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    FAQ/Walkthrough by Dune Tiger

    Version: 1.3 | Updated: 02/08/04 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

    ***Version 1.3***
    Last Updated 02.08.04
                            ,,,,,                  ,,,,
                     `";@##########;,       `";@#########;,
                       `###       `@3;   ,    `###      `@3;
                        ;#@       ;@3`   ,;    ;#@      ;@3`
                        ;##     ,,;"`   ;;`    ;##    ,,;"`
                        ;##  ``"""   ,; `;,    ;## ``"""
                        ;##        ,;`   `;@,  ;##
                        ;#@       ;#;     ;##  ;#@
                        ;@;       `##,   ,@;`  ;#@;,
                       ,#;`         `""""``   ` "`";;,
                     ``""                            `""`
                     # P R I N C E     O F     P E R S I A #
                     #          THE SANDS OF TIME          #
    This document ©2003 Brendon Yu.
    Unpublished work ©2003 Brendon Yu.
    Prince of Persia® created by Jordan Mechner
    Sands of Time ©2003 Ubisoft Entertainment
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    Table of Contents
    i. Version History
    ii. Introduction
    1.0 Movement
         1.1 Movement
         1.2 Like a Monkey
         1.3 Rebound Jumping
         1.4 Wall Jumping
         1.5 Hang Jumping
         1.6 Pole Jumping
         1.7 Swinging
         1.8 Balancing
         1.9 Hanging for Health
         1.10 Tuck and Roll
    2.0 Combat
         2.1 Basic Combat
         2.2 Combos
         2.3 Vaulting/VAULTGRAB
         2.4 Wall Vaulting
         2.5 Wall Launching
         2.6 Blocking
         2.7 Countering
         2.8 Dagger Power - Rewind
         2.9 Dagger Power - Freeze
         2.10 Dagger Power - Haste
         2.11 Dagger Power - Slow
    3.0 Interface
         3.1 Your Life Bar
         3.2 Sand Tanks
         3.3 Power Tanks
         3.4 Farah's Bow
    4.0 Miscellany
         4.1 Sand Clouds
         4.2 Sand Columns
         4.3 The Hub
         4.4 Switches
         4.5 Fountains
         4.6 Sound
    5.0 Hints and Tips
    6.0 The Walkthrough
      6.i How to Use This Section
         6.1 Introduction
         6.2 The Maharajah's Treasure Vaults
         6.3 The Sands of Time Unleashed
         6.4 Had I Really Seen Her?
         6.5 A Secret Passage
         6.6 The Palace's Defense System
         6.7 A Booby-Trapped Courtyard
         6.8 Death of a Sand King
         6.9 I'll Try to Find A Way In
         6.10 The Warehouse
         6.11 The Sultan's Zoo
         6.12 Atop a Birdcage
         6.13 Cliffs and Waterfall
         6.14 The Baths
         6.15 There's Something Glowing Up There
         6.16 Above the Baths
         6.17 A Long Buried Secret
         6.18 Daybreak
         6.19 A Soldiers' Mess Hall
         6.20 The Drawbridge
         6.21 A Broken Bridge
         6.22 I'll Meet You at the Baths
         6.23 Waterfall
         6.24 A Cavern of Ladders
         6.25 An Underground Resevoir
         6.26 Out of the Well
         6.27 The Sultan's Harem
         6.27 What Did You Call Me?
         6.28 The Hall of Learning
         6.29 Observatory
         6.30 Hall of Learning Courtyards
         6.31 On the Ramparts
         6.32 A Prisoner Seeking Escape
         6.33 At Last We're Here
         6.33b THE ELEVATOR FIGHT
         6.34 The Hourglass
         6.35 The Tomb
         6.36 Farah, Come Back!
         6.37 Climbing the Tower of Dawn
         6.38 The Setting Sun
         6.39 Honor and Glory
    7.0 Secrets
         7.1 Unlock the original Prince of Persia (XBOX)
         7.2 Unlock Prince of Persia 2 (XBOX)
         7.3 Unlock Prince of Persia 3D
         7.4 Unlock the 3D remake of a POP level
    8.0 FAQs
         8.1 Why did you write this FAQ?
         8.2 Which is the better version of POP:SoT?
         8.3 When/Where do I get a new sword?
         8.4 I keep dying in this fight against you-know-who!
         8.5 These Blue guys keep pushing me off when I vault over them!
         8.6 What on earth is the third sword for?
    9.0 Disclaimer
    10.0 Contact Information
    11.0 Stuff
    i. Version History
    1.0               Initial release.  I said I'd never release an incomplete
                      guide and I'm sticking to it.
    1.1               Small updates to FAQ and secrets section.
    1.2               Added a new Movement technique (Tuck and Roll), a new
                      Combat technique (VAULTGRAB) and a NEW HUB LOCATION.
                      To find it easily, input "STINKY BRITCHES" into your search
                      and it'll put you in the right spot.
    ii. Introduction
    It's time to kick off another guide by yours truly, Dune Tiger.  *bow* Pleased
    to meet you.  The last guide I wrote was for Hitman (the first one) and it
    seemed to be received pretty well.  A little TOO well, you-know-who-you-are-
    you-imitator.  *ahem*  Sorry.
    When the boys and girls at UbiSoft announced this new POP, I was a bit
    skeptical at first.  I mean, honestly, POP3D was garbage and everyone knows it.
    So with such a horrible tarnish on the name bla bla bla bla bla.  Does anyone
    even read these things?  Really, anyone reading this part is way too polite
    to skip it, and knowing gamers, nobody's reading this.  So I'll use this
    space to send vital communique.
    Eagle 1, package has landed on time.  Make pick up and deliver to HQ.  Eagle 2,
    observe and defend as necessary.  Accquire package with Eagle 1 and return to
    base.  Upon return, eliminate Eagle 1.  Repeat, eliminate Eagle 1.  They shall
    rue the day!
    (That was so stolen from Letterman)
    1.0 Movement
    I'll assume that you've all bought yourself a legitimate copy to support those
    people up in Montreal, so I'm not going to regurgitate the manual word for
    word.  Let it be known, however, that any button references are notated
    strictly for the XBOX.  If you're playing other versions of this game, please
    make the necessary adjustments.  I'm sure you'll do fine.
    1.1 Movement
    God, where to start?  The Prince is one agile lad, and you're going to have
    to master quite a few things to get him around.  Fortunately, it's all very
    intuitive (to me, at least), so let's just start on what the boy can do.
    Basic movement is done normally with the stick.  Run around in circles for as
    long as you need to until you feel comfortable.
    A is for jumping, X is for sword, Y is for dagger, B is for playing nice.
    Got it?  Good.  If you're lost, hit Start to get to the menu and check out
    the controller layout in the options menu.  It's really easy to get used to,
    and soon enough, it'll be second nature to you.
    1.2 Like a Monkey
    A is for jumping.  Remember this, you're going to have to do a lot of it.  It's
    also your all-purpose button, but more on that later.
    The Prince is an extremely agile man, as you will find out over the course of
    the game.  He can climb almost everything in the game and he really loves to
    be airborne.  Whether or not this is a fetish or simply a matter of the
    circumstances isn't my call, but suffice to say that you'll spent a great
    percentage of the game up in the air, and you'll have to know when and where
    to do it.
    But moreover, you'll also have to know how.
    1.3 Rebound Jumping
    Probably the hardest thing to get down pat in this game is rebound jumping.  By
    this, I mean leaping from wall to wall.  Luckily for you, there's a great
    introduction to the game that serves as a mega tutorial on the game mechanics.
    Rebound jumping is basically running up a narrow 'chimney' and then rebounding
    upwards from wall to wall with perfectly timed jumps.  In the course of playing
    the game, the timing will come down pat, but there's always a stutter once in
    a while that may mess you up.  As a rule of thumb, as soon as you hear the boy
    land, hit A and he should take another bound.  In some cases, you may not be
    running up a wall at all, but the same rule applies.
    Most if not all 'chimneys' will end in a ledge, so just keep jumping until the
    Prince lands somewhere.  Otherwise, the fall can be fatal.
    1.4 Wall Jumping
    Pull on your right trigger to run up a wall.  There are two ways to run on a
    wall: up and along.  In either case, hitting your jump button will cause the
    Prince to leap perpendicularly away from the wall.  This is something you will
    have to do SEVERAL times during the game.  The introduction will give you a
    very good example of this.
    1.5 Hang Jumping
    This is similar to wall jumping, only you're stationary like, say, on a ledge
    or a railing.  Just aim the stick away from the edge and you'll fly off on
    a perpendicular trajectory.  You'll need to do this almost as often as
    anything else.
    1.6 Pole Jumping
    Poles and whatever else you can climb and spin around are easy to recognize,
    and if you see a string of them all lined up in a row, you can be sure that
    you'll probably have to go jumping around on 'em.
    There are two ways to leap off a pole, but again, you'll always leap in the
    direction behind you.  One is to simply adjust your position and jump.  The
    quick and dirty way is to aim at the next pole/ledge and jump; the Prince will
    quickly shimmy to that direction and leap off.  A time saver, to be sure, but
    be careful: sometimes the game isn't so good at recognizing the direction of
    quick jumps.
    1.7 Swinging
    Hang onto the R trigger to swing from whatever's swingable.  Horizontal bars,
    ropes, etc.  At the apex of the swing, hit A to jump off to the next thing, if
    it exists.  It's not unlikely you'll jump into nothing and die, but that's the
    fun of the game.
    On horizontal bars, you don't have to stop to change your direction.  When the
    Prince is vertical, tap the stick and he'll spin around to swing the other way.
    There aren't any crucial places where this is necessary, but it'll save you
    a little bit of time.  The same with ropes.  Simply tap the stick while
    swinging and you'll change direction.
    1.8 Balancing
    Balancing on beams appears midway through the game, but nevertheless, after
    that point, expect to be doing it often.  Sometimes, however, you can't manage
    the camera well enough to simply point upwards.
    The easiest thing to do while balancing on beams is to pay attention to the
    Prince's arms.  When he starts to tip one way, slide the stick on over to the
    opposite direction and he shouldn't have a problem.
    Luckily, if you do lose your balance, the Prince will grab the ledge and you
    can pull yourself back up.  The great thing about this game is that the
    designers don't WANT you to break your controller in half, so don't worry too
    much about losing your balance... until there's a time limit, that is.
    1.9 Hanging for Health
    One thing that's easy to do in this game is to run off an edge, land and hurt
    yourself, if not die.  To ease the pain, every edge can be walked up to and
    you can lower yourself by pressing B.  It's also a very good way to check if
    you're missing a ledge you can't see.
    Once you're hanging, you can either hit B to drop down, or A to climb back up,
    where possible.
    Another thing you can do while hanging, which may not be so intuitive given
    other games' mechanics, you can shimmy to another ledge that's pointing in
    another direction.  Trust me, you'll have to do this at some point or another,
    so just make sure you know you can.
    That about covers it for now.  Everything else can be learned via the tutorial
    pop-ups during the introduction and early stages of the game.  If you're new
    to POP:SoT, make sure those suckers are on.  They help.  So whenever I off-
    handedly mention a technique that isn't quite clear, check here for the
    1.10 Tuck and Roll
    Ah, one of those little nuances of the game that you accidentally discover,
    but can actually be one of the only ways to save your life.  *cough*  My
    apologies for not including it in previous versions.
    In any case, you'll notice that the Prince takes a hit of damage if he lands
    a non-fatal fall that's slightly Too High(tm).  And unfortunately, some parts
    of the game are purposely Too High(tm) for No Apparent Reason(tm).
    The meat 'n' bones (up for trademark grabs) of this maneuver is simply to
    roll into your fall.  That is to say, if you're Too High(tm), don't drop, but
    instead try swinging so that you'll fall in a direction.
    Simply hold the stick in the direction you're falling and if the fall isn't
    Terribly High(tm), the Prince should land and immediately roll out of the
    fall, sustaining a very nice zero damage.
    2.0 Combat
    Outside of the introduction stages, every enemy you meet is a zombie.  Sure,
    they call it a Sand Creature, but it's a Persian Zombie.  You knock 'em down,
    they keep coming back.
    But fortunately, by the time you meet 'em, you have the Dagger of Time, and
    really, that's the whole point of the game.  If you're not up to that, then
    go home... er... someone else's home.
    2.1 Basic Combat
    Ah, basic combat.  What can you say about basic combat?  It's very much like
    a new girlfriend.  It's fun for a while, but sometimes you just wish it were
    over.  Okay, that's unfair... some combat systems are better than girlfriends.
    In any case, combat in POP is easy as mashing on a button.  But for those of
    you who actually want to survive your fights, mashing on a button may not be
    the best course of action.
    X will serve as your sword button.  Your sword is used to wear your enemies
    down, but unfortunately, it won't dispatch them with the great fury of your
    fallen ancestors.  Fortunately, the Dagger will.
    Once your enemies are prone on the ground, they can be absorbed into your
    trusty sidekick, the Dagger of Time, by aiming at the body and pressing Y.
    By doing this, you'll gain a tank's worth of sand, and the body will disappear.
    How will you know when all those warping Sand Creatures are gone?  A short
    scene of the Prince putting away his weapons will let you know that it's safe
    to think again.
    2.2 Combos
    It is very, very unlikely that you'll ever be in a one-on-one situation.  I
    mean, these guys respawn like nothing else, and running away means they'll only
    teleport to your location and smash you with something large and heavy.
    And here is the reason why you don't mash on the buttons: with each press of
    the attack button, you can combo and hit everyone with some good timing.
    Mashing on X will more than likely result in you working on just one guy while
    the guy next to you is winding up for a hit.
    Be sure to hit as many guys as you can as it can interrupt wind-ups and also
    give you an opening to flip away to safety.  For example, if you've just laid
    someone out on their back, ready for a dagger strike, but a big ol' brute is
    hovering over him, give the guy who's up a hit or two to stop him from whatever
    his simple mind is urging him to do and then free yourself up for the dagger
    2.3 Vaulting
    A really fun thing to do in POP is to vault over your enemies and hit 'em
    while you're flying over their heads.  Not only is this really cool looking,
    but it also serves to put enemies on their back in a very short amount of time.
    Plus, it gets you out of the way of three hammers coming down on you at once.
    Simply aim at an enemy and hit the jump button.  You don't even have to be
    facing them (which is a cooler animation, imo) to do it.  And while you're up
    in the air, hit your attack button twice.  Most of the time, this will knock
    them down for a dagger strike.
    WARNING: Enemies in blue, and ONLY blue (browns and reds are safe) will NOT let
    you vault over them.  You can try, but they'll put you on your back and you'll
    feel none the better for it.  I mean, it's a huge blow to the ego, being put
    on your back by a zombie.  Shame on you.  There are, however, better and
    quicker ways to take down Blues.
