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Audio Extraction Guide by prudoff

Version: FINAL | Updated: 05/14/07

* GAME: Grand Theft Auto: Vice City Stories
* SYSTEM: Playstation 2

* TITLE: Audio Extraction Guide
* VERSION: FINAL (5/14/2007)

* AUTHOR: Paul Rudoff
* E-MAIL: http://www.theraffon.net/~spookcentral/email.htm
* WEBSITE: http://www.spookcentral.tk


1. Introduction & Special Legal Information
2. System Requirements
3. Radio Station List
4. Dialogue List
5. Extraction Walkthrough
6. Audio Credits
7. Quick Answers
8. Revision History
9. Copyright Notice & Disclaimer


   *  This guide will only tell you how to extract the audio for   *
   *  your listening pleasure.  It won't tell you how to rebuild   *
   *    the game with new music, because I don't know how to do    *
   *        that, and I don't care to know how to do that.         *

     #   To do SAN ANDREAS AUDIO EXTRACTION, check out the             #
     # "San Andreas Radio" program listed on my PlayStation            #
     #  page (http://www.theraffon.net/~spookcentral/playstation.htm). #



I am a big fan of the Grand Theft Auto series.  The quality of the voice acting
and the care that is put into the radio stations is one of the game's biggest
assets.  There are very few other games that are this good when it comes to the

I've written several PlayStation 2 audio/music extraction guides, such as for
the other Grand Theft Auto games (except for San Andreas), and some of the
WWF/WWE SmackDown! games.  This guide lists of all of the audio I could
find on the game disc, including audio that most people probably could care
less about.

The basic extraction information in this guide is based on Splintax's "Grand
Theft Auto: Vice City Music Hacking Guide" (also available for download at
www.gamefaqs.com).  I owe a great debt of gratitude to him and his guide.
Without it I never would have known how to digitally extract audio from ANY
PlayStation 2 games.


As far as I know, this is perfectly legal.  You are merely making a backup
copy of what you already own and leaving it on a storage device (hard
drive, CD, etc.) for future use.

However, it is ILLEGAL for you to put any of the music you have copied
onto the Internet.  This includes, but is not limited to, placing the
sound files as downloads on your personal homepage or a corporate music
collection or sharing the files on a peer-to-peer (P2P) file sharing
network such as Kazaa, iMesh, Grokster, etc.  You may NOT distribute these
files between you and other acquaintances through any means whatsoever.

Anything you do as a result of this guide is completely your
responsibility, and neither the author nor any other third party will take
responsibility for your actions.



Along with the Grand Theft Auto: Vice City Stories game disc, you will need
the following on/in your computer in order to do the music extraction.

1. A DVD-ROM drive, or any other optical drive that is able to read DVD
   data discs.
2. Microsoft Windows 95 or higher (unconfirmed about 95, but I know it
   works on 98, 2000, and XP)
3. Three gigabytes of free space on your hard drive.  I don't know what's
   the least you could have to do this, but three gigs would give PLENTY
   of room to do everything with space left over.  Otherwise you may have
   to convert files a few at a time.
4. A copy of MFAudio, which you can download from my PlayStation page
5. A copy of my MFAudio batch file for the game, which you can also download
   from my PlayStation page.

You'll also need a program that can handle .zip files.  If you don't have one,
you should be able to find plenty at: http://www.snapfiles.com


* An audio editor. (personal suggestion: Goldwave)
* A CD making program (one probably came with the drive when you
bought it). (personal suggestion: Easy CD Creator)
* An MP3 encoding program. (personal suggestion: MPEG Suite)

Links to the above can be found on either SnapFiles or my Software page:




This section will list all of the files in the \AUDIO\MUSIC\ directory.
Contrary to what you may think, this directory contains more than just the
music/radio stations.  Files from the \MOVIES\ directory are also included,
at the very bottom of this section.

After each title is the track length of the outputted wav files in minutes
and seconds (some include silence at the end) followed by the file size of
the outputted wav file.

A list of the songs contained on each station can be found in the Audio Credits


Emotion 98.3 (1:09:06) (506.18 MB)

Radio Espantoso (30:31) (223.61 MB)

Flash FM (1:04:49) (474.85 MB)

Fresh 105 (29:44) (217.77 MB)

Paradise FM (41:17) (302.36 MB)

Police Band (16:29) (120.8 MB)
* Same exact file as Taxi Band?

Taxi Band (16:29) (120.8 MB)
* Same exact file as Police Band?

VCFL - Vice City For Lovers (38:54) (284.97 MB)

VCPR - Vice City Public Radio (1:04:59) (475.95 MB)

VROCK (59:40) (437.01 MB)

Wave 103 (59:59) (439.41 MB)


Bike Ring? (1:19) (9.73 MB)
* Yaz - "Don't Go" (Wave 103)

North Point Mall #1 (2:37) (19.25 MB)

North Point Mall #2 (3:28) (25.48 MB)

North Point Mall #3 (2:04) (15.13 MB)

North Point Mall #4 (2:10) (15.96 MB)

North Point Mall #5 (3:04) (22.46 MB)

Phil Collins Concert (6:24) (46.97 MB)
* Phil Collins - "In The Air Tonight" (Emotion 98.3)

-- MISC --

Mission Completion Music (0:04) (500.1 KB)

Beginning Credits Music (aka Opening Title Sequence) (1:23) (10.13 MB)


City Sounds, Wind, etc.  (10:00) (73.24 MB)

Construction Site Sounds (1:09) (8.42 MB)

Crowd Sounds (1:10) (8.64 MB)

Sawmill Sounds  (1:53) (13.79 MB)

Water & Waves  (10:32) (77.14 MB)

There are also four files in the \MOVIES\ directory that you can extract the
audio from.

Beginning Credits Music (aka Opening Title Sequence) (1:24) (15.42 MB)

Rockstar North/Leeds/Games Logos
\MOVIES\STINGS.PSS (0:10) (1.96 MB)
\MOVIES\STINGSP.PSS (0:10) (1.83 MB)



This section will list all of the files in the following directories:
I'm excluding the files in the SET0 through SET6 directories (sound effects,
pedestrian dialogue, and dialogue during missions?) because I can't figure
out how to get them to play properly and, quite frankly, I don't know if
they're even worth extracting.

I'm listing everything (roughly) in the order it appears in the game.  The
written dialogue, mission titles, and general order come from the English-to-
Japanese GTA:VCS Game Script found here...
...though I have made some corrections.  All of the News Report text was
transcribed by me.

After each title is the track length of the outputted wav files in minutes
and seconds (some include silence at the end) followed by the file size of
the outputted wav file.

Only dialogue heard in cutscenes can be extracted.  All of the dialogue during
missions is excluded.

Interestingly, there are 13 missions that do not have audio files for them,

* Marty J. Williams: Waking Up The Neighbors
* Marty J. Williams: O, Brothel, Where Art Thou?
* Louise Cassidy-Williams: To Victor, The Spoils
* Louise Cassidy-Williams: Hose The Hoes
* Louise Cassidy-Williams: Robbing The Cradle
* Brian Forbes: Leap And Bound
* Brian Forbes: The Bum Deal
* Lance Vance: Where It Hurts Most
* Lance Vance: Lost And Found
* Gonzalez: Home's On The Range
* Gonzalez: Purple Haze
* Gonzalez: Farewell To Arms

There are text transcriptions of the dialogue for these missions on that site I
listed above, so they must have audio, yet none can be found with the rest on
the game disc.  Maybe they're mixed in with the sound effects and such in the
SET0 through SET6 directories.  In any case, I'm not worried about it, but I
just thought I'd point it out anyway.

If you're wondering why it might be useful to extract the dialogue, you could
use certain quotes as system sounds on your computer, or put up a few key
soundbytes on your GTA fan site (as long as you don't use LOTS of soundbytes,
I'm sure Rockstar won't be mad - but don't quote me on that).


News Report #1 (0:30) (3.71 MB)
Female Newscaster: Weather forecasters are predicting a stormy time ahead for
     Vice City as Hurricane Gordy threatens to make landfall in the South Keys.
     City officials have taken the usual precautionary measure of closing all
     bridges from the Mainland to Ocean Beach and Vicepoint. And all flights
     to and from Escobar International Airport have been halted until further
     notice. For more news updates stay tuned to Vice News Network.

News Report #2 (0:30) (3.71 MB)
Female Newscaster: This just in. A gang-related arson attack rocked Little
     Havana. The rundown latin district grows alarmingly more violent everyday,
     as gangs from different communities vie for control of its streets.
     Firefighters apologized for their late arrival at the scene blaming the
     hectic training program of their new fire helicopter service soon to be
     unveiled in the city. VNN. News on the hour, every hour, regardless.

News Report #3 (0:25) (3.11 MB)
Female Newscaster: Breaking news. Citizens of Little Havana and Little Haiti
     were rudely awakened this morning as gang violence tore through their
     neighborhoods. Thought the districts persistently play host to gang
     fighting, unsubstantiated reports suggest a lone killer was responsible
     for these attacks. More later. VNN. Keeping it real simple, just for you.

News Report #4 (0:28) (3.5 MB)
Female Newscaster: Street rage descended on Vice City today as some drivers
     succumbed to the desire to ram and chase each other at high speed.
     Witnesses in Downtown reported that some drivers were even seen to be
     discharging firearms at one another. Our legal team, Rosenberg & Company,
     urged citizens to quote the Second Ammendment should they face charges.
     VNN. Thinking for you, so you don't have to.

News Report #5 (0:30) (3.66 MB)
Female Newscaster: Once again, the streets of Little Havana erupt in gang
     violence as more explosions rock the neighborhood. Reliable sources close
     to local gangs claim this latest outrage marks the end of gang warfare in
     the district as the Cuban factions are at last united behind one leader,
     Umberto Robina. More updates to follow. VNN. Filling your empty heads with
     news candy.

