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Guide and Walkthrough by honestgamer

Version: 1.0 | Updated: 07/01/2007

                              By Jason Venter

Thank you for choosing my FAQ.  I work hard to ensure that each FAQ I write 
provides useful information in a pleasant and intuitive format.  Also, I like 
both cheese and pickles a great deal.  You will find contact, legal and 
copyright information at the end of this FAQ.


The table of contents is your friend.  Each segment listed below is followed 
by a bracketed alpha-numeric code.  If you're using a Microsoft word 
processing program, press CTRL+F (on an Apple, it's COMMAND+F) and enter the 
code within the brackets to skip to the corresponding section of the FAQ in a 


{G1002}   THE ITEMS
{B1002}   BONUS 02: SAY CHEESE



Ratatouille is a game based upon the critically-acclaimed Disney/Pixar film of 
the same name.  The film and game both follow the misadventures of a rat named 
Remy as he pursues his dream of working in a fine restaurant and producing the 
world's finest cuisine.

As Ratatouille is a major release, publisher THQ chose to release it on a wide 
variety of platforms.  There's hardly a platform untouched, in fact.  This FAQ 
is based upon the PlayStation 2 version of the game, which I believe is the 
most common, and will also factor in time I will spend with the Wii version.  
It should prove useful for the Xbox, Xbox 360, PlayStation 3, PC, Mac and PSP 
versions, but is not recommended in the slightest for the DS and Game Boy 
Advance versions (which are entirely separate games).

One final word: I haven't actually seen the movie.  I've simply played the 
game.  If you contact me, please avoid referencing anything not mentioned 
specifically in this FAQ.  I may see the movie myself someday, after all.  
Thank you, and please read the 'Frequently Asked Questions' section before you 
write me any messages (you'll find contact information at the end of the 


July 1, 2007
I finished the first version of my Ratatouille FAQ, written primarily for 
HonestGamers but also made available to GameFAQs and other sites that may find 
it of interest.  The FAQ was written for the PS2 version of the game, and 
presently tells players how to finish the game with an 87% completion rate, 
including all bonus stages at 100% and all story missions complete.  I don't 
know that I care to add any more information beyond that, since this FAQ 
already took a lot of work.


Ratatouille is essentially just one more three-dimensional platformer title, 
so most who play it should be familiar with how it works in general.  Below, 
I'll include a few pointers and information that pertains specifically to this 
game.  There shouldn't be much to surprise you unless you haven't read the 
instruction manual.


The control scheme listed below is taken from the instruction manual, and 
modified only slightly to fit the constraints of a .txt file.

Walk - Left analog stick
Jump - 'X' button
Double Jump - 'X' button, then 'X' button again while in mid-air
Dash - 'R1' button
Wall Climb - 'Square' button (while jumping)
Tight Rope - 'Square' button (while jumping)
Beam Run - 'Square' button (while jumping)
Point Jump - 'Square' button (while jumping)
Pole Swing - 'Square' button (while jumping)
Pipe Climb - 'Square' button (while jumping)
Action - 'Square' button
Tail Swipe - 'Square' button
Swing Item - 'Square' button
Drop Item - 'Circle' button
Paddle (on raft) - Left analog stick and 'Square' button together
Swing paddle (on raft) - 'Circle' button
Scent vision - 'L1' button (keep it pressed)
Camera control - Right analog stick
Center camera - 'R3' button (press the right analog stick in until it clicks)
Bring HUD down - 'Triangle' button
Pause/In-game Menu - 'Start' button
Mission Briefing Screen - 'Select' button

Clearly, the above controls apply to the PlayStation 2 version only.  You 
should for the most part be able to adapt them to the controller you are using 
on your platform of choice.


I'm also going to take the item descriptions straight from the instruction 
manual, but I'll go through and add personal notes with my own observations as 
seems appropriate.

This looks like a jar of hot sauce.  You can set it in front of an object and 
then back away to watch it blow that object to bits.  Crabs also like to grab 
it from under their pots, which proves fatal.  If you take a short fall with 
this bottle in hand, or receive a hit from an enemy, it will count down to an 

The rat ball looks like a beach ball.  You can roll along it in areas where 
you need to crush a group of smaller cockroaches that would otherwise do 
damage to your health.  You can easily jump from the ball to higher places in 
a stage, too, and you can abandon it by jumping if it rolls into a pit.

This is a catapult, but that title just wouldn't do when the game's hero is a 
rat.  Basically, it looks like a see-saw.  One side has a ball, so you can 
stand on the other side and press the 'Action' button to launch yourself to a 
pre-determined location.

This box can be destroyed with a tail swipe, spoons, or Chili Bombs.  These 
boxes contain Stars.

This box contains more stars than the small one, and can only be destroyed by 
a spoon or chili bomb.  You'll see that it has an emblem of a spoon on its 

This is the most precious box of all, and can only be destroyed with a blast 
from a chili bomb.

When you find this, it will be positioned on a high ledge and closed.  Grab it 
and then walk off the high ledge to drift down to an area of your choosing, 
though you have to maintain a steady descent and can only direct your flight 
to a small degree.

This wedge of cheese will refill one slot on your life meter.

These mostly appear during the bonus stages, and will completely restore any 
health you may have lost.

There are 100 stars in each stage within the game.  Collecting all of them is 
a royal pain in the butt, but if you do you'll receive a huge boost in the 
number of points available to you in Gusteau's store.

These are highlighted in blue as you explore a stage.  You can trigger a 
mission by stepping to one of these.

These will also be highlighted in a blue column, but will reveal various types 
of food.  You can only accept a cooking station assignment if you are not 
already on a mission.

The easiest way to remember what does what is to associate it with items you 
may have encountered in other games.  For example, the Stars are like coins in 
Super Mario Bros. except that you can use them to buy stuff.  The Ratapult is 
like a trampoline from that same game.


Ratatouille is based on a movie, and contains spoilers.  If you haven't seen 
the movie and don't want plot twists revealed, you certainly shouldn't be 
playing the game and you shouldn't be reading this FAQ.  As I play through the 
game, I will be writing the walkthrough that follows.  I will not mark 
spoilers that may occur, but I won't reveal them ahead of the point at which 
they are revealed in the game.  You are discouraged from reading ahead, and I 
encourage you to consult this FAQ and Walkthrough only when you are stuck and 
figuring out the solution to your problem has ceased to be enjoyable.  With 
all of that said, let's get on to the walkthrough!

Below, you'll find a section devoted to each in-game mission.  I've included a 
short description of the mission's content, in case you've forgotten where you 
are in the game.  Scroll down to the segment where you are stuck.  Note that 
you can also skip directly to the world that is of interest by using the index 
at the top of the FAQ.

This walkthrough will not tell you how to obtain every last item in the game, 
or where you can find every last star.  It will instead include general (and 
in many cases, detailed) information on how to complete the required story 
stages and how to collect most items.  It will also include instructions on 
how to complete the bonus stages (you can find those at the end of the 
walkthrough section).  Sometimes, I complete missions out of their recommended 
order, and you'll find that in later missions, I reference events from 
previous missions that may have been optional at the time.  You should still 
find this walkthrough useful, however, whether you just consult it at key 
points, or use it as a map throughout the whole game.  Good luck!


SUMMARY: Learn how to walk and jump while collecting apple cores in the 
farmhouse yard with Emile.
STAGE: Somewhere in France

The game begins with a video about rats and acting human.  Remy, the hero, 
acts a little too human for his family's liking, but at least he is willing to 
help with the chores.  At this stage in the game, that means collecting apple 
cores before a sleeping woman awakens.  There are 35 apple cores to collect.

Once you gain control of Remy, run straight ahead where you will see the first 
of the cores.  A trail of them will lead you under a truck, toward the edge of 
a house, and then along its side.  You'll also learn about holding 'R1' to 
sprint in the direction you plan to move.  You can sprint along the long side 
of the house where lots of apples are gathered in a row, if you like.  It's 
pretty much impossible to miss any apples here, since they're all close 
together, low to the ground.  At the end of the trail of fruit cores, you'll 
reunite with your brother, Emile.

He'll challenge you to meet him over at the fishing net, and to pick up food 
along the way.  This segment is meant to acquaint you with your jumping 
skills.  Start forward along the pots, jumping along them to collect the 14 
cores available.  Along the way, you'll have to make use of your "Double Jump" 
skill, which is what happens when you jump into the air and quickly jump a 
second time at the height of the first jump without landing.  You can reach 
the higher pots in this way that are to the right of that area, but they don't 
contain anything interesting.  You'll also learn here that Remy can grab the 
edge of a ledge and pull himself up if you don't quite make a graceless leap.  
At the end of the segment, you'll find Emile standing near the net.

Now that you've arrived at the net, it's time to climb it and collect apples 
along the way.  Double jump up to the base of the net, then press the 'Square' 
button (if playing the PlayStation 2 version) to grab onto it as instructed in 
the tutorial.  You'll note that a button symbol appears wherever you can 
interact with the environment in such a manner.  Climb up the rope collecting 
each of the 14 cores, and you'll come out at the top where your brother is 

In this next segment, you'll learn about picking up objects and interacting 
with them.  Pick up the nearby can and run forward to collect some cores, then 
set the can down at the base of a gutter.  Jump onto it, then from there 
double jump up to the area above.  Now hop your way along shelves, collecting 
cores along the way.  They'll lead up to the window sill.  There's a hole 
there that you can pass through to the room where Emile is awaiting your 
arrival.  Here, grab the rest of the fruit.  Drop down onto the floor for the 
final of the cores, then head directly ahead to the blue column of light that 
shows where your brother is standing.  That will finish up the first mission.


SUMMARY: Learn how to perform more complicated jump maneuvers while gathering 
apple cores in the attic with Emile.
STAGE: Somewhere in France

Emile wants to meet you over near a raised chest, and demonstrates how to jump 
and then swing from an airborne pole.  He falls well short of his goal, then 
rushes off to the destination while you're left to get there the proper way.  
Jump toward the first pole that extends from the wall, then press the button 
indicated in the tutorial to grab onto it (on the PlayStation 2, that would be 
the 'Square' button).

Some may find this segment tricky because of the timing required.  The way to 
succeed is to press the 'Jump' button as you are at the lowest point on your 
swing.  As you swing forward, Remy will then jump to the next pole, and you 
need to press the 'Square' button to grab onto it and repeat the process.  In 
this manner, you can collect the segment's five apples and meet with Emile 
atop the chest.

You're now going to learn about your 'Super Sniffer' skill, which allows you 
to track the scent of food in the area.  On the PlayStation 2, you'll press 
and hold the 'L1' button to establish a blue trail between your nose and your 
target.  In this instance, that'll be off toward your right, beyond some poles 
from which you must swing.  Jump your way across the gap and use the poles to 
swing up onto that ledge, then grab the first apple.  If you fall along the 
way, you'll have to backtrack to the base of the chest and double jump up some 
stairs to make another attempt.

Once you've grabbed the first apple, use your Super Sniffer skill again and 
you'll locate another apple that should now be to your right, along a wall 
with some debris littering the way.  It's resting on the bed you landed on 
when you arrived in this area near the end of the previous mission, but it's 
behind a chest so it's not immediately visible under normal circumstances.  
Start toward it and you should notice a glowing yellow can off to the right.  
Head toward that, grab it, then carry it over to the base of the bed and set 
it down.  Next, jump onto the can and from there, double jump onto the bed.  
Walk around behind the chest and grab the core, at which point there are only 
two remaining.

Use your Super Sniffer skill and you'll find that the next one is now off to 
your left.  Drop down from the bed and run over to the pile of furniture near 
the base of the net you climbed in the previous mission.  Jump onto the net 
with a double jump, grab onto it and climb along it to the right, where the 
third apple core awaits.  You only have one left now.  Climb back to where you 
first grabbed onto the net, then drop down to a safe ledge (if you try to drop 
down from where you grabbed the core, you'll fall further than Remy likes and 
take damage).

Your Super Sniffer skill will tell you that the final core is back where you 
first met Emile near the end of the previous mission.  Grab it, then proceed a 
short distance closer to that edge of the room to find Emile (you can use your 
Super Sniffer skill if you lose touch, but he's not far at all from the core). 

When you reach your brother, he'll point out a large ball.  You can jump onto 
it to roll around dangerous areas, which you should do now while collecting 
apple cores.  Your brother tells you to meet him by a new window sill.  The 
indicator at the top of the screen tells you there are 11 apples.  You'll find 
10 of them in the room, but the 11th one is outside the window.  Grab what you 
can in the room and use a double jump to leap from the ball to the bed.  Now 
climb up and through the hole in the window, where you can grab the final 
apple on the way to where Emile is standing along the side of the building's 

Emile will now instruct you to jump on a nearby rope to make your way to a 
rooftop in the distance.  It's easy to jump out and grab onto the rope, since 
you just press the 'Action' button (on the PlayStation 2, it's 'Square') when 
you near the foothold.  Then you can walk along the rope, pressing 'left' or 
'right' on the d-pad to adjust your balance as you proceed.  Walk along the 
rope to the rooftop below, then jump onto it and collect the 5 apples that 
await you.

You should now be at the corner of the roof with Emile, who will tell you to 
follow another rope and grab more cores.  This doesn't work much differently 
than the previous exercise, except that now you're running on all four paws 
and have to worry less about balance.  Simply jump out onto the rope and 
follow the preset path while collecting the cores.  There are a total of 7 of 
them.  When you reach the end of the final gutter, there's a small gap you 
leap over to land on a brick ledge where Emile awaits you.  The second mission 
is over!


SUMMARY: Learn advanced jumping and stealth skills in the farmyard while 
collecting apple cores with Emile.  Also learn how to attack and raft.
STAGE: Somewhere in France

As this mission begins, Emile will point to some tall poles rising from the 
foliage.  He jumps to one and doesn't quite make the leap he had in mind, then 
scurries off toward a nearby pile of wood with instructions to follow while 
collecting fruit.  You'll have to make the leaps properly, even though your 
lazy brother did not.  

Fortunately, it's pretty easy.  Just jump toward each pole and press the 
'Action' button as you near it.  Remember not to press it too soon or you 
won't be within range.  If you're close enough, you'll grab onto the pole and 
from there you can jump out toward the next one and repeat the process.  Use 
that skill to make your way along each pole and use the right analog stick 
along the way to adjust the camera angle if necessary.  If you fall before 
hitting the top of each important pole, you can head left to the stone wall, 
double jump onto it and then work your way back to the start, free to try the 
series of jumps again.

The last several apples aren't on top of poles at all, so you can just collect 
them from the ground on the way to the woodpile.  When you arrive, Emile will 
explain to you the principles of stealthy movement (which you'll need to apply 
momentarily).  Basically, you can use an object to hide your presence.  No one 
will detect you when you're in disguise, unless you happen to move while 
they're watching.  A meter appears in the lower right corner of the screen to 
let you know when they're looking and when they're oblivious.

Once the instructions end, grab the box and press the 'Action' button to hide 
within it.  Now head forward toward where the game let you know a chicken was 
waiting.  There are 10 apple cores to gather here, and the chicken never looks 
away.  You'll quickly learn the principles of stealth.  As you move and the 
chicken is watching, an alarm sounds and the green ring will quickly fill with 
red as long as you're moving.  The trick here is patience.  Take little steps 
at a time, let the ring turn all the way back to green, then move a little 
more.  When you finally move beyond the chicken, you can grab a bit of cheese 
to refill any health you might have lost, then press the 'Action' button to 
discard your disguise and jump left from there to reunite with Emile.

Now it's time to learn to defend yourself.  Where you and Emile stand, there 
are two spoons.  He'll grab one and clobber a chick, then head off down an 
alleyway after telling you to follow.  Press the 'Action' button to grab the 
spoon that remains, then follow.  Along the way, you'll encounter three 
chicks.  They rush you as you get near.  They look cute, but don't be fooled; 
they actually are hoarding apple cores!  Bash them with the spoon when they're 
within range, collect the fruit, then continue.

You'll come to a new ledge where Emile is waiting.  Here, he tells you about 
rafting (which for the moment basically means jumping into a floating can and 
using a spoon as a paddle).  Jump into the nearby can.  You'll find that you 
can press the direction you would like to move and do so at a fair pace, but 
pressing the 'Action' button repeatedly can make you go even faster.  There 
are 15 apple cores to gather here.  Work down the stream, grabbing them along 
the way, until you receive a message advising that you can jump out of the 
raft to avoid damage.

You don't have to worry about damage, though.  You can simply use the skill to 
jump over a low-hanging pipe that lies ahead.  When you reach the end of the 
canal and jump onto land, you'll prompt the appearance of a checklist that 
lets you know you've completed all of this world's objectives.  You'll receive 
a boost to your life meter and some points.  Then the mission is concluded.


SUMMARY: Ride a cookbook down a rushing river, using a spoon to paddle and 
your jumping skills to avoid hazards.
STAGE: Destiny River

A story sequence will take you from the peaceful farm where the game opened, 
right into a harrowing escape scene as a woman tries to shoot the vermin out 
of her house.  You'll escape with a cookbook written by your favorite chef, 
only it ends up falling into the river.  You jump onto it and start paddling 
down a rapidly-moving stream, which is where the game places control in your 
hands.  It's a good thing you learned how to raft in the previous mission, eh?

From where you begin, head straight forward between some rocks and continue to 
paddle with the 'Action' button so that you can gain on the rat-filled vessel 
drifting down the stream ahead of you.  Note that after a few turns, lightning 
will start striking and huge branches will fall across your path.  You can 
double jump over these and your raft will stay beneath you so that you don't 
fall into the freezing currents.  

After two branches fall, you'll want to head to the general left, where you'll 
be able to jump out of your raft and scurry down an overturned bit of bark, 
down to where your cookbook awaits.  Hop back onto it and you'll have to 
navigate a series of twisting corridors here that can slow your speed.  Don't 
paddle too much here; just focus on getting through.  Once the sharp turns are 
over, hold to the right and you'll pass beneath a dock while ahead of you, 
your quarry continues its navigation of the rapids.

Left here, there's another of the bark slides you can descend, followed by 
more water that's relatively free of hazards for a bit.  Use that opportunity 
to paddle like mad and gain some ground on those ahead of you.  You'll pass to 
the right then left of two consecutive whirlpools, easily identified here by 
the geyser-like bits of water the spray upward from them.  Beyond that, be 
ready for another lightning strike that will send another limb across your 
path.  Jump it and continue along the river, then down another bark slide.  
Hold right as you exit to avoid crashing your makeshift raft into a boulder.

