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FAQ/Translation Guide by Jerrold Ng

Version: 1.0 | Updated: 05/31/2007

                             W R E S T L E

                                   K I N G D O M   2

                             PRO WRESTLING SEKAI TAISEN

                                  FAQ / GUIDE
                                PS2 JP VERSION

                                 By Jerrold Ng 

                                  VERSION 1.0

|                    _______________________________________________('TOC)_|

   A. INTRODUCTION                  Search : 'Intr
   B. BASIC CONTROLS                Search : 'ConB
   C. ADVANCED CONTROLS             Search : 'ConA
   D. MAIN MENU AND OPTIONS         Search : 'Menu
   E. EDIT MODE                     Search : 'Edit
   F. EXHIBITION                    Search : 'Exhi
   G. CAMPAIGN MODE                 Search : 'Camp
   H. TITLE MODE                    Search : 'Titl
   I. ACKNOWLEDGEMENT               Search : 'Ackn

To quickly jump to certain sections of this FAQ, type the above search 
string (don't forget the ') into your browser's Search feature. In most 
browsers it's CTRL+F. To return to the top search for Toc with the '. 


Version 1.0 (31st May 2007)
- First Incarnation of this Guide is submitted to GameFAQs.com

Generic disclaimer ahead...

This FAQ is for private and personal use only. It can only be reproduced 
or placed on a web site as long as it is completely unaltered, with this 
disclaimer notice appearing in full, and with permission granted by the 
author. The web site carrying this FAQ should make sure that it is the 
latest version, which can be obtained through http://www.gamefaqs.com/. 
This FAQ is not to be used for profitable or promotional purposes; this 
includes being used by publishers of magazines, guides, books, etc. or 
being incorporated into magazines, etc. in any way. With all that in mind, 
feel free to distribute this FAQ among the gaming community :)

|                  ________________________________________________('Intr)_)

Wrestle Kingdom 2 Pro Wrestling Sekai Taisen provides a decent if 
uninspiring sequel to last year's Wrestle Kingdom. Now a PS2 exclusive,
WK2 does a good job of improving pretty much every facet of the original.

Everything the original WK does, WK2 does a little bit better. It's got 
better, more intuitive controls. Some nice touches include move chaining,
more fun wrestler mini-games, a better (in my opinion) finisher system.
The horrendous counter frenzy that plagued the previous incarnation is
cleared up here; it's now very difficult to counter without expending some
of your stored spirit with the new Guaranteed Counter system. Though the
obvious downside to this is that you can plant your opponent with the 
biggest moves in your arsenal very early in the match (the opponent will 
do the same), so it becomes quite disruptive to the flow of a proper 
wrestling match. 

The Edit Mode is also a major improvement in that it doesn't require you 
to play the tedious Drama mode to make your wrestler stronger and unlock 
moves. Now a little shop system is in place, allowing you to use points to 
buy moves and costume parts, and best of all, once you buy something it 
stays unlocked for all your future edits. Points can be accrued by playing 
a match in any of the game's modes; the better your match, the more points 
you earn (which is also a decent gauge to how good your match was).

The new campaign mode, with its unique card system, is a fairly 
entertaining addition to the game. More details on the mode in its own 
section, but basically you have "cards" containing wrestlers and pit them 
against an opponent in a series of three matches. In the meantime you can
use "effect cards" which do all sorts of things like stat boosting or even
change the rules of the match altogether. This mode is also the key to 
unlock most of the bonus material and secret wrestlers, so you WILL want to 
play this mode.

Other modes include exhibition which remains identical to the previous
title except for a wrestler import mode which allows you to import 
wrestlers from another memory card / profile. This effectively allows 
you to create as many edits as you want (depending on how many memory
cards you own, of course). Then there's title mode, which allows you 
to win titles after participating in a tournament; nothing fancy or 
unique here. 

Despite overall improvements to almost every mode, the underlying problem
of the game still persists and that's the game engine. The matches are
still very arcadish and not realistic at all, and end very quickly. The
limited move arsenal means matches get boring very quickly, and the COM
is quite weak, even at the highest difficulty. Do not expect to be able to
play long 30 minute five-star matches; you'd be lucky to last fifteen and
not exhaust your wrestler's entire move list. Multiplayer modes though
are fairly entertaining, especially if you go for the campaign multiplayer

Final Score - 7/10

Now that my quick little review is over, let's get to the FAQ.

|                    ______________________________________________('ConB)_)

Let's start off with some basic control details. 

-= Menu ===================================================================-

Dir Pad       Moves Cursor
L-Analog      Moves Cursor
R-Analog      Rotate Edit Model (In Edit Mode)
[] Button     Additional Commands (Certain Menus only)
>< Button     Decline, Go Back One Menu
() Button     Accept, Forward One Menu
/\ Button     Additional Commands (Certain Menus only)
Start         Accept, Forward One Menu
Select        Nothing
R1 Button     Additional Commands (Certain Menus only)
R2 Button     Additional Commands (Certain Menus only)
L1 Button     Fast Scrolling (Certain Menus only)
L2 Button     Fast Scrolling (Certain Menus only)

-= During Match ===========================================================-

Dir Pad       Moves Your Wrestler
L-Analog      Up/Down to Taunt, Left/Right to give commands to tag partner
R-Analog      Starts Wrestling Mini-games
[] Button     Strikes
>< Button     Grapples
() Button     Lift/Turn Around Grounded Opponent, Tag to Partner, Etc.
/\ Button     Run, Whips Opponent when Grappled
Start         Go To Match Menu
Select        Nothing
R1 Button     Guaranteed Counter (Uses 1 Spirit Ball), 2.9 Kickout
R2 Button     Target other Opponent (In Tag/Three Way/Four Way Matches)
R3 Button     Nothing
L1 Button     Pins Fallen Opponent / Releases Pins / Grapples
L2 Button     Target other Opponent (In Tag/Three Way/Four Way Matches)
L3 Button     Nothing

|                       ___________________________________________('ConA)_)

-= Striking ===============================================================-

Tap []            - Light Strike 1
Tap Dir+[]        - Light Strike 2
Hold []           - Strong Strike 1
Hold Dir+[]       - Strong Strike 2
Tap [] Repeatedly - Strike Combo

The [] button is used to perform strikes. Basically, tap the [] button to
perform a Light Strike, and hold down the [] button to perform a Strong
Strike. You'll want to get use to this Tapping and Holding business, 
because it is a big part of the control scheme. You'll want to note that 
light attacks come out faster and are harder to counter, hence they should 
be used most through the match, hard attacks are easier to counter but does 
more damage. 

Holding the Dir Pad or L-Analog will produce another variation of strikes.
This is also something to note; in many cases tapping/holding a button alone
will produce one set of attacks, while tapping/holding a button while 
holding the Dir Pad (normally in any direction, unless otherwise specified)
may produce another set of attacks.