News Report #6 (0:30) (3.77 MB)
Female Newscaster: Earlier today, the White Stallions gentlemen's club in
     Little Haiti became a scene of brutality when guests of the club's annual
     Bare Meet get-together squared off against one another. The club owners,
     although initially horrified by the fight, are considering hosting more
     fights, saying that half-naked sweaty men wrestling each other to the
     floor can only be good for their business. VNN. Sucking the teat of the

News Report #7 (0:27) (3.39 MB)
Female Newscaster: Police hunting two accomplices involved in the King Knuts
     Burger Bar hold-up in Downtown today have expressed confidence that in
     this case they can turn the tide of Vice City's rising crime wave. The
     hapless thieves fled the crime scene empty-handed leaving their masked
     friends behind to face the full force of the law. VNN. Easy to digest

News Report #8 (0:29) (3.6 MB)
Female Newscaster: Vice City civilians had a pleasant surprise today when an
     unknown philantropist tossed cash from his car onto the streets. The police
     would like to talk to the kind-hearted driver with regard to littering
     charges and several hit-and-runs. If you have any information as to his
     whereabouts, call us on 555-FUNDUS. VNN. Cashing in the chips of truth.

News Report #9 (0:29) (3.6 MB)
Female Newscaster: After being poised on the verge of evacuation, Vice City
     finally breathes a sigh of relief today as meteorologists report Hurricane
     Gordy will bypass the state without incident. All bridges to Ocean Beach
     and Vicepoint have now been reopened, and flights to and from Escobar
     International Airport have recommenced. VNN. Where good news is no news.

News Report #10 (0:29) (3.6 MB)
Female Newscaster: Vice City's screen profile steps up a notch as Interglobal
     Film Studios begins shooting a series of action-packed commercials on our
     streets over the next few weeks. The studio, about to wrap filming on their
     zombie movie epic, Mall Munchers, has apologized for disturbances to the
     normal flow of city life caused by their work. VNN. Switch off before you
     switch on.

News Report #11 (0:30) (3.77 MB)
Female Newscaster: Police Commissioner McGinley was warned by Muncipal Officers
     today that the recent spate of gang attacks on businesses across the city
     are likely to be the primary engagements in what may become an all-out war
     against the city's criminal underworld. The commissioner responded that he
     would assess the situation when he gets back from his annual leave next
     month. VNN. Where complacentcy IS the answer.

News Report #12 (0:30) (3.66 MB)
Female Newscaster: Rockstar Phil Collins is set to perform a surprise concert at
     Downtown's Hyman Memorial Stadium. Tickets are already selling out fast,
     though Phil has yet to set a definitive date for the show. When approached,
     Phil's management told VNN, "Phil won't set a date just yet. His work is a
     labor of love and you can't hurry love." VNN. Making a virtue of Vice.

News Report #13 (0:28) (3.41 MB)
Female Newscaster: Gang war intensifies on Vice City streets as many members of
     the biker gang were viciously slain in Downtown today. Initially, police
     believed the killings to be drug related, however forensics have found no
     evidence of narcotics at the crime scene, and can only conclude that the
     motive was purely inner-gang rivalry. VNN. Wringing lies from the scrawny
     neck of truth.

News Report #14 (0:28) (3.5 MB)
Female Newscaster: Law enforcement officers announced the seizure of a large
     drug haul today as 199 kilos of uncut cocaine was captured entering the
     country. Agents involved in the swoop were praised for their
     professionalism by Police Commissioner McGinley who added, "To be seen as
     winning the war on drugs is just as important as actually winning the war."
     VNN. Hustling raw news to green public.

News Report #15 (0:31) (3.78 MB)
Female Newscaster: News just in. Chaos descended on Vice City's lower westside
     today when fuel containers at Escobar International Airport unexpectedly
     ignited causing thousands of dollars in damage and interrupted flights to
     and from the airport. Escobar officials have warned travellers that missed
     flights due to the explosion can not be reimbursed. They also expressed
     deep sympathy for those people killed in the blast. VNN. Now that's a
     spicy newsball.

News Report #16 (0:26) (3.28 MB)
Female Newscaster: Drug war brought Vice City to a stand-still today after weeks
     of escalating violence amongst the criminal underworld finally came to a
     head. Widespread conflict was witnessed across many districts as gangs
     fought each other to a stand-still over the control of drug trafficking in
     the city. Stay tuned for further updates. VNN. News coming straight in your

News Report #17 (0:29) (3.54 MB)
Female Newscaster: News of a vicious and unprovoked assault on the Prawn Island
     home of Vice City's philantropist brothers, Armando and Diego Mendez, is
     just reaching us. A drug-crazed maniac is alleged to have fought his way
     onto their well-guarded estate and assassinated the elder brother, Armando.
     The whereabouts and conditions of Diego Mendez is still unknown at this
     time. VNN. Dredging for rumors off the gossip coast.

News Report #18 (0:27) (3.39 MB)
Female Newscaster: The army has been left with egg on its face today after
     admitting an attack helicopter was stolen from their military base north
     of Escobar International Airport. Senior officers have said the thief
     should be regarded as most definitely armed and dangerous and urged him
     to do the right thing: return their chopper then turn himself in, please.
     VNN. Making and breaking the news.

News Report #19 (0:34) (4.15 MB)
Female Newscaster: A stolen military helicopter demolished the upper floors of
     the Mendez Foundation's Downtown building today. Reports filtering in tell
     of numerous casualities. Diego Mendez himself is said to be amongst the
     dead. Underworld sources say this was a legitimate hit on the Mendez
     Brothers, whom they allege were two of Vice City's chief crimelords.
     Police have warned the public to remain vigilant as the assassin and thief
     are still at large. VNN. A nose-news newschannel.

News Report #20 (0:27) (3.39 MB)
Female Newscaster: Dozens of innocent civilians were brutally slaughtered
     earlier today when a lone maniac went on the rampage in the streets of
     Vice City. Police, fearing that this could be the beginning of a brutal
     campaign of butchery, are said to have issued an A.P.B. for the man
     responsible, hoping to bring him swiftly to justice. VNN. Doling out
     opinions to those in need.


Soldier (2:20) (17.08 MB)
Vic: Vic Vance reporting for duty, sir.
Jerry: Ha ha ha! Relax, relax. Are you well?
Vic: Yes, thank you. Sergeant.
Jerry: Good. In here, you can call me Jerry.
Vic: Okay
Jerry: Okay... Jerry, huh? Heh heh! Now, Vic, tell me... why did you sign up,
     huh? To stay out of jail? Because you like getting shouted at, huh? What
     makes you polish your boots and put bullets in your gun in the hope that
     maybe you'll get to shoot someone, huh? Ha ha ha!
Vic: I got a difficult family. I got responsibilities.
Jerry: What, kids? A broad giving you shit, huh?
Vic: No, brothers. One is real sick, asthma, and I gotta pay the bills, the
     other, well...maybe he's sick too, but in a different way. My mom's a mess.
Jerry: So you joined the army...to get rich?
Vic: Not exactly. But y'know, my dad came here from DR, we didn't have lot of
     opportunities. What else was I supposed to do? Why did you join up?
Jerry: To get rich!
Vic: Why you messing with me, sergeant?
Jerry: I ain't. Chill. Relax. Take a seat. Look, Vic. There are plenty of
     opportunities for a man who knows the game to make real money. So, ...
Vic: I don't want any trouble, man.
Jerry: Who wants trouble? Nobody. Everybody wants to relax. No trouble.
     And there's plenty of money to be made. Nice and easy.
Vic: Listen, I don't think this is for me. So, if there's nothing else...
Jerry: Hey, relax, huh? Come on Vic. I need a favor. No risk.
Vic: So why do you need me if there's no risk?
Jerry: Because I gotta take registration. Beside, you're not on duty for a
     couple of days. Listen, you take my bike, you go over to the airport and
     you pick up a package for me, huh?
Vic: Okay, just this one favor and that's it.
Jerry: Good!

Cleaning House (1:35) (11.7 MB)
Jerry: Sure. No worries. Oh, look, I gotta go. The cavalry just turned up.
     Ok, bye. Corporal, what can I do for you?
Vic: Listen, Jerry, you gotta get rid of that stuff. It's making me nervous.
     I'm not into drugs, and I don't....
Jerry: Chill the fuck out, my friend. You're really getting on my nerves.
     Besides, who are you going to get in trouble with? I'm your superior
     officer... And you told me you needed the money.
Vic: I do need the money.
Jerry: Uh-huh! But you don't like drugs?
Vic: I don't think they're a good scene.
Jerry: Me neither. But you like guns, huh? They don't give you a moral problem
     I mean?
Vic: No.
Jerry: Good, cause I know a guy who can sell all the guns we can get him.
     Which is, trust me, quite a lot.
Vic: I don't know Sergeant, this is getting heavy.
Jerry: You'll make a whole pile of cash for nothing. Buy that sick brother of
     yours a whole lot of candy.
Vic: What do I have to do?
Jerry: Nothing. Just go and pick up the money from him. He's down over by the
     docks. Hey Vic! You want some of this, huh?

Conduct Unbecoming (1:55) (14.03 MB)
[the sounds of an adult video play in the background]
Jerry: Hooo! Hey, Victor Vance! Wow... did anyone ever tell you you've got a
     really dumb name?
Vic: No, no one's ever mentioned that before.
Jerry: Oh my, look at that... hey, is that legal? Can animals give consent?
Vic: I don't know. Listen, Jerry. Can you stash that weed somewhere else?
Jerry: Weed? What weed? Ha ha ha! I'm shitting with you, come on! Having fun,
     rock and roll! Oh, would you fucking relax, my friend?
Vic: Look, I'm not some idiot that you can just...
Jerry: I never called you an idiot. Oh, shhh, shhh - look at that - oooh, now
     she got a pig and a horse. Hooowee! Heh heh. That's Candy Suxx! He he he!
     That's some guy's daughter man!
Vic: Listen Jerry
Jerry: No, you listen, huh? Oh, dude - would you look at that - man - I gotta
     get laid. Oh jeez...Hey, if you weren't such square I'd do you, huh?
     Ha ha ha! I'm joking! Come on. This is the army - not the navy, huh?
     Heh heh heh! Listen, man. I need a broad, huh? Oh - I need Mary... Mary,
     yeah, oh, Mary, Mary quite contrary... Ha ha ha! Oh come on man, I need
     a favor.
Vic: I need you to collect your pot, dude.
Jerry: Sure. I'll go get that from your quarters, you go get Mary for me, okay?
     She's over at Viceport. Oh, and go see Phil again. He said something about
     a gift for you.
Vic: I don't trust you, Martinez.
Jerry: Hey, that is not an appropriate way to speak to a superior officer.
     Ha ha ha! Now get on with it.
Vic: The reefer is under my bed.
Jerry: Oh, genius! Great hiding place... what are you? 15? Hurry up... oh, hey,
     tell Mary I love her!
Vic: Fucking idiot.