Here, the current is fiercer.  You'll have to navigate more quickly around 
various boulders as the chase continues.  Along the left side here, you can 
also find a bit of CHEESE if you need it.  That moment is followed by two more 
tree limbs, and then you should hold to the side to avoid another obstacle 
before a third, fourth and fifth limb fall across your path.  

After that fifth limb (which is the third in rapid succession), hold left to 
find another of the bark slides.  Slip quickly down to the bottom and return 
to your cookbook, then head straight ahead through the small gap in the 
boulders.  Ahead, you'll notice a log floating in the water.  Double jump onto 
it as you near it, then hold the 'R' button and dash to its end to return to 
your cookbook.  Now paddle furiously to move forward after the drifting basket 
of rats ahead of you.

You'll pass through more of the harmless whirlpools now, and should hold to 
the right if you want more CHEESE.  Then you mostly want to stay at the center 
of the stream, ready to paddle swiftly left or right around various boulders 
that protrude from the water.  Beyond those, there's another gap and a bark 

Here's where things get sneaky.  As you emerge from the bark slide, you'll see 
a gap in the rocks ahead.  Move toward it but be ready to jump.  A log will 
pop to the surface and you'll have to jump onto it, then run down it and jump 
over a limb that also is laid across the log before you can return to your 
cookbook.  Once you do, start veering toward the right.  Two more branches 
will fall across your path shortly, followed by the opportunity to grab some 
CHEESE before a third log falls.  You'll want to jump all three, obviously.

After that third branch falls, veer around another barrel and jump another log 
before getting ready to slide down another of the bark areas.  You're 
basically home free at this point.  Just slide to the bottom, return to the 
cookbook and raft along as your friends in the basket ahead lead the way 
through a few turns you should have no problems navigating.  You'll pass 
through a hole in a gate and then control is taken out of your hands as your 
friends drift right and you arrive a short time later.  You decide to head 
left, where the mission ends.


SUMMARY: Work your way from the stage opening, through the back alleyways and 
pipe works of Paris, stopping along the way to help craft a fantastic soup.
STAGE: Home Stink Home, Paris Streets, Soupy Assistance, Kitchen Pipe

When you begin this stage, you'll walk forward and a screen will come up to 
remind you of your Super Sniffer ability.  It's what can guide you through the 
stage, the screen reminds you.  Go ahead and use that ability and you'll see a 
blue trail leading off toward your left, up some stairs that wrap up and 
around the circular room.  Follow the trail up those stairs and collect stars 
along the way (they go toward your completion rate).  Getting onto the first 
step can be more difficult than you might anticipate, but it easy if you cling 
to the left wall and use the lower ledge to ease your way up to higher ground.

Partway up the stairs, you'll arrive at a Ratapult, which looks like a see-saw 
with a ball positioned on one side.  Jump onto the end opposite the ball, then 
press the 'Action' button to activate the Ratapult.  You'll fly over to a 
ledge on the opposite side of a gap, where you can grab more stars and press 
the 'Action' button to break open a bag that contains even more of the five-
pointed treasures.  

Beyond the bag, you'll see a gap you can pass through to enter the Paris 
Streets.  Here, you'll be in a long hallway with some coppery pipes.  Hold the 
'dash' button and run along, jumping over pipes that get in your way.  There 
are a few wide gaps here, too, that you can double jump across.  At the end of 
the straight portion of the passageway, turn right and follow it as it 
continues along some pipes, until you see a ramp heading sharply upward, with 
a bit of CHEESE just to the right, at its base.

Grab the cheese if you need it, but approach the ramp with caution.  You don't 
want to run off the end, or you'll drop into a bottomless pit and lose a bit 
of your life meter.  Instead, let the camera point you to a bit of rope that 
spans the abyss beneath you, where there's an icon showing that you can press 
the 'Action' button.  Jump out toward it and press the required button.  Remy 
will land on the rope, and from there you can ease your way along it to the 
opposite end of the pit.

You'll now see a wide red pipe ahead of you.  There's a bit of CHEESE on the 
opposite side, if you're interested and in need.  Once you're ready, jump onto 
the pipe by leaping into the air and pressing the 'Action' button, at which 
point you can crawl speedily along the pipe as it wraps its way around another 
raised corridor.  You'll come to a ledge with yet another piece of CHEESE.  
Grab it as necessary, then jump to the next pipe and crawl along it as it 
continues in the direction you were headed.

At the end of that pipe, you'll need to be more daring.  There's another pipe 
you must leap to, and this time the transfer takes place over a bottomless 
pit.  Making the leap should be easy enough, so go ahead and do it.  Now 
follow that pipe off toward the left.  If the cramped quarters give you 
trouble getting the camera into a useful position here, remember that you can 
press 'R3' to center it behind Remy for the optimal view.

Head forward to the end of the pipe you're on presently, and from there you'll 
be able to jump once more to solid ground (where you can also grab another bit 
of CHEESE).  From here, double jump up to the next ledge, then another one 
from there.  Now you'll need to run along some hallways where there are two 
more pieces of CHEESE but no turns, until you come to another Ratapult.

Use this Ratapult as you did the last one, to send yourself flying over a wide 
gap.  When you land, you'll be at a grated wall, with a passage leading to the 
right.  Head along that passageway to a rectangular red tin with a lot of dust 
and a bit of blue sparkle.  It looks like a can of sardines.  Jump on it and 
you'll bounce up to a ledge above.  Proceed down the passageway you're facing 
and you should notice some wired grating to your right.  Jump onto it and 
press the 'Action' button to hold onto it, then climb up and toward the 
leftmost side of the grating, where you can land safely on another ledge.  
There's CHEESE ahead, which you shouldn't need at all (but if you do, enjoy).

From that cheese, continue along the passageway and you'll exit to trigger 
some text that says 'Soupy Assistance,' followed by an animated sequence the 
results in Remy exploring a soup kitchen.  Now you're instructed to prepare 
soup, using the directions Remy provides.

The 'Soupy Assistance' mini-game is actually pretty easy.  As Remy gives 
instructions, you'll see the recipe he wants to add indicated in his thought 
bubble.  There also will be four ingredients listed nearby, each assigned to a 
button on your controller.  You need to quickly press that button to dump the 
ingredient into the soup.  The button assigned to each ingredient changes each 
round, so keep on your toes.  It shouldn't be hard to get the hang of things 
and to dump in all the right stuff almost instantly.

When you finish the game, a chef will see what Remy is doing and try to catch 
him.  He'll dash out of the area and into a new zone called the 'Kitchen 
Pipes,' while behind the young chef tastes the soup and savors the flavor.  
Now control returns to you.  From where Remy is standing, walk directly ahead 
past a bit of CHEESE and through an opening.  You'll appear in a new area, 
where you can see stars waiting ahead.  There are 10 of them in the immediate 

When you jump to grab the last star, you'll be jumping into an area that 
serves as a slide.  You must slide down it while avoiding various traps.  You 
can also speed up your descent by pressing the button indicated, and it's 
possible to jump if you wish.  Despite the warning, there aren't many harmful 
traps to avoid at all, just the occasional pitfall (and even those are easily 
dodged).  A more pressing concern is the stars that litter the path.  If you 
can get all of them, you'll get a reward.  That's difficult to do, 
particularly if you are quick to steer left or right.  Straight lines seem to 
yield the best results, as just passing nearby a given star will allow you to 
collect it.  You'll also find CHEESE at certain points down the slide, but 
mostly it's just for show.  You shouldn't need it.  When you reach the bottom 
of the slide, that's the end of the mission.


SUMMARY: Remy uses a bone to distract a dog so that he and his friends can 
gain access to the restaurant.
STAGE: Home Stink Home, The City of Lights

From where Remy appears, walk straight through the opening ahead to find 
yourself back at the 'Home Stink Home' area.  You'll watch a scene which shows 
Remy being reunited with his family.  They're not happy about their new 
location, but Remy offers to help fix things up and his father agrees.  Then 
you're back in control of things.

Start by heading across a nearby plank, where you can grab some stars.  You'll 
also receive messages about breaking open nearby boxes with your spoon or 
bombs to see what's inside (more stars, of course).  You don't have any of 
those items available, though.  Head left and you'll find your father, who 
tells you about scraps people feed to their dogs in the city streets overhead.  
Next, you'll be taken to an area called 'The City of Lights,' after a brief 
animated segue.

Once you're in control of Remy, head left where you see the stars gathering, 
until you come to the base of a car.  There, a rat will tell you about a dog 
guarding the restaurant entrance.  To get past him, you'll have to find a bone 
to serve as a distraction.  The camera pans to show the pathway you'll need to 
take to the bone, then control is returned to you.  

Before you do as instructed, check around the back side of the car for a sack 
you can break open for some stars.  Then return to the car's wheel and from 
there head straight forward toward a distant pile of boxes and other refuse.  
You can use your Super Sniff skill if you lose the way.  Once you arrive, 
you'll find some stars to collect, then you can start hopping up the boxes.  
Near the highest point, you'll look forward and see a narrow ledge you can 
leap to, with the 'Action' button icon showing.  Jump out and press the 
required button to land safely, then jump from there to the next stack of 
boxes.  There's a bit of CHEESE resting on it.  Now jump out to another of the 
narrow ledges and press 'Action' to land safely again, then jump from there to 
a garbage pail waiting to your right.

Now you should see a sill with a bag resting on it.  Jump to the sill and 
press the 'Action' button to break open the bag for some stars.  Now double 
jump from there out to a window shutter's lower left corner, where you should 
see twinkling blue.  Pressing the 'Action' button as you draw near will allow 
you to land safely on a metal outcropping, and will cause the shutter to swing 
wide toward a next one.  At the end of that swing, jump out and press the 
'Action' button again to transfer to the next shutter, then from there you can 
jump to another sill where more CHEESE waits.  Grab it if you need it (though 
how could you?) and then jump out to yet another shutter.  Don't forget to 
press the 'Action' button.  As that shutter swings, you'll be headed toward a 
new garbage pail.

Before you can jump, the shutter bangs against the pail and sends it rolling 
down the street, to knock over some other garbage.  Dash over to the new bit 
of chaos and you'll find a bone.  However, it's guarded by cockroaches.  Take 
them out with some quick swipes of your tail (the 'Action' button).  Two will 
come at a time, and they are produced by the nearby garbage pail that remains 
standing.  You'll want to take out four cockroaches for a star from each.  
After that, they'll keep coming but you won't receive stars.  When you have 
all your stars, grab the nearby piece of CHEESE if you need it, then pick up 
the bone and head back along the side of the car to where one of your rat 
fried waits.  This will trigger a scene where Remy and his pal send the bone 
flying and the dog follows, granting them access to the next area.  Now the 
mission is over.


SUMMARY: While avoiding a patrolling dog, Remy disables rat traps by gathering 
spoons and using them to spring the traps.
STAGE: The City of Lights

The stage begins with you still standing by the car tire.  Run forward to 
where you should see your brother, Emile, highlighted.  Talk to him and he'll 
point to the fact that the nearby area is full of rat traps that make things 
unsafe.  There also happens to be a dog patrolling. He tells you to gather the 
nearby spoons, which are situated on surrounding window ledges, and use them 
to disable the four active traps within the area.

Once you've received your instructions, you can start on your task.  Remember, 
though, that touching a mouse trap is fatal.  You will die, even if you do so 
with full health.  Therefore, steer clear of any trap in the area.  Give the 
nearest trap a wide berth.  Step a few steps to the right, then look out to 
where the dog is pacing.  You can actually get past him pretty easily just by 
making a mad dash for it as he's patrolling around the center pile of trash.  
Just hold the 'dash' button and sprint across to the opposite side of the 
area.  Note that there's a trap there, and also one near the rubbish the dog 
is guarding.

When you arrive on the opposite side of the screen, you'll find a spoon you 
can grab.  Carry it near to the trap at the closest pile of garbage and swing 
the spoon.  It'll break the trap and that's one out of four tended to.  

Now, from there you need to head back to the center bit of rubbish.  If you 
stand on the crate, you're safe from the dog's reach no matter how much the 
alarm sounds.  Just double jump onto the crate, then look over to your right 
(while Emile is slightly left of straight ahead of you).  You'll notice a 
garbage pail of greenish hue.  Dash toward it and there's a box of sardines at 
the base.  Springboard off that box and onto the pail, where you can find 
another spoon.  With the spoon, head to the trap near Emile and break it with 
the spoon (be careful not to step onto it while approaching).  Now you only 
have two traps left.

From where you now stand, head back left around the garbage and you'll notice 
a Ratapult that you may have seen before.  Now's the time to use it.  Stand on 
the end opposite the ball and press the 'Action' button to put the contraption 
to use.  You'll fly up to a garbage can with a crate resting on it.  Jump onto 
the crate and from there, double jump onto the seat of a nearby motorcycle.  
Grab the stars along the top of the vehicle and a dart that goes toward your 
'Colony Mission' objective.  A note on that: if you collect seven darts, you 
complete your mission and receive 4000 points toward goodies in Gusteau's 
store.  Now back to the task at hand.

Stand near the front side of the motorbike, where the headlight is positioned.  
From there you can jump to a board for another star.  To your right, you'll 
see some wire grating along the wall.  You can't do anything there just yet, 
but note its location.  You'll be coming back here for the next mission.

For now, though, head left along the wall past the steps where you found the 
area's first spoon and sprung that first trap.  Continue beyond that to the 
base of a dumpster, where you can break open a bag for some stars.  Skirt the 
dumpster as you head along the wall (watching for the dog) and you will find a 
place where a red chair has been overturned.  Be sure to explore this chair to 
find two more of the area's darts.  Then climb up from the board onto the top 
of the dumpster, where there's yet a spoon near the corner, as well as a dart 
on that level and another one high on the wall to your left.

For now, ignore the spoon and climb up to grab the dart.  You now have four of 
the seven darts.  Then grab the spoon and backtrack down the board and along 
the chair, down to the ground (a straight drop down would harm you, 
unfortunately).  With this spoon, go ahead and break the trap near the 
patrolling dog.  That leaves only one more trap to worry about.

The last trap is also near the patrolling dog, and the last spoon is near the 
motorcycle.  Head toward the bike's rear wheel, and from there look toward the 
nearby corner where bits of broken pipe lead upward.  Climb them to a stone 
ledge where a spoon is resting.  Take it, then drop back down below and cross 
over to the final trap while the dog is retreating.  Spring the trap carefully 
with the spoon and the mission ends.


SUMMARY: Run along the rooftops that overlook the previous areas you've 
completed, playing through bonus stages for rewards along the way.
STAGE: The City of Lights, Say Cheese, That's a Loot of Fruit

From where you sprung the final trap, head back toward the outer edge of the 
area.  You might remember the wire grating along the wall that I referenced in 
the previous mission walkthrough, near to the headlight of the motorcycle.  
Head there now and you'll find a hole you can now pass through to enter the 
next area.  

This new area can be intimidating to beginners, but don't let it bother you.  
As you move forward, you'll see some cables stretched over a bottomless pit.  
You can jump out over them and press the 'Action' button to find a foothold.  
Then walk along them, adjusting your balance carefully as you collect stars 
and jump across a total of three such ropes.  On the opposite end, you can 
also break open a bag for some stars before passing through a new hole that is 
covered in webbing.

At the other side of that passage, you'll notice a spool of thread lying on a 
ledge.  Walk over to it and press the 'Action' button to kick it over the 
edge.  This will cause a rope of sorts to drop down, so that you can climb 
back up and continue from this point if you happen to fall to the street below 
(which, you'll note, is the street where you distracted the dog with that 
bone).  For a quick second, climb down that thread and look to the broken rain 
gutter to your right.  Just to its left, there's a small hole you might miss 
seeing.  Crawl into it and break open a sack for some stars, then head back 
outside the hole and climb up that thread you dropped.

From where you kicked down the spool of thread, look toward the wall to the 
right.  You can (and should) climb along some eves to receive some stars and 
even to find a piece of CHEESE.  When you reach the far wall, continue left 
along the gutter for still more stars.  As you reach its end, the gutter will 
drop a bit.  Jump from its end and to a pipe upturned along the wall.  Then 
from there, you'll see some iron rods extending from the wall with blue 
sparkles that indicate you can press the 'Action' button to leap along them.  
That's precisely what you'll want to do, until you reach solid ground on the 
opposite side of the area.

From here, you'll see that the stone structure wraps around back to your 
right, but straight ahead you'll also see a slope leading down to some cheese 
gathered on an awning.  Head down there and you'll be able to enter a bonus 
stage called 'Say Cheese.'  If you enter and complete the stage, you'll 
receive a reward.  Therefore, go ahead and enter it.  You'll find directions 
on how to pass it with all of the cheese if you press CTRL+F and enter 
'{B1002}' as a search term to search the document.  Once you've finished the 
bonus stage, return here.

Back in 'The City of Lights' after the 'Say Cheese' bonus stage, you'll find 
that you can't jump back up to where you were.  That's okay, though, since you 
definitely wanted to complete the bonus stage.  So go ahead and press the 
'Action' button near the object that's lying nearby.  It's an umbrella you can 
use to float down to the bottom of the street.  You're back in the area where 
you broke all those mousetraps.  Head back past the dog and out into the main 
street, then take a right and head toward the end of the alley.  Nearby, 
you'll notice a blue column of light.  You can go there if you want to enter 
the 'That's a Loot of Fruit' bonus stage.  For now, ignore it.  Instead, 
continue past that and you'll find a sardine can you can use to spring up to 
another can and then up to the top of a dumpster.  From there, you should be 
able to make out an area where there are some bags in a dumpster that you can 
break open for stars, along with a bit of CHEESE.  Around the base of the 
dumpster, there's also a sack you can bust open for some stars.

Grab the goods, then return to the street if you like.  Now, if you like you 
can head to the blue column of light near the bicycle to play the 'That's a 
Loot of Fruit' bonus stage.  Go ahead and do so if you like.  You can press 
CTRL+F and enter '{B1001}' as your search term to find instructions for the 
bonus stage.  Once you're done gathering fruit and collecting your reward, 
return to this portion of the walkthrough.

Once you've completed the 'That's a Loot of Fruit' bonus stage, head back to 
the area with the motorcycle, where you destroyed the mouse traps.  Near the 
base of the motorcycle, turn to face the wall to your right and you should see 
where you dropped some thread from above.  Stand near it, then jump and press 
the 'Action' button to climb back up it to the area above.  Now make your way 
around the wall and along the ledges until you reach the area where previously 
you dropped down to complete the 'Say Cheese' bonus stage.  This time, loop 
back up around and collect a star and a dart (you should now have six of the 
seven).  Up top, you'll talk to a friendly rat who will give you instructions 
on proceeding.

