Problems with Code Breaker?

  1. Is anyone else having problems getting the Code Breaker codes to work for this game? I have the U.S. version of the game not the PAL version.

    User Info: kosmos6000

    kosmos6000 - 11 years ago

Top Voted Answer

  1. If you're having problems, check your disc for scratches. If not that, your PS2. If that didn't work, recheck your codes to see if they're put in right. Also, see if you have the proper version of the CodeBreaker device.

    I've had problems, and it turned out to be me inputting the codes incorrectly. If you can't save the codes you put in, delete the games you don't need from the device. Lots of them. It'll help clear up space to save.

    User Info: domnu

    domnu - 11 years ago 3   1

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