Cholo Victory (1:18) (9.52 MB)
Vic: Phil, where are you?  Phil, it's me, Vic.
Phil: Put yer hands where I can see 'em boy. You think you can come here and
     rob me? Probably try to rape me? I know your kind...
Vic: Phil - it's me - Vic. Your brother in arms.
Phil: I'm gonna teach you a lesson. Lower your pants and prepare to cry.
     I'm going to give you a shotgun suppository.
Vic: PHIL! It's me. Vic. Vic Vance!
Phil: Vic! Why didn't you say so? Good to see you brother. C'mere. Let me
     squeeze a fart out of ya. I'm sorry about Bruce man. He was the best. I can
     still see the smile on his face when he shot that little gook... Bang!
     Go to hell...Damn...
Vic: Have you been drinking?
Phil: What do you think? Listen. We gotta go. I got something to show you.
     Come on. Come on! Come on! Now!
Vic: Hold on... You're gonna drive?

Boomshine Blowout (1:41) (12.32 MB)
Vic: Phil, what's going on? You're a mess.
Phil: I'm not drunk, I'm just resting my eyes.
Vic: Okay... so, what's going on?
Phil: My Boomshine's about to get blown sky high by a bunch of angry scumbags.
Vic: What?
Phil: Them Cholos are gonna blow up my liquor - There's so much of it at the
     warehouse one match'll blow it all the way to Tennessee. Tennessee, here
     I come...
Vic: Phil - Come on. Let's deal with it.
Phil: The thing is Vicky boy, my daddy was an angry man. He never, ever told me
     I was special. In fact - he used to beat me. Especially when he caught me
     staring at my cousin or my sister. You know what he said to me? He said I'd
     be better off dead...
Vic: And how exactly is this helping?
Phil: The tragedy of it is, I'm just like him - I'm a drunk. I deserve to die!
     It should have been me instead of Zack on Hill 491 man. I'm coming home,
     daddy! Yeah daddy! I'm coming home.
Vic: You're pathetic.

Truck Stop (1:21) (9.88 MB)
Jerry: Hey, look who it is. Victor Vance! What's going on, amigo? You want some
Vic: Fuck you, Martinez.
Jerry: Relax... you're so fucking histrionic. It's like hanging out with a bitch
     on her period.
Vic: You want me to fuck you up?
Jerry: Whatever baby. The thing is, you work for Phil, and Phil - Phil works for
     me. Which makes you... my bitch's bitch. Figure that out.
Phil: [coughs] Man, this shit is heavy.
Jerry: So you had better play nice, if you wanna get paid, huh? Because if you
     don't get paid, then who's gonna look after your sick brother?
Vic: Fuck you.
Jerry: Ay, change the record baby... fuck you, fuck you, fuck you. What did you
     expect me to do, huh? I didn't screw you over for fun. I was saving myself,
     and you would do the same. And don't pretend otherwise.
Vic: I had a career.
Jerry: So what, you got kicked out of the army... big deal. Hey... I told Phil
     about some guns I can sell, if you can get them, hmm? Phil, don't smoke too
     much of this shit, huh? It'll make you trip out, get paranoid.
Phil: Sure, later Jerry. Come on Vic. This should silence any asshole following

Marked Man (1:09) (8.42 MB)
Jerry: Phil, baby, would I screw you over?
Phil: Yeah, you would.
Jerry: Bullshit. I wouldn't. Not to you, not to a brother in arms. Come on,
     gimme a hug.  Screw you over?
Vic: Nah, you'd never screw anyone over, would you?
Jerry: Oh, look who it is! St. Victor of Vance! The holier than thou killer.
     All these principles, you go around shooting people.
Vic: I do what I gotta do, after I trusted an asshole.
Jerry: You enjoyed it, brother. Admit it - cause you're maniac, huh? I gave you
     a life.
Vic: Go to hell, Martinez.
Jerry: See Phil, I saved Vic - and I can save you too, huh?
Vic: What does this scumbag want?
Phil: He wants me to go over to some warehouse and see if his merchandise is all
     there. That's all.
Jerry: Hey, it's cool - go with him, Vicky Boy, if you don't trust me.
     But Phil - you owe me, after what you said...
Phil: You said that was forgotten.
Jerry: If you do this...
Phil: I'll explain as we drive, Vic... It's time for me to get another drink.


Shakedown (1:29) (10.86 MB)
Vic: Hello?  Marty?  Phil Cassidy sent me.  Oh, hi.
Louise: Marty ain't home or nothin'.
Vic: Oh, oh, okay... Well do you know when he's gonna be back?
Louise: I don't know nuthin'.  Excuse me.
Marty: What do you want, boy?
Vic: Nuthin'... are you Marty?
Marty: No. Now get gone, boy. Bitch! BITCH! GET YOUR SORRY ASS OUT HERE.
     I thought I told you to clean this shit up.
Louise: Marty, Mary-Beth's been sick.
Marty: Don't be using that baby as an excuse, Louise. 'Cos I'll hit her as well
     as you.
Vic: Are you Louise? I'm a friend of Phil's.
Marty: A friend of Phil's? Well, why didn't you say so boy?
     I'm Marty J. Williams.
Vic: I was too busy watching you threaten your wife.
Marty: Well, we was only playing around boy.
Louise: He didn't mean nothin' by it. He only hits me when I deserve it.
Vic: Oh yeah? Well Phil says you guys might have some work for me.
     I'm Vic Vance.
Marty: Yeah. Sure. I got a few things need taking care of right now, as a matter
     of fact. Drive me. And Louise - you better have this shit cleaned up before
     I get back. YOU GOT ME?

Fear The Repo (1:30) (10.98 MB)
[the sounds of an exercise video play in the background]
Vic: Ha ha ha! Hey Louise.
Louise: Hey...ahh, Vic. How you keepin'?
Vic: Better now.
Louise: Good.
Vic: Don't stop. I'm waiting for Marty.
Louise: No. It's nice to talk to someone. So - Phil said you was in the service.
Vic: Yeah... But I screwed up.
Louise: You and me both.
Marty: Damn it woman, if you gonna dress like a whore, I'm gonna turn you out.
Louise: I was doing my aerobics, Marty. For crying out loud, gimme a break.
Marty: I will... a broken fucking neck. You watch your mouth in my god damn
Louise: Sorry.
[the baby starts crying]
Marty: Now look what you gone and done. You imbecile. Jesus, woman.
     Hey - what's up Vic Vance?
Vic: You said you might have some other work.
Marty: Yeah, yeah, sure... I got some debts people need to start paying.
     Argh! If you don't shut that brat up, woman, I will.
Louise: Screw you, Marty, you're nothin' but an inbred hillbilly piece of shit.
Marty: You better watch your mouth, tramp - or I'll knock them teeth out.
Louise: That's it! I'm taking the baby and I'm going to stay with my sister.
Marty: Good. Go ahead! Go! Fat ass pig sister of hers. I'll hit her an'all, too.
     Come on, let's get out of here.

Got Protection? (0:53) (6.56 MB)
Marty: So I say, 'What kind of name is Thorkill?' Oh, here he is, tough boy!
     The big man. How high can you jump boy?
Vic: Boy? Oh, you're pretty tough, you inbred piece of white trash. Why don't
     you come down here and ask me that again, huh?
White Trash Friend: I ain't scared of you.
Vic: Oh yeah? Then why is your voice cracking - boy?
Marty: Alright, alright, enough. Will you stop disturbing the god damn neighbors
     with this bullshit. I pay you to help me, not to argue, you hear?
Vic: Loud and clear... Boss.
Marty: Good. Now, we got some problems with them Cholos - they been threatning
     my girls. I want you to teach them some respect. Anyway, I told em, you
     bring her over to me, I don't care if she's fourteen. I like her boobs.


When Funday Comes (2:00) (14.76 MB)
Vic: Hey, Louise.
Louise: Hey Vic. How are you?
Vic: Getting better.
Louise: Well alright.
Vic: [to the baby] Hey there.
Louise: You deserve good things, honey.
Vic: Eh, maybe.
Louise: Better than this shit.
Vic: Hey, c'mon. What's wrong?
Louise: Nothing... Everything... It's bullshit. I mean, I'm a fucking mess.
     Didn't finish high school. Got a kid by a god damn prick. Living on my
     sister's couch. No hope.
Vic: Come on, you're just going through a bad time right now. Things'll improve.
     You'll see.
Louise: Show me a way out. Just show me a fucking way out.
Vic: I don't know... Look at it this way. I've been kicked out of the military,
     now I'm working with jerks, robbing people, all to pay for my brother's
     medical bills, while my mother freebases half the money I send anyhow.
     I am not the one to ask for advice.
Louise: Look at us. What a pair!
Vic: Pathetic, huh?
Louise: Worse than pathetic.
Vic: Hey, you wanna go out? Maybe... get some fresh air? Have some fun?
Louise: Sure, sounds good. Say, Phil said there was a quad bike race at the
     trailer park.
Vic: There you go! Hey, great. Quad bikes and moonshine... Let's go.

Takin' Out The White Trash (0:40) (4.97 MB)
Louise: [crying]
Vic: Hey, stop that...
Louise: Sorry. It's...It's nothing... I'm... just tired.
Vic: Doesn't look like nothing - what's wrong?
Louise: I left some of her things back at Marty's. Everything I do is wrong.
     I can't even run away right.
Vic: Look, it's not such a big deal. We'll just head over to Marty's and go
     get 'em.
Louise: But what about Marty?
Vic: Well what about him?
Louise: Thanks Vic. You're something else.

