, edging along a balance beam, or
    climbing a ladder.  You can fight in most any of these situation, so long as 
    you're not moving (flipping along a pole, or swinging on a rope).  Just press 
    B to take out your sword and flail at enemies.  Mostly, you'll be facing Bats 
    in these kind of situations, so just wait for them to come to you, because you 
    won't be able to move much, if at all.
    Weapon Upgrades
    You will have three chances during the course of the game to upgrade your 
    weapons.  They're part of the story and required.  I'll just mention that 
    your second and all subsequent swords will be able to knock down weak walls 
    and rotten wooden doors.  Your fourth and final sword will have the power to 
    immediately destroy Sand Creatures in one hit, and some of the weaker ones 
    will be destroyed even if they block your strike.
    4C. Recovery =
    Yep.  Simple hydrogen hydroxide has the power to heal wounds in this kooky 
    world.  Hey, it's a desert kingdom, so water is certainly the most precious of 
    ANY pool of water is more than enough to heal you.  Most often than not, these 
    will be in the form of fountains along the walls, so keep an eye out for 
    those.  Of course, you'll also sometimes find yourself splashing around in 
    caves or wells, and that water's just as good as any other.  Just press and 
    hold R and the Prince will start sipping, gradually recovering his health with 
    each sip.
    There will often be water nearby in any combat situation.  You're more than 
    welcome to drink during combat, but it takes time that you may not have if 
    you're being sliced up.
    The Water of Life
    It's said that deep in the Palace of Azad is a mystical fountain said to 
    magically increase the drinker's stamina.  There are several ways to this 
    fountain, but they're not always easy to find.  Often, these passages to the 
    fountain will be blocked by weak walls, or placed in the out of the way 
    locations that would require searching.
    At any rate, finding a passage (marked by a couple of turns and sheer curtains) 
    will teleport you to the fountain, where you can take a drink which will 
    increase your life bar.
    4D. The Sands of Time =
    Not just normal specks of ground, these grains.  The Sands of Time are a 
    chaotic force that, when unleashed, corrupt all life around them, turning them 
    to mindless and destructive Sand Creatures.
    Of course, harnessed properly, such as in the Dagger of Time, they can be 
    used to control the chaotic ocean of time.
    The Power of Revival (Rewind)
    Probably the most important power, and the one you'll use the most often.  
    Using this power will consume one Sand Tank.  Hold down the L Button to use 
    Revival is used to reverse the flow of time.  Hold down the L Button and time, 
    as well as the last several things you've done, will rewind.  This can be 
    used to correct a fall, taking damage, getting caught in a trap, or even 
    dying.  As long as you have Sand Tanks, you can die and die again, just so 
    long as you remember to reverse the act.
    So, hold down the L Button until the Time Circle runs out, or until you feel 
    you've gone far enough back to correct your mistake.
    The Power of Restraint (Freeze)
    This is a good power for quickly taking an enemy out of the fight.  Press Y 
    and aim at a standing enemy to attempt a stab with the Dagger of Time.  
    This power will consume one Power Tank, so make sure you have one filled 
    before trying.
    A dagger attack can penetrate defenses a lot more easily than a slashing 
    sword, so this has a good (but not 100%) chance of connecting.  When you hit 
    your enemy, they will turn gray and stop moving.  This doesn't completely 
    halt them, as they will very slowly recoil from your attack, but they are 
    completely defenseless.  Just press B a couple of times in their direction 
    and you'll slice them in half, immediately destroying them.  Note, however, 
    that you cannot regain sand after killing something with the ability.
    The Power of Delay (Slow Motion)
    This power can be a good friend if you're surrounded by bad guys.  Tap L once 
    (as opposed to holding it down) and you'll invoke the power for ten seconds.  
    It consumes one Power Tank when used.
    When this power is used, everything will occur in slow motion, including you.  
    However, you'll be able to see enemy movements long before they happen, so 
    you'll be able to fight without taking damage with much greater precision.  
    Also, since you're responding so cleanly, some moves may work on enemies that 
    they don't normally work on, such as Vaulting and Countering...
    The Power of Haste (Fast Forward)
    Note: The game refers to this as "Super Freeze", but the manual calls it 
    "Haste".  I say we call it "Haste"...
    This is a really cool power that can make short work out of a lot of enemies.  
    It's costly though, using up all your Power Tanks when invoked.  To use it, 
    you must have all the Power Tanks you can possibly have (the same number as 
    your current amount of Sand Tanks), and they must all be full, and you must 
    also have full Sand Tanks.  Hold down R and press L and you'll activate it.
    Once you've used this awesome power, all enemies will be nearly frozen in 
    time, and you'll be immensely accelerated.  Just hold the Control Stick in 
    a direction and tap the B Button and you'll immediately rush up and slash 
    your defenseless enemies.  Two slashes will immediately destroy one, and you 
    can rush to the next one and keep slashing until the power expires.  Even 
    though no more than four enemies ever face you at once, new ones in a wave 
    will keep popping up after you destroy one, even in this situation, so you 
    can end up taking out a good amount of bad guys before it's all over.
    One tip for using Haste effectively is to activate the Landscape View (Control 
    Pad).  This will allow you to see where enemies pop up so you can quickly zip 
    over and slice them up.
    Sand Clouds
    These looks like small white swirling clouds on the ground about half your 
    height.  Approach them the press Y to stab them with your Dagger.  Once you 
    do that you'll absorb their power, completely refilling your Sand Tanks, and 
    any Power Tanks you've already created.  Also, if you manage to find eight 
    clouds, you will gain an extra Sand Tank in capacity.  I believe there are 
    forty-eight Clouds in the game.  Some are right in your path, others are very 
    Sand Vortex
    These are large clouds of sand that appear orange in color.  All enemies in 
    an area must be defeated for you to be able to access them.  Step into them 
    and you'll use the sands' power.
    The Vortex does two things.  One will be a vision of the future.  You will 
    see yourself performing your combat and acrobatics in the coming area.  This 
    may give you hints on how to proceed.  Also, you may see things you will not 
    like, such as yourself dying, or a friend betraying you.  As Master Yoda says, 
    "Always in motion is the future," and things you see may not always come to 
    The other thing the Vortex does is allow you to save the game.  You'll access 
    the Save Menu, where you can pick one of the three slots to save.  You may 
    return to these Vortices at any time to save again, or to repeat the vision 
    you saw.
    4E. Bouncy Sidekick, Farah =
    Soon into your adventure, you'll come across the daughter of the Maharajah 
    that you conquered at the opening of the game.  Even though she hates you 
    for sacking her castle and being an instrument to the death of her father, 
    she will stick by you as a teammate, for she wants to correct your mistake of 
    releasing the Sands as much as you do.  The Medallion she wears protects her 
    from the twisted effects of the Sands.
    When exploring, Farah will act as a second person, who can step on buttons, 
    pull hanging levers, and so on.  In addition, she can do some things you 
    can't, such as using her slight frame to squeeze between cracks in the wall, 
    or under low-hanging gates.  Unfortunately, there are many things you can do 
    that she cannot, such as wall-running, complex jumps, or pole-swinging, and 
    oftentimes you'll find that half the challenge is finding her a way to move 
    forward so you can both move on.
    In combat, Farah will cover you with her bow, shooting her infinite supply 
    of arrows at enemies.  She generally fires an arrow every five or so seconds.  
    Make sure you take advantage of this, because an enemy she hits with an arrow 
    will take damage and be unable to defend itself for a short time, allowing you 
    to get the drop on it.  She cannot destroy enemies, however, so you'll have to 
    finish off any bad guy she knocks down.
    Farah also has her own life bar, represented by a bow, which will appear in 
    the upper-right corner of the screen when she starts taking damage.  She'll 
    call out when she gets hurt, and you need to rescue her, because she's not a 
    melee combatant, which will give enemies a chance to merrily hack away at 
    her, and if she dies, the story's over.  Of course, you do have the Power of 
    Revival to restore her, but it's much harder to bail her out of a killing 
    blow, than it is to bail yourself out.
    This ancient world is no picnic to be around in.  Even without the Sands of 
    Time corrupting everything, you're in constant danger of having a few extra 
    holes than you did before.
    One of the Prince's chief enemies is gravity.  Unlike other games that allow 
    long drops with minimal to moderate damage, this game is much more punishing, 
    making even a one-story fall potentially fatal.  Naturally, you have the Sands 
    to protect you against such a merciless enemy, but the fact remains that the 
    ground is real hard.  If you do end up falling several feet, hit A to roll 
    and possibly lessen the impact.
    5A. Enemies =
    From the highest-ranked guard to the lowliest bug, all life has been tainted 
    by the Sands, and everyone seems to hate you.  Here's a list of the different 
    types of enemies you can find.  All human Sand Creatures must be destroyed 
    with the Dagger of Time, either by stabbing them on the ground, or using the 
    powers of Restraint or Haste.  Animal Sand Creatures and humans do not 
    require the Dagger to defeat.
    In the Maharajah's Palace will be the only time you'll face real humans.  
    They are armed with either swords or spears, and are poor fighters.  They 
    will still block your attacks, though.  Vaulting works well.
    Little Hooks
    These are the first enemies you'll face.  They're dressed in red and carry 
    small hooks with little reach.  They're the most basic of enemies.  Use the 
    Vault-Slash-Stab to remove them, or Counter with the Dagger.
    Little Staffs
    These are the other of the first enemies you'll face.  With their bladed 
    staffs, they have a longer reach, but they're no harder to kill.  Use the 
    Vault-Slash-Stab against them, or Counter with the Dagger.  Countering with 
    the Sword will be blocked.
    You'll recognize them when you see them.  These ladies are armed with twin 
    daggers, with which they like to perform spin manuevers that can chip away at 
    your health.  You can Vault, then slash twice, but they will block a Vault-
    Slash-Stab.  Countering with the Dagger will work, too.
    Fat Clubbers
    Short, tubby guys with spiked clubs.  They're slightly better than the Little 
    Hooks, but only in blocking, as the Vault-Slash-Stab will work, and also 
    Countering with the Dagger.
    Chain Whippers
    Armed with a length of chain, these guys have a decent reach, and are a bit 
    better at blocking than Little Staffs, but the Vault-Slash-Stab will still 
    work.  You can Counter against these guys, but not with the Dagger.
    Big Hammers
    These large fellas have a huge hammer for a weapon, which has a good reach, 
    cannot be blocked, and can cause some nasty damage.  They're also quite good 
    at blocking.  Fortunately, the trusty Vault still holds purchase with these 
    Big Staffs
    Okay.  Vaulting's over from here on out.  These tall blue-clothed guys with 
    double-bladed staffs will be a big pain in the latter half of the game.  
    You can dodge and return their attacks, or you can Counter with the Dagger, 
    but not with the sword.
    Big Swords
    No Vaulting on these guys either.  These guys also wear blue and have nasty 
    swords.  They're great at blocking, and will sometimes go for a leg attack 
    instead of a blockable attack.  Dodge their strikes and swing after the 
    attack.  You can't counter them, but they are vulnerable to wall-jumps.
    These famous desert beetles pose a minor threat.  A few swipes with the sword 
    will end their snapping, but there tends to be a lot in a group, so fight 
    Once part of the Sultan of Azad's menagerie, now a flapping menace.  To 
    successfully defend yourself against Birds, hold up in Block until they 
    strike, then slash to dust them in one hit.  Countering with the Sword works, 
    but only if you're on open ground, otherwise you could cartwheel right off a 
    These guys show up in flocks of about ten at once.  They'll tend to attack you 
    at rather inopportune times, such as when you're climbing, hanging, or edging.
    When the flock gets close, swipe at them to start taking them out.  Don't 
    swipe early, or they won't fly towards you.  Once you take a few out, they'll 
    fly out, then swoop back at you, so keep reducing their numbers.  Once you 
    destroy all but three or less, the survivors will take off, not to return.
    There are also a couple of unique enemies.  I'll describe how to defeat them 
    as we come to them.
    5B. Traps =
    The Sultan of Azad is a very nice guy, and he has lots of riches, cool 
    animals, and cute slave girls.  Of course, he needs something to protect all 
    this, so he created a super-elaborate defense system of traps to deter anyone 
    planning on storming his palace.  Soon into the game, you'll activate this 
    defense system, but will find that you'll be far more in danger from it than 
    the Sand Creatures.
    Unlike the old PoP games, traps aren't kill-o-matic.  You'll take a decent 
    amount of damage, yes, but the game's a bit more lenient this time around.
    Basic Spikes
    There's really not much to say about these, other than that they represent a 
    painful end to a fall.  They instantly kill you if you drop onto them, but do 
    nothing else but sit there in pits.
    Spiked Logs
    These traps are vertical logs with spikes on them.  They spin, and move 
    horizontally back and forth along a set path.  Really, all you have to do is 
    avoid them.
    Spike Traps
    I also call these floor-spikes.  These look like metal plates on the floor 
    with holes in them.  If you run across these plates, the spikes will spring 
    out and damage you.  The way to pass them is to walk slowly across the plates.
    These spinning blades can be found on walls.  They spring out when you get 
    close and move back and forth along a track.  The sole reason they exist is 
    to disrupt your wall-running acrobatics, so you need to time your movements 
    past them so you don't get sliced and fall.  The slice won't kill you, but 
    the fall generally does.
    These are floor-mounted devices that rise up out of the floor and have a blade 
    that sticks out to the side.  This blade quickly slashes halfway around, then 
    quickly the other half around.  You can time your run past it to miss the 
    blade, or you can roll under the blade as it passes over you.  Both work if 
    you want to avoid damage.
    These are two bars of spikes that come out of a wall and slam together, just 
    like a set of jaws.  Like buzzsaws, they solely exist to keep you off the 
    walls.  Time your movements.
    Swinging Log
    This is a spiked log attached to two arms that swings back and forth 
    laterally.  It's generally around to mess with your jumping timing.  The best 
    way to pass it is to run under it as it comes towards you, then make your 
    jump or whatever before it comes back.
    Sword Slasher
    These appear late in the game, and are two large swords on horizontal tracks 
    on top of one another.  The swords stick out of the wall, move along the 
    track, then retract.  To avoid them, roll under the bottom sword.
    All these are separated by the names of the save files you get from each 
    Sand Vortex, in case you're wondering.
    6A. Opening =
    On their way to the Palace of Azad, King Sharaman of Persia, his son the 
    Prince, and a small company of men, pass through India.  Seeing the palace of 
    a Maharajah, they decide that, for honor and glory, they would plunder the 
    palace.  You'll witness the attack, as well as hear the counsel of a 
    treacherous Vizier, who points you towards the treasure vaults of the 
    Maharajah.  The Prince makes for the vaults just as the doors collapse 
    behind him.
    As you get control, you'll find your fellows will get owned by a catapult 
    pretty quickly.  Looks like you're not getting in that way.  Run into the 
    nearby low rubble to automatically climb up it.  Once you reach the highest 
    part, run towards the far edge and press A to jump to the distant pile of 
    rock.  Continue your climb up the rocks until you reach the wall.  Too high 
    to jump.  What you need to do is run towards the wall and hold down the R 
    Button to run up the side.  Once on the edge, press A to haul yourself up.  