Most wrestlers you control will have some variation of combos. To perform
a combo, tap [] or Dir+[] to perform a light strike, then continually press 
[] to chain a series of light strikes together. Unlike WK1 however, a combo
does not end with a hard strike.

-= Grapples ===============================================================-

><       - Light Grapple 1
Up+><    - Light Grapple 2
Down+><  - Light Grapple 3
Left+><  - Light Grapple 4
Right+>< - Light Grapple 5
Hold ><  - Capture Opponent

After you Capture the Opponent: -
><       - Strong Grapple 1
Up+><    - Strong Grapple 2
Down+><  - Strong Grapple 3
Left+><  - Strong Grapple 4
Right+>< - Strong Grapple 5
[]       - Grapple Strike 1
Up+[]    - Grapple Strike 2
Down+[]  - Grapple Strike 3
Left+[]  - Grapple Strike 4
Right+[] - Grapple Strike 5
/\       - Irish Whip (press Dir to whip in that direction)
()       - Switch to Back Grapple Position
L1       - Release Capture

Note that your edits get shafted compared to in-game wrestlers because their 
Light Grapple 2&3 are the same, and also 4&5 is the same, meaning they only 
get 3 different light grapples. Same with grapple strikes. A number of 
in-game wrestlers have more than 3 light grapples.

If you're familiar with WK1 controls, note that light grapples no longer
need capturing. The one-hand capture previously used is done away with, which 
is an improvement to the flow of the match, in my opinion. As before, 
grappling from the back will produce another set of grapples, pressing () 
switches to front grapple position.

Take note that some light grapples can be chained to a ground move by pressing
>< again e.g. a snapmare linking to a head grapple. Chained moves cannot be 

-= Spirit Balls ===========================================================-

WK2 uses a new system which I loosely term "Spirit Ball" system. Basically, 
as you dish out damage to your opponent (or use the "Hulk Up" mini-game) you 
raise a spirit gauge (right at your wrestler's HUD indicator). Once the bar 
is full you get one spirit ball; you can store a maximum of ten balls.

These "Spirit Balls" have various uses: -

Spirit Countering - Use one ball to counter your opponents attack with 100%
success rate. Press R1 to activate.

Finisher State - Use five balls to enter your Wrestler's Finisher State, 
which allows you to hit your finisher moves. Press []+>< to activate.

Burst Mode - Use two balls to enter a frenzy state. In this state your moves
become uncounterable (even with using Spirit Countering), you become immune 
to strikes and grapples will do no damage. Press /\+() to activate.

2.9 Kickouts - Depletes your entire balls collection, but gives you one last
chance to kickout from an otherwise guaranteed pin. Press R1 when the game 
prompts you to activate.

More details of each of these in their respective sections.

-= Countering / Spirit Countering =========================================-

To counter an attack, press [] if your opponent attacked with strikes (if 
the particular strike can be countered he'll flash green), and >< if your 
opponent attacked with a grapple (he'll flash red). Manual countering is 
fairly difficult in this game in that you have a very short window to do so; 
and button mashing will make your countering attempt fail automatically. 

There's an easier way to counter, but it's not something you can do all the 
time. If you instead press R1 (you can even mash the button) you can 
automatically counter just about anything the opponent throws at you. 
However, this counter (which I term "Spirit Counter" for lack of a better 
term) uses up one Spirit Ball, so you need to be conservative. When you 
activate this counter the screen briefly flashes green.

-= Ground Attacks =========================================================-

><             - Ground Strike
Run, ><        - Running Ground Strike
Near Head, []  - Head Ground Grapple
Near Sides, [] - Side Ground Grapple
Near Feet, []  - Feet Ground Grapple
Hold []        - Drags Opponent with Dir Pad. While dragging press [] to 
                 ground strike, >< to ground grapple, () to turn opponent 
                 around, L1 to release
Tap ()         - Raise opponent to On One Knee Position
Tap (), ()     - Raise opponent to Standing Position
Hold ()        - Turns opponent around
L1             - Pins opponent. Press again to release pin.

There's surprisingly not very many ground grapples available. Depending on 
whether you're near his head, sides or feet, and whether he's face up or 
down, you'll get different grapples when you tap ><. That's basically just 
six ground grapples there, which isn't nearly enough (for me, at least). 

-= Running and Whipping ===================================================-

Press /\ to Run, then: -
Tap /\     - Stops running
Tap []     - Running Strike 1 
Tap Dir+[] - Running Strike 2
Tap        - Running Grapple

The running grapple will vary depending on whether your opponent is facing
you or if his back is turned. Certain wrestlers (not many) can rebound off 
the ropes to attack. To do this, run at the ropes, then hold the direction 
opposite to where you're running and press [] just as you near the ropes.

To whip an opponent to the ropes or corner, first capture the guy (hold ><)
then press /\ and a direction. If you don't press a direction your wrestler 
will just whip the opponent in the direction the opponent is facing. 
Depending on which direction you throw your opponent to, he'll either be 
tangled into a corner or rebound off the ropes. If you wrestler's back is 
near the ropes and you whip your opponent in the outside direction, you'll 
toss your opponent clear out of the ring.

When you whip an opponent to the ropes, he'll rebound back at you. Now you
can proceed to punish him with running counters. 

Tap []     - Running Counter Strike 1
Tap Dir+[] - Running Counter Strike 2
Tap ><     - Light Running Counter Grapple
Hold ><    - Strong Running Counter Grapple

For a real wrestling experience, don't do anything as he's running at you
and you'll automatically duck under or hop over him. Then you can nail him 
on his second rebound.

-= Cornered Opponent ======================================================-

When you whip and opponent to the corner (or strike him a few times and he
falls into the corner) he'll be tangled there for a short while. From here 
there are a few things you can do to him: -

Tap []      - Corner Strike 1
Tap Dir+[]  - Corner Strike 2
Run, Tap [] - Running Corner Strike
Tap ><      - Light Corner Grapple
Hold ><     - Strong Corner Grapple

If you strike him enough while he's facing you, he may slump down onto the
bottom rope. Let not the punishment cease; while he's down there you can 
give him a lower corner grapple (just one, by tapping ><) or give him a 
lower corner strike (tap []) or a running lower corner strike (run at him 
and press []). 

-= Aerial Assault =========================================================-

You can climb the corner turnbuckle by holding down /\ and pressing in the
direction of the corner. Different wrestlers will climb at different speeds.
When you're up there you can enjoy the view or: - 

Opponent is Standing, Tap []     - Diving Attack to Standing 1
Opponent is Standing, Tap Dir+[] - Diving Attack to Standing 2
Opponent is Down, Tap []         - Diving Attack to Downed 1
Opponent is Down, Tap Dir+[]     - Diving Attack to Downed 2

Certain diving attacks on a grounded opponent can land with a pin if your 
opponent is positioned correctly and facing up (e.g. Diving Moonsaults, 
Body Splashes and so on). By the way, to really rub it in, you can also 
taunt (tap the L-Analog up or down) while on the top rope. 