Past the rat, you'll find a gauntlet you must run, along with a crate you can 
use to disguise yourself if necessary.  Well... it turns out that disguising 
yourself is necessary almost immediately.  Grab the crate and put it over your 
head, then inch forward.  You'll trigger an alarm.  A cat is perched on a 
nearby ledge and has seen you.  Inch forward and you'll see a star on your 
left and the final of the darts on your right.  Grab it for a hefty 4000 
points for Gusteau's store (you'll have to ditch your box for a moment, but 
it's worth it).  Nice!

Grab the star, too, and keep moving along the ledge toward the cat.  
Conveniently, once you get behind him the cat won't notice you.  He'll just 
sit there purring.  Beyond him, you can ditch the box and press the 'Action' 
button to send a spool of threat tumbling to the area below.  Now you can 
return here quickly if the need presents itself and you find yourself 
somewhere down below.  Note that there also is an umbrella here, though you 
have no reason to use it right now.  Instead, continue left to collect a star 
and break open a bag for still more stars.

Ahead, there's a ledge you can jump to, but before you do that, rush ahead to 
find another bag worth more stars.  Break it open, then return to that blocky 
ledge and you'll be looking at some chimneys.  As hot air rises, the lids 
periodically flip wide open.  You don't want to be standing on them when that 
happens.  Jump from one to the next, waiting until the one in front of you has 
just recovered from a bout with hot air.  When you get to the other side, run 
to the wall and break open another sack worth more stars, then run along the 
wall quickly (an alarm will sound, but that's fine) toward your left to find 
cover.  There's a second cat here, straight ahead.

The way to proceed toward this cat is to continue using block outcroppings for 
cover.  Let the meter fill back to complete green, then jump over one block 
and rush to the base of the next.  Keep repeating that process until you are 
safely past the cat.  Past the cat, you'll find a bag you can break open for 
more stars.  Do so, then proceed through the passageway that waits beyond.
You're now standing on an awning near an umbrella.  Ahead, you'll see a star 
floating in space, some rooftop cooler vents rotating to your left, and a 
beachball below.  Grab the umbrella and use it to drift out straight ahead to 
the star, then let yourself float down to the area where the ball awaits.  
Ignore it for now.  Instead, head left through the opening in the fence.  Grab 
a star as you double jump your way up the cooling system platforms.  When you 
reach the top, you can pull a lever by pressing the 'Action' button.  This 
will create a ramp leading down to the area with the ball.  Head down the ramp 
and hop onto the ball, then roll it up the ramp and around the ledge to the 
area ahead.

On the ball, you can harm some enemies that might otherwise harm you.  In this 
case, those enemies are a bunch of cockroaches.  Roll along the ledge and 
squash every last one, then follow the corridor as it wraps around to the 
right.  Here, you'll find a divide in the path, created by a ramp that leads 
up along the left wall, and a lower path past another of the balls to the 
right.  Follow the lower path for now, under an archway to where you'll find a 
box.  Beyond that, cockroaches are circling a platform with what looks like a 
hot sauce bottle (a CHILI BOMB).  Destroy the insects, then jump off the ball 
to collect the chili bomb.  Carry it over to the large blue box and use it to 
blast it open for a bunch of stars.

Now return to the intersection where you saw that other beach ball.  Jump onto 
it and roll up a ramp and around the area above, where you can crush more of 
the cockroaches.  Work your way along this path and you'll find several groups 
of them to crush before heading up a staircase.  Up top, on the wooden 
planking, there are several more groups of the bugs and also holes you can 
fall through.  Avoid the holes, squash the bugs, and continue along the ledge 
as it works back down into a new square area.

Here you'll find a Ratapult, a spoon, and a box that you can break open with 
said spoon.  Go ahead and do so for some nice stars, then use the Ratapult to 
reach a higher ledge.  From here, walk along a series of two ropes to reach a 
table where you can break open a bag for more stars.  Do so, then drop down to 
the ground below by way of a chair.  To your left, make sure that you knock a 
spool of thread down toward the ledge below by pressing the 'Action' button 
next to it.

Ahead of the table you landed on when arriving in this area, you should see a 
CHILI BOMB resting on a crate.  Jump up to grab it, then drop down carefully 
to the lower crate, and from there to the floor level.  Run across to where a 
plank leads up to a raised ledge, and to the right you should see an upside-
down bucket and a box.  As you near the edge of the ledge the plank leads up 
to, the crab hiding under the bucket will grab the chili bomb from you, then 
blow itself up momentarily.  This will reveal the stars that were hiding in 
the nearby box.  From there, double jump over the fence nearby, to where two 
garbage pails wait on the other side.  There's a bag there that you can knock 
open to obtain some stars.  Then there's a sardine can you can bounce from to 
reach the other side of the fence again.

Now that you've collected some stars, it's time to return to your proper 
mission.  Head back to where you just grabbed the chili bomb, and from there 
jump onto the redwood table.  Now head to its corner (noting a meat-themed 
bonus stage you aren't allowed to attempt just yet) and from there you can 
jump onto a rope and use it to cross over to a rooftop chimney.  From there, 
you'll find another rope to cross.  This one leads to a star and a passageway.  
Collect the star and proceed through the passage to complete the mission.


SUMMARY: Play a series of three mini-games, then help Remy flee through the 
streets of Paris as the young chef chases him.
STAGE: The City of Lights

From where you appear at the start of this mission, you'll need to jump 
forward onto the rooftop (it won't be a long drop at all) and then head down 
to where you found the 'Say Cheese' bonus stage.  Use the umbrella to glide 
down from there, then walk around to the Ratapult that is located near the 
patrolling dog.  Use it to fly up to the ledge where Emile is waiting for you.  
He'll tell you that it's time for everyone to make their move.

Remy will start signaling with matches, and a rat in a fuse box will slowly 
decide to take action.  The rat's name is Twitch, and his job is to short-
circuit the electronic system.  You'll help.

This is an easy mini-game.  There are several paths a fuse might follow, each 
with a few junctions.  You'll see the path you want to use highlighted, and 
you must enter the buttons ordered in the order indicated.  Just press the 
face buttons as indicated (there doesn't seem to be a restrictive time limit) 
around 7 or 8 times and then you'll complete the mini-game.

Once the mini-game is over, the young boy who saw the soup Remy created will 
head outside with a bucket of something or other.  He'll disable the alarm 
that is sounding, and that's your cue to get ready for another mini-game.  
This time you're controlling the rat named Git as he pulls a rope.

This mini-game uses a ring that should remind some players of a golf game.  
You press the button once to start a line flying toward the high point of the 
meter.  Just before it reaches the top, you press it again to start it 
swinging in the opposite direction.  There's a sweet spot there (indicated in 
green), and your goal is to hit the button just as the needle enters that 
sweet spot.  If you do well enough in both areas, you'll pull the rope a bit.  
Several great pulls and you'll cause the food to topple, while poor attempts 
do harm to your progress.

When you win the mini-game, the rats will gather some food and now it's time 
for Remy to help them escape.  This means another mini-game, this time played 
by Remy.  In this, the final of the three mini-games, you simply watch the box 
in the upper right corner of the screen and press the face button indicated.  
It's actually pretty easy, and you have long enough that pressing the 
appropriate button shouldn't provide difficult if you're familiar with your 

Once the mini-game ends, most of the rats escape and Remy is left to fend for 
himself as the young cook chases him.  Here, you'll be running toward the 
screen.  For most of the distance, you'll want to keep the 'R2' button pressed 
and held so that you move your quickest.  You also need to be ready to make 
quick turns and jumps.

From the start, run straight ahead and up a ramp, then across a flat box.  
Jump over a gap that will be coming at its edge, then run across another crate 
and jump again before veering to the left side of the screen to avoid some 
wine bottles, then back right to avoid some more.  Next veer left and run down 
a ramp, along a sidewalk and up another ramp while your pursuer throws wine 
bottles your direction.  From the top of that ramp, head down into the street 
and remain toward the left as you climb over another one (double jump forward 
at the top of the olive-toned crates).  Keep moving and you'll pass through a 
gap shortly, then veer left and continue moving toward the screen.  

Up the next ramp, you should find yourself on some tabletops, linked together 
by menus that are sturdy enough to support your weight.  Run across those and 
be ready for the screen to start slowly rotating so that you need to hold 
mostly to the left as you continue to avoid incidental hazards.  As things 
begin to straighten, veer first sharply left to avoid a heating vent, then 
immediately right to avoid another one.  Now veer back toward the left side of 
the screen so you can be in a good position to proceed through the next 

You'll need to be ready to jump over a crate to get through this gap, and as 
you run up the next area you'll find a series of short hops as the boy 
continues the chase.  Beyond that, you'll head back down into the street, 
where you'll find that staying to the left allows you to avoid most of the 
obstacles.  That doesn't include slight rivers of waste water, which are hot 
and will slow your flight.  Hop over them the instant you see pink appear near 
the bottom of your screen, or you'll be so busy hopping in pain that the boy 
will catch you.

Beyond that hazard, you're mostly in the clear.  Still keep to the left mostly 
as you run up a ramp, over a table and down another, but then you'll find 
yourself at the end of the mission.


SUMMARY: Run along some planks, then slide down a long slide collecting stars.
STAGE: Leaky Pipes

Your next mission begins with Remy appearing at the edge of the 'Leaky Pipes' 
area.  He may have a new job, but he still has some levels to complete!  

This stage mostly consists of a treacherous slide.  Before that, you'll run 
along some ledges collecting stars.  Once you arrive at the slide, you'll find 
that it's more difficult than the last one.  You will find walls you have to 
jump over as you slide, and there are a lot more of the gaps through which you 
can fall.  After a series of three consecutive gaps that alternate right, left 
and right again, make sure that you're sliding along the center.  You'll come 
to a gap you must double jump across, which leads to a narrow straight ledge.

It's easy to jump to the ledge and then panic and start gliding left or right, 
which pretty much dooms you to falling into the pit.  Try to keep your path as 
straight as possible on that ledge and, in fact, only make turns throughout 
most of the rest of the stage as necessary.  You might recall that for the 
previous sliding stage, straight lines were your friend.  That's mostly true 
here, as well.

Following that narrow ledge over the bottomless pit, you'll find a fairly 
lengthy section where you simply steer gradually to collect stars and two bits 
of CHEESE that you may very well need by now.  After that, there's a place 
where the wide grates you sometimes pass through change things up a bit: one 
of them is half filled by metal.  Slide toward the right and jump through, 
then return to the middle because you're coming up on another of those narrow 
ledges over the bottomless pit.  At the end, make sure you jump forward to the 
next bit of piping, since there's a pit you might not notice until the last 

After that second narrow ledge, you'll soon find yourself passing through 
another of the half-grated openings, then beyond that you'll arrive in a deep 
trough.  At this point, you want to build up your speed as much as possible, 
so hold forward and push with your paws until you're near the end, at which 
point you will want to jump out over a pit to land on the next trough further 
below.  Beyond that is cheese and more stars, and then the path begins to 
include more of the gaps through which you can fall.

Head left then right to avoid those gaps, then keep going and moving at top 
speed.  You'll find more stars and cheese along here, as well as upward jumps 
you must make as you continue your slide.  That's why speed is essential, 
especially since you can't double jump while sliding.  When you reach the end 
of the slide, you'll be briefed on which mission objectives you've completed, 
and you will receive a boost to your life meter.


SUMMARY: Collect goodies in the kitchen, then turn off the gas valve to 
distract the chefs so the rats can have their fun.
STAGE: Home Stink Home, Little Chef - Big Kitchen, Dirty Dish Fright

From where you resume your play after completing the previous mission, head 
forward through the passage and you'll appear in a new sector of the 'Home 
Stink Home' area.  You'll receive a view as the imaginary chef flies through, 
and you'll see the rats occupying themselves.  You'll also notice a lot of 
stars and items.

Once you gain control of Remy, the first thing you'll want to do is collect 
the nearby LIGHTBULB.  It's the first of eight in the area, and you can 
collect them all to complete a colony objective and earn a prize of 10,000 
Gusteau points (plus an upgrade for your home area)!

After grabbing the bulb, drop off the back end of the ledge to find a star you 
might otherwise not notice, then head around to its front and pick up a SPOON.  
Carry the spoon with you as you head forward.  You'll notice a CHILI BOMB to 
your right.  Keep the spoon for now and head left over a plank, where you can 
use your spoon to bash open a box for some stars.  Now, set your spoon down 
and return to the chili bomb.  Carry it back over the planks and set it near a 
larger box that also is in the area.  Step back and let it explode, which will 
cause the box to break open and reveal more stars.

Now head past where you ditched the spoon and you'll see a can of sardines you 
can use to springboard up to the top of a garbage can, where more stars await 
you.  Do so, then while standing up there, jump and press the 'Action' button 
to grab onto a stout wire.  You can climb it to enter 'The City of Lights,' 
which is optional.  I'll assume you're exercising that option, however (if 
you're not, just skip the following paragraph).

From where you appear in 'The City of Lights,' note the space on the sidewalk 
behind you, which is flashing blue.  You can touch it to return to the 'Home 
Stink Home' area, if you wish.  You don't just yet, however.  Your main 
interest is the 'This is a Steakout!' bonus stage that you couldn't access 
when first you passed it.  Now you can.  Head to the area where the dog is 
patrolling (where you disabled the mouse traps in a previous mission) and 
climb the spool of thread along the right wall, then head forward from there 
to climb another spool of thread leading to the rooftops).  Now you'll have to 
use the blocks that protrude from walls to avoid detection by a second cat, as 
you did before.  Past him, you can find an umbrella to drift down to a beach 
ball, then ride it over some platforms until you see thread dangling.  Climb 
the thread and then hop up the platforms and onto the tabletop where you can 
find the meat resting in the corner.  Enter the 'This is a Steakout' bonus 
stage.  You can find directions on clearing it if you press CTRL+F and enter 
'{B1003}' as your search term (without the apostrophes).  Once you finish the 
bonus stage, head across the nearby wire along the rooftops, and keep moving 
forward while keeping mostly against the wall to the right.  It should take 
about 15 or 20 seconds of travel in a mostly straight path to return to a 
place where you can use an umbrella to glide down to the streets below and to 
the spot on the sidewalk where you entered 'The City of Lights.'  Find that 
sparkling blue spot and use it to return to the top of the trash can.

From the top of the trash can where you gathered those stars and had the 
option to enter 'The City of Lights,' drop back down and now head straight 
forward.  You'll pass to the right side of a grated gate (there's a spotlight 
to its right) and jump onto a crate, where you'll see a series of poles over 
some water.  Jump to the first one and press the 'Action' button to grab hold, 
then swing from that along a series of additional poles, to the opposite side 
of the murky soup.  Run along some ledges here and you'll emerge at the edge 
of more stinky water.

To the right, you'll notice a grated fence and trash can.  You can use a 
double jump to round the fence and sneak through a gap, where you will find a 
star.  Now perform a double jump to reach the nearby railing, then press the 
'Action' button where you see it glowing.  Remy will pull himself up and you 
can crawl along it to the wall, then double jump from it to a duct and walk 
along it to find a LIGHTBULB.  That's your second out of the eight.  From 
there, return to the place where you entered this room and follow a plank 
leading downward to the island at the center of the pool of water.

Here, you'll find a sack you can break open with the 'Action' button for some 
stars.  There's also a television, a radio and a dart board.  This is your 
home base, the center of the level hub.  From here, you can reach most areas 
within the game rather directly.

For now, head forward toward where you can see the gingham table cloth draped 
over some refuse.  You'll notice that you can enter the market from here, but 
you don't want to do that just yet.  Instead, push through a gap in the fence 
beyond the tablecloth and you'll find another area to explore, complete with 
plenty of stars.  Start your exploration by bouncing from the white, pillow-
shaped springboard to a barrel to the right, where you can gather a star.  
There's another star on the trunk to your left.  Once you have those, drop 
down from the platform where the spring rests and head left along a plank for 
another star.

Around here, there are lots of places to explore for stars.  You should be 
able to enter several rat huts, where you can save your progress whenever you 
like.  Two of those huts also contains stars.  Also, there are wires to climb 
up to some pipes, where you can find even more stars.  Finally, note that you 
can also pass through a stone window ledge into another area with still more 
stars.  Here, head along some planking and you'll see a sack and a LIGHTBULB 
ahead.  There will also be three planks lined up, side by side.  The middle 
one will buckle under your weight, so be wary.  Grab the bulb (that's three 
now) and break open the sack for some stars, then continue left along the 
planking and through an opening to another small room, which in turn opens up 
into a larger room.

From the entrance of this larger room, head to your right and around the base 
of a wooden structure.  You'll find steps you can climb now (you can use a 
sardine can springboard to reach the first one) to reach a Ratapult near the 
top.  Note its location, but you won't be climbing up there just yet.  
Instead, head from the base of the stairs out toward the center of the room, 
where you see the crank valve.  There are two places cockroaches materialize 
here, and two from each area will yield a star when defeated, for a total of 
four stars.  Gather those, then turn your attention to an area ahead, across 
some planks, where you should be able to just make out the blue spine of a 
cookbook.  Proceed to that location, then beyond it to find a LIGHTBULB 
resting on a ledge.  Grab it, then skirt this large room's outer wall.  Along 
the way, you should find a star you can reach with a double jump, resting in a 
barred window.  You can't reach the window, though.

From the base of that window, you'll see a plank leading across some water, to 
where a beach ball rests near a cardboard box.  Head over to the beach ball 
and jump onto it, then roll it past the cardboard box and toward the base of 
the staircase I mentioned earlier.  Jump from the ball and onto the staircase, 
then climb to the top.  You'll see a wire leading out across the center of the 
room.  Jump and press the 'Action' button to grab onto it, then walk carefully 
across it to find an area where you can snag the fifth LIGHTBULB from where it 
rests in an opening.  Only three more to go!

Return to the bottom of that main room, near the water valve with the nearby 
cockroaches, and from there head back to the beach ball. 

There are two directions you can go from here.  Start by heading to the right, 
across a plank to the base of a window that's missing some bars.  Jump through 
that and you can head down a passage loaded with stars, to a hidden room.  
There, you'll find a LIGHT BULB on the lower level.  There also are some 
cockroaches.  Destroy them, then find a CHILI BOMB bottle and use it to break 
open a box for some more stars.  Next, find the spoon and use it to break open 
another box for still more stars.  There's a second LIGHT BULB in this area, 
overhead on a ledge that's difficult to reach.  You'll have to jump along the 
boxes and pipes along the side of the room, to make your way into the empty 
cardboard box.  Then stand on the corner of that and continue double jumping 
your way up to the grating where the light bulb waits.  Finally, you can drop 
down to the water level and jump into a can, then raft to a blue column of 
light at the end of the water area here to trigger the side game, 'Oh Smelly 
Water.'  Do so.