    Continue along this wall to the end.  At the other side, jump as you did 
    before to cross the wooden platforms suspended over the door below.  Jump to 
    the other wall, then enter the nearby doorway.  The end of this hall is 
    blocked by debris.  Draw your sword with B, then use B again to hack at the 
    furniture blocking your way.  Exit the doorway.
    As you exit, the camera will take over.  It does this quite often during the 
    game as you enter new areas.  When it happens, you'll be given a preview of 
    the area, as well as your destination and a possible path to take.  This 
    cutaway is only showing you your enemy, though, so run up and engage him.  
    Consult the combat section above for info on fighting, or use the game's 
    tutorials for help.
    After defeating him, run into the ladder to start climbing.  At the top, 
    you'll find two more enemies: a swordsman and a spearman.  Defeat them both 
    and move on through the open doorway.  Inside this room is a pool of water.  
    If you're injured, press R to drink water and restore your health.  Smash the 
    debris blocking the exit and move on.
    Four enemies in this area.  Drop down the rocks and face them.  Remember to 
    use the Control Stick to pick the enemies to attack, and that blocking works 
    for most attacks in all directions.  Once all enemies are dead, move on 
    through the doorway to the next room, then out the other side.
    A flying rock will smash the wooden platform in front of you.  To get across, 
    you need to perform a wall-run.  Run along the wall, then hold R at the end 
    to start running diagonally on it.  You'll cross the holes relatively easy.  
    Climb the ladder at the end to reach the top.  In the next room is another 
    pool of water if you need it.  Further on is another group of four enemies.
    Once they're dead, go to the far wall.  Press A to jump up and grab the 
    ledge.  Now, use the Control Stick to shimmy along it.  When you reach the 
    end, press A to climb up.  Press A again to jump to the next ledge.  Now, 
    move along this one as it goes around the corner.  At the end, press X to 
    drop yourself onto the lower ledge.  Press X again to hang from it, then 
    edge along this ledge.  Press X when you're over the hole and you'll drop 
    onto it.
    Inside this room are four enemies.  Defeat them.  Once they're all out, go to 
    the nearby column.  Press A to cling to it.  Push Up on the Control Stick to 
    climb, and use Left and Right to move around it.  When your back is to the 
    right, press A to kick off and grab the next column.  Continue up the columns 
    to the top, then grab the upper ledge.  Climb over and pass into the 
    hallway.  You'll automatically be prompted to save the game, so do so.
    6B. The Maharajah's Treasure Vaults =
    This enclosed area first requires a wall-run along the left wall to cross the 
    hole.  At the next hole, wall-run along the right wall, and as you pass the 
    opening, press A to kick off the wall to reach the opposite platform.  Wall-
    run across this next gap on the right wall.  At the end, you'll have to run 
    straight up the right wall, and press A to kick off it to reach the opposite 
    platform.  Continue through the curtains.
    You're now in the treasure vaults proper.  This section is another obstacle 
    course.  If you fall, you can get back up using the nearby column, and there's 
    water on the floor to restore you.  Wall-run to camera left, then again at 
    the next platorm.  Kick off at the end of this run to reach the middle 
    platform.  You can see the Dagger of Time through the hole, but you can't 
    reach it.  Run up the wall to the left of the hole, then wall-run off to 
    camera left.  Wall-run to the left once more and you'll reach the other exit 
    from this room.
    As you enter, you'll see spiked poles rise up and start spinning.  This is 
    your first official trap.  Go to the edge of the platform you're on, and lower 
    yourself down using X.  Run between the poles.  At the next gap, wall-run on 
    the left wall and you'll reach a thin ledge.  Climb up onto it, then edge 
    along.  When you reach the end, press A to jump off to the ledge behind you.  
    Do the same at the third ledge. At the end, you'll find more spiked poles.  
    Avoid them, and wall-run up the left wall at the next gap.  Kick off at the 
    end to reach the ledge, then edge to wider ground.
    In this next wide courtyard, drop down onto the edge in front of you, then 
    onto the lower ledge.  There are three levels of ledges here, and, as you 
    proceed along them, pieces will crumble off.  You can't die from the 
    crumbling ledges.  They're just there to create the path for you.  Drop and 
    climb along the ledges until you reach all the way to the left end.  At the 
    end, kick off and grab the column.  You'll see your quarry high up on the 
    statue, but first you have to safely reach the ground.  Jump between the 
    columns all the way along the right side.  The last column is low enough to 
    safely drop off from.
    At the bottom here, use your skills for running up walls to scale the statue.  
    At its right hand, run up and kick off the wall to grab it.  Once you reach 
    the head, you'll have to employ a new tactic.  Run up the right side, then 
    kick off the wall, and repeatedly press A as you hit the wall to 
    progressively wall-jump up the sides.  At the top, you'll take the Dagger 
    and its powers will be demonstrated.
    Now, it's time to leave.  Leap off to your right and the floor before you 
    will crumble away.  Wall-run the left wall and kick off at the end.  Then, do 
    the same for the right wall.  Next, avoid the large series of spiked poles.  
    At the end, you can pass the line by running towards them as they move away 
    from you, and ducking into a small alcove to your side before they come back.  
    Drop down to the next area and continue past more poles.  Climb up out of the 
    pit, and pass through the curtains to rejoin the rest of your company.
    You'll now witness the pivotal cutscene, where we now leave the palace with 
    the giant Hourglass containing the Sands in tow, as well as several slave 
    girls and animals, including a young woman who seems to know what's going 
    on.  As you reach the palace of the Sultan of Azad, you'll present your 
    gifts to him.  The Vizier who surrendered to you will explain that to use 
    the power of the Sands requires the Dagger, which the Prince will use on the 
    Hourglass.  Unforutnately, this releases the Sands, which destroy all around 
    them, except for the Prince, the Vizier, and the young woman.  The Vizier 
    demands the Dagger, but you'll refuse, running off.
    You're now in a large hall.  The young woman has run behind a closing gate, 
    and you now have to face several Sand Creatures.  This group is a mix of 
    Little Hooks and Little Staffs.  First, defeat a wave of five of them, then 
    a second wave of nine.  Once you've defeated your enemies, you'll 
    automatically step into the nearby Sand Vortex, where you'll be given a 
    vision of the future, and an opportunity to save the game.
    6C. "You Have Unleashed the Sands of Time" =
    A recent rubble collapsing has knocked some stone loose to the right of the 
    gate you saw the girl.  Use it to pass the gate, then run up the stairs.  
    Follow the girl as she runs, but a block of rubble will drop in front of your 
    path.  You have no choice but to take the nearby doorway to your right.
    Head down the broken stairs to the ground floor.  That white cloud on the 
    ground is your first SAND CLOUD.  Stab it with Y to retrieve it.  Get eight 
    and you'll get another Sand Tank.  Anyway, to get out of here, go to the 
    corner of the room that's past the left side of the bed.  You'll see a 
    horizontal pole above you.  Run up the wall under it to grab onto the pole.  
    Make sure you're facing the other pole above you, then hold R to start 
    swinging, after you get some good momentum, press A to flip off it to the 
    next one.  In the same way, hold R and press A on the next pole to reach the 
    ledge.  Climb up and inch along to the platform.  Wall-run to the next 
    platform, then wall-run and kick off to grab the pole.  Flip off this pole 
    to reach the balcony.
    The path in the next hallway goes left, but first, climb up the rubble to 
    your right to find another SAND CLOUD.  Keep moving down the hallway, then 
    turn left at the rubble.  Wall-run to grab the pole suspended above the pit.  
    Inch along the pole so that flipping off it will let you hit the next one.  
    Keep flipping for all four poles to reach the other side.  Drink from the 
    fountain here, if you need it, then head into the next room.
    Wall-run to the pole in front of you, then flip along the poles to the far 
    side of the room.  Wall-run to the next set of poles, then press X to drop 
    down each one to the floor.
    Time for some combat.  You'll face five Light Hooks and Fat Clubbers here.  
    By the time you finish, you should have completed your first Power Tank.  
    Good job.  Now, to leave this room, go to the left side (opposite the side 
    you dropped from the poles), and run up to the next set of poles.  These 
    poles are situated one on top of the other.  To get to them, flip out towards 
    the wall, then wall-jump off it to get enough height to get to the next pole.  
    From that pole, turn around, and flip up to the ledge, then climb up to 
    the hole in the wall and step into the Sand Vortex to save the game.
    6D. "Had I Really Seen Her?" =
    Proceed along the hallway, use the fountain if you need it, and bust down the 
    debris at the end.  To your right is another SAND CLOUD.  Take it, then move 
    back to the left.  Climb up the small rock on the left, then jump off to grab 
    the bar.  Inch to the right, then flip to the hole.  Start dropping down the 
    rocks, but stop at the nearby hole.  Run through the hole into the next 
    passage.  Keep going to the end.  Get the feeling you're not in Azad anymore, 
    Toto?  Run up to the WATER OF LIFE fountain to take a drink and extend your 
    life bar.
    Back in reality, keep dropping down the rocks and jump across. to the other 
    set of rocks at the lowest point.  Drop down that pile, then wall-run across 
    the hole and take another SAND CLOUD.  Drop down onto the rocks in the 
    preceding hole.  Continue along the path and the girl will grab you.  She'll 
    introduce herself as Farah, the daughter of the Maharajah, and she says she 
    wants the Dagger.  You'll be less than trusting.  Soon, you'll be set upon by 
    Scarabs.  You'll tell her to run while you fight.  Simple sword-blows will 
    take care of Scarabs, no need to retrieve Sand.  Beat all eight, then heal up 
    at the nearby fountain if you need it.  Continue to the end of the hallway, 
    then turn left and follow this path to another SAND CLOUD.  Go back, and 
    take the other exit to a new obstacle course.
    Jump straight out to grab the first platform, then turn right through the 
    doorway.  You'll witness a cutscene where a bunch of birds carry off the 
    Hourglass.  All you can do is wall-run to your left over the collapsed hole.  
    Go back through the doorway to enter the other room.  Climb up the nearby 
    column, then hop across the series of columns until the gap gets too wide.  
    After that, jump off to the right to grab the ledges.  Drop down, then wall-
    run across the wall and kick off to reach another column.  Slide down and 
    drop off.  Take out these two Scarabs and take the SAND CLOUD.
    Now, wall-run on the right wall and kick off to reach another column.  Jump 
    to the next column and slide down to solid ground.  Scale the rubble in the 
    corner, then run up the wall and kick off to grab the pole.  Flip over the 
    two poles to the next ledge, then run back the way you came and jump over the 
    gap to the column.  Grab the SAND CLOUD on this platform.  Now, get back on 
    the columns, and column-hop left as far as you can go, then jump onto the 
    next small platform.  Drop and hang from the left side, then inch around the 
    corner.  Drop down the ledges to the next platform.  Exterminate the Scarabs 
    down here, then wall-run along the right wall to the pole.  Flip along the 
    poles and land on the next platform.  Few more Scarabs here.  After they're 
    gone, run to the railing on your left to flip over it.  Jump out to the 
    column and slide down to the bottom of the room.
    Combat time.  This mix is of Little Hooks and the extremely distracting 
    Dancers.  The first wave is five baddies, and the second wave is nine.  There 
    are two fountains at opposite faces of the room if you need them.  Once 
    they're all down, take the SAND CLOUD down here.  If you have all of them up 
    to this point, you'll get a new Sand Tank now.  Step into the Vortex down 
    here, as well.
    6E. A Secret Passage =
    Face the Vortex and turn right.  See that cabinet?  Run up to it and hold R to 
    grab it.  Slide it to the left or right to reveal a new path.  Run down it, 
    then wall-run on the left wall and kick off to reach another SAND CLOUD.  
    Step on the white button here to open the gate.  Head on through.  When you 
    get close to the bridge, rubble will bust it away.  Wall-run along the right 
    wall and kick off to reach the other end of the bridge.  This next button here 
    requires constant pressure to open.  Just grab the box nearby using R and move 
    it onto the button.  Head through the gate to this next really big room.
    To camera left is a pull-handle on the wall.  Grab it and pull it all the way 
    out to extend the bridge.  Let go, and quickly run and jump across the bridge 
    as it retracts.  You'll get a new friend here, who I like to call the 
    "Excitable Guard".  He'll tell you that he needs your help activating the 
    Azad Defense System.  What you have to do is move the middle platform around, 
    pick up each of the four axles along the wall, then move them up to the top.  
    There are two cranks nearby.  One rotates the platform, and the other raises 
    and lowers it.  Don't worry, I'll walk you through it.
    First, step on the lit-up "full moon" button near one of the axles to pick it 
    up.  Easy enough, eh?  Use the rotator crank to go one click clockwise, then 
    use the lifting crank to raise it one level.  Go back to the rotator crank and 
    go three clicks counter-clockwise, then drop it down one level.  Step on the 
    lit-up "new moon" button to take the second axle.  Now, raise it one level, 
    and rotate clockwise two clicks.  Raise two levels, and step on the lit-up 
    "half moon" button.  Now, rotate one click clockwise and lower one level.  
    Step on the "crescent moon" button to pick up the last axle.  Now, raise it 
    up one level, rotate one click counterclockwise, then raise it up one level 
    to finish.  The guard is most happy.  I can picture him dancing a little jig 
    right now.  Now, a new bridge is extended.  Cross it, then climb the ladder 
    to your left.  Jump up and grab the lever and the defense system will be 
    activated.  Everyone's happy, except for the guard, who's now begin killed.  
    His attackers are now after you, so climb on down the ladder and take out the 
    two Little Spears.  Step into the Vortex after that.
    6F. The Palace's Defense System =
    Of course, this defense system is gonna cause more problems for you than the 
    Sand Creatures.  First, run up the stairs.  Watch out for the Spiked Poles, 
    and note the floor-spike traps on the floor (metal plates with holes).  Walk 
    across them very slowly to avoid tripping them.  Past all this a pull-handle 
    marked by a yellow button.  Pull it out to open the gate at the far end, but 
    also to activate all the traps in its way.  You have about three minutes to 
    traverse this trapped hallway before the gate shuts again.  First, manuever 
    past the spiked poles.  Next, wall-run up the right wall over to the ledge.  
    Climb up on the ledge to avoid the buzzsaw, then edge along it.  Kick off to 
    the ledge behind you, then quickly drop down to hang from it to go under the 
    buzzsaw.  At the end, climb back up, and kick off to reach solid ground.  At 
    the next gap, wall-run along the left wall to grab the ledge.  Edge out until 
    the two buzzsaws start coming back at you, then kick off to the ledge behind 
    you.  Move to the end of this ledge, then jump back when the saws have passed.  
    Make your way to the end of the ledge, drop down, and head through the gate.  
    If it's too low to run under, roll under it.
    Phew.  Don't breathe too easy, because you've just entered combat.  Ten Fat 
    Clubbers and Little Spears to contend with, here.  Once you're done, you'll 
    find that one of the corners of this room has a fountain, another has some 
    rubble in front of a SAND CLOUD, and the last has your next Vortex.
    6G. A Booby-Trapped Courtyard =
    Now, to move ahead, look for a white button on a wall.  Run up the wall to 
    step on it, which will raise a platform in the center of the room.  Run up 
    that, then jump up to grab the pole above you.  Flip off the pole the ruined 
    wall in front of you.  From the wall, jump across to the walkway on the side 
    of the area.