    Ooh, neat trick, neat trick!  I dub it the VAULTGRAB.  Sounds cool, doesn't
    it?  Anyways, the trick above is A, X, X, which will knock someone down to
    the ground when successfully done.  Usually, this can be accomplished by
    mashing on buttons until it works.
    However, instead of A, X, X... try A, X, Y.  This is the Vaultgrab.  If you
    are successful with the maneuver, the Prince will vault as usual, do his
    strike in the air, BUT instead of knocking the sucker down for the count, he
    will whip out the dagger and collect the baddie before there's even a chance
    for gravity to take effect.  It's a really neat trick and a big time saver.
    Give it a try.
    (To be fair, someone mentioned this to me before, but I can't remember who,
     but at the time I wasn't able to give it a shot and re-discovered it myself.
     Thanks, whoever you were.)
    2.4 Wall Vaulting
    Wall vaulting is one way you can get over a Blue, but it's not always
    successful, like everything else.  But again, it's a good chance to get away
    if you can do it.
    Aim at a nearby wall, bridge, block (anything above your midriff) and hit A
    twice.  The Prince will plant himself on the wall and use it to do a big high
    jump over an enemy, which you can then strike down in the air.
    2.5 Wall Launching
    The more effective attack of the two wall strikes you can do is Wall Launching
    (and yes, I'm using my own terms here).  Very much like wall vaulting, simply
    move toward a wall, but instead hit jump and attack (A+X) at the same time.
    The Prince will rocket himself off the wall in a GORE tackle that 80% of the
    time will knock down any enemy, including Blues.
    If this attack hits, the enemy is instantly on the ground.  Do this enough
    during combat and you can cut down the fight time by half.
    2.6 Blocking
    Yes, you can block, and most of the time, you can block anything coming your
    way.  And some of the time, it's the only thing you can do to prevent yourself
    from being laid out onto the ground.
    Simply hold the R trigger to block.
    Something they won't tell you is that if you DO get put onto your back, you
    can still block while you're on the ground.  It's easy to get pounded on while
    you're trying to get back up, so hold onto the trigger for as long as it takes
    to get an opening to bounce back up.
    2.7 Countering
    After you block, you can counter attack.  The timing here is swift, but it's
    not really all that necessary to learn this as it's not paramount to survival,
    BUT, the best I can describe it is to simply hit X immediately after you block
    a blow.  It doesn't always work, and it's really iffy, but it's there if you
    can master it.  The counter is usually a kick which you can follow up with
    more sword strikes.  Just be sure to let go of R when you're following up.
    2.8 Dagger Power - Rewind
    This isn't a combat-only power, and in fact, you'll probably be using it a lot
    over the course of the game, but here's as good a place as any other to talk
    about it.
    There's a little dial in the corner that shows how much time you can rewind by.
    Hold L to rewind time up to ten seconds (the entire dial).  This can undo even
    death, so learn it.  It will actually become second-nature to you once you're
    aware of it.
    But one caveat: each rewind takes one full tank of sand.  No sand, no rewind.
    However, seeing as combat is where you'll use it the most, it's a simple matter
    of retreiving sand from a fallen enemy as it will fill one Sand Tank.
    2.9 Dagger Power - Freeze
    Once you get a Power Tank up and running, you can freeze your enemies in time.
    It's really more like putting them into slow motion land than anything else,
    but this is the only way to dispatch an enemy with your sword.
    Attack with your dagger to freeze an enemy.  He'll turn a sandy color to let
    you know that he's not a threat anymore.  You can move onto other enemies if
    you want to save him for collecting sand, or you can hit him twice with your
    sword to get rid of him.  One will put him up in the air, the next one will
    split him in half.  You get no sand, but he won't be coming back.
    2.10 Dagger Power - Haste
    This power requires all your power tanks to be created and filled (one for each
    Sand Tank).  A word to the wise, though: save it for when you really need it.
    Pulling on both triggers will activate this power.  Time will speed up and all
    you have to do is MASH on X and wiggle the stick around to the next enemy.  For
    about ten seconds or so, you'll be flashing from one enemy to the next, taking
    them out in one hit.  It's a real time saver if you know there's a cloud near
    for after the battle, but it can also prove a very useful tool when dealing
    with Blues.
    2.11 Dagger Power - Slow
    This slows everything down including you, but it gives you more time to think.
    Simply tap L (holding it rewinds, you know) and everything will slow down.
    Doing this isn't necessary at any point in time, but sometimes you need it
    so you don't have to think so hectically on the fly.  It consumes one Power
    3.0 Interface
    Learn the layout of your screen.  There's quite a bit of information being
    presented to you and you ought to know what it is.
    3.1 Your Life Bar
    The bar going across the top of your screen is your life bar.  It's pretty
    short, so you have to keep an eye on it, especially when you meet stronger
    enemies than the puny welps you start off with.  Fortunately, you can extend
    this bar by finding rooms that lead to the Hub (I have no idea what you call
    it), a weird place filled with bridges and populated by a single fountain.
    Oh yeah, you can replenish your life bar by heading to a source of water and
    holding the R trigger.  Hold it for as long as needed.
    3.2 Sand Tanks
    Your Dagger will probably be the only dagger you ever see that has its own
    balls.  And they're easily distinguishable due to the size of its balls.
    When your balls are empty, you'll have to refill them.  And you'll want to,
    because remember, your balls are your source of power.  *sigh*
    Joking aside, the large balls on the left side of the screen are your Sand
    Tanks.  Each Sand Tank is one chance to rewind time.  Keep this in mind if
    you're trying something you're not quite sure is going to work, otherwise
    you're going to have to start again from a retry point.
    You can gain extra Sand Tanks by collecting a number Sand Clouds.
    3.3 Power Tanks
    Power Tanks represent all of the other dagger powers.  For each Sand Tank you
    have, you can create a Power Tank.  Each time you retrieve sand from any
    source, a portion of a Power Tank is created and/or filled.  It will appear as
    a tiny crescent moon next to your Sand Tanks.  When they're filled, they're 
    Each Power Tank represents once chance to freeze an enemy, or if they're all
    filled, the ONLY chance to cast Haste and deal out some massive destruction.
    This is why you might want to collect sand from enemies instead of freezing
    them, as each time you retrieve, you build part of a Power Tank.  If, however,
    you have them all created (one for each Sand Tank), feel free to freeze/haste
    3.4 Farah's Bow
    Over the course of the game, you'll catch up with one Princess Farah Something-
    or-Other.  Regardless, she's paramount to your survival, and thus, if she
    ever gets caught up in combat with you, you'll have to make sure she stays
    The Bow only appears if Farah's being hit.  As she loses health, the Bow loses
    color.  When the Bow is black, it's game over for you.  Keep her alive, or it's
    game over.  Nuff said.
    4.0 Miscellany
    4.1 Sand Clouds
    If ever you're running around and you hear a soft humming, it means a sand
    cloud is near.  These are those glowing white puffs you find every now and
    again, and you should hunt them out and grab them at every chance you get,
    regardless of how much sand you have.
    After 5 or 6 (?) Sand Clouds, a new Sand Tank will be created.  You can see it
    building as a clear circle underneath your main Sand Tanks.  Remember, with
    each Sand Tank is another chance to take back time and another chance to build
    another Power Tanks.
    The other bonus to picking up Sand Clouds is that it fills EVERYTHING.  When
    you grab one, all your sand tanks and power tanks are filled.  So if you know
    you're going to be picking one up after a battle, feel free to waste your
    resources in order to survive.
    4.2 Sand Columns
    The other hunk of glowing sand is a Sand Column.  These things will allow you
    to save your game, but moreover, will give you a good glimpse at what you must
    accomplish for the upcoming puzzle.  They also serve as a plot device, so pay
    4.3 The Hub
    I guess you'd be better off calling this the Cavern of Dreams or something, but
    I'll call it the Hub.  At certain points throughout the game, you'll have an
    opportunity to enter the Hub.  The way there isn't always obvious, but you'll
    learn to recognize when you're on your way to it as there's a tell-tale chime
    and a familliar hallway each time.
    In any case, you'd best go hunting for paths to the Hub when you can as this is
    your one and only chance to extend your life bar past its measly beginnings.
    Just follow the bridges to the fountain and the game will do the rest for you.
    4.4 Switches
    Now it's pretty obvious what switches are for.  The game even makes a point of
    cutting away to show you exactly what that switch you're absent-mindedly
    pressing is doing.  There are, however, differences in switches.
    Now I don't think this is 100% always true, but a rule of thumb is that if
    the switch is White, it's permanent.  If a switch is orange, it's a main
    objective and sometimes time based.  If a switch is yellow, it's either time
    based or pressure sensitive.  Just try to remember this when figuring out your
    4.5 Fountains
    Fountains are life.  Hold R to replenish your life bar if you're running low on
    it.  Try not to worry about keeping it high when you're fighting.  Just
    concentrate on surviving, and don't waste Sand Tanks unless you're taking a
    series of hits.  After EVERY battle, there is water to be found, so simply
    survive and you'll do fine.
    4.6 Sound
    Sound is your second best tool (the first being your own head).  A lot of this
    game has excellent sound design, from voice cues, to ambient effects.
    Moreover, sound plays an important role in giving you clues as to what's about,
    what's coming, or where to go.  Make sure you play this game with your volume
    turned up, and if you can play in 5.1, even better.
    5.0 Hints and Tips
    This is seriously a game I urge you to experience for yourself.  It's very
    much a mix of Ico and a mix of Soul Reaver.  Much of the time, you're required
    to think your way out of a situation rather than beat your way out of it, and
    that's just one of the many appeals of the game.  This guide is meant more to
    be like a security blanket than a hand to hold.  Trust me, you'll feel much
    more satisfied if you complete it yourself.
    That said, if you're up to the task, keep these things in mind:
       - If you're stuck, take a look around in first person view and see what's
       - If you see something you want, but can't get to it, there's probably a
         reason you can't.  Move along and an opportunity will most likely present
         itself in due time.
       - Combat can be a pain, but keep in mind that A+X off the wall knocks every
         creature down if it hits.  Keep at it, and don't worry about how much life
         you have left after the fact.  In every case, there's always water nearby
         after a fight.
       - When in doubt, take note of the camera angle.  Most of the time, the
         camera will adjust itself to show you where to go or what to do next.
       - Pay attention to your sixth sense.  Those glimpses into the future aren't
         just for show.  They're a really good way to see what you have to do.
       - If you think you're about due for a life bar extention, you're probably
         right.  Take the time to look around and see if the Hub can be reached
         from where you are.
       - This game doesn't need to be rushed through.  There are no bonuses for a
         quick completion, so take your time when you can and figure out what needs
         to be done.  Remember that the Prince has a gaggle of tricks up his sleeve
         and all you need is a little time to figure out which one will work best
         for the situation.
       - Dying isn't so bad.  There's no penalty for retrying, so don't worry about
         it.  You can rest assured that you won't have to re-tread too much.
    6.0 The Walkthrough
    6.i How to Use This Section
    I've divided up the walkthrough by save point, outside of the introduction
    or what not.  If the titles seem to be after-the-fact, that's because of the
    naming convention that the game uses.  After I save, I quit and find out what
    they titled the section.  So if it's after-the-fact, blame Ubi, not me.
    6.1 Introduction
    Enter the curtain to begin the tale.
    Start by running off to the right, climbing up the blocks.
    When all else fails, follow the tutorial pop-ups.  Shame on you if you turned
    them off.  What are you doing reading this if you have them off, you're so
    good?  Pfft.
    When you reach your first guard (in fact, all of the guards in this intro),
    simply vault over him and knock him down.  He's as good as dead.  Keep moving
    along.  It's all very linear.  Up the ladder, bla bla bla.
    Remember this scene after you've cut everyone down: The Prince puts his toys
    away.  This means that there are no more enemies to fight.  Here it's not so
    much a relief as it is an annoyance, but trust me, you'll love it sooner or
    After that, your first chance at getting water appears in the form of a...
    what the hell is a pool of water doing in here anyway?  Whatever.  If you've
    lost any life, now's the time to replenish it.  Stand in the water and hit R.
    Continue on and drop down from the wall.  Kill everyone and cackle maniacally.
    Even if you don't, I will.  Bwahahahaha.  I feel better.
    Run through the next hall to a wooden bridge which will get subsequently blown
    away before you reach it.  Run along the wall to get across by holding R while
    running... along... the wall.  Listen, once you do it, it makes more sense.
    Remember to let go before you overshoot and fall.
    On that note, if you die anywhere in the introduction, simply retry.  It'll
    get easier, I promise.
    Up the ladder and to the left please, thank you.  Get water if you need it.
    Looks like another fight, this time with even MORE guys *gasp*.  Trust me, this
    is the easy part.  Again, just vault over them if you can and knock 'em all
    down.  Or, I suppose, you could use this opportunity to practice comboing. It's
    up to you.  It's also a good time to practice countering, if you wish.
    Continue forward toward the wall and pull yourself up (A).  Tap B to drop down
    and shimmy on under the head, climb back up and jump to the next, drop when 
    needed, etc.  The fun hasn't begun yet, but here's your first clue that you
    can move around corners without letting go.
    When you get to the end, tap B and you'll eventually drop into the hole.
    Dispatch the guards here.  See the fountain?  Use it if you need it.  You'll
    find that there's always a source of water nearby after a fight.  Have I said
    that enough yet?
    Now here's where you might get stuck.  There's only one pole you can climb from
    the ground.  Stand near it and press A.  Move on up and aim yourself at the
    pole off to the right.  Then leap to the one far away (you can make it).  Up
    all the way, and then leap off to the left.  Welcome to Monkeyland.
    Here's your first unofficial save point, so go ahead and save if you wish.
    6.2 The Maharajah's Treasure Vaults
    Run along the left wall over the pit.  You should know how to do this by now.
    Turn the corner and stick under the chains.  Here's your first Wall Jump.
    Run along the wall to your right and when you're directly across from the
    ledge, leap off.  You should make it.  If not, retry and retry.  This is
    something that should become second nature to you, so learn to love it.
    Again, run on the wall to your right into the little alcove.  Here's Wall Jump
    type 2.  Face the wall on your right and run directly up it.  Before the Prince
    flips off, jump and he should catch the ledge.
    Ooh, your first PanAround.  There's lots of 'em.  Wall run to the nearest
    platform.  Do it again, but since there's no platform to land on, you gotta
    jump to the one jutting out.  Easy, right?
    Run into the little space between the walls and if you so wish, blind yourself
    by peeking through the hole in first person view.  Told you so.  Anyways,
    run up the left wall and catch the ledge.  Pull yourself up.  Wall Run yet
    again to the next platform.  One more and you're out.
    Avoid spiky poles.  I love that.  Drop down and avoid them spiky poles.  Those
    messages don't pop up for fun, you know.  Oh, and in case you skipped the
    above on controls, etc., walk up to the edge and press B to hang down.  Tap
    B a few times more and you'll be on the ground safe and sound.