D.I.V.O.R.C.E. (0:41) (5 MB)
Mary-Jo: Who... Who the fuck are you?
Vic: Where's Louise?
Mary-Jo: What? He took her. That - that animal, he took her! He's gonna do
     something wicked to her!
Vic: Wait, who took her? And who are you?
Mary-Jo: Mary-Jo, her sister... who are you?
Vic: Vic... a friend...
Mary-Jo: Oh... it's... it's nice to meet you - I've heard a lot about you...
Vic: Who took her?
Mary-Jo: That monster, Marty. He said he's gonna turn her out.
Vic: Jesus, it's his own wife.
Mary-Jo: Yeah, yeah but he wanted to turn me out too! I promise you, he did!


Jive Drive (1:24) (10.25 MB)
Lance: Hey, bro!
Vic: Lance. What are you doing here?
Lance: You don't sound so pleased.
Vic: I'm not so pleased.
Lance: Thanks, bro. Who was you expecting? What a greeting, man.
Vic: Not you. Someone useful.
Lance: So what am I? A handicap, huh? Your dumb ass, low life, no good brother?
Vic: Something like that.
Lance: Yeah, well - I'm not the one who got kicked out of the army.
Vic: No - you're the asshole who got kicked out of the boy scouts.
Lance: Oh come on, man. I come all this way to see you and you treat me like
     I've got herpes.
Vic: Maybe that's because your whole life, you've gotten us into trouble.
Lance: Oh, gimme a break, man! I've changed!
Vic: Okay, I'll give you a chance. One chance.
Lance: Yeah, yeah! Hey, come here man.. You won't regret it, baby...
     I love you, man, and love can change the world. But Vic...
Vic: What.
Lance: I have got herpes.
Vic: Get off me man, just get in the damn car.
Lance: I was just kiddin'.

The Audition (1:06) (8.05 MB)
Lance: I am Lance Vance baby - you can trust me. Lance T Vance - T for trust...
     great. Yeah, love. I love you man! No, not in a funny way... yeah...
     a'ight... ciao.
Vic: What was that?
Lance: Nothing.
Vic: Didn't sound like nothing.
Lance: Vic, look at me. It was nothing.
Vic: And you look at me - what was that about?
Lance: You'll thank me.
Vic: Like I haven't heard that before. What have you done?
Lance: I found a way in - two kids, broken home, no education, no father...
Vic: What?
Lance: ...and rich as shit. It's the American dream, baby. Pete with good
     medical treatment.
Vic: Look, look... we are not kids.
Lance: We're young at heart? Listen - I met a big player - and we'll get big
     money for doing absolutely nothing.
Vic: This better not be drugs.
Lance: We won't be touching no drugs, man. C'mon! Y'know, I'm your brother!
     You can trust me.

Caught As An Act (0:57) (6.95 MB)
Forbes: Victor V. What's popping, partner?
Vic: What?
Forbes: What's popping?
Vic: What the fuck are you talking about?
Forbes: Isn't that what you guys say? What's popping?
Vic: I think that must be Lance.
Forbes: What?
Vic: You got every thing sorted? No trouble?
Forbes: Course. Hey, I was just giving you shit, you know?
Vic: Yeah. Whatever.
Forbes: Great, great. Here's your brother... What's popping, baby?
Lance: You!
Vic: Lance, what's going on?
Lance: You're a freaking cop! You think you can mess with Lance T. Vance,
     you punk?
Forbes: Hey, chill...
Lance: Chill? [fire gun]
Forbes: Yes. You're right, I am a cop. I was gonna tell you. I need money.
     I wanna work with you guys... I ain't gonna bust you.
Lance: Not now you ain't. I'm gonna bust you!
Vic: Let's go.
Lance: I am going.

Snitch Hitch (1:22) (10.11 MB)
Lance: Pink. No, blue. No, white - I'll take all three. Hey... I'll call you
     back! What's your problem, man? Huh?
Vic: My problem? My problem is you're gonna have us both killed, because you're
     a moron. I told you to not get us in so deep.
Lance: Oh, shut up and grow some balls.
Vic: What, tough guy? What did you say to me? When will you grow a fucking
Mom: Hello boys!
Vic and Lance: Mom!
Mom: Victor, put your brother down.
Vic: What are you doing here, mom?
Mom: I'm cleaning up my act. I'm off the drugs for good.
Lance: Here we go again...
Mom: Can I get a drink Lance, honey?
Lance: Who's that?
Mom: That's Javier. He's been very sweet to me...
Vic: Oh, gimme a break.
Lance: I'm tired of your bullshit, mom. You've come here to ruin things for us,
Mom: How can you say that? I raised you.
Lance: Aunt Enid raised us, not you.
Mom: I'm clean. Give me a chance, Victor - please?
Vic: You can stay with Lance, mom...
Lance: What?
Vic: ...but I don't want any trouble, I got enough horse shit dealing with him.
Lance: Err, Vic, we got to go meet that friend of yours at the airport.
Vic: What?
Lance: I'll explain on the way.
Vic: Oh, right... You two, stay out of trouble.
Javier: Lick me, senora. Hmmmm... Hmmmm... Hmmmm.

From Zero To Hero (1:07) (8.25 MB)
Lance: Ah! Just in time, bro. Ha ha ha! Yeah!
Vic: Lance, I'm through with this, man.
Lance: What, you mean this dump? Yeah me too.
Vic: No - I'm through with this bullshit. I don't wanna be a damn drug dealer.
     It's for assholes.
Lance: Vic, don't go soft on me now. I got what we finally needed. I know how
     we can get our hands on one big shipment, completely free. We can finally
     get Pete the health care he needs.
Vic: Look Lance, I'm a long way from being a good guy, but drugs just mean
Lance: I agree, man. 100% agree. That's why we gonna get this one big pay day
     for all the hard work and split. Jerry Martinez... it's HIS coke.
Vic: Oh... fuck it. You know what? Let's do it.
Lance: Alright, ladies and gentlemen, that is a real man. Let's pop.


Nice Package (1:03) (7.69 MB)
Vic: Hey. You Umberto?
Umberto: Did somebody order a stripper?
Vic: Excuse me?
Umberto: Because I like my bitches a bit less balding.
Vic: What? Are you a comedian, friend?
Umberto: No, no, I'm a man... just like you. Umberto Robina. You must be Vance.
Vic: Yeah, that's right. So you heard about Marty.
Umberto: Yeah, I heard about that dumb punk. Came to an unfortunate end, huh?
     Bitch fight. I like that, huh. Two bitches going at it, hot and sweaty...
     bang, bang, bang!
Vic: Yeah, whatever you're into man.
Umberto: Hey, I'm into men. Men proving themselves.
Vic: Yeah, yeah, yeah. Sounds fun. Look, you worked for Marty for years. So in
     between men, can I rely on you?
Umberto: Sure, papi. If you can prove to me you got some balls.

Balls (1:17) (9.46 MB)
Umberto: You got some Cuban in you?  You look like you got some Cuban in you,
Woman: No, I'm from Ohio.
Umberto: Ohhh... you WANT some Cuban in you, lady?
Woman: No. Like I told you, I'm a lesbian on a committed journey with my life
     partner. Now, Mr. Robina, about your father's welfare claim...
Umberto: Oh... whatever, man... Vic! I tell you, this bitch is crazy for me...
     Can you smell it?
Vic: Eh, she's going wild.
Umberto: Always the same... listen, we got a problem huh? Your boy, Jerry.
     He's causing all sorts of trouble.
Vic: Martinez? God damn it...
Woman: Err, Mr. Robina, must I remind you, I am a very busy woman.
Umberto: Eh, baby... mira, listen. You keep your panties on, okay... I got some
     serious man-shit to deal with with my buddy... Why don't you just sit down,
     stay pretty. Don't worry... I'll be back with some serious chorizo...
     You got a friend for my buddy? He's a little bit shy.
Woman: Oh my.
Umberto: Whatever. Vic, let's roll.

Papi Don't Screech (1:14) (9.13 MB)
Umberto: [sobbing] You even got any balls?
Guy #1: I told you man, I didn't know!
Umberto: And you, I've seen shit with more guts.
Guy #2: You didn't say your father was going.
Umberto: Shut your mouth, lady boy. He's my daddy! And I love him.
     I can't believe you would do this! And you left him there to die!
Vic: Umberto, what's the problem?
Umberto: Oh my God, I'm going to be an orphan...
Vic: Oh, man... I'm sorry. How did it happen?
Guy #1: It hasn't happened brother. Alberto - that's his Dad - he's over at
     the wrestling man.
Vic: So why the tears?
Guy #1: We just saw some Cholos drving over there man.
Vic: So why doesn't someone just go pick up Alberto?
Guy #2: That's what we said to Umberto. Only he freaked out.
Vic: Well, go get him...
Umberto: No! No way Vic. Don't let my daddy be collected by these two bitches...
     He's a man. The shame will kill him.
Vic: Well, you go.
Umberto: I can't drive, man...I'm hysterical!
Vic: God damn it, I'll go get him... But you owe me, you freak.

Havana Good Time (1:15) (9.15 MB)
Umberto: So I ask you once more, are you men?
Guys: Yeah.
Umberto: Then why you not like balls?
Guy: Because that's totally embarassing...
Umberto: Because that's something you ain't got baby. I got a whole sack full
     here. Tons of them. Balls everywhere. Balls to spare.
Guy: Well, man, he's certainly full of balls.
Umberto: You what, baby? You whispering sweet nothings into some bitch's ear?
     Huh, loverboy?
Guy: No boss.
Umberto: Victor Vance... this is a real man, with a lotta balls. You're not a
     scared of no Cholos, are you Vic?
Vic: You know I ain't scared of nobody.
Umberto: So show 'em your balls.
Vic: No. I was in the army, not the navy...
Umberto: Screw you bitches.
Vic: Come on, man. I'm just messing with you.
Umberto: Someone's got to teach these Cholos a lesson. I guess I have to
     go - alone.
Guy #1: Umberto, boss, I'm up for anything man. I just don't want to have to
     take my balls out again.
Guy #2: Yeah, can't we just go hit shit up and keep our pants on?
Guy #3: Yeah, let's roll.
Umberto: See Vic? They didn't want to go and now they've gone. The art of
     leadership my friend, is making people believe they had the idea all along.