In the 'Oh Smelly Water' game, you'll need to simply raft down the river, 
collecting stars along the way.  If you miss any, just turn back toward the 
screen and start paddling like crazy and you can backtrack.  You should also 
try to avoid the whirlpools, though they won't really damage you if you get 
caught in them.  Just paddle to break free.  When you arrive at the end, 
you'll receive 500 points for collecting all of the stars, plus another 200 
for reaching the end.  Then you'll be dumped on the high grate in the main 
room where you found the raft that allowed you to enter the side mission.

When you're done grabbing everything from that room, return to where you found 
the beach ball.  There will be another one in place.  Climb onto it and face 
the staircase as a means of orientating yourself.  Then roll straight forward, 
past both the cardboard box and the staircase and even the water valve.  
Continue straight ahead and you'll find a series of smaller insects guarding a 
spoon.  Crush the lot of them, then abandon the ball in favor of the spoon.  
Carry it under the staircase, where you can crush a box for some stars.  
You've now done everything you can in this area at the moment.

Return to the area that serves as your home base, where you can enter rat 
homes to save your progress at any time.  Now you're going to patrol the outer 
area until you find a low opening beneath a grated fence.  Ahead through the 
opening, you should see a CHILI BOMB and some more stars and a Ratapult.  
There also are some stars out in plain sight here, so grab those by jumping 
around the various ledges.  Make sure that you use the Ratapult to fly up to 
the pipes and collect any stars lingering above.  When you've done so, find 
your father.  He's highlighted in blue light.  When you approach, he'll send 
you into a new area called 'Little Chef - Big Kitchen' to track down some 
other rats and food.

From where you appear in this area, head straight ahead across some planking 
and through a red grate, where the imaginary chef will give you a quick flyby 
tour of the kitchen.  Now you're free to explore it for yourself.
Start by heading to your immediate left to grab a white and green BOTTLE.  
It's one of 10 in this area.  If you collect them all, you'll complete a 
colony mission and receive 4000 points good in Gusteau's store.  Now that you 
have the bottle, return to the place where you entered the kitchen.  This 
time, break open a nearby sack for three stars.  You'll also see a dishcloth 
hanging from a cart.  You can double jump to reach it, then press the 'Action' 
button to grab onto it and climb up top.  Do so.

You're now at a sink.  To your left is an overturned bucket with a crab 
beneath.  There's also one to your right, and beyond that a plank leads down 
to a cart with a CHILI BOMB resting on it.  Head in that direction, grab the 
chili bomb, then walk back up.  The first crab will grab the bomb.  Stand a 
distance away until it explodes.  Now head back where the chili bomb has 
materialized and grab it again.  This time carry it further, to the crab that 
was to your left as you arrived at the sink.  Repeat the process.  Now the 
area is a little cleaner and easier to navigate.  With that tended to, now 
it's time to return to the chili bomb, and from there head down a plank to the 
lower level of the kitchen.

Ahead, you'll notice a spiny creature that scurries along the floor and 
emerges from a box.  You can only harm these creatures with spoon swipes or 
chili bomb blasts.  Set one a distance from your enemy, then let it approach 
so that it is nearby when the chili bomb explodes.  You'll receive a star for 
each one you kill, up to around two or three.  This is true of each of the 
several boxes throughout the area that generate the prickly enemies.  Then 
they'll stop awarding stars, which is just fine.  You still need to kill them 
as possible, but you also need to watch out for the chefs.  If they spot you, 
you'll know it and you'll need to hide promptly.

Starting from the base of the chili bomb cart, head along the walls collecting 
the various stars that are readily available.  One stop that's definitely 
worth your while is the opposite corner of the kitchen, if you can get there 
with a chili bomb without being detected.  You can blast a crate there for a 
bunch of stars.  Of more general interest is the fact that you can double jump 
onto sacks and crates to climb onto carts and stovetops for more stars, and 
also kill the spiny enemies.  There are numerous spoons throughout the area, 
and also a few cauldrons that you can use as a protective shield to avoid 
detection.  Once you've collected the obvious stars, head to where you can see 
a blue box beneath three other vegetable crates.  Use a spoon to break open 
the box, which will gain you some stars.  Then jump onto a rag and climb the 
top, and from there leap to the crates.  Now you can jump across a space using 
kettle handles to swing from, until you reach solid ground on the other side.  
There's a sardine springboard here that you can bounce up for a star.  Then 
return to the springboard and head left to find a CHILI BOMB container.

Carry the chili bomb around the front side of the dishes and a crab under a 
pot will grab it when you get near enough.  Now look in the same general area 
for a spoon (it's on the shelf above the chili bomb, which you can reach with 
a double jump), and carry it toward the end of the counter where you can use 
it to break open a box for some stars.  The chef here will notice you, but 
he's your friend and does not pose a threat.

After you have the stars, drop back down to the floor and you can break open a 
sack on the nearby cart for some stars, if you haven't already.  From there, 
it's a quick run over to another cart, and from there to the base of a broom 
propped up against a stove.  You can climb the handle up onto the rangetop, 
and there you'll find a metal drainer you can use as a shield from the 
shellfish that is watching nearby.  Place it over your head, then creep along 
the range.  Note that you'll have to abandon your protection if you want to 
break open the bag along the way for some stars.  At the end, near the 
shellfish, you need to press right against the ledge as you creep around him, 
to stay out of the range of his claws.  Work around and head to the end of the 
counter, then look left and you'll see a Ratapult.  Jump to and use the 
Ratapult to launch yourself to the top of a table where you can grab another 
of the BOTTLEs that go toward your colony mission.

From that cart, look around and you should see a raised kitchen area with some 
carts and sinks.  You can head over there and jump up into the space, then 
jump up along the carts to collect stars.  There's also a stack of crates in 
the corner, with a spoon resting nearby.  Use the spoon to break the lowest 
box for some stars.  Now grab the nearby tin can, set it near the base of the 
stack of crates you lowered, then jump from the top of it onto the crates.  
Now from the crates, jump to the counter.  You have a few options now.  You 
can jump along some pots to reach some higher shelves (just jump from one to 
the next and press the 'Action' button in the air) where you can find a spoon 
on one of the shelves.  It's on the same level as the sardine can and wine 
bottles, along with another BOTTLE for your colony mission.  Grab the spoon 
and drop down to where you used the kettles as steps, then break open the box 
there for stars.  Now return to the top shelf.  From there, you can also jump 
to the wall and press the 'Action' button to make your way along it.  You'll 
scurry along a preset path that leads to another raised ledge with a BOTTLE.  
There's also a spool of thread here, which you should send tumbling so that 
you can easily climb back up here if you need to in the future.  As a 
reference point, consider this the 'first spool.'

There are a few things you can reach from this ledge, so you'll be using that 
thread almost immediately.  Start by sticking to the wall and following the 
ledge around to one edge.  You should look down to see a shelf just below you 
with another BOTTLE resting on it.  Grab the bottle, but you're not ready to 
drop to the floor just yet.  Instead, continue along the shelf and you'll be 
able to swing from some handles to collect more stars and even another BOTTLE.  
Then you'll find a place where you can climb up the wall again, or kick down 
another spool of thread.  There's also a bag you should break open for some 
stars.  Next, kick down the thread (the 'second spool,' for reference 
purposes), then climb up that wall by pressing the 'Action' button and 
following its trail.  At the end of that trail, you'll find another BOTTLE and 
also a Ratapult.  Use the mechanism to fly over to the top of the circulation 
system above one of the ranges.  There you'll find another BOTTLE, as well as 
a set of pipes that you can follow to find an UMBRELLA.

For future reference, note also that you can jump from this stove hood to a 
cart to break open a bag for three stars.  On my first trip through the game, 
I forgot about that and it took me forever to figure out how to reach those 
stars.  Anyway, you can do that now and then climb back up the second spool 
and Ratapult over to the hood again (recommended), or you can come back and do 
it later.  Either way, you'll need to be on top of the hood in order to 

From the top of the hood, look to the right.  You should see a cart with some 
blue on it.  Drift down over to the highest of three garbage cans positioned 
by that cart, located near one corner of the kitchen.  When you land, double 
jump over to the cart and break open the bag for some stars.  Then drop to the 
floor and look for cover under the sink in case the female cook there has 
spotted you.  In the same area, you should also find a can you can grab and 
carry to use as a platform.  Carry it around to a nearby ledge, set it at the 
base, then jump onto the can and then onto the ledge, and from there onto the 
countertop.  On the countertop, you can break open a bag for some stars.  Near 
that sack, you'll find a strainer you can use for cover, and a sardine can to 
bounce onto the ledge above (it's on the other side of some kettles).  Bounce 
to the ledge above to snag a BOTTLE, then return to the strainer and press the 
'Action' button to make use of it.  Now crawl along the shelf toward where you 
should see a shellfish sitting in a kettle.  You should be able to get past 
him if you keep to the very edge of the counter.  You may want to abandon the 
strainer and just double jump out around the reach of his claws.  Then head up 
the pot behind him and to the ledge above for some stars and a Ratapult.

Use the Ratapult and it will send you flying over to a platform where you can 
enter the 'Dirty Dish Fright' bonus stage.  Now is as good a time as any to 
complete it, so you might as well do so.  You can find instructions on how to 
finish the stage if you press CTRL+F and then perform a search for '{B1004}' 
without the apostrophes.  Once you're done with the stage, you'll be returned 
to the kitchen.

Now you should drop down from the cart return to the ledge where you knocked 
down the first spool of thread.  You should be able to look out and see a cart 
with a BOTTLE resting on it.  Double jump out to the cart (after grabbing the 
round of cheese, if your health isn't full).  You'll take damage when you 
land, but still be in fine shape to dash down and grab the final of the area's 
10 bottles.  That's worth 4000 points from Gasteau.  Now that you have that 
treasure, it's time to head to the first of your rat cohorts.  He's standing 
on the nearby cart, which you can reach by jumping on some crates.

Your ratly friend will tell you to turn off the gas valves so the stove 
burners will be extinguished and the humans distracted.  To get where you need 
to go, simply head back to the area where you dropped that first spool of 
thread, then use the UMBRELLA to glide over to the canopy over the stove.  Now 
use your Super Sniffer ability and you'll be directed to crawl across a wire 
to the shut-off valve that is your goal.  Easy!  One note: if you haven't been 
following the walkthrough up to this point, you'll need to read earlier in the 
chapter to find out how to get to that first spool I mentioned, plus you'll 
now be dealing with extra hazards to boot.

Once you shut off the valve, the mission is complete.  You should by now have 
found all 100 stars and have received an 8500-point bonus, by the way.  Make 
sure to stick around at the start of the mission and finish up, if you hadn't.


SUMMARY: Help your young chef friend create great dishes by completing a few 
mini-games within a strict time limit.
STAGE: Little Chef - Big Kitchen

From the start of this mission, head to the corner of the kitchen where the 
friendly chef is working.  He needs to create a special recipe, in a hurry.  
You'll be whisked up into his chef hat, then be in control of the chef himself 
as he wanders the kitchen.  You have to complete your quest before the clock 
runs out of time, which means you need to be good at the mini-games and 
finding them.

Begin by directing the chef as he heads around the table to the column of blue 
light.  Then a mini-game begins.

To play the mini-game, you will just need to pay close attention to the 
ingredients on the table and the icon that appears in the upper right corner 
of the screen.  That icon indicates which ingredients are needed for the 
recipe.  So the chef will hold his hand over an item.  If it matches the icon 
in the upper right corner, approve it.  If not, reject it.  You need to go 
through several ingredients in a hurry to make one dish, and you need to make 
four dishes to clear the mini-game.  It's really quite simple.

Once the salads are made, head through the kitchen to the next column of blue 
light.  It's located where the girl chef was positioned in her corner.  When 
you approach, you'll trigger the second mini-game.

In this mini-game, you rotate the left or right analog stick until a potato is 
peeled, then quickly press the 'X' button (on the PlayStation 2, at least) to 
chop the potato.  You need to do this with eight of them before the time runs 
out so that you can finish the mini-game.

When you successfully complete the mini-game, you'll have finished the mission 
and will receive your 200 points before being returned to the kitchen to 
continue your adventure as Remy.


SUMMARY: Open the doorknob leading into the kitchen closet by climbing along 
objects within the kitchen.
STAGE: Little Chef - Big Kitchen

To start this mission, find Emile standing near a stack of crates along one 
side of the kitchen.  He's highlighted in blue, and easy to spot.  When you 
talk to him, he'll mention that you need to enter a closet door in order to 
proceed, which of course requires opening it.  You can't do so as easy as you 
might think, though, and will instead need to work your way around the 

From where Emile leaves you standing, use your Super Sniffer skill and you'll 
find that you need to head all over the kitchen... if you follow the game's 
prompts.  Fortunately, you don't have to because you've laid the groundwork in 
the previous stages.  Go to where you dropped the second spool of thread in 
Mission 11, then climb up and use the Ratapult there to launch yourself over 
to a canopy over the top of a stove.  Now, head to the lowest part of that 
stove's hood, then jump out to the stack of crates near a cart where a chef is 
cooking.  Quickly move along to that cart's left side, where there's a 
Ratapult.  Use the Ratapult to launch yourself over to a fuse box.  You're 
almost done.

Now, from the fuse box, you can press the 'Action' button to craw along a 
trail leading to the doorknob.  That's another mission completed!


SUMMARY: You'll direct the chef again as he cooks, only now there are three 
mini-games instead of two.
STAGE: Little Chef - Big Kitchen

Your next objective in the kitchen, now that you've set the rope on the closet 
door, is in the opposite corner.  Use your Supper Sniffer skill to find your 
destination.  As you head there, the chef boy will be interrupted from his 
work and told that the chef's special is again needed.  You've completed this 
before, only now there are three mini-games instead of two.

Head first to the nearby column of blue light and play the mini-game as you 
did before, by rejecting the ingredients the chef suggests that don't match 
Remy's suggestion in the upper right corner.

Once you finish that mini-game, the next blue column of light is located 
straight ahead.  You are asked to decorate a cake.  You do this by watching 
the top of the screen.  On the left side of your meter, there's a 'hot zone' 
where you need to press certain buttons as Remy suggests.  The buttons you 
need to press will slide from the right side of the screen toward the left.  
Be sure to press them as they come in line with the center of the circle.  
It's not terribly difficult, but you will need to concentrate.

When that mini-game is finished, only one more remains.  Head over to an area 
that should be ahead of you, slightly left of a direct path.  This will lead 
you to a mini-game where you must create a fine soup.  To do so, you must 
insert the ingredients Remy indicates by pressing the corresponding face 
button on your controller.  The button associated with each ingredient changes 
whenever a new ingredient is added to the mixture, so simply pay attention and 
press the button as soon as you're sure you'll be pressing the correct one.  A 
gauge on the right side of the screen will fill to let you know how near you 
are to completion.

Once you finish the soup, that's the end of the mission and you'll receive 
your points.  


SUMMARY: Steal the key that will allow the rats to access the food safe.
STAGE: Little Chef - Big Kitchen

You'll start this mission from wherever you stood when finishing the last one.  
Now, use your Super Sniffer skill to find your destination yet again, though 
for the record, you should now be headed toward the area where you first 
entered the kitchen.  There will be a blue column of light there, too.  

Once you arrive, you'll find that your goal is to get the key to the food 
safe.  From where you receive your briefing, jump down to the ground below, 
then run forward along the wall to the base of the second spool of thread you 
set into place in a previous mission.  Climb up the spool of thread and along 
the trail to the Ratapult, then let it send you flying over to a hood that 
rests over a stove.

At the top of the hood, you can climb up some pipes to an UMBRELLA.  Then, 
look straight ahead and use your Super Sniffer ability if you need to.  You'll 
see the place where you need to glide to with the umbrella's assistance.  
Glide down there and when you arrive, use your 'Action' button to swing your 
tail and knock a key down to the floor.  Now, carefully drop down below, pick 
up the key and head around the corner and up the ramp.

At this point, you should be safe to proceed to where your friend is waiting, 
if you've been following this walkthrough closely and destroyed the crabs in 
the barrels during a previous mission.  If you didn't, set the key down for 
now and use the CHILI BOMB to take care of the two crabs that are hiding up 
near the sink.  Once the coast is clear, carry the key up through that area 
and to your friend, and the mission is over.


SUMMARY: You'll direct the chef again as he cooks, only now there are a total 
of four mini-games, instead of two or three.
STAGE: Little Chef - Big Kitchen

Linguini the chef needs to cook yet again, you'll find when you head along the 
trail revealed by your Super Sniffer scent.  This time, there are a total of 
four mini-games you'll need to complete within the time limit.

From where you first gain control of Linguini, head forward a bit, then to the 
right.  You'll play the salad-making mini-game, where you accept or reject the 
ingredients that match the recipe Remy has in mind.

Once you finish that mini-game, head into the corner kitchen behind you, where 
the girl chef is preparing food.  Here, you'll peel and slice potatoes, as you 
have in the past.

When that mini-game ends, turn around again and head mostly straight forward, 
working around the carts and garbage that stand in your way, until you reach 
the next blue column of light (as you approach, it should be the leftmost of 
two light columns).  This is the cake dressing game.

Once you finish the cake-dressing game, you're probably running fairly low on 
time.  The final of the four mini-games is located to your right.  It's the 
mini-game that asks you to make a soup using the ingredients that are to 
Remy's liking.  If you keep your cool, you'll still finish with time to spare, 
perhaps as much as a quarter of the timer.

Now the mission is over and you'll receive your 200 points.


SUMMARY: Help your friends steal food from the kitchen, then help Remy run 
away when a chef spots him and gives chase.
STAGE: Little Chef - Big Kitchen

Now it's time to get the food, finally.  Head over to the corner where Emile 
is waiting (user your Super Sniffer skill if you're not sure of the direction) 
and jump up onto some crates to talk to him.  He'll say that everyone will be 
going after the food, with you giving the signals.

You'll do this by way of another series of mini-games.  In the first one, you 
help Emile pull a rope.  This works the same as it did the last time you 
played such a game.  Remember to stop the meter before it fills all the way.  
A strategy that works well for me is to press the button just before the meter 
fills, then press it again just a fraction of a second later.  Without even 
looking at the meter, really, I seem to nail an 'Excellent' effort most of the 

After that mini-game ends, the rats will rush through the closet door and 
prompt another mini-game.  In this one, you must shoot the food you wish to 
take within the time limit.  You do that by moving the left analog stick over 
the items in the fridge that match the desired ship in the indicator, then 
pressing 'X' on the PS2 controller to fire.  You'll have to peg three of each 
type of food.