Certain agile wrestlers have what I call Corner Climbing Attacks. To do 
these, simply press the Dir Pad towards the corner but instead of /\, use 
[]. There's only one attack here, and may target either standing or grounded 

-= Exit / Enter Ring ======================================================-

To leave the ring, while near the ropes hold /\ and the direction towards
the rope. If you let go of /\ while he's still climbing out, he will end up 
standing on the apron (see the next section). If you hold down /\ all the 
way, he'll end up outside. To re-enter the ring press towards the rope and 
/\. You'll also slide back in if you run directly at the ring. 

You can also do a running exit; simply run at the ropes holding /\. 

You can use your own body as a weapon by chucking yourself outside of the
ring onto your opponent. There are three variations. When you are near the 
ropes, press towards the outside and press [] to launch yourself out. The
second is when you are running towards the rope, press and hold Dir Pad 
to the outside and [] to do a running launch to the outside. However, some
wrestlers use baseball slides in this slot, which doesn't get them out of
the ring, but injures the guy outside just the same. The third variation, 
for the more agile wrestlers, is done by running to the OPPOSITE ropes, 
rebound, then press towards the outside and []. 

-= Aprons and Ramps =======================================================-

When standing on the apron, you get a few attacks too. If your opponent is
in the ring, press towards the ring and [] to do a slingshot attack into
the ring. The move will vary if he is standing or down. You can also grapple
him if he's near enough; press towards him and >< to perform an Apron to 
Inside Grapple. Finally if he's near you on the outside, you can do an 
Apron Dive Attack by pressing towards him and []. And if he's nowhere near 
you, you can still annoy him by taunting (tap L-Analog in any direction). 

If the shoe is on the other foot and the opponent is on the apron, you can
use strikes to slap him off the apron (use []). Or use Apron Grapples by
pressing towards him a ><. 

Certain arenas will have entrance ramps, and even hiding there isn't safe. 
First, when both you and your opponent are on the ramp, try whipping your 
opponent to the drop-off either left or right of the ramp edge. Do it at 
the correct spot and you'll do a Ramp to Floor Grapple, where you'll scoop 
slam, power bomb or choke slam the poor guy to the floor below. Yes, it's as 
painful as it sounds. 

You can also do ramp dives if your opponent is down on the floor on either
side and you're on the ramp; simply press towards him and []. The move will
differ depending on if he's standing or down. 

-= Crowd Rush and Finishers ===============================================-

When you've build up to five power balls, you can enter Finisher Mode by 
pressing []+><. In this mode: -

[]+>< - Finisher (wrestlers can have up to three in different positions)
/\+[] - Steal Opponent's Finisher (must know his finisher position)
><+() - Super Finisher (each wrestler has one of these)

There's no limit as to how many times you can sling out your finishers, as 
long as you're still in Finisher Mode you can dish out your finishers over 
and over until your opponent turns to mincemeat. To perform a super finisher 
however, the crowd needs to be in "Crowd Rush" mode. This is indicated by 
the Crowd Indicator at the bottom center of the screen. In Crowd Rush mode 
the indicator is Red with some Japanese lettering. 

-= Kicking Out and 2.9 Kickouts ===========================================-

When your wrestler gets pinned, mash all four buttons and the pad to kick
out. How easily you kick out depends on how much stamina your wrestler 
has remaining. 

If you get pinned with your stamina mostly depleted, you're pretty much
screwed (some Japanese letterings will appear to remind you that you're
screwed, in case you don't notice). There's hope yet, though. If you have
at least one Spirit Ball available, a little R1 indicator also appears; you 
can try for a 2.9 Kickout. Basically, this depletes all the spirit balls 
you have stored. A bar and a pointer will then appear. You'll notice a zone 
marked on the bar; you must press R1 again when the pointer is in that 
zone to do a 2.9 Kickout. Depending on how many spirit balls you have 
burned, the zone becomes larger. If you only have one, for example, the zone 
is absolutely tiny and almost impossible to hit. If you have a full ten 
balls, the zone covers almost half the whole bar, so you're pretty likely to 
kick out.

-= Wrestling Mini Game ====================================================-

To initiate a wrestling minigame, hold the Right Analog in one of the four
positions: -

R-Analog Down - "Hulk Up" - Not necessarily a game per say, but you 
basically invite your opponent to hit you. Getting hit still does damage, 
but it also fills up your spirit gauge.

R-Analog Left - "Staring Battle" - You start an intimidating stare down on
your opponent; when the [] button indicator appears press it as fast as
possible to land a strike. Whoever lands two of these in a row wins and 
gets a free strong strike on the opponent. 

R-Analog Right - "Test of Strength" - Just tap all the buttons to win this
and get a free strike on your opponent.

R-Analog Up - "Chain Wrestling" - This one is more luck that anything. 
Basically both of you will press a button; like paper-rock-scissors, [] 
beats ><, >< beats (), and () beats []. Whoever who gets three wins will 
get a free strike on his opponent.

-= Tag Team ===============================================================-

During a tag team match, to tag out to your partner, run over to him and 
press Dir towards him and (). When you're the active wrestler, you can call
in your partner using certain commands.

L-Analog Left  - Calls him to attack the non-legal opponent
L-Analog Right - Calls him in to attack the legal opponent

You can't keep doing it all the time though. When you're getting pinned your 
partner sometimes will automatically come out kick you out of the pin. When 
you are pinning an opponent, sometimes your partner will come out and 
distract the non-legal opponent from assisting his partner.

|                           _______________________________________('Menu)_)

The main menu has been revamped to look like a wrestling magazine. Nice, 
but a little more confusing. The menus, from left to right, are as follows.

Options     -> Sets your game options. See below
Trophy      -> Lets you check various unlocked goodies like wrestler bios, 
               videos etc as well as your profile's overall statistics
Edit Mode   -> Allows you to create and manage edits, see Chapter E
Tutorial    -> Lets you view some text-only tutorials
Exhibition  -> Play an exhibition match. See Chapter F
Campaign    -> Plays Campaign Mode. See Chapter G
Title       -> Plays Title Mode. See Chapter H

-= Options Menu ===========================================================-

The Options Menu has four sets of options.

Upper Right - Main Game Options
Lower Right - Audio Options
Upper Left  - Control Setup
Lower Left  - Save / Load

Main Game Options are as follows: -

Difficulty            - Easy / Medium / Hard
Blood                 - On / Off
Button Help           - On / Off
HUD Display           - On / Off
Dramatic Camera       - On / Off
Finisher Replay       - On / Off
Target Indicator      - On / Off
Vibration             - On / Off
Ring Camera           - Type A / Type B

Most options are self-explanatory. Dramatic camera lets the camera change 
when you are doing certain moves. Finisher replays lets you switch on or off
the triple replay that's shown when you hit a finisher. Target indicator 
shows you who you are targeting during tag or 3-way / 4-way matches. Ring
camera adjusts how the overall camera is positioned. For Type A, the rope
is facing you (original WK style); for Type B, the corner is facing you 
(new, and is default for WK2).