Money For Nothing (0:51) (6.34 MB)
Forbes: 'Course - you can't kid a kidder. Hey, Vic...
Vic: Hey.
Lance: Yo, bro - what's up?
Forbes: So, Vic, wanna hear about a little plan that is going to make us three
     very rich?
Lance: Very rich.
Vic: So what's the risk?
Forbes: Well, let me put it like this - you will not be handling any drugs.
     All I need you to do is keep the cops busy while Lance and I steal some
     merch, off the scum who brought it into this country.
Lance: The drugs're already here. So we ain't drug trafficking.
Forbes: Exactly. You're just the decoy - all you gotta do is make the police
     THINK you're carrying. They can't arrest you for that.
Vic: No, but they can shoot me.
Forbes: Don't be riduculous!
Lance: Yeah. Come on man! Come on.
Forbes: Vic - you'll be fine... rich and fine!
Vic: Alright... Let's do it.
Lance: Yeah! Let's pop!


Brawn Of The Dead - Ending (1:00) (7.43 MB)
Vic: Mom!
Lance: Mom! Hey, WE'RE RICH. Where is she?
Vic: Ah, never mind man, just get the yayo.
Lance: Yeah, it's in the spare room. Ha ha ha! Oh, shit!
Vic: What?
Lance: It's gone.
Vic: What?
Lance: And Mom's stuff is gone too.
Vic: Ohhhhh... Mom! Lance...
Lance: Ain't that a bitch! I can't believe she took our coke...
Vic: Yeah, so what do we do now, moron?
Lance: Wait, wait, let me think... I know we can make it right. We'll just uh...
     We'll explain things to the Mendez brothers, you know?
Vic: Oh yeah, yeah, yeah, I'm sure in between chopping us up and feeding us to
     their dogs, they'll be very understanding. Lance, if we get out of this,
     I'm gonna kill you. Asshole!

Blitzkrieg (1:29) (10.86 MB)
Lance: Find a way to get out of this man.
Vic: Lance. What the fuck is wrong now?
Lance: Nothing. Nothing at all. We fine.
Vic: Really? 'Cause I'll tell you something... we don't look fine.
Lance: Well, let me tell YOU something... we ARE!
Vic: Well, WE look like a moron who just realized WE just screwed up his
     entire family.
Lance: Well, speak for your damn self! It's just business, baby. I think I
     sorted out everything. I am COOL, man. I am relaxed as hell. Yeah.
Vic: What are you talking about?
Lance: The Mendez brothers... they don't want us dead anymore.
Vic: No?
Lance: No. They might want to hurt us a bit, but kill us? Nah...
Vic: Ok, so a pair of homicidal lunatics merely want to hurt me a bit, and I'm
     actually pleased about it. WHAT HAVE YOU GOTTEN US INTO, YOU DUMB SHIT?
Lance: Bro, we cool. No problem.
[phone rings]
Vic: Oh, Lance..
Lance: [on phone] Yeah, it's the Don. What? You're shitting me, right? Damn.
Vic: WHAT?
Lance: There might be a... little problem...

Turn On, Tune In, Bug Out (0:28) (3.5 MB)
Vic: Lance!
Lance: Oh, no.
Vic: Lance, get over here and explain yourself.
Lance: Sshhh!
Vic: Stop acting like a child.
Lance: SSHHH!
Vic: Don't you shush me.
Lance: Keep your voice down.
Vic: No. You can barely tie your own shoelaces, you telling me how to behave?

Taking The Fall (1:23) (10.13 MB)
Lance: Ha ha! I'm Lance T Vance, baby! T for Too Looks in Thailand. Great.
     Yeah, look, I gotta go. A'ight. Later.
Vic: So, who was that?
Lance: Oh, bro - that's just the accountant. He's getting us a better rate at
     cleaning the money.
Vic: And you call the accountant 'baby'?
Lance: Well, yeah... I'm a friendly guy. And 'baby' is slang, you know. I don't
     LOVE him. I ain't like that.
Vic: Yeah, hey - whatever you say.
Lance: Anyway, we got real things to worry about - someone's been helping
     themselves to the stash... The Mendezes are freaking out, and I told'em
     we'd take care of it.
Vic: Ah, that's the last thing I need, on top of everything else.
Lance: What are you talking about? What's wrong?
Vic: Oh, man, it's just... Louise. I really thought we had something, but we
     just don't get to see each other.
Lance: Yeah, well, y'know, relationships can be tough. Believe me, I know.
     Hmmf... Uh-huh... Yep... Come on man, we got some thieves to deal with.
     You can take out your sexual frustrations on them. Come on! Let's pop!
Vic: Yeah.
Lance: You know I love you bro, Ay...

White Lies (1:47) (13.12 MB)
Lance: Alright baby! This is the Lance Vance Dance... You got ta... Pop it...
     And ah... Lock it... Yeah! Wow!
Vic: So this is where the coke is going? Up your nose?
Lance: Hey Vic!
Vic: Hey Vic?
Lance: What're you doing here?
Vic: You had me running around town like a psycho, and all the while you're
     siphoning it off for your personal use. You are unbelievable.
Lance: Hey, I'm sorry... uh, look, can we talk about this later?
Louise: Oh, hey Vic... shit...
Vic: Louise! What the hell is going on?
Lance: Well uh, um... Uh, bro... Eh, eh! Bro, it ain't nothing like that!
Louise: I wouldn't do that to you... I just needed something to take my mind
     off things.
Vic: So you fucked my brother?
Lance & Louise: No!
Louise: We just get high together. God damn, you are so judgemental, like you're
     a damn saint or something. Why are you being such an asshole?
Vic: You are a mess.
Louise: And you're wonderful. A wonderful drug dealing, thieving murderer.
Lance: Oh, come on guys...
Vic: I was doing it for us.
Louise: Who're you trying to kid? You don't give a shit about me.
Vic: Not now I don't.
Louise: You know what? You make me wanna puke, ya self-righteous dick.
Vic: Ahhh, get lost.
Louise: Stay away from me you sick bastard. You're a phony, Vic Vance.
Lance: What are ya gonna do?
Vic: Thanks a lot Lance.
Lance: What? Listen - who cares? It's my coke, it's all my coke and I'll do
     with it whatever I damn well please!
Vic: Lance!

Blitzkrieg Strikes Again (1:00) (7.43 MB)
Phil: Comrade! Come here!
Vic: What're you doin' here?
Phil: I heard there was gonna be a party, so I brought fireworks...
Vic: Where's Lance?
Phil: I love that guy... yeah...
Umberto: There he is... heh heh heh! Mr. Victor Vance the punk who needs our
Vic: What?
Umberto: You grown any cajones yet, lady boy?
Lance: Yo, bro.
Umberto: Come here Vic.
Vic: What's up, man?
Umberto: Your brother, man. At least one of you has something up here and a
     lot down here, huh?
Lance: So if you guys are ready, let's do this.
Vic: Hey Lance, come here man.
Lance: Yo bro, wassup?
Vic: What the hell's going on?
Lance: We're about to get hit by those Mendez guys, thought we could use some
     of your buddies to crash the party.
Vic: What?
Lance: Help out... What, did I do wrong again?
Vic: No, no, no, no man, for once, you did very right. Let's go deal with these
Lance: Yeah, let's pop! Ha ha haaa!

Light My Pyre - Beginning (1:08) (8.36 MB)
Vic: Louise!
Lance: Hey Vic.
Vic: Hey. Hey, where's Louise?
Lance: I don't know... but shit, if that bitch ripped us off, I'll rip her
     head off.
Vic: Hey, she's clean. Unlike you.
Lance: No, she is a drug addict. I'm just having fun. There is a difference.
Mary-Jo: Vic! Vic! They got Louise!
Vic: What?
Mary-Jo: They had me too... it was awful...
Vic: Who?
Mary-Jo: All these men, all sweaty and hot and well... nobody laid a finger
     on me, but they got Louise!
Vic: Who's got Louise?
Mary-Jo: They got her, and they said they'll kill her if you don't do what
     they want.
Vic: Who?
Mary-Jo: Armando Mendez... he wanted me too... I could see it in his eyes...
     those Latino men always like the voluptuous women. I nearly got taken!
Vic: Alright, come on Lance, let's finish this.
Lance: Why? She's a train wreck, let him have her.
Vic: What? Are you serious?
Lance: Yeah, move on. Plenty more fishes in the sea, baby...
Vic: You, get moving right now, or I shoot you first.
Lance: Alright, alright... I'm coming, I'm coming... Don't worry about it.
Mary-Jo: Wait! I'm telling you, it was nearly me... one day, it'll be me!
     One day...

Light My Pyre - Ending (1:40) (12.3 MB)
Vic: Louise!
Louise: Hey... Vic... you came for me... No one ever really did much for me
     before... That's s-s-sweet of you...
Vic: Hey, hey, come on, listen... let's get you to a hospital.
Louise: I don't think... there's much point in that.
Vic: Come on Louise...
Louise: We coulda had s-s-something special.
Vic: Yeah... we did have something special...
Louise: Make sure Mary-Jo takes care of my baby...
Vic: Oh, Louise... Louise...
Lance: Hey, Vic, I know you cared about her man, but she wasn't right for you.
     Vic... hey Vic... Family's what matters... oh damn. A'ight... A'ight...
     Ok, I'm gonna make it, I can make it I know I can, man.


The Mugshot Longshot (0:59) (7.2 MB)
Mendez: Ah, siblings! Just like me and Diego... how apt.
Lance: Listen, Mendez we don't want no crap.
Mendez: Listen, Vance brothers, you want me to kill you now, no problem.
     Or, we can work together. Your call.
Vic: What the hell kinda choice is that?
Lance: Alright, I guess we're gonna work together.
Mendez: Good, Diego?
Diego: Si.
Mendez: So.. Victor, Lance... who has been ripping us off? All of us, because
     now we are partners. A team, as it were. Four brothers.
Vic: Yeah...
Lance: It was Martinez...
Mendez: Really? Okay. Prove it. I mean, prove it now.