    You've now sprung a slicer trap.  These blades can either be timed to avoid, 
    or rolled under.  Avoid the first one, then wall-run on the left wall and 
    kick off to the next walkway.  Avoid the slicer plus four spiked poles here.  
    Opening the gate across the way means jumping out and grabbing the lever 
    suspended above the hole.  Flip off the lever through the gate, then hop up 
    on the rubble to your left, and wall-run and kick off towards the ladder.  
    Move left or right to spin around the ladder and climb up it.  From this 
    level, wall-run over to the next platform, then hang from the ledge in front 
    of you, then edge around the corner.  Climb up, then head to your right.  
    Grab the SAND CLOUD.  Climb onto the rocks here, then wall-run over to the 
    hole in the wall.  Drop down through the hole and you'll find another passage 
    to the WATER OF LIFE fountain.  After finishing there, you'll be teleported 
    back to just before the hole in the wall.
    Now, wall-run along the wall to your right to grab the pole.  Flip off the 
    two poles to grab the ledge.  Move around the corner of the ledge so your 
    back is to the platform, then kick off.  From here, wall-run along the right 
    wall, avoiding the buzzsaw.  Kick off at the end to what little platform there 
    is, then climb up onto the ledge.  From the ledge, kick off to the pole.  Turn 
    around on the pole, and flip off to the platform above.  From this platform, 
    time your wall-runs to pass two buzzsaws.  At the end of the second wall-run, 
    kick off to the platform.  Run past the closed gate, then wall-run past the 
    buzzsaw and step on the yellow button to open the gate.  Hurry back to gate 
    to pass through it.
    Another pull-handle that will start a trap course with a timed door.  I knew 
    you'd enjoy that.  Pull the handle.  Wall-run along either wall to avoid the 
    buzzsaws.  Roll to avoid the slicer.  Now, run up the wall to hit the white 
    button and immediately kick off to grab the platform that popped out.  Climb 
    up that, and the two ledges above it.  Kick off to a ledge behind you, then 
    climb up another two ledges.  Edge around the corner and kick off to the 
    platform behind you (lemme know if I'm going too fast for you).  Now, you 
    have a choice of wall-running along the left over a horizontal buzzsaw, or 
    over to the right over two vertical ones.  Neither run is a piece of cake, but 
    pick which one you're more comfortable with, then head through the gate.
    You'll have finally made it back to the reception hall you started in.  You'll 
    see Farah shooting arrows at a bunch of Sand Creatures, one who happens to be 
    your father.  Isn't that lovely?  In addition to dear old Daddy, you'll face 
    sixteen of a combination of Little Spears and new Big Spears.  Big Spears 
    cannot be Vaulted, but they can be Countered.  Your dad, on the other hand, 
    cannot be Vaulted or Countered.  You either have to wait for Farah to shoot 
    him, or dodge his attack and strike when you have an opening.  He takes a lot 
    of hits, but you should be able to destroy him with little trouble.
    After the carnage, you rip off one of your sleeves to tie around a wound.  
    Farah sympathizes with losing a father, while you retort that that wasn't 
    your father.  You automatically run to the Vortex, much to Farah's protest.
    6H. Death of a Sand King =
    The two of you will agree to partner up to get to the Hourglass to stop this 
    madness.  You'll automatically jump out a window onto a platform surrounding 
    a tower.  Heal up at the nearby fountain, then follow Farrah by wall-running 
    across the platforms.  Go ahead of her and face the enemies patrolling the 
    garden below.  She'll cover you with her bow.  The enemies are a combination 
    of Fat Clubbers and Dancers.  The first wave has eight, and the second wave 
    has seven.  The water in the middle of the room can heal you if you have 
    time.  Once they're all taken out, step into the Vortex.
    6I. "I'll Try To Find a Way In" =
    Head up the stairs and take the SAND CLOUD.  Move along this walkway, and 
    past the gate.  Wall-run over the crumbling walkway and you'll drop on top of 
    a conical roof.  Wall-run to the next roof, then wall-run over to the series 
    of poles.  Flip across all of them to the next roof, then wall-run back to 
    the right and you'll drop to a wooden slope.  Wall-run again to drop to the 
    ground.  Rotate the switch here to open the gate below.  Bust up the barrels, 
    then hang and drop from the wall down to the walkway below.  More combat here, 
    in the form of Little Spears, Fat Clubbers, and Dancers.  First wave has 
    seven, and the next has eight.  Take the SAND CLOUD here any time you're 
    ready.  Once that's done, head into the next Vortex inside.
    6J. Climbing the Tower =
    Climb up the small rubble in the back of the room, then run up the wall to 
    the ledge.  Inch around the ledge, then kick back to the poles.  Flip up this 
    long series of poles with a wall-jump thrown in for good measure.  At the 
    top, you can head to the right for a fountain behind a pile of debris, or you 
    can skip it and wall-run past the buzzsaw to the left for a passage to the 
    WATER OF LIFE fountain, which is quite better.  Anyway, once you're done, 
    climb up the ladder here to the next platform.  Avoiding the buzzsaws, 
    wall-run around the outside of this area, hitting a yellow button as you run.  
    Quickly make your way back and pass through the gate.  Wall-run over the pit 
    of spikes, then head down the stairs and step on the button, letting Farah 
    back in.  Head up the stairs and Farah will squeeze through a crack and pull 
    a lever to open the gate.  Head through to the next room, which is a big 
    Go down the ramp and wall-run and kick off to the lever.  That will move the 
    ramps, giving Farah access to another lever.  Now, drop down, avoiding the 
    chomper, and run up the ramp to the doorway.  Grab the pull-handle to open a 
    gate and set off a relatively small number of traps.  Pass the floor-spikes 
    and spiked logs and run through the gate.  Now, wall-run over the spike pit 
    and you'll find you're back at the beginning of the warehouse.  Run down the 
    ramp to Farah, then to the left ramp.  Wall-run over the platform with the 
    chomper, then quickly wall-run again to the left and you'll grab the ramp.  
    Run up and grab the lever.  Now, it'll be a repeated run of you pulling a 
    lever, then Farah, then you wall-running to the next lever.  There's no real 
    danger, just wall-run to the next one.  Eventually, you'll make it to the 
    bottom.  Jump to a pile of crates, then drop to the ground floor and face 
    your enemies.
    If you have the GBA version of this game, there's a special box you can find 
    while running along the walls.  Just before the second-to-last lever is pulled, 
    you'll be wall-running to the corner, and will be roughly level with a 
    platform above the exit door.  Don't pull the lever there, wall-run past it 
    and down the ramp to the box with light.  If you have the GBA game connected 
    using a connector cable, bask the box open to open a new area in the GBA game.
    There are Little Spears and Big Hammers here.  Big Hammers cannot be blocked, 
    but they can be Vaulted.  The first wave has eight enemies, and the second has 
    seven.  Defeat them, then climb up on a pile of crates to take a SAND CLOUD.  
    There are also two fountains to drink from here.  Now, to get back up to the 
    Vortex.  On one pile of crates and behind another are two movable boxes, 
    marked by circular symbols.  Push them over to the two buttons on the floor of 
    the warehouse to raise some platforms.  Climb up the lower platform and step 
    into the Vortex.
    6K. The Warehouse =
    Now, climb up the other platform you raised and step on the yellow button to 
    open the gate.  Head through and hop over the spike pits in this next 
    corridor.  Once you get outside, the Prince will note that you're in the zoo, 
    now.  To your right is a SAND CLOUD.  Further ahead are several enemies.  
    You'll face a combination of four Big Hammers and Little Spears.  If you want, 
    wait to take the Cloud until after you take out the bad guys with Haste.  Take 
    them out and step into the Vortex in front of the kitty statue.
    6L. The Sultan's Zoo =
    Climb up the nearby dirt wall and then climb onto the tree as if it were a 
    column.  Jump off at the top, then drop down to the lower platform, and run 
    out and grab the tree branch as if it were a pole.  Flip over to the top of 
    the wall, and drop down.  Hit the yellow button to let Farah in.  You'll 
    notice some Birds.  These guys aren't friendly.  Either counterattack them, 
    or block their attacks and strike soon afterward.  
    Once they're all dusted, enter the small shed and pull the box out to reveal a 
    crack for Farah to crawl through.  She'll pull a lever which will open the 
    menagerie.  Enter.  Inside, find a low pole and jump up onto it.  Hit the wall 
    and bounce back to the pole above.  Flip over the next two poles and to the 
    platform.  Run around the platform and jump out to the pole perpendicular to 
    the others.  Flip across to the other platform, then use the next set of poles 
    to flip up to the next set.  Now, run around the platform and find the ladder 
    to climb up.  Wall-run along to the left to the next platform, then wall-run 
    again to the pole.  Edge along the pole to the middle of the room, then flip 
    to the next platform.  Jump through the broken window to be out of the cage.  
    Next, run up the stone wall and kick off to grab the tree branch pole.  Flip 
    off it to the top of the menagerie.  Rotate the switch up here, and you'll 
    open a gate.  Now, jump off towards the Vortex.
    6M. Atop a Bird Cage =
    Hang off the right side of the stone you're on and drop down to the rocks 
    below.  Keep dropping down and you'll reach a pole.  Turn around and flip 
    over to the next pole, and then to the platform.  Don't go left yet, but at 
    the end you'll find a high lever.  You have to run up and kick off the wall 
    to grab it.  This creates a ladder for Farah.  Head inside the passage.
    In a room off to your left will be several Scarabs.  Destroy them, then note 
    the rather high lever.  Climb up onto the higher stone platform, then wall-run 
    to within range of the lever and kick off to it.  It will open the gate in 
    front of you.  Enter and grab the SAND CLOUD, then pull the box to reveal a 
    crack for Farah.   She'll open the gate further on down the slope, so go 
    through that.  Time for another trap corridor.  Pull the handle and head down 
    the ramp.  Watch out for floor-spikes, and roll under the slicers.  Hop over 
    the gap, then wall-run past the buzzsaws, then carefully step over the floor-
    spikes and through the gate.
    Now, hop across the broken bridge and enter the Vortex.
    6N. Cliffs and Waterfall =
    Head back across the broken bridge, then wall-run to the left to the trees.  
    Climb up them, then hop off at the platform.  Fight off the Birds, then wall-
    run over to the ledge.  Inch around the corner, then jump back to the tree.  
    Slide down, then grab the SAND CLOUD down here.  Hop back onto the tree, then 
    use it to hop to the next one.  Climb up and hop to the next tree, then up 
    to the platform with the waterfall.  Fight off the Birds here and heal using 
    the water, then inch along the ledge ahead of you, drop down and hop across 
    the broken bridge.  Rotate the switch to open the gate, then wall-run to the 
    left, kicking off to grab the tree.  Slide down and jump to the next tree, 
    then to solid ground.  Pass through this small cave and wall-run over to 
    the gate.  Pass through.
    Down these next few hallways are naught but some Scarabs and a fountain.  
    Proceed and you'll find a hole in the wall, leading to the baths, and combat.  
    A mixture of Dancers and Chain Whippers greet you here.  First you'll face 
    eight, then thirteen.  As these are the baths, water is just up the stairs in 
    the next area, as well as the Vortex.
    6O. The Baths =
    Now, you can see a lot of platforms and ladders and such here, but you can't 
    do anything yet.  Don't worry, we'll get back to it.  First, go up to the top 
    of the room.  Pull the vase away from the wall so Farah will take the crack 
    route, then move it onto the button to hold a gate open.  Now, head through, 
    and avoid the swinging log.  Drop down the ledges to the lower floor, then 
    leap across the spikes.  Use the wall-jump to make it up the other side, then 
    run out before the other spiked log can hit you.  Face off against these Chain 
    Whippers and Dancers.  First a wave of four, then another wave of four, then 
    a wave of eleven.  Once all done, heal up and hit the Vortex.
    6P. "There's Something Glowing Up There" =
    Move to the middle button and Farah will hold it down for you.  Next, push the 
    statue against the button on the left wall, then run up the wall and hit the 
    button on the right wall.  This will open all the gates leading to the 
    switch off in the left side of the room.  Run through the gates before the 
    first one closes, grab the SAND CLOUD, and turn the switch, which will drain 
    the water.
    Now, you need to activate two high-up levers, one on each side of the room.  
    At the wall near the entrance you'll see a ledge, run up the wall and grab it, 
    then leap to the pipes hanging above.  Now, you won't be able to flip all the 
    way there, so when you can't, look for columns further out in the room.  Use 
    them to get back to the pipes and to the lever.  Do this for both levers and 
    the drain will open near the entrance.  Push the nearby block down the drain 
    to drop it into the lower room.
    Head back to the first bath room, past the swinging log, and push the block 
    down the small waterfall.  Then, push the block up against the broken ladder, 
    then climb up and grab the SAND CLOUD.  Now, run up the wall further to reach 
    the window up here.  Drop and hang off the other side, then drop down to the 
    next ledge.  Climb up and make your way along this platform, then back through 
    the hole in the wall to another ledge.  Jump from this ledge to the column in 
    the middle of the room, then to the ledge on the wall ahead of you.  Climb up, 
    then hang from the ledge above and edge to the right through the hole and 
    back into the first room.  Move along the ledges to the corner, then hang from 
    that ledge and move around the corner, kick off and flip off the pole.  Wall-
    run to get to the other corner, then wall-run again to find another window.  
    Walk through, then run up the back wall and jump off to hit the pole.  Flip 
    over to the other side, where there's a ledge.  Edge over to the walkway and 
    move on.  Break the barrels, step on the yellow button, and avoid the slicers 
    as you make your way to the next room, where you'll fight Chain Whippers and 
    Dancers, twelve of them.  Step into the Vortex after you've beaten them.
    6Q. Above the Baths =
    Head up the stairs to the next area.  Take the dresser nearby and move it 
    towards the edge of the platform.  Hop on, then jump up and grab the pole 
    above you.  Flip over to the columns in the center of the room.  Column-hop 
    all the way to the other side of the room.  Grab the SAND CLOUD over here, 
    then head over to the other opening.  Wall-run on the left wall and FINALLY, 
    you'll reach the SECOND SWORD.
    Now, you have the power of busticating, so wall-run back over and knock down 
    the wooden door.  Head down the stairs and look for a weak wall on your 
    right.  Bust it down and you'll find a passage to the WATER OF LIFE fountain.  
    Continue down the stairs and bust down the other door and you're back in the 
    original room.  Now, head for the other side of the room and knock down the 
    wall.  You'll head down a flight of stairs into some REALLY old ruins.  First, 
    pull the loose block away from the wall to reveal Farah's way out, then move 
    the block towards the obvious groove in the wall.  Climb onto the block, run 
    up the wall and kick off to grab the pole.
    Flip over the poles to land on a solitary platform.  Leap over to the other 
    nearby platform, then hang down and inch along the ledge.  Drop down to the 
    lowest ledge, and move to the end of it, then wall-jump all the way up to 
    another ledge.  Inch all the way along the ledge, then jump up to the ledge 
    above, stand on it, and jump back onto the platform behind you.  Grab the 
    SAND CLOUD.  Now, Farah will mention a ledge below you.  Hang off the 
    platform and drop down to the ledge.  Inch around and kick off to the platform 
    behind you.  Inch along these ledges, climbing up as necessary, and you'll 
    reach Farah.