Audio Options are as follows: -

Sound                   - Stereo / Mono
Background Music Volume - 1/2/3/4/5/6/7/8/9/10 (decrease to make softer)
Sound Effects Volume    - 1/2/3/4/5/6/7/8/9/10 (decrease to make softer)
Crowd Volume            - 1/2/3/4/5/6/7/8/9/10 (decrease to make softer)

Control Setup is pretty simple. Type A uses the direction pad for movement
and the L-Analog for Taunts/Tag Commands. Type B swaps these two. For this 
FAQ, I'll be sticking to Type A controls. 

Save / Load is simple enough, Top option is Save, bottom option is Load.
REMEMBER this! While we're here though, we'll need to talk a little of 

-= Profiles ===============================================================-

Each memory card file stores two profiles. When you save or load, you'll 
first be asked to select a memory card, then select a profile A or B to 
save / load. Each profile stores a separate game progress, campaign mode, 
title match and edit set. In theory this lets two different persons play 
WK2 with their own progression, edits and unlocked stuff.

In theory. What you should do is to use this separate profile thing to 
store more edits! Each profile can create a measly 5 edits + 3 campaign 
edits (these edit slots are weaker but can be also be used during campaign 
mode; they need to be unlocked first however). Once you've unlocked 
everything you wish to unlock (playing through campaign mode to 100% should
do it) you can clone that profile by saving it in the other slot. Then you
can make more edits in this new profile with everything already unlocked.

You can still access edits from any other profiles or saves in exhibition
mode, see that section for more details.

|               ___________________________________________________('Edit)_)

WK2's edit mode has been revamped to make it much easier to use. While not
nearly as detailed as Yuke's own Smackdown vs. Raw engine, it is a competent
engine on its own.

At the main menu you'll see a list of your edit slots on the right. If you
have not played campaign mode at all, you'll see three slots showing ?????.
These slots need to be unlocked first. Press /\ to see your edit's finishers
and special abilities. Press () to enter that edit's main menu where all the
editing is done, >< to exit Edit Mode, and [] to open another menu. This 
menu looks something like this: -

Edit Copy
Appearance Copy
Copy from Profile
Copy to Profile

Take note that the copy options are "copy to" meaning you first must 
highlight the edit you want to copy FROM, then the slot you want to copy 
his data TO. It's a little confusing because the copy option inside the 
editing menu is opposite of this, but more on that later. The Edit Copy 
option copies your entire edit, while Appearance copy only copies his 
appearance and costumes (both wrestling and entrance gear).

The Copy from Profile option allows you to copy an edit from another profile 
to the slot you highlighted, while the Copy to Profile option copies that 
slot out to another profile.

Take note that if you're copying to the special campaign slots (last three)
the photo and stat points are not copied over.

Time to make yourself a new wrestler. Select a slot and press ><. The menu 
looks like this: -

Move List
Wrestling Costume
Entrance Costume
Save and Exit

Each will be tackled in a separate section below.

-= Profile ================================================================-

The profile menu looks something like this: -

Full Name (Up to 16 Chars)
Ring Name (Up to 8 Chars)
Description (Up to 16 Chars)
Weight Class (Heavy / Junior)
Alignment (Face / Neutral / Heel)
A.I. Offensive
A.I. Spirit

Self-explanatory, mostly. I'm not sure about how the two A.I. option works
though. Each has twelve options; I'd be grateful if there's anyone who can
translate those. The default option seems to work fine however.

The Photograph option takes a snapshot of your wrestler. Obviously, you'd
want to complete your wrestler's appearance and costume first before you 
come here (I normally do this last). In this one, the first option changes
your wrestler's facial expression or make him attack/taunt. The second 
adjusts lighting angles and the third adjusts the background image. Adjust 
your wrestler model with the R-Analog (adjusts zoom and rotation; hold R2
while using your R-Analog to adjust position). Keep this in mind as you will
also be using this when in the appearance and costume menus. 

Press /\ to take your edit's mug shot, then press Start to accept. 

Once you're done with this menu (or any other menu here, for that matter), 
press Start to accept changes to go out. If you press >< instead you are NOT 
accepting changes, so don't use it. 

-= Parameters =============================================================- 

Parameters menu allows you to enter your edit's stats. If you're using the 
first 5 edit slots, you get 200 points to distribute among your various 
stats (that's enough to max everything, but where's the fun in that?). The
next three slots unlocked in Campaign mode are more Jobber type material
though. The slots get 100, 130 and 150 slots respectively; so these slots
should be reserved for the all the weaker wrestlers you want to create.

The first section has three columns, from left to right they are Stats, 
Offense and Defense. They're pretty much the same as the original WK: -

Stats         Offense          Defense

Stamina       Striking         Striking
Recovery      Suplex           Suplex
Charisma      Strong           Strong
Power         Submission       Submission
Speed         Flying           Flying
Technique     Rough            Rough
              Mat Wrestling    Mat Wrestling

In the Stat column, Stamina affects how much damage you can take, Recovery
is how quickly you recover from and attack, Charisma affects how fast you 
can whip a crowd to frenzy, Power affects the damage of your moves, Speed
affects your walking speed, Technique affects how well you use Technique
(Mat) moves.

The Offensive and Defensive column sets how much damage you can inflict
and how well you defend against the seven different category of moves 
available in the game.

The option below the Stats part is Special Ability. Each wrestler can have
a special ability which varies quite a bit. At the start you can only pick
one of three available abilities, but you can eventually buy more at the 
shop. Again, I'd appreciate if anyone can help translate the abilities and
what they all do.

-= Move List ==============================================================-

You're going to spend quite a bit of time here. This is where you will set 
everything from your wrestler's moves to his taunts, stance etc. Bear in
mind that each menu may have multiple tabs that can be accessed with by
pressing left right on the dir pad; L1 and R1 moves to the next sub menu,
not tab. What I usually do is start at the first option and keep using right
direction pad to scroll right; that way I don't accidentally miss a tab.

A quick explanation of the moves screen. On the upper right window you can 
see a display of the move. On the upper right it shows : -

Move Category
Move Stats

[Pin]   [Submission] [KO]
[Choke] [Illegal]    [Combo]

Each of the six buttons will light up if the move had that attribute e.g.
if the move ends with a pin, the Pin button lights up, etc. The Choke type
are submissions that are considered illegal, illegal moves are cheap shots
like low blows etc. Both of these moves will get you chastised by the 
referee. Combo moves (I only see these in the light grapple move set) allows
you to seamlessly link to a ground submission; for instance, the basic 
snapmare can be linked to whatever is your edit's grounded heads up grapple. 
Linked moves cannot be countered out of and admittedly look darn nice when 
you whip them out.