    Past the poles, wall run left and just hold it.  You'll grab a ledge on the
    opposite wall which you should climb onto.  Shimmy down until the camera shifts
    and you'll be able to gauge the jump to the next ledge.  Just edge the stick
    toward it, and jump.  Simple, no?  Do the same when you get to the end of
    this one and some more Spiky Poles(tm) should pop out.  Avoid them.
    Wall Run the left wall and at the very last moment, leap off to the ledge
    across the way.  Shimmy onto safety.
    This part is pretty straightfoward.  Drop down and move along to your left.
    If you're not taking the right path, the ledge will crumble away before you
    reach it.  You'll find this happens a lot in the game as a guide, so pay
    attention.  It's easy to get around this.  Climb and drop as needed.  At the
    end, you'll need to leap onto a pole.  Aim the stick toward and jump.  Cake.
    Here you can practice quick jumping, or you can carefuly rotate toward the
    next pole and jump.  Keep going til you reach the center one, then slide all
    the way down to the ground.  Hit B to let go, by the way.  There's a fountain 
    here if you need one.
    Up the wall.  You'll need to run up the wall (from now on, Upwall) to get onto
    the statue.  Upwall again and jump to the next hand.  Upwall again and to the
    head.  Here's where we learn how to rebound jump.
    Upwall and jump.  When you land, jump again before you lose footing.  Keep this
    up and you'll scale the 'chimney'.  Now you can pick up the wonderous thing
    that started all this mess.  Wall Run out to the right (left wall).  Keep it
    up after the floor crumbles.  Oops, the floor is crumbling again; jump before
    you land in the Hell of Spikes.  Wall Jump to safety.  Ah.
    It's those spiky poles again!  Run past 'em.  There's a wall of them coming.
    As soon as they bound away from you, follow and choose an alcove to run into.
    When they go past, keep moving and you'll come to a ledge with more spiky
    poles.  Avoid them and climb back up to safety.  Once you pass the doorway,
    the fun begins.  This is where the real adventure starts.
    6.3 The Sands of Time Unleashed
    Here's your first battle with Sand Creatures.  Since they're weaker ones, you
    can vault over them.  As soon as they're down, you can hit Y to collect them
    up into your dagger.  Keep vaulting as you will, and collect everyone up.
    You're done when you see a cut scene.
    Here's your first glimpse into the future.  Most of them are glimpses into
    puzzle solutions, so best pay attention.  These sand columns are your only
    way to save a game.  They are frequent in appearance (usually after a battle)
    so don't worry about being forced through long sittings.
    In any case, after you've saved (or not), head toward the door the Princess
    ran to.  One of the gates fell off, so simply walk around to the right and go
    through.  If you need it, however, there's water at the end of the reception
    Head left up the stairs and follow the princess.  The ceiling will collapse
    after her, but there's a door on the right behind the curtain.  Head on in.
    Pay attention to these PanArounds as they'll give you a good idea of what needs
    to be done.  Don't say the developers didn't try to help you out.
    Wall run over the gap in the stairs.  By now you should see a Sand Cloud.  Your
    first.  Use the dagger (Y) to pick it up.  It's the start to a new sand tank,
    so be sure to pick these up.
    If you're facing the bed, run over to the left corner of the wall by the
    dresser.  Climb up the dresser and get to the bar.  Turn yourself around and
    hold R to start swinging (you can also turn around at the apex of your swing).
    Jump to get to the next bar and jump again to get to the ledge.  Pull yourself
    up and shimmy to the platform.  Wall Run to the next platform.  Wall Jump to
    the bar (run and jump) and then swing to safety.  Or you can run to the
    opposite corner and start from the lower bar and achieve the same thing.
    Through the doorway, you should hear another Sand Cloud.  It's up above on top
    of the rubble on your right.  Climb up and get it.
    Look, it's the princess again.  Oh look, the ceiling conveniently collapsed
    AGAIN.  Turn to the left and jump up onto the bar.  Swing across.  I think you
    can figure that much out.  At the second-to-last bar, you'll have to stop
    swinging and shimmy over to your left.  I'm sure you figured that out, too.
    And look!  A fountain!  Continue down the hallway and ignore the rubble.  If
    you don't hear a sand cloud, there isn't one there. :P  Another PanAround,
    another room to solve.  Yay.
    Wall Run to the bar and swing across.  The doorway is blocked (duh) so move
    to your left.  Run to the next bar and drop down.  I hear a Sand Cloud.  But
    you can't get it yet, so drop down.  Oh, and when you reach the ground, be
    prepared to fight.  Don't worry, I'll wait here for you.  By the end of this
    battle, you should have a new Power Tank.  Yay.  You can now use the dagger
    to freeze enemies.  This can be useful when fighting Blues.
    Again, go to the left corner.  Upwall and jump to the bar.  Here's some clever
    bit of acrobatics:  Face the wall, swing, and jump off.  When you hit the wall,
    jump again and you should rebound to the next bar.  Remember this whenever you
    see two bars above each other.  Turn around, swing to the ledge and through
    the hole to your next save point.
    6.4 Had I Really Seen Her?
    There's a fountain in this hall.  See?  What'd I tell you.  Down the hall
    and through the wreckage.  Turn right and find that Sand Cloud you heard in
    the other room.  Turn around and head to the wall.  You can climb the ledge,
    jump off to the bar, shimmy and swing in.  Or you can Upwall, bar, swing in.
    Go into that very inviting hole.  This is your first trip to the Hub.  Run
    across the bridges to the fountain in the center.  Magic life.
    Drop down into the pit and wall run over the gap to grab a Sand Cloud.  You're
    now on the correct side to drop into the gap, so please do so and stop wasting
    time.  Sheesh.
    Follow the hall and you'll be treated to a cutscene.  But OHMYGOD BEETLES!
    Or are they scarabs?  Whatever.  Kill them.  They're harmless, really.  When
    the swords are away, the beetles/scarabs are gone.  There's water on that
    platform in the room if you need it.  Oh, and now's a good time to notice that
    the Princess can fit into the smallest of cracks.  Is it also a good time to
    mention that the Prince has some really nifty hair?  No?  Okay, then.
    Down the hall, but hang a left.  You'll get a nice Sand Cloud.  At this point
    in time, it's easier to see the growing Sand Tank on the left.  This is why
    we go out of our way to get Sand Clouds, class.  Go back the way you came.
    Really.  Go.  There's nothing here.  I mean it.
    Hmm.. that wasn't so far a trip.  Note the sand clouds in the room.  Jump
    across and pull yourself up.  Hang a right out the doorway.  Marvel at the
    sheer beauty of the game.  It's okay to cry if you want to... er... not that
    I did, or anything.  *flex*
    Hm, that floor looks crackly.  I wonder if it will crumble.  OH!  I was right.
    Boo.  Just Wall Run across and head back into the room.  Climb up the
    marvellously clever pole and off to the right.  Follow the poles along til you
    see the two equally clever cracks in the wall that look like ledges.  Jump
    to them and drop on down.  You're going to have to Wall Run here, but when
    you cross the shadow of the pole, jump and wouldn't you know it, you're
    grasping yet another pole.  Slide on down to the ground and bring out your
    swords.  It's beetle crushing time.  And if you think these things are stupid,
    just wait for the joy that are Sand Bats.  But I digress.  Fight on, Prince.
    I shouldn't have to say it.  I really shouldn't.  But get the sand cloud.
    Sometimes your dependancy makes me sick.  Really.  Kidding.
    Go near the only wall you can run on next to the broken slab... because,
    hey, you're going to run on it.  Again, when you hit the shadow, jump to the
    pole.  I should also mention that when you're Wall Jumping, it's not necessary
    to aim your jump.  In any case, jump on over to the next pole, to the platform
    and up the corner.  You'll have to Upwall to get up the taller slab.
    Ignore the bar and Upwall to your right so you can jump off to the little
    insert of the slab.  Pick up the sand cloud.  Mmm, sandy goodness...
    You can either climb up the poles and jump, or you can simply Wall Run to the
    next familliar, but different platform.  Walk to the left edge and hit B to
    drop down.  Shimmy over into the crack on the wall and you can now drop down
    to safety.  Oh yeah, there's more beetles waiting for you.
    When you're done, there's only one way to go: Wall Run to the bars and swing
    across to even more of those pesky beetles.  Kill Volkswagen!  Bad joke, I'm
    sorry.  And yes, I KNOW they're scarabs, but YOU'RE the one arguing with a
    text file, so who's being silly?  *cough*
    Moving on... Line yourself up with the pole and hop over the balcony.  No press
    of a button needed, just push up against it and the Prince will hop over.  Hang
    Jump to the pole.  And it should be noted that unlike Wall Jumping, when Hang
    Jumping, you must aim your jump (not accurately, just away from the balcony).
    Slide on down and take note of the fountain.  It's time to clobber some
    zombies!  YEAH!  There aren't any Blues here either, so simply vault and
    collect.  Try not to freeze anyone as you're still building Power Tanks, but
    if you do, it's not a big deal.  By the time you get through with this game,
    you'll have plenty of Power Tanks you didn't consciously build.
    Drink up if you need to.  Turn around.  To the right of the bed is a sand cloud
    that needs gobbling up.  On the opposite side is a save point.  Get the cloud
    and save your game if you like.  Either way, you should at least watch the
    6.5 A Secret Passage
    Face the wall nearest the sand column (save point) and follow it right.  There
    is a dresser there.  Run up to it and hold R to move it out of the way.  Look,
    a 'secret' door.  It's not really so secret as it leads to the rest of the
    castle, but whatever.  Down the stairs, please.
    Oops.  Ran out of stairs.  Walljump the left wall and you should be on the
    ledge opposite the stairs.  And how nice, a sand cloud.  Hit the pressure
    switch and go on through to the next room.  Remember your vision?  Crap falls
    onto the bridge, so move to its right and Walljump when you get to the other
    A box and a pressure switch.  What to do?  What to do?  Do what you know must
    be done: drag the box onto the switch and go through the door.
    This is the only puzzle I hate in this game.  It seems really pointless other
    than as a very elaborate plot device, but I'll forgive UbiSoft this time.
    First is your first timer switch on the right.  Hold R and drag it back.  This
    extends a bridge that retracts, so be sure to run on it and leap off into the
    center platform.  Now begins the torture that is a Soul Reaver-like puzzle.
    You can figure this out yourself if you like, but if not, I'm gonna tell you
    exactly how to do this.
               1. Grab the first axel by stepping on the switch.
               2. Spin the platform clockwise.
               3. Move the platform up once.
               4. Spin CCW three times.
               5. Move the platform as far down once and grab the axel.
               6. Move up one.
               7. Clockwise Twice.
               8. Up twice and grab the axel.
               9. Clockwise once.
               10. Down once and grab the axel.
               11. Up once.
               12. CCW once.
               13. Up for the last time.
    Congratulations, you've just completed the only puzzle like this in the game.
    Wasn't it fun?  Run across the bridge and up the ladder to the left.  Stand
    on the symbol and jump.
    Congratulations, you've just supplied power to all the trap systems installed
    in this odd palace.  Way to go, champ.  Way to go.  And your friend is now
    a sand creature.  Drop down from the ladder and he and a buddy will come after
    you.  Vault and collect as usual.  Er.. press B to let go of the bar, by the
    way.  At least the door's open now.  Save your game.
    6.6 The Palace's Defense System
    Up the stairs please.  Avoid the spiky holes and pay attention to the ground.
    Those perforated plates aren't there for show.  If you move too fast on them,
    spikes will jut out and stab you.  Fortunately, it's not always fatal, but
    better to just walk over them slowly.
    Move on to your first major timer switch.  They suck, to be sure, but there's
    usually more than enough time to get through them.  Most of the time, you just
    have to hit A to roll under the closing door.
    Avoid the poles and Wall Run to the ledge beyond.  Climb up and shimmy along
    until you can jump to the next one.  Avoid -that- blade by hanging down (B)
    and shimmying along.  Then jump away to the ledge.
    Again, Wall Run to the ledge opposite and move along.  This time there's no
    blade on the right hand side, so jump over when you can and move along that one
    for as long as possible.  Then when you're clear, jump back to the other side,
    move down, drop off, and through the door.  Bring out your swords, baby, it's
    another fight.
    Here's where you learn how to Wall Vault and Wall Launch.  It's not necessary
    to use either of these yet, but you might as well get the practice in.  When
    you're done, a save point waits for you.  Opposite the save point is some
    water, if you need it.
    6.7 A Booby-Trapped Courtyard
    There's a switch on the wall.  Find it.  
    Don't hit it yet.  Instead, hang a left and climb the rubble to get a sand
    cloud.  Ah, refreshing.
    Go back to the switch and stand underneath.  Upwall it and then hoof it back to
    the platform.  The switch is timed, so if you're not quick enough (you don't
    have to be THAT quick), you'll have to hit the switch again.  Upwall the
    center piece, and then jump up onto the bar.  Swing to the wall of the gazebo
    or whatever it is and then jump to the ledge ahead.
    A new trap has been uncovered and it's easy to get around.  You can roll under
    the passing blade, or you can simply run around the other side.  Either way,
    Walljump to the next platform.  More traps, this time with Spiky Poles (good
    for lawn ornaments!).  It really doesn't matter if you get hit here, but try
    not to.  Stand on the floor marking and jump to the bar.  The door, as they
    say, is open.
    Look at all those spiky floor tiles (great for the walk!).  Climb up onto the
    rubble and Walljump to the ladder.  That wasn't so tough now was it?  Oops,
    you're on the wrong side.  Stop climbing and hit left or right.  All better.
    Up you go.
    Wallrun to the next platform.  You can now hear a Sand Cloud (which you may
    have heard earlier).  Hang from the ledge and shimmy on over to get it (or
    jump, see if I care).
    Now here's something of note.  Usually when you can see two ways to go
    somewhere, that usually means one of them leads to a Hub.  That hole in the
    corner by the Sand Cloud leads to the Hub, so let's go there and get our life
    extention.  First, climb up onto the little slab in the corner.  I prefer
    Upwalling to get to the ledge, but you can direct jump it, too... I think.
    Move on into the hole, drop down, and grab from the fountain of life.
    Now that you're back out, Wall Run to the bar ahead of you and swing across.
    When you get to the ledge in the corner, change your angle and jump backwards
    onto the platform.
    How nice.  A blade pops out.  Wall Run as it's making its way up and you can
    get by unscathed.  But it's not a Wall Run, it's a Wall Jump.  After you pass
    the blade, jump off, then Upwall to the ledge above.  Shimmy on over and jump
    to the bar, but before you swing off, remember to turn around and swing to that
    big grey ledge.  Another Wall Run past this blade and a Wall Jump past the
    next and you're home free... sort of.