Once that mini-game has been successfully completed, the rats just need to 
escape.  The problem is that the chef is watching.  To play the next mini-
game, just watch the upper right corner of the screen for directions on which 
face button to press, then do so as quickly as possible, before the prompt 

When you've helped three rats escape the chefs, one of them will see you and 
give chase.  Now you have to guide Remy as he runs toward the screen in an 
effort to outwit his pursuer.

The chase begins with rows of orange pots you can easily enough jump over.  
Stick toward the middle to right side of the screen for three or four rows, 
then start to head left as the camera rotates around.  You'll find yourself 
running up a ramp with the chef still in hot pursuit.  Dodge next through some 
sticky blue objects of some sort and keep running forward as the path loops 
around yet again.  You're still running straight toward the screen now.

Next, you'll have to worry about some gaps and other obstacles to your 
success.  Keep running, pressed mostly toward the right side of the area, and 
repeatedly double jump as you keep moving.  That should enable you to clear 
most pits and obstacles as you keep moving, until you pass what looks like a 
gray toolbox.  The chef is still chasing you and trying to catch you in a jar.

Now you have to weave through some huge jars as you keep moving toward the 
screen.  That's pretty easy, but they're followed by hot flames dancing on the 
stove, some taller than others.  You can leap over the short ones, but make 
sure to avoid the ones that burn higher.  Next, there is a series of short 
little jumps you must make, and you'll continue to run into the pilot flames 
as you proceed toward the screen and around a few final turns.  Then the 
mission ends.


SUMMARY: Slide down a long canal to the soft mattress at the bottom.
STAGE: Underground Fun

Now you'll be making your escape by sliding down a long tunnel.  You begin the 
stage in a store room.  There's nothing to do but drop down the vent, and from 
there collect some stars until you jump over the first little rise.  Now 
you're sliding, and your goal is the usual: collect 100 stars before reaching 
the end of the stage.

Once you start sliding, hold first to the middle and then be ready to make a 
series of jumps as you work to maintain a good high speed.  Things come at you 
pretty fast, so there's not much point in listing the order of your dangers 
here except for one key note.

When you reach the near-bottom of the passage, you'll note a place where the 
left side of the passage is blocked off by grating.  This signals that you'll 
be wanting speed more than ever, as well as to stay away from the center of 
the trail.  Ahead, the middle of the canal has rusted away.  You'll want to 
stay on either side, and remember that if you're nearing the edge but have 
good speed going, sometimes a nice jump can save you.

The only other point of interest is the occasional fan, which is easily enough 
avoided by swinging one direction, then quickly adjusting if it looks like the 
blade is going to hit you anyway.

When you reach the bottom of the trail, you'll land on a springy mattress and 
bounce upward, at which point the mission ends and you're awarded an extension 
to your life meter.


SUMMARY: Head through 'The City Market' area, collecting the goodies and 
completing several bonus stage areas, before finding a fuse for a rat friend 
who wants to start a forklift.
STAGE: Home Stink Home, The City Market, Desserted Wonderland, Pasta 
Persuasion, Veggie Vault

Your back to your home base.  Head through the passage directly ahead and 
you'll come out on some high pipes.  There's a light bulb to your left, so 
make sure that you grab that.  When you land on the ledge, it will lower you 
to the area below.  Drop down and head back to your home base island at the 
center of the area.

From there, it's time to head to the next area.  Head over to the gingham, 
checkered red and white cloth.  Your father will meet you there and ask you to 
head to 'The City Market' area to do your usual.  After a tour from your 
imaginary friend the chef, during which he reminds you that being seen by 
humans is a bad thing, your adventure commences.

Start by running down the plank ahead of you for a star, then turn and head 
back under the stands.  You'll find a bag there that you can destroy for three 
more stars.  Now head back to the base of the plank you just descended, noting 
that in this area there's a boy who likes to see you when it's most 
inconvenient.  If he does so now, you can hide behind the plank to escape his 

When the coast is clear, continue forward on ground level, where you can head 
to the left and use bags to continue avoiding detection.  The boy has likely 
moved forward by now, so that you're behind him.  Dash across the alley to the 
other side and now you're really safe from the boy, and also near the base of 
a tall table.  Look over and you'll see some boxes stacked unevenly on top of 
one another.  Double jump up this stack and onto the table and you can enter 
the 'Desserted Wonderland' bonus stage.  For directions on completing it, 
press CTRL+F and enter 'B1005' as your search term, without the apostrophes.  
When you've finished the stage, return here for directions on proceeding 
through the ongoing mission.

From where you finished the 'Desserted Wonderland' bonus stage, head down to 
ground level and sneak behind where the lady is sleeping in her chair.  Ahead, 
you'll see a star on some planks across the way.  Dash across and grab that, 
then cross the street back to where you were.  Look to the right and you'll 
see a series of crates leading up to a table.  Mark that location mentally, 
but you won't head up it just yet.  Instead, go left where you see a star 
lying in the street.  Then from there, look ahead and you'll see a sardine 
can.  Jump on it to reach a ledge where there's a Ratapult, which you should 
put to use.  It will send you flying to a glass display case where you can 
grab a BATTERY, the first of four in the stage.  Collect them all to fulfill a 
colony mission.

Drop behind the counter here and you'll find a spoon.  Grab it and then use it 
to break open the nearby box, which is next to a beach ball.  Jump on the 
beach ball and roll it forward to the other end of the counter, where you can 
double jump from the beach ball onto a recess in the wall.  Then climb along 
that wall with some more jumps and you can grab some stars, as well as a CHILI 
BOMB.  Carry it down to the opposite end of the bar, then drop down and carry 
it over to the box marked with a chili bomb emblem.  Set it down and then back 
away and let it explode.  Grab the resulting stars.  With that done, you can 
head around the end of the concession stand back into the streets, where you 
can either go straight forward through the market, or take the left path and 

For now, backtrack to the crates leading up onto the table that I mentioned 
before.  Climb them to the large, flat surface.  There are stars here 
(including a bag you can break open at the end of the table), so collect them.  
You can press the 'Action' button to cross along the top of a gate that is 
flapping in the wind here.  On the other side, run along the wall leading to 
the left, until you find a sardine can.

Bounce from the sardine can, up to a plank, and hop across from there to the 
top of a gutter that serves as a slide.  Go ahead and slide down it, then run 
along that ledge for another star.  Also, you can knock down a spool of thread 
to the area below, so make sure that you do.  With that done, pass through the 
little opening and you're behind the counter of another merchant stand.  
There's a sardine springboard you can use to reach the area overhead.  For 
now, jump over it and run down to the end of the counter to collect a star.  
Now return to the sardine can and bounce up to the area above.

Next, you can cross over some wires and collect stars as you work your way 
around to the opposite end.  Drop down to the counter below, and from there to 
the street.  Now head right back toward the area where you saw the new stars 
available a moment ago.  Just at the edge of that area, note that you can jump 
up on a sack near one corner of a stand, then from there double jump onto the 
counter and break open a bag to grab three stars.  Now head down the alley 
again, collecting stars.

There are two people to watch for in this area: a street vendor and a boy with 
a lollipop.  The vendor is easy to avoid by hiding behind his wares, while you 
can avoid the boy by heading to the wall directly opposite the vendor, then 
ducking behind some boards that are lying against it with just enough room for 
a rat to move through.  Sneak through that space, grabbing CHEESE along the 
way if you need it, and on the opposite end of the crawlspace you'll find a 
sardine can you can use to bounce up onto a pile of crates.  That's a good 
vantage point from which to get a lay of the land.  To your left, you should 
see another street merchant near a blue shaft of light, while ahead there's a 
rope you can climb along.

Head first toward the blue shaft of light.  Nearby, you can find a bag near 
the feet of the street merchant, which you can break open for stars.  Continue 
along that path to the previous street merchant you first saw in this area.  
There's a block you can hop onto, and from that you can jump on the table.  
Now hop over some objects and head along the table away from the merchant, to 
a plank that leads up to a new set of ledges.  Climb along these and you can 
knock down a spool of thread, but also collect some stars.  Grab those and 
continue along the wall as you advance toward the blue column of light, which 
should at this point be ahead of you and to the right.  You can use some 
platforms to continue here, and you'll have to use the 'Action' button to make 
a series of vaults.  Now you can drop down to the blue column of light, which 
triggers the 'Pasta Persuasion' bonus stage.  Go ahead and enter it.  You'll 
find directions on how to complete it if you press CTRL+F and then enter 
'{B1006}' without the apostrophes as your search term.

Once you've completed the 'Pasta Persuasion' bonus stage, drop down to the 
street and continue in the direction that will lead you away from the street 

There are a few attractions here.  To the right, you'll see a sardine 
springboard on the ground, near a stack of crates.  You can bounce from it and 
up onto the crates, then climb across a rope and find a sack to break open for 
stars, along with a BATTERY that's resting nearby.  Across the way, there's 
also a raised ledge with another sack and some stars.

Besides some more stars, another attraction more to the left is a springboard 
at the base of another merchandise counter.  Spring up from the sardine box 
and climb the boxes into the top of a long trough full of pink-colored ice.  
There's a spoon here.  Grab it, then start toward the opposite end of the 
trough.  Three enemies will attack, but you can whack them all for a star from 
each.  Now go to the empty can they were guarding and carry it back to where 
you entered the trough.  Set it down and climb onto it, then double jump up to 
the netted wall and grab onto it with the 'Action' button.  Climb to the top 
for a star.  Now drop back down and take the can with you, down to the place 
where you first found it.  There's a netted wall there, too.  Set the can 
down, but you're not going to make use of it yet.

Instead, drop down to the area below and grab the spoon you find there.  
You'll also see a CHILI BOMB, which you'll use momentarily.  Carry the spoon 
down along the trough, back the way you just came.  You'll see a crab there 
who will grab the spoon from you before you can use it.  Now return to the 
chili bomb and grab it.  Head toward the crab and it will drop the spoon and 
snatch the chili bomb.  Let the crab blow itself up, but note that it won't 
die.  Instead, it will flip over on its back.  Pick up the spoon and give the 
crab a good whack on its underside to finish the job.  Now you can go back 
where another bottle of the chili bomb concoction will have materialized.  
Grab it and carry it down past where you killed the crab.  You'll find a box 
there that you can blast with the chili bomb for several more stars.

Now, head back down to the chili bomb bottle, but continue past it.  Head left 
from there and you'll find a sack you can destroy for three more stars.  
Beyond that, the alley comes to a dead end.  Use a sardine can to spring onto 
a box of melons, then follow the wall left from there and around, until you 
can take a double jump around a corner to get onto the counter overlooking the 
trough where you killed the crabs.  There you'll find a BATTERY for your 
colony mission.  Now double jump from the counter out over to the trough, and 
head to the can you placed near where you first found it.  Jump onto it, then 
up onto the netted sign.  Climb to the top and there's a wire you can jump 

Follow the wire to obtain a star, and knock down the spool of thread you find 
at the end.  Now drop down to the area below.  The Ratapult you'll find there 
only sends you back to the counter where you already grabbed the battery, so 
ignore it and sneak behind the merchant, along the counter.  Climb over some 
rubble there and look back to make sure you haven't missed a star in the area.  
Then cross the street and head in the direction of a glowing blue column of 
light.  However, turn right before that and you'll find an alley you can 
backtrack through for a star.  Grab it, then continue forward and you'll find 
a sardine can you can use to bounce up onto the counter.  Make your way around 
the sinks and you will find a star on top of the casing above you, as well as 
a BATTERY.  Just use the meat package to find a way to jump onto the case.  
There's also a bag on the counter that you can break open for three more 

With that done, drop back down to the street level and head toward the blue 
column of light again.  The blue light signals the presence of another rat, 
near the underside of a forklift.  You don't want to trigger a sub-mission 
right now, so just head past the spoon nearby and head off to the left, toward 
a crab.  You'll see that there are actually three of them here.  Weave through 
them (they don't move very fast) and move past them to climb some steps and 
find yourself near a conveyer belt.  There are some stars along here, and a 
bag you can break open for some stars.  Do so, then continue along the belt.

There's a table here on your left, with another bag of stars.  Break that open 
and you'll of course notice the blue column of light leading upward from a 
pile of vegetables.  It's another bonus stage.  This one is called 'Veggie 
Vault.'  You can find instructions on how to proceed if you press CTRL+F and 
search for '{B1007}' without the apostrophes.  When you're done with the bonus 
stage, you'll be returned to the table.

Now, from the table head back to the steps along the base of the conveyor 
belt, where you first entered.  Hop up those and then run along the ledge to 
your right, where you can jump out to a new platform where there's a bag that 
contains stars.  Bust it open, then continue along that area and you can find 
yet another ledge with another bag.  Break it open, too.  There's also a lone 
star that can also be easy to miss.  To get it, you'll have to head in front 
of the fish merchant, along his wares, then down a plank to another crate 
raised over the ground.  Double jump from there onto some other crates, then 
crawl across a pile of garbage and start partway up yet another plank to reach 
the star.

You now have most of the stars in the area.  Go ahead and use your Supper 
Sniffer skill, which will lead you to the blue column of light where your rat 
buddy is standing near a forklift.  When you get within range, he'll tell you 
that he needs you to recover a fuse so he can start the forklift.  That's 
fine, except you have to wade across the field of crabs to hit a lever that 
wasn't available before.  This causes a gate to open and you can grab a fuse.  
Now if you try to carry it back across through the crabs, one of them is sure 
to grab it.  What do you do, then?

The solution is to carry it along the edge of the area.  A crab is bound to 
rush you and grab it, but you can then whack him with your tail to make him 
drop it.  While the crab is stunned, you can then pick up the fuse and run 
with it, maybe all the way to your friend waiting at the forklift.  Just 
repeat the process as often as you have to, and eventually you'll arrive at 
your buddy's position with the required fuse.  Mission complete!


SUMMARY: Knock three pieces of meat from their high perches throughout the 
marketplace so that your friends can gather them.
STAGE: The City Market

This mission will first require that you head back almost to the very 
beginning of 'The City Market' area, where Emile is waiting.  Find him and 
he'll tell you that your mission is to gather food from the marketplace.  
You'll have to avoid humans along the way (but not dogs).  Start by using your 
Super Sniffer ability and you'll see that there's some food nearby.

From where Emile is standing, head across the street, up a ramp and over the 
swinging gate (you'll have to press the 'Action' button to grab a hold of the 
gate.  Follow the shelf to the sardine can, bounce to the shelf overhead, then 
walk to its end and slide down the slide.  Follow the brick ledge there 
through an opening to the area behind the food stall's front counter, then 
bounce off the sardine trampoline to reach the wire area overhead.  Crawl 
along the wires using the 'Action' button again, then you'll reach the meat 
and drop it to the lower counter level so your cohorts can gather it.  Now 
it's time for your next target.

Use your Super Sniffer skill and you'll find that the next bit of meet is to 
the right from where you stand now.  Drop down to the street level, then 
follow it around toward the next few street vendors.  If you've been following 
the walkthrough so far, you should be able to head behind the stalls to find 
some thread you dropped down this way on the previous mission.  Climb it now 
and work along the shelves until you wrap your way around the edge of the area 
and can touch a bit of meat.  This will send it falling so that your friends 
can later gather it.

Now use your Super Sniffer ability yet again.  It will reveal that the final 
hunk of meat is past the fish vendor, near where you gave your rat friend the 
fuse in the previous mission.  Head in that direction, and take the time to 
head along the stall in front of the fish vendor, down the plank from there to 
a crate, double jump up from the crate onto the fish bin, follow it to another 
plank, follow the plank up and then double jump over to the shelf where the 
fish waits.  Remy will knock it down and that's another mission complete.


SUMMARY: Knock three bits of food into an elderly woman's travel cart as she 
wanders through the marketplace.
STAGE: The City Market

Now you need to return to the start of 'The City Market' area, where your rat 
buddies are congregating.  The female one will tell you that you need to 
follow the old woman as she heads through the market, then knock food into her 
cart as she makes various stops along the way.

As the old woman starts down the road, just head first to the back side of the 
market stall where you knocked down that first bit of meat.  You should 
remember how to get there by now, and there even should be a bit of thread you 
can climb up to make the trip easier.  Head into the back side of the stall, 
then climb up the broom handle to reach the front counter.  Rush down to the 
meat and press the 'Action' button to knock it from the countertop and into 
the woman's travel cart.

She'll continue down the street, and you should next head behind the vendors 
where you knocked down the second bit of meat in the previous mission.  
Remember, there's plenty of thread you can climb to take shortcuts while the 
old woman is on the way with her cart.  Once she arrives, push the food into 
the cart from above.

Now you just need to race to the third and final location.  You'll have to 
pass in front of the fish vendor along his table of wares again, then down the 
plank and from there up another onto the ledge where you dropped the fish in 
the previous mission.  Then push it into the woman's cart and your mission is 


SUMMARY: Steal the woman's shopping bag by playing a series of mini-games, 
then run from the angry chef and the old woman as you escape the market.
STAGE: The City Market

For this mission, head to the conveyor belt.  Climb up the stairs and then 
start down it.  You'll see menus forming a bridge to the left, where your 
contact is waiting.  Talk to him and he'll give you your mission.  In this 
mission, you need to signal to each of the rats so that they can work together 
to snag the food that drew them to the market.

You'll do this by playing mini-games, of course.  The first is the fuse mini-
game, in which you must press the buttons that will allow the electricity to 
follow the desired path.  This is pretty easy.  Just work along the path 
indicated, pressing the required buttons (as you did in a similar mission much 
earlier in the game).  Do it quickly, as this counts toward your total mission 
time, but don't fret too bad.

When you complete that mission, the rats will manage to hotwire the forklift 
and lift the old lady's bag, but the mission hasn't yet ended.  You have more 
work to do, in the form of another mini-game.

In the second mini-game, you need to switch eight buttons so that they match 
the pattern indicated on the top of the screen.  On the PlayStation 2, you do 
this by pressing 'left' or 'right' on the left analogue stick to move Remy 
over a given set of two buttons.  Once you stand on a set of buttons, the 'L1' 
button will make him switch the color of the left button, while 'R1' will make 
him switch the color of the right one.  You'll have to match several patterns 
in this fashion, all with time counting down toward doomsday.