The bottom window is the move set. A quick note here: - when you set your
moves, you sometimes can select another set of moves by pressing R1/R2 when
the moves selection comes up. For example, when setting hard grapples, press
R1/R2 to switch to light grapples set, meaning you can set light grapples
on a hard grapple move slot (why anyone would want to do that is beyond me 

Now comes the moves themselves, which comes in ten submenus:-

1) Stance/Taunts
    First Tab (Stance and Animations): -
      Ring In Animation
      Ring Out Animation
      Apron In Animation
      Corner Climb Animation
      Quick Rise Animation
      Dodge Running Animation
    Second Tab (Taunts): -
      Taunt 1 (L-Analog Up)
      Taunt 2 (L-Analog Down)
      Finisher State Taunt
      Top Rope Taunt
      Apron Taunt
      Winning Pose

2) Light Attacks
    First Tab (Strikes): -
      Light Strike 1 (Tap [])
      Light Strike 2 (Tap Dir+[])
      Strike Combo 2 (Tap [] Rep.)
      Strike Combo 3 (Tap [] Rep.)
      Strike Combo 4 (Tap [] Rep.)
      Strong Strike 1 (Hold [])
      Strong Strike 2 (Hold Dir+[])
      Running Strike 1 (Run, [])
      Running Strike 2 (Run, Dir+[])
      Staring Battle (R-Analog Left)
   Second Tab (Light Grapples, Front): -
      Light Front Grapple 1 (Tap ><)
      Light Front Grapple 2 (Tap Up/Down+><)
      Light Front Grapple 3 (Tap Left/Right+><)
      Running Front Grapple (Run, ><)
   Third Tab (Light Grapples, Back): -
      Light Back Grapple 1 (Tap ><)
      Light Back Grapple 2 (Tap Up/Down+><)
      Light Back Grapple 3 (Tap Left/Right+><)
      Running Back Grapple (Run, ><)

3) Strong Attacks
    First Tab (Front Strong Attacks): -
      Strong Front Grapple 1 (Capture, ><)
      Strong Front Grapple 2 (Capture, Up+><)
      Strong Front Grapple 3 (Capture, Down+><)
      Strong Front Grapple 4 (Capture, Left+><)      
      Strong Front Grapple 5 (Capture, Right+><)
      Grapple Front Strike 1 (Capture, []) 
      Grapple Front Strike 2 (Capture, Up/Down+[]) 
      Grapple Front Strike 3 (Capture, Left/Right+[]) 
    Second Tab (Back Strong Attacks): -
      Strong Back Grapple 1 (Capture, ><)
      Strong Back Grapple 2 (Capture, Up+><)
      Strong Back Grapple 3 (Capture, Down+><)
      Strong Back Grapple 4 (Capture, Left+><)      
      Strong Back Grapple 5 (Capture, Right+><)
      Grapple Back Strike 1 (Capture, []) 
      Grapple Back Strike 2 (Capture, Up/Down+[]) 
      Grapple Back Strike 3 (Capture, Left/Right+[]) 

4) On One Knee / Ground Seated Attacks
    First Tab (Opponent On One Knee Position): -
      Standing Attack ([])
      Running Attack (Run, [])
    Second Tab (Opponent Down Seated Position): -
      Standing Attack ([])
      Running Attack (Run, [])

5) Grounded Attacks
    First Tab (Opponent Grounded, Face Up): -
      Stomp ([])
      Running Stomp (Run, [])
      Head Grapple (Near Opponent's Head, ><)
      Side Grapple (Near Opponent's Side, ><)
      Feet Grapple (Near Opponent's Feet, ><)
    Second Tab (Opponent Grounded, Face Down): -
      Stomp ([])
      Running Stomp (Run, [])
      Head Grapple (Near Opponent's Head, ><)
      Side Grapple (Near Opponent's Side, ><)
      Feet Grapple (Near Opponent's Feet, ><)

6) Diving Attacks
    First Tab (Top Rope Attacks): -
      Standing Aerial Attack 1 (Opponent Standing, Climb [])
      Standing Aerial Attack 2 (Opponent Standing, Climb Dir+[])
      Ground Aerial Attack 1 (Opponent Down, Climb [])
      Ground Aerial Attack 2 (Opponent Down, Climb Dir+[])
      Corner Climb Attack (Near Corner, Dir to Corner +[])
    Second Tab (Running Dive): -
      Running Dive to Outside (Run At Ropes, [] when opponent is outside)
      Rebound Run to Outside (Rebound from Opposite Ropes, [])
      Rebound Dive (Run At Ropes, press Opposite Dir+[])
    Third Tab (Other Dives): -
      Standing Dive to Outside (Near Ropes, Dir to Outside +[])
      Apron Dive to Outside (On Apron, Dir to Outside +[])
      Apron Dive Inside 1(On Apron, Dir to Outside +[], Opponent Standing)
      Apron Dive Inside 2 (On Apron, Dir to Outside +[], Opponent Down)

7) Running Counters
    First Tab (Counter Strikes): -
      Counter Strike 1 (Opponent Running at You, Tap [])
      Counter Strike 2 (Opponent Running at You, Tap Dir+[])
    Second Tab (Counter Grapples): -
      Counter Grapple Light (Opponent Running at You, Tap ><)
      Counter Grapple Strong (Opponent Running at You, Hold ><)

8) Opponent In Corner
    First Tab (Run to Corner): -
      Running Corner Strike (Opponent in Corner, Run [])
      Running Corner Down Strike (Opponent Down in Corner, Run [])
    Second Tab (Corner Front Grapple): -
      Light Corner Front Grapple (Op. in corner facing you, Tap ><)
      Strong Corner Front Grapple (Op. in corner facing you, Hold ><)
      Down Corner Grapple (Op. down in corner, ><)
    Third Tab (Corner Back Grapple)
      Light Corner Back Grapple (Op. in corner facing back, Tap ><)
      Strong Corner Back Grapple (Op. in corner facing back, Hold ><)

9) Miscellaneous
    First Tab (Double Teams): -
      Front Double Team (Both you and partner facing opponent, ><)
      Back Double Team (Both you and partner facing opponent's back, ><)
      Sandwich Double Team (Opponent between you and partner, ><)
      Running Double Team (Opponent running at you and partner, ><)
      Corner Double Team (Op. in corner facing you and partner, ><)
      Back Corner Double Team (Op. in corner back turned, ><)
   Second Tab (Apron/Tied Up/Outside): -
      Apron-to-Outside (Opponent on Apron, ><)
      Apron Grapple (You are on Apron, ><)
      Tied To Ropes (Opponent Tied to Ropes, ><)
      Barricade Grapple (Opponent leaning on outside barricade, ><)
   Third Tab (Miscellaneous Other)
      Kick Capture Counter Grapple ([] when opponent kicks you, ><)
      Test of Strength Winning Strike (Win Test of Strength R-Analog Right)
      Grapple Counter Type (When opponent tries to capture you, ><)
   Fourth Tab (Ramp):-
      Ramp Throw (When at Ramp whip opponent to sides)

