Review by goldengoal7

Reviewed: 08/19/07

The same old Madden

I have bought Madden games since 2004, and they have been great. It really brings out the competition in myself and my friends. The rush of a game-winning field goal with clock expiring is just amazing. And so is rubbing it in the losers face

I love Madden games. They really are great. But the only thing I have against them is that they haven't changed for the last 3 years. Every year they sucker me into buying the "newest" Madden, just to find out it's almost exactly the same game as last year.

Now, you may look at that in a good way. You may love the Madden formula, and just need the roster update to keep you happy until next summer. But this reviewer doesn't think so.

Lets just start off by saying that if this is your first Madden, then you will absolutely love it. It's the best Football franchise ever created.Then again, if you have bought Madden these last few years, you may be a bit disapointed.

None of the features have really changed from last year's edition. Franchise is pretty much the same (minus the Tony Bruno show), and so is the NFL Superstar mode. You create a character, choose a position, get drafted, and so on and so on just like last year.

There is a new Fantasy Challenge mode in which you build up a team and bring them to stardom.

All the Madden game play is back. The controls haven't changed at all since last year, give or take a few small changes/improvements, and the graphics are just what you would expect from a Madden game. Online mode is back, and has pretty much the same features as last year as well.

In conclusion, Madden 08 is a game that pretty much replicates Madden 07, except for the roster changes (and a few new menus!) The only reason it gets a 6/10 is because it's Madden, and Madden is a great game, just needs changes.

If you have 07, don't buy this. If this is your first Madden, go for it. You won't be disapointed

Rating:   3.0 - Fair

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