When you finish that mini-game, you're still not done with the mission.  The 
next mini-game finds you pulling the old lady's shopping cart with a rope.  
You should by now be very familiar with this game.  Just remember to press the 
button just before the meter reaches the top, then press it again just a 
split-second after to hit the sweet spot on the gauge.  A few good tugs will 
end the last mini-game.

Your mission isn't over yet, though.  The food thievery calls attention to 
your presence.  The chef from the restaurant will now chase you through the 

Rush toward the screen, keeping at first to the middle.  Head to the right 
side, then the left as you climb a ramp and start over a table.  Here, you'll 
need to weave through cans of food while the chef chases you from behind and 
the old woman runs along the side.  Jump over some gaps and continue running 
at the screen.

After that point, things get pretty frantic.  The main thing is to simply keep 
moving.  The move that will serve you best is the double jump.  Along the way, 
you'll find a lot of obstacles that you can run around, but jumping over them 
is frequently a viable option, as well.  This is particularly true about 
halfway through, when you find yourself climbing over stacks of bread.  
Continue from there and you'll find a series of planks where double jumps are 
your only hope.  You'll basically have to memorize things on the fly, so 
specific directions for this chase won't serve you well at all.  When you 
reach the end, though, you'll know it: a scene depicts the chef sliding into a 
freezer, and the mission ends.


SUMMARY: Ride down a dangerous slide leading back to your home quarters.
STAGE: The Slide of Your Life

From where you appear at the start of this mission, just head straight forward 
along the planks and collect two stars, then jump into the slide area and 
start your slide.  Though the title of this area is 'The Slide of Your Life,' 
it's actually not that difficult until the end.
As you slide down the trail, you'll find that most of the stars are positioned 
toward the center, where they're easy to reach.  You almost never have to go 
out of your way to grab them until about halfway through, so focus on just 
avoiding the first few pits that crop up along the edges of the track at this 
point.  Continuing beyond those, you'll notice a long jump coming up ahead, so 
have plenty of speed and give a high jump that will carry you over the gap.

Deeper into the level, there will be a place where the path forks.  You want 
to head to the right if you're interested about stage completion, to grab a 
series of stars along the pipe.  It should be noted that this is extremely 
difficult to do.  It may take you several tries.

Once you move past there, the path will settle down for a bit, then you'll 
find yourself at the rough part, jumping from narrow trough to narrow trough, 
with enough angle that Remy wants to slid off the side unless directed 
otherwise.  There are several of these in a row, and then things mostly calm 
down again as you slide through the final turns and to the finish.

This marks the end of the stage, so you'll receive a boost to your life meter 
and 200 points for clearing the slide (more if you gathered every last star, 
though I missed a few).  You can later come back and try the slide again by 
jumping into the appropriate area (a hole in the ground with shutters spread 
wide, near the end of the market), if you want to try and gather any stars you 
may have missed.


SUMMARY: In the nearly deserted kitchen, knock over dishes and turn on the 
buffing machine to attract Skinner's attention and trap him in the closet.
STAGE: Home Stink Home, The Desserted Kitchen

Head through the door straight ahead and you'll be back in the 'Home Stink 
Home' area.  Crawl along the pipe and then jump down along the fence, pressing 
the 'Action' button to climb along the railing.  Now drop to the cobblestone, 
then jump from there down to the planks in the water and head over to the 
central area that serves as your home base.  Continue across and head up the 
steps and you'll find your father at the entrance to the area known as 'The 
Desserted Kitchen.'  That's your next destination.  Talk to your father and 
he'll give you your assignment.  Now you will appear in the new area.

Head along the planks (the light-colored one will flip as you step on it) and 
then left through the vents, into the kitchen.  Now you're told that you need 
to help Linguini prepare a meal, since only two other chefs have stayed with 
him in the kitchen.  Unfortunately, one of those chefs is the one that likes 
to chase you.

The first note I should add is that, aside from the lack of chefs and a few 
other differences, this is the same stage you completed two worlds ago, when 
chefs were all over the place.  Now there's a whole new set of 100 stars, and 
some of the shellfish have grown more rambunctious.  There also are some 
instant-kill mouse traps in the area, and jumping on the chilled buckets of 
shellfish will damage you.  Before you worry about collecting most stars and 
items, you'll want to worry about completing your first objective in the 
revised kitchen environment.

From where you appear at the edge of the kitchen, you should head to the first 
visible column of blue light on the far end of the kitchen.  There, the rat 
named Git will give you your mission: get rid of the evil chef, Skinner.

Now, you'll be standing behind Skinner.  If you use your Super Sniffer skill, 
you'll see a blue trail of light leading past Skinner, back up and around to 
the top of a cart where some plates are resting.  Go ahead and rush along that 
path (being careful to step wide of Skinner), and then you'll find that the 
cart is too high to reach.  However, there's a garbage can nearby.  You'll 
also find a can.  Use the can to jump up onto the garbage can, and from there 
to the top of the table.  Now, grab the CHILI POWDER and head near a crab 
hiding under an overturned bucket.  He'll grab the chili powder and blow 
himself up, which gives you a reward in the form of a star.  Now, use the 
strainer as a shield as you wade through the goop toward the other end of the 
table.  You need to reach the plates, then discard the strainer and knock the 
plates to the ground to attract Skinner.

Next, you'll need to head along the side of a room, where your Super Sniffer 
ability should lead you.  There's a stove there.  Use the dishcloth to climb 
up to the top, use the CHILI BOMB to get the crab hiding under the bucket, 
then use the strainer to creep past the other shellfish that is sitting in the 
pot.  You can hold to the right here and his swipes will avoid you.  Then you 
can land on a space with more crates.  The strainer will automatically 
disappear, and you can knock down the plates to attract Skinner again.

Now it's time to head to the third pile of plates.  Get to a safe place and 
use your Super Sniffer ability.  It will lead you to the closet, located along 
the edge of the room.  However, don't enter the closet just yet.  There's a 
crab near the entrance in an overturned bucket.  There also are some cans 
nearby that you can use to climb higher, but first you want to get rid of that 
crab.  On a nearby cart, you'll find a CHILI BOMB bottle.  Grab it and carry 
it over to the crab, which will blow itself up.  You'll receive a star.  Now 
grab one of the cans and head into the closet.  

To the right of the entry door, set the can down so that you can jump up to 
reach the areas above.  Now jump up and you'll find a sardine springboard.  
Bounce from it up to some pipes you can vault along to another shelf above the 
buffing machine.  Now drop carefully down to the wide point of its handle.  
This will set the machine to buffing.

The noise from the machine will of course attract Skinner, who will become 
locked in the closet while you escape.  That's the end of the mission.


SUMMARY: Destroy rat traps by luring enemies over them or hitting them with a 
STAGE: The Desserted Kitchen, Sausage Shenanigan

With Skinner out of the way, you now can worry about other mission objectives.  
First, though, you should head around the kitchen, collecting stars and 
blasting the various crabs with chili bombs so they're not in the way on 
future objectives.  The mouse traps you'll simply need to avoid.

Note that you can also find more bonus stages here.  The 'Sausage Shenanigan' 
stage is located on a cart near one edge of the kitchen.  You can springboard 
up to it from a sardine can.  For directions on how to complete the stage, 
press CTRL+F and search for '{B1008}' without the apostrophes.  When you're 
done, you'll be returned to the cart and can proceed through the kitchen.

Next it's time to head to complete a mission.  This one is fairly easy if 
you're patient.  Head over to the red rat on ground level and he'll explain 
that the area is dangerous because of all the rat traps.  You get to destroy 
them, which you do by luring out the water-based enemies (they look like sacks 
of water) and placing a trap between them and you.  They'll charge you and hit 
the trap, which destroys both in the process.  There are six traps on the 
ground level, and another trap up near where you entered the 'Sausage 
Shenanigan' area.  That trap you can't destroy with an enemy, but fortunately 
there's a spoon nearby.  Once you destroy all seven traps, the mission ends.


SUMMARY: Sneak into the office where the cookbook is kept, then knock it from 
a shelf so that you can push it through to the chef.
STAGE: The Desserted Kitchen

Now you need to open a closet so that the lady chef can find the cookbook she 
and Linguini need to create an excellent dish.  The closet is located near 
where the mission begins, but you can't just hop up and open it.  Instead, 
you're going to have to take the long way.

Start by following the wall to an opening, where you can see a spiny enemy 
blocking the way, near some crabs.  Through the opening, you should notice a 
beach ball.  You can't enter yet, though.  You have to find some way to get 
rid of the spiny urchin and the crabs.

Head over to the base of a nearby stand and you can find a spoon.  Take it 
over to get rid of the urchin and the crab there will grab it from you.  
That's fine.  Now head out to find a CHILI BOMB.  You should be able to locate 
one on the opposite side of the kitchen.  You'll find it on a cart, and you'll 
have to take a long way around, blowing up crabs along the way and returning 
to pick up a refill.  Eventually, you should be able to make it with the chili 
bomb over to the crab that grabbed your spoon.  It will explode and drop the 
spoon.  Then you can grab the spoon and whack the urchin.

Now proceed through the doorway.  You're in a hallway now, behind the wall 
where the girl chef is standing.  Jump on the ball, then start to the right.  
You'll find a bunch of small cockroaches to crush.  Do so and you'll arrive at 
the other side of the area, where you can bounce up from a sardine can 
trampoline to grab some bars.  Now vault across the poles and jump over some 
ledges to where you'll find a Ratapult positioned.  You can use it to fly over 
to a distant ledge and grab one of the area's eight fuses, if you're 
collecting those for your colony mission.  If you do that, you'll need to work 
your way back over to the platform with the Ratapult.  From there, double jump 
across the hallway to a higher ledge there, then follow a series of platforms 
along the wall.  You'll find an UMBRELLA.  Grab it, then glide down along the 
hallway to where you can see a can resting on a shelf, above an area where an 
urchin is guarding a hole leading to the next room.  Grab the can, then drop 
down below to the planks there.  Now set the can down.  Backtrack to where you 
first entered this room and head back out into the main area to find a spoon 
or a chili bomb.  Now return to where you just set the can near the urchin 
guarding the doorway.  Defeat the urchin with a blast or a spoon swipe, then 
pick up your can and head through the archway and into the office that waits 

In the office, look for a green filing cabinet with its drawers extended like 
steps.  Set the can below the bottom one, then double jump your way up the 
cabinet to the top.  From there, double jump out along the wall to grab a lamp 
with the 'Action' button, then vault from it to another lamp, and then from 
that lamp to the top of a cabinet.  Now cross over the desk along the wall, 
and you'll find more lamps leading up to the top of another filing cabinet.  
Once you arrive, you'll find a Ratapult.

Use the Ratapult to fly over to a new shelf, where you can bounce from a 
sardine can up to a higher area.  There, continue climbing shelves with the 
aid of sardine can springboards, until you reach the book and clear the 


SUMMARY:  Complete the final area bonus stages, then complete a series of 
mini-games to create a dish for the restaurant critic.  Finally, you'll run 
from Skinner after he escapes from storage.
STAGE: The Desserted Kitchen, Soaring Strawberries, Kitchen Chaos

Before you accept any new missions, now is a good time to finish up any 
incidental missions you wish to attempt.  You're nearing the end of this 
particular area.  Remember to take out all the crabs you can.  The ones that 
aren't protected by buckets, you can allow to grab the spoon.  Then follow 
them and whack them with your tail.  While they're stunned, grab the spoon and 
then quickly whack the crabs with it.  Sometimes you can skip a step and just 
whack the crabs as they approach, but that happens less frequently.

You should clear the area of crabs, then bounce up on the springboards to 
explore the higher areas of the kitchen.  You can also break open crates for 
stars, and this will lower some stacks to also grant access to higher areas.  
Just set a can at the base of each stack of crates in the various corners, and 
that will lead you to ledges and Ratapults and sardine can springboards that 
will allow you to easily collect the area's treasure.  Collect all the stars 
you can, and also explore high ground to find the 'Soaring Strawberries' bonus 
stage entrance (Ratapult over to the top of a cart).  Complete it.  If you 
need help, press CTRL+F and search for '{B1009}' without the apostrophes.

With that done, only one more bonus stage remains.  Head to another corner of 
the map and you should see a blue beam of light rising from a high shelf.  You 
can reach that as you might expect, by placing a can near the bottom of a 
series of crates, then double jumping up onto them.  Then on the counter, use 
a sardine springboard to reach the entrance to the bonus stage.  If you need 
help with the 'Kitchen Chaos' bonus stage, press CTRL+F and search for 
'{B1010}' without the apostrophes.  When you're done with that stage, drop 
back down lower and use the Ratapult to fly over to another portion of the 
stage.  There should be another Ratapult here, which you can use to fly to 
another ledge and find an umbrella, then drift down to find one of the fuses 
in a green crate.  It's one of the more difficult ones to reach in the stage; 
most of the others are obvious.

When you're ready to complete the next mission, ride an umbrella from high 
ground to the counter where the girl is preparing food.  It seems a critic has 
just ordered food.  You'll have to complete a series of mini-games to prepare 
a dish that hopefully will satisfy him.

The first mini-game is one where you reproduce color patterns along a series 
of four pairs of blocks.  This is similar to the mini-game in the marketplace.  
Move Remy left and right with the analogue stick, then (on the PlayStation 2 
controller) press 'L' to switch the color of the left area and 'R' to switch 
the right color.  Repeat this until you've matched the patterns enough times 
to complete the mini-game.

Next, you'll play the mini-game where you accept or reject ingredients, 
according to whether or not the suggested ingredient matches the icon in the 
upper right corner that Remy prefers.  You've done this one several times 
before, but somehow it's trickier because of the arrival of several rats.  The 
easiest way to succeed is to ignore the rat positioning altogether and just 
watch where the lime green rings are positioned.  They indicate which food is 
being suggested.  Accept or approve as appropriate.

Once you complete that stage, the next mini-game is the one where you toss 
ingredients into a soup.  Just play through this one as you have several times 
before.  When you're done, it's on to another mini-game.

Here, your job is to dress the cake, as you have before.  Just press the 
buttons indicated as they scroll across the screen, and don't mess up.  You 
should have around a quarter to half of your time left at this point, which is 
time enough to complete the mini-game.

When you finish that mini-game, the chefs will go out to deliver the food to 
the critic.  As Remy waits, Skinner suddenly breaks free of storage and gives 
chase.  The chase will lead you out into the restaurant, across tables and 
even the tray a server is holding.  At this point, you should find the chase a 
breeze.  Just do a lot of double jumping, and do everything in your power to 
stay clear of the vibrant red dishes.  They slow down your progress a great 
deal, especially since you can't jump out of them once you land in one.  
Basically, landing in one will probably prove fatal because it will allow 
Skinner to catch you.

Again, though, this is an easy stage.  When you finish, you'll receive your 
points for finishing the level, the game's credits will roll, and your health 
meter will be extended to its maximum point.  Then the game will allow you to 
save your progress.  Now you can go back through and complete any side 
missions you may not have finished, but otherwise the game is over.


SUMMARY: Gather 100 stars while navigating a stage composed primarily of 
various bits of fruit.
STAGE: That's a Loot of Fruit

Begin this stage by hopping along some upturned citrus halves.  When you reach 
a green kiwi platform, let it carry you across to another citrus round (it 
looks to be a bit of mandarin orange).  From there, you can jump out to one of 
several kiwi bits circling an upright banana.  Make sure that you grab all of 
the stars from this area before you jump to the next round of citrus (you'll 
know it's the right one to jump to because there will be a star you haven't 
yet grabbed resting on its surface).

From there, jump out to another kiwi round, and then from that to another and 
then another.  Note that the kiwis in this area are moving back and forth, so 
make sure that you don't time your jump as they're on the way apart from one 
another; you'll fall into a pit if you do.

Opposite the kiwi, there's solid ground once more, with another set of kiwi 
bits circling an upturned banana.  Jump onto one of those and let it carry you 
around to collect the stars, then jump to a second set of rings with still 
more stars before you jump to a circular platform made of orange.  There, 
you'll see that you can jump to what looks like an upturned pink grapefruit 
half.  It has a bit of cheese resting on it.  Grab the cheese if you need it, 
then jump to another ring of kiwi bits.  Ride them around the banana for 
stars, then jump to the next bit of grapefruit and gather more stars there.

From that grapefruit ledge, double jump across a series of more citrus ledges, 
until you come to some kiwi circling what looks to be a peach.  Jump onto one 
of those and ride it around for some more stars, then pay close attention.  
You should see a kiwi ledge that is remaining stationary, near a wedge of 
floating watermelon.  If you jump onto that ledge, it'll give you a ride down 
along a preset path.  You'll collect a lot of stars.  At the end of the ride, 
let it stay in place for a moment.  Then it will carry you back up to the area 
where you just were.  Double jump back out to the kiwis that were circling the 
peach, then from there jump onto the next few circling kiwi bits that are 
circling a peach half (you'll see the pit as the peach rotates).  From there, 
jump onto the third ring of kiwi bits, which should allow you to collect more 
stars as they circle.  When you have all the stars, go ahead and jump to the 
bit of arrange.

You should now see a rotating slice of cantaloupe.  Jump onto it when it looks 
safe to do so, and you'll find that the cantaloupes are fairly easy to 
navigate.  They don't' move all that quickly.  There are several of them, 
followed by a series of orange ledges.  Make sure that you collect the stars 
along each of them, and when you reach the top of the orange ledges you should 
find yourself in possession of 85 stars.  Look ahead and you'll see a new 
ledge just ahead of you.  It's a banana turned on its side.

Head along the bananas, but note that rings of strawberries circle around all 
but the first of the bananas.  As you head along them, wait for a gap in the 
strawberries to appear and rush through.  Once you've reached the end of the 
series of bananas, you will have gathered all 100 stars and will receive 500 
points for Gusteau's store.  Jump to the grapefruit just beyond and you'll 
receive 200 more points upon returning to the world you were exploring before 
entering the bonus stage.


SUMMARY: Gather 100 stars while navigating a stage composed primarily of 
cheese products.
STAGE: Say Cheese

From the start of the 'Say Cheese' area, head forward and then hop right to a 
ledge with a star.  Grab the star and bounce from that ledge up to an area 
above.  Run along that cheese, collecting stars along the way, until you come 
to a rotating log of cheese with some stars on it.  Run along the log, holding 
against the direction it is turning but not pressing too hard.  When you have 
the stars, double jump out from the log onto the next more solid ledge and 
grab some stars that appear there as you move toward a circular pink wedge of 
cheese hovering in the air.