    Run past the door and Wall Run yet again to get the switch.  Wall Run back to
    get to back to the door.  *sigh*
    Another Timer Switch.  Pull it and let the fun begin.  Wallrun as the left
    blade goes down and go past the spinner.  Upwall the switch on the left, but
    jump before you flip off.  You'll land on a jutting platform that pops out and
    you can now climb up.  When the camera changes, shimmy a little downward and
    then jump across.  Climb up the ledges and change angles when you can.  Jump
    to the platform and get ready for some more Wall Running.  It's easier just
    to Wall Run over the left blade as you should clear it no problem, so do that.
    Dive under the door and get ready for your first real challenging fight.  This
    is the first time you ever have to fight Blues, and by that, I mean soldiers
    garbed in Blue.  I suppose you could say they belong to the Prince's former
    army rather than the Sultan's former army, so they're much stronger than any
    other creature you've met.  You cannot vault over them unless they are hunched
    over, in which case it's pointless to vault anyway.  They will knock you down
    if you try to do so.  Instead, concentrate on taking out the reds first, and
    then deal with the Blues and your father later.
    For dealing with Blues, the best tactic is to combo them and give yourself
    some space, then move to some of the pillars or a wall in the room.  Use the
    Wall Launch (A+X) to knock them down.  Sometimes they will block, but most
    of the time you can knock 'em down.  Sometimes you might get lucky and knock
    down two or three of them.  In any case, collect them when you can, but if
    you see anyone winding up, kick 'em or hit 'em first otherwise they'll take
    a good chunk of health off you and most likely interrupt your sand collecting.
    When it's just down to you and your father, don't bother attacking him head on.
    He's probably the most annoying creature in the game, but he's easy.  He's the
    only Blue you can vault on, so vault over and over and over again.  Eventually,
    he will go down and you can gather him up.  The first piece of clothing goes
    from our trusty hero.  Time to save!
    6.8 Death of a Sand King
    After the cutscene (take the time to enjoy the little details like the pants
    ruffling, the breasts bouncing, and the marvellous texture work, if you care
    for any of that stuff), you'll be treated to a convenient fountain and another
    fight.  At least this fight's tame and full of weaklings you can vault over.
    Wallrun from rooftop to rooftop to balcony to begin your fight.  By the time 
    Farah hops over to your side of the fight, the battle's almost over.  Save.
    6.9 I'll Try to Find A Way In
    Go up the stairs and hang a right to find yourself a new Sand Cloud.  Then
    turn yourself around and follow the wall.  If you watched the vision, you
    should know what to do.  Wallrun to one green rooftop, to the other, to the
    bars, and swing across to the last green rooftop.  There, turn around and
    wallrun to the wooden slats to the balcony below.  Turn the crank til it
    From up here, you should be able to see a Sand Cloud on the bridge.  There's
    a fight below, so you can either save it til after or grab it beforehand.  In
    any case, get rid of the barrels with your sword and hang off the ledge to
    drop down to the bridge so as not to take a hunk out of your health.
    If you want to grab the sand cloud before hand, follow the railing so you the
    baddies don't see you (they're inside), otherwise you have no choice but to
    fight first.  It's an easy fight anyway: no blues.  Vault and Wall Launch as
    necessary.  You can Launch off the railing, by the way.
    After you're through with the Sand Creatures, run on inside and save.  Don't
    worry about Farah.  She can handle herself.
    There's a convenient slab to climb up, so go do that, and then Upwall to the
    ledge above.  Shimmy on over to your right and jump back towards the bar.
    Swing on to the last bar.  You'll need to rebound jump to get to the one
    above you so like before, leap off, and when he hits the wall, hit jump again
    and he should leap to the next bar.  Keep on swinging upwards.
    Once again we're faced with two paths, and once again, one leads to the Hub.
    Wallrun under the blade and get yourself a life extention.  When you're done,
    come on back and up the ladder.  And now there's no need for water.  Yay.
    Pass the door and wallrun under the blades.  Again and again til you hit the
    button, but no need to turn around.  Just keep on wallrunning and you'll get
    to the door.  The next part is really hard.  Are you ready for it?  Go through
    the door.  You can now stop holding your breath.
    In any case, wallrun over the spikes and head down the stairs to let Farah in.
    And though this may not seem pertinent at all, I swear there's a sliver in my
    foot that I can't find.  Really annoying.
    Back up the stairs and to your right.  Farah will let you in.  Follow her to
    the big room.  Like the Prince says, your goal is to get to the bottom (to a
    fight, I might add).  First run down the ramp.  Here you can Walljump and
    completely avoid the trap to get the switch.  Just jump when your feet hit
    the symbol and you can't miss.
    Avoid the snapping trap and run up the ramp to your right.  If you can't move
    out of the way fast enough, you can roll under these traps as well.  Anyways,
    up the ramp and pull the timer switch.  Just juke around the spike tiles and
    the spiky poles and you should get out with nary a scratch.  Wallrun once
    again over the spikes and join Farah.  You don't have to Wallrun to reach her,
    so you might as well practice your jumping.
    Follow the wall and jump to the next platform.  Jump as soon as the trap
    opens up again so you can move to the outer edge of the platform where it
    can't hit you.  As soon as it goes off, you can Wallrun up to the next ramp.
    A word to the wise, though, if you line yourself up on the left side of the
    ramp before you jump, you can usually get by without worrying about the trap,
    but the position is precise.  In any case, move along and hit the switch.
    Ho hum, ho hum, wash, rinse repeat.  Lemme know when you're at the bottom.
    You can Wallrun to land directly on the switches by the way.
    That's a tasty orange button.  Too bad you can't reach it.  You'll have to
    drop down and fight some more reds.  None too hard, but if you take too much
    damage, there's some fountains by the doors that you can drink from if you
    can break away long enough.  Remember that you have to put your swords away
    to drink.
    Now that the fight's over, run up the crates to the right of the door to get
    yourself a new Sand Cloud.  In the opposite corner are some crates with a
    lone box on top.  Push the box off and drag it to the pressure plate.  An
    interesting note is sometimes if you're dragging it sideways, you'll catch
    the box as it falls and hang on for dear life.  Not important, but I thought
    it was worth mentioning.  Perhaps it wasn't.  Moving on.
    Behind the crates to the left of the door (where you came down from) is the
    other box.  Put that on the remaining pressure plate and your way to a save
    point is made... as well as the shiny orange button.  Upwall it back to Farah
    and the save point.  Then upwall to the platform under the switch.
    6.10 The Warehouse
    It should be pretty clear that you need to Upwall to hit the switch, but this
    switch, for reasons completely unknown, is timed.  Avoid the save point on
    your way down and try not to dilly dally, lest the door closes on you and you
    have to hit the switch again.  Don't say I didn't warn you.
    To save yourself some time, you can just jump off the big platform.  As long
    as you keep pressing the direction of the jump, the Prince should tuck and
    roll and avoid damaging himself.  Plus you won't have to bother with the
    business of hanging.
    Follow the hallway over the spikes (Farah can jump these) and out into the
    zoo.  To the right of the stairs is a tasty Sand Cloud.  Hop the railing or
    run around, it doesn't matter.  Continue on and some reds will appear to fight
    you.  There aren't too many and there's water waiting for you later.
    Go on and save by the lion.
    6.11 The Sultan's Zoo
    Upwall the rock wall and climb the tree.  Jump off to the ledge above and
    then drop down to the one below.  Stand in the center of the blue gravel, or
    whatever it is and face back towards the zoo.  You should see a horizontal
    bar there.  Jump to it and swing over to the gate.  Drop down and let Farah
    Here's your first fight with the birds.  They are annoying creatures, but
    fortunately, they only take one hit and turn to dust.  There's two ways to
    fight them.  One is to block, wait until they attack, and then come out
    swinging.  By that time, they should be level with you.  The other is to swing
    your sword just before they dive (the timing takes some getting used to),
    which will come in handy later in the game.  But for now, do what works.
    Like I said, there's water waiting, so if you have a lot of health, you might
    as well attempt to work on the timing.  But if it's proving difficult, it's
    not paramount that you learn it.
    With the birds gone, run into the little storehouse and pull the crate away
    to reveal a crack for Farah to crawl through.  She'll let you into the
    menagerie (read: giant frickin' bird cage), so don't disappoint her: go on in.
    Don't worry about dragging the box around.  You don't need it.
    Oops, forgot to mention this in previous versions of the doc, but there's
    water here at the bottom of the cage.  I meant to mention it, really.  But for
    those of you looking for a quick drink, there's a water trough that the birds
    like to urinate in that you can drink out of.  Just search around the ground
    for it and then return to the entrance.
    As soon as you go in, you get a PanAround.  You should notice a low bar near
    you.  Hop up to it and face the wall (you can't make the next one).  Once
    again, swing off and rebound up to the one above.  The rest is cake.  Keep
    swinging until you get to the ledge.  Run around it and you'll get to another
    set of bars.
    Hop onto those and swing across yet again.  Hop up onto the next bar and swing
    yourself on upwards.  No need to rebound here.  Run over to your right and
    head up the ladder.  Then it's just a Wallrun to the next platform and then
    one more to a bar.  Shimmy down to your left and then swing up to freedom.
    Jump over the small gap.  From here it's not so easy to see (maybe it is), but
    all you have to do is upwall and jump to get to the bar that the leaves are
    hanging off of.  Once you're on the roof, turn the crank til it clicks.
    From here you can see a tasty save point.  Go on and use it.
    6.12 Atop a Birdcage
    Drop down to that ledge on your right and once more to the platform.  Walk to
    the edge and hang off.  No need to be scared, just drop from here and the
    Prince will catch the bar.  Turn yourself around and swing on over to the
    door, but don't go in.  Run straight ahead and Upwall til your feet hit the
    marker, then jump.  You wouldn't want to forget Farah, would you?
    Drop down and through the door.  Bring out your sword and run into the next
    room to fight some beetles.  A trifle, pshaw.  I supppose before you go in,
    you should listen to the Prince's little narration.  It's hard to hear when
    you're fighting but it's an attempt at what we like to call character
    Anyways, climb up the platform and get rid of those pesky barrels.  Walljump
    when your feet hit the marker and you now have access to a Sand Cloud... oh,
    and I suppose a way to get Farah out of here, as well.  Just move the crate
    out of the way.
    By the way, if you've been following along, you should have six Sand Tanks
    now.  You lose your ability to haste until you build a new Power Tank, but you
    don't need Haste right now anyway.  Farah will hit a switch which opens a door
    below the room you're in, so run back out down the dirt ramp and through the
    Get rid of the barrels.  Looky, a timer switch.  Follow the hallway.  The
    trick here is that you can't roll or run over the spiky tiles, so you're going
    to have to run around the opposite side.  Kinda tough with the spinners around
    but it's simply a matter of pressing A to roll before they cut you.  Juke
    around the spinners and then jump over the spikes (you can't Wallrun because
    of those bothersome pillars, but I assure you that you can make it).  Turn
    the corner and Wallrun under the blades, then finally tiptoe over the spiky
    tiles and roll under the door.  Just like Indy!  *hums the Indy theme*
    Outside you can hear a Sand Cloud.  We'll get to it in due time, but for now,
    jump over the gap in the bridge and save.
    6.13 Cliffs and Waterfall
    Hop on back to Farah's side and Wallrun to your left.  Up the tree, jump to
    the next one, and up again.  Leap off to the ledge and fight some birds.  If
    you're low on health, then I suggest the blocking strategy.  Otherwise, feel
    free to work on your timing.  Water's coming soon, I promise.  It's only
    two birds, you wuss.
    Follow the path along the wall and Wallrun.  Hold it steady and the Prince
    will catch a ledge which you can then shimmy around and jump to the tree.
    Slide on down to get your Sand Cloud, then climb back up.  That waterfall
    in the distance is where you're going to get your drink.
    Jump to the next tree, climb up, jump again to the next one, climb up all the
    way and jump off to the ledge.  The boids are comin'!  You can take the
    opportunity to get a sip or two or just finish them off before taking a long
    drink.  Birds are harmless damagewise, so do what you feel is best.
    When you're done everything here, walk over to the edge and drop down.  Shimmy
    towards the bridge and you'll find a safe place to drop off.  Jump over the
    two gaps in the bridge and then turn the crank until, you guessed it, it
    Spin the camera around to your left and you'll see a perfect opportunity to
    Walljump.  Simply run until your feet hit the moss and then jump.  You'll
    find that there are always markers to help you time your jumps.  In any case,
    slide down, jump to the next tree, down again and jump to the ledge.  A simple
    Wallrun and you're free.
    ...To fight some beetles.  *sigh*  Do your work and then continue down the
    hallway.  Fight off some more scarabs (there, happy now?).  There's some
    water at the entrance to this hallway if you need it, but you really shouldn't.
    Continue on and... damn, it's steamy... you'll enter the baths.  Be prepared
    to fight some more reds (people should remember this from the Demo if they
    played it).  I'll wait for you to finish.  Remember, the whole point of this
    fight is to build yourself a Power Tank (there's no other purpose, imo) so
    take this time to gather people up instead of wasting power freezing them.
    Up the stairs to your next save point.
    6.14 The Baths
    You can see a Sand Cloud and I know you're itching to get it, but leave it
    alone for now.  Instead, go up the stairs and, like in the vision, move the
    little statue to the pressure plate.  Take a drink if you need it, too.
    The door is now opened (in case you got lost).  This next trap looks like a
    pain, but it isn't.  Just wait for it to swing past you and then bolt for the
    edge.  You can roll if you like, and the Prince will catch the edge so you
    don't have to wait for that thing to come swinging back.  If you accidentally
    jump, don't waste a Sand Tank rewinding.  There's a ledge on the other side
    as well.  See?  Easy peasy.  If you are on the other side, however, there's
    no safe way to drop down, so you're going to have to jump back to the other
    ledge.  When you do, you'll land instead of hang so be quick to turn around
    and hang off.  Not so easy peasy, but whatever.
    Drop down and then drop again.  You'll take a hit in health, but nothing
    drastic.  Anyways, the only way to reach the bar is to Upwall the opposite
    side and jump.  Swing across the spikes and be ready for some super happy
    rebound jumping (for this, I suggest you Upwall the left side to start).  
    Take a breather on the ledge if you need it and then continue on up.  
    Beware the swing trap, of course.  Better to hang on the ledge and wait for it 
    to pass before pulling yourself up, but whatever gets you through the trap 
    is your call.  It's okay if you get hit, though, as there's plenty of water 
    in the next room.
    As you can see from here, there's a fight going on in the next room.  It
    shouldn't be too hard to get by and as an incentive to press on, there's a
    new sword waiting for you when you solve this room.  So get crackin' on the
    Go on and save when you're done.
    6.15 There's Something Glowing Up There
    First, follow the vision and slide the statue on the left so it's pushing the
    button down.  Farah will stand on the one in the pool for you, so all you
    have to do is Upwall the one on the right and bolt for the door.  Again, there
    is a time limit, but you should make it no problem if you hop the balcony and
    drop down.
    Grab the tasty Sand Cloud and then run in and turn the crank.  When you're
    done, the baths will drain.  This will allow you to Upwall to the ledges near
    the exit (by the moveable block, on either side of the room in the corners).