10) Finishers
   First Tab (Finishers): -
      Finisher 1
      Finisher 2
      Finisher 3
   Second Tab (Super Finisher): -
      Super Finisher

   When you select a finisher, you can pick from the following finisher
   positions: - 
         Running (Run, []+><)
         Opponent on One Knee (Opponent on one knee, Run, []+><)
         Running to Grounded (Opponent Grounded, Run, []+><)
         Running Front Grapple (Run, []+><)
         Running Back Grapple (Run, []+><)
         Front Grapple ([]+>< or Capture, []+><)
         Back Grapple ([]+>< or Capture, []+><)
         Running Counter (Opponent Running at You, []+><)
         Front Corner Grapple (Opponent Corner Facing Front, []+><)
         Back Corner Grapple (Opponent Corner Facing Back, []+><)
         Ground Up Head Grapple (Op. Down, Face Up, Near Head []+><)
         Ground Up Side Grapple (Op. Down, Face Up, Near Side []+><)
         Ground Up Feet Grapple (Op. Down, Face Up, Near Feet []+><)
         Ground Down Head Grapple (Op. Down Face Down, Near Head []+><)
         Ground Down Side Grapple (Op. Down Face Down, Near Side []+><)
         Ground Down Feet Grapple ((Op. Down Face Down, Near Feet []+><)
         Diving Attack (Climb, []+><)

You can only set one of Running/Running Front Grapple/Running Back Grapple 
finisher types since they all have the same command. If you have one of 
either back or front grapple, when you press []+>< your edit will 
automatically position himself to the right front/back position. 

Moves in yellow here are finisher only, meaning these moves can only be used
as finishers. Yuke¡¯s made some asinine mistakes here... I mean, since when is
a superplex a finisher-only move?

Also, if you press /\ here you can rename your finishers to whatever you 
like, which is a nice touch.

Fill all that up and you're done with the moves menu. Phew...

-= Appearance =============================================================-

There are four menus here. The icons make it rather obvious, but from left
to right they are Premade Bodies, Shape, Skin, Face. Once again, to scroll 
menus, press L1 or R1. To change tabs inside each menu press left or right. 

Premade allows you to pick from ten different pre-shaped bodies. For some
reason they oversized almost them all; all except the smallest versions 
look massive when you put them against the in-game wrestlers. 

There are two sub-menus in the Shape menu, for Body and for Face. If you
want to make some real life wrestlers, expect to spend a long time in this
menu. The Body menu consist of the following (scrolling to the right using
R1): -

Overall Size / Height
Overall Head
Upper Arm
Lower Arm

The face menu is even more extensive and consist of the following: -

Overall Face
Cheek Upper
Cheek Lower
Mouth (Size)
Upper Lip
Lower Lip
Mouth (Shape)

In each of the above menus you have sliders to adjust the body part to your 
required size and shape. The first item on each of these menus revert back
to default, in case you seriously mess up. Don't forget you need to press 
START to keep your changes.

The Skin menu is simpler and has two options for skin type and tattoos. The 
tab to the right changes the skin and tattoo color. 

The Face menu has more options: -

Default Face Type (this resets your detailed face menu settings!)
Eye Color
Wrinkles / Scars
Wrinkles under Eyes
Facial Hair
Face Paint (First Layer)
Face Paint (Second Layer)

The tab to the right, again, sets color for certain items above that can be
recolored. All right, you're done with appearances.

-= Ring / Entrance Costumes ===============================================-

These two menus are identical to each other (basically the ring costume is
what you will wear when wrestling, the entrance costume is what you wear 
coming into the ring) so I'm not going to have separate menus for them. 

Like the appearance menu, the costume menu has a row of submenus at the top,
which are (from left to right)

Costume Set
Upper Body Wear
Lower Body Wear
Special Items

The costume set lets you place a pre-made costume on your character. This
will, of course, reset any prior costumes you put on your wrestler. 

The menus themselves are easy to figure out. Most clothing items have 
options to put on various designs, each of which can be set different 
colors in the right tab.

The SP items are special though; you can only put for of these. Also, each
cost "points" to put on, and you have 100 points to spend. Unlike other 
clothing items these can be placed and properly positioned in various parts
of your body. 

Additional costumes and SP items can be purchased at the item shop.

To copy your ring costume over quickly to your entrance costume, highlight 
the entrance costume and press /\. Likewise, to copy your entrance costume 
to your ring costume, highlight the ring costume and press /\.

-= Entrance Edit ==========================================================-

The entrance edit menu allows you to customize your edit's entrance style.

The menu items are as follows: -

Preview Full Entrance
Entrance Music
Entrance Time Delay
Stage Animation
Ramp Walk Animation
Ring In Animation
Name Announce Pose
Announced Name

They're all self explanatory. A nice touch is that everything is previewed,
unlike the last WK. 

-= Item Shop ==============================================================-

The last item on your edit menu allows you to spend the points you earned
during your matches on various items. There's three categories; Costumes,
Moves and Abilities. Each are separated into their own sub-categories. You
will notice a lot of locked items; these gradually become unlocked as you
play campaign mode. Also, when you win in title mode, the title belt you 
win becomes unlocked in the SP items shop for you to buy. The Ability items,
once purchased, can be set in the Parameters menu.

All right, after going through all the above, you've finished your edit! 
Don't forget to save before you exit (last option on the menu).

|                __________________________________________________('Exhi)_)

If you want to get straight to the action, this is the mode to be in. The
types of matches haven't changed very much from WK1: -

Single Match
Tag Match
Three Way Match
Handicap Match
Four Way Match
Five on Five Team Battle

Edit Import

-= Match Types ============================================================-

A quick explanation of what these matches are: -

SINGLE MATCH is your basic One-on-One Match.

TAG MATCH is your basic Two-on-Two Match.

HANDICAP MATCH will be a One vs. Tag Match, meaning one guy will have a tag
partner, and one won't. Both opponents will not be in the ring at the same 
time, unless you're crazy enough to set it to Tornado rules.

TRIPLE THREAT MATCH is a three way match between three wrestlers, all 
causing havoc in the ring at the same time. First guy to make a pin wins,
unless Elimination option is turned on (see below), in which case you'll
have to pin both of your opponents to win.

FOUR WAY MATCH is with like the Triple Threat Match, but with even more 
havoc of having four guys getting it on at the same time. You can make
this a traditional battle royale (you must be the last guy in the ring,
rather than the first guy to score a pin, to win the match) by turning on
the Elimination option.

FIVE-ON-FIVE TEAM BATTLE allows you to create teams of five members to 
fight each other. You will fight each other in single matches, and the loser
is eliminated. The team that loses all it's members first is the loser of 
team battle.