    Up in this room is a rotator switch.  Turn it ninety degrees to open the gate.  
    You can turn it a further ninety degress.  Now, why could you do that?  Run 
    up to the wall that the switch is pointing to and hack it down, even though 
    it doesn't look weak.  You will have UNLOCKED PRINCE OF PERSIA 1.  The 
    switch, pointing in that direction, opens the gate.  If you want, you can 
    go through the gate, which will immediately jump you into PoP1, and the only 
    way to get back is to reload your last saved game, and you can save right 
    here.  If you don't want to play PoP1 now, you can always go to the menu and 
    do it from there.
    6R. A Long Buried Secret =
    If you don't unlock PoP1, you won't have a save under that name.  Look at the 
    above paragraph if you're looking at this for the first time.  For the sake 
    of the walkthrough, we'll continue on with the rotator switch pointed at the 
    first gate.
    Head through and slay all the Scarabs in this area.  Move the stone away from 
    the wall to reveal a crack for Farah.  She'll crawl through and find a switch 
    to reveal some platforms for you.  Wall-run and kick off to make your way 
    along all these, then follow her up the ladder.
    In this next room, you'll face Big Spears and Little Hooks.  First a wave 
    of four, then five, then twelve.  Be sure to use your Counters well.  After 
    you're done, step into the Vortex.
    6S. Daybreak =
    Break down the weak wall and continue on.  Drink from the fountain along 
    the way.  The switch to open this next gate is just beyond that debris.  
    Quickly follow Farrah into the mess hall.  Time to take out a bunch of Big 
    Staffs and new Big Swords.  Fight a wave of eight, then seven.  After that, 
    you can hit a new Vortex.
    6T. A Soldier's Mess Hall =
    I know you're looking for it.  The Fountain is down the short flight of 
    stairs.  You'll probably need it after that last fight.
    Okay.  Climb up on top of the debris in this lower area.  Climb to the high 
    point near the wall and wall-run over to the pole off to your right.  Flip 
    to the next pole, then to the corner ledge.  Move around to the right side, 
    then climb up and jump to the pole off to your right.  Flip across to the 
    far ledge, climb up, and move over to the SAND CLOUD.  Now, go back over to 
    the left and push off the ledge to the pole on your left.  Flip over to the 
    enclosed area, then wall-run once you reach the end of it to reach a platform 
    with a pressure plate.  Step on it and proceed through the door.
    You're outside now, facing a raised drawbridge.  Run to the left of the 
    drawbridge, and when you get to the end of the path, leap off to the poles in 
    the distance.  Flip to the next one, then flip-wall-jump to the pole above 
    you.  Turn around and flip to the platform ahead of you.  Wall-climb up to 
    the spiked poles above you.  Navigate this little pole maze off to your left.  
    Soon, you'll face floor-spikes in addition to the poles.  Tiptoe across them, 
    then move past the poles, then tiptoe immediately once you reach the next 
    floor-spikes.  Proceed to find a hanging-wall-climb-jump-off lever.  Grab it 
    and the door back into the mess hall will open.  
    Farah will call for you, so head down the stairs to your left and jump-grab 
    the hanging lever in the lower landing to move a ladder to give her access.  
    Go back to the other side of the door you just came through to find a gate not 
    entirely shut.  She'll crawl under it and step on the switch.  Grab the 
    SAND CLOUD here, and then grab the hanging-wall-climb-jump-off lever here to 
    lower the drawbridge.  Head back outside the way you came in.  You'll find the 
    two of you can drop down to drawbridge level using a raised scaffolding.  
    Cross the drawbridge.
    You'll face the tall order of fourteen guards here, combination heavy staff, 
    heavy sword.  The fountain is on the near side of the drawbridge if you need 
    it.  Once all are down, hit the Vortex.
    6U. The Drawbridge =
    Cross the drawbridge and enter the next room.  Rotate the switch to open the 
    gate.  Climb up the near stairs, but ignore the hanging switch at the top, 
    it can't be pulled.  Instead, about halfway up, wall-run onto the lowest pole, 
    and flip up the series of poles to the next landing, and grab the lever up 
    here.  You'll rotate the middle bridge halfway to Farah.  Try to pull it 
    again (and fail) and she'll pull hers to move it over to her.  Now, grab it 
    again and it'll turn once more, allowing her to move on and find another 
    lever that raises the bridge a level.
    Climb up the rubble and up to the ledge.  Mind the buzzsaw and climb up the 
    next ledge.  Jump off the ledge to the bridge behind you.  Then, turn around 
    and leap to the hole.  Climb outside and marvel as the Prince tugs a loose 
    sleeve off.  Drop down to the lower ledge, and bust up the barrels off to 
    your right to allow you to wall-run to the pole.   Flip to the ledge then 
    head back into the tower.  Grab the hanging-wall-climb-jump-off lever and 
    you'll rotate the bridge.  Move to the end of it and Farah will grab her 
    lever.  Leap to the ledges and push off, grabbing the ladder.  Climb up and 
    head off to the left of the gate.  Wall-run and grab the lever to move a 
    ladder.  Head back to the gate, and Farah will crawl through a hole and open 
    Head to the bridge and you'll tango with nine Birds.  Farah will cover you.  
    Once you cross the bridge, it'll break into crumbs.  Farah will mention that 
    the switch to open the gate is broken, so it looks like you need another 
    route.  Step into the Vortex to get a hint.
    6V. A Broken Bridge =
    There's a Fountain around the right of the scaffolding if you need it, and a 
    SAND CLOUD around to the left.  Climb down the part of the bridge that just 
    broke off and lower yourself to a pipe.  Shimmy to the right and leap off to 
    the column behind you.  Jump to the next column, then to the lower ledge.  
    Shimmy all the way around the far side of the ledge.  Now, you have to get 
    down, and to do so safely, you need to wall jump down the walls.
    Don't relax once you reach the bottom, because it's crumbling away as we 
    speak.  Quickly run to the left, wall-climb up the wooden wall and jump off 
    onto the pole.  Flip up to the ledge on your left.  Farah will shout things 
    at you, and you can drop down the other side of this wooden tower to a ledge.  
    Shimmy around and push off to the column behind you.  Grab the SAND CLOUD.
    Now, grab the other column here, climb up, and jump off the ledge to the left 
    of Farah.  Shimmy around, and drop off to the lower ledge.  Farah will 
    mention that she's moving on ahead, and to meet back up at the baths.  After 
    she leaves, the Prince goes into a quick tirade about her and women in 
    general.  All you have to do is carefully use the Control Stick to manuever 
    across the thin wall.  Once on the other side, move along the ledge to the 
    right.  There's a Fountain here, if you need it.  Don't worry about the Birds 
    in this area, just wall-run the wall to camera left, then jump off and grab 
    the pole.  Flip across the series of poles to the Vortex.
    6W. "I'll Meet You at the Baths" =
    Okay, drop down the ledge you're on, and you'll find more thin balance-beam 
    walls like the one you just passed.  You have to navigate these.  Don't worry 
    if you lose your footing, you'll grab the wall and be able to haul yourself 
    back up.  You also have to make several jumps to walls further off.  Once you 
    reach the center, the Birds will attack.  There are six, but they're not 
    that hard to take out, even in your position.  Continue along the beams, 
    jumping gaps, and eventually, you'll reach a hanging lever.  Grab it to 
    produce a ladder and raise a gate.  Take the ladder down and find the 
    SAND CLOUD down here, then enter the gate and pull the other lever.  This will 
    release a bunch of Scarabs, so mow them down.
    Pull the lever in a small room nearby.  That opens the gate, but it's for 
    running under (why would it be, you have a hole to the side).  What you have to 
    do is run all the way back up the balance beam course to the beginning, then 
    wall-run across the raised gate to a SAND CLOUD.  Grab the lever here to drop 
    a ladder on the other side.  Wall-run over the exit to the other side.  This 
    area has a pressure plate to open the exit gate, but first, bust down the 
    barrels and the weak wall behind it to uncover another passage to the WATER OF 
    LIFE fountain.  Once done there, step on the plate, slide down the ladder, 
    and pass through the now open exit to a cavern.  Bash down the wall and 
    proceed further.  The Prince will talk to himself some more.
    Cross the balance beam, and bust up the items to clear the way to drop down 
    to the lower ledge.  Climb down this series of ledges and drop to the stream 
    below you.  Take out the ten or so Scarabs and grab the SAND CLOUD.  Now, 
    climb up the stone and cross the balance beam.  Drop down another series of 
    ledges to a platform.  Jump across the waterfall to another platform, then 
    cross the balance beam.  Watch out for the Bats that will swarm you.  Use 
    your sword to swat them away.
    Once on the other side, wall-run across the wall to the left.  Don't worry, 
    you'll reach the other platform safely.  Shimmy out along the ledge, swatting 
    at more Bats (who make a habit of picking the most inopportune times to bug 
    you), then go to the end of the ledge.  Push off and jump behind the 
    waterfall to the platform, then onto the next balance beam.  Cross it, then 
    wall-run over to the Vortex.
    6X. Waterfall =
    Cross the balance beam, then enter the passage and bust down the wall.  In 
    this next area are wooden platforms on the walls.  You have to wall-run 
    between each of them quickly, because they collapse.  Once you reach the 
    other side, you'll find a pool of water.   Drink from it if wounded, then 
    bust down the far wall.  There are more collapsing platforms in this next 
    area, and it ends in a ledge.  Once on it, more Bats will show up.  Deal with 
    them, then move along the ledge.  Hop up to the next one, and be ready for 
    a painful run.  Push off onto the hanging stalactite (which, naturally, 
    collapses), then immediately jump to the wooden platform, then wall-run off 
    it and leap off the wall to the next two stalactites, after which, you'll 
    hit a ledge, where you can catch your breath.
    Climb up, edge across and push off to the next stalactite.  Jump across this 
    series, and you'll end up at the next Vortex.
    6Y. A Cavern of Ladders =
    More stalactites, aren't you happy?  At the end of this run is a SAND CLOUD.  
    Next, you'll see a large bunch of wooden platforms (that DON'T collapse).  
    There are actually two ways down, but both involve wall-running into a ladder.  
    At that point, you can either go up or down.  I suggest up, as your path 
    will take you across a glowing box you can break (which unlocks a new area in 
    the GBA version of the game, IF you have it connected to your GameCube).  Take 
    wall-runs and ladders over to find a ladder descending to the bottom.  Drop 
    off and head to the far passage.
    Bust down the wall to enter a large well (you can tell by the buckets 
    hanging from ropes.  To the Prince's left is a small pile of stones that are 
    dry, and you can use those to wall-climb up to the ledge, then jump out onto 
    the nearby rope.  Turn on it, and swing towards the Vortex.
    6Z. An Underground Reservoir =
    From here, climb up on the ledges.  You now have to manuever these metal 
    supports like ledges and balance beams.  Cross to the middle of the room, 
    then over to a pillar with a broken top.  Climb up onto the pillar to reach 
    the next level of supports.  From the middle of the support, jump onto the 
    bucket across from you, then swing to the far wall.  Move along these 
    supports and you'll soon get in range of another bucket.  Jump to this 
    bucket, then turn to face camera right, and get a couple of good swings 
    before you make the leap to the next bucket.  Now, turn right and swing to 
    the orange corridor.
    Ahh, buzzsaws and choppers.  Climb up the ledge on the right and use it to 
    get to the far side, avoiding certain death.  Be sure to grab the SAND CLOUD 
    in the lower area, then leave by the upper door.
    Grab the lever in this room to open a drain and release a bunch of Bats.  
    Deal with them, then get ready to descend the pipe lined with slicers.  Keep 
    dropping, and remember you're most safe when hanging, not standing.  Down in 
    this area, push the box out to the main well, then take out the Bats 
    harrassing you.  Push the box over to the nearby SAND CLOUD, then climb up 
    and grab it.  Now, climb up the ledges here and cross to camera right, over 
    the enclosure you just left.  Make your way out on the beam and jump onto the 
    bucket.  Swing across two buckets, then turn left and you're at the last one.  
    Don't climb out just yet, though.  See that orange corridor nearby?  Swing 
    into it.  There's a SAND CLOUD that's a short wall-run away (over a chopper), 
    and wall-climbing will get you in range of some hanging pipes.  Flip across 
    them to the high platform and bust the wall down to reveal the way to the 
    WATER OF LIFE fountain again.  Now, you can go back to the bucket and climb 
    up the rope.
    It's clobberin' time.  First, seven guys, a mix of Fat Clubbers, Big Staffs, 
    and Big Swords.  After that, the same mix, only with fifteen guys.  Good 
    luck.  There's a pool just inside that door on the far end if you can get 
    to it.  After eviscerating everyone, grab the SAND CLOUD, heal up, and step 
    into the Vortex.
    6AA. Out of the Well =
    Head through past the pool and enter the next room.  Now, for a little rope 
    trick.  Hop onto the rope suspended over the spike pit.  Swing towards the 
    white switch on the wall and release to hit it, only make sure you push off 
    the instant you hit it to jump back onto the rope.  Next, turn to camera 
    left and do the same thing for the yellow button, only be quick, because the 
    drawbridge will stay down, but the gate won't stay up long, so quickly 
    swing back after you hit the yellow switch and run through.
    Grab the SAND CLOUD here, then pull the yellow handle all the way out to set 
    another trap set in motion.  Now, wait until the swinging log is on a come-
    back, then run across the white button and under the log.  The white button 
    will extend a bridge you can immediately jump to.  Land on it, then wall-run 
    up the right wall past the buzzsaw.  Jump off the wall once over solid ground 
    to avoid the spikes, then run up the stairs, and roll under the slicers to 
    reach the end, and Farah.
    As well as combat.  In a mix of Dancers, Chain Whippers, and Big Staffs, 
    you'll first face eleven enemies, then another nine afterwards.  After 
    the fight, heal up at the pool in the center of the room and hit the Vortex.
    6BB. The Sultan's Harem =
    Move through the curtains on the left wall (facing the Vortex) and break 
    down the weak wall, then the next weak wall.  In this next area, grab the 
    nearby SAND CLOUD, then grab the high lever.  This opens a gate next to the 
    Vortex, so run all the way back to it, watching Farah run by through another 
    gate as you do.  In this collapsed passage, wall-run the left side, then 
    leap across to the right and grab another SAND CLOUD.
    Break down some more walls and you'll finally meet back up with Farah, who 
    will help you deal with fifteen of the mix you've been fighting, then 
    another eight, then another four.  Phew.  There's a pool in the middle of the 
    room around the corner.  After defeating all these bad guys, you'll 
    automatically step into the Vortex.
    6CC. "What Did You Call Me?" =
    After a rather interesting development, you'll need to move the nearby statue, 
    exposing a crack for Farah to crawl through.  She'll open the nearby gate.  
    Head through and rotate the switch to open the next gate.  Head on down the 
    next hallway.  There's more combat here, in the form of Little Staffs and 
    Big Staffs.  First six, then eight, then nine, then seven.  Must we go on?
    Step into the Vortex.