    Facing the open door, let's move to the left, over the slab of stone.  Upwall
    to the ledge, pull yourself up and jump onto the bar.  Then shimmy on over (I
    like the word 'shimmy') so you're facing the bar perpendicular to it (that's
    a right angle, you math genius).  Don't worry that it's not at the same angle
    because the Prince will catch it.  Just swing over to it and then shimmy (whee)
    again until you can swing to the next bar.  No shimmying needed for the
    remaining one, just swing to the switch and ignore that tell-tale hum you
    Drop down and go do the other side.  Once again, Upwall to the ledge, pull up,
    and jump to the bar.  SHIMMY so you're facing down the wall and swing to the
    next bar.  You can't make the next jump so shimmy yet again and leap to the
    pole behind you.  And by that I mean turn around and swing to it.  Sheesh.
    Jump to the next pole, I dare you.  Climb up, turn so your back is to the
    bars again and jump.  Shimmahshammy so you're facing the next bar.  A swing
    and another will get you on the switch.
    Drop down and go back to the door of the room.  Grab onto that unsuspecting
    block and shove it through the hole.  That'll learn it who's boss.  *cough*
    You can't follow the block, but I'm sure you can figure out where it's gone...
    To the old baths, of course.  Which means, yep, you're going to have to go
    back under the swing traps and as I'm sure you learned how to do it the first
    time, I'm not gonna regurgitate it here for you.  Just go back through the
    door and I'll meet you on the other side.
    Back in the Old Baths, you'll find the block sitting there in the 'river'.
    Pull it further down until you see a spot where you can drop it into the bath
    below.  I'm sure something is clicking in that tiny little head of yours going
    "Oh!  I can get the Sand Cloud now!"  It's a little TOO LATE for that, seeing
    as I've already brought you THIS far.  Just kidding.  Anyways, hop down after
    the block and push it to the ladder.  Up you go and the Sand Cloud is yours.
    Into the hole with you, then (up above) and hang down on the other side.  Drop
    and you'll catch a ledge where you can SHIMMAYYYY up to the wooden slats.
    Walk on through the screen and you'll be on another ledge.  Move all the way
    to your left and then take a leap backwards to a pole.  The next jump is to
    the wall in the corner with the two ledges, so go ahead and do that.  Move on
    towards the iron bars and jump up to the upper ledge to hang your way through
    them.  Or, as they say in Latin, shimmicus.
    Anyways, the ledges will start to crumble, so obey them and keep moving towards
    the corner.  When you can't go any further, hang onto the upper ledge and once
    again, shimmy around the pillar thing.  Once you're lined up with the bar,
    jump off and swing to the wooden slats.  Then it's a simple matter of a
    Wallrun to get across to the other corner.  One more and you're back in the
    other room.
    Only this time, you have access to a bar.  Yay.  Upwall next to the door and
    jump to the bar.  Swing as usual until you hit a ledge, and then move into
    the room (I purposely didn't say 'shimmy').
    Follow the short area to a doorway and hit the barrels out of the way.  As
    you can probably guess, it's another timed switch, but it's nothing to be
    afraid of.  Run around the spinners and draw your sword out 'cause it's time
    to give some more zombies a clobbering.  Where's Chris Redfield when you need
    When the battle's over, a save point appears.  Go use it.  The vision is a
    good glimpse at what your next sword can do.
    6.16 Above the Baths
    Up the stairs, heathen.  In this room there is only one dresser.  Push it
    against the wall and all the way towards the railing.  Hop up onto it and
    jump up to the bar.
    I gotta say it... Shimmy to your right and line yourself up with the pole.
    Swing on over to it and hop from pole to pole as you will.  When the poles
    turn, just keep hopping in that direction.  You'll catch a bar which you can
    swing off of (remember to roll by pressing the direction you're jumping in)
    and now you can pick up that Sand Cloud you heard when you were swinging for
    the switches.
    Turn around and run to the other side past the flimsy wooden door (which you
    can't break).  Wallrun the gap and claim your prize.
    NOW you can break that door, so Wallrun back and hit that sucker three times.
    *refuses to make Holy Hand Grendade joke*
    Go on down the stairs and make the left turn.  But hark, the stairs flatten
    out for some reason... and aren't you about due for a trip to the Hub?  Turn
    to your right and you'll see a crumbling wall.  Bust it open and grab your
    life extention.
    Back on the stairs, continue on down and break down the door there.  Listen
    to Farah... I think she's admiring your muscular physique... er... Moving on..
    Cross the room and head to the corner on your right.  Break down that wall
    there (to the right of the timed door) and go on through.  You're now in some
    ancient ruins.  What good game doesn't have ancient ruins, I ask you?  Go
    down the stairs.
    Despite what the PanAround shows you, the room isn't that difficult.  Turn to
    your right and the camera will change to show you a bar.  You can't reach it
    yet, not even with an Upwall, so keep on moving.
    Now it's not likely that Ubi won't give you a boost to get to that bar, nor is
    it likely that Farah will follow your Monkeying antics.  Conveniently enough,
    at the end of this balcony is a stone you can move into the similarily
    convenient "I'm a grey spot so put the block here" spot which also blocks a
    conveniently placed crack for Farah to slip through.  So uh... pull the block
    and put it on the grey spot.
    Hop up onto the stone and Upwall-jump to the bar.  Swing until you land on
    a creepy pillar.  It's creepy because of the torch... trust me.
    You can't make the jump to the Sand Cloud so instead jump to the outcropping
    on the upper portion of the screen.  Facing the wall, walk to the right edge
    and hang down.  Shimmy (shut up) up past the pillar and line yourself up with
    the ledge below.  Drop down to the bottom one and shimmy up into the chimney.
    Did I say chimney?  Yes, I did.  It's rebound jumping time.  Follow the ledges
    until you can jump back to get the Sand Cloud.  Farah's patiently standing in
    the doorway giving you hints.  "There's a ledge right below you."  See?  She's
    useful, too.
    Walk towards her and hang down, then drop to the ledge below.  Move along so
    that your back is facing the only visible outcropping and jump to it.  Then
    follow it until the Prince presses himself up against the wall and climb up
    to the ledge above.  Move down this one until you're under sweet Farah and
    climb up to her.
    Before you go turning the crank, run past it and hit that wall three times.
    Aim the crank so the handle is pointing to this new door and you'll be able to
    play Prince of Persia 2.  Forget about that, tho.  Just run up until you
    unlock it and then choose not to play it.  It will, however, give you a chance
    to save before the next fight.
    6.17 A Long Buried Secret
    Aim the crank back at the other door and run in with your sword swinging
    fiercely.  It's only a few scarabs, but you might as well charge in like the
    Hulk.  SMASH.
    There's a block in the corner of this hallway.  Move it and Farah will slip
    through the crack.  Face the big long cavernous pit and wait for her to throw
    the switch.  All you gotta do is Walljump from platform to platform beginning
    with the wall on your right.  See you on the other side.
    Go up the ladder and through the doorway.  There's a fight up ahead.  Here's
    where Blues start becoming commonplace.  Your best bet for taking them down
    is Wall Launching (A+X).  If it hits, which it usually does, they'll be knocked
    down instantly.  Grab them up with your dagger, but watch out for any that are
    winding up to hit you nearby.  It's a pretty long fight, but you can survive
    it if you Launch at Blues and vault over Reds.  When you're done, go save.
    6.18 Daybreak
    Daybreak?  We've been here that long?  Go down the hall and break the door
    on the right.  There's water just down the hall.  Keep going down and hang
    a left.  Break all the barrels and step onto the switch.  Farah will run
    ahead, so chase after her into the mess hall.  Looks like you're fighting
    Blues again.  Launch, Launch, Launch!  That's all I have to say.  Good luck.
    When you're done, go save.
    6.19 A Soldiers' Mess Hall
    Go down the stairs or hop the railing, whatever.  There's a fountain here for
    you if you need it (and I think you do).  Behind you, some of the ceiling has
    fallen.  Climb up onto it and the camera angle will change.  Wallrun to the
    bar on the wall and swing to the next one and finally to a ledge.  Shimmy
    around the ledge and jump backwards to the next bar.  Swing again to the
    next ledge and pull yourself up.  Shimmy around to get the Sand Cloud and then
    come back and jump to the bar and across.  Follow this balcony and Wallrun
    the gap, hit the pressure switch and out the door.  Farah will be fine.
    Facing the door, run off to your right (just look at those backgrounds).  Jump
    off the balcony to the bar and swing to the next one.  Again, for the next
    one you'll have to rebound off the window shutters and then turn around to get
    on top of them.  This should set off some Spiky Poles up above you.
    Upwall to the poles and climb up when it's safe.  You can hide between the
    columns.  In fact, you can just jump up onto the columns and use them to get
    past the poles.  Or you can juke around them.  Your choice, but if you do,
    you'll have to get down to pass the last set (stupid big pillar *grumble*).
    Past the big pillar, the columns are protected by spiked tiles, so just juke
    around the poles.  It's not that hard.  After that, there's some spiked tiles
    and some moving poles.  To give yourself a rush, simply Wallrun past all of it.
    Wasn't that cool?  Continue down and Upwall-jump to the switch.  Enter the
    doorway and head down the stairs.  Jump up to the switch and Farah will now
    join you.  Back up the stairs and to the yellow door.  Farah will slide under
    and let you in to grab that Sand Cloud you've been hearing the whole damned
    time.  Upwall-jump the switch.  The bridge is down.  Hooray.
    Follow Farah to the door and follow the balcony til the camera changes and
    shows you some work platform.  Drop down to it and she'll follow.  Be prepared
    for a hefty fight on the bridge.  Blues again, so Launch away.  Stay near
    the fountain in case you need a drink during the battle (plus there's walls
    here to launch off of).  Protect Farah.  Good luck.  Another way to do this
    battle is to Haste it.  Pull both triggers and let 'em have it.  It's up to
    you if you can do it.  There's plenty of Sand Clouds left to refill.
    Grab water if you need it and save.
    6.20 The Drawbridge
    Continue across the bridge and through the door.  Turn the crank and go through
    to get another PanAround.  Once inside, climb up to the stairs and follow them
    until you reach a switch.  Weird, it doesn't work.  Back towards the stairs,
    but ah, you can Wallrun to a bar.  Let's do that.
    Now's a good chance to practice turning around during your swing.  At the
    height of the Prince's swing, tap the other direction and he'll turn around
    Olympic style.  Keep swinging til you land on a balcony.  This switch works, so
    pull it.
    If Farah doesn't pull her switch, drop off yours and jump up again.  When
    she's pulled hers, pull yours yet again.  Wait for her to scale the wall and
    pull the switch.
    Now what would be the point of a moving blade if you didn't have to move past
    it?  Climb up the rubble and Upwall to the ledge, pass up to the next one when
    it's safe to do so and then line yourself up to the bridge.  Jump onto it and
    then take a good leap through the hole in the wall.  Simple, no?
    Looks like we tore a sleeve during that fiasco, but anyways, drop on down to
    the terrace outside.  Get rid of the barrels and Wallrun to the bar.  Swing
    on up and back through the door.  Upwall-jump the switch.  Once you're on
    the bridge, Farah will pull her switch to turn you once more.  When you're
    done turning, jump to the ledges and pull yourself up to the ladder.  A
    backwards jump to it should get you on it.  Then just climb up.
    Follow the balcony and Wallrun to the switch.  When Farah's up, turn around
    and swing back.  Voila.  Farah will slip through the hole and let you in.
    Go ahead and fight the pesky birds.  When you're done with them, go save
    your game... er... There goes the bridge.  At least there's no backtracking?
    6.21 A Broken Bridge
    Farah's door switch is broken... excellent.  Before you do what the vision
    says and drop down off the ledge, run past the save point to get a Sand Cloud.
    If you've been following along, this should complete your seventh Sand Tank.
    If you need water, it's on the opposite side of this balcony.
    In any case, go and hang down off where the bridge used to be.  Drop down
    to the ledge below and shimmy right.  Backjump to the pole and slide down,
    baby.  Jump to the smaller pole and then back to the wall.  You'll catch a
    ledge, I promise.
    Shimmy left (no need to pull yourself up) and keep moving around until you're
    in a tall area missing a fourth wall.  Simply jump backwards and rebound over
    and over until you safely touch the ground.  The walls are far enough apart
    that you'll be moving down, not up... and always twirling, twirling... er...
    Be careful, though, as soon as you land, the floor will crumble.  Quickly run
    left and Upwall-jump.  You'll catch a bar.  Dally too long and you'll fall to
    a very ugly death.  Turn yourself around and swing up to the wood.  Farah will
    come say hi and then leave you.
    Drop down the other side of the platform and down again til you hit the ground.
    Don't worry, it won't crumble this time.  Walk towards the broken pillar and
    hop up to grab the ledge.  Shimmy around to your left as far as you can go and
    then jump off.  You'll catch the pole and be privy to a new Sand Cloud.
    Climb up the other pole and go all the way up.  Farah will leave you... that
    *****, but at least it leads to some of the humor.  Aim at the wall where
    Farah appeared and jump (god, does he stop whining?).  Anyways, shimmy left
    until you can go no more, then drop down.  Keep going until you're under the
    pillar, and then pull yourself up.  It's time for some balancing.
    The trick to balancing regardless of the camera angle is to pay attention to
    the Prince's arms.  If they start to lean too far one way, adjust where you're
    aiming the stick and he shouldn't fall off.  If he does, however, he catches
    the ledge, so it's not a problem... yet.
    Walk across the beam and move to your right.  There's water here if you need
    it, otherwise go through the doorway and look at the PanAround.  Birds...
    Ignore them for now, however, cause they can't see you.  Move to your right
    and Walljump to the bar.  Swing across to your save point.  I'll meet you
    there.  (You're halfway through the game now, congrats)
    6.22 I'll Meet You at the Baths
    Drop down from the save point.  The birds won't attack yet, so never mind them.
    To the right of the doorway is a beam you can walk on.  You have to jump to
    the next one, but trust the Prince to find his footing.  Remember this spot
    if you ever fall off to the ground as it's the only place you can rebound back
    Follow the beam and jump over the next doorway.  Ignore the Sand Cloud below
    for now.  Follow the 'Y' shape of the wall until you're standing on a rusted
    metal thing.  Swing your camera away from the big wall and you'll be able to
    see where you have to jump next.  Jump there... and here come the birds.  I
    hope you worked on your timing, but if you didn't, it's okay.  The birds will
    knock you off.  Quickly climb back up and hit them before they hover away.  If
    they knock you clean off, rebound back up where I told you and make your way
    back to this point.  You can pick up the Sand Cloud while you're down there,
    When the birds are gone, you won't put your blades away, so put 'em away when
    the music stops.  While you're still standing on the short piece of the wall 
    (before it angles downward), jump to the next wall (it has half a gate in 
    between it).  Follow this wall around its "L" shape until you reach the end.  
