I need to know if someone here still playing or at least know what I have to do?

  1. For me to make the Fusion Thanatos in persona 3 I really need to make a fusion of Alice and to do that which I have to complete quest in order to complete their respective missions of the number 6,8,15 and 22 to unlock the quest 29 ?
    Is there another way to do the personas without trough applications quest of Elizabeth?

    Since I started playing the game trough the PS2 and I would make the Fusion Thanatos but I do not know how to do these quests that were mentioned
    I wonder if someone could tell me ok.

    Well, I'm playing the game makes two months and as such has no cheat or anything to me I turned to what I know and searched the internet
    I hope someone can answer me?

    And I apologize if I have asked this question at some wrong place ok.

    User Info: sidneythor

    sidneythor - 6 years ago
  2. I wonder what is the best strategy to beat the mini boss Stasis Giant because as I said earlier I started playing a little while ago
    so I'm not very experienced but I'm fighting it and still not win consiguo told me to do the Persona Girimehkala but I made it so that it does not block the attacks Slash / Strike not know how to say what is the name of the coup they use it to block these types of strokes I had to do it with a maximum S.Link moon?
    For my S.Link the moon is at rank 5 if you happen to be at the most I will have to stay a few days just to increase this S.Link!
    I hope someone can answer me ok
    and I apologize if I have been ignorant or rude to someone
    thanks for your attention until more.

    I also forgot to ask what happens if by chance not beat the mini boss?
    If you do not win the mini-bosses is impossible to change the block?
    Please I hope you can answer me
    I actually forgot to mention this in the previous message!

    Well I'll post here a small doubt in that level I consiguo ensure victory against The Reaper?
    It's because I'm on the block and Adamah'm leveling it and I am already on level 70 with the principal and Fuuka and others are among the 65-70 level.
    I hope someone can answer me because I need to defeat The Reaper because of a quest.
    Thank you for your attention and even more!

    Please could someone answer me?
    why not stop over my doubts?
    I wonder how do I advance to the 255th floor of the Adamah block?
    Please answer me I just asking for answers to nothing cost much some of you answer me?
    you just do not know me indicate some website, blog, or who know more about this topic
    please i beg you guys with full education that can answer me.
    thanks for the attention of all
    even if I do not respond the same way I thank you thank you and even more!
    I await response if someone responds!

    all I'm talking about here in this part of boards ok!

    User Info: sidneythor

    sidneythor - 6 years ago

Accepted Answer

  1. You must do the fusion requests in order to make the Nata Taishi necessary to make Alice. If you don't its utterly impossible to make Alice and thus Thanatos by extension.

    Chernobog of the Moon Arcana intrinsically nullifies all slash attacks dealt against it, so that might help against Stasis Giant.

    The Reaper can be beaten at a wide variety of levels through use of the well-known "Thunder Reign" strategy, which requires the Thunder Reign skill from a maxed Emperor link. What you need to do is to get your turn before the reaper, shock it with Thunder Reign (this skill ALWAYS shocks), then knock it down with a follow-up physical from a party member. Either take the all out attack and follow up with more physicals and all out attacks, or let its turn be wasted, depending on preference/your ability to deal with damage. Repeat until the reaper is dead. If you don't have thunder reign, its still beatable, but you must be much more careful.

    Once you reach the top of Adamah that you can reach for now, you must wait until the final day of the game, January 31. Then you will be able to proceed through the rest of Adamah and at last to the top of Tartarus.

    User Info: astrophys

    astrophys - 6 years ago 0   0

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