Hostile Takeover (1:10) (8.64 MB)
Mendez: So, now we're together... and yet, business is hard... this industry
     is full of criminals.
Vic: Oh yeah?
Mendez: Money can be so corrupting... I find it very distasteful.
Vic: Heh! Well, you know. That's the deal with the drugs trade - it attracts
     the wrong sort.
Mendez: Quite... are you trustworthy, friend?
Vic: I don't know...after what I've been through recently, I'd say probably not.
Mendez: Great! Honesty is a very attractive quality. I'm promoting you, Vic.
Vic: Thanks - what do you need me to do?
Mendez: Head to Vice Point. The people there have been ripping me off for
     years. Remove them and set up shop - we need a place we can distribute
     product from.
Vic: Look, I ain't interested in that side of the business.
Mendez: Unfortunately, you don't have a choice... Now, Vic, please, go.

Unfriendly Competition (1:34) (11.59 MB)
Vic: Excuse me. Mr. Mendez.
Diego: Armando! Aqui! Tus Amigos!
Vic: Nice talking to you too, pal.
Mendez: Ah my brother - what a conversationalist. Only today, we were discussing
     philosopy. He is a great fan of Plato, but I have always been more
     Aristotelian. I think perhaps that is why he is so happy, and I am so
     weighed down by worry. What do you think?
Vic: Me? Shit. The world is full of suffering, then you die.
Mendez: See! I knew we were of one mind, you and I... Which is why I know you
     will feel this slight as much as me.
Vic: Here we go.
Mendez: Some crooks have shown their contempt for us by using our home as an
     entry way for drugs into this fine nation.
Vic: Like you?
Mendez: Exactly.... plagiarism! It is an insult... I hope you're wise enough to
     see that if you let a man insult you, before long he will try to kill you.
     You must kill these degenerates. You'll find them near Ocean Beach.

High Wire (1:09) (8.42 MB)
Mendez: Oh, thank God you're here.
Vic: What's going on?
Mendez: I've got some bad news, friend. You're in terrible trouble. Diego is
     beside himself with worry.
Vic: Wait a minute, hold on, what are you talking about?
Mendez: The police got some of our merchandise. But it's you we're
     worried about.
Vic: Why?
Mendez: You see, we're utilitarians... the greatest good for the greatest
     number. And there are two of us, but only one of you. So Diego suggested
     we explain to the police that the cocaine was yours.
Vic: Wha? Oh, ho, ho - oh, yeah, that's very thoughtful of you.
Mendez: And unfortunately I have this paperwork showing your involvement in the
     project. Unless, we could resolve this little distraction.
Vic: And how do you suggest we do that?
Mendez: You steal the cocaine back for us. It's been impounded - you must steal
     it before they take it back to the police station. Thank you, Vic. I do so
     enjoy our conversations. I find you very inspiring.
Vic: Thanks. Here we go again.
Mendez: Have fun!

Burning Bridges (1:21) (9.88 MB)
Mendez: The rear guard advances, unstoppable. So, you are finished?
Vic: Yeah.
Mendez: Diego - they are finished.
Diego: Buenos.
Mendez: And none of us dead. The civilized life of gentlemen. We have our
     money, so you are free. You must leave town of course, and give us
     control of your other intersts. But you, your families, no one will die.
     This is fair.
Lance: Fair? Oh yeah, if you think getting screwed in the ass and then paying
     for it is fair, then it sounds like a great deal.
Mendez: I find your attitude and your language terribly distasteful.
Diego: Maricon!
Vic: Hold on, now, listen, Mr. Mendez. Listen, I, we, have done a lot of things
     for you. We kept up our end of the bargain. Now you want us to give up our
Mendez: You came to my town, you run around like a maniac, you bring the police
     and the DEA into my life, and now I want you gone. You're very lucky you're
     not dead.
Vic: Hey listen, I made a ton of money for you. Money I didn't lose.
Mendez: And now you're done, you're obsolete.
Lance: Look out, Vic, the mute!
[a fight breaks out]


Accidents Will Happen (1:56) (14.16 MB)
Reni: What do you think, eh? It is genius, no? Genius... FRANKIE!
Frankie: Genius, Reni.
Reni: Genius, darling. It is the story of the age. Success und failure. Man.
     Woman. And me? I smash them together. Art und advertising. Future und past.
     Man und woman.
Vic: Ummm...
Reni: Frankie, who is this gorgeous man?
Frankie: I don't know... who are you?
Vic: I'm looking for someone called Reni.
Reni: Ta-da!
Vic: Uh, yeah.. Spitz said you might want something?
Reni: Something? Aaah! Cocaine! Darling, I want cocaine! Mummy wants some snort
     and she wants it now. You must be the cocaine man. Frankie, the cocaine
     man is here!
Vic: Hey, you think you can say it any louder? I don't think they heard you
     in Cuba.
Reni: Oh, you fucking square. It's only a bit of snow. It's nineteen eighty
     fucking four, darling. Everyone is on cocaine.
Vic: Whatever you say mister... uh... lady... err...
Reni: Oh, darling, I'm a little bit of everything, I'm universal.
     Reni Wassulmaier. But you, angel. You're unique. Can I film you undressing?
Franky: Reni, we've got a problem.
Reni: Not know, darling, I'm flirting. I'm dreaming...
Franky: Umm, Reni...
Reni: A chateau on the Loire...
Franky: ...but, Reni...
Reni: ...two lovers entwined...
Franky: Reni, the stunt guy just quit. He said he didn't like you touching
     his ass.
Reni: He what? Oh, that was just fun, this is real passion. Darling, please.
     Save me.
Vic: Get off!
Reni: Then save me...
Vic: Wait, wait... what do you need?
Reni: Just a driver.
Vic: Okay, fine, just get off - hey! Get off.

The Colonel's Coke (1:13) (8.91 MB)
Frankie: You have been a bad boy.
Reni: Louder.
Frankie: You have been a bad girl.
Reni: Harder!
Frankie: Oh, give it a rest, Reni. I went to film school. I am an expert in
     everthing. I love bullying people. I'm perfect! So why do I have to spend
     my time whipping you?
Reni: For the art...oh, you're so very bourgeois. Sweet...but so, so... average.
     Go. It's over. You're fired.
Frankie: But Reni!
Reni: But Reni! But Reni... Reni you are fantastic and I am so very mediocre.
     No. GO!
Frankie: [crying]
Reni: Darling, you are here, to lighten my heart.
Vic: Uh, not exactly.
Reni: I love you. I love this man! Kiss me!
Vic: Hey, hey... gimme a break.
Reni: I'll break you if you break me.
Vic: I can't deal with this.
Reni: Oh, darling, please. I need your help. It's a friend of mine,
     Gonzalez - hm hm! He's got to move a shit load of coke. Ha ha ha!
Vic: Uh... Yeah...

Kill Phil (1:08) (8.3 MB)
Reni: He doesn't know?
Barry: Uh, no. And let's keep it that way.
Reni: Of course, he is an artist. The pressure could kill him. I mean. I
     perform well knowing people want to drill me full of holes, but I am
     unique, darling. [to Vic] Darling!
Vic: Hey Reni, hi... uh...
Reni: Darling, this is darling: darling, darling. Wunderbar. So, now we are
     acquainted, no? Who wants to oompah?
Vic: Uh, I'm Vic.
Barry: Alright? Barry, mate.
Reni: Now, darling, darling needs a favor.
Barry: Yeah, I need you to drive me and one of me clients around. Major player.
     Could sing the birds down from the trees. You'll love him.
Vic: I'm kind of expensive for a limo service.
Barry: Yeah, well, rock and roll is a dirty business, cock.
Vic: Excuse me?
Barry: Well, this one bloke gave me three million quid, but now he wants it
     back... cheeky twat. He's threatening to kill my bloke if I don't pay up.
Vic: Okay... I'll help you, but it's gonna cost.
Barry: Christ on a bike is that the time? We better go and meet me boy. You are
     gonna love him.

Say Cheese (1:18) (9.52 MB)
Reni: Cut! Cut! Cut! It is boring, terrible. I'm a hack.
     Oh, conventional drivel.
Vic: Reni... you got some contacts for me?
Reni: Darling! Do serious purchasers of enormous quantities of uncut cocaine
     grow on trees? Maybe in your town, but not in mine.
Vic: Okay, then why do you keep calling me over here? Look - I'm in this to make
     money for my brother. I don't have time to waste.
Reni: Darling, that is beautiful. One day, I will make a film like that.
     Two brothers, one is a dog. The other - a librarian. Love blossoms between
     a man... and... a pig. Three swans die. The end. Genius.
Vic: Whatver you say, but in the meantime I've got a business to run. I've got
     to make some money.
Reni: But darling, wait - if it's money you need, maybe you can breathe some
     life into this bloody fucking mess. Somebody, burn the script! Let's make
     art, people!

Kill Phil: Part 2 (1:26) (10.6 MB)
Reni: But darling, do you not feel a special connection between us, a certain
Phil Collins: No. And I'll be honest with you - you're not really my type.
     Barry, is everything sorted for tonight?
Barry: Mate, seriously, of course it's bloody sorted. You're gonna blow them
Phil Collins: Hmm, well I'm more worried about someone blowing me away.
Reni: All this talk of blowing!
Phil Collins: Listen, sweetheart, please take out your many frustrations on
     Barry will you, and leave me alone.
Reni: Barry? I've had Barry. Everyone has!
Barry: Do what?
Reni: I like a challenge.
Barry: Phil, he's joking.
Reni: Barry?
Barry: Listen Phil... stop taking the mick.
Reni: Yes, last year in Monaco.
Barry: What?
Reni: Too much champagne...
Barry: No there wasn't.
Reni: ...too much love in the air.
Barry: No there wasn't. You better shut it... it's lies, Phil!
Reni: But it was beautiful.
Phil Collins: Yeah yeah yeah... now Barry - we're safe, right?
Barry: Safe? The best security geezer in town has just turned up. Would I lie
     to you, kid?
Phil Collins: Yes, actually. All the time.
Barry: Well, this time, I'm not. Vic, would I lie to him?
Vic: Probably.
Phil Collins: We'd better go to wardrobe.
Barry: Vic, do us a favor. Go check the concert hall is clear. Mr. Superstar
     soppy bollocks here has gone all showbiz on me.
Vic: Sure.
Phil Collins: Hey, I wasn't the one finding true love in Monaco.
Barry: Oh shut it, or you'll be finding a new manager.
Phil Collins: Hey, don't tempt me.
Reni: I just love those two. They are delicious!