    It should be clear from here where you've got to jump, but swing your camera 
    around until you're facing the nearest part of the main wall (there will be a 
    big vertical bar stretching up the screen).  That's where you've got to go, so
    jump.  Follow the beam up into the little alcove and hit the switch.
    Down the ladder, please.  You can pick up the Sand Cloud now, too.
    Run around the ruins until you get into the doorway you just opened.  There's
    a switch here, too, so you should pull it.  For those of you who weren't
    paying attention, you just released a few beetles.  Go take care of them.  This
    time your sword will be put away.
    When you're done with the beetles, find the place they came out from and go
    inside (it's a squarish door).  You'll find a timer switch there.  Go ahead
    and pull it.  You don't have much time, so be quick about this.
    Run back to the ladder and climb up, head down the beam and jump to your right.
    Follow this and jump over the gap.  Turn to your right and jump onto the slab
    there.  You should be back on that short piece.  Walk around and line yourself
    up to the double gates and jump to them.  Follow them back to where you started
    from and then quickly Wallrun over the big gate.  If you were too slow (read:
    you fell too many times) you won't make it and you'll have to reset the door.
    The Superquick Way to do this is to instead run back to the ladder, climb up,
    do a 180 and wallrun past the ladder to the first segment sticking out of the
    wall.  It's possible to overrun this so be sure to let go of the trigger so
    that you'll land on the segment.  This should land you back on the double
    gates that were at one time open (the first time you passed through).  Thanks
    to the many people who noted this to me.
    When you make it, pick up the sand cloud and then run inside the doorway.
    Hop up onto the switch, which brings out a ladder.  If you were quick enough,
    you can simply Wallrun back over the gate to the other side, but chances are,
    you weren't quick enough, so back out the way you came.  Run over to the
    right hand side of the balcony (away from the falling gate) and hop over the
    railing.  Jump back and you should be back in familliar territory.
    Earlier revisions of this doc failed to mention the HUGE GAPING HOLE next to
    the falling gate and had you run back to the timer switch.  The responsible
    writer has had acid tossed in his face (I actually caught this one myself,
    durrrr).  The revised text is as follows: Run through the huge gaping hole
    next to the gate if it closed on you.
    Up the ladder leads to a pressure switch which opens the path you must take,
    but before you do that, STINKY BRITCHES (ignore that, it's for searching
    purposes), there's two barrels on the wall.  Smash them and, oh, look!  It's
    a breakable wall to Dur Hubbenzie (Hub).  Go get yourself a powerup.
    (Note: This Hub was not mentioned in previous write-ups and for that, I'm
     terribly sorry.  I found it the first time I played the game, and for some
     reason, during the writeup, I failed to find it again.  Fortunately, other
     stout observers instantly wrote me mail and told me I was a screw up.  My
     thanks to the many people who pointed this out... you all hurt my feelings.)
    When you're back out of the hub, hit the pressure switch again (it's timed),
    head down the ladder and out the door to the sewer.
    And what kind of game would this be without a sewer?  It's actually not that
    bad of a sewer... it's not even a sewer, really.  But it's sewer-ish?
    Whatever.  Run into the big blue pipe and knock down the wall.  Ignore the
    Prince's delerium and balance over the beam.
    Get rid of the barrels on the right and drop down.  Follow the ledge until it
    inevitably crumbles and drop down to the one below.  Follow it and drop down
    yet again.  It's perfectly safe to stand in the waters below, so just drop
    down and fight some beetles.  Pick up the Sand Cloud and have a drink as well.
    If you get too close to the falls during your fight, simply aim away from them
    and roll like crazy.  The Prince is fast enough that way.  Walk onto dry land
    when you're done and climb up onto the ledge to your left.  Balance this beam
    to the other side after the PanAround finishes.
    On the other side, follow the wall and drop down.  Follow the ledge along the
    wall until it crumbles, drop down and move to your left, then drop down to
    the platform below.  Jump from wet rock to wet rock and begin your balancing
    act again.
    Before you get to the other side, however, you will be accosted by bats.  They
    are the most annoying and useless creatures on the face of the planet.  They
    swarm, you hit them, they fly away, repeat.  When you cut them down to three,
    they fly away and it's safe to put away your weapons.  Just be patient and
    wait for them to swarm before you strike and you should hit most of them in
    a blow or two.
    On the other side, Wallrun down to the platform below (wall on the Prince's
    right-hand side, please) and once again, drop down to the ledge below.  Follow
    this ledge behind the falls (bats will come again, yay) and then jump backwards
    when you can't go any further.  From this watery platform, you can jump in the
    same direction to make the platform below, or if you're feeling lucky (which
    you shouldn't), you can try to jump to the beam.  In either case, walk across
    it to the other side.
    And then a simple Wallrun to the save point will do nicely.  Thank you.
    6.23 Waterfall
    You'll start below the save point, so do as you're told and follow the beam.
    Break the wall and follow the path out onto some wooden planks.  Simply
    Wallrun from each one to the other.  As long as you keep moving, there's no
    need to worry about falling.  You'll end up on a little oasis of sorts.  Hang
    a right and break the wall there, then follow the path out.
    Again, same as before, just Wallrun from each platform to the other.  The last
    one will have you running towards a wall to a ledge that isn't quite so
    visible, but it's there.  You'll be greeted by bats, so get rid of them and
    then move off to your right.  Up one ledge and then move as far as you can
    Here it's best to use your quick jumping.  For as soon as you land on a
    stalactite, it crumbles away.  In any case, be prepared for some constant
    movement (read: if you're reading along, read this whole paragraph so you know
    what you're doing first).  Jump to the stalactite and then jump off again in
    the same direction.  As soon as you land, the platform begins to break up, so
    Wallrun to the next one, and then Wallrun again, but hold it for as long as
    you can until your feet touch the shadow, then jump to the stalactite and then
    onto the ledge.  Take a breather.
    Move off to your right until you can't go any further and be prepared to do
    some quick jumping.  Jump from stalactite to stalactite, it's pretty linear,
    so you don't need me to tell you what to do: just do it.  It actually seems
    you can take some time on the stalactites anyway, so do as you will.
    In any case, save your game when you get to the platform.
    6.24 A Cavern of Ladders
    Jump up to the ledge in front of you and move as far as you can.  Jump from
    stalactite to stalactite.  When the camera changes, you have to change your
    direction temporarily (use your Rewind button if you mess up), but you should
    end up on a platform with a Sand Cloud.  Gobble it up.
    Move on and you'll get a PanAround.  Holy Ewoks.
    Cross the bridge and Wallrun over the gap.  Some bats will come at you (trust
    me, if you think they're annoying now, wait 'til later) so get rid of them.
    Simply Wallrun from platform to platform, making your way steadily down to the
    ground.  Get rid of any bats that come at you and you'll be fine.  Slide down
    the ladders when they present themselves and just keep working on getting down.
    Anyways, when you're down, go into the big inviting hole in the wall and break
    down the barricade there.  Continue on through and you'll be in what I like to
    call the Dank Pit of Crap.  But it looks nice, though.
    Hang a left from the door and climb up the rubble.  Wait a few seconds for your
    feet to dry, then Upwall to the alcove.  Turn around and jump to the rope.
    Feeling more like Dr. Jones yet?  Turn and swing to the save point.
    6.25 An Underground Resevoir
    Facing the wall behind the save point, climb up the right hand side of the
    alcove all the way up to the top ledge.  Shimmy (bweh heh) around the corner
    and drop down over the beam.  Cross it and jump across the gap.  Hugging the
    wall, move left and cross again.  Move right and cross again, getting rid of
    the idiotic bats that make their way to you.
    You should now be hugging a broken pillar.  Make your way to the other side
    and hop up.  Cross this beam to the center; the camera angle should change
    so you can see a rope.  Jump to it (you can make it) and swing over to the
    ironwork.  Then make your way left and jump onto another rope.  However,
    resist the urge to jump into an alcove.
    I really hope you have some sand in your tanks (enough to make this jump at
    least) because some of this is so precise and I can't tell you exactly where
    to position yourself on the rope.  In any case, I find that if you hit the
    swing button and his feet are just above the tip of the rope, you're in a good
    position.  Turn so you're facing parallel the beam you just jumped off (so that
    when you jump, you follow the water to the next pool of light).  There's a
    rope there that you're going to have to catch, so swing and jump.  If you miss,
    rewind and re-position yourself on the rope.  That's the best I can say.
    As soon as you have that rope, turn towards the open alcove and swing on in (a
    much easier jump, if you ask me).  Stop short of the snapping trap and turn
    left.  Wallrun underneath the blades on your left and grab the Sand Cloud,
    then turn around.  There's another snapping trap here, and some blades above,
    but you can Upwall to a ledge.  As soon as the spinning blade moves away, time
    your run so that you Upwall just after the snapper opens up again.  Time it
    right and you can simply pull yourself up and shimmy left to the doorway.
    In here is a big cage of sorts and a switch.  Jump up on the switch to open up
    the well and drop off as soon as you can to fight some bats.  As soon as they
    are dealt with, hang into the well.  This part seems daunting but it's not.
    As soon as the blade passes, drop one ledge down.  Do it again as the second
    blade passes, but tap B quickly so you hang (not drop) before the blade comes
    around again.  Then simply drop as the third blade passes and exit the well.
    Push the box off into the water and follow it.  Kill the bats.  From this
    corner you can see a Sand Cloud.  Push the crate underneath it and Upwall to
    it from the top of the crate.  Simple, no?
    Grab the Sand Cloud and once again climb the right-hand side of the alcove.
    Follow the ledge to the next alcove and jump to the ledge across.  Follow the
    ledge yet again and cross the beam.  The camera will show you a rope.  Jump to
    Once again, it's time to jump from rope to rope.  Aim yourself so you're
    jumping through the gap in the beam and do as you did before.  Do it again to
    the next rope, then turn to get to the next one.  You'll notice this last one
    has no grate over it, so that's the way out.  But before you leave, swing on
    up to the open doorway.
    Hang a left before you get snapped up, and Wallrun to the Sand Cloud.  Here
    you're going to have to Wallrun back to the snapper, but instead of a ledge,
    Upwall-jump to a bar above the trap.  Just don't be too wreckless in your
    Once you're on the bar, shimmy down and change angles, then turn yourself
    around.  Swing up to the next bar and then to the next etc. all the way to
    the alcove.  Break the wall here.  Looky, a trip to the Hub!
    Make your way back to the rope (use the bars or drop down, whatever floats
    your boat) and jump to it.  A simple climb up and you're out of the Dank Pit
    of Crap... into a fight!
    You should be used to launching into Blues by now (you can launch off the
    railing and the tree) and you can vault over the short guys.  Use this fight
    to build yourself a Power Tank.  You should have eight Sand Tanks by now, and
    at the end of this fight, you should have all, but one Power Tank.  If not,
    you need to work on collecting sand.  It's possible (I think) to have all
    your Power Tanks built at this point, but it's not necessary.
    There's a Sand Cloud on the opposite end of the save point.  Do what you will
    and save your game.
    6.26 Out of the Well
    Before you enter the doorway, go to Landscape View just to see how pretty
    this game is.  Okay, I'm done.  Go through the doorway and grab water if you
    need it.
    Keep going head on past the pool of water and jump to a rope.  You're going
    to have to do some rebound jumping here AND some quick swinging, so read this
    before you go on.
    First, you're going to have to swing to the white switch and lower the thing on
    the wall.  As soon as you're on the wall, jump back to the rope.  Here's the
    timed part: Now swing to the orange switch, which will open the gate, rebound
    off, and jump off the rope on your very first swing.  You'll hit the wall, but
    you'll drop off in front of the door.  If you don't jump off as soon as you
    swing back (meaning you took a backswing), you'll miss the door.  Keep at it
    and I'll see you on the other side.
    There's a Sand Cloud to the right of the stairs so go pick that up.  Turn
    around and face the timer switch.  There's a timed pressure switch here, too.
    Hold the switch for as long as you need to and trust me on this.  When the
    swing trap moves out of the way, run over the pressure switch and jump.  The
    switch will have moved a slab out from the wall which you can use to Wallrun
    past the sawblade, BUT there are spiked tiles waiting for you at the end, so
    jump off before you're hit (or take the hit, it's not fatal).  Up the stairs,
    ducking and rolling past the spinners and you're free.  Not too bad.
    There's a fight with reds in this next room, so use it to build your Power
    Tank.  Some Blues will show up, however, but there's plenty of places to Launch
    from, so don't sweat it.  There's a break or two during the fight, too, so
    grab a drink if you need it.  When you're done, drink up and save.  All your
    Power Tanks should be built now for eight Sand Tanks.  Yay.
    6.27 The Sultan's Harem
    If you turn around from the save point, you'll see three curtains behind
    the Save Point.  The curtain left of it hides a door you'll be opening.  Turn
    back around and head forward away from the save point, step into the pool and
    turn right, running through the curtain.
    Break the wall here and continue on through, ignoring the guy behind the gate.
    Break another wall and pass through the curtain.  Upwall to the marker and
    jump to the switch.  Backtrack to the savepoint and the go through the door
    I pointed out (yes, I saw Farah, too, move along).
    Through the door is a big gap to your left.  Walljump from the left wall at
    the very end to get over it and pick up the Sand Cloud.  180 and into the
    short hallway, breaking the wall on your right.  Down this hallway, breaking
    a wall on your left.  Run through this opening and finally be reunited with
    Farah... and wouldn't you know it, you have to protect her again.  Again,
    launch at Blues and vault over everyone else.  Combat is easy once you get the
    hang of it.
    You'll automaticall move to the next save point after the battle.  When you're
    done, drink up if needed.
    6.27 What Did You Call Me?
    "What did you call me?" indeed.  Find the statue and move it aside for Farah.
    She'll open the door that's nearby for you.  Run on through and turn the crank.
    There she is, the smart mouth... then again, he deserved it.  Whatever.  Bros
    before hos!  (sorry, ladies)
    Anyways, follow the hallway and turn the big mirror so that it's pointing into
    the library.  Then go and kick yourself some ass.  This fight is mostly Blues
    so you know what to do.  If you haven't learned by now, I'm not telling you.
    Well, I suppose there are some people only checking this when they need it, so
    Launch at Blues (A+X).  That's the last time, though!  It's also a good battle
    to Haste through (L+R) if you like.  
    When it's all done, there's a fountain in the library, but be sure to break 
    the wall by the entrance.  There's also a save point in here, so feel free to
    use it.
    (Note: I swear this is the dumbest thing that's ever happened, but there's a
     spiked pit by the save point and every time I retried, Farah would fall into
     it and pooch the game.  If this happens, simply turn off your XBOX and reboot
     the system.  The nerve!)