    6DD. The Hall of Learning =
    Now, head back the way you came and rotate the light-reflecting mirror so it 
    faces into the library.  Now, follow the light beam and push around each 
    mirror so that it reflects the light.  You'll have to knock down a wall to 
    get all of them.  Once you light up the mark on the middle structure, it will 
    raise.  Climb as high as you can on the structure, then leap out towards the 
    gate to grab the crumbling wall.  Balance along it and jump to the far wall, 
    where there are ledges.  Wall-run over to the next platform, then push off 
    the ledge to the pole.  Flip over to the platform.  Farah will find a lever 
    which reveals another light-up symbol.
    There's a button on one of the pillars.  Run-climb up the wall to tap it, 
    which pushes out a section of wall on the bookcases.  Run up the left wall, 
    then wall-jump using that new section to reach the top.  Now, wall-run over 
    to the right to reach a new platform.  Wall-run to the right again and jump 
    off to grab a ladder.  Climb up.  At the top of this platform, you'll see 
    balance beams above you, as well as a SAND CLOUD in front of you.  Run up the 
    opposite wall and kick off to grab them.  Move and jump across carefully.  
    After that, you'll wall-run past a series of four buzzsaws.  Once you cross, 
    hack up the far wall to reveal another passage to the WATER OF LIFE fountain.  
    Don't worry about the crystal in this area.
    Wall-run back across, then across the balance beam to the middle of the room.  
    Rotate the mirror so that it points to the side opposite where you came from 
    (there are mirrors over there).  You can't go that way, though, so turn right 
    and take the remaining balance beam.  Manuever to the left post and jump off 
    the platform.  Use the wall and the poles to flip up to the top one, then 
    manuever to the far end and flip over to the other balance beam.  Climb up 
    and jump off that beam over to the side that just broke off.  Step carefully 
    to the beam over the platform and drop down.  Now, move the two mirrors so 
    that the light beam hits the crystal at the far end.  Once that happens, the 
    light will shine on the second level.
    To head down, wall-run across the nearest wall to a ledge.  Move along the 
    ledges, hop across the platforms, wall-run again, and you'll end up at the 
    second vertical mirror again.  If you haven't turned it, turn it now to the 
    far end to extend some platforms.  Jump across the platforms to Farah and 
    she'll mention she saw one more symbol.  You can use this opportunity to hop 
    down and grab that elusive SAND CLOUD on top of the lower bookshelves.  You'll 
    have to hop back up to that spot, though.
    Anyway, from the third platform that rolled out when you hit the second 
    light-up symbol, you can reach a rope.  Jump to it, swing to the next one, 
    then leap off to the ledges opposite you.  Some will crumble, but there's a 
    clear path to climb up, and then you can hop onto a ladder.  Climb up it, 
    then bash down three walls in a row.  One room has a mirror, the next a 
    lever (grab it to extend two platforms over to the highest set of mirrors) 
    and the last has a crystal.  Move the nearest mirror out of those rooms, 
    then head over the platforms you just extended.  Now, move the mirror 
    pointing the light beam to the right out of the way, and head down and take 
    the mirror pointing left and put it in its place.  Go back and put the newest 
    mirror in the light's path and line it up so it hits the crystal.  
    Now, you may head down.  Of course, that's easier said than done.  From the 
    large platform with the two mirrors, wall-run, and ledge grab all the way over 
    to the second vertical mirror (just like you went to get to the platforms the 
    second symbol), only this time, the platforms aren't there.  Simply go to the 
    edge near the poles and you'll hop over the side.  Drop down onto the 
    bookcase and you can kiss blessed terra firma.  Not only that, but head into 
    the gate you opened and you'll pick up the THIRD SWORD.  Grab the handle 
    behind it and you'll open the gate.  After all you've been through, running 
    over and rolling through a slowly dropping gate should be child's play.
    Proceed through the halls and you'll end up in combat.  Fifteen Little 
    Staffs and Big Staffs to contend with.  Once that's done, head to the next 
    6EE. Observatory =
    While you were in the Vortex, Farah found another switch.  Get on the 
    stair platform and she'll press it.  Jump across to the platform.  Take the 
    SAND CLOUD on your left, then head to the series of poles on the right.  Flip 
    up them and you'll reach a blue switch.  Rotate it to move the blue lights.  
    Make it so that the pole sticking out of the big light is lined up with the 
    opposite platform.  Swing straight across, stick to the middle column, and 
    flip to the other side.  Now, rotate the red light.  Make it so that the 
    pole lines up with the platform that is now to your right (it has a white 
    button).  Swing to the middle column, then flip to the lever.  It will spin 
    the lights into the proper alignment.  Now, flip to the button to extend two 
    platforms that go to your left.  These don't stay long, so get moving and 
    wall-run back over to the blue switch.  Don't bother touching anything; just 
    flip to the center column, and this time to the right, to the other lever.  
    It will open the gate.  To get down, just grab onto the ropes, and slide 
    down, hopping from rope to rope when you hit counterweights.  Run through 
    the gate once you reach the bottom.
    Ha ha.  Why don't you just take the crack?  Farah will take off and open the 
    far gate, leaving you to deal with Trap Land.  To your left are some spiked 
    logs and a fountain.  To the right are sword-slashers (roll under them), 
    and a swinging log across a gap.  Jump the gap after the log passes you.  
    In the next area are floor-spikes and sword-slashers.  Step across the first 
    row of spikes, then quickly step on the yellow button when you get an opening.  
    You have about ten seconds, so head through the gate.
    Another pull-handle.  Pull it out to open the gate and activate the sword-
    slashers.  Roll under them, watch the rubble, and get through the gate.  
    Farah will be behind a gate, leaving you to deal with the Big Swords that 
    cropped up.  There are five, and there's water right where you start, so use 
    it.  Once they're all history, step into the Vortex.
    6FF. Hall of Learning Courtyards =
    Climb up the ladder in one of the corners, then push off it to the nearby 
    balance beam.  Climb up, and jump across, and tango with the three Birds up 
    here.  Once they're out, jump over to the next balance beam, then to the 
    rope.  Swing on the rope to the left onto another balance beam, then hop to 
    the pole, and flip to the far platform.  Wall-run over to the balance beam on 
    the far end, then jump over to the pole.  Flip up to the upper platform and 
    take out the last two Birds.  Then, wall-run to the next balance beam, and 
    leap onto the rope.  Swing to the next rope, then leap out in the same 
    direction to the ledge.  Wall-run over to the right to reach a lower ledge.  
    Drop down from there and you'll find a rotator switch.  Spin it to let 
    Farah loose.  Now, to avoid the spikeys, flip over the right wall and inch 
    along the outside.  Flip back and enter the latest trap corridor (all the 
    while being entertained by the Prince's dirty thoughts).
    Wall-run down the left wall to the first slicer.  Might want to just leap off 
    the wall to avoid getting hit.  Roll past the next few slicers and take out 
    the Scarabs occupying the ground floor, then grab the SAND CLOUD.  Head out 
    the door to find Farah again.  
    If you have the GBA version of this game connected via the link cable, go back 
    to the room Farah was in to find the third and final glowing box.  Break it 
    open to open a new area in the GBA version.
    These next few hallways are just some simple spike jumps and Scarab killing.  
    Once you leave these halls, you'll see the Tower of Dawn not too far away.  
    Hop across the gap and take out these Little Hooks and Big Swords, about 
    fifteen in all, I think.  Hop into the Vortex after you're done.
    6GG. On the Ramparts =
    Now, before moving on, hop down the outside of the broken wall.  Down here 
    you'll find a SAND CLOUD at one end, a pool of water in the middle, and 
    another SAND CLOUD at the other end.  Climb back up and head to the gate.  
    Farah will crawl through and move on.  Hop over the left wall onto the 
    pole, then flip to the balance beam.  Climb up, edge around, then jump off 
    the other one to the other wall.  You'll move ahead, and oops, crumbling 
    floor you didn't see.  Aiiieeee!
    Now, shirtless and greased up, it's time to tackle the dungeon.  Climb down 
    the ladder, the wall-run four times around the room, each time hitting 
    switches that extend your landing ground.  You'll take a lift down to the 
    next floor and do it again four times.  On the next floor, you now have to 
    jump off the wall after you hit the switch.  Instead of hitting a last 
    switch, you'll hit a pole to take you to a ladder down to the lift.  For the 
    final floor, you have to swing off a pole to hit the platform, and do it 
    quickly.  If you work up a good rhythm, it shouldn't take too many tries.
    When finally on the ground floor, you'll immediately wish you weren't, because 
    it's fightin' time again.  Little Hooks and Big Hammers are your foes here.  
    First a wave of five, then a wave of seven, then ten.  Once they're all 
    sufficiently owned, hit the Vortex.
    6HH. A Prisoner Seeking an Escape =
    Around the far end is a SAND CLOUD and a fountain, as well as a yellow button 
    behind some debris.  Back the way you came was a small cage that will 
    substitute for a box.  Move it onto the button and continue through the gate.  
    In this corridor, hit the wall on your right to find another passage to 
    the WATER OF LIFE fountain.  Once done there, you'll need to hit the yellow 
    button near the sword-slashers to open the gate.  Run up the wall to hit it 
    just as the slashers pass, then quickly run through the gate before they 
    come back.
    Now, you're in the torture chamber.  Grab the SAND CLOUD here.  There are two 
    pull-handles here.  They each close a section of the wall-crusher.  Quickly 
    pull both of them to leave a small enough space to wall-jump up the crusher 
    and to the top.  From there, run-climb the wall and jump onto the beam behind 
    you.  When you climb up, you'll found you released some Bats, so take them 
    out.  Jump across the Balance Beam to the next one.  Here, you'll see two 
    yellow buttons on opposite walls.  Bounce of the walls to hit each of them, 
    which will close the other crusher.  Wall-jump up that one, then run-climb 
    up the wall and kick off to reach the next balance beam.  Jump up to the 
    poles, then flip up to the next balance beam.  Jump across to the large pole 
    in the middle of the room, then flip across to another SAND CLOUD.
    In this part, you have to continually, run-climb onto buttons, kick off to 
    the platforms they make, then repeat, about six times.  At the top is a 
    balance beam, which leads to a ladder.  Continue climbing up ladders, kicking 
    off, then flipping off poles onto new ladders, and you'll soon be free.
    And you'll find Farah quite busy.  This round of combat will pit you against 
    a titanic twenty-five count wave of Big Hammers and Big Swords.  Fight smart 
    and survive these odds.  Once they're all dust in the wind, head up the 
    staircase to find a fountain, then further up to where you originally fell to 
    find a SAND CLOUD.  Lastly, step into the Vortex.
    6II. "At Last We're Here!" =
    You'll regain consciousness after a somewhat disturbing vision, and act a 
    little defensive towards Farah.  Anyway, time to enter the Tower.  Your first 
    button to press is up the stairs a bit.  That will raise a block nearby.  
    Quickly run up it, and then wall-run to the left to reach a platform with 
    the next white button.  Run-climb the wall to step on it and raise another 
    block.  Climb that block and wall-run to the right to reach a platform with 
    a box.  Push the box off the platform and under the yellow button on the wall.  
    Run-climb up the wall to hit it and pass the gate.  Take the SAND CLOUD 
    right behind it.
    Crossing the bridge to the tower, you'll find several Birds don't want you to 
    enter.  Take them out and proceed in.  There's your last SAND CLOUD just as 
    you walk in, so grab it and proceed.  Hit the rather obvious weak wall ahead 
    of you to once again take the trip to the WATER OF LIFE fountain, then to the 
    main room.
    The room will lift up the tower, and you'll be set upon by its contingent of 
    bad guys.  Big Hammers, Big Swords, and Big Staffs, all looking to make you 
    pay for trespassing.  I honestly lost count on the number of these guys, but 
    my best estimate is about thirty, maybe more.  Don't forget to use your 
    Haste power to make short work of several of them.  There are fountains on 
    either side of the throne area, but those won't do you any good if Farah 
    goes down.  Remember that you can vault Big Hammers, but not the others.
    So, if you survive this mess, you'll reach the top.  There's a level near the 
    white insignia, so grab it to open up the way to a lift.  Ride the lift and 
    you'll reach the treasury.  Step into the Vortex here to have that lousy 
    vision again...
    6JJ. The Hourglass =
    Proceed up the path.  Farah will tell you to climb on top of the Hourglass.  
    To do this, jump onto the ledge above the entrance door from here, then 
    wall-run up the side of the room, from platform to platform.  At the last, 
    kick off the wall onto a pole, then flip on top of the hourglass.
    Watch the FMV cutscene.  I won't spoil what happens here, or subsequently...
    Okay, head down the ramp and the loooooong flight of stairs.  Once you reach 
    the bottom, you'll hear Farah, but you won't be able to see her.  There are 
    a bunch of exits out of there, but they all lead back to the entrance.  
    There is a trick, though.  Walk in front of each door.  In front of one of 
    them, you'll hear splashing water.  That's your cue.  Enter that door, and 
    you'll emerge from another.  Keep listening for the splashing water, and 
    you'll eventually make it through the last door to one interesting cutscene...
    After this point, you'll lose the Dagger of Time, so you'll have NO SANDS to 
    use.  Keep that in mind as you make your moves...
    Anyway, you'll come to in the tomb you first fell in, sans weaponry, but you 
    will find Farah's Medallion.  And, oh teacakes, you have bad guys bearing 
    down upon you.  Just run past them and into the next room.  You'll see 
    something on the plinth in front of you, but there's a force field blocking 
    it.  To remove this force field, you need to activate the light-up switch 
    on the opposite face.  To do this, push the mirror that reflects the beam 
    to the right in front of the main beam, then move the one that will bend it 
    back left in its path.  Adjust that mirror so that it hits one of the pillars 
    on the back wall.  Those pillars are mirrors also, and will end up pointing 
    the beam back your way.  Now, head to the other side of the room, and move 
    the mirror that will reflect the light into its path, then the last one, so 
    that the light bounces onto the light-up switch, removing the force field.  
    Step up to the plinth and take the FINAL SWORD.  Mean-looking piece of 
    weaponry isn't it?
    Now, break down the wooden door and head outside.  Wall-run towards the pole, 
    then use all the poles to flip up to the platform with all the enemies.  
    Engage them.  Liking this sword yet?  There's really no need to count, here.  
    Once all enemies are dust, step into the Vortex.
    6KK. "Farah!  Come Back!" =
    Drop down the ledge on your right.  Drop down to the ledges, then edge your 
    way over to the left.  When you can't go any further, drop down to the beam 
    below you.  Edge forward, then hop up to the bar and flip up to solid ground.  
    Break down the door in front of you for the final WATER OF LIFE passage.  
    Getting out is a bit tricky, and requires you to pull the lever above you, 
    then flip from it to a bar, then wall-jump off the trapdoor you just opened.
    Scale the ledges up the wall.  When you reach the top, you'll find a 
    fountain.  Head to the left and run-climb the wall and hop back to the beam.  
    Climb up the beam and jump over to the pole.  Shift along the pole to the 
    left edge and flip over to the beam.  From the beam, take out the attacking 
    Bats, then move to the end, and jump over to the column.  Slide down and 
    head through the door.
    Now, wall-run the left wall, then kick off and wall-jump up to the ledge.  