So Long Schlong (0:56) (6.94 MB)
Reni: Farewell faithful friend... the phoenix must burn first before she rises.
     Such is life...
Vic: Reni, hey, what's wrong?
Reni: Darling. He wants me dead.
Vic: Who?
Reni: Diego Mendez, that's who...
Vic: Why?
Reni: Because I put you in contact with Ricardo Diaz... said it was disloyal of
     me. Not as disloyal as him two timing me with that tramp.
Vic: Woah, wait, you guys were an item?
Reni: Yes, but I could not deal with him! He talked too much. Beat me Reni,
     spank me Reni, blow coke up my ass, Reni. It was too god damn much.
Vic: Diego Mendez? Jeez...
Reni: So, now I must go to Dr. Horowitz. He's a genius. Tomorrow, new Reni!
Vic: You're not having another sex change?
Reni: I only have three... Oh please, Darling, save me!

In The Air Tonight (0:58) (7.16 MB)
Reni: Oh I know I use wonderful creams. Vic! Darling! How do I look?
Vic: Uh... Different!
Reni: Fantastiche! I was just telling Barry he should get some implants.
Barry: Ha ha flippin' ha.
Vic: Great. Hey Phil, you ready for the concert? How's everything looking?
Phil Collins: Good... I think. Unless Barry's got some more surprises in store.
Barry: Hold on mucker... you are gonna have to stop giving me a hard time.
Phil Collins: No worries. You stop having me killed, and I'll stop complaining
     about it.
Barry: Vic dealt with that... that teething trouble. This is rock and roll son,
     not flippin' flower arranging.
Phil Collins: Oh, do shut up.  Listen, we've got work to do, Vic. We'll see you
     at the gig. Reni, it's... ah, been an experience. I'll make sure Barry
     calls you.
Barry: Phil!  PHIL!
Reni: Darlings, I love you both. Vic, can you drive me to the airport on your
     way to the gig?
Vic: Heh! Sure. Sure. Come on. Heh!


Steal The Deal (1:34) (11.59 MB)
Diaz: Ha ha ha ha ha... So, you're Vic.
Vic: Yeah. And you - you're Diaz?
Diaz: No, I'm Santa Claus. I heard a lot about you... Mr. Big... Buddies with
     the Mendezes.
Vic: I don't think we're exactly friends.
Diaz: Whatever you say. I heard you wasn't exactly a load of laughs, amigo,
     but crack a fucking smile. Life is amazing. Look at me. I got porn, I got
     drugs, I got money. I'm happy.
Vic: That's cool. Well, I want out. I don't wanna sell drugs. But I ain't got
     a choice right now.
Diaz: Jeez, Quentin, you didn't say your brother was such a bore.
Lance: Vic!
Vic: Quentin?
Lance: Hey, good to see you man. Reni sent me. Me and Ricardo have been
     hangin' out.
Diaz: How was she?
Lance: Yeah, good.
Diaz: She knows a lot of tricks for such a young girl, eh?
Vic: Lance, you're pathetic.
Lance: What!
Diaz: Yeah, Quentin, only took you three minutes. Have a cigar. Have a rail...
Lance: Thanks, don't mind if I do.
Diaz: So, you boys gonna help me out?
Lance: Sure, baby - we gonna make you a star!
Vic: Shut up, you fool. Alright, what do you need?
Diaz: Gonzalez thinks he can move product without paying me - he must be on
     something! Ha ha! He's hidden some shit offshore. Maybe you Vance boys can
     go get it.
Vic: Alright, fine. Come on, moron.

The Exchange (1:12) (8.85 MB)
Diaz: Let me try... tastes fine. I can't tell... Ah, Vic! Thank you lord, at
     last someone who isn't the missing link...
Vic: Hey Diaz.
Diaz: Let me try. If I wanted to snort milk, I'd go suck a damn cow. Dickhead.
     Don't cut it so much.
Vic: What are you doing?
Diaz: I'm playing both sides. I make a little deal with the DEA. I hand over
     200 kilos of that cocaine you and Quentin stole from Gonzalez...
     In exchange, they gonna give me some serious guns. [waves gun around]
Lance & Vic: Whoa... Hey...
Diaz: Not like this toy. [fires a shot]
Lance: Holy!
Vic: Okay.
Diaz: But first, we cutting the cocaine, so they get 200 kilos, and I keep the
     rest, comprende? But we gonna get the mix right. Let me try... Perfect.
     Alright. Bag it up, and load it into the truck for Vic... but leave a
     little out for me... I gotta unwind...

Domo Arigato Domestoboto (1:32) (11.23 MB)
Diaz: So, we got a deal, Q?
Lance: We got a deal baby! We'll repay you everything we borrowed at 25%
     interest a week or we work for you.
Diaz: Yeah... salut.
Lance: Cheers.
Diaz: That's good stuff. Or I kill you and your brother with a blunt instrument.
     Ha ha ha! Vic, we were just talking about you.
Lance: Yeah...
Diaz: Yeah...
Vic: Yeah.
Diaz: ...about you boys repaying that money I lent you.
Vic: What fucking money? Hey, what's he talking about?
Lance: I borrowed some money for us from Ricardo and we're gonna pay him back,
Vic: What the fuck have you done now?
Lance: I invested back in the business. I'm sorry, Ricardo baby, but sometimes
     brothers get alpha male on you, y'know.
Diaz: I know... that's why I killed mine. Boys, relax. Just go do that thing
     for me and all will be good...
Lance: Yeah!
Vic: What is he talking about?
Lance: Look, Ricardo wants us to destroy all of Armando Mendez's bearer bonds.
     I know it sounds risky, but... Trust me! I got it... I got it going...
     'Cos I done this a million times. Let's just pop, baby... Y'know... Let's
     just... pop. [falls asleep]
Vic: Guess I'm doing this one on my own.

Over The Top (1:28) (10.82 MB)
Diaz: Ha ha ha ha ha... Oh, Vic Vance! You ready?
Vic: What's going on Diaz?
Diaz: It's time for you to revenge the death of that girl of yours, and bring
     the whole Mendez operation down. You wanna bump, man.
Vic: No.
Diaz: Well, I do. [snorts the cocaine]
Vic: Oh, Jesus.
Diaz: My spies tell me everything. This is the plan. The army just took
     delivery of some new attack helicopters. Meanwhile, Diego Mendez thinks
     HE'S untouchable just because no one could get him from the ground. So...
Vic: So, how about I sneak into the army base, steal a chopper and use that to
     attack him?
Diaz: Heh heh heh! Si, senor!
Vic: Si, senor? Are you kidding me? That coke is doing something to your brain
Diaz: No, it just helps me think... and get it on. It'll be easy, but you'll
     need help. What about Quentin? He can fly...
Vic: No thanks. I know - what about this guy Phil. He's an old army buddy of
Diaz: I love him. Go get him.
Vic: Alright.
Diaz: This is it, man. No more Mendez - no more trouble for us. Ha ha haa!

The Last Stand (1:36) (11.81 MB)
Vic: Thanks for everything, Martinez. You were a great help.
Lance: Okay brother, let's waste these punks.
Vic: Lance, it's done.
Lance: Playtime is over, bitches! Lance Vance is about to get brutal on you,
     and when Lance Vance gets brutal on a lady, somebody starts to cry...
Vic: Lance, Lance, will you shut up. It's over.
Lance: What? Oh...well, we did it baby! You and me.
Vic: Yeah, yeah! Hey hey, listen listen. Now that things are straight with Diaz,
     we should get out of town and lay low for a little while, you know.
Lance: Yeah, you're right man.
Vic: I'm gonna send some money to Pete.
Lance: Cool. But bro, I don't want you thinking it's just about you...
     that it's all about you.
Vic: Hey, hey, I don't, I don't. It's about you, me, Pete, mom, wherever the
     hell she is...
Lance: But wait, I've been making moves. I got a hold of 20 keys man.
Vic: Are you crazy? Get rid of it.
Lance: No. All we gonna do is sit on it, it's hidden out of sight, out of town
     man. We lay low and then sell it.
Vic: No! No, no. I am not interested, got it?
Lance: Okay, man, whatever you say.
Vic: That's right.
Lance: Come on, let's pop.




This walkthrough assumes that you have a decent knowledge of how to use a
computer.  You don't need to be an expert, though.  I certainly am not :-)

This walkthrough is written expressly to be used with my MFAudio batch file for
the game, so as to make the extraction process easy and automated.  Without my
batch file, you'd have to open up and convert each file one by one.  This
walkthrough assumes that you want to copy and convert ALL audio files.

1. Create an empty folder/directory on your hard drive (name it whatever you
like), preferably in a spot that's easy to get to.  In this directory, create
two subdirectories named "music" and "dialogue" (it makes life easier if you
use these names).

2. Extract a copy of MFAUDIO.EXE to each of these two subdirectories.

3. From the game disc, copy everything in \MOVIES\ to the Music directory
on your hard drive.

4. From the game disc, copy everything in \AUDIO\MUSIC\ to the Music directory
on your hard drive.

5. From the game disc, copy all of the files from these directories:
   \AUDIO\CUTSCENE\          \AUDIO\CUTSCN2\          \AUDIO\NEWS\
to the Dialogue directory on your hard drive.

6. Open my batch file in your .zip program.  Extract GTAVCS_MUSIC.BAT to the
Music directory and GTAVCS_DIALOGUE.BAT to the Dialogue directory.

7. Close all of the programs you have running.  This will free up as much
resources on your computer as possible.

8. Run each of the two .bat files.  Each file will open and close MFAudio,
extracting the audio from each of the files you copied from the game disc.
This process will take a few minutes to complete.  How fast it takes will
depend on the speed of your computer's processor.  It *should* be done in
well under 10 minutes, but I make no guarantees about that.