Jump out to the wedge, which will spring you up to another, and then another.  
From the third, spring out over to more neutral ground, and you'll find 
yourself facing another of the rotating logs of cheese.  This one has four 
stars resting along its side.  Collect those and then veer off toward the next 
rotating log.  There are more stars in this area of three logs, so collect 
those and then move to solid ground yet again.  Now head up that slope and 
you'll come to a spinning wheel of cheese, turned on its side.  There's a 
wedge missing, so wait for that wedge to pass before leaping out to the 
cheese.  Then run along the top toward the right a bit so you're within easier 
range of the next ledge, then double jump out to it.

Run along that new ledge until you reach the edge, at which point you're 
facing more of the rotating wheels of cheese.  There are three of them, with a 
star at the top of each one.  The easiest way through here is to wait until 
the first missing wedge has just passed you, then jump onto the first block of 
cheese and just keep moving across the second and third, to solid ground.  
Then head up along that block of cheese to the tip and you'll see an arc of 
olives leading down to the right and curving back left.

Hop along those olives, pressing the 'Action' button in the air to land safely 
on each one, and you'll arrive soon at some ledges resting in boiling yellow 
liquid.  Hop along these to obtain more stars, then climb up the ring of 
olives on poles that wait ahead of you.  At the top, you'll find more solid 
ground and stars.  Head across that platform and gather more stars.  The 
melted cheese that lies across this ledge won't harm you, but it can slow you 
down.  Hop into the spaces with stars if you want to move more quickly.

From the end of that ledge, double jump out toward the next ledge, where more 
stars rest at the base of a stack of huge cheese wheels.  Double jump up the 
ledges (you'll have to pull yourself up their edge and to the top), then to a 
solid bit of ground with a rope leading over a wide open space.  Before you 
continue, wait and you'll see a moving platform that travels through this 
area.  Wait for it to arrive, then hop onto it and ride down to collect five 
stars.  Then let the ride bring you back up to the top.  For your reference, 
you should at this point have 69 of the bonus stage's 100 stars.  Make sure 
that you do.

When you're ready to proceed, you'll note that you can jump out over the 
nearby rope and press the 'Action' button to find a foothold, then walk along 
it while correcting your balance to avoid dropping into the bottomless pit.  
Make your across, then gather the stars from between portions of melted 
cheese.  There's now an additional rope leading off to the right, with a set 
of three grapes circling.  They can knock you off if they brush against you, 
so don't let them.  Jump out onto the rope, then head through when there's an 
opening.  On the other side, you'll find solid ground with more stars, before 
another rope circled by multiple sets of grapes.  The easiest way to get 
through is to move in a good hurry and make only slight adjustments to balance 
as necessary.

Once you reach the safe ground on the other side, grab some stars and then 
jump out onto a spinning horizontal wheel of cheese just after a missing wedge 
passes.  There are two stars to collect here, and then you can jump onto solid 
ground to collect your wits before passing along the top of yet another of the 
rotating cheese wheels.  This one is followed by a few more of the wheels, in 
various positions.  You'll want to double jump between each one of them, and 
you'll also want to move in a hurry.  If you get on the top of a vertical 
wheel of cheese and it's spinning against you, jump along the top a few quick 
hops so you don't get stuck in the missing wedge that will soon arrive.  Once 
you get past that, there's more solid ground before a long rope leading down 
another chasm.

Jump onto the rope and follow it downward toward the ledge below.  When you 
reach the bottom you should collect your hundredth star and the game will 
award you with 500 Gusteau points.  You will also receive 200 points for 
completing the bonus stage.  Then you'll be returned to the place you were 
when you entered the bonus stage.


SUMMARY: Gather 100 stars while navigating a stage composed primarily of meat 
STAGE: This is a Steakout!

From where you appear, jump ahead to the floating island that looks like a 
piece of prime rib.  There's a round of cheese here, and a star.  From there, 
you can jump out to another such island, though there's a huge steak fork 
sliding back and forth that can knock you into the pit if you collide.  Wait 
until it has extended its furthest to the right and has just started to 
recede, then double jump over to the next ledge and collect the stars.

Beyond that, you'll find some floating sausage rounds.  Hop along those and 
collect the stars, then to another stake platform, and from there along more 
of the sausage rounds (collecting stars along the way).  You'll now come to 
another set of the sausage rounds, but these are more dangerous because of the 
forks passing through.  You'll use the same strategy to avoid these that 
worked for you with the previous fork, and eventually arrive on another steak 

Double jump to yet another steak bit, then look ahead and you'll see a stack 
of lunch meat.  When you jump on it, note that it is springy and will cause 
you to bounce upward.  Don't allow yourself to be startled.  Let yourself 
bounce until you've had a chance to get your bearings, then bounce up the next 
few ledges until you're standing on a sausage round and looking forward to a 
rotating piece of meat.

This segment is tricky for a few reasons.  As you head forward, you'll need to 
prevent the slowly rotating meat from forcing you to drop into the pit.  There 
are ten chunks you'll have to head along, collecting stars on the way, and 
you'll need to double jump to leave one for the next.  Also, there are huge 
chunks of meat over some of those gaps, so you have to time your jumps just as 
the meat is passing so that it doesn't come through and knock you into the pit 
as you're moving.  These things you might manage easily enough, but the camera 
also has the unfortunate tendency to swing to the side as you complete some 
jumps.  Be ready for it and don't let it distract you so much that you fall 
into the pit.

When you reach the other side of that meaty gauntlet, you'll come to a steak 
ledge, followed by more of the springy lunch meat, then another steak ledge.  
Ahead, you'll see bits of sirloin on a pole.  They will serve as a platform, 
but they rotate after staying still for approximately one second.  To make 
your way along these, you must wait until they start to rotate, then jump out 
so that you land as the rotation stops.  Count one second, then double jump to 
the next segment as the platform begins to turn.  Keep repeating that process 
to make your way across a series of three such sirloin ledges, at which point 
you'll notice a fork in the path.  Continue along the one straight ahead to 
find a place where you can jump to a hamburger patty and ride it over to a 
distant ledge that contains 10 stars.  Collect them, then ride back across and 
from there jump along the sirloin tidbits to safety that is now located to 
your upper left in the form of a series of steak platforms.

Hop along the series of stake platforms and at the top you'll see an open 
hamburger.  When you jump onto the meat patty, it will hesitate for a moment 
and then start gliding forward.  Along the way, you'll encounter dinner forks 
stuck into sausages.  You have to jump over these as the hamburger patty 
continues its trip forward.  Be careful not to brush against the forks, as 
that will slow you down and your ride may get away from you.  Give yourself 
plenty of time to jump over each bit of dinnerware.  It seems like the jumps 
are easiest just near the part where the fork branches to its tines.  Staying 
too far left will mean you have to jump higher, and double jumps seem to slow 
you down.  At the end of the ride, you'll find a stake ledge with some CHEESE 
resting on it, in case you need a health refill.

Ahead, you'll see another of the open hamburgers.  Jump onto the patty, then 
ride through another set of forks.  In this case, it seems to work best if you 
stay near the front of the burger and press against each fork as you can, then 
manage a small hop over it and keep near the patty as it passes the next one.  
If you let yourself fall behind much at all, you'll fall into the pit.

Past the forks, you'll find another solid ledge, this time looking forward to 
a series of sausage rounds that are rotating ahead of you in a circle.  You 
can jump out and press the 'Action' button to grab onto the tip of any of 
them, which you should do.  This causes you to crawl along the ledges.  Head 
to the end of the first set, then let it carry you in a complete loop so you 
don't miss any stars.  At the top of the loop, you can jump out to the next 
set of sausages, and repeat that to work your way across the series of moving 
ledges, collecting stars as you go.

When you reach the end, there's a single stationary ledge you can head across, 
followed by more steak that leads to the end of the stage.  You'll receive 200 
Gusteau points for your trouble, plus 500 more for collecting all 100 stars.  
Then you're returned to the world you were exploring.


SUMMARY: Gather 100 stars while navigating a stage composed primarily of 
dishes that definitely need some washing.
STAGE: Dirty Dish Fright

This stage begins with the usual round of cheese nearby.  Then you can run and 
double jump onto a plate.  Note that when you land, you'll slide around as if 
skating on ice.  Grab the star, then head to the plate to your diagonal left, 
and keep following the plates around until you land on what looks like a 
cutting board with forks stuck into it.  Head to the top of that platform and 
double jump to the next.

Head to the green sponge here, and from that vantage point jump out toward the 
edge of a pail protruding from the water.  Note that you'll need to press the 
'Action' button when you draw near to land on its edge, which you can then 
follow around slightly.  There's a dish moving around in the water below you.  
Jump to that, then ride it toward the nearby saucer.  You can jump to the 
saucer fine, but the next ledge is a green sponge.  If you step on it, the 
sponge will soon sink.  So, you need to look ahead.  Watch the distant saucer.  
As it starts toward the sponge you'll head to next, jump out to the sponge and 
collect the star, then double jump to the saucer before it begins to move away 
again.  Repeat that trick on the next sponge in the area, and from the saucer 
you can jump to a chain leading out of the area.

The chain you'll need to land on by pressing the 'Action' button while in mid-
air.  Crawl along it to collect some stars as it crosses a gap and takes you 
to a ledge with some cheese.  Beyond, you'll see a slick saucer with some 
stars.  Climb the saucer, and double jump from the edge to the next saucer, 
which is sitting in some more dishwater.  You'll have to jump across a series 
of these to a place where you can crawl over a chain, and from there make your 
way to a can positioned in the water as a raft.  There's a shark in this area, 
so stick to the edge of the sink as you paddle toward another ledge and chain.  
Then double jump onto the ledge and crawl along the chain both ways to collect 
any stars before proceeding along the chain to the right of the place where 
you first located it.

You'll now find yourself running along the edge of the sink.  Follow it until 
you see some cups hanging in the air, filled with tea.  Jump out to the edge 
of one and press the 'Action' button in the air to land on its rim, then walk 
around it and hop to the next cup.  Work your way across the gap below, using 
the cups and collecting stars as you go.  You'll soon land on the first of a 
series of the slick plates.  These tilt as you run along them, but shouldn't 
provide much difficulty as you cross them and then abandon them in favor of 
the stability a nearby cutting board provides.

Note that the cutting board is more than it seems.  Head to its upper edge and 
you'll see that you can jump out onto some plates you might not have noticed 
otherwise, and also ride a platform a short distance beyond that.  This is 
where the stage hides its most secret 10 stars, so be sure to grab them and 
then go back to the cutting board.

From that cutting board, you'll next jump to a series of floating plates that 
now move a bit.  On the next ledge, which is slightly red in hue, there's a 
system that is sending out arms of steam while spinning in a circle.  Stay 
clear of the steam as you collect stars and jump to the next series of 

After the cup-shaped platforms, you'll come to a series of two frying pans.  
You have to walk along the handle of these, which is simple enough if you 
don't get in a hurry.  The second one contains some liquid that damages you if 
you touch it, so double jump over it and climb up the ledge to the next ledge, 
which is another of the pressure cookers with arms of steam.  Collect the 
stars and head to the handle on the side, then from there jump onto a narrow 
platform and continue along it.  You'll have to continue along frying pans and 
pressure cookers while repeating the same strategy now, until you reach the 
goal.  You'll receive 200 points for making it there, and 500 for finding all 
100 stars.  Then you'll be returned to where you were before entering the 
bonus stage.


SUMMARY: Gather 100 stars while navigating a stage that looks like it was made 
out of a giant series of desserts.
STAGE: Desserted Wonderland
POINTS: 1200

Start by double jumping across two cinnamon buns, until you're facing a tort 
cake whirling on a white platform that seems to be made out of lace.  Jump out 
onto that and you'll find that its rapid turns make it difficult to move much.  
You can press the 'dash' button to maneuver a bit more efficiently, as you 
reach the edge and double jump to another such platform, and then to another 
(note that a star rests on the top of each one).

From the third of those whirling plates, you can sometimes jump to a huge 
cookie that floats over.  It will take a double jump to do it, and you want to 
time it carefully or you'll fall in a pit.  Ride the cookie over to where it 
meets with another of similar size, then double jump onto that one.  From 
there, jump to another and then another.  This one will hesitate for a moment, 
then take you on a ride over to a spinning platform where you can collect 
several more stars.  After doing so, jump back onto the cookie-styled platform 
and it will give you a ride up to some chocolate eclair ledges.

Now that you're at the eclairs, head along them for some stars.  The next 
cookies hovering in the air are fairly wide.  There are two of them.  As you 
step on them, they'll begin to shake.  Dash across, then double jump from the 
first one to the second.  Repeat the process there, only now you'll be jumping 
to one of the spinning, lacy platforms with a tort.  Gather the stars from 
around the base of the tort, and from the top, then turn your attentions to 
the next ledge.

You'll see that it's a slice of chocolate cheesecake.  Note that these spin 
back and forth, so wait until one has just rotated, then jump over to it and 
gather the stars.  They'll spin again momentarily, but you're fine so long as 
you're standing still and make a jump just thereafter.  Once you reach the 
second one, you can jump from it to a jelly cookie ledge.

The jelly cookie ledges are easy, except that you'll want to avoid the 
centers.  You walk extremely slowly through that goop, and sometimes you might 
be tempted to press harder on the control stick and then go flying off the 
edge the minute you find solid ground.  It's better to avoid that situation by 
avoiding the jelly.  Work your way up these platforms, collecting stars along 
the way, until you come to a platform with a saucer at its center.  Don't jump 
into the saucer, as its contents can harm you.  Instead, jump onto the handle 
and from there, look out over the gap ahead.  You'll see poles rising in the 
air there.  You can jump out toward them and press the 'Action' button to land 
on each one and collect each star.

Once you cross the poles, you'll reach a spinning platform with more stars, 
and then from there you can double jump to a cinnamon bun platform where a bit 
of cheese is waiting beside a star.  Look off to the side here and you'll see 
a cookie come cruising into place.  You can jump on it and collect a star, 
then ride it over to some twisty straws.

The straws are tricky.  You need to consider them jungle gym bars.  You can 
jump toward one and grab it, then start swinging and at the bottom of your 
swing, send yourself flying to the next one.  From the second straw, you'll 
need to land on a piece of cake, then jump from that to another one, then jump 
across some cinnamon bun platforms.

From there, you'll soon come to some more of the straw poles that you can jump 
across by pressing the 'Action' button as you're near to passing over them.  
Move across those, and then some eclairs before it's on to another series of 
the straw bars.  Move across that series of straws and you'll land on some 
cinnamon bun ledges, followed by a series of four cookie platforms that shake 
as you walk on them.  Dash around and collect each star as you go, and after 
those platforms you'll be on one of the frilling platforms spinning in circles 
with a cup resting on it.

This time, you can ignore the cup.  It's just there for decoration.  Watch in 
the distance and you'll see a cookie come cruise toward you.  Quickly double 
jump onto it, then ride it over to some eclairs and grab the stars on that 
series of platforms.  Now it's time to vault from more of the straw bars, then 
on through a series of cinnamon bun platforms.  Next, you'll see more of the 
shaky cookie platforms ahead.   

These ledges are trickier than you might think.  Some are further apart than 
others, and those you won't be able to jump.  You'll probably have to cross 
the area several times to get all of the stars.  It seems like starting by 
heading right, then turning toward the diagonal left and crossing to there and 
from that point to a cinnamon bun works best.  There are a few cinnamon buns 
there, each with a star.

After the cinnamon buns, you'll find some eclair ledges before another set of 
the straws that you can jump to like poles.  At the last of those upright 
straws, you'll need to wait for a cookie platform to arrive, then jump onto it 
and ride it across a gap, to the final platform where the bonus mission 
concludes and you receive your 200 points for clearing it (plus 1000 for 
collecting all of the stars).  You'll next be returned to the marketplace.


SUMMARY: Gather 100 stars while navigating a stage made of pasta dishes.
STAGE: Pasta Persuasion
POINTS: 1200

This stage begins immediately with some shaky footing.  Before you head 
forward and tackle that, though, look behind where you start.  There's a 
strainer making a trip up and down a path that contains several stars.  When 
the strainer is low enough, double jump out to it and let it carry you up to 
collect the stars.  Then when it comes back down, jump back onto the starting 

Now, head forward and you'll find a spaghetti strand you can jump onto by 
leaping into the air and pressing the 'Action' button.  Note that olives 
circle this and will knock you off if they come in contact with you.  From the 
end of this strand of pasta, you can leap to a ravioli shell.  However, it 
will start to shake as you stand on it.  You'll need to jump quickly to 
another bit of pasta and balance as you head along that toward a floating bit 
of pizza (while avoiding more olives on the way).

From the solid footing the pizza slice provides, you'll need to snake your way 
along a series of ravioli ledges, up to another pizza ledge.  Then from there, 
it's on to more of the spaghetti strands with olives circling.  There are also 
upturned spoons and plates of spaghetti, both of which you can safely land and 
stand upon while you catch your breath.  Near the opposite end of that little 
exercise, you'll find a fork that jabs across your path.  It has pasta wrapped 
around it, and will knock you into the abyss if you let it connect.  Wait for 
it to jab, then advance as it recedes, to safe ground on the other side.

You'll soon make your way to a slice of pizza, and here you'll see more 
ravioli shells leading along a path that takes you upward.  These lead up to a 
slice of pizza, after which there are more of the ravioli shells.  These will 
give you the chance to jump onto a moving ledge that consists of a strainer 
filled with spaghetti.  Jump onto it and let it carry you within range of more 
ravioli shells, then hop along those and to another strainer.  There are four 
strainers in this area, all told, with ravioli shells spaced periodically.

When you reach the top, you'll find yourself standing on a slice of pizza with 
a spaghetti strand leading forward.  Jump onto that and ahead you'll see a 
series of the forks wrapped in spaghetti, slashing across your path.  You can 
jump over these safely enough, but remember to press the 'Action' button in 
the air so that you'll land back on the spaghetti strand rather than tumbling 
through the air.

Once you have made it past the series of forks, you'll find yourself at the 
top of a slide.  You need to make your way down the slide at a pretty good 
clip, though you can start out slow to have an easier time collecting the 
stars.  Once you've slid for awhile, though, definitely build up some speed as 
you'll be needing to jump wider and wider gaps.  That happens after you pass 
the third or fourth ribbon.  Until then, you can move fairly slowly, dodging 
to either side of the forks and ribbons in your way, being careful not to miss 
any stars.

Another note: near the end of the track, you'll pass some forks and tomatoes 
in the background, and ahead you'll see a tunnel that has a roof overhead.  
You may also see a track off to the right.  If you get near the edge of the 
track a short bit before the tunnel and then press and hold the 'jump' button, 
you can jump over to that other track, which contains three stars.  The first 
is in the middle, the second is on the right side when the path branches, and 
the third is in the middle again before you drop off this side track and back 
onto the main one.

