How do I beat Death?

  1. Is there a way to beat Death or will you always be annihilated when you can't escape him?Does he have any weaknesses.I've asked Fuuga and Shijuri but they never have any answers.Please tell me if there is a certain Persona I can use or weapon that may help .Any help will be appreciated greatly. Dulaaa - 13 years ago - report
  2. It's just me, and this way is not reccomended, try get helel and satan to perform Armageddon, it will die instantly, also (it,s just my mind) you would want victory cry on one of them so your SP gonna regenerate fully after battle, I reccomend this tactic if you want to level up in Monad, becouse this tactic make you never lose(unless you are fighting either Nux avatar or Elizabeth or that Fortune arcana Shadow) KVGaming - 2 years ago - report
  3. You can also beat Nyx Avatar final form with Armageddon Miridian - 1 year ago - report

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  1. Get the Persona Odin (from maxing the Emperor social link) and level him up to 65. Make sure to keep Thunder Reign, Spell Master and Elec Amp. If possible, fuse him with Elec Boost as well. You'll want Akihiko and any two others, and to be level 70 at the lowest. Engage him and run away unless the turn order looks something like 1)Main Character 2)Party Member 1 3)Party Member 2 4)Reaper 5)Akihiko. What you want to do is set Akihiko to Support and the others to knock down, then use Thunder Reign on him to inflict the paralyze status which makes most (any?) hit critical against him. When party member 1 attacks, do an all out attack. When party member 2 attacks, relent instead of attacking. He'll waste his turn getting up, and then Akihiko will debuff him. Repeat until he dies while hoping you don't miss. Or you could use Helel and Satan, but Helel is level 88 minimum. Ryajinor - 13 years ago - report 28   8


  1. The method I used was to madly exploit Vishnu and Ananta's fusion spell "Infinity". It helps tremendously if you can get Spell Master on Vishnu, which I was able to do. This means you can cast 6 or 7 Infinities, recover your MP and repeat, all the while your other party members will be whittling him down. forweg - 13 years ago - report 8   2
  2. Use Armegeddon fusion skill with Satan and Helell diegster - 13 years ago - report 6   3
  3. Requirement:

    1. A team with at least Level 65+
    2. Having Odin with Thunder Reign
    3. Having a Persona with Trafuri (optional)


    1. Get Reaper (Death) to spawn (It can spawn either by staying in Tartarus for too long, being in a floor with abnormal amount of enemy, being in a floor with no enemy or drawing card with Death mark during Shuffle Time)

    2. Engage Reaper, don't let Reaper engage you as the Reaper may go first then you are doom.

    3. Everytime a battle initiated, press R1 on your controller to see the turn sequence, make sure the Reaper always go fourth or fifth. If it is not the sequence you need, run away using Trafuri or normally run away hoping that the Reaper doesn't stop you.

    4. Set all team command on "Knock Down". This will ensure your team only use phy skill or basic attack.

    4. Use Thunder Reign on Reaper, Thunder Reign can give 100% shock status to anything that hits, when Reaper gets shocked, it will have 0 evasion and 100% chance to get critical hit, critical hit will knock down the Reaper for an AoA.

    5. Then when your first teammate knock down the Reaper, initiate the first AoA.

    6. For the second knock down, if the Reaper goes fourth, choose Relent for the second AoA, this will ensure the Reaper waste a turn to recover and not doing anything. If the Reaper goes fifth, initiate the second AoA instead but Relent for the fourth AoA.

    7. Repeat process until Reaper is dead.

    Things to note:

    1. It is best to use Akihiko as a member as his debuff skill can weaken Reaper and also make Thunder Reign harder to miss (Reaper has 99 Ag btw). Although he would have to go last and set him on Support/Heal, so that when Reaper recover and do nothing, Akihiko can proceed to debuff the Reaper.

    2. It is best to level Odin to level 61 so he can learn Spell Master which reduces all magic costs by half, so you won't run out of Sp. Also, wear SP boosting accesorries to ensure longevity.

    3. Reaper is not recommended to be farm unless you are level 85+, otherwise, it is a risk game for any team that are lower than that. You missed one Thunder Reign, you are doomed.
    P2PSelfPuppet - 7 months ago - report 2   0
  4. You can paralyze him with Thunder Reign and have other party members Critical him then trigger All-Out Attacks for tons of damage. <b>Remember not to do it twice in a row or he'll recover and pwn your ass afterwards</b> Mr_MadeInHeaven - 13 years ago - report 7   7
  5. Just use Odin w/ Thunder Reign. I beat the Reaper in 2 minutes flat, and he never got to hit back except for one pathetic " Fire Break ". I highly suggest Akihiko, Junpei and Aigis as your party members. Set Akihiko to Heal / Support and the other two to " knock down. " First , you hit the Reaper with Thunder Reign, the Reaper gets stunned, either Akihiko will buff/debuff or Junpei hits him w/ Vorpal Blade. The Reaper gets knocked down, then do an " all - out attack ", BUT, just this one time only. Repeat procedure, then RELENT ! Akihik will buff / debuff, Aigis will " Wait ", ( I don't know why ) and Junpei will hit him again with Vorpal Blade. The Reaper doesn't get to hit back except for one pathetic " Fire Break " on Junpei. That's all. matilda143 - 13 years ago - report 4   4
  6. I used odin strat at 65 but u will need luck and precious egg
    If u use makarukarn or magic mirror it will spam megidolaon which is instant death
    Door_Ultra - 1 year ago - report 1   1
  7. You can use armageddon fusion spell (satan and helel) but if your early in the game, you should wait till you are level 80 or higher, or else he WILL kill you in no time flat. darkmaster_zero - 13 years ago - report 4   5
  8. Funny enough, I managed it on lv 49 on my firts playthroug. It spamed Mind Charge about 6 times in a row and then used Mudoon, which i reppeled. Miridian - 1 year ago - report
  9. Get Vitality Rings or if your HP is maxed, equip Indra Bracers. If your not going to use Armageddon, then Thunder Reign is your weapon of choice. Moljinr also helps or anything that strengthens electric attacks. And level 70 is the minium, but you should really be higher than that. Yggdrasil1000 - 13 years ago - report 3   4
  10. If reaper Killed all your Party(except you),He'll be 2nd,and His HP is 1/4,It's appropriate to Make Michael w/ Thunder Reign and Spell Master and Apt Pupil(Inherit it from another Persona) (Odin+Scathach+Ananta,make sure Ananta is Highest Level),and make sure Michael's Lv. is 78,for Heaven's Blade which has a 25% chance of a Crit. Hit,but w/ Apt Pupil,it will increase the Odds of Crit Hit to 50%. and wait when reaper gets Downed from the Blade. DXfan1448 - 13 years ago - report 4   6
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