How do I beat Onyx (with Oswald)?

  1. How do I beat him?

    User Info: darktiger1019

    darktiger1019 - 10 years ago

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  1. Every time i went up against him, be it Oswald or Mercedes, I make sure my people are at a reasonable level, e.g. my Oswald is Lv:31 and Mercedes is around Lv:25, and make sure my Psypher has maximum phozons. When the battle begins, I run up to them and use phozon burst. It wont burn him because, well, he's made of magma, but it will knock him out for a bit. At that moment, it's time to get your murder on. Also, make sure you got enough health items AND ancient crystals. I ALWAYS wear one just in case i fight a boss and when I get him to like 1 HP, he kills me and i wont hve to start the (maybe) intense battle ALL over again. but just keep using phozon burst and wacking on him (dont bother using his shadow form. I always find myself getting one hit in before he automatically reverts and gets dizzy. You want to use his shadow form, fine, Im just saying it never helped me.) If your Psypher runs out of Phozons, keep a nice distance from you and Onyx. He will then (more and likely) start charging at you, or use his fists that fly around everywhere. when he's charging towards you, jump when he's some what near you bcuz then he will try to get you while you are in the air, and hopefully it will miss, and wait for a Butterfly. once you got enuff phozons, it's then rinse and repeat. Well I hope this will help you and sorry it is a lot to read. good luck. :)

    User Info: BadLemon

    BadLemon - 10 years ago 2   0

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