When you reach the end of the slide, you should have plenty of stars in your 
inventory.  In fact, the end of the slide is the end of the stage, so you 
should have all 100.  The problem is that there are some along the left branch 
when the path splits, and some along the right.  So you will probably want to 
play through twice, once to catch any left branch stars, once to catch the 
ones on the right.  When you're done with the stage, you'll receive 200 
points, and there are an extra 1000 points in it for you once you've gathered 
all 100 stars.  Upon completing the stage, you'll be returned to the 


SUMMARY: Gather 100 stars while navigating a stage built out of vegetables.
STAGE: Veggie Vault
POINTS: 1200

You'll receive one star automatically upon appearing on the cucumber ledge 
that serves as this bonus stage's starting point.  Ahead, there's a turning 
half of a red cabbage.  Jump out to it, but time your jump carefully so that 
its lowest portion is starting to face you as you jump.  You'll need to make 
your way up a series of these cabbages, then to some radish segments that lead 
to a ring of circling cucumbers.

Jump onto one of the cucumbers and let it carry you around the central carrot.  
Once you've grabbed those stars, jump onto the upturned radishes beyond, and 
climb up some of those radish ledges to where some more cucumbers are circling 
around carrots.  This area is trickier than you might imagine.  Jump onto the 
first ring of cucumbers, but be ready to jump again as you run into the second 
ring, which is at a slightly different level.  This second ring of cucumbers 
likes to knock you from your perch if you're not paying attention.  Make sure 
that you collect all of the stars around both carrots in this area, then from 
the higher of the two rings of cucumbers, jump to the white-colored vegetable 
and from there out to a carrot.

Head along to the tip of the carrot, then jump from there to the onion half.  
From this onion half, you can jump along two more of the bits of red cabbage, 
using the same strategy you did at the start of the stage.  Those lead to 
another onion half, which lets you overlook a ledge where mushroom bits are 
swinging across the area and making it hazardous.  Head over the cutting board 
to collect the stars, but move only just after a set of mushrooms has passed.  
Making short little dashes here works best.  There are two cutting boards to 
traverse.  At the end of the first one, stop at the edge and look off to the 
left.  You'll see a cucumber you can drop to.  Do so and let it carry you 
around to collect six stars, then double jump up to the board that is now to 
your left.

You're now at the end of the area's second cutting board.  From there, you can 
leap to an upturned white vegetable (a parsnip?).  From there, jump along more 
pieces as they circle and ascend one of their fellows.  You'll next see a 
series of cucumber ledges, which you can safely hop across with double jumps.  
At the edge of the group of cucumbers, you'll encounter a series of tomatoes.

The tomato ledges are difficult if you let them be.  The trick to them is to 
jump just as the first set of tomato segments is pulling away, then to jump 
left from there as the next set is pulling, and to continue jumping left in 
that fashion until you're at the highest of the tomatoes.  Then double jump 
straight upward in time to land on the segments (rather than have you knock 
them off) upon their return.  They'll carry you over to a new ledge where you 
can jump to safety and find yourself about ready to descend along a slide.

Go ahead and start down the slide now, letting it carry you in the directions 
it wishes.  This will allow you to grab all of the stars, but you'll want to 
do what you can to slow yourself.  The slide comes out at a platform when it 
concludes.  If you're going to fast, you'll fly right over the platform and 
into the abyss.  

From the platform, hop forward to the next one where some CHEESE waits, and 
grab that if you need it.  Then jump out across more platforms until you're 
standing on a tomato round over a cutting board.  Ahead, you'll notice that 
the platforms form an archway leading upward, with stars on each.  Don't jump 
just yet.  If you wait a moment, you'll see the bits of vegetables all fly 
together to form a column, then fly apart again.  As soon as they start to 
split apart, it's time to start hopping up the vegetable trail, collecting 
stars and rushing to the top.  

When you safely reach the top, you can look ahead to see more ledges like the 
one on which you stand.  Hop forward across those and you'll be witness to 
another arch of the white/green vegetables that fly inward to form a column.  
Wait until the one nearest you returns, then start down the column as it 
arches toward the end of the stage.  When you arrive, you'll receive 200 
points for clearing the stage, plus 1000 for collecting all of the stars.  
Then you'll be returned to the stage you were playing.  


SUMMARY: Gather 100 stars while navigating a stage composed primarily of bits 
of meat.
STAGE: Sausage Shenanigan
POINTS: 1200

From where you begin this stage, you'll need to double jump out toward a 
toothpick in the air, then press the 'Action' button to land on top of it.  
Repeat the process as you work your way up the appetizers, then onto a springy 
pile of bologna.  Collect stars and bounce up to the sausage round.  From 
there, you'll need to head along some sausage links, which you do by jumping 
toward them and pressing the 'Action' button to grab them and run along their 

After the links, you'll come to a series of bologna springboards, but these 
are trickier because you have to bounce between several and there are trains 
of meat passing in your way.  Start by positioning yourself near the edge of 
one of the platforms.  You can tell you're at the edge by watching your shadow 
as you bounce.  That can also prevent you from moving too close to the edge.  
Once you're in position, wait until one such interruption has just passed, 
then bounce to the next ledge.  Repeat the process to safely cross over them 

Now, you'll land on and head across a stationary steak platform.  Ahead, 
you'll see a large hunt of meat slowly rotating.  This has four approximate 
sides, two wide and two very narrow.  Wait until the narrow side has rotated 
most of the way to a vertical position on the side, then jump over and head 
across the series of platforms, collecting stars along the way.  On the second 
of these, you'll have to run along a fork as it turns gradually toward the 
left side of the meat.  You have to run out to its end to collect stars and to 
leap to the next platform.

There, you'll have a brief respite before you have to run along more of the 
meat hunks with the forks protruding from them.  This time, there are quite a 
few more stars to collect.  Grab them all as you work your way across to safe 
ground on the other side, being careful along the way of the fork that likes 
to pass between two of the rounds of meat.  You'll need to jump as it has 
receded, but don't jump too soon or you'll bump against it before it's out of 
your way completely.

You'll come to a steak platform next, with a few stars and some CHEESE.  Grab 
those items, then bounce up some bologna ledges to another series of rotating 
meat chunks.  This one has both toothpicks and cooking utensils protruding 
from it, and rotates more quickly.  Make your way across, jumping to grab 
stars as you avoid the utensils and toothpicks.  

At the other side, you'll find some toothpicks you need to jump along, to 
reach yet another of the rotating islands of meat.  From the topmost 
toothpick, double jump out to the meat and head along its top side, collecting 
stars and avoiding any cooking utensils.  You'll come to another steak 
platform here, and now it's time to pause to look back the way you came, but 
off toward the left slightly.  Looking at the meat platform, you should see a 
hamburger resting in the air above it.  Jump back to the meat now, and ride a 
protruding food utensil out so that you can jump to the hamburger.  Rest on it 
for a moment and it will take you on a circuit that will earn you several 
stars.  Then you can double jump to a sausage round, and from there back to 
the steak platform where you stood a moment ago.

Now, it's time to continue along the path.  Up ahead, you'll see utensils 
crossing over a path through the air.  They will periodically rise into an 
upright position, which is bad if you're standing on them.  Wait until the 
nearest one rises in that fashion, then drops back down.  Now, quickly double 
jump along the platforms, collecting stars on the way to a bologna platform on 
the other side.  Collect the two stars there and that's the last of the stars 
for the level.  Bounce next from the bologna to the final platform, where 
you'll receive 200 points for finishing the stage (on top of the 1000 you 
should already have received for collecting all of the stars).  Then you'll be 
returned to the stage where you were last playing. 


SUMMARY: Gather 100 stars while navigating a stage composed primarily of 
various fruit formations.
STAGE: Soaring Strawberries
POINTS: 1200

Start by heading forward along the lemon ledges and you'll come to the edge of 
a large bowl.  A strawberry train circles the edge of this bowl, which you can 
crawl along by pressing the 'Action' button.  The strawberries will knock you 
off if you collide, though, so wait until just after they pass.  Then double 
jump out, grab onto the edge of the saucer and then rush forward to where you 
can double jump free of it and onto a lemon ledge just ahead of the pursuing 
group of strawberries.

Now hop up some more lemon steps and then run along the rim of another 
strawberry-patrolled bowl.  On this one, the strawberries are circling wider 
apart.  You'll have to double jump over them one at a time as you head around 
the bowl in a clockwise sort of way.  Make sure that after you jump over the 
strawberry in question, you press the 'Action' button to regain your footing 
on the bowl's rim.  Collect the stars in this manner, then jump free to 
another lemon ledge.

From this ledge, you'll need to double jump out to a straw that you can grab 
and use as a vault bar.  Swing from it and to the next straw, then from there 
to another lemon ledge.  Now it's on to another of the bowls, and again you'll 
move clockwise as strawberries periodically arrive.  From there, you can 
double jump to a lemon, and then it's time to vault from more straws as you 
cross a gap.  From the last straw, you'll need to vault onto a moving platform 
made out of kiwi.  Wait until it's near before you do the vault, then ride 
that platform over to some more solid lemon ledges.

Continue along the lemon ledges and you'll next come to a series of several 
bowls containing different colors of liquid.  They share one thing in common: 
a trio of strawberries circles each one.  You'll have to transfer from one 
bowl to the next carefully, or a strawberry will knock you from your perch 
just as you land.  Unlike the previous bowls, you can't really afford to go 
against the flow of the strawberries here.  Jump on just after one strawberry, 
then follow it closely until you've gathered all the stars from that first 
bowl.  Now jump to the second bowl and repeat the process.  There's a third 
bowl here, and there's also a space where you can jump down to a wedge of 
lemon that will give you a ride and allow you to collect a bunch of stars.  
Don't take the ride just yet.  Instead, hope to the third bowl and run around 
its edge between the strawberries, collecting a few stars.  When you come back 
around to where you avoided the lower lemon platform before, jump onto it to 
take the ride and collect those stars I mentioned.

On the opposite end of the ride, you'll find that you can go one of two ways.  
Ignore the watermelon route, which only leads back where you came (and is 
dangerous to boot).  Instead, start along the next bowl, ahead of you.  You'll 
notice here that a lemon rises and falls along its rim.  You have to dash 
through when it rises (which it does immediately after the strawberry ahead of 
you passes through), with a strawberry hot on your tail.  If you prefer, you 
may also work against the flow of the strawberries.  That actually seems to 
work better

When you're ready, jump from the edge of that bowl and onto the next one, 
which you can circle for more stars before jumping to a straw.  It's difficult 
to judge the jump to the straw, which should be a double jump, but it must be 
done.  Once you grab onto the straw with the 'Action' button, swing from that 
to the waiting orange platform.

You're now looking out at another bowl.  From this one, jump after the train 
of strawberries passes, then follow it around.  You'll now need to jump to 
another of the bowls patrolled by three strawberries.  There's another lemon 
bit here, so either pass through closely after a strawberry, or swiftly turn 
the camera and work against the direction the strawberries are headed.  When 
you reach the opposite edge of the bowl, you can jump from it to a series of 
orange platforms.

These lead to a circular piece of spinning pineapple, from which you can jump 
to the edge of another bowl circled by strawberries.  From there you'll have 
to jump to a series of kiwi platforms moving around the base of a floating 
lemon.  Do so, and collect any stars in the path of the kiwi, then jump from 
there to the edge of yet another bowl as the last of a strawberry train 
passes.  Follow its rim to the opposite side, then jump to some more circling 
kiwi.  Let them carry you around until you're within range of an orange 
platform, then jump to that.

Now, you'll look ahead and see an orange floating in the air, with a straw 
protruding.  The straw rotates, so that sometimes it's close to you and 
sometimes it isn't.  You'll want to double jump as it's at its peak and headed 
down toward you, then press the 'Action' button to grab a hold.  Now, keep 
swinging as the straw loops down and to meet with another of the orange 
ledges.  Jump onto that, and from there you'll need to repeat the process you 
just performed, as there's another straw.  Now let the straw carry you across 
the gap, then vault from there to the next platform, which is an orange piece.

You're now in the home stretch.  The final challenge is a series of watermelon 
chunks that will fall out from under you if you stand on them too long.  Make 
a double jump from the very edge of your orange platform out to the first 
melon, then run along the series of such platforms collecting stars, until you 
can finally jump to the safety of the stage's final platform.  You'll receive 
your 200 points for reaching the end, plus 1000 for gathering all the stars.  
Then you'll be returned to the kitchen area.


SUMMARY: Gather 100 stars while navigating a stage that consists mostly of 
dishes and other kitchen supplies.
STAGE: Kitchen Chaos
POINTS: 1200

From the start of this stage, head across the green sponge.  Ahead, you'll see 
rolling pins repeatedly slamming a cutting board.  Dash under those, then 
double jump out from the corner of the board, toward the center of a frying 
pan.  A hot stick of butter is riding in circles around the outer edge of the 
pan, so avoid that as you collect the star and then jump to the pan's handle.  
Continue forward along the handle.

At the end of the handle, wait for another handle to swing into place and then 
immediately jump onto it.  Now wait until the handle swings again, then jump 
onto the handle that is briefly within line.  Head along that handle toward 
the center, where another stick of margarine is spinning.  Jump from the edge 
of that kettle, to the top of a pressure cooker with a rotating arm of steam.

Avoid the steam by jumping over it when it comes close and work across the 
pressure cooker lid, to the handle.  Now look down to the left and you will 
see a small plate you can drop down to.  Do so and it will carry you along a 
path that lets you collect some stars.  Then you'll be able to jump to a 
platform that is created by an upturned cup.

Ahead, there are more of the cups moving back and forth.  Hop across them and 
jump to a slippery plate to collect a star, then jump from the plate to the 
rim of some coffee cups below you (remember to press the 'Action' button to 
grab hold).  Work across those cups, collecting stars along the way, and 
noting that you'll have to touch every cup to collect all of the stars (a 
straight path will lead you over the cups but won't allow you to gather all of 
the stars).  On the opposite side of that group of cups, you'll reach a 
cutting board platform. 

From the cutting board platform, you can jump out to the edge of a stove 
burner.  Toward the middle, a bit of flame will occasionally erupt.  You want 
to avoid it on this ledge, and on the ones like it that follow.  The easiest 
way to do this is to wait for the nearest flames to die away, then quickly 
dash across the entire series of ledges while collecting stars along the way.

You'll come next to a cutting board with more of the rolling pins hammering on 
its surface.  Rush under them to the edge of the board, from which you can 
then jump to another board of the same sort.  Race across it, then along the 
top of another pressure cooker (jump to avoid the steam) to its black handle 
on the other side.  There, wait until a frying pan handle swings toward you.  
Jump onto the handle, which will then swing out so you can cross to the next 
ledge.  Before you do that, though, head back along the handle to the frying 
pan's wide portion, where a butter stick is circling.  Grab the star there, 
then head back to the tip of the handle.  Now, you're ready to jump to the 
next frying pan when the opportunity presents itself.

Once you're on the second frying pan's handle, head toward the actual pan 
portion for the star that a stick of hot butter is circling.  Then jump out to 
the side, where you can land on one of the slick plates.  When you jump from 
it to the next ledge, keep moving.  This type of ledge will fall away after 
awhile of supporting your weight.  Cross over along those and then more 
plates, to an upside-down cup where you can finally stand still and rest for a 

Ahead, you'll see some cups floating back and forth.  Double jump along those 
as you climb forward, until you land on a stationary cup.  There, wait until a 
frying pan handle arrives, then jump onto its end and stand still until it 
shifts over to another set of cups.  Jump outward now to that first cup's rim, 
and press the 'Action' button to find a foothold.  Now, look left and there's 
one of the cups that won't support your weight for long, with a star on top.  
Jump out to it, grab the star, then jump back to the rim of the cup and press 
the 'Action' button to gain a foothold again.  Next, you have to jump along a 
series of three of the cups that will sink, so make your jumps quickly and 
collect the stars along the way, until you reach solid ground on the other 

That solid ground happens to be one of the slick plates.  Collect the star 
there, then jump to the cup nearby and you can look out over your next 
challenge.  It's another of the slick plates that leads to the edge of a sink.

Once you're on the sink, head forward toward the water.  You'll see some green 
sponges floating there, which you will recall from an earlier bonus stage.  
They will sink if you step on them for long.  From the area above the left of 
these sponges, jump out to a sponge and from there to a saucer lid.  Now the 
saucer lid will drift to the right, where you can then jump to the first in a 
series of sponges.  Jump along these, collecting stars, until you jump from 
the last one toward a chain leading up out of the sink.  Be sure to press the 
'Action' button to find a foothold here.

You'll climb out of the sink and now you're safe to move to the corner.  From 
here, you can double jump to the first of several of the large plates covered 
in slick soap water.  You'll slide along these as you make your way across the 
gap.  The best strategy seems to be staying in the air as much as possible, 
but don't jump so much that you attempt a leap from the near-center of a 
plate.  You'll have to jump from the edge of most plates to safely make it to 
the next dish.  At the end of the series of plates, you'll jump out to the rim 
of a coffee cup.  Remember to press the 'Action' button as you're about to 
land, so that you arrive on the lip of the cup.

Now, jump along more of the cups, landing on the lip of each one and 
collecting stars.  At the end, you'll find a set of the burners, with flames 
that will sprout out periodically.  There are stars at the center of the ones 
to the right (while the leftmost one contains nothing of interest).  Jump 
toward the first one but land only on the edge, where the flames can't reach 
you (there's no need to press the 'Action' button here, as you're not trying 
to pull a special maneuver).  Wait for the flames to die down, then jump 
quickly to the center, grab the star and return to the edge.  Now, skirt the 
edge and jump to the next burner.  Repeat the process on each burner to 
collect each star.

The way forward from the burners is to the right, along a series of cup-shaped 
ledges.  These spin and make it absolutely necessary that you time your double 
jumps carefully.  When you reach the cup furthest from the burners, you'll see 
ahead a series of the cups that sink when you land on them.  Hop quickly 
across those to a solid ledge on the other side.

You're at a series of three pressure cooker lids now, each with a rotating arm 
of steam, each with a star to collect.  Do so as you make your way across this 
final series of jumps and to the platform at the end.  You'll receive 1000 
points for gathering all of the stars and 200 for completing the stage.  Then 
you'll be returned to the kitchen you were exploring.


Q: So, what do you think of the movie?

A: I haven't actually seen the movie.  I've only played the game.  Maybe I'll 
see the movie someday.  In general, I enjoy Disney/Pixar films but don't often 
find myself buying them on DVD or whatever.  I don't really know why.


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