9. You can now delete all of the .vb and .pss files you have in both directories
on your hard drive.  These are the files you copied off of the game disc, and
they are no longer needed at this point.  You can even delete both copies of
MFAUDIO.EXE in each directory.  All that should be left are the .wav files.
This will ensure that you have as much free space as possible for the next
steps, and to prevent you from getting confused by having too many files to work

10. Now that you have all of these large wav files on your hard drive, you
can do lots of things with them (wav is a very common format).  First you
may want to maximize or normalize the volume and/or remove any silence
from the ends of the wav files.  You'll need an audio editor like Goldwave,
though any decent one will do.

Now, chances are, you'll want to do one of two things with the wav files: put
them on an audio CD so that you can listen to them on an audio CD player or
convert them to MP3 format for listening on your computer or a portable
MP3 player.

AUDIO CD - You'll need a CD-RW drive (or "CD burner" as it's sometimes
called) and a CD making program (one probably came with the drive when you
bought it).  Just follow the directions in the program and you shouldn't
have a problem.  If you have any problems, contact the folks who made the
program you're using, not me.

If you wish to split the radio station files into separate files, so you can
make individual tracks when you burn them to CDs, you can use Goldwave's
"Cue Points" feature to set the spots where you want the files to be splitted
(read the program documentation to learn how to use it), then burn all of the
resulting files in order without any pause/silence inbetween (the pause/silence
is usually associated to the file it is placed BEFORE).  This is how I did it
with a few different CDs I've made.

MP3 - You'll need an encoding program.  Most should be able to convert all of
your wav files to mp3 files in one go.

Once your files are successfully burned to an audio CD or encoded into MP3
files, you can safely delete all of the wavs.  You might want to keep a copy of
MFAudio somewhere on your hard drive because you never know when you'll have a
use for it.

These files should NOT be shared with friends, uploaded to the Internet or
shared on peer-to-peer networks.  Everything I've told you in this guide


For those people who wish to convert the files on the game disc one by one,
here's the manual information you'll need.  You'll still need to copy all of
the files you want to convert from the game disc to your hard drive.

1. In MFAudio, click "Options" at the bottom left and set as follows:
   Sony ADPCM - Use Extended Flagging? YES (DEFAULT)
   PSS - Scan whole file for streams? NO (DEFAULT)
   PSS - Scan up to ? MB? 8 (DEFAULT)
   VAG - VAG version number? 0x3 (DEFAULT)
   RAW - Default PCM frequency? 32000 (48000 default)
   RAW - Default ADPCM frequency? 32000 (44100 default)
   Set as default player for? None of the options. (DEFAULT)

Setting these options like so will make it faster for you to convert the files.

2. Click "Open" at the top right, and navigate to your hard drive (where you
copied all of the files).  Find the first file you wish to convert, select it,
and press Open.

3. The "Input Audio File" values should be set as follows:
   File Format: RAW - Raw Sound Data - Compressed ADPCM
   Frequency: 32000 Hz
   Samples: 16 bits
   Channels: 2
   Interleave: 2000
   Offset: 0 Bytes
   Stream: [greyed out]

* For the four movie .PSS files, the settings should be:
   File Format: PSS - PS2 Movie Audio Stream - Compressed ADPCM
   Frequency: 48000 Hz
   Samples: 16 bits
   Channels: 2
   Interleave: 200
   Offset: [greyed out]
   Stream: 00

Click Play, and if the audio sounds right, click Stop.  If it sounds
wrong, click Stop and review your settings - you've done something wrong.

4. Now, fill in the values in the "Output Audio File" section:
   File Format: WAV - Microsoft RIFF - Uncompressed PCM
   Frequency: [32000 or 48000 depending on input]
   Samples: 16 bits
   Channels: 2
   Interleave: [greyed out]

5. Click "Save As" and navigate to any folder on your hard drive where you
wish to keep your files.  Type in a filename for the file, then click Save.

6. Finally, click "Process."  When the blue bar reaches the end, your file
conversion is complete.  This time varies greatly depending on your
computer's specs and the length of the track you are copying.

You will need to repeats steps 2 through 6 for EACH file you want to



These are the credits as written in the game's manual.


DJs: Cousin Ed as himself
     Lazlow as himself.
Imaging voice: Jimmy "Fish" Fishback.
Other voices: Franceska Clemens, Kerry Shaw, Lenny Grossi, Anthony Carvalho,
   Sam Roberts.

"Holy Diver" Dio
Written by R. Dio | Published by Niji Music (BMI) | Courtesy of Warner Bros.
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DJs: Teri: Zan Aron
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Imaging singer: Julie Tracy Wemyss

"Gloria" Laura Branigan
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DJ: Luke Campbell as himself

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Listeners: Wil Wheaton, Rob Cross, Natalya Wilson, Brandi Chaney-Giles

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WAVE 103
DJs: Trish Camden: Anouchka Benson
     Adam First: Jamie Canfield
Imaging voices: Rod Edge, Mayumi Kobayashi, Lenny Grossi, Anthony Macbain,
   Ayana Osada, Sanford Santacroce, Jay Capozello, Andi Hanley, Kim Gurney,
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"Sex (I'm A...)" Berlin
Written by J. Crawford, D. Diamond, T. Nunn | Published by Songs of Universal
(BMI) | Courtesy of Universal Music Enterprises
(this song was supposedly removed from the European versions of the game)

"Like To Get To Know You Well" Howard Jones
Written by H. Jones | Published by Kobalt Music | Courtesy of Warner Music
Group Video Game Licensing

"A Forest" The Cure
Written by R. Smith, L. Tolhurst, S. Gallup, M. Hartley | Published by Fiction
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Sony BMG Music Entertainment

"Don't Go" Yaz
Written by V. Clarke | Published by Sony ATV Songs (BMI) | Courtesy of Sire
Records by arrangement with Warner Music Group Video Game Licensing

DJ: Hector Hernandez, Frank Rodriguez.
Other voices: Jeremy Robard, Pete Silvestro.
Caller: Jaesun Celebre.

"Acid" Ray Barretto
Written by R. Barretto | Published by Fania Music (BMI) | Courtesy of
Fania Music

"I Like It (I Like It Like That)" Pete "El Conde" Rodriguez
"I Like It (I Like That Like That)"
Written by T. Pabon, M. Rodriguez | Published by EMI Virgin Songs, Inc. d/b/a
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"Oye Como Va" Tito Puente
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Music (ASCAP) | Courtesy of Fania Music

"Mi Ritmo Es Bueno" Bobbby Valentin
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Fania Music

"Quimbara" Celia & Johnny
Written by J. Cepeda | Published by Fania Music (BMI) | Courtesy of Fania Music

"Mi Gente" Hector Lavoe
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"Revolt/La Libertad Logico" Eddie Palmieri
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Music (BMI) | Courtesy of Fania Music

"El Malo" Willie Colon
Written by W. Colon | Published by Fania Music (BMI) | Courtesy of Fania Music

Jonathan Freeloader: Patrick Olsen
Michelle Montanius: Kelly Guest

"Bait And Switch"
Larry Joe: Lloyd Floyd, Bobby Ray: Jim Florentine, Kenny Crane: Chris Murney.

"The Time Ranger"
Announcer: Anthony Cumia, Ernest Keigel/Time Ranger: Bill Lobely,
Trixie Lane: Jen Cohn, Young Richard: James Ferrante, Mom: Kate Greer,
Mademoiselle: Jen Cohn.

"New World Order"
Host: Chris Murney.
Callers/Reporters: Patton Oswalt, Brian Thomas, Lucien Jones, Philip Anthony
Rodriguez, Gregory Johnson, Shelagh Ratner, David Deblinger, Marc Rodriguez.

"Moorehead Rides Again"
Announcer: JR Horne, Moorehead: Lloyd Floyd, Molly Malmstein: Jen Cohn,
The Chief: Jeff Steitzer, Pablo: Lloyd Floyd, Fisherman: Jeff Steitzer.

"Pressing Issues"
Maurice Chavez: Philip Anthony Rodriguez, Martin Graves: David Deblinger,
Forbes Waverly III: Melinda Wade, Bryony Craddock: Shelagh Ratner.


Provided by DeWolfe Music and DeWolfe Music (ASCAP).

"Vice Squad"
Composed by Stuart Hart, Steven Stern and Thomas Hirschmann.
Courtesy of Selectracks.


Vic Vance: Dorian Missick
Lance Vance: Phillip Michael Thomas
Janet Vance: Linda Ashe
Jerry Martinez: Felix Solis
Phil Cassidy: Gary Busey
Marty Williams: Jim Burke
Louise Cassidy-Williams: Chelsey Rives
Mary-Jo Cassidy: Cathy Trien
Umberto Robina: Danny Trejo
Ricardo Diaz: Luis Guzman
Reni Wassulmaier: Barbara Rosenblat
Frankie: Garth Kravits
Barry Mickelthwaite: Timothy Spall
Phil Collins: Phil Collins
Armando Mendez: Yul Vazquez
Diego Mendez: Ruben Trujillo
Brian Forbes: Dan Oreskes
Welfare Woman: Nicole Orth-Pallovincini
Cuban 1: Deroy Peraza
Cuban 2: Omar Conosa
Cuban 3: Joaquin Simo
Diaz Assistant & Javier: Gregory Johnson
Hank: Jonathan Hanst

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All radio stations, commercials, DJ dialogue and imaging written by Dan Houser
and Lazlow.
Produced by Lazlow.
Stations designed by Craig Conner.

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* Do not e-mail me asking if I will share any audio files with you.  It is
illegal to do, plus I don't have any files to share.  Everything I extracted
to make the guide has long been deleted.

* I can't make an audio extraction guide for Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas
because it uses a completely different audio format than the other GTA games.

* I can't help you with audio extraction for any games I did not make guides
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* I don't know how to extract audio from non-Playstation 2 versions of this
game (or any other games).  My knowledge only covers the Playstation 2 system,
and only the games I've written audio extraction guides for (though some of that
info can be applied to other games that use the same audio formats).



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The very first version of this guide.

Ver. FINAL (5/14/2007)
Added transcriptions of all of the mission text to the Dialogue List section.
This now completes the guide.



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Stories is copyright 2007 by Rockstar Games Inc., a subsidiary of Take-Two
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