What are the ultimate Personas for each Social Link?

  1. I'd like to know what the ultimate persona for each social link is, what cards you suggest I farm for making them, and if they're worth getting, or if I should skip them.

    I've already got Thor and Surt, just FYI.

    Any help would be appreciated, as I can't really find this info in the FAQs.
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  1. Here's their ulti persona, and my tips, whether they worth or not. But you still have to get them all, because you can't get into late game battle with stupid leveled persona, you know..

    1. Fool = Orpheus Telos (LV 90)
    It's your choice. He's very hard to get, but he's really good againts anything.

    2. Magician = Surt (LV 52)
    His Ragnarok is menacing, but his level is suck

    3. Priestess = Scathach (LV 64)
    She's a nice one, if you can give her Null\Repel\Absorb Fire

    4. Empress = Alilat (LV 84)
    What the?? Give her any recovery skill like diarahan or mediarahan, then she'll be your weapon againts physical enemies

    5. Emperor = Odin (LV 57)
    He's a worth one. His Thunder Reign will wash away enemies's health, but not on the late game.

    6. Hiero = Kohryu (LV 66)
    No weakness make him an ultimate healer. Get him at time.

    7. Lovers = Cybele (LV 63)
    Not too worthy persona, even though she has no weakness.

    8. Chariot = Thor (LV 53)
    Almost every chariot personas have idiotic purpose, including this one.

    9. Justice = Melchizedek (LV 59)
    You'll love his physical damage, but not for too long. He's only good at middle game.

    10. Hermit = Arahabaki (LV 60)
    Create him, then waste him. He is worthless in the later game.

    11. Fortune = Norn (LV 62)
    He's godly, with his Phanta Rhei.

    12. Strength = Siegfried (LV 59)
    Nah, get another physical personas...

    13. Hanged = Attis (LV 67)
    Worthy, after getting Repel Light.

    14. Death = Thanatos (LV 64)
    Transfer Die For Me skill from Alice + Repel Light, then he'll be a real killer with dark skills.

    15. Temper= Yurlungur (LV 64)
    Errr.... Watch out for his weakness..

    16. Devil= Beelzebub (LV 81)
    Get him learn Repel Ice, to max his usage. He's a very strong persona, i advice you to get him.

    17. Tower= Chi You (LV 86)
    Best physical type persona in near end of the game.

    18. Star= Helel (LV 88)
    What could i say? Get him Absorb Ice from Mara, to cover up weakness.

    19. Moon= Sandalphon (LV 74)
    A nice persona. He has no weakness.

    20. Sun= Asura (LV 85)
    GET Him, he is very strong.

    21. Judge= Messiah (LV 90)
    He is WEAK. He has no elemental defense at all, while he can't cover his weakness. But, just get him.

    22. Aeon= Metatron (LV 87)
    He is can repel three elements, so get him ASAP. Make him learn Null Dark or anything else.
    Zelt_Exhard - 12 years ago - report 20   8


  1. NAME LEVEL arcana
    susano-o 76 fool
    surt 52 magician
    scathach 64 priestess
    alilat 84 empress
    odin 57 empror
    kohryu 66 heirophant
    cybele 68 lovers
    thor 53 chariot
    melchizedeck 59 justice
    arahabaki 60 hermit
    norn 62 fortune
    siegefried 59 strength
    attis 67 hang man
    thanatos 64 death
    yurlunger 64 temprence
    beelzebub 81 devil
    chi you 86 tower
    helel 88 star
    sandalphon 74 sandalphon
    asura 85 sun
    messiah 90 judgement
    (originaly) the universe
    metatron 87 aeon
    hope that help
    x3laaawyx - 12 years ago - report 7   6
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