    From this vantage point, run up the left wall, then kick off and wall-jump to 
    the top.  From here, you'll see Farah run through a crack in the wall.  
    Take on the enemies here.  There's a fountain nearby if you need it.  Once 
    all are down, use the Vortex.
    6LL. Climbing the Tower of Dawn =
    Run-climb up the right wall, then grab the pole.  Flip up to the beam above 
    you using the wall, then shimmy along the beam.  Jump up to the ledge, then 
    move along the beam to the part that sticks out.  Jump over to the left, then 
    move along that beam to the part facing the column.  Jump to it, then to the 
    next column to your right.  Climb up that column, then kick off it in the 
    direction of the wall.  Kick off the wall and you're up.
    Run along the path, and along the ledge to your left, swatting the Bats that 
    show up.  Drop down at the end of the ledge, then climb up to the little 
    alley.  Wall-jump up it to the ledge and move along it, swatting Bats.  At 
    the end, move out onto the banner and jump to the next one.  Move along the 
    ledge all the way onto the metal part.  Drop from the metal beam to the pole 
    below you, the move along that all the way to the other end, where you 
    basically have the same stuff, just going the other way, and another flock of 
    Bats.  At the end, wall-jump up the alley on this side to reach another 
    ledge.  Edge around and climb up to the other ledge.  Kick off to the other 
    side.  Make your way around these crumbling ledges, then at the end, kick off 
    to a series of poles.  After flipping through them, edge around a broken 
    tower, then drop and grab onto that edge on the outside.  Make your way over 
    to the alley and this time wall-jump down it.
    At the bottom, step on the yellow switch.  This will open a gate and also 
    crumble the bridge.  Wall-run to get across.  Next, climb the ladders in 
    this tower, jumping from one to the next.  Watch out for the Bat swarm here.  
    Once you get to the top, you have another fight on your hands.  Once they're 
    all gone, use the fountain off to your right if you wish, and climb the rocks 
    to your left.  Hit the Vortex.
    6MM. The Setting Sun =
    Now, climb back up the rocks you just got off, and grab the column here.  
    Climb up it and jump to the poles.  Swing quickly to the next pole because 
    the first crumbles.  This creates your way up, though.  Manuever around the 
    second pole past the turn, then flip to the ledge.  Climb up it, then kick off 
    to the beam.  Step along the beam to the far end, then wall-run past two 
    platforms.  Step out onto this beam and step all the way to the ruined tower.  
    Wall-jump up the inside of this tower to the top.
    To the right is a path to a fountain.  To the left is the way forward.  Wall-
    run to the left to the next platform, then out towards the tower.  Take out 
    the Bat swarm, and then step out onto the beam.  Cross it.  Take out the 
    Bats here, too.  After that, wall-run again to the left to another platform, 
    then wall-run one more time, and kick off the wall onto the column.  Climb it, 
    then jump off onto the tower.  Climb the tower's column.  At the top, jump 
    off to grab the pole.  Flip off the pole to grab the wall.  Climb up.  
    Proceed along to the right and wall-run.  Kick off and grab the ladder.  
    Climb it, then jump off to the column.  Climb up the column, then jump off 
    to the opening.
    Watch the cutscene.
    You're now facing a whole bunch of Big Swords.  The best way to get the drop 
    on them is with Rebounding off the walls.  Now that you have the Dagger of 
    Time back, you can use it, but the sands have been emptied.  Since your sword 
    dusts enemies in one hit, you'll have to rely on your enemies to hit each 
    other, which they will.  At that point, you can use the Dagger to draw the 
    sand into it.  You won't fill your Power Tanks, but at least you'll still have 
    your Rewind power.  Once all the Big Swords are down, you'll automatically 
    enter the Vortex.
    6NN. Honor and Glory =
    Did you watch the cutscene?  Good.  Now, you have some understanding of the 
    premise of this whole "story".  Time's Ocean has brought you back to the 
    point of your failing and allowed you a second chance, but the Vizier 
    doesn't seem to like that version of the story, and wants a piece of you.  
    The Vizier's a formidable duelist, but he's not foolish.  He'll protect 
    himself behind the curtains and send a shade of himself out to fight you.  
    All you need to do is hit the Vizier repeatedly, which is easier said than 
    done, but dodging when he attacks will give you a good opening.  Since you 
    have a fully-powered Dagger, use Haste to make quick work of one of the 
    shades.  Defeat three of the Vizier's shades and he'll be vulnerable.  Strike 
    him through the curtains to knock him outside.  After that, he'll taunt you 
    some more, so finish him however you wish, and it's over!  Congratulations!  
    You prevented a catastrophic event by making sure it never happened in the 
    first place!
    7A. Sand Clouds =
    There are forty-eight of these, giving you a maximum of ten Sand Tanks.  I 
    start by marking the "stanza" that they occur in, denoted by the last Vortex 
    you passed through.
    1) "You Have Unleashed the Sands of Time"
    In the very first guest room, drop down to the floor and pick it up.
    2) "You Have Unleashed the Sands of Time"
    Just after you leave the first guest room, climb up the rubble to the right.
    3) "Had I Really Seen Her?"
    Just after the debris at the beginning of this stanza, turn right.
    4) "Had I Really Seen Her?"
    After you drop down the pile of rocks to the floor below, this is right 
    across the hole down to the next floor.
    5) "Had I Really Seen Her?"
    After beating your first bunch of Scarabs, turn left at the end of the 
    hallway.  Follow it all the way to the end.
    6) "Had I Really Seen Her?"
    In the guest room in this area, you'll find this on the second floor near 
    some Scarabs, at the bottom of a column ride.
    7) "Had I Really Seen Her?"
    In the guest room in this area, you'll find this on the top floor in the far 
    left corner after flipping up some poles.
    8) "Had I Really Seen Her?"
    In the guest room in this area, you'll find this on the ground floor.
    9) A Secret Passage
    Just after entering the passage, you'll find this after a wall-run.
    10) The Palace's Defense System
    After you first "trap corridor", you'll find the cloud in the open area where 
    you had some combat.
    11) A Booby-Trapped Courtyard
    After the first slicers you face, you'll climb a ladder and edge around a 
    ledge.  The cloud's there.
    12) "I'll Try To Find a Way In"
    On the stairs after you get the Vortex (you may get it before you get the 
    Vortex, but it's not perfectly visible).
    13) "I'll Try To Find a Way In"
    After turning a switch to open a gate, you'll drop down ledges to it and 
    combat.  The cloud is opposite the gate on the platform.
    14) Climbing the Tower
    On the bottom floor of the warehouse, on top of some crates.
    15) The Warehouse
    As soon as you enter the zoo, you'll find this just next to the stairs.
    16) Atop a Bird Cage
    On top of a rock, just before pulling a box for Farah.
    17) Cliffs and Waterfall
    After climbing trees and fighting a couple of Birds, slide down the next 
    tree to find this one.
    18) "There's Something Glowing Up There"
    Directly in the path of the switch to drain the water (you pressed three 
    switches to open the gates there).
    19) "There's Something Glowing Up There"
    Back in the first bath room, right in your path after you push a block so 
    that you can climb up a ladder.
    20) Above the Baths
    On the floor just before you run to the second sword.
    21) Above the Baths
    Once you get to the ancient basement, this will be in your path as you go 
    platform and ledge hopping.
    22) A Soldier's Mess Hall
    While you climb up the mess hall, this is a little off the beaten path, but 
    only a ledge edging away.
    23) A Soldier's Mess Hall
    Right in your path just after Farah crawls under a gate to open it for you.
    24) A Broken Bridge
    After stepping into the Vortex for this stanza, head around to the left.
    25) A Broken Bridge
    While you bounce around the tower, you'll find this in your path after jumping 
    onto a column.
    26) "I'll Meet You at the Baths"
    In the area with ruined walls that are like balance beams, this is on the 
    ground floor.
    27) "I'll Meet You at the Baths"
    In the area with ruined walls that are like balance beams, make your way 
    to the platform above and to the left of the exit door.  There's a lever here, 
    as well as the cloud.
    28) "I'll Meet You at the Baths"
    After entering underground river, this is right in the first body of water.
    29) A Cavern of Ladders
    After a whole bunch of stalactites, right in your path.
    30) An Underground Reservoir
    Once you enter the well, you'll swing on ropes and ledges and enter an orange 
    corridor.  At the end, near a window, is the cloud.
    31) An Underground Reservoir
    After getting a box into the well, push it into the ledge that has this cloud.
    32) An Underground Reservoir
    Just before climbing out of the well, swing into a nearby orange corridor.  
    The cloud's at the end of it.
    33) An Underground Reservoir
    Just after leaving the well, you'll find the cloud in the combat area.
    34) Out of the Well
    Just after performing the trick where you hit switches and bounce back onto 
    a rope.
    35) The Sultan's Harem
    Just after finding Farah, this Cloud is in your path, after breaking down two 
    walls, and before a lever.
    36) The Sultan's Harem
    Not too long after the last one, after some wall-running.
    37) The Hall of Learning
    Just as soon as you reach the third floor, right in your path.
    38) The Hall of Learning
    On top of a bookcase on the first floor, which you'll have to drop down on 
    from the second floor, near where Farah ends up.
    39) Observatory
    Just after you get raised up by the stairs platform, hop over to the platform 
    and grab the cloud to your left.
    40) Hall of Learning Courtyards
    After opening a gate for Farah, you'll descend some stairs guarded by slicers 
    and with Scarabs at the bottom.  The cloud's down here.
    41) On the Ramparts
    Just after hitting the Vortex for this stanza, drop down the outside of the 
    wall to a garden area.  Head to the left to find the cloud.
    42) On the Ramparts
    Just after hitting the Vortex for this stanza, drop down the outside of the 
    wall to a garden area.  Head to the right to find the cloud.
    43) A Prisoner Seeking an Escape
    At the bottom of the first room.
    44) A Prisoner Seeking an Escape
    In plain sight in the torture chamber.
    45) A Prisoner Seeking an Escape
    In your path above the second wall-crusher.
    46) A Prisoner Seeking an Escape
    After you escape the prison, go to the spot where you originally fell.
    47) "At Last We're Here"
    Just before entering the Tower of Dawn, right in your path.
    48) "At Last We're Here"
    Just after you enter the Tower of Dawn, in plain sight on your right.
    7B. Water of Life =
    So far, I've found TEN passages to the fountain with the Water of Life.  
    Like the Sand Clouds, I'll first mark the save file you hit before coming 
    upon this.
    1) "Had I Really Seen Her?"
    The first time you start dropping down rocks, you'll notice a hole in the 
    wall on your left.  That's the path.
    2) A Booby-Trapped Courtyard
    Soon after your very first slicer blades, you'll come upon a ladder to climb.  
    At the top, you'll find a Sand Cloud.  Behind it is a hole in the wall high 
    up.  Run up to it.
    3) Climbing the Tower
    After the long series of poles in the beginning of this stanza, wall-run past 
    the buzzsaw to the passage.
    4) Above the Baths
    Right after you get your second sword, bust down the first door, then a weak 
    wall just down the stairs.
    5) "I'll Meet You at the Baths"
    In the area with a bunch of ruined walls that make balance beams (has a few 
    Birds, too), you'll progress as normal until you reach the yellow button that 
    opens the gate out of here.  Near that button is the weak wall, behind some 
    6) An Underground Reservoir
    Just before you leave the well by climbing up the rope, there's a nearby 
    orange corridor.  Swing into it.  Climb up onto the poles then flip over to 
    the high wall, which is breakable.
    7) The Hall of Learning
    This is on the third floor, near the crystal that points light downwards.  
    Bust up the wall right behind it.
    8) A Prisoner Seeking an Escape
    Just after you exit the first big room of the prison, look for this weak 
    wall in the corridor beyond, before the sword-slashers.
    9) "At Last We're Here"
    This passage is just before the big elevator fight in the Tower of Dawn.  
    The wall should be pretty obvious.
    10) "Farah!  Come Back!"
    The final passage is below you right after you hit the Vortex.  Drop down the 
    ledge to your right, then make your way around the ledges and beam below you.  
    Flip up to the door.  Use the lever, a bar, and a wall-jump off the trapdoor 
    to leave.
    8A. Unlocking PoP1 =
    It's not that hard to explain.  Soon after you get your first new sword, 
    you'll head into an ancient basement with a lot of open space.  Near the end 
    of that run, you'll find yourself at a switch that rotates.  Rotating it 
    ninety degrees will open the gate in front of you, but you can rotate it 
    another ninety degrees.  Hit the wall it'll point at three times to knock it 
    down.  That will officially unlock PoP1.  At that point, you can continue 
    through the now-open gate and play right away (you'll be prompted to save 
    first, because you can't go back), or you could just continue on as normal 
    and access the game from the main menu.
    YOU CANNOT unlock this game in the PC version of Sands of Time.  Just a heads 
    up there.
    Also, the X-BOX version of the game is set up differently.  Knocking the wall 
    down will give you Prince of Persia 2.  Beating the game will give you this 
    game.  I'm not going to make a POP2 walkthrough, so don't even bother asking.
    8B. Menus =
    Press START or A at the title screen to bring up the Main Menu:
    Start Game: Begin the game at Level 1, 60 Minutes left on the clock.
    Enter Code: Press Up or Down to change the letter of each of the six letters 
     in the code.
    Controls: Select to view the controls in the game.
    Sound: Select to turn the sound or music on or off.
    Quit Game: Select to go to the PoP:SoT main menu.
    Press START during gameplay to pause the game and access the Pause Menu:
    Continue: Return to the game.
    Restart: Go back to the beginning of this level, losing what time you spent in 
     the last run of the level.
    Sound: Select to turn the sound or music on or off.
    Quit: Select to go back to the PoP main menu.
    8C. Controls and Moves =
    Control Pad: Left and Right move you in those direction.  Down will cause you 
     to duck.  Up will make you jump.
    A Button: Jump button, block when sword is drawn.
    B Button: Use to carefully step, hang, or stab with your sword.
    Y Button: Display the time left and your last code.
    START Button: Access the Pause Menu.
    Pressing Left or Right on the Control Pad will make you run.  This is, 
    naturally, the fastest way to travel, but also the most dangerous.  You're 
    vulnerable to traps, falling, guards, anything.
    Careful Steps
    Holding B, then pressing Left or Right on the Control Pad will make you step 
    forwards very carefully.  Use it to step past traps, or to edge close to 
    ledges to make jumps.
    Hold Down to crouch.  Press Left and Right while down to shift along the 
    floor.  This can be used when up against a closing gate to shuffle under it.
    Climbing Up or Down Ledges
    Press Up or A to jump straight up.  If under a ledge, keep holding Up or A to 
    climb all the way up.  In the same way, hold Down when facing away from a 
    ledge to climb down it.  While making the climb either up or down, hold B and 
    you'll hang from the ledge.
    Just pressing Up or A will make you jump straight up, which is only useful 
    for grabbing ledges.  
    Pressing Up or A, and then Left or Right immediately afterwards will allow you 
    to make a Standing Jump, which will allow you to cross a gap two spaces wide 
    with no problem, or hang from a gap three spaces wide.