    6.28 The Hall of Learning
    First things first.  Follow the beam of light to the first mirror.  Pull it
    to the scorch mark on the floor.  As soon as you do, Farah will go through and
    get out of your way.  Follow the beam to the next mirror and put it on the
    scorch mark.  You'll know it's in the right place if the mirror glows and the
    beam continues.  Follow the beam yet again and put the mirror on the scorch
    mark (this is why we broke that wall, and if it's not broken, go break it).
    The last mirror you move should light up the center piece and give you a good
    idea of where to go.
    Follow the beam and Upwall the centerpiece, and then once again to get on the
    ledge.  Shimmy around to your left and jump to the broken anteroom thing...
    Balance the center beam and jump to the ledge on the wall.  Now turn left and
    Wallrun to the top of the next pillar and get yourself on the ledge.  Jump to
    the bar and swing across.  You may or may not have heard a Sand Cloud.  Ignore
    it for now.
    Run further into the balcony and Farah will hit a switch.  If you look on your
    left, there's a pressure switch on the wall.  Upwall-jump it (you'll land on
    an extended bookcase) and be prepared to rebound up.  When you're on the top,
    Wallrun (wall on your left while you move right, please) to the next pillar.
    Keep going in the same direction to Walljump to a ladder.  Up you go.
    Hang an immediate right and there's a Sand Cloud for you.  Just like in the
    Dank Pit of Crap, there's a snapping trap you have to Upwall-jump from, so wait
    for it to open up, then Upwall-jump to the beam.  Pull yourself up and follow
    it, jumping across to the next beam.  Deal with the bats here and then lower
    That glowing thing looks alluring, but you can't do anything with it.  That's
    not to say, however, you shouldn't Wallrun over there.  Because behind that
    glowing thing is a Hub entrance (break the wall).  Who's your friend?  Me.
    Wallrun back the way you came after you pick up your life extention and you'll
    find there's a nice beam to balance on to your right.  Of course, it crumbles,
    but just jump over the gap.  You were scared, weren't you?  Come on, admit it.
    Here, the mirror is pointing in the wrong direction.  Turn it once clockwise
    and follow the beam (ugh, the pun is unavoidable) across.  Oops, that's not
    happening.  There's a cross beam to the right of the mirror, so take that and
    choose an arm to jump off... dammit!  Ok, walk onto the remaining arm and
    leap to the balcony.  You have to wonder, who the hell built this place, and
    who keeps that torch lit?  Or... not.
    Hop up onto the low bar and rebound off the wall to get to the higher one.
    Sidle up against the far wall (notice I didn't say shimmy) and swing to the
    beam you can see.  It crumbles, natch, but you can jump this gap.  As soon as
    you do, draw your sword and get rid of some bats.  Continue on and jump off
    when it's safe.
    Run towards the beam of light.  There's a mirror behind the pillar.  Move it
    in front of the beam to bounce it to the mirror you landed near.  Run back and
    move THAT one into the beam of light and pull it towards the scorch mark.
    Just keep pulling it and a cut scene will show you've got the right position.
    Now if you look at the pillar against the wall, it's conveniently broken.
    Wallrun it to some ledges on the next pillar.  Drop down to the one you can
    walk around and go around it, jumping onto the next little square.  From here
    simply Wallrun to the far balcony.  You'll make it.
    Grab the mirror and turn it clockwise.  Well, look at that.  Three little
    ledges for you.  Hang Jump to the first ledge and continue jumping towards
    Farah.  Follow the balcony and hang off near the wall.  Drop down and collect
    your Sand Cloud.  Ahhhhhhh.  Now simply Upwall the pillar and jump back to
    Hang Jump back to the third ledge (the longest slab) and face towards the room.
    Ropes!  Jump to the rope and swing to the next one, finally swinging to the
    ledges on the wall (crumbly, crumbly).
    Make your way up and towards the right and you'll eventually be able to back
    jump to a ladder.  Climb up and break the wall you see there.  Go through and
    break two more, then hit the switch.
    Backtrack and you'll see where the slabs have come out.  Cross them and move
    the first mirror you come to towards the wall.  Then run and grab the other
    one and pull it all the way to where the first one you moved was (so the beam
    is pointing the way you just came).  Back across the slabs and into the first
    room you broke into, grab the mirror there and put it into the light.  Adjust
    it until you see a cutscene.  The exit is now open.
    Run into the room you just lit up and Upwall over the slab.  Drop down towards
    the door (at the last big slab, drop off to the left so you land on the
    broken pillar) and go on through (or take the long way around, I don't care).
    Welcome to Sword Number 3.  No special effects really, but this sword is
    stronger than the first two, and you'll find that weaker enemies will die
    quicker than usual... that is, if you fought them conventionally without
    vaulting like a crazy person.
    Behind the table is a timer switch for the main door.  Pull on it and follow
    Farah out of the library.
    Go down the stairs and follow the hall to another fight (it's been a while,
    hasn't it?).  Haste through it, if you like.  There isn't really any point, but
    do what you will.  There's a Sand Cloud coming up, so you might as well blow
    the power tanks.
    Up the ramp and to the left is a save point for you.  Save and Farah should
    well be on her way past you to pull a switch.  
    6.29 Observatory
    Backtrack up the ramp and climb the stairway to the top of the platform.  
    Farah will pull you up.  Jump straight ahead to the ledge and pick up the 
    Sand Cloud on the left.
    Move to the opposite side and jump onto a bar, swing up, turn around, swing
    up, turn around, swing up yet again and finally follow up to the balcony.
    Turn the crank once counter-clockwise (so the big globe is in the center of
    the room) and then hop up onto the bar.  Swing across to the pole and continue
    in the same direction, leaping off the last one while tucking and rolling (or
    you'll take a hit in health, which you might be low on).
    Turn this next crank once counter-clockwise and hop back onto the bars and
    make your way back to the pole.  From here, you should see the new bar your
    crank-turning created, so jump to it and continue on.  You'll land on a switch.
    Don't turn around though, swing to the switch on the wall and just let yourself
    drop.  A slab will come out that you can run left and Wallrun off of to the
    other slab (which is also timed) to the next crank.
    The crank is locked down, so just hop up onto the bar and swing to the pole.
    There's only one bar to jump to, really, so follow it and you'll land on a
    switch that opens up the door.  Farah will be waiting for you there.
    Drop down into the hole and slide the ropes all the way down.  Feel free to
    cheer on with the Prince.  Just jump from rope to rope.  You don't need me to
    guide you.  Through the doorway, please.
    A little humor.  Past the Spiky Poles is the fountain you're looking for.  The
    blades on the other side, however, are easy enough to circumvent.  Just choose
    a side and duck under them (A) at the appropriate time.  The best way to deal
    with the swing trap is to let it pass over your head then Wallrun to the next
    ledge.  Don't worry about bouncing off, the Prince will catch himself and
    you can shimmy on to safety.
    In the next room, I suggest tiptoeing over the spiked tiles and waiting for
    the blades to pass.  Then Upwall over the pressure switch and jump away to
    safety.  Then waltz on through the door... to another set of timed traps.
    It's simple, really.  Just juke around the first two alternating blades and
    then duck under the last set and under the door.  Voila.  No headache.
    Time for another fight.  Even better, no Farah to take care of in this one.
    Do what you do best.  No need for Haste.  Just a few Launches will do it.
    Go take your drink and save.
    6.30 Hall of Learning Courtyards
    You should be facing the open doorway when you wake up, but if you're not,
    feel free to face that way then look over to your left.  There's a ladder.
    Climb up it.
    When you reach the top, jump off to a small outcropping, and you'll be up on
    a beam.  Jump over the gap and be prepared to kill some birds.  Same as when
    you were doing the balancing act before.  Try to time your swings, if not,
    come back up and get 'em.  Either way, they'll die soon enough.
    Again, your swords won't be put away so when the music dies (after three
    birds I think), put 'em away and continue on.  Jump over the next gap and
    press on.  When you get to the end, a rope is pointed out to you so go and
    hop onto it.  Climb up a bit of a ways (just under halfway should do it) and
    swing up to the post.  There are some nice birds waiting for you, but don't
    worry about them.
    Instead, make your way to the wall and then jump to the bar.  Swing and you
    should land on the terrace.  Continue in the same direction with a Wallrun
    and you'll end up on a beam.  Pull yourself up and jump to the bar, swinging
    towards the birds.  Take 'em out, baby.  If you're quick enough, you can
    kill them both before they take off high enough to miss.  Your swords should
    be put away on their own now, which means you're clear to think.
    Stick to the wall and Wallrun yet again to another beam.  Follow the beam
    outward and jump to a rope.  Your target for this jump is the rope to the
    right so start swinging and get a good jump.  Finally, swing off this rope
    onto the stone awning (if you can call it that) and then Wallrun to your
    right down to the platform below.  Drop down and you should see a crank that
    needs turning.  This will let Farah out of her little cage.
    Head back out and hang over the railing to shimmy past the spikes.  Then pull
    yourself up and head through the doorway.  The first spinner can be avoided
    by Walljumping over it.  The second one you can roll past, and the third one
    can be avoided by hopping the railing.  Fight off the beetles and pick up the
    Sand Cloud.
    Out in the stone hallway, Farah will rejoin you.  Rejoice, my friends.  Ignore
    where she came out of (unless you want to save) and follow the hallway as it
    bends right and up some stairs to fight some more beetles.  Jump or Wallrun
    the gap and fight the rest of them off if they don't come to you.  When they're
    gone, continue down the hallway and up some more stairs until you get a
    PanAround.  Looks kinda like GhostBusters.
    Jump the gap and fight off some weaker foes (there are some Blues present, but
    not like before).  When you're done with them, save your game.
    6.31 On the Ramparts
    Backtrack a bit and fall down into the gap you originally jumped over.  There's
    a Sand Cloud here by the wall.  Instead of climbing back up, follow this
    trench to some water and even further along to another Sand Cloud.
    Follow the wall back towards the water, but Upwall to the gap and pull yourself
    up.  Turn left and pull yourself up, heading towards the gate.  It's obviously
    closed, so you're going to have to Hang Jump to the left to get to a set of
    bars.  Farah will do her "I'm a hamster" deal (For those of you who don't know,
    hamsters are notorious for flattening themselves out to get to places... yeah).
    Anyways, jump to the bar and swing up to the beam.  Go hug the wall and move
    to the other side, stepping out onto the other beam.  Then just jump to the
    wall.  If you look to your left, you'll see a Sand Cloud.  Head towards it and
    Welcome to prison... land of heavy metal apparently.
    Don't worry about the enemies for now; your goal is to get to the bottom...
    THEN you can worry about them.  And now you've lost your shirt.  I swear, how
    can he survive a fall like that (if you look up, he kinda blew to the side
    when he came through the hole), and yet he can't survive a one story drop when
    you miss a ledge?  Pfft.
    Anyways, down the ladder to your left.  I'm not going to spell this out for
    you, so all you gotta do is Wallrun from switch to switch.  Each switch will
    activate a place for you to land (which is timed, so don't lolli gag).  Just
    keep running and eventually you'll land on an elevator.  Ride it down and
    repeat the process.  After the next ride down, do the same thing except
    Walljump to your next platform.  Basically, when you hit the switch, jump.
    There will be a place for you to land by the time you actually land, so don't
    fret over it.  On the last one, there's no switch, so just jump and you'll
    grab a bar which you can then use to swing over to a ladder.  Down, please.
    Same thing, only this time there's a bar in between, so jump as soon as you
    can (the timing's easy, no need to do a full revolution, but it's okay if you
    do).  Down again and it's time to fight.  There were apparently no guards in
    this prison, so feel free to vault over everyone.  If you haven't noticed, you
    should have a new Sand Tank so the whole point of this fight is to quickly
    build a new Power Tank to accompany it.  See you when you're all saved up.
    6.32 A Prisoner Seeking Escape
    Follow the prison cells around and you'll find another Sand Cloud and a
    fountain to drink from.  Next to the fountain is a pressure switch, and you
    may have noticed you passed a box back there, so run back and get it and put
    it on the switch.  Backtrack and exit through the door.
    In this very red hallway, two blades will jut out and you'll note that the
    door at the end is closed.  The switch, however, is on the left wall.  You'll
    need to Upwall it to touch it, but that shouldn't be too hard by now.  Just
    roll under the blades and Upwall.  If you time it right, they'll pass by just
    before you land and then you can just run through the door.
    Look to the left and there'll be a Sand Cloud for you.  It doesn't matter
    which timer switch you pull first, but as soon as you do, pull the other one
    and then run into the chimney and rebound up as fast as you can.  When you're
    at the top, Upwall-jump and you'll land on a beam... which causes some of those
    pesky bats to come flying out.  Yay.  Get rid of them.
    Follow the beam and then jump straight ahead when you get to the end.  There's 
    a beam below you that you'll land on, I promise.  Don't walk into the chimney
    just yet.  There's two pressure switches on either side of the beam.  You'll
    want to jump to each one and bound back to the beam in turn, and then walk
    into the chimney and bound upwards.  They're timed, so be quick about it.
    Once again, at the top, Upwall-jump and you'll hang on a bar.  Bound off
    the wall to get to the one above and then once more to get to a beam.
    Once again, jump into the pit and you'll hit a bar.  Swing across and you'll
    be treated to a tasty Sand Cloud.  The next part is all about Upwall-jumping
    the switches, so go ahead and do that until you're on a beam.  Then just
    follow it until you can jump onto a ladder.  Climb on up to the top, and then
    back jump to a bar, swinging onto the next ladder.  Wash, rinse, repeat.  When
    you're out, there's no time to breathe as Farah's being attacked.  Go do the
    dirty work.
    When you're done, run up the stairs to the save point.  At the very top is
    some water you can use.
    6.33 At Last We're Here
    Poor Prince.  Head back up the stairs past the save point, and up some more
    to collect that Sand Cloud you were going to get before the bridge collapsed.
    Back down the stairs, hit the pressure switch (timed) and run down the right
    hand stairs to the new platform.  Upwall it and then Wallrun to get to the
    platform.  Upwall this switch and quickly drop down and repeat the process on
    the other side of the courtyard.  Here's a box.  Push it off.
    Now if you look at the "stage" if you will, there's an orange button built
    into it.  Push the box under it and Upwall the sucker.  Drop off the box and
    follow Farah through the door.  Birds wait for you as you cross, but we now
    know that they're harmless trifles, so get rid of them.
    Continue across and through the doorway.  To your right will be a Sand Cloud.
    Turn around and follow the hallway until you see a breakable wall in front of
    you.  This is a Hub entrance, but no, Farah won't join you this time.  You
    know what to do.
    I hope your Power Tanks are built and full, because this is probably one of
    the toughest fights in the game.  Not so much because you can't handle it, but
    more because Farah can't handle it.  Run towards her and the trip up the
    elevator will begin.  As soon as it moves up, go back the way you came and
    put some distance between you and Farah.