GAUNTLET is a thirty minute time limit match where you have to keep 
defeating an endless stream of opponents with no rest for your own.

-= Match Options - Single Match ===========================================-

Upon selecting your match type, you will next be sent to the Match Options
menu. By default you'll be highlighting the Rules Set option, which can be 
changed to various rules set: -

Normal / Hardcore / Shoot Rules / MMA Rules

By default the rules set is always set to normal. Hardcore matches are
pretty much an anything goes match (which is probably why most of the rules 
are grayed out). A Shoot Rule match can only be won by KO or submission. You 
also get 10 points that get deducted when you flaunt the strict shoot rules 
match, such as climbing turnbuckles, using cheap moves (that normally gets 
warned by the ref) or escaping from a submission using the ropes. The one 
who loses all these points will also lose the match. MMA rules is similar to 
Shoot Rules sans the 10 point thing, but the match is divided into rounds.

Match settings are as follows: -

Entrance (On / Off)
Ring Select (NJPW / AJPW / Devilock / Plain)
Arena Select (there are 8 altogether to choose from)
Rules Set

No. of Falls (1 / 3)
Time Limit (60 / 30 / 20 / 15 / 10 / 5 / Infinite mins)
Win By Pinfalls (On / Off)
Win By Submission (On / Off)
KO (On / Off)
Ref DQ (On / Off)
Rope Break (On / Off)
Ring Out Count (20 / 10 / None)

If you choose hardcore rules, the last three options are grayed out. If you
choose shoot rules, everything from No. of Falls to Ring Out Count is 
grayed out except Time Limit. For Shoot Rules almost everything is grayed
out as well, but the Time Limit option is replaced by a few additional 
options: -

No. of Rounds (2 / 5 / 10 / 12)
Time Per Round ( 3 / 5 / 10 mins)
Win Type (Three Knockdowns / Free)

-= Match Options - Tag Match ==============================================-

Like singles match, you'll have multiple rules set; there's even more types
of rules here: -

Normal / Hardcore / Elimination / Tornado / Shoot Rules

The match settings themselves are the same as per the normal singles match, 
with the addition of two more settings at the bottom: -

Elimination Rules (On / Off)
Partner Time in Ring (60 / 30 / 20 / 15 / 10 / 5 / Tornado)

If you switch on elimination rules, then you must pin both opponents to win
the match. Yep, this can turn into a handicap match in a hurry...

If you set Partner Time in Ring to Tornado, the tag will be a Texas Tornado
style battle in that all four wrestlers will be in the ring at the same time
and you can pin either opponent to win (or pin them both, if you also 
switched on elimination). A pretty fun match, but causes quite a bit of 
slowdown on your poor PS2. 

Elimination and Tornado rules set basically sets the match settings for you,
which seem pretty pointless to me... shoot rules is basically the same as
the singles version, where you can only win by submissions and KOs. No 10
point thingie though. 

-= Match Options - Others =================================================-

Match rules are pretty much the same for the other options.

For the three-way and four-way matches, they have all the same match 
settings as Tag, except for the Partner Time in Ring option. As for the 
rules set you have 

Normal / Hardcore / Elimination

The all rules set is identical to tag match except for the absence of Shoot 

The five on five and gauntlet are basically a series of singles matches, so 
the rules set are the same except there's no MMA rules option. 

-= Importing Wrestlers ====================================================-

The last option in the exhibition menu allows you to import up to five 
wrestlers from your other profiles or saves. This allows you to pretty have 
as much edits as you have memory cards (each card can store one save file,
each with two profiles, which in turn can have up to 8 edits for a total of
16 edits). It's pretty simple; select the menu and you'll be asked to load 
the profile of your choice. Then just select your five edits you want to 
import. These edits will appear as "guests" on the character select screen
(same section as where your profile edits are stored). Note that these 
edits are not saved needs to be loaded up each time you boot the game. 

Importing these edits are fast and easy, so you can play with pretty much
any of your edits without too much hassle. 

-= In-game Pause Menu =====================================================-

During any of your matches, pause the game with Start to bring up the 
in-game options.

Restart Match       Game Options            Help - Controls
Quit Match          Sound Options           Help - HUD Display
Movelist            Control Options         Match Rules

Quite straightforward. The Option menus are identical to the one in the 
main Option menu, so refer to that section if you need help. 

|                    ______________________________________________('Camp)_)

Campaign mode is a fun new addition to the WK series. Essentially a group
battle with some card collecting thrown in, the mode allows for some rather 
interesting matches. This mode is also an essential play as completing it 
unlocks pretty much everything from secret wrestlers to locked shop items.

When you start off, you will choose from three "decks" representing New 
Japan, All Japan and Free rosters. You will earn 8 wrestler cards from the
respective brand to start off your campaign conquest.

-= Campaign Mode Basics ===================================================-

Once you've selected your deck, you will begin campaign mode proper. The 
main menu has two options, Play Campaign and Reset Deck. Reset Deck deletes
all the cards you've collected and goes back to your initial deck, which is
probably not something you want. Select Play Campaign and you'll be brought
to the map screen, with the options: -

Edit Team
Save and Exit

Before you can start any battles, you need to first create a team. Choose
Edit Team and you will be brought to another menu: -

Begin Battle (will be grayed out since you have chosen an opponent yet)
Team Deck Edit
Team Name
Delete Team

A quick explanation here. Each team you form consists of a deck of eight 
slots which you can place wrestler cards or effect cards. You will pit your
team against an opposing team in a series of three matches. The type of match
is determined by the opponent you choose, and depending on these, you will 
need the corresponding number of wrestler cards. For example, if your matches 
are two tag matches and one singles match, you will need at least five 
wrestler cards in your team deck before you can do battle.

Since you're just starting out, you won't have any effect cards, so go ahead
and fill your deck with eight wrestler cards.

-= Battling in Campaign Mode ==============================================-

Choose to Battle and you'll be able to select a venue, and then an opponent. 
Each venue will have different opponents, who are ranked in difficulty by 
the number of stars under their name (the more stars the tougher). The last 
option allows you to switch to a second map (USA?) for two more venues and 
more opponents. 

Once you've picked an opponent (you'll be brought to the same deck edit menu
to select or shuffle your team), you then need to assign your wrestlers to
the three matches your opponent has picked for you. Scroll your cards left
or right and press the corresponding button to select the participant. Here,
notice that each of your cards have a paper, scissors and rocks hand symbol.
When you and your opponent select their wrestlers, whichever wrestler card
wins the paper-scissors-rock game will start the match with 5 spirit balls.
If you draw both will start with no spirit balls. For tag matches the 
paper-scissors-rock game with be carried out by the first wrestler selected 
and the winner gets both his wrestlers to start with 5 spirit balls each.