    Getting a running start, then pressing Up or A will allow you to make a 
    Running Leap, which can cross a gap three spaces wide, or hanging from a gap 
    four spaces wide.
    Dropping and Falling
    When running off a ledge, you can safely drop a floor with no problem.  Two 
    floors will cost you a bottle of health, and three or more will kill you.  
    Dropping from a ledge lessens the impact by a floor, allowing you to drop 
    two floors without penalty, three with a bottle lost, and four will kill you.
    Once you find a sword in the first level, you'll be able to fend off your 
    enemies.  Once you find an enemy and draw level with it, stop and you'll 
    automatically draw your sword.
    You and your enemy will be within reach of each other when your sword tips 
    touch.  Press B to strike, and press A to block.  Both of you are capable of 
    blocking and counterstriking, so just keep hitting and blocking until you 
    connect.  Once your enemy goes down, you'll automatically put away your 
    Pressure Plates
    These raised tiles control the many gates in the palace.  There are basically 
    two kinds.  
    The first kind is raised off the floor and is quite obvious, and they all open 
    gates.  After about five or so seconds, the gate will start closing slowly, so 
    get through before it closes completely.
    The second kind is tougher to spot, as your only hint will be a smaller width 
    on the floor, and they close gates in an instant.
    Gates close on their own, but they can be held open.  One of the more common 
    ways to do this is to look for a falling tile above the plate, then knocking 
    it down onto the plate, which will keep constant pressure on the plate.  In 
    addition, you can use the bodies of fallen enemies on plates to hold them 
    You start the game with three life bottles of health, and you'll find 
    potions scattered about the palace to affect it.
    Life Potion: This is a small bottle with red steam drifting out of it.  Drink 
    to restore one life bottle.
    Extend Potion: This is a large gold bottle.  Drink it to restore all your 
    life and add an extra life bottle onto your total.
    Poison: This looks just like a Life Potion.  Drink it to lose one life bottle.
    8D. Enemies and Traps =
    Normal humans stationed about the palace.  Engage them with standard blocking 
    and stabbing techniques.  Once you deplete their health, they'll die.  You 
    can knock them off edges and into traps to kill them as well.  They'll start 
    with three life bottles, but will have more later on.
    Magically animated bones.  They fight just like guards, but cannot be killed 
    with normal sword stabs.  You can only knock them back.  If you can knock 
    them off the edge of a ledge into a hole, you'll get them out of your hair.
    Guard Captain
    Truthfully, this pudgy guy ain't much.  He's a slightly better fighter than 
    other guards, but that's about it.
    Created by jumping through a magic mirror, this piece of you will hound you 
    throughout the game.  At one point, he'll finally go against you sword to 
    sword.  Every time you hit him, you'll only lose one of your own life bottles, 
    so, instead, put away your sword (press Down) and run into him to be 
    He's the best swordsman in the game.  He can keep up a large combo of block-
    attack-block-attack up, so just keep up along with him and you'll eventually 
    get a stab through.  Six bottles later, he'll be a dead duck.
    Falling Tiles
    You can't pick these out just by looking.  If you run across them, they'll 
    vibrate for a second, then drop.  That's enough time to run across them.  
    Falling tiles are always thin and have no large stone below them, but not 
    all thin tiles will fall.  Jumping up and landing will jostle the falling 
    tiles in your area to identify them.
    In addition, you can knock down falling tiles that are above you.  Jump up 
    and hit the ceiling and you'll jostle all the falling tiles in that ceiling.  
    Hit the tile itself and it will drop... onto you.  Quickly run forward to 
    move out of the way of the falling tile, which will take away a life bottle 
    if it hits.
    Spike Traps
    You can see these by several holes in the floor.  If you get close, the spikes 
    will spring up.  You can carefully step through spikes, or lower yourself into 
    them from a floor above, and you can also jump over them with a running leap.  
    However, you cannot run through them, fall down onto them, or walk into them 
    while in combat or you're a pincushion.  The trap will immediately kill you.
    Slicer Traps
    These are clearly identifiable as blades in the floor and ceiling.  Standing 
    on the same level will start them up.  They will kill you if they close on 
    you.  You can get by them by using careful steps, running, or jumping.  Just 
    be sure you time it right.  If you carefully step up to it, you'll take a 
    short step just out of range, then you can step through when time allows.
    8E. Walkthrough =
    Level 1
    Well, here you are: the dungeon.  Drop down a level, then run across the 
    lower right of the room to dislodge a falling tile.  Lower yourself down 
    through the hole (don't fall through), and drop to the ground in the next 
    room.  Run to the left and climb up the wall to reach the next screen.
    Jump across the hole in this room and step on the pressure plate to open the 
    gate.  Run through.  The pressure plate on the other side opens the same gate, 
    but now you want to lower yourself to the floor below you and step on the 
    plate to your right.  This will open the gate to your left.  Hop across the 
    gap (mind the falling tile on the other side) and run through.  In this next 
    room, run across the falling tiles and drop a level and run to the next room.  
    In this room, there are two pressure plates, the obvious one, which opens the 
    gate, and one that closes the gate, which is just after the obvious falling 
    tile in the middle of the room.  Step on the first one, then run and leap over 
    the next two to get to the next room.
    Hop across the gap over the spikes in this next room and proceed to the left, 
    across the falling tiles.  In the last room, lower yourself down to the 
    lowest level and grab the SWORD.  Feels good to be armed, doesn't it?  Now, 
    climb back up and make your way back along all the screens to the very second 
    screen, the one where you dropped out of your cell.  Proceed one more screen 
    to the right, then duel with the guard.  Once he's dead, go one more screen 
    to the right.  Jump up on the high platform to the left to open the exit, then 
    walk through.
    Level 2
    Run straight to your left, then continue in the next screen across the two 
    falling tiles.  Stop and duel the guard, then continue the left.  There's a 
    falling tile above the lowest area.  You can ride it down and grab the Life 
    Potion if you need it, or just continue on, carefully stepping past the spike 
    trap.  Climb up to the higher of the two platforms, and run to the left.  
    Keep running on the next screen, then leap across the to the far ledge.  
    Climb up the ledges.
    At the top go left one screen and engage the guard, then step on the pressure 
    plate to open the gate.  Go through.  Run to the left and you'll step across 
    another pressure plate, as well as a falling tile.  You can lower yourself 
    down that hole and grab the Life Potion, or just proceed left.  Either way, 
    go left.  If you took the higher passage, drop down one level.  If you took 
    the lower passage, mind the spike trap and climb up a level.  Fight the 
    guard here, then move left one screen.
    There are two bottles here.  The right one is a Life Potion, and the left one 
    is Poison.  There's a closer plate just to the left of the gate, but you won't 
    need to go back, unless you're jonesing for potions.  Proceed to the left.
    In this next room, there's a loose tile above you that you can knock down.  
    Climb up if you need two Life Potions, otherwise make a standing jump over the 
    gap and fight the guard (don't leap or you may end up too close to him when 
    you start the fight).  Proceed to the left.
    The path branches here.  Go up one screen.  In this room, carefully step up 
    to the spike traps, climb up the ledge, and grab the EXTEND POTION.  Lower 
    yourself back down so the spikes don't kill you, then lower one screen back 
    to the junction.  Go left this time.
    In this next room, either jump over or carefully step past the spike trap, 
    then continue.  Jump across the gap, then climb up.  The path branches here 
    again.  You can go up, then right, where you'll face another guard, but who 
    wants that?  Instead, go left.  It seems like a dead end, but jump up to knock 
    down a loose tile.  Climb up one screen.  In this next room, get some running 
    room, then leap across to the left and hit the pressure plate to open the 
    exit.  Jump back across (a standing jump will leave you safely hanging on the 
    other side), then run to the right one screen.  Run into the exit.
    Level 3
    Run one screen to the right.  Climb up the left side of the room, hop across 
    the gap, then get lined up with the ledges on the right, and start climbing up 
    one screen.  Climb up to the top of this next screen.  Turn to the right, then 
    make a standing jump off the screen to the right and you'll find another 
    platform.  Make standing jumps to the next two platforms.  The second 
    platform is the pressure plate you need, but ignore it for now and keep 
    jumping to the right to the next screen.  
    In the ceiling above you is a breakable tile to knock down.  Climb up the 
    hole and run to the right one screen.  Keep running, and you'll be timed 
    properly to jump past the slicers, then climb up and grab the EXTEND POTION.  
    Head back down out of this secret area.
    Now, hop back to the pressure plate, then make standing jumps back to the 
    longer platform.  Make a running leap off that one to the left.  Keep running 
    to the left, leaping across gaps, then at the end of a falling tile jump and 
    you'll grab the gate.  Pull yourself up.  Grab the Life Potion in this next 
    room if you need it.  Run to the left.  This is a CHECKPOINT.
    Keep running and you'll pass a falling tile and drop one floor.  Climb up the 
    left side to grab the pressure plate to open the nearby gate.  Pass through 
    into the next room.  In this room, carefully move past the slicer, then drop 
    down the ledges below you (just running off them will be fine) and drop into 
    the next room.  At the right end, step on the pressure plate to open the exit 
    below you.  Retrace your steps back up to the slicer, and use the pressure 
    plate to the left of it to open the gate.  Run back to the room on the right.
    You'll find that the bag of bones you passed isn't too happy about you 
    leaving, and will attack.  Remember, you can't kill Skeletons, only knock 
    them back.  Keep knocking this one off the ledge, then climb all the way down 
    where he fell off and engage him again.  Push him to the left onto the falling 
    tile and he'll drop down and out of your hair forever.  Leap across the gap, 
    then run to the left and head through the exit.
    You'll be treated to a cutscene of the Princess in repose.  Enchanting.
    Level 4
    The plate to your right opens the gate to your left.  Head through.  Drop off 
    the platform at the end to hit the plate to open the door to your left.  Head 
    through.  Step on the plate in this next room to open the next gate.  Jump 
    over the closer plate (just before the thin tiles) and head through.  Run 
    across the whole platform in this next section, including the two falling 
    tiles, which will land on plates down below to hold open gates.  Head 
    through the gate on the left.  Carefully avoid the slicer and take the 
    Head back three rooms to the right, avoiding the holes you created.  Climb 
    down the lowest platform to reach a new room.  Head to the right.  Drop down 
    and take the Life Potion if you need it, otherwise continue on.  In the next 
    room is another Life Potion.  Step past the slicer here and engage the guard.  
    Continue on.
    Climb up the ledge in the next room.  Jump across to the right and move to 
    the next room.  Watch out for spikes in the room and head on.  Engage the 
    guard here.  Note the exit door right next to you.  The plate is elsewhere.  
    Head to the right.  The Life Potion is uncovered by a falling plate you'll 
    run over.  Keep moving right.  Climb up to the higher level and go on.  In the 
    next room, drop down to the level with the slicer and step past it.  Hit the 
    pressure plate, then retrace your steps.  You may be mildly surprised to find 
    a mirror right in your path that wasn't there before.  Get a running start and 
    leap through it.  You may feel as if you've left something behind.  I'm sure 
    THAT won't come back to haunt you.  Continue back to the left and take the 
    exit out of the level.
    Level 5
    Hit the nearby pressure plate to open the gate to your right.  Head through.  
    Climb up and take out the guard, then climb up to the right.  In the next 
    room, leave to the right, stepping on the plate that raises the gate in the 
    next room.  Head through.  Now, drop down and head through the gate.  Climb 
    up and step past the two slicers, then continue across the plates and up 
    toward the potion.  Before you can get there, someone else will decide he 
    wants it.  Hate him, yet?  Continue back to the left, then go left another 
    Hang down and drop off the right side of this hole, to lower yourself to a 
    floor below.  Take the Life Potion if you need it.  Jump across to the left, 
    then defeat the guard in the next screen.  Drop down onto the plate and pass 
    through the gate.  Defeat the guard, the proceed further to the left, jumping 
    across the gap.  Cross the falling tile, then defeat the guard, and continue 
    further to the left, stepping on the plate you were fighting over to raise the 
    gate.  Jump across the gap and head through, then step on the plate to open 
    the exit.
    Level 6
    A pretty short level.  Hit the plate to your right, then go back left.  
    Proceed along several paths to the left, avoiding spikes and gaps, then cross 
    a falling tile and you'll face off against the Politician.  He's basically a 
    slightly better guard.  Take him out and continue on to the next room.  Cross 
    the gap and head to the next room, which is a pit.  You'll see Mr. Mirror.  
    Leap across to him and he'll close the gate in front of you, so you'll fall 
    to the next level (jerk)...
    Level 7
    Immediately hold B to grab the nearby ledge.  Pull yourself up.  Jump across 
    to the right, then move to the next room.  Kill the guard and pass through 
    the slicer.  Jump over the thin tiles in the next room so they don't drop on 
    the closer switch, then move on.
    In this dead end, jump up to loosen a falling tile.  Climb up the hole it 
    makes, then pass through the slicer.  Face off against the next guard.  Keep 
    going right after defeating the guard and drop down a floor (grab the Life 
    Potion if you want it).  Head to the right, stepping on the plate to open the 
    gate ahead of you.  Pass through, then step on the next plate and make a 
    running leap over the closing panel and the spikes beyond.  Once past that, 
    drop down to the next ledge.  Head through the first gate, then jump over the 
    closer switch, and head through the second gate, and leap over the gap.  
    Step on the plate here to open the gate.  Head through.
    Climb up onto the higher platform and take the hit from the guard.  He'll 
    jump down and the two of you can fight on equal ground.  Take him out, then 
    climb up onto the higher platform.  Run to the left, across the falling tiles, 
    then drop down to the lower path.  Drop down again and step past the slicers.  
    Continue on to the next room.  Open the gate, then leap across the closer 
    switch so that the next gate doesn't close on you.  Continue along the passage 
    to the end, where's there a potion with green vapor.  That's the Floater 
    Potion.  Drink it and float down to the ground.  The plate to the left opens 
    the gate, and the plate beyond it opens the exit.  You can go to the exit, 
    or continue to the right for an EXTEND POTION.  
    If you try to make the run for the potion, you may have to continue along the 
    path down here and retrace your steps back up to higher ground.  If that 
    happens, go all the way to the right until you find a pit at the right edge, 
    then jump across and climb up, and you're back to familiar territory, but 
    with no Floater, so just lower yourself down from the ledge (you'll survive).
    Anyway, once you're done, head to the exit to see a cutscene with the 
    Princess chatting with her new friend.  She's craaaaazy...
    Level 8
    To the right is Poison, so don't drink it.  Climb up and go to the left.  
    Defeat the guard, then step on the plate.  Jump across at the edge and grab 
    the ledge.  Pull yourself up and head to the next room.  There's a Life 
    Potion below you.  Jump across to the left, then lower yourself down a screen.  
    Proceed right past the slicer, then the two spikes, then the closed exit, then 
    two more spikes.  Keep going past a room with a hole above you, then a room 
    with a guard above you, then some more spikes, then a guard (kill him), then 
    some more spikes and a Life Potion above, then another hole, then you'll 
    finally reach the end.  Leap across and climb up the three tiles, then 
    jump back across.  You can continue climbing up for a Life Potion, otherwise 
    move left one screen CAREFULLY.
    There's a guard just as you cross here, and you'll probably take a hit from 
    him, but fight him anyway.  The plate here opens three gates ahead of you.  