    For this fight, I suggest you keep as much distance away from Farah as you
    can.  Make sure your Power Tanks are full, and if they're not, take down as
    many guys as you can to fill them up.  If you haven't guessed, we're going to
    Haste this fight.  It won't, unfortunately, last the whole fight, but it'll
    make it one hell of a lot shorter.  First, you'll fight some reds mixed with
    Blues.  Get rid of them first by normal means.  When you start getting
    surrounded by nothing but Blues, pull on both triggers and mash on X while
    wiggling the stick to any enemies you see.  You'll get rid of most of the
    enemies (hopefully) and the rest will be some blues that you can easily
    Launch to the ground.  This fight CAN be passed by normal means, but why
    go through the hard work?  Farah is hard to defend here, so you're better off
    hasting.  By the time you see Reds appear again, the fight's almost over and
    Farah can handle herself better.  Good luck.
    When the ride comes to a complete stop, Upwall-jump to the marker behind
    Farah and you'll open up the elevator.  Exit as you will (and take a drink
    from the two fountains at the side of the stairs if you need it) and ride
    with Farah up the elevator to the treasure room.  There's a save spot here.
    6.34 The Hourglass
    As the Prince says, "There's no-one here," so simply run up the spiral to the
    hourglass, pass it and climb up to the small ledge here.  Keep following it,
    until you have to Wallrun from platform to platform.  Then, finally Walljump
    off some stained glass onto a bar and swing onto the top of the hourglass.
    Yay!  You did it!  It's over... not quite.  Perhaps I should grow an Evil
    Beard (tm) too.
    After the cutscene, you'll be in a very odd place.  Down the rabbit hole, as
    it were.  Listen to some plot development and when you regain control, come
    back to me.
    Just run on down the spiral (it does end).  There's nothing secret here, so
    just run around the circle until you hear trickling water (those without
    volume are SOL).  When you hear the water, go into that door.  Otherwise, you
    will be warped back to the beginning.  Keep on doing it until you're out of
    here and into a cutscene.
    Ack, while you were off dreaming, you got screwed.  No weapons to your name,
    there's no way to fight these baddies, so bolt on past them down the hallway.
    Don't worry, they won't follow you in.  This is the treacherous mirror room.
    The goal is to get that sword in the center.  Follow the beam until it gets
    blocked by a mirror and kindly move it aside.  Follow the beam again and push
    the remaining mirror on this side past the doorway and onto the scorch mark
    on the floor (so it's opposite from where it started) and the beam should
    now go directly into a post where you moved that first mirror out of the way.
    Follow the beam and push the first mirror you moved out of the way into the
    path of the light (by the opposite pole).  Pull the remaining mirror into
    the light now and aim it into the symbol.  Voila, you have a sword.
    And what a sword it is.  You may be thinking, "how on earth do I gather up
    Sand Creatures with this?" and the answer, my friends, is you don't have to.
    A single hit with this sword destroys a Sand Creature completely.  Nifty, no?
    You can run back down the hallway to try it out (and find a Save Spot, too) if
    you're so inclined, but it's not necessary other than to save.
    6.35 The Tomb
    Back to where you got the sword, there's a door on your left.  Smash it open,
    and feel free to cackle.  You're frickin' Batman!  Out on the balcony,
    Wallrun to the bars and do your thing (remember to rebound to the higher one)
    and make your way up to the baddies.  This fight is sooooo easy now.  Save
    your game if you like (I told you it wasn't necessary before).
    6.36 Farah, Come Back!
    Ignore your first instinct to scale the wall and instead look for a ledge
    to drop down onto behind you.  Drop down and follow the ledges until you can't
    go any further.  Then just drop down and land on a beam, following it until
    you can hop up onto a bar.  Go on and swing up.  Directly in front of you is
    a door you can smash, which is the reason we're here.  This is your last trip
    to the Hub (unless I've missed one).
    When you're done here, Upwall-jump to the switch, which opens the trap door
    above, which you'll have to swing and rebound off of to get out.  NOW you can
    scale the wall.
    Upwall to the ledge, jump up and yes, shimmy left, then jump up, and shimmy
    right (I feel like singing).  Up once again, but ignore the fountain since
    we've just come from the Hub.
    Instead, Upwall-jump to the beam above your head.  Follow the little S-beam
    until you're lined up with the bar.  Jump to it, but before you swing off,
    shimmy to the left so you're center between the two posts.  Swing off and you
    will land on a beam.  Fight off the bats as you will and when you're done,
    line yourself up with either pole and jump to one, slididng down.
    Go through the little doorway.  You won't be directly under the beam if you
    Upwall from here, so Walljump from the left wall and rebound up to the ledge.
    Pullyourself up and then Upwall-jump (you won't make the top if you just
    Upwall, and chances are you'll flip off into the pit) to the ledge above.
    You'll be up here just in time to see Farah run off with your gear (note the
    fountain, if you need it later), but now it's time to whip out the Fourth
    Sword (sounds like a Capcom game) and kick yourself some ass.  Just remember
    that you have no Dagger of Time now, so you're going to have to block when
    necessary.  Just cause you can kill in one hit doesn't mean you'll always hit.
    Go save.
    6.37 Climbing the Tower of Dawn
    Grab from the fountain if you need it and then run to the opposite corner.
    Upwall-jump to the bar, turn yourself around and rebound to the beam.  Pull
    yourself up and move to the wall.  Climb up and shimmy left to the beam and
    balance on out, jumping left when you get the chance.  Again, move to the wall
    and to the left and line yourself up with the pole.  Jump backwards to it and
    climb up before jumping to the next one.  The camera changes for you (yay) so
    all you need to do now is jump to the wall and rebound back out of the hole.
    Move forward (left if you're facing the wall) and you'll find a ledge you
    can hug.  Follow it for a bit and you'll be accosted by bats (this is why
    they're annoying).  When you're done with them, follow along until you can
    climb up into a chimney.  Rebound your way up and follow this ledge to a
    beam.  Go on out and jump to the next one after you deal with the stupid bats
    of course.  Follow this beam to the ledge, to the wall, to another beam.  When
    you get trapped, drop down to the bar below and SHIMMY over to the other side.
    A rebound jump off the wall and you can take the beam back to the other tower.
    More bats.  If you're lucky, you can widdle them down to two.  In any case,
    follow along and jump from beam to beam and follow the ledge into another
    chimney.  Rebound your way up.  When you reach the ledge, shimmy again to the
    Prince's right (down) until you can pull yourself up.  Climb the ledges and
    follow them until you can jump back to the other tower and make your way
    around again.  When you get to the end, you'll see some bars you can jump to
    and swing across.  Swing across.  *sigh*
    You'll land on a broken tower which you must walk around.  When you get as
    far as you can go, drop off and hang on the OUTSIDE of the tower, then shimmy
    around further in the same direction you were travelling.  This here is a wide
    chimney, so you'll be rebounding your way down.  If you die here, you're going
    to have to do everything over again, so DON'T DIE.
    Through the doorway, onto a pressure switch, and a Wallrun to a tower of
    ladders.  Climb up each one and back jump to the next.  It's all very
    straight forward except for, perhaps, the stupid bats.  You know what to do
    with them, though (you can fight on the ladder).
    Once you're out of the tower, a fight begins.  It's short of course, but there
    is still a chance you could die, so remember to block when you have to.  There
    is, however, a fountain if you face the big tower and run right.  To the left,
    however, is some rubble you can climb up and drop down to get to a save point.
    6.38 The Setting Sun
    You're on the homestretch now, folks, don't give up yet.  Upwall the rubble
    to get back on it and climb the pole.  Jump off to the bars and swing across,
    but be careful, the center one doesn't like the weight.  On the third one,
    shimmy as far as you can go and then swing to the crevice in the wall.  Pull
    yourself up, shimmy a little, and up again, then back jump onto the beam and
    follow it forward to the tower on the right (you can go backward and Wallrun
    if you like, as well, you FREAK).
    Wallrun to the next platform, and then Wallrun again.  From here, go out on
    the beam to the broken tower which is, by the way, a chimney.  Stand on the
    edge to the right of the tower (when the camera shifts) and then just rebound
    up through the broken tower.  Once you're up, hang a right to get to some water
    otherwise hang a left and Wallrun the gap.  As you approach the tower here,
    more bats will come after you (GRR).  When you're done with them, hop onto
    the beam here and cross to the other tower for more batty fun!  Yaaaay!
    When you're done with them, run back to the main building and Wallrun the gap.
    Here, you'll need to Walljump to the pole (if you miss, the retry point is
    just from where you started, so no worries).  Up the pole and jump to the next
    one.  Up all the way to this pole and jump to the bars and you can safely
    swing to the terrace.  Finally, you'll need to Walljump to the ladder, up all
    the way, jump to the pole, and through the window.
    It's time for your last big fight.  If you've been growing attached to Farah,
    now's the time to exact some sweet, sweet vengeance.  Go kill EVERYBODY.  If
    anyone gets knocked down during this fight, take some time to gather sand into
    the dagger.  You'll be able to take back some time if you die, but otherwise,
    let everyone have it.
    When you're done, you'll be able to save.
    6.39 Honor and Glory
    Now the intro doesn't seem so weird, does it?  I guess this is where you say,
    "We have now come full circle."  And so it is.
    Your final fight is a joke, but it's necessary.  Don't bother going after the
    real Vizier.  He's shielded.  Just fight his stupid clone.  The best you can
    do is simply hold your block button and wait for an opening.  Hasting will
    help you knock down the first one fast, but then the rest is routine.  Go to
    it.  When you hear the Vizier coughing like a goon, run up to him and slash
    him (3 clones about does the trick).  He'll say something stupid on the
    balcony, but he doesn't seem to do anything special while he's out there.
    Just slash him up.
    Congratulations, you've beaten POP:SoT and you've unlocked the original
    Prince of Persia!
    7.0 Secrets
    7.1 Unlock the original Prince of Persia (XBOX):
    Complete the game once.  It can be accessed through the Extra Features menu.
    7.2 Unlock Prince of Persia 2 (XBOX):
    Find the hidden breakable wall near a crank when you get the second sword.
    Check the walkthrough for details.
    7.3 Unlock Prince of Persia 3D:
    What on earth do you want to play this one for?  BLECH! ICK!  Leave it
    buried, my friend.  Leave it buried.  (Apologies to the people who worked on
    this game; I know you worked hard, but even you have to admit it was awful).
    Update: Okay, I guess I wasn't really clear on this.  It's not in the game.
    At all.  On any version.  There is no POP3D.  It was awful and that's about
    all the reason anyone needs to not include it in their wonderful game.  If
    you really want to play it, raid the bargain bins for the jewel case version.
    7.4 Unlock the 3D remake of a POP level
    Okay, I've had enough of the emails.  I have the issue of EGM, but I just never
    had time to go try this thing out.  Lo and behold, it's true.  There -is- a
    3D remake of the first PoP level.  So here goes the regurgitation:
           1) Start a new game (can exist in your profile)
           2) Don't enter the curtains.  Stay on the balcony.
           3) Hold down the left stick (push it in... yes, it's a button).
           4) Quickly enter A, X, Y, B, Y, A, X, B.
           5) Serves one.  Enjoy.
    So now you can all stop emailing me.  Seriously.  I got the issue when it
    came out.  Thanks for the help, but it was in my lap the whole time.  In any
    case, credit goes to the February issue of Electronic Gaming Monthly.  :P
    8.0 FAQs
    8.1 Why did you write this FAQ?
    This isn't a FAQ at all, and I don't care.  My main reason for writing this
    was that a) I had nothing better to do during the two days it took to write,
    and b) at the time, nobody else had written one, but before I completed this,
    those two quick-workers YuGiOhFm2002 & Angel posted a Puzzle FAQ.  I didn't
    use any of it, of course.
    Plus, browsing the message boards, which were unfortunately slow at the time,
    people were getting stuck without help.  I really thought the game was pretty
    straightforward in and of itself, but some people just can't see some of the
    solutions that are in front of them, so this guide is here to help.
    8.2 Which is the better version of POP:SoT?
    It's really a toss-up between the XBOX and GCN, but I would have to say my
    choice is for the XBOX simply because it has both of the original, GOOD
    Prince of Perisas (except they redid the graphics in 1, which sucks), the
    Making Of... features, and the best sound to boot.  Plus, I dig the XBOX
    lighting effects.  The game is so much prettier with it, and the load times
    are nothing to shake a fist at at all!
    8.3 When/Where do I get a new sword?
    All in due time.  Patience is the key to playing this game, regardless of
    combat.  You'll get the new swords when you -need- them.  That is all.
    8.4 I keep dying in this fight against you-know-who!
    Your father is a tough one, to be sure, but only because he blocks everything
    under the sun.  Coward.  Anyways, just take care of all his friends before
    you work on him, and simply vault over him again and again.  He will eventually
    go down before you know it.
    8.5 These Blue guys keep pushing me off when I vault over them!
    Blues are a pain, but they are a necessity.  The vaulting in the game makes
    combat sooooo easy, so they decided you can't vault over Blues.  However, if
    there's a wall nearby, you can 9 times out of 10 knock them down by launching
    yourself off the wall by aiming the stick to the wall and pressing (A+X).
    8.6 What on earth is the third sword for?
    As rumor would have it, it was a necessary weapon for a monster that was
    ultimately omitted from the final version of the game.  What this creature is
    or was is beyond me.  XBOX owners can get a glimpse at what was cut out in
    the "making of" sections, but other than that, I have no idea.  Other than
    that, it seems to be slightly stronger than the first two swords, but it's
    hardly noticeable given the enemies you fight after accquiring it.
    9.0 Disclaimer
    10.0  Contact Information
    email: popsot@passthebowl.com
    This email address was created specifically to support this FAQ.  If and when
    it gets overloaded with spam and other unwanted emails, I will no longer be
    answering questions through it.  Sorry, but I had to shut down the last
    email address I had posted in a guide and I really liked that one.
             1. Any question that is asked that is answered in the guide will be
                heretofore ignored.  I wrote the guide so please use it.
             2. Any question asking me to address technical support will be
                ignored as well.  Contact UbiSoft for problems with your game.
             3. Compliments and flames alike are welcome.
             4. Suggestions to the document are welcome if and only if they are
                pertinent and constructive.  Please note that this guide is a guide
                for beginners.  Alternate ways of doing things are fine and dandy,
                but if it's not really helping to make things any easier, I really
                don't care.  You shouldn't need the guide at that point, anyway.
             5. Any requests for permission to post this guide on any other site
                other than GameFAQs will be summarily ignored.  I am never doing
                that again without a healthy paycheck in my pocket, capice?
             6. Don't bother mailing me viruses.
             7. Don't email me bug reports either.  I know of some, but this isn't
                a workaround document.  When in doubt, shut off your XBOX and turn
                it back on to clear out the RAM, and then load your last save.
    Otherwise, feel free to bombard me with whatever you've got.
    11.0 Stuff
    I'd like to send a shoutout to Donut and Doc, wherever they may be, and to
    all my pals on Heck and Crimson.  You had no idea I was doing this, but you
    will now.  Bwahaha.

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