How do I beat Demon lord odin( with Gwendolyn?

  1. He is so strong.

    User Info: darktiger1019

    darktiger1019 - 10 years ago

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  1. Painkillers will make this battle significantly easier. Make sure you have four or five healing items such as milk or healing tonic as well. Gwendolyn's specials and the napalm item can be used to inflict large amounts of damage on Odin.

    Odin's attacks are very strong from the front but he is vulnerable to attacks from behind. Jump over him and do a dive attack into his back, follow up with a regular attack if he hasn't started charging one of his attacks yet. Once you've done this get a good distance away from Odin, and let your power bar refill. Repeat this tactic, healing when necessary. When Odin draws his ice flail stay as far away from him as possible until he puts it away and then resume this strategy.

    Don't forget you can change the difficulty of the game during battle, set it to easy if you haven't yet.

    User Info: nostalgiagamer

    nostalgiagamer - 10 years ago 2   0

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