Additional Art SupportTim Evans
Additional Art SupportHarry Romero
Additional Art SupportDiana Salles
Additional ProgrammingIsaac Burns
Additional ProgrammingBrian Lesniak
Additional ProgrammingChris Pitzen
Additional ProgrammingBobby Russell
AnimatorJesse O'Brien
Art DirectorMathew Van Dinter
Art DirectorPeyton Duncan
ArtistJon Ivan
ArtistOu Li
Assistant Audio SpecialistDarryl Stephens
Assistant ProducerAudrey Delong
Assistant ProducerJason Fowler
Assistant ProducerTravis Hill
Assistant ProducerCory Lehrhoff
Associate ProducerGrant Poock
Associate ProducerDoug Rappaport
Associate Producer (Central Online)David A. Winter
Audio DirectorAubrey Hodges
Audio SpecialistRob Warren
Development Director (Central Online)Darko Bojanic
Development Director (Central Online)Denise Christie
Executive Music ProducerSteve Schnur
Executive ProducerJon Dean
Lead Audio SpecialistGene Rozenberg
Music LicensingJennifer Gray
ProducerKirt Lemons
Producer / Additional ProgrammingJeremy Andersen
Senior Development DirectorMarco Busse
Senior Video SpecialistKelly Austin
Software Engineer (Central Online)Christian Adam
Software Engineer (Central Online)Joshua Bertrand
Software Engineer (Central Online)James Brookes
Software Engineer (Central Online)Wilson Chan
Software Engineer (Central Online)Tracy Chen
Software Engineer (Central Online)Amy Cheng
Software Engineer (Central Online)Brandon Cox
Software Engineer (Central Online)Susan Dai
Software Engineer (Central Online)Tyrone Ebert
Software Engineer (Central Online)Elsa Fan
Software Engineer (Central Online)Matt Hughson
Software Engineer (Central Online)David Mikulev
Software Engineer (Central Online)Janna Patterson
Software Engineer (Central Online)William Tan
Software Engineer (Central Online)Oren Zietman
Software Engineer (Programming)Bryan Andrews
Software Engineer (Programming)Jon Bauman
Software Engineer (Programming)Heath Kehoe
Software Engineer (Programming)Nick Miller
Software Engineer (Programming)Matt Modaff
Software Engineer (Programming)Max O'Brien
Software Engineer (Programming)Jeffrey Soldan
Software Engineer (Programming)Tom Zetty
Sr. Music SupervisorCybele Pettus
Studio Art DirectorJohn Turk
Supervising Producer (Central Online)Roy Harvey
Technology Fellow (Central Online)Greg Schaefer
Voice TalentGene Deckerhoff
Voice TalentRobby Roberts


Data and credits for this game contributed by odino, a0me, and BGoldTLE.

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