Once you've selected your wrestlers, the matches will start. Next you'll
notice that your opponent will play effect cards at the start of each match
(assuming he has enough). Effect cards do a variety of things in the match;
they can be simple things like raising stats, to full on rule changes like
banning strikes and speeding up three counts. You won't have any effect 
cards yet, so you'll just have to slug it out normally. The weak opponents
usually have crummy effect cards though.

Once you've played and hopefully win all three matches, you will earn all 
eight of your opponent's cards, including his effect cards! Now that you
have some of your own, in your next battle you can rearrange your team to
include some effect cards (having eight wrestler cards is pretty pointless
as you'll use six of them at most). After selecting your next opponent and
when selecting your team the upper right corner info box will let you know 
how many wrestlers you need minimum to do battle. 

And so it goes on and on. As you progress you will earn better wrestler and 
effect cards, providing much more options to form teams (you can form up to 
eight teams if you want, though normally I just form one and keep shuffling 
them as I go along). Of course, tougher and tougher opponents (with nastier
effect cards) will start appearing. Your aim is to collect as much cards as

-= Unlockables ============================================================-

The game keeps a percentage score of how many cards you have earned. When 
you reach around 30%, you will unlock a special card which is edit slot #6.
As mentioned before this edit slot is special in that you can use an edit 
created in this slot in Campaign Mode. However, he's much weaker than your
other edits (he's only got 100 stat points) so you're better off using 
in-game wrestlers instead. At around 50% you earn edit slot #7, who is a 
little bit better (130 stat points) and around 70% you earn the final edit
slot #8 (with a decent 150 stat points).

As you play along you will also start unlocking items in the item shop. 
Also, you will start meeting and winning secret character wrestler cards; 
once you've earned these cards the secret wrestlers will also be unlocked 
for use in other modes. Secret characters available are: -

Masked Devilock (he's already unlocked in other modes)
Akira Hokuto
Blue Move Dummy
Red Move Dummy
Yellow Move Dummy
20th Anniversary Masahiro Chono
Darkness Muta
Young Shinsuke Nakamura (thinner)
Young Antonio Inoki
Original Great Muta (with hair)
Young Keiji Mutoh (with hair)
Classic Jushin Liger (red costume)
Young Masahiro Chono (with white tights)

When you reach 90% completion, you will be treated to a rather amusing 
ending credits scroll. At 100% completion everything in the shop will be
unlocked except for title belt SP items (these are unlocked in Title Mode).

-= Hints and Tips =========================================================-

Effect cards won't generally give you a hassle, until you start encountering
advanced ones. Cards to keep in mind include Stamina / Strength MAX cards,
which turn even the humblest opponent into real monsters, and rule changing
cards like quick 3-counts and so on. You'll want to pay special attention to 
move banning cards (they have a big red stop sign over them); there are 
three of these, which are Ban Strikes, Ban Grapples and Ban Submissions. The
ref will warn you when you use moves in the banned category; if you see a 
ref shirt over your character's HUD, you're one warning away from getting
DQ'd. Though once you've earned these cards yourself you can use them in 
rather interesting ways. 

Here are a couple of matches that gave me some difficulty: -

"Blood Space" - First Match
Handicap Hardcore Tornado Match - Player vs. Suwama & The Sheik
Yep, a match where you have two hardcore guys freely running around with 
weapons. This match is pretty cheap in that you can't grapple (your grapple
will just get broken) and the clunky targeting system will foil your strikes
as well. What I did here was to use a strong fighter type guy who can KO 
with strikes (more specifically, I used Masakatsu Funaki; his shotei is
lethal). Then I ran around the ring trying to separate the two, and then use 
hit-and-run strong strikes until I managed to KO one of them. Expect a long
match, so you might want to use Stamina Max if you have it. Using the Ban
Grapples card will also give you an edge since they will refrain from using
grapples (and if they do they may get themselves DQ'd). 

"Golden Age" - Third Match
Shoot Rules Match - Young Antonio Inoki
Young Inoki is pretty much the most jacked up player in the game; in this
match he's also going to use his exclusive Technique MAX card. With it he's
a real monster; just two or three submissions from him can straight away 
damage your body part. And since this is shoot rules, you're stuck with 
beating him either by KO or submission, both of which he's good at defending
against. KO's don't work; even at red stamina and multiple damaged limbs 
late in the match he still can get up at one or two counts. Submissions can
eventually beat him, either by making him lose points via rope break or by
making him tap. He can break out of submissions with stunning ease; even if
you constantly work a body part, it'll take at least 15 minutes to damage
it, and at least 20 minutes before the blue submission bar even appears! I
would suggest using a wrestler with strong submission skills, Chono and 
Nagata come to mind (I eventually defeated him with Nagata myself). Stamina
MAX card is a must or he'll kill you in minutes. Time plays a factor as 
well, since you only have 30 minutes to beat him; expect a very close shave 
(I beat him at 28 minutes). Golden Age only appears near the end of the 
game, so I guess you can treat him as the "last boss" of campaign mode.

|                 _________________________________________________('Titl)_)

Title mode is a relatively simple mode which allows you to challenge for one
of the four titles from New Japan and All Japan. You can't straight away 
challenge for the title however; each of these titles have their respective 
tournaments/leagues that you must first win. The titles you can challenge 
for and their respective tournaments are as follows: -

IWGP Heavyweight Title - G1 Climax 
IWGP Junior Heavyweight Title - Best of Super Junior
Triple Crown Heavyweight Title - Champion's Carnival
AJPW World Junior Heavyweight Title - Super J Cup

All in all you will fight a total of nine matches with the wrestler of your 
choice before you can challenge for the respective title. You will get to 
save before each match, but only one title challenge can be ongoing at any 

When you win the title, you unlock the belt as a costume item, so you can
place them on any of your edits as you wish. Current champions all have a 
special title holder entrance, so you don't really need to put a title belt
on an edit if he's already a champion. Speaking of which, if you have an
edit who is a champion, you cannot rename him, but can change pretty much
anything else.

If you choose a current champion, you will instead go into Title Defense 
Mode, where you'll challenge a series of COM opponents one after the other,
and only get to save after five opponents.

Secret characters can also be unlocked in title mode by winning a title 
using a certain character. Winning a title with Jushin Liger unlocks the 
classic Red Costume Liger, for example. Though it's much faster to unlock 
secret characters by winning their cards in Champaign mode, if you ask me.

By the way, you can see some rather bizarre pre-made edits as you play 
various modes. Yes, they're even weirder than the ones you find in the
original WK's drama mode.

|                     ______________________________________________('Ack)_)

This FAQ is dedicated to all the old hands of the GameFAQs message board, 
you know who you are. Also to the guys of Fireproclub.com forums, which are 
pretty much the same folks, but thanks anyway :)

Big thanks go out to Americanballoon, who posted the initial translations
for the game. He's also put up a handy character guide, which you should 
check out. And all the other guys like Tigermuppercut and KRadiation who 
put in translations for various modes, menus and whatnot.

2007, Jerrold Ng

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