Gameshark codes for Odin Sphere?

  1. Though Ive already beaten the game, (Awesome as it is), I wanted to see if I could use my gameshark to see what I could mess around with.

    But all I found was AR codes...

    I was wondering if anyone had found any codes for Gameshark?
    Any will work.

    User Info: DarkValkyrie

    DarkValkyrie - 11 years ago

Accepted Answer

  1. Here you go:


    76078690 00000000
    980DD7D4 78D0252E

    Disable Timer

    760881D0 00000000
    283A8F74 0CA57A65

    760C7E20 00000000
    2828C793 83F15257
    2828C7AE 84F152DE

    Have 9999 coins for every Coin type already found

    76019AE0 00000000
    28153A40 6F152C0E
    28153AD8 681B6965
    28153AED A126919E
    28153AD0 03C7883E
    2830F90A A1428876

    Max HP Level

    760C2D90 00000000
    28153A0C 7C3752FB
    28153A72 A1C957A0
    28153AA1 6D47AC6F
    2800C9F1 A1428864
    2800C9F2 6FA37AE1

    Max Psypher Level

    76063A80 00000000
    28153A03 7C375221
    28153AF7 A1C95798
    28153A54 6D47ACF1
    2800C9CF A14288E5
    2800C937 6FA37AE1

    Infinite POW

    760E8C40 00000000
    28153A65 0B56A9B6
    28153A6F A1C203F5
    28153AF1 DB56A99C
    2828482D A142889C

    User Info: SonnyBone

    SonnyBone - 10 years ago 0   0

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