    Get a running start, and leap across to the first gate, then keep running and 
    you'll pass two slicers.  Keep running past the second one and get ready for 
    a gap to jump over just before the third gate.  Once through, stop and take a 
    You can jump the right ledge and grab the Life Potion, then head back down 
    and get a running start to cross the gap (and the falling tile).  In the 
    next room, step past the slicer and take down the guard, then back up past 
    the slicer and hit the plate to open the gate.  If you're quick, you may be 
    able to open the gate and take down the guard before it closes.  You have to 
    jump past the gate, though, because there's a closing plate right before it.
    In the next room, jump across the gap from the plate and proceed.  Step past 
    the two slicers, then you'll find the plate to open the exit.  Carefully step 
    back to the right so the slicers don't kill you, then continue on.
    Oh yeah, the gate that close behind us...
    Wait he for several seconds.  Awwww!  How cute!  Mighty Mouse will slide in 
    and give you a hand, so drop down the ledge, and make your way back to the 
    left (mind the spikes) and head to the exit.
    And now a mouse-petting cutscene, and back to the action...
    Level 9
    Run left, step on the plate, then move past the slicer and through the gate, 
    watching out for the closing plate right in front of it.  Climb up in the next 
    room.  Jump to the right, then keep moving to the right past the (closed) 
    exit.  Step past the slicer and defeat the guard in the next room, then climb 
    up the ledges, taking the Life Potion if needed.  At the top, you can climb 
    up and run across the platform, dropping tiles behind you.  Take out the 
    guard in the next room, then jump across to the plate at the far right 
    Now, jump back, then run and jump all the way back to the gate on your left.  
    Make one final jump through the gate so you don't hit the closing plate, and 
    you'll reach the next room.
    Hop across and climb down to the next room.  Head left, then run across the 
    falling tile so that it drops on the plate below.  Head back right, then 
    climb up to the top.
    At the top.  Hop across the gap to the pressure plate, then back through the 
    gate.  Defeat the guard on the bridge in the next room (after passing the 
    falling tile), then move on.  In the next room, jump across the gap, then 
    climb up to the top.  Proceed to the left.  Take a running leap across the gap 
    and you'll grab the plate to open the gate.  Drop down and run on through.  
    Cross the gap in the next room, hop up the ledge, then pound the tiles above 
    you to knock them down.  The potion here is supposed to be a screen-flipper, 
    but I guess they couldn't pull it off in emulation, so it does nothing.  
    Anyway, head left and grab the EXTEND POTION, then head back and drop down the 
    ledges.  Drop down a screen, then keep lowering yourself another screen.
    Down here, step past the slicer to hit the plate for the gate on your left.  
    Quickly get through the gate and hit the other plate for the gate on the 
    right.  Get out quick, because if it closes on you, you're trapped forever.  
    Step past the slicer in the next room, then continue on and face the guard.  
    Once he's down, head right some more.  You'll find a plate on this ledge, 
    which will open the exit below.  Lower yourself down to it and leave.
    Level 10
    Drop down to the left, then head right and hit the plate to open the two lower 
    gates.  Head through the right one, and keep running over the falling tile.  
    Engage the guard.  Once he's down, continue on, over anotjher falling tile, 
    then another plate to open the gate.  Now, you have to get up above, but the 
    guard's in a very bad location to climb up to.  Here's what you do.
    Head right a screen and hit the plate to open the gate.  Climb up and 
    immediately start running, then quickly leap over the two closing plates.  If 
    you do it properly fast enough, you'll miss the slicers.  Once through and in 
    the next room, climb up to the top, but don't bother with the guard.  Instead, 
    face left, go out as close to the ledge as you can, and jump up to hit the 
    loose tile.  Climb up the new hole, then run all the way to the left, 
    ignoring all the falling tiles.  At the end, you'll drop a safe distance 
    away from that badly-placed guard and can fight him on your terms.  Once he's 
    down, head back left.
    Hit the two pressure plates to open gates to your left.  Keep moving left on 
    this level.  Eventually, you'll hit a guard.  Once you defeat him, there's 
    seems to be no way to open the gate, but hit the loose tile on the far left 
    (right next to the gate), and you'll reveal the way to the plate just above.  
    Once it's open, continue left.  Hit the plate up here to open the exit, then 
    drop down and fight the guard.  Once he's dead, exit.
    Level 11
    First thing to note is that, for the first few rooms, almost the ENTIRE 
    ceiling is loose tile.  Climb up and run to the right.  Leap over the gap.  
    Now, see those two pillars that act as background?  They also hold up a solid 
    tile.  Knock down the tile to the right of that, and climb up.  Now, run all 
    the way to the left and you'll fall down onto the EXTEND POTION you saw just 
    a few seconds ago.  Now, make your way back to the right, and go another 
    room to the right.
    Now, you'll see a slicer, and a guard.  Ignore both.  Knock down the tile to 
    the left of the slicer and climb up, and run across all the way to the right.  
    What you did is drop tiles on a whole bunch of closing plates, allowing you 
    to lower yourself down, hit the plate on the far left, and run through the 
    gate with impunity.  Once through, keep running to go through a second gate, 
    then to the next room.
    Climb up, quickly cross the two falling tiles, then stop so you can pull your 
    sword out quickly to fight the guard.  Once he's dead, get a running start 
    and make a leap of faith over to the right.  Regardless of the crap that 
    ensues next, keep holding B.  Once the commotion dies down, climb up and 
    proceed to the right.  Climb up and fight the guard.  Continue to the right to 
    find the plate that opens the exit.  Head back to the left and exit.
    Level 12
    Head a screen to the right, then climb up on the right side of the tower in 
    the next room.  Climb up to the top level with the spike trap.  Step onto the 
    spike trap, then before you leave the tile with the spikes, run to the left 
    over the falling tiles.  Make a leap at the end, then climb up a screen to 
    the middle level, then run to the wall, turn around, and take a running leap 
    across the gap, then keep running and make two more leaps.
    You're now in a room with a (non-moving) skeleton.  Climb up and knock the 
    tile loose above you, and climb up.  Go to the left and jump across the gap.  
    Climb up and run left, leaping across the gap at the end.  Climb up past the 
    gate, then hit the plate up here.  Hey, a sword that you can't reach!
    Climb back down and go through the gate, and then turn around and get a 
    running start and leap off to the right.  Keep running right until you reach 
    the end of the floor, then climb up.  Above you are loose plates.  Knock down 
    the one furthest to the right that you can reach, then climb up to the right, 
    then step three tiles to the right (the last one is a faller).  Turn left, 
    and leap across the gap and keep running all the way to the wall.
    Climb up, and cross the first two thin tiles, which are the only ones that 
    fall, then stop and be ready to face the reason that the sword disappeared.  
    Yes, you Mr. Mirror wants a piece of you.  Don't hit yourself.  Just put away 
    your sword (press Down) and he'll do the same.  Run into him and BOOM, you're 
    back together.  
    Run to the left and keep running, even over the hole, where tiles will just 
    appear, thanks to your reflection being with you.  Hop over the hole at the 
    end, then head to the next room.  Wait for all the tiles to fall, then keep 
    running to the left.  Wait for the next bunch of tiles to fall, then go to the 
    left.  Climb up the ledges to find the exit.  It's not open, though.  Jump 
    over the gap to the right, then run to the next screen.
    Oh look.  Jaffar wants a piece of you.  Run across the first thin tile, which 
    falls, then fight.  Jaffar fights better than everyone else, so be sure to 
    continually block-attack-block-attack until you get him.  He's hardly perfect, 
    so keep up the attacks and he'll fall.  Head back to the left.  Hop across the 
    gaps and you'll find the exit open.  Head through.
    Now, just hit the plate to the right, then run all the way to the left, 
    opening gates as you go, and soon you'll be in the arms of the Princess, with 
    the mouse comin' by to watch you two make out.  Hooray!
    8F. Passwords =
    Here are some passwords to use in the Codes section.  They should leave you 
    in pretty good shape to finish the game from there.
    Level 2: GWSNRC (58 Minutes Left, 3 Bottles)
    Level 3: TGBQVC (54 Minutes Left, 4 Bottles)
    Level 4: GRJSZC (50 Minutes Left, 5 Bottles)
    Level 5: XNDQED (47 Minutes Left, 6 Bottles)
    Level 6: ITMUBD (43 Minutes Left, 6 Bottles)
    Level 7: FJELBD (42 Minutes Left, 6 Bottles)
    Level 8: OHBSED (37 Minutes Left, 7 Bottles)
    Level 9: ZMKWBD (33 Minutes Left, 7 Bottles)
    Level 10: MXSYFD (29 Minutes Left, 8 Bottles)
    Level 11: XCCDDD (25 Minutes Left, 8 Bottles)
    Level 12: SLHWID (23 Minutes Left, 9 Bottles)
    Here's how to unlock the first level of Prince of Persia, constructed using 
    the Sands of Time engine:
    Go to "Start A New Game" on the Main Menu.  The camera will go to the Prince 
    out on the balcony.  Don't enter the curtains.  Instead, plug a second 
    controller into Slot #4.  Hold down B on that fourth controller.  Now, enter 
    the following button sequence into the first controller: 
    A, B, Y, X, Y, A, B, X
    If you entered this code at a reasonable pace (doesn't have to be super-fast), 
    you'll go to the Dagger loading screen and will enter the level.
    This level is set up almost exactly like the very first Prince of Persia 1 
    level.  If you want to know how to get around, just go to the POP1 
    walkthrough, but it's pretty simple.  There are several differences to the 
    level, however:
    1. The most obvious one: The control scheme is still Sands-of-Time-style.  You 
     can run up walls, etc.
    2. The second-most obvious one: You have a small amount of 3D movement.  This 
     isn't particularly useful to know, but the fact exists.
    3. Spikes are of the SOT variety, carefully walk, or you'll get poked.
    4. The sword is on a plinth, instead of on the ground, and you do the same 
     old sword-getting animation from SOT.
    5. There are no potions, and no way to restore any health lost.
    6. There is no guard near the "end" of the level, and as such, the sword is 
     more or less useless...
    7. I use "end" in quotations, because you cannot actually beat the level.  You 
     can open the exit gate, but going through it just takes you to a room.  This 
     room contains a large picture of the game developers on the back wall, as 
     well as several cases of "POP" (a joke on the name of the game), and several 
     stands of Penguin caffeinated mints.
    8. After getting the sword, I climbed up the left side of the room, and once 
     I reached the next screen, I saw a flash of light in the upper-left corner.  
     I've tried to climb or jump through the wall, but to no avail.  If anyone 
     figures out what the deal is with that, lemme know...
    10. GLITCHES
    As I've said, this game is fantastic, but it's not perfect.  There are 
    occasions where you can do things that the team wasn't planning and can ruin 
    your game.  I've run into (and have been told about) a few glitches that can 
    really mess the fun you'll have.
    The bottom line for all these glitches is simply to save in alternating slots, 
    as the solution is generally not to simply restore a save, but to restore an 
    OLDER save...
    However, these ARE rare occurences, mind you, so don't go through expecting to 
    be tripped up by glitches every few hours...
    Issue: The game froze and I hear a high buzzing sound.
    Explanation: This can happen in a few places, and mostly stems from 
     overloading stuff like the sprite count.  This can happen in other games, 
    Solution: Turn the Power off and on.  Restore a save.
    Issue: Farah won't move or say anything.  I need her to do something!
    Explanation: Don't really know why, but it could be her code messing up from 
     doing something she shouldn't...
    Solution: Whack her a few times.  She'll get ticked and fire an arrow at you, 
     but will be reset and will do whatever she was supposed to do.
    Issue: The stairway in the observatory will not raise at all.  She says she's 
     stepping on the switch, but nothing's happening.
    Explanation: This actually tends to be rather common.  I think it's largely 
     due to the lousy placement of the Sand Vortex nearby.  I think if you save in 
     the Vortex after Farah gets into position, or if you restart the game after 
     saving there, you'll mess it up.
    Solution: Just don't use that Vortex at all, to be safe.  If it's already 
     happened, load an earlier save.
    Issue: I've reloaded a game in the Mess Hall, but there's no Farah.  If I 
     reach a part where she's supposed to talk, I get a Game Over...
    Explanation: I really have none for this, just lousy programming, is all I can 
     think of.
    Solution: Load an earlier save.
    Issue: I've reached the last Vortex, but the final cutscene and fight 
     doesn't happen...
    Explanation: You ended the fight against all the Big Swords while standing 
     in the Vortex.
    Solution: If you saved there, loading will get you to the final fight, without 
     the cutscene.  If you didn't save there, load an earlier save.
    11A. Legal =
    This FAQ was made 100% by me, and is Copyright © 2003 Scott "CyricZ" 
    Zdankiewicz.  You may not take it in whole or in part and claim it as your 
    own.  You may not alter it in any way, even if you ask me first, and that 
    includes putting it in HTML format.  Please don’t post this on your site 
    unless you have express consent by me.  I’ve put a lot of time into this.  
    Give me some credit...
    Currently, the following sites have permission to post my FAQ:
    I'm not going to allow people with small personal sites to post this FAQ.  
    They may post the link on GameFAQs with all the Prince of Persia guides, but, 
    trying to keep updates, well, updated, I'll only allow large committed sites 
    that I trust.
    11B. E-mail Guidelines =
    If you wish to e-mail me, be sure to follow these guidelines...
    - Make ABSOLUTELY sure I haven't already answered your question in the guide.
    - Make sure it has something to do with Prince of Persia.  I don't want spam, 
    chain letters, offers for friendship.  Compliment me on the FAQ all you want, 
    - Make sure you say Prince of Persia, specifically Sands of Time at one point 
    in your e-mail.  I have more than one Prince of Persia FAQ, and asking a 
    generic question such as "How do I beat the last level?" doesn't tell me much.
    - Spell correctly and use proper grammar, please.  If I can't understand 
    your e-mail, it'll go to the junk pile...
    11C. Credits =
    CJayC, Al Amaloo, and IGN for having this on their sites.
    UbiSoft for reviving this fantastic series, and giving it a worthy addition.
    Konstantin Riabitsev, for finding the tenth Water of Life passage.
    Thanks to Jason Merill for a lot of good information.
    11D. Version Updates =
    Version 0.8 - 10/24/03 - Walkthrough and most everything else is complete.  
     I'm missing two Sand Clouds, I think.  Once I find those, I'll work on the 
     PoP1 walkthrough.
    Version 0.9 - 10/28/03 - Turns out I found them already, just didn't document 
     them.  Haven't found any new Water of Life passages, so I'll assume we're all 
     good for those.
    Version 1.0 - 10/30/03 - Prince of Persia 1 section is complete.  Tenth 
     Water of Life passage input.
    Version 1.1 - 12/30/03 - EGM just reported how to access the secret 3D POP1 
     level, so it's up.
    Version 1.2 - 1/11/04 - Added some info on the GBA-GCN connectivity.  I may 
     get the GBA version, so I MAY get more detailed info on what actually 
     happens with those glowing boxes...
    11E. The Final Word =
    I'll say it again, this is what sequels are all about; updating to match the 
    technology of the day, while still keeping to the traditions.  Bravo.

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